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Kirk Herbstreit: Washington's Offense vs Michigan's Defense Is Must See TV

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 5, 2024 4:20 pm

Kirk Herbstreit: Washington's Offense vs Michigan's Defense Is Must See TV

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 5, 2024 4:20 pm

1/5/24 - Hour 2

ESPN/Thursday Night Football Analyst Kirk Herbstreit and Rich recap Michigan’s Rose Bowl win over Alabama, discuss the College Football Playoff final matchup between the Wolverines and the Washington Huskies, Jim Harbaugh potentially leaving Ann Arbor for the NFL, what his alma mater Ohio State must do after three straight losses to Michigan, and why the Rose Bowl should host the CFP national championship game each year.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the Steelers, Browns, Eagles, Buccaneers, Falcons, Saints, Bears, Cardinals, Broncos, Raiders, Bill Belichick, Tyreek Hill, Derrick Henry, Carson Wentz vs Sam Darnold, and CJ Stroud vs Puka Nacua for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

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Find out how to bring your ideas to life at slash welcome to now. This is the rich eyes and show we do not care live from the rich eyes and show studio in Los Angeles. Patrick Peterson here on the rich eyes and show is a must win. We still know that we're going to get their best shot. But like who said earlier in this press conference, we do not care.

You can't care. You have to focus on the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier on the show. NBC Sunday Night Football analyst Chris Collins were coming up ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herb Street plus NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. And now it's rich eyes.

Our number two of the rich eyes and show is on the air. What a great conversation we just had with Chris Collins worth who is firmly in the camp of the Super Bowl is there for the Ravens to take and for them to lose. He is firmly in that camp. He is all in on the Baltimore Ravens and it's tough to not be and there will be no being out on him this week because they're they're not playing a bunch of their starters and then they're going to have an entire two weeks off for some of these guys. And then we are going to see what goes down in the first week of divisional playoff action when they might welcome. They could welcome in the AFC South winter, right? They could welcome in the Cleveland Browns and Joe Flacco. They could welcome in the Buffalo Bills of the Miami Dolphins.

And they could welcome in whoever the heck finishes in the seventh seed, which could possibly also be the Buffalo Bills. It's so wild this week 18. I started the program with the top five wildest scenarios coming up of week number 18. If you missed it, there's our rear as soon as we're done on the Roku Channel. There's also our podcast and there's also our YouTube page slash rich eyes and show. We appreciate everybody out there who takes in our show on any of those forms. Certainly our podcast where you can also check out over the overreaction Monday and also what the football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask.

Their guest is Charles Davis of CBS. Our number three Tom Pelissero with the latest going on in the National Football League. We're still waiting on the availability of Trevor Lawrence for this game, correct? This could be a, I guess, a game time decision.

Feels like it. Jaguars win in Tennessee, they win the division. They lose, they could be either in as a wild card or they could be out entirely.

And again, as we mentioned earlier on in this program, the Denver Broncos Vegas Raiders result may actually be what decides Jacksonville's fate if they don't win that game in Tennessee, which again proves don't leave it up to somebody else. Overreaction Monday, as we mentioned, is a podcast. We do it every single Monday and Tuesday podcast and right here on the show. We do a what's more likely Friday as well. That's coming up in this hour.

And as I mentioned, 844-204-RICH is the number to dial on the program. As I mentioned, on Tuesday's show and Wednesday's show and Thursday's show. And now here I mentioned it on Friday's program. Spending the day in the Rose Bowl with Suze and the kids and my nephew Jack and Stu Presidente and everybody else that was around me. Joel Klatt was behind me.

Truly one of the greatest days of my life. And part of that is because again, I spent time in the press box in my senior year of college covering Bo Schembechler's final game and was able to point up to the booth and say, see that press box? I sat on the 50 yard line once. My next guest will be able to take his family to the national television booth in the Rose Bowl for the rest of his days and point to a plaque and say, see that plaque? That's in honor of us, our family. They named the national booth at the Rose Bowl. I'm getting goosebumps about it. After this man, because he is called almost, well I guess a dozen plus Rose Bowl games.

15 to be exact, I think. I shouldn't give these numbers out without asking the man himself. After he called the Rose Bowl on Monday, he's calling the national championship again with Chris Fowler.

He's also one of the voices of Thursday Night Football. Kirk, Curb Street back here in the Rich Ison Show. How are you doing, Kirk? I'm good, man.

How are you? How did it feel to go into the Rose Bowl booth and see your family's name on the wall? How was that? It was pretty surreal. I mean, last year I think was the first time that I actually saw it. Like you, I grew up watching the Rose Bowl get dark outside around 4.30. It's gray and you turn on the Rose Bowl no matter who was playing in it. You're just in awe of watching the Rose Bowl.

That was my view of it my whole life. Then to be able to get into broadcasting and one day call it, for me personally, I've had some neat stuff happen in my life as a broadcaster. That's the greatest honor I've ever received is when they named the booth after my family and I. I just called my 16th. I just passed Keith for the most to ever do the Rose Bowl. Yeah, and then to be able to call that one.

Chris and I always talk about which one's our favorite because we've called so many together. Man, that was right up there with one of my favorite games maybe I've ever called. Just because the two teams, the back and forth, the momentum swings, what both were trying to accomplish, Michigan with everything that they've been through, especially guys like Blake Corum and J.J. McCarthy and some of the veterans that have been on that team. They had their breakthrough moment beating Ohio State in 21 and it was such a big celebration there in Ann Arbor.

And only a month later to go down to Miami. And I think they really put so much into beating Ohio State. It just wasn't quite the same team. And then they come back a year later, a lot of the same players and they beat Ohio State again. And it's like, OK, now we go and they're playing with it on paper anyway, an inferior team in TCU and they lose. And it's like, oh, my gosh, come back a third time, they beat Ohio State again. But there was a different focus, as you know, being such a Michigan fan with these guys, even when Jim was suspended early, when Jim was suspended late, the noise around the program. You know, sometimes you look at championship teams, whether it's the NFL or college football, there's a player led focus that great teams have. And this Michigan team has had it this year. And I think it has not only to do with the successes and the great plays that they make and the talent that they have. I really think a lot of it has to do with the failures that they've been through and some of the heartache that they've dealt with collectively. And I think it got these guys laser focused.

I don't want to say they're just an auto pilot. But man, these dudes are on a mission and to be challenged the way they were of all people, Nick Saban in Alabama, and to answer the call in overtime, it was cool. It was a great story. And we'll see, because you're playing a team that kind of has the same mojo going for them. They've been doubted all year. And Washington always seems to find a way to win. So I think that's the fun part of Monday night.

Who can finally be the team that has the will to win that last game? Well, I mean, if I'm not mistaken, you and Chris called both Oregon-Washington contests this year regular and Pac-12 championship game seasons. So how do you see this? And you just saw Michigan again firsthand right in front of you. And you saw how, you know, Michigan's defense was in its bag. And so was Chiron more offensively.

The gotta have it drives. They were breaking tendencies left and right, making plays on offense. So how do you see Michigan and Washington matching up against each other?

Kirk? First of all, I think it's amazing how few people that talk about college football this time of year, how few people watch maybe the Pac-12 or Michael Penix. It was it was crazy to see. It was like a revelation that this guy, nine in purple, he could spin it. It's like, yeah, that guy's been spinning it since he was in Bloomington, like five years ago.

You know, so that's that's what he does. That's that's his strength, his accuracy, pinpoint accuracy. Not just, you know, in this modern game, it's a lot of times it's behind the line of scrimmage. It's maybe five yards beyond the line of scrimmage. A lot of guys are completing 73 percent of their passes.

Seventy five percent. Michael Penix has taken shots downfield. You know, he is a a gunslinger, but with a great touch. And I tell you, I'm not comparing them to 2019 LSU with Burrow and Jefferson and Chase and Clyde Edwards.

The layer. But I think it's it's an offense from Washington that kind of fits into that type of offense, because you've got a quarterback who's seen every defense, can make every throw consistently. And then you don't have just Roma Dunesay, who'll be a first rounder. You've got to deal with Jalen Polk.

You've got to deal with Jalen McMillan. You know, they've got an arsenal of receivers that are all going to be in the NFL. And then you've got a really talented back who's banged up in Dylan Johnson, but a really good player. And then you've got the Joe Moore award winning offensive line. So there's just a lot to the offense. And how great of a matchup is it going to be with Jesse Mentor and all that he does with, you know, show this and pre snap and then go to this post snap. If that's going to be must see TV, just watching that side of the ball, Washington and Pennax and those receivers and what that offense is capable of doing against the defense of Michigan and how complicated and how sophisticated they are and how well they disguise things.

That to me is going to be the side of the ball that I think will determine things. And then you've got JJ McCarthy, who, as you know, you know, he doesn't seem to get quite the fanfare that some of the other quarterbacks out there get. Yet if you talk to the NFL folks about his upside and his potential, there are a lot of people excited about what he could do and how he's potentially playing himself even into the first round with his ability to deliver football, the kind of offense that he's running. You know, they want to run the ball, as you know, but to play action game off of it, throw more is, as you said, maybe one step ahead of the defenses that he faces. And I think Washington defensively is better than people realize.

They've had a lot of injuries, a lot throughout most of this year, especially in the back end and safety. So be a hell of a game. I think it's going to be a great matchup.

I, you know, I think it's like a 31-27 kind of game is the way I would envision it. Who knows who's, you know, who's going to win it. But a bit, you know, I'm down here in Houston already. Just got here yesterday and decided to go over and see the teams, go to practice and get to these meetings, get this thing going. I am so fired up. I mean, literally listening to you talk about it.

It is classic. Two 14-0 teams as well. Future Big Ten Conference matchup, right? I mean, it's like, and again, I can't compute. You understand where I'm coming from as well, Kirk. You know, that I was texting with my Michigan buddies, like we currently live in a world where Michigan is considered better than Alabama. And it's one step away from having a right to claim that about everybody, you know, and I can't believe it. And obviously this could be Jim's last game there. We don't know.

It really is. Well, I don't, I don't know. Right. I mean, because we don't because we just don't know what what a Lombardi Trophy would mean to him, you know, and or the lack of one, what it has meant to him right now. And then there's the fact that, you know, we also it does appear that he's handling everything so well at the collegiate level, but there's better rules for free agency in pro football. You know what I mean? It's I don't know what the world looks like for the next few years.

I don't know. I don't think I don't think anyone can ever climb into his mind this time of year. I mean, every year it seems that there are some kind of rumors that he's headed back to the NFL.

Maybe at one point it'll become true. Maybe if he climbs the mountain here this year with this team because he has a special group, maybe maybe this will be the end. As a college football fan, I hope not. I mean, I love him being in college. I think he he adds to the storylines every single year. People, you know, it seems that he's very polarizing. People love him or hate him. He's a very unique personality as far as what he shows publicly. I, you know, I get to know him like you. You know, you see a different side. It's like Bill Belichick.

People think Bill Belichick is the guy that stands at the podium or Nick Saban is the guy that stands at the podium. And then you get around him and get to know him. And you're like, wow, you're a really good guy. You know, I really like hanging out with this guy, but they choose not to show necessarily that guy all the time when they're at a podium. So I like Jim.

I always have. I think he's what he's created at Michigan. I, I really think if I were a head coach in college football with the tornado of NIL and transfer portal and the five star recruits, often from what I hear from coaches, you know, it's not about the tradition of the school. It's what's the NIL? How much you pay me? This is what was going to pay me this. And, and, and if I look at Michigan and I don't know their business, I don't, I don't know if they do collectives.

I have no idea. I just know by, I just know by the, when I watch the players, what I look at Michigan is kind of like when I look in the NFL and I'm not comparing, you know, their talent to the 49ers. But it reminds me of San Francisco in that, you know, you look at Brock Purdy and he wasn't the first pick overall, but man, does he fit in perfectly with what they do offensively. You know, and I know, and I know McCaffrey's a freak and IU can have really, really good players, George Kittle, but I just love the way they play the game and this era of spread and, you know, 11 personnel and receivers getting out in space.

They can do that, but they prefer to pound you into oblivion and then go play action off of that. And Michigan does it kind of the old fashioned way, you know, and I'm an old fashioned guy, so I like, I like that they play good defense. I like that they run the football. I like that they get into two tight ends and they get a fullback in Max Bredesen who knocks, knocks you out.

Like I, I like that style of football and I think the margin of error with that style. Now you got to hit on your lineman, you got to hit on your tight ends. You know, you need a cerebral quarterback that's going to distribute and make good decisions.

And if he's got some athletic ability to get away from some trouble, that helps. But I think their brand of football in this day and age are having to bribe high school five star receivers. I'd rather go this route personally. I'd rather go, you know, play this brand of football.

That's the route I would go if you could. Well, and I'd be remiss if before I let you go, ask you this and then one more about professional football since you've seen most of the teams in the league right in front of you with Al Michaels to your side. I know every Buckeye friend that I have would love to ask, know your thoughts on the state of the Buckeye program and what you think is going on there right now or should. Well, I'm a, I'm a big guy. I like Ryan. I know him. I know what he's about. I think this has been hard on him, obviously. I mean, when you go 11-0 and you lose to Michigan and you're getting ridiculous treatment from your fans, it's not just, oh, man, they got to beat Michigan.

It's just, you know, it gets personal in the attacks. I think for him and his family, I know are not something he signed up for, but he understands it. Here's the thing that I think Ohio State has to look in the mirror and you have to adjust, you know, go back to where Jim Harbaugh was four or five, six years ago. I mean, in 2020 during COVID, there were, you know, they made some adjustments to his contract. Some of their own fans were getting frustrated. To his credit, he made some moves.

I mean, Don Brown was at times, you know, before that, Don Brown was a hero and they had to make some very difficult decisions. And he got younger on his staff and they got faster in some key spots and so they adjusted. So in Alabama is going to try to adjust.

In Georgia, everybody adjusts. I think with Ohio State, the adjustment is they recruit on a national level, you know, and they get great individual talent. And I think if there's one thing that right now has gotten away from a little bit is our players, is everybody pulling the rope together? You know, is it a bunch of individuals that they're trying to talk into understanding about Ohio State and Ohio State's history? Or is it is it a landing spot for three years to propel them into the NFL like that?

That's what they have to face. Recruiting great talent is one thing, but trying to get them to buy into being a great team and playing for Ohio State is got to be the number one thing. And the NFL should be a big goal of yours. And it's great.

NIL should be a big goal of yours. That's great. But it's not in front of what we're doing as a team. And that's what they've got to figure out.

If that if they're already in a good place there, then so be it. But that to me is if you look at them against Michigan, that's the thing that has stood out, especially the last couple of years, is, wow, Michigan plays for each other. Like there's tears in the eyes of Aiden Hutchison because of what this game, his senior year, meant to him.

All that he put in to not just being a great individual player that would go on to be an early draft pick and play for the Lions, but walking off that field at the Big House and beating Ohio State and the tears coming down his face like that matters. And then he leaves and then the next group of guys take it on. And so, you know, if you're playing backyard football and picking Ohio State Michigan players, you're going to pick a lot of Ohio State players. But right now, to the credit of Michigan, they they have a team concept.

Now, can you maintain it? That's the challenge, right? That's what Georgia faces. That's what Alabama faces. That's what Clemson is going through.

That's the real challenge is it's one thing to get up there and get it. But can you lose class after class after class and keep that team, that us, as the priority? To me, that's the greatest challenge of the elite in college football is the consistency of doing that. Well, it may be tough for Michigan to maintain it if you and Al Michaels are going to be calling Jim Harbaugh coaching the Chargers on Thursday Night Football next year. So my last question for you was on that front.

Let's put your Amazon hat on. The best team you saw on Thursday night that you think will have the best chance to win it all is? Well, I would say Baltimore and San Francisco are the two teams that kind of jumped out to me. And I know we've already seen that that game. But just as far as when Al and I were traveling and doing all of our games. Just obviously, Lamar is Lamar. I mean, not having Mark Andrews, by the way, and Lively stepping up has been tremendous. He's healthy.

He looks great. Keep in mind, J.K. Dobbins is down, too. I mean, they're better players on offense.

They're still they're still doing it. John does such an amazing job. I would say Baltimore right obviously up there, especially after what they've done these last two weeks. And I just still think Sam Farhan has it in him to win the NFC.

I wouldn't be surprised at all for that to be a rematch in the Super Bowl. Well, I've enjoyed everything that you've been doing, man, including, you know, college game day and also what you're doing repping the Rose Bowl. It means so much to me and everybody. You know, everybody that works at the Rose Bowl, obviously.

And, you know, you're now a Hall of Famer for the Rose Bowl game and and what you represent. And obviously you and I and everyone else can band together when Stephen A. talks about moving that game to, if you will. Hold on a minute. Hold on a minute. Let a naysayer know. Right. We can like we can we can let them know to keep it Pasadena.

You know what I'm saying, Kirk? That's ridiculous. I'm trying to get the I'm trying to get the Rose Bowl to host the national championship every year. I'm trying to get the Rose Bowl to go so far. I don't know.

I don't know. It's pretty wild. It's nothing like it when the when the colors change in the top of the stadium, beyond the stadium. And then again, game starts in the daylight, ends at night. Like when the lights go down, you're in a theater and you know, the show is really about to start third quarter.

There you are in front. I mean, like, look, look at and I look I know it's old school and, you know, some some some some renovations are common. There's no place like it, man. It really is no place like it.

Period. I've been lucky enough to to walk the the grounds at Augusta National just a handful of times. And, you know, other than and I go to Churchill every year.

But when it comes to the tradition and the history, there's nothing. And I go to all these NFL stadiums. They're beautiful. I love all these new sofas. Beautiful Vegas.

Beautiful. All these stadiums are awesome. But there's nothing like the Rose Bowl.

And to their credit, they continue to do renovations. It's tough to get in, tough to get out. You just kind of when you go to the Rose Bowl, you're not really caught up in that. You know, you're kind of caught up in the magnitude of the event. I always say the only thing missing at the opening kickoff is Steven Spielberg with a megaphone saying action. You know, I mean, because it has that kind of feel.

So it's as good as there is. I hope they don't touch it. I hope we is the world changes around us in college football. I hope we secure that tradition and that history for people that understand it. And when people from the SEC come out there because they're like, listen, we're Sugar Bowl people. What's this Rose Bowl stuff? And then they leave and they're like, yeah, we get it.

Now we get it. So it's a great event. And I'm honored, man, honored to have gotten to a point where I have been able to call so many of them and never take that for granted.

One one single time. It's like a 12 year old kid calling that game every year I get to call it. Well, I have a great time with Fowler and, you know, the rest of the gang. Say hi to Reese and Pat and Corso and obviously Desmond.

He always had me at hello. You got to have a great time on Monday and great season, brother. Great season. Thanks, my man. Keep up the great work. Enjoy the stretch run to the Super Bowl.

Love watching you. Thanks, pal. Good luck to your squad Monday night. Should be a great one. Hope it's a hope it's an instant classic. Me too.

Me too. And I again look forward to having you in my living room on Monday night. Thanks for the time, Kirk. All right. Take care. That's Kirk Herb Street, everybody.

Right here. I didn't bring up his dog, sweet Ben. You know, his boy. All right. Now, now the juices are flowing. Nerve check.

Nerve check is I want it to start now. Right. You're not even playing it. So, you know, I'm not playing.

Imagine how the kids feel. Oh, my goodness gracious. You think you're nervous? Yeah. Let's take a break. What's more likely on the other side if our Friday staple is next? This is the Rich Eisen show.

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Visit for restrictions and details. I'm going to tell you where I'm supposed to be at that moment when they're throwing a football. I am supposed to be meeting with the officials, discussing the inactive, all right, and getting ready to say the Lord's prayer and give our players a peptide.

That's where I'm supposed to be when I run to the shower, call my assistant, can't get him, the waffle is spilled on the floor, I get back, my assistant says, hey, what's up? And I said, when did the buses leave? No one called. He said, coach, the buses haven't left yet. They had taken B-roll from the Monday night game. Someone in the tape room ran the wrong tape.

Can you imagine? I text Falk. He's on set with Rich. I said, what are you guys doing? I had a cow.

I'm telling you, you have no idea. We're talking about being like this is the divisional playoff game, not being there for the kickoff as the head coach. That's how late I was at Sean. Just Marshall showed me the text. We went back and forth. I arrived. This guy now is live on the field and I peek out at the stadium only because of the conditions. I take a look and Rich says, good to have Sean Payton here at the stadium.

Just some slight comment that not one person is going to understand until we tell this story. Amazing. Our entire almost 10-year archive of the show is sitting on our YouTube page. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. I'm assuming it's Mike Hoskins, our coordinating producer. Somebody put a fresh new copy of my Grainger read that's been sitting here on the desk. It was totally torn. Look how fresh it is. Nice. I feel like the top of the new year cards are all the same. It's the same copy. It's the same.

They haven't changed. It's just a new piece of paper with a new card. Thank you. I feel fresher. Yeah, man.

Thank you. Let's go to Gene in Texas. You're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Gene?

Gene, Gene. Hey, Rich. How are you guys doing today? I'm good.

How are you? Let me tell you something. I'm good, but that two-point call is still burning me as a Lions fan, so I just had to pop a few things out to see what you thought. One, to clarify something that Brad Allen put out there in his answer to the pool reporter's question. He claimed that Dan Skipper had been, quote, however he said, checking in as eligible all game long.

That's incorrect. He did it once, and it was in the first quarter. I know, and the league put together a video that they sent to all member clubs this past week reminding everyone it's on the players to clearly report as eligible with hand signals and it does appear verbal as well. And they showed the time that Skipper checked in as eligible earlier in the game, and he was doing the same hand movements and running from the field to the head official, Brad Allen. Same thing that he did later on, but apparently he wasn't verbally checking in. And I think the league is pointing out, hey, you did it earlier, and so the official assumed you were doing it again, but we all know what assumptions mean, Gene, right? Yes, I agree with you there.

The other part of this is a fun one. You all are familiar with how, of course, Roger Goodell gets incessantly booed at the draft every year. Yes, indeed. Oh, he's going to Detroit this year. And the other part of it is, I think it's in the third or the fourth round, the teams are allowed to start sending out a player or a superfan or somebody to announce their pick. Usually around the second they'll do that, yeah.

And the superfans pop out in the last day, usually. Yeah, I know the Sun God announced a pick in Kansas City last year for the Lions. How about this time can we maybe send out two people and maybe 68 and 70 come out for the Lions? Oh, so that would be great is if Taylor Decker and Dan Skipper are the ones who come out with Roger Goodell and make their hands on their chest movement and report as eligible. Decker comes up and says, you know, reporting for duty, and Skipper just stands there and says nothing. That sounds more like a Keegan-Michael Key move on NFL honors opening monologue night, is what it sounds like to me, than the commissioner doing that at the draft. I think Roger, because you know, and thanks for the call, Gene, greatly appreciate that. You know, Roger does bring what I like to say human shields out on the stage with him to start the draft. I think it was Eddie George and who else did he bring in Tennessee? Oh, I don't remember. Because last year in Kansas City he brought Stonestreet out. No, I think it was Tim McGraw came out with him because he was performing. And last year it was Mahomes and Kelsey and Eric Stonestreet and Kristen Schaal, right? So who's in Detroit?

What are we going to do? It'll be Barry Sanders. Barry Sanders.

Eminem? You really think Mr. Mathers is going to come out? Why not? And he'll just do this? But then he's going to flip it on Roger. I don't think he's going to be within eight miles of that place.

Thank you. He's a lion super fan. I don't understand that.

And he's one of the biggest stars on the planet. I don't know. Maybe it'll be Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson, right? Could it be Stafford bringing the Super Bowl trophy with him?

Maybe Papa Doc will come out. That'll be a tough one. Clearance. 844-204, rich number to dial. All right, let's get to it. It is our Friday staple.

What's more likely presented by Carnival Cruise Line? Hit it. Hit it. What? What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. All right, Christopher, this better be special. Wow.

You've been called up to the Lido deck. Hey. What's up? I'm going to cruise right now. Hey, what's up, guys? Happy Friday. Same. Everybody good?

What else though? Yeah, we're good. Who's the more likely AFC North QB to be a starter in 2024? Bason Rudolph or Joe Flacco? Really?

Oh, God. I think Flacco's earned himself a starting gig, don't you think? In Cleveland? For their team? You said who's going to be a starter?

No, a starter. For their team or anywhere? It doesn't say anywhere. It doesn't say for your team.

I would say Joe Flacco is going to be a starter somewhere to start the season next year. Yeah? How is he not? How is he not?

Where's the spot? I don't know. Who the hell knows? Bason Rudolph could start for his own team. Probably should have been.

I don't know. Maybe there'll be a team that drafts a rookie quarterback that just needs a bridge. Who's better bridging than this guy? Right now he's bridging the Cleveland Browns from a completely lost season like the ones the Jets and Vikings are undergoing because of their quarterback's Achilles tendons. And he's bridging it to a damn near Super Bowl run.

So I would take that guy. If Flacco wins a Super Bowl for both Cleveland teams, he's a Hall of Famer. Both Cleveland teams. Don't disrespect Baltimore fans like that. But I understand what you're saying. They were the Browns.

I understand what they were. And that's the whole point about Flacco in Baltimore in a divisional playoff weekend is what we call must-see television. As if other divisional games are not.

But, so that's my, I'll say it's Flacco. Alright. Tune in September.

Or really March I guess. What else? For sure. The SEC South team with the best chance to beat the Eagles on Wild Card Weekend. Bucks, Saints, Falcons. Oh, Bucks.

Bucks. You watched them play last week. I did watch them play last week. But they're not playing the Saints. They're playing the Eagles.

Right? On Wild Card Weekend. I would take the Buccaneers in that one. You know, again, I don't think the Bucks are losing in Tampa. And, I mean, in Carolina.

I don't think that's going to happen. And I think I would place them in terms of their best abilities to beat the Eagles. Bucks, who have a ton of people who have played in playoff games and things of that nature. Not that the Saints are off the turnip truck here. But I would take the Bucks over the Saints and the Falcons to beat the Eagles.

That's the most likely team with the best chance. And I think they're going to get it. How dare you? What do you think I'm going to say?

What do you think I'm going to say? I don't know. And you know what? Jalen Hurts is another one of my children. I like to say so.

Okay, what else? Alright, who's more likely to win Offensive Rookie of the Year? CJ Stroud or Puka Nakua? I'll go with Puka Nakua right now. I think if Stroud doesn't win this game in Indianapolis, it'll be Nakua. I think the last month where he unfortunately got concussed.

And I think that's on the line. He's going to set the rookie receiving record. I think he has been consistently brilliant. And CJ Stroud unfortunately in the first couple weeks went 0-2. And then the last month he got hurt. He wasn't out there.

The buzz does matter in this award. Question, who's the third one up there? Where did he put the third one?

Does Tank Dell go up there? Because he was really good for those 10 weeks. I don't know who's the third one. Is it Zay Flowers potentially? I mean, Jordan Addison had some run.

Had some pub. Jameer Gibbs. Oh yeah, I think that's who it is.

Bijan, who knows? No, I think Jameer Gibbs. I think you nailed it there. Same with Porta. Either one of them. He's one of those two.

I got you. But I'll go with Puka right now. By the way, CJ's got to play big back where he spun it at the combine.

And put himself on radar screens that clearly didn't make it to Carolina. So, what else? Underdog this weekend to be the NFC playoff spoiler. Bears or Cardinals? I'll go Bears.

I've got something more to say about it later on in the program. This is big for Justin Fields, brother. If he wants to stay, and he's got a big closing statement opportunity, pal.

He doesn't have to win this game. To stay? Correct. It would help.

Yes, it would help. I would agree with that. But I just don't know, man. The Cardinals aren't playing this game in Pennsylvania, are they?

No, I don't think so. Take a look at their wins this year. Just weird. The teams that they beat this year. Both teams in Pennsylvania. The Cowboys? The Cowboys. Right? Yeah.

There's only four of them. I think the Bears are a better team. This is a rivalry game, unlike Seattle at Arizona. So, I'll go with the Bears in this one. They're playing really well.

Consistently well for the last two months. Eberfluss has saved his gig. Eberfluss. What else? Seems like it. Although Adam Schefter, you never know what he said the other day.

He said more than ten potentially. I think this could be a really fun game. NFC West backup QB. Are you really going Wentz vs. Darnold?

Wentz, Darnold. Get out of here. This game is going to be awesome. I'm insulted that I'm being asked this question right now. Really? Why? Two top of the draft picks. Okay. Guys who could be starters. By the way, who might have to play in the playoffs. Alright. Because their quarterbacks ahead of them have injury history. Understood.

I'll go Sam Darnold. What else? Wow.

It could have been Jet superstars. Understood. Either one. Thank you. Thank you. You want me to keep going? Nope. I'm finished with that one. Alright. That one. I just didn't like it. What's more likely?

Me liking that or not? The answer is not. That's going to be a great game. Okay. Quarterback to being a new...

They're locked in at one and the Rams are essentially locked in at six. So, what else? They're auditioning for gigs next year. I got it.

I care about young people's futures, Rich. Come on now. QB to be on a new team next season.

Yes. AFC West. Russell Wilson or Jimmy Garoppolo? Russell Wilson and Jimmy Garoppolo. Both are on new teams next year. Are they starting next year somewhere?

Are they starting next year somewhere? Oh yeah. The guy on the right. That's Jimmy Garoppolo right there. He's the New England Patriots starting quarterback to start 2024. Really? Hot take?

What's so hot about it? Well, you break in your new drafted quarterback. Maybe in the second round. The Pats take a QB at three or four. He's starting, whoever that person is. Or the Pats don't like one of the quarterbacks at three and four or they think that that's too much of a reach and there's Jimmy G will be signed already by then. He will already be there by then. Already be in the building with an opportunity to know that he's going to be the starting quarterback for them in week one after they try to break in either one of the national championship game quarterbacks in the second round that they draft because they don't feel that they're ready. Or maybe Jayden Daniels isn't ready and Jimmy G's there as the backup. Because it ain't going to be Zappi and it ain't going to be Mack. No chance. That's a much more reasonable one than Russell.

Where's Russ going to start? In Chicago because they don't think Caleb's ready? Atlanta? Atlanta? Pittsburgh?

I don't think so. Pittsburgh? Get out of town. He's better than Atlanta.

Get out of town. I mean it. To go full Steve Levy.

To go full Steve Levy. I'll go Jimmy G. They're both on new teams next season. Okay. Alright. A couple more.

And if you're asking me who's more likely to be a week one starter, I'll go Jimmy Garoppolo. Interesting. Yeah. What else? Interesting. Alright.

What's more likely? Tyreek Hale. I even called the place. Kudos to you. And you can't even argue back because you know. He's like Brian Hoyer 2.0.

You can't quit him. He's much younger. Much better. I know that.

And by the way, more talented. I get it. Tyreek Hale gets his 248 yards to set the all-time receiving record or the Jets and Patriots combine for 248 yards of total offense. That's a good one. Because that game is going to be Garbaj. Bro. Excuse me, sir. I watched Bailey Zappi air it out.

In Denver. Okay? Alright. I'll go Tyreek Hale gets his record.

Am I reading this right? Why not? You don't think they're going to try for it too?

Yeah. Why wouldn't they? How about him to win the game? How about him in a walking boot? I think it is more likely that the Jets and Patriots have more than 248 yards.

If you're saying that that's it, it's more likely Tyreek gets the yardage. Because I believe in Bailey Zappi more than you do, pal. Zappi New Year. Is it too late to say that? Is it too late to wish you the zappiest of New Year's?

I'll say it to you in June. Thank you, sir. Now I'm ready to move on. Alright, last one. Last one. Last one.

Yes. Hand over your heart. Who's more likely to have played their final game with their current team after Sunday? Derek Henry or Bill Belichick? Wow. I'll go Derek Henry.

I'll go Derek Henry. I don't think Bill's out, bro. Again, I'm cool. I'm cool. I'm cool. I'm cool with Bill back as head coach. How do you tell him you're done as a coach here?

He is truly the greatest. I understand that. That's why. It's because of the roster, which I understand he has a hand in. Three years have been pretty awesome. I get it.

I'll go with the running back over 30 instead of the GOAT over 70. How does that sound? That's what's more likely presented by Carnival Cruise Line. Plan your next vacation with Carnival to explore beautiful destinations with exciting excursions and blissful relaxation. No one does fun like Carnival. That's what's more likely right here brought to you by our friends at Carnival Cruise Line.

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Get your battery tested for free today at your local O'Reilly Auto Parts. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show. Oh, nice. I like it. I like it. I'm back on the radio. I know, but that's fine.

It's rejoined anyway. I don't mind that. I don't know.

I don't know. Our friend Josiah Johnson is so funny. He's quick. Dude.

Quick. I'm just seeing right now his tweet, Cat Williams to all the comedians playing with his name and the video he's using is Michael Clemons and the Jets effing off all the Browns fans from a couple of Thursday nights ago. That's funny. Which by the way, is truly my favorite video of the entire National Football League season. I laugh. Have you seen this video?

Oh yeah. Did he get fined for this by the way? You lost the game. So what was so... I know, but I don't know why I find it so funny of him just looking at the Browns fans in Cleveland while they're down, they're getting their asses handed to him and he's pointing to them.

Everyone, you got to seek it out. We can't play it for you. Not only because it's in the stadium, but you can clearly see he's... He's mouthing the words.

Right. The F you. He's pointing to fans. And a couple of them, the best ones, he's smiling and then tells them, hey, waving them like he's having a good time with them, and then he tells them F you. And then the one who's like, he can't get the attention of the one he intends to F off.

He tells someone, no, no, not you. That one. That one.

Yeah, you. Oh my God. It's very good. It's very good. I've shown it to my children. It's that funny.

And they can't get enough of it either. I don't know, that might put my best dad ever in jeopardy, but I would push back. I would say, actually, this is good. This is good. But that Cat Williams interview was quite something, huh? Man, oh man. It was on Shannon's... Oh, Jay-Shay. Oh, Jay-Shay.

All right. Oh, Jay-Shay. Whoa.

Yeah, it's... I kept watching a bunch of clips and I was like, this is three hours. I'm not watching this. I watched it.

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All in Dallas. How are you, sir? Happiest of New Year's. What's going on? Happy New Year to you guys.

Welcome back. That Cap Williams interview was definitely not safe for work or home. I know, right? I know. I'm shocked.

I'm shocked, actually. The RIP David Sol, don't give up on us, baby. Oh, really? Okay. Sorry to hear that.

Yeah, don't give up on us, baby. It was a big hit back in the 45 days. Remember when I was rich? I do. I do. My cowboy was my 45 of choice when I was about seven years old, by the way. And the 8 track, by the way. Yes.

The old 8 track. So, look, Richard, when it comes to the national championship game, I'm looking for the best of both worlds. I mean, I'm not a Michigan guy, but I have some rooting interest for you. I want to see you happy.

I know it makes Brockman's skin crawl, but I want to see you happy. But I also want to see Michael Pennix light it up so the Giants get convinced the draft Pennix. You're going to draft him fifth overall, Al.

You don't want him to light it up for various reasons. One of them, it would make me unhappy. And then two, you want him to drop to the second round so he's there for you.

That's what you'd like. I don't see him going that far down. You really want to draft him fifth overall, Al? You really want to do that? And they're not going to do it. It's not happening. I know. I know it's not going to happen. Can I help you for a second, Al? Because I love you. Please.

Please. Al. Whatever it takes, whatever it requires for you to get this into your life and understand it and try and be cool with it, even though you won't. I don't know if it requires copious amounts of alcohol, any sort of psychotropic material. I don't know.

I'm not into the psychotropic stuff. Daniel Jones is going to be your quarterback next year. It's going to happen. He is going to be the Giants quarterback. They will not quit him. And that's it. Now, they may draft one in the second, third or fourth round to get ready for a post Jones era, but that's it.

He's going to be the guy in New York wearing blue as soon as he is healthy to do it. Period. End of story. You know it.

That's why you're making that noise right now. Oh, man. Oh, man. That's it. So I'm sorry to say it.

I'm Augusta, but I'm not disagreeing with you. You're 100% right. You are the man. You know it. But it's just, I can't. I know. It's tough. It's tough pill to swallow.

It's tough. Take care, Al. Thanks for the call. Good luck. Good luck. You bet.

Thank you. You and I know it. You know it, too, even though you think that he's the president.

What do I know? That is the New York Giants quarterback. His name is Daniel Jones. When? Next year, as soon as he is healthy. And it's entirely possible it will be healthy in time for the season. Yeah. Unlikely.

Why? Because of his knee? He's rehabbing his knee? He stinks, and they know they made a mistake giving him all that money.

But all that money is $40 million a year, which is middle-tier quarterback in the NFL right now. That's it. Let's see.

Oh, yeah. There's rookie deals, and then there's the astronomical deals, and then there's the $40 million deals right there in the middle. You know? And they're going to be even $40 million a year is going to be even lower. He's 12th in the league in average. There you go.

So 16 is the middle of the road. And Matt Stafford. Well, not for long. NFL, not for long, so. But Pennax might be there in the second round. They may draft a second round, third round quarterback, and then that guy will be there and will be the most popular New York Giant after, say, Quan Barkley. Book that.

That's true. Well, that's Bill Asaro coming up in hour number three. So much to talk with him about and with you at 844-204-RICH on a Friday. And I don't know who the backup quarterback for the Jets is going to be, because Aaron Rodgers is going to be the starter. And this whole business, Zach Wilson has been still on the concussion protocol. No, he's not.

I mean, well, I shouldn't say that. Yes, he is, but it's a convenient place to put him, because I believe this sounds like somebody in Zach Wilson who's been told you're not coming back next year and his parting gift from an organization that has occasionally turned to him too much and he wasn't ready for it and occasionally let him down. The parting gift from that organization is when you hit the open market, you will be healthy and we will make sure that you're not rehabbing something. You will be as healthy as a 24, 25-year-old person can be in the NFL, except the emotional and mental scars you may have from this experience. So that was their way of letting him hit that market. But I don't know who the backup's going to be. And it better be somebody damn near as old as Aaron Rodgers, because this ain't going to be one of those training wheel situations, because if he gets hurt again, that's the end of this. So there's all that.

844-204-Riches, the number to dial, hour number three here on this Friday edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk Jokic and Justin Fields and Giannis coming up. You loved Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. I'm obsessed with the fact that GQ has named Kim Kardashian Man of the Year. You're upset about it? I suggest you do better then. If there were a Cosmo Woman of the Year and it was a man, how would you feel? Well, that would just be lies. Name a man who's doing better than women right now, and you can give him Woman of the Year. But until I see that... Watch what Lala is talking about on YouTube or search for Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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