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What concerns does NC State Football have?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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September 8, 2022 3:42 pm

What concerns does NC State Football have?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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September 8, 2022 3:42 pm

What concerns does NC State Football have? Danny Kanell of Sirius XM joined the show to talk all things ACC football, including Florida State football being 2-0, and what concerns him about NC State football and UNC football.

Plus, the final stop of the NFL City Tour is Charlotte, NC.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. Thank you very much for spending part of your day with us. Start of the NFL season tonight. We have some NFL stuff for you in the Wall of Sound. Also, an interesting way to get ready for a drug test. Yeah, you need to listen to this.

It was quite funny. Before we get to that, you might want to watch us on TV. There are people watching us on TV.

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Or you could just, on the antenna, 34.1. It's all good. We're all here. Hi, how you doing?

I just waved to the camera. Alright, we have a lot of things to do. We're not going to talk about our fantasy teams.

Dennis and I have already done that during the break. The season starts today. You don't want to hear about our fantasy team and we sure don't want to hear about yours.

My least favorite. I'd rather talk fantasy Premier League. My team is struggling. I've gotten, all kidding aside, six matches in. I've gotten one assist out of Youngmin's son. Come on.

I'm a host. Anyway, let's do the Wallace sound. The Wallace sound is a function of this studio. There's no doubt about it. We have Harry Kane up there too? I did not draft Harry Kane. No, I'm talking about, but still, you figured with Harry Kane finishing, you would get some assists.

Yes. Sun tied for the lead in goals with Mo Salah last year in the Premier League. He's got one assist. I'm just, I can't, there's no chance that I can compete with, my son's got a ridiculous team now. I don't know how it happened.

My team was better than his. He has just absolutely waxed me three weeks in a row. Or three match weeks in a row. All right, let's do the wall of sound, shall we?

Because it's just going to get me frustrated. All right, let's start with Baker Mayfield, shall we? Panthers quarterback getting ready for week number one. Always leading up to the first game. It's just a long offseason and it feels like it drags on forever.

So obviously this one was a little bit different for me, just kind of being in limbo for a little bit. So yeah, I'm excited to get out there for the first time and it to be the real thing and get this first game under our belt and see what this team is going to be all about. In limbo for a little bit, interestingly enough, if you look at the schedule, Baker Mayfield's first opponent is the team that drafted him. So what about facing that former group? Like I mentioned last week, I think it's a great storyline. Obviously there's history involved leading up to this week.

There's other games in the NFL that guys are playing the former teams. It's just it's the excitement leading up to week one that I think is building that anticipation up. But for me, it's the familiarity anytime you're playing guys, you know, it makes it just more interesting, more fun. You get to smack talk a little bit with your buddies that you've been with for a little bit and you know how to poke and prod and get the best out of them. And it's I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

What about revenge, Baker? No, I mean, I'm grateful for the time I've had in Cleveland. Like I said, I started my career there. Fans, their football town, you know, obviously, like I mentioned multiple times, it ended abruptly and, you know, unexpectedly. But we're here now.

Everything happens for a reason. And I'm rolling with the punches. And I'm like I said, I'm happy to be a panther. I believe all of that. But I also believe that there's a little bit extra for Baker, not against the players, but against the coach, against the administration that clearly gave up on Baker Mayfield.

The owner, right? They gave up on Baker Mayfield. They wanted Deshaun Watson so badly that they were willing to turn their head at at least 25 allegations of sexual misconduct and give him a fully guaranteed two hundred and thirty million dollar contract that impacts our next topic.

But we'll get to that in a second. In spite of the fact that Baker Mayfield had a really good year three and then played hurt all last year because he thought that he was yours. If Baker Mayfield had the ability to see the future and realized that he was about to get pushed out for Deshaun Watson, you know what Baker Mayfield probably would have done after getting injured in week two?

What's that? He probably would have had some sort of surgery or simply started to rehab the injury. But he thought he was doing you a solid because the truth is, is that their best bet was Baker Mayfield even compromised last year. Seriously, if you go back and you look at year three, twenty six touchdowns, eight interceptions, sixty three percent completions.

He was pretty good. His top half of the NFL starting quarterback. If he can be that for the Panthers, maybe the Panthers don't have to go out and address franchise quarterback in next year's draft or beyond or in some other way, shape or form.

Maybe they don't have to. Matt Corral. Yeah, Matt Corral is a developmental quarterback.

See what it's like in two years. Right. He's not. Maybe Matt Corral will be the starting quarterback.

I don't know. But Baker is going to play this year. I look forward to watching it. I do.

All right. I mentioned the two hundred and thirty million dollar guaranteed contract that Deshaun Watson was handed by the Cleveland Browns. The only way he was going to Cleveland because he had already told Cleveland, I don't want to come there.

And then they went, hey, what if we give you a fully guaranteed two hundred thirty million dollar contract? And then Deshaun Watson said, I love Cleveland. Yeah, I heard your lake caught on fire or the river rose the river that caught on fire.

Right. I heard the river caught on fire. But man, I love Cleveland. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I can't wait to go. Adam Schefter from ESPN on Lamar Jackson, who needs a contract for next year and other quarterback contract. Last year, I would have said he should have signed the deal and I would have been wrong. He was right because the quarterback market exploded.

But how much more is it going to go up? I know we'll get new deals, I would think, for Joe Burrow, for Justin Herbert. They have the Pay Joe Stadium there in Cincinnati now that they're playing in. Justin Herbert's going to get a huge deal. And Deshaun Watson set the standard in terms of full guarantee. So all these guys going to be going after these big contracts at a time where the TV money is going to be going up and up and up. And that's great. And so maybe Lamar can turn forty five fifty million dollars a year into fifty five.

He could look. This is why I keep saying it. And I know it's a broken record as soon if if you believe that you have your guy. As soon as that guy is eligible to be signed to the contract, you do it.

Otherwise, it costs you. Dallas waiting two years or one year, I think it was one year to sign. Dak Prescott cost them money. Now, they were smart enough to structure the contract as such where the cap, it's not crazy. The cap is under 30. I think the next next year's cap, this year's cap is not bad. Next year's cap for Dak Prescott is bananas. It's like 40 some odd million. You just can't have that.

You can't have that on your on your books. You're just not going to be able to to field a competitive team unless the salary cap goes to where it probably should in the NFL, which is about three hundred fifty million. But that's not where it's headed. But anytime soon, at least. No, it's going to cost the Ravens.

It's going to be the cap charge next year is going to be forty five. Yeah. Right.

You and I've talked about this. Yeah. If he's on the franchise tag.

Yes. Well, that's what he's going to be on unless the Ravens decide to pay him. And in order for Lamar Jackson to accept the contract, you're going to have to guarantee him at least two hundred thirty million dollars. I don't believe the Ravens want to do that.

Yeah. If I were the Ravens, here's what I would do. And I am not on their side here, but my advice would be franchise tag him.

But don't do it exclusively. Sign him to the non-exclusive franchise tag, because if I'm not mistaken, the number that is guaranteed by you is significant, significantly lower than the forty five million. Yeah. Right.

It's in the 30s is what is the significant is the number. And you're probably going to match any contract he gets. Yeah.

So it doesn't matter. So I wouldn't give him the exclusive franchise tag. I would give him the non-exclusive franchise tag. And which case you're going to see, is he going to meet your price? Is he going to are you going to some team going to make it?

Like, really, really difficult for you to say, I just can't do it. All right. Let's let's go to Joe Buck real quick here before we get to the drug test soundbite, which is just fantastic. Here's Joe Buck on Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge, hands down now. Oh, Tony won last year. And you're right. He did last year and is doing it again.

Something we've never seen. You know, John Smoltz, who I work with and deeply respect, said if he just concentrated on pitching, he'd be Jacob deGrom. And then you add in the power and the way he could run and he's unbelievable.

Great guy. But Judge on a first place team as they're hanging on in the AL East by five games now without him, they're not where they are clearly. And he's six away from tying the Yankees franchise record for home runs. To me, it's Aaron Judge and it's him winning his first in the American League. It should be unanimous. As good as Shohei Ohtani is.

Yeah. This was about who should win the MVP. As good as Shohei Ohtani is. If your team isn't good and the Angels are 17 games below 500 and completely buried. If your team isn't good, you can't you can't be the MVP. Now, that doesn't mean he's bad. I'm not saying that Shohei Ohtani's numbers and, you know, impact are devalued. But they're just not MVP worthy. Listen to these Aaron Judge numbers and remember that there are almost 30 games left in the season for the Yankees. Yeah. There's four weeks left of baseball.

Lot of lot of soul to be played. Aaron Judge. He's slugging 683. He's got 55 home runs. He's got a hundred and ten runs scored.

A hundred and two hundred and eighteen driven in. He's got 16 stolen bases. He's also really.

Yes. He's also the Yankees best center fielder. He plays a lot in center field. His O.P.S. is a thousand ninety. Yes, he has struck out 150 times. So what? It is insane the year he is having. He is the MVP.

All right. So Jessica Pegula, one of the rising young U.S. tennis stars. She is the daughter of the owner of the Bills and Sabres, the Pegula family.

They own those two franchises in Buffalo. Jessica is a great tennis player lost in the quarterfinal match the other day at the U.S. Open. And after the match, she's in a press conference and she happens to hold be holding a beer, a can of beer Heineken. It was a can of beer at the press conference. Haven't had a Heineken in a long, long, long time.

I think it's very good. But she's holding a can of beer in the press conference. Here's what she said. Hi, Jessica. Sorry about the loss.

It's obviously made for I like the Heineken. I'm trying to pee for doping.

So it does help ease the loss. All right. So if you didn't hear that reporter says, I kind of like the Heineken. And Jessica said, I'm trying to pee for doping. Yep. She has a doping test and she's a little dehydrated. Needed to. There you go. So drinking a beer. She did. She did acknowledge it sort of helps after the loss. Fantastic.

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I hope it's green for you. 800-661-7383 or text ADAM to 21000 for Coach Pete DeRuta. A treat, a treat for everybody. The one and only Florida State legend, now with Cover Three podcast, Sirius XM. He has too many jobs.

I wish I had as many jobs as Danny Kanell did. Danny joins us thanks to our friends at BET online. They've got updated college odds, college playoff odds, Heisman conference odds. All right, Danny, Clemson's odds went up or no based on what they did against Georgia Tech? So, I still like Clemson. It's a tricky one. By the way, I'm a little upset with you because you introduced me as a Florida State, you know, former Florida State football player.

Legend. Florida State, who is currently 2-0 Florida State. Let's go. Do you want to start with Florida State then? You want to start with Florida State anyway?

That's fine. Oh, no, I don't know because their win total is still seven and a half and I still think they might go over. I'm not really confident now. All right for your Clemson Tigers. I so I'm a little perplexed because we all saw the game that happened against Georgia Tech. We all heard what Davos said all offseason, including at ACC media days when he raved about DJ Ooyoungola. And I'm about you Adam, but I watched for a first half what looked very similar to what we saw last year.

An offense that was uninspiring that sputtered that was out of sorts and a quarterback that looked. I don't want to say like he just doesn't look confident at times and then all of a sudden you see flashes. And I just I hope Davos isn't too loyal loyal to a fault, which I do think is a great quality to have. But look at his philosophy on transfer portal. You know, he doesn't lie.

I don't want guys coming in here quick. Like I get it. And he wants to be loyal to the veterans on the team. I understand that.

Here's what I do believe. I think the defense is not only playoff worthy. I think their national championship worthy. I think there is that good.

And it might have been last year too, which is kind of crazy. Either DJ is going to figure it out and you would hope it would come against Furman this week. Or you're going to see a club like I have to trust the Davo knows what he's doing that he's watching the staff that he's watching every practice that he knows what he's got on his roster. I think it's a really delicate situation because if you did bench DJ in that first game, it's probably a lost cause. Like then you shatter his confidence. You kind of you can't have a quick leash with him like a quick hook. You got to let him play his way through it. I think that's what Davos hoping is that he does play his way out of the slump. But if he does it and it continues to struggle, I think they'll have no problem going to cave.

So I'm just kind of trusting DJ with it. So for that reason, I'd find me a game that you feel like, oh, Clemson is going to lose. I don't see many. I don't see. I wouldn't even see one, especially based on what we saw at NC State in week one.

Now, they still could do it, but I still think Clemson is very much in the playoff conversation. Danny Cannell, cover three podcast. He does that with our friendship. Patterson, we talked about you yesterday. And we talked about you yesterday based on the fact that you guys are you guys meaning Florida State get second win to win.

Oh, yes. And here's my takeaway from the game against LSU. Could have lost.

Maybe should have lost, but didn't. Which means that there's a level of competence that hasn't been there with Florida State. Does that mean a corner has been turned, even if the roster isn't quite what it needs to be to for Florida State to be Florida State?

I am so glad, Adam. You didn't ask me, are they back? They're not.

No, they're not. And even Mike Norvell, he was asked the question. He said, no.

He said, we're going to get back to work. That's what we need to do. But I do think that was a significant like mental hurdle that Florida State had to get over. It's been a rough two years for Mike Norvell.

Takes over during COVID. You know, last year starts off disaster. You know, it's a close game versus Notre Dame. They lose. Then they lose to Jacksonville State, an FCS opponent.

And it was awful. Like they blew lead. They just did not look like a very mature team.

They found ways to lose. And for them not to blow that game, which I do think you're correct. They could have lost that game. The other thing is they could have won by three touchdowns. Like if they handled their business and didn't fumble an exchange on the goal line, it could have been much different. Like it could have been a different outcome.

But just the fact they were able to dodge disaster, I think was a huge sigh of relief. And now the team, they feel different about themselves. They feel like, yeah, we can beat anybody. And I know LSU isn't a great roster, but I do think this team, so seven and a half was win total. And I said, going into the season, I said, the LSU game carries so much importance. I said, if they beat LSU, I think they can win nine. If they don't, I thought it was in doubt whether they get the seven and a half at all. So now I look at this team differently.

I think they feel differently about themselves. And I think they go into game with so much more confidence, even in the ACC schedule. Like opponents that pre-season you would have chopped up and set up. Wake Forest has been better than Florida State recently. Now all of a sudden, and you would have said that's a loss. Now all of a sudden with Florida State, Wake, you're like, wait a second, Florida State might have a chance to win that game. And I would say it's almost, I don't even know if it's NC State yet, but NC State, I'd say any game on the schedule, now you look up as a toss up, not as an automatic loss, except for Clemson. Every other opponent, I think you look at and you're like, we could win that game, which you wouldn't have said before LSU.

So that's the mental advantage that I think you gain. Now they better not lose to Louisville and you bring up this sound later. No, no, no. I'm with you. I'm with you. And Louisville was disappointing against Syracuse, or maybe Syracuse is better than we all thought. But I want to get back to what you were saying about Florida State.

If somebody had just flipped on the radio, or since people get a chance to watch this on television too, I apologize for my appearance today. If people tuned in right after we mentioned that it was Florida State, you could have easily been describing NC State, because that could have been a two touchdown win for the Wolfpack. And we're thinking it completely different. And we chalk up all the squirrely stuff that we saw too.

It's just week one. But that's a game that they probably should have lost. So if Dave Doran said after the game that, hey, we won it, I'm not going to apologize for, and he goes, there are no ugly wins.

So I'm not going to apologize for it. We've been on the other side of it. Can they learn from that and be better? And what was your biggest takeaway from that game? So I think I'm a firm believer a win is a win is a win. Like, it doesn't matter what it looks like. And no one probably is going to remember this game in mid-November if NC State's in the hunt.

You know, or even if they're not. Like, I just think you remember this as a win. And this was one of my cover three locks that I do with Chip Patterson was to take East Carolina. The ACC drives me insane because I try to defend the conference as much as I can. One of their biggest problems is they schedule games like this. This is the ultimate trap game. NC State's been hyped up all year. And all East Carolina does is the in-state, you know, not a rival, but an in-state football team that looks at you and sees all the attention you get and sees it as an opportunity to potentially knock off this team that they hear all about. That is such a tough environment to get into about the defense looks good. I was very surprised that Devin Leary just I think he's the best quarterback in the ACC. It was a little bit sluggish. The offensive line wasn't able to get a lot of movement up front.

That was probably the bigger surprise for me. But like you said, I think the fact that they won that game, like Dave Dorn said, is all that matters. And you don't have to apologize for a win because you've got the win. But can I send a message to Jim Phillips and anybody else in the ACC office or any athletic director that's considering scheduling a group of five teams on the road for week one? Please stop. You're killing me.

You're absolutely killing me. Here's the thing, though. I loved that we had, because I was actually going to transition to North Carolina here anyway. I love that we had NC State at ECU, which is a rivalry game, even though it's not NC State's big rival, obviously.

East Carolina looks at the two big boys in the state and they, you know, they're like dogs looking at steak. And App State hosting North Carolina. It was an awesome Saturday for North Carolina football, for the state of North Carolina and college football.

It was a tremendous Saturday. Both games were stupid, especially at the end of North Carolina. So let me ask you, you said Devin Leary is the best quarterback in the ACC. I agree with you. It is possible, though, that in three weeks or four weeks or whatever, we might be saying that about Drake May.

I don't know how Georgia State keeps them under 50 points this weekend. I am. I got a man crush on Drake May. I think he's an upgrade over Sam. How I was blown away.

I do. I think physically, I think he'll be a higher draft pick than Sam. How I was.

I've had some takes on him that I like. It's only two games. I keep reminding myself, but I look at the talent.

I look at the size. I look at his composure in a game like that. And a shootout where your defense is a sieve and they can't stop anybody. And you get one of these, you know, wacky games where every possession matters in every possession. There's a ton of pressure on you to score, to answer.

And he kept doing that. And he's pretty athletic through two games. He's got nine touchdowns and zero interceptions. But even more than the stat line, when I watched him get through his progressions, it looks like a quarterback who is very mature beyond his years. And then his presence of mind, when to scramble, when to get outside the pocket, when to hang in there and doing it without his best wide receiver.

Man, I am blown away by Drake May. And everybody likes Tyler Van Dyke, Devin Leary. I mean, and now the schedule, you know, it'll get harder. And with that defense, it might not play out in the win column because I'm very concerned about Chiswick and company like getting things corrected. Yeah, I think they don't beat Georgia State. They better another great road game.

Yeah, I don't get it. Fantastic. Back to back road games against group of five opponents.

Way to go. But then they have a home game against Notre Dame where that'll be an opportunity for him against a, you know, a top 10 team for him to really showcase his talent. But early on in the Drake May game, I am a huge fan. Yeah. Virginia Tech also played on the road against Old Dominion. You know how that turned out. All right.

Finally, for Danny Cannell, Florida State legend. And I actually I didn't even mention real quick thought on Dabo Sweeney's eight figure contract. So one hundred and fifteen million over 10 years. I read the story. The story said ten and a half million a year.

My math says eleven and a half million. That's a lot of coin, man. What? I mean, there are certain things I regret. Like, I guess I regret not being a college football coach. I feel like you and I are pretty good at what we do.

I think we crush it. You know, you know what my bosses don't do. They don't come to me way before my contract is up and say, we're just going to give you a bump for no reason whatsoever unless there's something. Now, Nick Saban had a clause in his contract. That's my hunch. Adam and I haven't done the research on this.

I did see the news. I bet Dabo's got a clause in there that says, hey, he's got to be a top three highest paid coach in college football. And that's what it's for. And that was something because routinely I see agents of college football coaches. Absolutely work over athletic directors and presidents and whoever's negotiating on behalf of the universities.

They get in the worst contractual obligations that you possibly could do if we cared about business. But I don't think anybody does. It's about crazy, passionate college football fans.

And I can't be the guy that loses Dabo Sweeney. So let me go ahead and give you a clause in there that says you'll be the highest paid no matter what happens on the field. And so that's where you have it.

So, yeah, I mean, it doesn't make a lot of sense. It's got to be a contractual clause. And it's just the latest example of how much money is flowing to these coaches. And eventually it's going to flow to the players. That's coming extremely soon. I'd say within five years we have revenue sharing with the players, which I pushed back for a long time.

But you know what? The money wasn't this great. Now that it's this exorbitant, I'm all in.

I'm like, yep, you're right. There is too much money to go around, especially when you're giving coaches like Dabo a raise who was already making 92 million. Now you've got to make it 110, 111. There's no reason to do that. So now let's at least give it to the players. I mean, he signed a 10 year extension in 2019. I don't even understand your contract.

We were three years into a 10 year contract. We're already extended. Yeah, so I'm on board and the money is bananas and I get it. The players should get it.

I think all the players who participate in the playoff, when it expands and all that money comes in, every player who participates in that should get some part of that revenue. Final thing for Danny Cannell. I've already gone too long.

You have to wait longer than I expected, but you're always so much fun. If Pittsburgh beats Tennessee at home, and do you like the Panthers getting six and a half at whatever the name of the stadium is in Pittsburgh now? I don't remember. It used to be named for ketchup. If that happens, will you be the loudest ACC cheerleader that we have ever heard?

If that happens at Accra sure stadium, that is the name now, which is the worst name because it's not memorable at all. I don't know what it is the worst. I think it's, I don't, I don't even want to venture a guess.

I don't know. It sounds like a medicine. No, it does. It sounds like, like you put, you, you, you like put needles in your arm and it solves. It sounds like it.

It sounds like an athlete's foot, like treatment like Africa server. That's what it sounds like to me. But I actually do like pit and the touchdown. I like pit at home in this game. They played them last year in Knoxville and beat them and handed hooker did come into this game with a lead and pit still beat them.

I like pitch chances here with the number. And if they do knock off the vaunted sec opponent, if you're an sec fan, just mute me now on Twitter. Just mute me.

Cause you are not going to want to hear the heat that's coming your way. If that happens. So we'll see at Danny canal. Thanks to our friends at bet online. You are the best man. I appreciate your time. I can't wait to talk to you already. I'm already marking the calendar. Uh, be well talk to you soon. Adam, you the best man.

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So there's more value for you and your customers to schedule a free demo. Go to slash value. In a somber note, we lost queen Elizabeth today, age 96. She ascended to the throne in 1952. She was the queen of England for 70 years.

It's crazy. 70 years. She was 96 when she passed away. She was the queen at age 26. Amazing.

Yeah. Um, a lot of people thought that it would go to William, but they did not pass over Charles. Charles is now the king. Don't know how long he's going to be king. Might be maybe until he passes. I'm not rooting for that, but, uh, Charles is the, uh, he was prince of Wales is now king.

There's all sorts of titles that are going to change. Um, but, uh, William and, um, why am I drawing a blank on this? Uh, no. And, uh, his, uh, Catherine, uh, they are the, uh, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. Hmm.

That's what they are. All right. So with that said, let's learn about Charlotte. Our final NFL city, our tour concludes. All right. This is the 32nd NFL city we have done, even though two of them were done twice. That's correct.

East Rutherford and Inglewood, California. We are in Charlotte proper though. A lot of donuts. Yeah. A lot of donuts over the last 32 days.

Actually, I have a full list. I should actually screen grab it and tweet it. Yeah. All the donuts. That's what I should do. We can rank them and you can put Dunkin' Donuts on top. No, no. You can do that.

That's the ground chuck. The thing you can do. Donuts. No. Actually, my Stan's donut shirt just came in.

Did it? Yes. Excellent. I'm going to wear it tomorrow. Excellent. All right.

Things you have to do in Charlotte. You got to go to ACC media days. It's a mandatory thing you got to do. Did you really do that?

No, you can't. Did you really? I had to.

Well, I say that because I want to bring up this story. I like the people at ACC media days. Absolutely. More than the assignment. I enjoy it.

I actually do enjoy going there. So last year, there was a guy that slipped into media days. Right. A Boston College alum and just showed up and was there during the Boston College media session. Just asked a question because people would say like, hey, I'm with, you know, this publication or this website, whatever it may be, this media outlet. And he goes, yeah, I'm so and so. I'm just an alum. I'm not supposed to be here. But I asked a question and the player just was okay.

Just answers it. I actually met him this year. So anyway, anyone apparently can get into ACC media days.

So that's why I encourage if you want to go talk to some people show up. Excellent. There you go. Got to go to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I've never been.

Heard it's good. It really is an awesome place to go check out. NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Also the Hendrick Motorsports Complex is located in Charlotte. Okay. Some things definitely to do uptown. If you ever get a chance to go to the Queen City Comedy Festival each fall. All right.

I'll definitely check that out. The Mint Museum. I love mints. Well, they're not actually mints. It's just a mint museum. Okay, you know, Mint Street and all that. All right. So is it for like peppermint spearmint?

No, what? It's just called the Mint Museum. It's just a museum different curated stuff.

Different exhibits come through. Okay, but it's called the Mint Museum, but I like mint stuff. I'm sure you do bending maybe a spearmint. I like a junior mint. Oh, congratulations. Yeah, junior mint.

That's a Hall of Fame mint right there. Okay, first ballot. Yeah easily.

Yeah, also that and the what is the the lifesaver the spear the spearmint lifesaver. Okay. Yeah. All right. That's really good.

Good job. If you want to thrill double mint gum also Hall of Fame also go to Carowinds. If you want a nice thrill ride, she's gotta go to Carowinds. But if you want a natural thrill ride Carowinds in Charlotte, or is it outside Charlotte has a Charlotte address?

Okay. What about the National Whitewater Center also has a Charlotte address. I'll say if you want a natural thrill ride go to the Whitewater Center. It does have a Charlotte address sort of man-made but you know, but it is awesome. I actually have not gone yet. Yeah, I have not gone Alexander Michaels Capitol Grill on and midwood smokehouse.

Yeah, all places go eat very good. You have some recommendations. Oh, by the way as well. Take the train into Charlotte.

That's the first thing you need to do. Here's the first of all from here from Raleigh anyway, or if you're like if you're listening in Greensboro, or if you're in Durham, actually, I think you can do this in Wilmington to you can take the train and in fact for Panthers games this year. Yeah, I believe there is a special Panthers train. I'm not sure if it runs from Wilmington or not, but it runs from Raleigh. Yeah, where it gets you to Charlotte at like 930 and then the last train back is of course for for one o'clock games. The last train back, I believe is seven o'clock. Okay. Nice thing.

It's seven o'clock. So there's plenty of time after the game to go get a bite to eat soak up whatever you drank all of that. So yeah, that's a great deal way better than driving. It's a great deal. Also, make sure you check out Heroes con. Of course in a Charlotte convention center matter of time.

It is that wonderful. Yeah, I could have said some other places but I did but yeah, you have any recommendations on places to go in Charlotte. I'm kind of dumb in that. I go to the Thirsty Beaver feel like a dog. Yeah.

There you go. Thirsty Beaver is a great dive bar. I don't I don't have specific recommendations because I don't really I've just had a good time. I like the vibe of the city of Charlotte. I just like the vibe of the city of Charlotte.

So it is way different than it was 20 years ago incredibly different. And I remember the first time I went the ACC tournament was at the old Charlotte Coliseum and just Charlotte just felt like dirty to me doesn't it's awesome. It's a great place. Absolutely great City love it. And so I mean, I just recommend it, you know, it's a cool Arena in my opinion should be the home of the ACC in terms of the office.

Oh, yeah, by the way, when we were going to find out anytime soon about that. I like I told I told Jim Phillips this why do you need an office? Yeah, get yourself an RV drive around a league wherever you wake up in the morning.

That's home office. I would say as well outdoors actually Freedom Park is a nice spot to go inside the city. One thing I will recommend as well. If you can check out a game or an event of some kind at Bojangles Coliseum, it's a pretty nice Arena right there seats about six seven thousand. I think so the Charlotte Checkers play and they have wrestling events and things that are held there. It's definitely a cool spot to go to for sure. So I definitely recommend stuff at Bojangles Coliseum. I agree with you the vibe and Charlotte pretty cool totally different.

Yeah. Hey, you know, we should have done for all cities. We should have recommended breweries. There are good breweries and all like it. Raleigh has tons of good breweries and we have good breweries in in Asheville, obviously, right?

You know whether so New Belgium is half based here half based in Breckenridge Breckenridge, Colorado. You've got Highland which is personal favorite shouts to Highland Gizmo and Raleigh is great. I haven't been to Gizmo.

I've never been there. I just buy their beer on Gizmo is amazing. Sycamore in Charlotte.

I'm a big fan big fan of Sycamore. Okay, so if you're listening, I mean we'll take sponsorships. Yeah, I'm always for it. That's what we should do. We should do we should have done a beer. Maybe that's what we'll do during the during the football season. Yeah, Charlotte beer versus Cleveland beer. We're doing that tomorrow.

That's how we're gonna just we just says that just set it up for tomorrow. Charlotte beer versus Cleveland beer. Now we all we could do donuts versus donuts. Like for example, could we do what's better beer or donuts? Yes. Hey, I'm gonna block you.

I'm gonna block you on Twitter for that. I don't know Jack Frost donuts has been around since 1937 in Cleveland. That's why you gotta take it up against raining donuts.

R-E-I-G not R-A-I. So raining donuts. It's actually a walk up window located like a restaurant. Yeah, so you actually get it made to order but it's just a window. We can walk up order go.

Excellent. Yes raining donuts. And actually I was looking at their menu because I was like, ooh, I can check this out one there. They have different seasonal flavors that you could check out. They actually have donuts for the dogs too. By the way, dog donuts are great. I don't know that doesn't my dog doesn't need a dog donut.

It's more Bo Berry Biscuits. Yeah, there you go more of a cake style donut, but better whatever but a good donuts are good donuts. They actually have some daily flavors for example Tuesday's apple pie flavor Wednesday.

They have a cream cheese and Berry Thursday s'more flavor Friday maple bacon Saturday lemon poppy Sunday peanut butter banana. Yeah, and also you can even add you can do donut modifications as well. You can add some sprinkles create your own donut.

Yeah, you can add some modifications to it to like which I think is awesome. And it's all made right there. I like create your own donut. Yep. It's quite a that really is quite a list of donuts. It's a donut shop amazing list of donuts here. Excellent.

All right. Well, congratulations to the donuts. Yeah, we should definitely do beer like Charlotte beer versus versus Cleveland beer. That's our beer tomorrow. Yeah, we're going to be doing that. We got a does Cleveland have beer and I'm sure they do sure they do. I'm sure there is a Cleveland what else you're gonna do where you're stuck and say what I'll tell you what that Cleveland beer does loses. Sorry, this is the Adam Gold show.
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