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Here Comes The Judge (10-4-22)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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October 4, 2022 6:45 pm

Here Comes The Judge (10-4-22)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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October 4, 2022 6:45 pm

On a Tuesday Drive, Josh makes the case for who'll likely be the first NFL head coach fired, this season, reacts to Stephen A Smith claiming he knows ALL of North Carolina, gets repeatedly interrupted with coverage of Aaron Judge's pursuit of 62 home runs, Hayes Permar, of Sports Channel 8, creates a remix of Petey Pablo's North Carolina, and voice of USA Baseball, Daron Vaught, joins the show to talk about bizarre fair foods in "Unusual Questions".

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He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, would you schedule this game? He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation.

He's just completely taken the wind out of my sails. It's time for The Drive with Josh Graham. You are on a Tuesday Drive. WSJS news talk sports for the triad. We're in America today. You can bet on almost anything sports related, just not legally in the state of North Carolina.

Wink, wink. But let's say you visited the casino on Indian territory close to Asheville. I forget what sponsor is attached to that casino, but you walk on in. This is a real prop you can actually bet on. First NFL coach to be fired. And your top two choices right now are Matt Ruhl and Ron Rivera, with Matt being the heavy favorite plus 110, which means you have to bet 110 dollars to make 100 back with your bet.

He's a heavy yawns on favor. And that's because after losing to Arizona Sunday, it feels like the walls are closing in on him a little bit. With that being the backdrop for this coming Sunday against the Niners. This absolutely feels like a must have for the Carolina Panthers. If Carolina loses this game, Matt Ruhl could be fired as early as next week, cashing in that first NFL coach fired bet. This has to be it.

You are at home. It caps a three game home stand. We dubbed it Matt Ruhl's last stand. You got to win two out of three of it.

If you don't. It has to be now. It's year three. It's five games in. This had to be the year for Matt. You cannot afford to start one and four with four of the first five games on your schedule.

Being at Bank of America Stadium. It would truly be a dead man walking situation. And if David Tepper proved anything to us the last time he made a change. Once he makes up his mind, he's just going to go ahead and make the decision.

He did so in late November, early December, with a month left to go. And Ron Rivera's last year in 19. Conversely, if Carolina were to win this game, it's a completely different feeling being two and three than two and four or one and four, I beg your pardon.

That's a huge difference between being two and three and being one and four. The NFC is bad. Objectively bad. Bad enough that I think at least one team is going to make the playoffs with a losing record. Eight, eight and one, eight and nine. I think that could be good enough.

If you are two and three, that at least gives you a chance. If you fire your coach, you're waving in the white towel. The white flag, you're waving it, it's the season's over. We saw that after they fired Rivera, they didn't win a game. After they fired their offensive coordinator last year and Joe Brady, they didn't win a game the rest of the year. When you fire your coach, you're giving up on the season.

That's what you're doing. If you're two and three, there's no reason to give up on your season. There's still a lot of football to be played, but if you're one and four, more than a quarter of the way in, and things looking ahead probably not going to get better, at least not in the near future, I wouldn't blame David Tepper if he made a decision. The most difficult four game stretch of the season begins after Sunday's game against San Francisco. You might be thinking, Josh, I watched San Francisco play last night. Are you kidding me?

It gets more difficult after that. Yes, three of the next four games are going to be away from Charlotte. And here are the games. You're at the Rams, the defending champs. You're home against Tampa Bay and Tom Brady. You're at Atlanta, which is two and two. Then you're at the defending AFC champs, the Cincinnati Bengals.

San Francisco, no slouch. We saw that. But at least Carolina has them traveling west coast to east coast on a short week.

I'm not counting Carolina out of that game, but I will say today, pretty firmly, San Francisco is a must win game for the Carolina Panthers and more specifically for Matt Ruhle. On Twitter at WSJS radio, if you want it. W.D. is telling me we've got an Instagram page now. Yes, we do.

We work in radio. Why do we got one of those? Don't put my face up there. There's more places to be.

Nobody wants to see that. By the way, at Baltimore, not too far outside of that little stretch you just laid out. I'm debating whether or not I'm going to go to that game. Oh, yeah. B dot is going to be running a tailgate before the game for that Panthers Ravens game up there.

Our guys from Jimmy Seafood. So I might make my way out to Baltimore for that. I haven't decided. A reminder. The drive is going to be broadcast live. Tomorrow tomorrow and on Friday. At the Carolina Classic Fair.

So make sure you come out and say hello. We will be broadcasting our show live tomorrow at the Carolina Classic Fair tomorrow and on Friday. We will have a pair of Hornets Celtics preseason action tickets. They're playing at the Greensboro Coliseum Friday. If you want those, we'll tell you how to win those on tomorrow's show. But you will have to be in person to win those at the Carolina Classic Fair. And we'll have Wake Forest Army tickets later on in the week. So again, we'll be broadcasting live from the fair tomorrow and on Friday. Right now, the drive is being broadcast live in studios located in downtown. Curtis.

Thanks, Stephen. Anybody who knows me knows how thrilled I've been the last two weeks as a lover of college football and of the Baltimore Orioles to watch these live cut ins and to broadcast every single time Aaron Judge steps to the plate with a chance at history. So totally not because the producer of this show, Will Dalton, is a huge Yankee fan. I'm being told we're going to be breaking into this show every time he's at the plate. That's what we're going to do today. Awesome.

He grounded out his first at bat and W.D. is now telling me we have an update from right before we went on the air 10 minutes ago. So let's find out together what Judge did. This is from the Yes Network. This is going to be obnoxious and it's going to be able. Why are you doing this?

Have you not been reading social media? Wake fans, especially. As I was telling you before the show, I hope to God you're talking about Wake Forest the next time. I just got a text from Larry Sorenson, who does color commentary for Wake and a former bigly great. It's his birthday today.

So happy birthday to you, Larry Sorenson, Wake Forest color commentator for your birthday. We're going to be interrupting during today's show every single time Aaron Judge steps to the plate. He's 0 for 2 today. I'd say he probably has 10 more at bats left in the regular season.

I'm now concerned that Judge isn't going to get there. Like today feels like his best shot because it's a doubleheader. And the Rangers are pitching to him.

He had four at bats last night, two at bats so far today. They're giving him a shot and there's no way the Yankees are going to bench him for one of these games, right? There's no way they think, you shake your head, but they took Luis Severino out of a game where he had a no hitter through seven last night. There's no way they take Judge out of the second game of a doubleheader tonight, right? I mean, you're talking about a historic record, though. I mean, a no hitter is great, too, but this is history.

I agree with you, but I think it's fair to ask the question. Two weeks ago today, Judge hit number 60. That means he's only hit one home run in the last two weeks. Ten more regular season at bats roughly remaining. He's got today and two more games, a game tomorrow and a game on Thursday to close the regular season.

It feels like it might not happen. And I went diving deep into the numbers, W.D. How's this for a stat?

The Texas Rangers are the only American League team that Judge has not homered against this year. Hmm. You like that one? I do.

Wow. He's facing a lefty today. Only 14 of his 61 homers this year have been against left handed pitching. So we'll see if he homers during today's show. Frankly, I hope he does. So that way we don't have to do this anymore.

But it's been a few weeks and he still hasn't gotten to that sixty two mark. This is it. Ready? All right. Do it.

Do it. All right. Listen up. It's the drive with Josh Graham.

Hey, sperm are a sports channel eight going to join us in 15 minutes. He did the Lord's work and creating a P.D. Pablo remix to Stephen A. Smith's viral triad laced comments from yesterday. Josh, we got a homer in New York. Did he do it?

It was the guy before Aaron Judge that homer. This just happened. It just happened.

Oh, no. Which means we know sooner than we can start. We got to go to the Yes Network here. So now the game is tied and that brings up Aaron Judge for those joining us around the country. We're watching the Yankees baseball here on the Yes Network and coverage of Aaron Judge's pursuit of 62.

We know, Michael. So just gives up a home run to Higash yoga judge. What three? He's at six. What's the guy's name?

You gosh, Gosha. That's a line drive base hit to right center field. Hey, every judge got a base hit. That's goal gets the ball in. Everybody's booing at a base hit.

We didn't pay to watch it base not hit it out of the bar. That's my impressive impression of a hammered guy in Arlington at three sixteen Central Standard Time. OK, speaking of that Stephen A. Smith sound. Stephen A. clearly hasn't lived in North Carolina for a long time. That was my takeaway from hearing him yesterday telling Matt Rule he's got to pack his bags. OK, here was the beginning of his take on Baker Mayfield.

You don't care what the fan thinks the fans think. And then guess what? Because when we turn this around and we win, it's going to only be us in that locker room anyway. This is North Carolina.

It's the Bible Belt. They don't play that. They'll run you out of town for your press conferences. They'll run you out of town for your quotes. You better zip it.

You ain't got these progressive commercials to lean on anymore. Well, you know, you could sort you could sort some things. You got the ball. And until you ball, you got to be quiet. I just realized because of the guy homering right before Judge. The game is tied. Which means that might not be the last judge at bat or judge cut in.

Fantastic. But getting back to what Stephen A. said there, this is the part that did not go viral. Baker plays in Charlotte. A lot has changed in the state of North Carolina and specifically in that city.

Since Stephen A. Smith last called it home around 30 years ago. I don't really view Charlotte as, quote, the Bible Belt. I don't view Charlotte is a God fearing city anymore. Not the sense I get when I visit Charlotte. Also, they'll run you out of town for your press conferences.

What is that? Did you not watch Cam Newton's press conferences? Or is that what Stephen A. was talking about, that they felt that people in North Carolina didn't like Cam Newton or gave him a fair shake because they got mad at some of the outfits he'd wear in press conferences?

Either that or he's been watching the Matt Rourke reactions, maybe. Getting on to more Stephen A. He then just name drop half the state. I'm telling you, I know that area. I went to Winston-Salem State University is an hour away. I'm incredibly familiar with North Carolina or North Carolina. Curtisville, Salisbury, you know what I'm saying? Burlington. Greenboro, Charlotte. I brought up a little small town, Archdale.

I brought up a little small town because I want this brother to know. I know North Carolina. Hold one second. Oh, North Carolina.

Hold one second. Did he just do the airport thing in the middle of that? Did he say Raleigh Durham as if it's one place? Can I hear that part again?

Is that what he did? Ryan McGee, I think, said it well, that it is a 360 dunk improving what you know about North Carolina to lead off with Kernersville. Like if this was the dunk contest and Stephen A. was trying to land the plane, it'd be a 9 out of 10 for me, not a 10. What would have made it a 10 is if he said K Vegas instead. I know all about K Vegas instead. He said, Curtisville. What he said. But let's get a ruling on this.

Did he break the golden rule? Curtisville, Salisbury, you know what I'm saying? Burlington. I didn't bring the Raleigh Durham. Hmm. Hmm. Was that Raleigh dash Durham or Raleigh comma Durham? I don't know.

I've been seeing people having this debate and. I think he's good. I think it sounds like Raleigh slash Durham. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you saying Raleigh? Like, is he doing the airport?

That's what I'm saying. It sounds like Raleigh Durham as in he's combining that area to one. He hasn't lived in this area for a long time or maybe or maybe this is it. When he refers to his North Carolina days, he's not talking about. See, this is a thing that people do in the big cities. They do this in Raleigh. They do it in Charlotte. They think, oh, whenever anybody talks about the state of North Carolina, they have to be talking fondly about Raleigh or Durham or Charlotte.

No, no, no. When Stephen A talks about North Carolina, he is talking specifically about one area. And that's the triad. He once was on Clarence Big House Gaines's basketball team as a walk on. There are these legendary stories where he wrote on the school newspaper and would criticize Big House Gaines while also playing for Big House Gaines.

And he also started his journalism career in the triad. It wasn't random that Archdale was brought up or as he said, Archdale. I would have is there if there's one city that if he said it would have made my head explode, if he would have said Kang. That would have got me. Archdale, Curtisville. That's pretty cool.

If he would have thrown Kang. On ESPN's first take, that would have been, I think, a bit too much, but it shouldn't surprise us that Archdale was brought up. That's where his journalism career began, and that's a place he goes back to at least once per year.

He told Paul Finebaum on his show not too long ago. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I went to Winston-Salem State University and I used to work in Archdale, North Carolina, at the Greensboro News and Record, and I was an editorial assistant making 15,000 a year, living off a tuna fish and Kool-Aid, driving a 1985 Mercury Topaz in 1993, 94, okay? And I used to drive down this road, Main Street in High Point, North Carolina, and make a left off of Main Street and go to Archdale at this apartment complex. Once every single year, I go back, and I've done so for the past 25, 20, 25 years. Every single year, I go back and I make sure, I don't care whether I fly in to Greensboro or Charlotte or drive down or whatever, I always make sure I drive that same path and I make that same left turn and I go and I park at the hill where the old apartment complex was, and I just sit out there for about 15 or 20 minutes and I do nothing but reminisce about where I was at that particular moment in my life, graduating from college, being an editorial assistant, wondering what my life is going to be and where I'm going, and at that time is when I lost my brother in a car accident as well.

So all those memories come back and I do it once a year just to make sure I never forget where I came from. Archdale! That is really cool stuff from Stephen H. Smith. And when he talks about North Carolina, what he's talking about is the triad. He's talking about Winston-Salem, being that he's a ram. He's talking about Archdale. He's talking about Curtisville.

He knows what K Vegas is about. Is there another town that would have been just as funny? I'm talking about Mebane! I'm surprised we didn't get a high point in there.

Not on the ESPN, not on the first take. We didn't get that. But, love for, he didn't even mention Winston-Salem. He mentioned Winston-Salem State where he went to school.

I'm talking about Clemons. Walkertown. Walkertown would have been great.

I'm talking about Davie County! Outstanding. Hayes Ferbar created a Petey Pavlo remix to Stephen H. Smith's sound there. If you haven't heard that, we're going to play that when we welcome Hayes to the show. And, W.D. has a North Carolina themed skips her place with Hayes to celebrate the occasion next. It's excellent work on Hayes Ferbar's part who joins us now from Sports Channel 8.

A remix of Petey Pavlo's Raise Up with Stephen H. Smith mixed in there. I just want to know what city bummed you out most that Stephen H. didn't get to. Me and W.D. were talking about it. He thought Walkertown would have been a nice addition. I thought Kang would have been about as good as anything if he said it that way. Not Kang, but Kang would have been an excellent addition.

No, you know what I want? It's Poftown. We're talking about Poftown?

Yeah, I don't think it would get better than that. It's clear with all due respect to Stephen H. and I went from kind of hating to like, look, let's embrace this. He named checked a bunch of North Carolina towns.

But it was clear that Stephen H. Smith does not know all of North Carolina. He's very familiar with the Triad. He was like, all Triad named checks, which shout out Triad. Love you.

No problem. The Triad. And then he went on a series of Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Charlotte. And I don't think he said Raleigh during the airport.

But he just named checked the four cities that are incorporated in the names of the airport. And it was like, I didn't hear Greenville. I didn't hear Asheville. I didn't hear Fayetteville. It's a prominent city.

You don't have to go to Hamlet or Climax or Middlesex to go that deep. Just some major towns outside of the Triad may have led me to believe that Stephen H. actually really does know all of North Carolina. But he's somewhat familiar with North Carolina and very familiar with the Triad, obviously.

No Love to Hillsborough or Youngsville. That would have been big time name checks on Stephen H.'s part. You told me Hayes is on Twitter, by the way, at DHPIV. We've got skips or plays to do in a second that W.D.

tells me is North Carolina theme. Also, we're interrupting the show with live cut ins to Aaron Judge. Stop. No, we've been doing this all day.

And he is, I think, due up fourth in the top of the ninth and the Yankees are up five to four. So there is a chance at the end of this conversation, we need to go to the Yes Network and Michael K. to see what's happening. No, I'm I don't play that game. I played second field to no one. OK. As a. Chris Davis once said, I don't try out, dude. Like, no, I'm not I don't do that.

So if you want to go to Aaron Judge, let me know and I'll happily bounce. You told me you had some of my tweets. You either wanted me to explain or just to read.

So I'll tell you, I wanted to read them word for word, but I don't have them in front of me. But there was two. I mean, look, you are a sports radio guy.

You lead sports radio conversations and, you know, you defend your positions and you try to back them up with stats or whatnot. But like more, I had to somewhere between laugh and roll my eyes. Were you which one was better? I'm trying to think. I want to bring Will Dalton in there.

I don't know. You know, no disrespect to Will. He's learned the ropes. But like Robbie Walsh, I would have just brought in and been like, well, we need to have this conversation about Josh Graham. Which one is like Josh Graham going more sports radio guy? Which tweet was more sports radio guy? Was it one when he said to another person, hey, when you get a show named you're the your name show, you could pick games like that, like, you know, implying like I've got a radio show or was this the other one, which is more sports radio guy? Hey, you came in my mentions, not the other way around. And I believe there was an even don't forget or like, let's remember you came in my mentions, not the other way around. So will I ask you, which is the bigger sports radio guy tweet, you don't have a show or you came in my mentions, not the other way around?

I don't know. I think that first one there in either case, context is necessary and how things come off is very important. Your context is necessary. No, no, no.

I think it is. There's a difference between saying you I have a show and you don't versus somebody trying to tell me how to make a take, telling me the takes I otherwise could do. And then me reminding them, hey, I know how to deliver a take. You can do your own show if you want to tell people how to do their their jobs for you. But it was like when you have the John Doe show, you could talk.

It was very sports radio. And the other piece of it, how it comes off as I agree with you, how it comes off as is not great, but it was more I am never the aggressor. I'm never the guy to come at people. It's usually when people are in my mentions that I respond to things. And that's what I meant to say rather than it was a status thing of, hey, you were my mentions more than anything else. That's all I will say. All right. Fair enough. You defended yourself. I just like I want to ask you again about these same tweets like 10 years from now and see your reaction. You're like, I think knowing you, you might be like, OK, I think it's kind of funny that I wouldn't that I used to say things like I regret it. I regret it. I regret it now. I regret engaging it all. And in reality, if people are just state fans that are mad at you, you probably shouldn't engage because it doesn't matter what you're going to say. But anyway, and I'm sure and I'm sure I've got some to that, you know, mine were when Twitter was a smaller stage. We I had you know, I was earlier in the game to make it to do those things.

But it's just funny to see the you know, it's fun to watch. So I enjoy the Twitter as always to speaking of Twitter to people have written in funny Stephen A. Smith cities to have referenced if he did call facts, oh, rather than pronounce it at Colfax or advance rather than advance, that would have that would have been great on Stephen A's part. Let's get the skips or plays with Hayes and hope that Aaron Judge doesn't interrupt us.

Hayes Permar is somewhat of a Renaissance man, an expert in the finer things, but he hangs his hat on music loves this God, and he's the friend of Satan. He was like oh six in busy with his sticks been watching big Mike and little trick trip. I just need a Zion and someone he can dunk on today Hayes will decide if this music is smash or trash blows or blows. It's time for skips or plays with Hayes and as we mentioned, North Carolina themed I guess that means that Petey Pablo is off the board.

Yeah, we did that already, but he also is not off the market. I still have friends in Greenville, North Carolina who tell me that he pops up on bumble like hey, it's PD in North Carolina and they're like, I think that's Petey Pablo. And then in one case they actually swiped right and met up with Petey Pablo and it turned out yeah, that's that's Petey Pablo on bumble true story used to be a thing late my high school early college days to roll by Petey Pablo's house just in Raleigh.

He just had this huge mansion in the north part of Raleigh might be the weirdest interview I've ever done to okay. What's the first song that we got? We're going to start off with Carolina on my mind by James Taylor old school. I'm glad you chose this song and not Sweet Caroline because I got a feeling there would be some controversy surrounding Sweet Caroline in terms of who can claim it in a way that it's pretty clear what we're talking about in this song, right Hayes?

Yes, 100% I don't want to be part of Sweet Caroline. This is an obvious play. It should be we should have two state songs, I believe the state song is technically the old North State, you know, the same as like the state toast or whatever you have two state songs. And it should be Carolina in my mind and raise up those are two actual state songs. So this is an obvious play. I don't believe he ever says North Carolina in this song. That's a good point.

I love that. There is absolutely no debate about what he's talking about because I don't know if you've seen this conspiracy theory that's been on the rise about country roads, obviously a long association with West Virginia and it is their state song. They made the wise move and went and said, Hey, this is a song that everybody goes with. We don't need an old timey song. So it's only a matter of time before we make Carolina in my mind and raise up our coast state songs, but there's this now conspiracy theory that country roads is not about West Virginia. It's about the western part of Virginia. Yes. And there's this fantastic TikTok that's out there that everybody needs to see that really.

I'm glad that there's no debate, no conspiracy. I'm sure like at graduation at South Carolina, they play Carolina in my mind, but everybody knows this song is about North Carolina. Second song is what Greensboro Woman by Townes Van Zandt. I've heard this song, didn't know it was called Greensboro Woman, though. I don't know if I know this song and oddly enough, I can't hear Will when he introduces the song. So I don't even know what this is or who's singing. It's called Greensboro Woman by Townes Van Zandt. Townes Van Zandt.

Yeah, I think he's probably a singer songwriter. You know what? Let's pass on this one.

As I have many a time in my life, I'll pass on a Greensboro Woman and and hope for something better later in the night. Darn it, man. You went way too deep. You always go too deep, W.D. We'll see what you got here to close things out. I'm rooting for you. I'm knocking this one out of the ballpark. I can feel it.

Let's go Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker. Oh, boy. Oh, no. Oh, no, he didn't do this.

He didn't just do this. This has to be a bit. This is worse than the Aaron Judge drinking bit.

Can you please actually just break into the Yankee game? I don't want to hear it. I mean, here's the thing, I'm not even anti Darius, I like Darius for what Darius is. I don't.

No, I like Darius. He was a big fan of Nancy Griffith, one of my all time favorite artists. They sang on each other. My credit, Nancy Griffith, was making him a country artist and Nancy sang on the second Hootie album. I think it's serious.

I've never done this song. I'd like it even more, but I also don't begrudge artists making money. And that's what he did.

It's a money grab. And he made it. Hold one sec. Hold one sec.

Aaron Judge is at the plate. We got to we got to interrupt here. I'm out of here. Bye. Bye. Here he goes.

As we cover the pursuit of history. I can't believe judges up against the leaderboard with Roger Maris. Did we actually lose Hayes? Is he gone?

Judge one for four. He left. Throws hard for real. He's gone.

They go the short way and that'll do it, so let the Rangers tie it. He just ground it out. Yep.

Ah. So Judge had one for five the day. Coming to four Yankees and closed out here. So unless the Rangers score in the bottom of the ninth, that's it for the judge interruptions.

That would be true. Well, and for the game's purposes, I'm going to go ahead and say that was a skip. I've had my fill of baseball talk today with the cut ins that we've done. Every Aaron Judge at bat, he did not homer today.

Or in the front end of today's games. He has another one later on tonight. So Darren, I'm going to put a pin in our baseball conversation for after unusual questions. As Darren joins us from USA Baseball, High Point, does high school football, and he's also Lottery Boy.

On Twitter, at Darren Vaught, you can shoot him a follow if you haven't already. Let's get into unusual questions this week. Last week, guys, everybody made it out that I got mad at Josh and I left the press conference.

That's not right. I thought it was an unusual question and it's okay. It's time for unusual questions with Josh Graham.

And you can send those in at WSJS radio 336-777-1600. Darren, how are you doing, by the way? I'm good.

I'm good. Thanks. Thanks for asking. Here's a question from NASCAR Junkie on Twitter. Why was Everybody Loves Raymond called Everybody Loves Raymond when Robert clearly hated his brother Raymond?

That's a great question. I think it's a great title. It is a great title, though, because it is and wasn't the whole the whole dynamic of their relationship that like, yeah, Robert sort of resented him, but he's it's his brother.

So ultimately, he loves him. I think that was the whole that was the whole point of their dynamic when I worked in numerous ways. Everybody loves Raymond. When I think of Everybody Loves Raymond, all I think about is 40 year old virgin and just Everybody Loves Raymond being in the big old box that Paul Rudd brought over to Steve Carell's house.

I won't say what else was consistent in that box, but it was out of place. Oh, that's Everybody Loves Raymond. Just a really good show.

Really good show there. Here's a question I have for you, Darren. How old is too old for you generally to watch a movie? And this is what I mean. Like, do you have like a defined year? Not saying there aren't exceptions like, hey, I'm going to watch this classic or whatever. But let's say you haven't watched a movie before and you're looking at how old it is. Is there a line that you draw of this is a movie too old for me to want to watch versus what you classify being an old movie? No, no, no, I mean, under the right circumstances, I'll watch a movie from any time period.

I just have to know, know on the front end, right? Like if I'm not in the mood to watch a silent film from the 1930s, then yeah, no, that's going to, that's going to, so you're not deterred if you see a black and white movie, I'm just going to turn it on. Not necessarily. See for me, if it's older than 1970 then odds are I'm probably not going to choose it.

That is it. The same movies aren't great. There aren't exceptions to the rule, but I'm completely game of the movies in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, but I just, whatever in my brain, when I see a movie that's older than 1970, I don't choose that movie. I just don't, that being said, I don't frequent movies made older than that. So I don't think you're shutting off a ton of movies that you otherwise might watch. But I do find that to be like a sort of a weird demarcation. Why?

You put that line in your brain. I just think there's a lot of movies that I still think feel kind of modern that were made in the 70s that I don't feel like are, I think there's the through line in the 60s movies don't feel modern at all. I can't find movies that feel very modern. Now probably a few exceptions, but in the 70s, there are a ton of movies that I would think are hugely rewatchable that already watch a ton of times. And in the 60s, there are a lot of movies that was popular to make three and a half hours, four hours long before we started to figure out, okay, audiences generally don't want to stick around for that long.

We're going to shorten these movies and maybe that's why you start creating what feels like a more modern day product and what feels like something that's a little bit more modern. Yeah. All right. Then I would say that has more to do with the style than the year. Sure.

Absolutely. When I look at the movies in the 60s, usually I'm not clicking on those if I haven't already seen them because I just, it's a probability of this is not going to feel modern for me. I'm not going to enjoy this. So when I'm scrolling and I see something in 1970, it might be a one year difference, but I feel a lot more apt to click on the 1970 than even the 1969.

That's my line of demarcation. If I was your therapist, I would dig more into why you feel the need for something from the 70s to feel modern. But we can... Oh, no, no, no. I'm not saying I need it to. I'm just saying that I still love watching a lot of movies from the 70s in a way that I don't love watching a lot of movies from the 60s. Yeah, but you're talking about them feeling modern. And again, under the right context, I'm game to watch anything, but I'm not going into a 70s movie thinking, man, I hope this feels like a movie that was made in 2015 or whatever.

A lot of the film techniques and things, I mean, and... Yeah. No, I get what you're saying. I get what you're saying. Right.

I'm not saying that the world today is a lot like 1972, but what is your unusual question? Oh, man, I had it. Why did I lose it following up with you?

All right. You fumbled it, WD. That's your unusual question. What is the most out there and just bizarre fair food you've ever seen or eaten? Well, are we counting the Krispy Kreme burger? It's all fair game. Oh, see what you did there.

It is all fair game. Not intended. Krispy Kreme burger. That was... I felt gross after eating that in a way. I'm not usually the person. I usually roll my eyes at the person who says, oh, I just ate a Burger King burger. I feel gross.

Oh, okay. I feel great when I eat those. I don't know about you, but when it's a Krispy Kreme burger, I felt disgusting. No, Steve, you know me and my lack of fast food interest. Give me the donut burger 10 times out of 10 over any fast food burger, if I'm being honest. Now, how was it prepared?

Because that's important. Was it two donuts to create one bun, or was this person more of a sophisticate with theirs and they slice it like a bagel? No, it was one donut per side of the burger, and it was a double patty burger.

So two patties, and then you had one donut was a bun, one full donut, and then one full donut was the other bun. Did I ever tell you guys the story of me eating one of these on the air doing baseball in Moorhead City? I was doing summer collegiate baseball, and it was toward the end of the season. I was trying all kinds of things just to keep myself sane.

It's a long season. One of the guys who helped with the team would bounce around from department to department. So some nights he would work in the concessions, some nights he'd help with grounds crew, that sort of thing. But the night we decided that he was helping in concessions, he brought in a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. I don't remember what brought it up, but we had talked about this burger. So he decided he was going to make some in the concession stand, just for us.

Not to sell to fans, but just for us. So he gets a break and brings two up to the booth and sits next to me while I'm eating this thing on the air and sort of giving my review while simultaneously calling baseball. I had to get a new guard. You know the little wind guard for the microphone on a headset?

I had to get a new one because the one that I was using when I was doing this, it's so gross. It got glazed all over it. Oh, goodness. Yeah.

W.D.? That was a good unusual question. Darren Vaught, did you think of yours? I did again. And then I lost him.

How does that happen? Well, I swear I had it before Will asked his. What was my question? Oh, I got a fair food for you, though. Oh, what is it?

Spaghetti and meatballs on a stick. No, I've not eaten. No. Mind you.

No. OK. You. OK. That's like.

OK. So this is like I've gotten way into cooking TikTok and you can find videos where they're just doing too much. So like I saw this video, this woman very like house mom ish.

She's just like, I mean, you know, the presentation is there. If you know, TikTok at home cook person, you can picture the archetype of a person. I don't. She so she's she makes a meatloaf patty and wraps it around a baked spaghetti. And it's spaghetti inside of meatloaf, and I don't understand it. I'll never. Nope. I won't sign up for that because I would just rather you make a good meatloaf and good spaghetti and I'll eat them separately.

I don't get it. You want us to continue filibuster and you want me to ask you about baseball? Well, I was I haven't given my fair food, so while you gave us two stories, so I think that counts. All right. OK. OK. Do you want do you want baseball or do you want to ask an unusual question?

I I've lost mine twice already. So let's go. How concerned are you at this point that judge isn't going to hit sixty two? Three games left after. After earlier today, I'm a little concerned because like this is the point at which they're in their season has been good. They're going it's not like they're not going to the playoffs.

It's not like there's anything left for the team truly to play for. He's going to pressurize it himself at this point, just human nature. And by the way, Aaron Boone, just in the last few minutes, says that he expects Judge to play in game two tonight somewhere in that question. Yeah.

And he's got to. Right. Because if you're Boone, you are going to be hated by everybody if you decide to sit judge and he doesn't hit sixty. If you reduce his volume and he doesn't get to sixty two down the stretch. Right.

Like you cannot be the guy that did that to Aaron Judge. I think he'll get it. But man, it's just like it's such a sleepy pace compared to what it was when he got two weeks ago. He hit sixty two weeks ago today. So he's hit one home run since then. I'm going to my proclamations this if he doesn't hit it tonight, he's not going to hit it. I feel like tonight is the night you're facing a righty. Forty seven of the sixty one home runs have been against righties. But it is interesting that Judge, the only A.L. team he hasn't hit a home run against is the Texas Rangers this year. Right.

So that would complete the trip. And it's not like he hasn't been hitting the guy. He's been relatively locked in his own bases, like 550 or 600 since he hit sixty one.

So he's I think he's going to get it, but it's starting to get a little hairy. Give me one team from the NL, one team from the A.L. you love is your favorites going into the postseason to get to the World Series. Favorites I preseason I picked the Dodgers race.

I think I'm going to stick with it, although I'm hesitant with the raise. The Dodgers obviously are the pacesetter for the entire league at this point. It's tough not to go with them. I don't like the Mets a lot in the NL, the Mets and the Padres, the only teams with declining win percentages since the All-Star break. So like they're still good. Like the Mets, I think, have played at a ninety five win pace since the All-Star break. But it's a lower win percentage than it was before the All-Star break.

And that's when they got to Grom back. So I don't I'm not sold on the Mets. Padres are in that consideration as well. I think the Dodgers run away with the NL. Darren Vaught, good luck with the lottery drawings and the next time we speak to you, it'll be postseason baseball that we're talking about. That's it. Pretty excited. Thanks for the time. All right.
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