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Live from Carolina Panthers Training Camp with Chris Lea

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July 27, 2022 5:14 pm

Live from Carolina Panthers Training Camp with Chris Lea

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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July 27, 2022 5:14 pm

Live from Carolina Panthers Training Camp as Chris Lea of WRAL joined the show from Spartanburg, SC to talk about the QB battle between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. Also, Chris talks about NC State QB being named ACC Player of the Year.

Also, Dennis helps us Get to the Know the NFL as we do a tour of Philadelphia.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. I play this Alice Cooper track every time I pick Jack up on his final day of school. It's almost mandatory. It is mandatory from parents who are willing to embarrass their children. Yeah.

Completely mandatory. And I am that parent. I am willing to embarrass my child. Because it's fun.

And they give us enough. Well, I'll just leave it at that. I'll just leave it at that. Breathe? Whatever. Worry?

Yeah. It's the Adam Gold Show. I'm Adam Gold. That is Dennis Cox. He's on the ones and twos. Chris Lee, TV reporter of WRAL TV 5, co-host of Culture State Podcast as well. I'm trying to remember who he does the podcast with. Well, that's what I was going to say, but that's not his real name.

Dennis Cox is the co-host of that podcast. Chris will join us from Spartanburg, from Wofford, as the Panthers are obviously ready to turn the whole ship over to Sam Darnold after a touchdown pass to Christian McCaffrey. I know we have Matt Ruhl on the workload division coming up on the Wall of Sound, so I won't belabor. I will not delay anymore. So let's just do the Wall of Sound so you can hear what Matt Ruhl has to say. The Wall of Sound is a function of this studio.

There's no doubt about it. All right, so why don't we just start with Matt Ruhl at the Wall in the Wall of Sound because it is day one of Panthers training camp. My guess is they are done for at least this part of the day. I don't know what else is going to happen. We'll find out from Chris Lee in about 13 minutes.

But right now, let's hear from the head coach. Yeah, the first two days we decided to have Sam, well for day one, Sam took all the one reps with the one group. Baker took all the two reps with the two group. Tomorrow we'll have Baker take all the reps with the first group.

Sam take all the reps with the two group. And the thought process being we really wanted our guys to have the ability to work with the same receivers for the entire day. Obviously Baker's got the install last night and this morning.

He's out here trying to execute it. So we wanted those guys to have some consistency at receiver for the first two days and then we'll start to mix things up a little bit more. And then we had Matt and PJ split the threes. So I would like to know how many snaps there were between Matt Corral and PJ Walker. It can't be a lot. Half.

Half of what was left. So Sam Darnold with the ones Baker Mayfield with the twos. I'm going to go out and say it. It's clear through day one Sam Darnold the front runner to be the head be the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. It's obvious that Sam Darnold is in the driver's seat.

It's his job to lose Dennis is to lose. All right, let's let's go to college football Kevin Warren the Commissioner of the Big Ten on playoff expansion. I'm excited. We have meetings coming up in September and October to be able to talk about these issues. I'm 100 percent supportive for college football playoff expansion.

You know what is that right number. We'll figure it out. I'm confident we will get college football playoff expansion resolved. I still feel strongly that we need to open it up to have multiple media partners that we need to have from the college football playoff standpoint. We need to take a holistic view. We need to make sure we protect some of the critical bowl relationships. And so as we work through all these whether it's automatic qualifier, whatever the case may be. I'm confident as we get these new individuals in the room get these issues on the table that we'll be able to reach some resolution. And again, make sure we ask ourselves the right question for the right reasons at the right time for our student athletes and our fans. But I look forward to the day that we can expand the college football playoff and I'm confident that it will happen. All right, stop with the doing right by the student athletes because if you were doing right by the student athletes, you wouldn't be asking them to play more games. So let's just cross that off.

It's fine. Read our student athletes or students. What was the need for a holistic approach? It's a cool word to say, right? Therefore we say it because it makes it sound like we know what we're doing.

What was the need for a holistic approach? I mean, we got to stop this. All right, and here's my other question for Kevin Warren. We really need to protect the bowl relationships.

I got news for you. If we're if the concern is to protect the bowl relationships and expanding the playoff isn't the way to do it. But it's not about protecting the bowl relationships unless we're only talking about like a handful of bowls. Yeah, which is fine, but it's not protecting the bowl relationships. Unless when you expand the playoff, for example, the holiday bowl becomes like one of the first round games right if they go to 12 or whatever it is, but the holiday like bowls are designed for tourism.

Oh, yeah, right there. That's really how they were designed for tourism. For instance, nobody wants to be in a bowl game before the holiday. Nobody wants to play a bowl game to be in a bowl game on December 18.

The idea is to be in a bowl game between the holidays between Christmas and New Year's, or on New Year's Day. It was, that's really what the creation was, which is why you don't see many bowls for instance in North Dakota. Even if it was climate controlled, like not interested. That's why the bowls are in Florida and California and, you know, places like that.

Interesting places to go. That's why we have a bowl game in the Bahamas. Yeah, makes a lot of sense. Anyway, that's why one in Hawaii. Do we still have the aloha bowl? I think so. Or the hula bowl.

Hula bowl was the bowl in Hawaii. I'm not sure we still have that. Hope we do. Well, we used to at least. We absolutely used to.

I used to watch that all the time. I also used to watch the Blue Bonnet Bowl. We're not really trying to protect the bowls, Kevin Warren.

Stop it. Alright, playoff expansion. John Steinbrecher, who is the commissioner of the Mid-American Conference.

He actually thinks there's value to everyone. I think there's something to be said for Conference Champions B&M. I think the greatest thing that's ever happened to college basketball was the expansion of the basketball tournament from 32 to 48 to 64 and the ATs that occurred with that. That would bring such great value and credibility to everybody's league. It would bolster competition. It would make games late in the season important for everybody.

It would bring such value to the system. I get it. He's in a league where a bunch of his folks are going to be top 10, top 15, top 20 every year regardless. I'm in a league where I may be, if I get one or two teams that are knocking on that door, just because of the schedules we play, which doesn't mean we don't have really good teams.

I get it. I think we went to a 16-team championship playoff with 10 AQs and 6 at largest. That's an awful lot at largest for a lot of teams to capture.

Yes, all of that is right. The rest of that comment is adorable. I'm feeling you, John Steinbrecher, but the system doesn't care about the Mid-American Conference. No. I don't know how else to put it.

They don't care about you. Don't get me wrong. Some Tuesday night in action.

I'm all in. Good wagering opportunity. Here's the thing. Especially at the two leagues that are gobbling up everything, the SEC and the Big Ten, and I'm not saying the ACC would be any different if they were in a different position. I'm just saying, clearly in those two leagues, they don't care. They will throw you a financial bone.

They'll give you some cash. But if you never played in any of their games, they'd be okay with it. They don't care if you feel you add value to the sport in general. I'm not even arguing the point. I think that Steinbrecher is right. That the sport of college football, I know Jim Phillips kept saying this in Operation Football in Charlotte, that you want healthy communities.

But overall, it's dog eat dog. They're proving that. The Big Ten doesn't care if the Pac-12 dies, if the Big Ten is making $1.3 billion a year from TV. They don't care if the Pac-12 doesn't exist anymore. The SEC doesn't care about the long-term health of that league or the Big 12 or the ACC for that matter. They don't. They only care about themselves. It's pretty obvious. So we can sit here all day and say, well, it's good for everybody. Like, yeah, and it was adorable when Jim Phillips said it last week.

Everybody is different than me. And everybody, Ben Roethlisberger was right. He was just talking about players as opposed to college conferences. He really meant college conferences. It's a little bit too much me in college conferences. Adam Golden's studio with my man coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group.

We're talking retirement and coach. I'm a simple guy, but I like colors. Tell me how I can color code money and get ready for retirement. I like colors too. I like pictures. I like graphs.

I don't like just a bunch of words. And so what we try to do is we try to break down all those words on your statement, all those numbers into three colors. Red, green, yellow. People are amazed when they come in, and most of their money is in the red category. Yeah, I don't want that. Now, red means high horsepower potential. It also means high loss potential. So you have to, it's a give and take.

Are you willing to do that or that? Yellow means liquid money. You can get it any time.

It's not going to earn anything. Green gives you safe growth but also gives you lifetime income. As we get closer to retirement, we need some green accounts. We need the Green Zone, we call it. And Baghdad Green Zone was important. Green Zone's important for you too. The next 10 people, Adam, it's a $1,000 value, golden ticket we're going to put together for you, your very own, total plan that has the Green Zone.

It's a traffic light. I hope it's green for you. 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta. We have some breaking news. Before we get to that, I want to bring in our friend Chris Lee from WRAL TV 5.

He is down in Spartanburg. Chris, how you doing, man? Good, Mr. Gold. How are you doing today? I'm doing very well.

Before I ask you how warm you are, I figure you have interest in this as well. So we'll say hi first and now we can give the breaking news. ACC preseason all-conference team was announced as well as the preseason player of the year. Did you vote for the preseason player of the year?

You know what? I've been kind of busy the last couple of weeks. I forgot to send in my ballot.

Everybody's doing that. But I will say that I do agree with Devin Leary being the preseason ACC player of the year. I haven't even told people that yet. But yes, Devin Leary is the preseason player of the year. Sorry about that. It's alright. Believe me.

Nothing about this show is formal. Devin Leary, preseason player of the year. Good for him.

There's an incredibly close vote that we'll go through in a second. But obviously Leary first-team quarterback. NC State had five players make first-team all-league.

Leary, Grant Gibson, the center. Drake Thomas and Peyton Wilson at linebacker and Tanner Engle at safety. A.T. Perry, Wake Forest was one of the wide receivers. Josh Downs made the team twice. He made the team at wide receiver and at specialist. So Josh Downs got double honored. But four, rather five NC State players making first-team. So yesterday we announced the two division breakdowns.

Today just wanted to announce that. And real quick, player of the year voting. Devin Leary got 40 of 164 votes.

40. That's less than a quarter. Everything was kind of spread out because, you know, second place was Sam Hartman, which I definitely understand that vote as well. And I mean, even with that particular vote, I'm sure that Wake Forest, along with where they finished, where the media says that they'll finish in the Atlantic this year. Wake Forest, I'm sure, feels disrespected by all of that. So, but I do think that along with, you know, Sam Hartman, Tyler Van Dyke there, you can make the case for a few different guys. So, but the fact that Devin Leary got a quarter, I think also speaks for how well NC State has been doing the last couple of years and how well people are expecting them to do this year. I mean, you know, really, if you think about it, they're missing Aiken Maquanu in the backfield. But a lot of the major players are back in NC State. So it's I mean, it's hard to see them have a bad season. And, you know, DJ, we are going to lay like he's not going to be the he's not the reason why people chose Clemson to be number one. Right.

Really just Clemson is the brand of what they can do. You're looking at quarterback. Who would you take first? Devin Leary or DJ? Yeah, right now is Devin Leary, you know, and that's not even a homer thing. It's it's just based off of what we saw on the field last year.

By the way, your your partner on the Culture State podcast, Chris Lee, is in all of his glory because he got a chance to meet his hero this past week in Devin Leary. So, yeah, 40 of 164. It's less than 25 percent. We'd be going to a runoff in any state in the United States. So let's let's just be glad that we don't have to have a runoff.

All right. Give me your thoughts. Sam Darnold worked with the ones Baker Mayfield worked with the two. Should Baker already look for another team? No, I mean, it's one practice.

I think it's too early to determine that. And this will be the first time that Baker Mayfield has formally, you know, thrown these passes to some of these receivers, right? You know, he's used to Richard Higgins. Of course, they played in Cleveland together. And, you know, there was that little get together last week that some of the guys had. But in a formal practice, this is his first one. He did get picked off by Keith Taylor during practice.

And I did witness one throw. I can't remember who to maybe either DJ Moore or or Terrace Marshall, but he overthrew one of those guys and he acknowledged that he felt like he was off a little bit today. And then, you know, there's also a lot of one of the things that all the players keep bringing up is how difficult the system is under their new offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo, and how super detailed everything is. So Mayfield literally just getting there a couple of weeks ago and only really having time to study the playbook before he's getting in to throw with the twos today. I'm not going to judge anything based off of what I see probably for the first week. I think if we're not seeing separation from Sam Darnold after, you know, this maybe after a full week, then, you know, hey, this might be Sam Darnold's job and we might see Sam Darnold versus the Cleveland Browns on week one.

That would be that would be a bit tougher for TV to stomach. And honestly, it would also be tougher for Panthers fans to stomach because they were so I was obviously kidding when I said that the debate is over. It's Sam Darnold clearly over Baker Mayfield. And I'll get to Sam and Christian McCaffrey in a second. But man, when when the Panthers made that trade, you could not tell Panthers fans that. Okay, it's fine.

You couldn't have you couldn't just do that. Like, I mean, Baker's fine. He's not amazing. He's fine. And I do think he's better than Sam.

All right. So forget about forgetting about Sam. I'm sure Sam looked fine. Christian McCaffrey is not hurt yet, right? He's not hurt yet. He does have his own thing going on when the whole team was stretching and doing their warm ups.

Christian McCaffrey was doing his own thing on on the side, not as like a hurt player, but just his own warm up with one of the coaches, one of the staff members. But he looks good, looks healthy. And the Panthers keep saying that they have a plan in place. They won't really talk about what that plan actually entails.

But he looks he looks good. So but we'll really see when things start to count in September. Yeah, I mean, I don't know if any conversation has been had about is there a plan to hold him out of all preseason games or not?

Has anything like that been broached? So they haven't talked about that specifically, but what the last few weeks, Matt Rule has been saying that they like their preseason approach to Christian McCaffrey. They want to tweak some of what they've done during the season with them. So I would assume that that would mean little to no appearances from Christian McCaffrey in the preseason. And then during the regular season when things are really starting to go on, I don't know if that means more rest days or maybe, you know, having his own program to the side or, you know, just whatever to kind of keep him more fresh between games.

But they have talked about changing their approach during the regular season. I've always thought about McCaffrey and this final thing on him before I ask you about somebody else. I've always thought that McCaffrey was more durable than anybody ever expected. He didn't really miss time in college and it never seemed to get to get banged up. I never saw McCaffrey like limp off a field. I didn't watch every game he played at Stanford, but I didn't see any of that. I kind of think that the last two years were more of a fluke than anything else. And now suddenly, because it's our nature, he is now injury prone.

I don't believe he is, but I mean, am I different from the general thought process? I'm with you on that because if you look at his injuries, hamstring injury, right? Anybody can do that, especially somebody running the ball. An ankle injury, when you're tackled a certain type of way and you're not ready for it or whatever, you can, you know, get a high ankle and high ankle sprain and that can take you out for, you know, five to six weeks, right? That can happen to anybody on the field at that point. It's not like he's out there and he's constantly, you know, tearing an ACL or, you know, tearing some other major ligament. It's these small minor injuries that have added up along with the Panthers being cautious saying, okay, you've done this before, or we're in a position where we're not going to win these games. It's no use of putting you out there. We're paying you all this money.

Let's just hold you out. And so I think when you're thinking about Christian McCaffer, you do have to keep that in mind that he's not necessarily injury prone. He's got injuries that anybody could get.

He just happened to pile them up behind each other. And then the Panthers just weren't competitive towards the end of the year, the last couple of years. So why play him at the end of the year?

So that also adds into the games that he missed when he probably could have played more games. Chris Lee, WRAL-TV5 Sports is down in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Panthers training camp at Wofford College, or I guess it's Wofford University, I'm not even sure. Let me ask you about Icky Iquano. It is Wofford College.

A lot of places don't want to be called college anymore. It's like negative. Icky Iquano, what did we see from him today? Where is he working?

Is he yet with the first unit at left tackle? What is the conversation about him? So I actually had a chance to have a one-on-one interview with Icky. You know, Panthers able to provide that. So you'll see that if you watch WRAL, if you're in the Raleigh area, watch WRAL at 6 o'clock and then we'll also put the full interview on later on today.

And I had a chance to, you know, kind of talk to him about how things have gone. But he looked pretty good in his drills. I will say that while because there's two fields and it's huge and where we were at, didn't get a chance to really see him and what the offensive line was doing.

It's kind of paid attention to the quarterback battle. But it did look like he was in there as a left tackle with the ones at times. There still isn't a clear indication on if it will be him or Brady Christensen, right?

I don't know if that's gamesmanship or if the, you know, if Matt Rule really doesn't know. But it looks like those two will be pretty interchangeable at left tackle, left guard. You know, Christensen doesn't necessarily measure out as a tackle, but his experience, a little bit of experience he has over Kim Aquano could prove to be the difference maker in that battle.

But eventually you'd have to bet that him being drafted where he was for the Panthers. He'll be, you know, eventually the starting left tackle, but he looked good. He's huge. One of the biggest guys on the team for sure. And, you know, he was, you know, really engaging in our in our one-on-one chat, too. And we had a chance to talk about some of the ice that he's been able to buy being drafted. I had a chance to talk about some of his preparation time and then also how Justin Burris is helping them, you know, learn to be a professional, another former NC State player.

So really cool chat with him and you guys in the Raleigh area, or if you just log on to WRL, you guys will get a chance to see that later today. Look, he is an engaging personality filled kid. I know who knew he was into like musicals as a kid.

Yeah, I mean something that me and him have in common. I was in Godspell when I was in 10th grade, 10th or 9th grade, 10th or 11th grade. That was my musical debut, singing on the stage and everything. So yeah, all that musical background as well. That's fantastic wrestling, you know, Broadway. It's very good. I was in Guys and Dolls as a kid.

Oh, nice. Yeah, I was Nathan Detroit. I was Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls. So yeah, maybe maybe me and you and Dennis need to come up with like a three-man musical and talk about sports and sing songs at the same time. You know what, when when this whole media thing dries up, that's what that's what we're going to be left with. Chris Lee. We'll be watching tonight if we're local to Raleigh WRAL TV 5 or check out WRAL Sports for Chris Lee's interview with Icky Ikhwanu and always follow the Culture State podcast. So we get more of Chris Lee and more of Dennis Cox. And we'll talk to you as as law as many times as you'll allow us to talk with you Chris.

Oh, yeah. Anytime you need me. I'm there and I just want to give a quick teaser on a Culture State podcast.

Anybody who is interested in listening. We have a Durham native and former WWE superstar No Way Jose aka Levis Valenzuela Jr. with the Jordan High School and you you know, probably song if you watch WWE in the last five six years dancing all over Monday Night Raw. So he's talking about his time there his time wrestling with me personally when I was a pro wrestler and the time I beat him and the time he beat me two weeks later all for a title. So that's all in the Culture State podcast.

Listen to it wherever you get your podcast and on YouTube as well. Wait, you were a title holder. Oh, yeah, I beat him. All right.

I didn't help. I held several titles at him. I was pretty good at this wrestling thing. The thing that stopped it was was television.

Television was paying more. So I said, hey, I'm going to go for this and then, you know, of course at the work weekend. So I didn't have time to wrestle on the weekend. All right. Well, I did not know that you were like a legit champion here with the whole belt and everything. We'll have to have that conversation another time.

Chris Lee. I appreciate your time. We'll talk to you very soon. All right, man.

Looking forward to it. You got a Chris Lee. Like I hope that's not insulting that. I don't know. Seriously, I hope that's not I hope that's not a problem that I that I was unaware that Chris Lee was a champion. Title holder. Oh, yeah.

He's held single and tag team titles. Really? Yeah.

Gosh. I don't know how I missed that. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Wailers were coming to North Carolina.

It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Canes Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now.

Find Canes 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast. This is from Rocky three, right? I had to tell you, where's Rocky? Yeah, because Rocky two was the same basic music from Rocky one and Rocky two, correct?

I believe so. The first one was not called Rocky one, of course. Just rock.

Just rock. I got no problem with Eye of the Tiger. I think there was a time I would have railed against it. But I do love the original Rocky music.

Incredibly inspiring. Speaking of Rocky, of course, Rocky Balboa from the mean streets of Philadelphia. And I do believe that is where we're headed as we continue our 31 team look at NFL teams, not named the Carolina Panthers. Yesterday was the Cleveland Browns. Today is the Philadelphia Eagles. Dennis Cox, take it away. Yes, let's continue to get to know the NFL.

Yes. All right, first thing you got to do in Philly. Do not be afraid to be a tourist in Philly. In any city. Yeah, any city. If you're touring a city, be a tourist. I mean, go to the spot.

Go to the place you got to go to. Go and hit the Liberty Bell. Not literally.

Not literally. No one will hear it. You know, it's broken.

Yeah, I know. No one will hear it. Big crack in it. Awful.

It's terrible. Did they ever find out who did that? No.

We should look into that. Anyway, Liberty Bell. Need to go see it. Go hit all the other touristy spots.

Liberty Bell, Independence Hall. Go run up the Rocky stairs or walk them. Stand on top of them. No. Arms up in the air.

Run all the way up. Is the Rocky statue still there? It has to be. I have no idea. Also, you need to eat a cheesesteak.

You have to eat a cheesesteak while you're there. But where? That's a great question. Do you know the difference between the two famous spots? Yeah.

What is it? Ray's? Sure. Ray's and Gino's? Okay. No, Pat's.

Sorry. Ray's is a pizza place in New York. Pat's and Gino's. You know the difference between Pat's and Gino's?

No. Pat's chops the steak. Okay. Gino's, it's just sliced. Just sliced. Okay. Thinly sliced. What do you prefer?

Chopped or? It's indistinguishable to me. Okay.

But here's the problem with both of them for me. Cheez Whiz. Yeah. So, now I know this is more traditional Philly, the Cheez Whiz. But Cheez Whiz is gross. Yeah.

I mean, it's gross. And if I have an option between whatever Cheez Whiz is made of and provolone cheese, I'm going provolone. Yeah.

I'd rather have the provolone. But when you go into these places, you go Whiz Whiz. If you go into a place that pours the cheese on, like Cheez Whiz, Whiz Whiz, Whiz Without, the Whiz is do you want onions? Yeah.

Without would be no onions. Okay. But I prefer provolone.

Yeah, I'll take provolone as well. I also refer to everything as a john. A what? A john. Like, you're a john, that's a john.

Really? Yeah. What do you call a bathroom? A john. Yeah, well, that makes sense. Yep.

All right. So call everything a john. And also, if you want to make sure that you get good doughnuts while you're in this city. Wait. Wait, was Jack Frost doughnuts yesterday? It was Jack Frost doughnuts yesterday.

There's going to be a quiz at the end. There's going to be a doughnut. Name the doughnut shop in each city in the NFL.

That'd be great. Yes, we had Jack Frost doughnuts. Right. Now we have Fringelli's Bakery. Friend-oh, that sounds- Fringelli's Bakery. Been around since 1947. That sounds like a good bakery. Well, didn't you say Jack Frost doughnuts have been making doughnuts since 1936?

Something along those lines, yeah. So this is in Cleveland? Yeah, in Cleveland.

More than Cleveland. I know. 1947 Fringelli's Bakery. Fringelli's Bakery. But I will say that that bakery sounds really good. Yeah, Fringelli's Bakery. They also have a- it's kind of, I guess, like an ice cream doughnut? I guess an ice cream. It's got spumoni on it.

No, no, no. They actually like do a doughnut half and they scoop ice cream into it. Well, it was just like- Spumoni is Italian ice cream. Okay, there you go. They also make sticky buns.

Okay. Doughnuts, cookies, traditional cakes. They also have a fringoli, a fresh doughnut shell filled with our special cannoli cream and tiny chocolate chips. Can I get a cannoli?

Yeah. Oh my gosh. They call it a fringoli, but yeah, it's a fresh doughnut shell again filled with cannoli cream and tiny chocolate chips.

Hand-made doughnuts since 1947. You've had a cannoli, right? I have. It's not my thing, generally. Okay, then you're generally not a sweets guy? No, I like sweets, but just a cannoli is just not my thing.

Have you seen this body? Do I like sweets? There's a little- well, who knows? There's a little tartness to the cannoli cream, right? Because there's cream cheese in it.

Yeah, not cream cheese guy, really. Oh, cannolis are good. Oh my gosh, cannolis are good. And that's where you could definitely get that and maybe, you know, a little biscotti. There you go.

Very good. I'll eat a biscotti. Dunk some biscotti in a- well, you don't drink coffee.

No. But you drink tea, you could have biscotti with tea. You're not gonna dunk- you might not dunk a biscotti in tea, but a biscotti with tea would certainly be okay. Gosh, I made myself so hungry during this segment. Eventually, I like all these things like, go here and eat.

Go here and eat. I can't wait for tomorrow. What's tomorrow? Tomorrow we are doing the Giants.

Oh my gosh. If you need recommendations, man, that's the crib for me, man. Yeah, so yes, we'll be going to East Rutherford, New Jersey tomorrow.

That is the crib. Oh, that is the- I know a really, really good Italian deli in Wallington, which is like the next town over. Ah, well, we're only going to East Rutherford, though.

Only in East Rutherford? No, no, no, we cannot go- we have to go where the teams play. Okay. No, we are not going to wherever that place is. You're not going there. Well, there's plenty of good Italian delis in East Rutherford. Yeah.

I promise you. So only East Rutherford. All right. So we're- We're not going to New York City. We're going to East Rutherford.

Well, no, no, no. We had nothing to do with New York City. The Jets and Giants don't play in New York City. They play in New Jersey, ladies and gentlemen. By the way, I actually have a cup for those up here. You can see it on WREL Sports Fanwatch on WREL Sports Plus. That is a shaking cup.

Yes, it's a Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup. So I'm actually going to pull out Friday's team that we're going to explore. The Colts.

The Colts on Friday. We're going to Indianapolis on Friday. All right, that's exciting. Oh, I know where we're going to eat in Indianapolis.

Yeah? Absolutely. All right. Let's go. We won't talk about it until Friday, but I know where we're going to eat on Friday.

Can't wait to get some corn. What? No, no, no. Don't be knocking Indianapolis, man. I actually like Indy. Indy's an underrated city. Indy's an underrated city.

I've said this before. If I were the NCAA, I would go back and forth. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I would go Indian Final Four. Indianapolis one year, San Antonio the next. Indianapolis the next year, San Antonio the year after that. You don't need to go anywhere else. Those are the two best cities for the Final Four. I'll take it. Yeah, I promise you. New Orleans, get out of here.

Don't need it. Smells bad. But the beignets. That's just a donut. And they're delicious. They're all right. They're just, like, it's just a funnel cake. Oh, yeah, that's all it is. I'm like, we don't have to go bananas over a funnel cake.

I mean, it's fine. You can funnel cakes anywhere. It's all beignets. The coffee's terrible at that place, too. Awful. Oh, Cafe Du Monde. Oh, my gosh. The coffee was so...

I couldn't believe it. Like, wait a second. You guys serve this? You make people pay for this? Yeah. They should give you the coffee for free if you're going to buy one of their beignets. All right.

Do we have time for a rewind? By the way, yes, Jack Frost Donuts, 1937, I believe. 37. My fault. 37. No, no, you were right. You called it right. I thought you said 36.

36, right. Yeah, that's so weird. Well, I mean, I'm sort of paying attention to this segment, so I just recalled that from yesterday. I would hope you would. I'm not that dumb. I don't tune out.

I'm here. You have a captive audience, Dennis? Yeah, I know. As soon as I say Frangelis, you're like, oh, I'm in.

It doesn't... It just sounds great. You've been around since 1947.

You've probably done some things right. I'm from the Northeast. I'm from the New York area. I grew up. I was born in Queens.

I grew up in New Jersey. So if there's one thing I will say, and you see a lot of places open, and they will say New York Bagel and Deli. There's a reason for that, right? Or a New York style bakery. There is a reason for that. There I mean, it's, it exudes authenticity.

Not saying it's the only way to do things. But like New York style pizza, there's all for a reason. This is the Adam Gold show. June 19th, 2006, but it all started May 6th, 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Cane's Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move presented by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now, find Cane's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts.
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