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The Adam Gold Show
Adam Gold
January 30, 2024
Michael McCarthy Front Office Sports on the background of Greg Olsen losing his position as analyst to Tom Brady What goes into the decision making of who to keep and who to cut and who to add Where will Greg go from here Stephen A Smith rsquo s contract is almost up so when does that deal end Amazon looks like it is going to bail out Bally Sports does Michael know how much it rsquo ll cost additionally and when this might take place [... more]
The Adam Gold Show
Adam Gold
February 07, 2023
Adam asks Jay to summarize LeBron as a scorer What matters to Jay when you're talking about these details What's the difference between LeBron and Michael Jordan And does Jay think this matters to LeBron to hit this milestone Is this version of the Lakers salvageable And what did Jay say was a perfect read by Adam in regards to Kyrie Irving's situation Are the Mavericks a legit threat in the West now And will Jay address the heated debate between himself and Stephen A Smith recently And what topic does Jay not even want to touch [... more]
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
October 04, 2022
On a Tuesday Drive Josh makes the case for nbsp who'll likely be the first NFL head coach fired this season reacts to Stephen A Smith claiming he knows ALL of North Carolina gets repeatedly interrupted with coverage of Aaron Judge's pursuit of home runs Hayes Permar of Sports Channel creates a remix of Petey Pablo's North Carolina and voice of USA Baseball Daron Vaught joins the show to talk about bizarre fair foods in Unusual Questions [... more]
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