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Baker Mayfield has to be the starter for the Carolina Panthers

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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August 17, 2022 2:28 pm

Baker Mayfield has to be the starter for the Carolina Panthers

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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August 17, 2022 2:28 pm

Konata Edwards of CBS Sports joined the show to talk about the Carolina Panthers and their QB competition between Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold. Edwards also talks about expectations for the team this season, and what he's liked most from the team so far during training camp.

Also, Adam Gold talks about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers saying his young wide receivers need to step up and develop.

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This is the best of the Adam Gold Show Podcast brought to you by Coach Pete at Capital Financial Advisory Group.

Visit us at This is the Adam Gold Show. I'm Adam Gold. Dennis Cox is not on PTO. He is back.

It's hard to tell because Dennis is still part of the show even when he's on PTO. But that's just dedication. This is pure dedication.

I appreciate that. So apparently for the second day in a row, the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots were a little warm during joint practices. Another fracas, little fisticuffs. Christian McCaffrey taking umbrage at a hit.

And when somebody takes umbrage, hands are thrown. My friend Nada the scribe based in Charlotte, Podcast producer extraordinaire works with some of our favorite people.

He joins us on the Adam Gold Show. I know both quarterbacks did bad things and good things again today. Are people in Charlotte only talking about the quarterbacks? Can we not also talk about how the Panthers like to scrap? Well, let's be real here. If this wasn't the quarterback battle, what else would we honestly have to talk about? Let's be fair about this.

If it wasn't for a mediocre quarterback battle. And I'm talking about this is like choosing your favorite flavor of oatmeal. Now, I'm not trying to offend anybody that loves oatmeal because I love oatmeal myself. But we're talking about different flavors of oatmeal. You might like apples and spice.

I might like maple and brown sugar. It's just literally we're just arguing right here. But at the same time, I did not expect the Carolina Panthers to come in here and basically treat Foxborough, Massachusetts like the source awards. I didn't expect two nights of that. Like that's I honestly did not expect them to go up there start fighting. But you know what, I am glad because this means there's an edge to this team, it feels like that there hasn't been in quite a while not since like the last 10 years. I'm not going to give that to Baker. I think it's a lot of let's just be ourselves. Let's grow up.

And this was a fairly young team. The fact that this team is starting to grow and starting to feel a little chesty about themselves. It's not necessarily a bad thing. My friend out of the scribe is joining us here at now and scribe on Twitter canada Edwards. I'm a steel cut oatmeal guy just I mean, especially in the winter.

It's a great, great way to do good for your good for your heart. Well, if you're into that sort of thing, you're right in that it is to mediocre quarterbacks and I hope that fans are in full understanding of the fact that we are not talking about a battle between let's just say Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre here. We are talking about the almost the other end of the starting quarterback spectrum actually it is the other end of the starting quarterback spectrum.

I'm not sure we have two guys that are good enough to lead you anywhere. But I do think and maybe your read is different. I think Baker would have to be a complete flop to not be the starter against the Browns in week one. If, if Baker's not the starter that means Baker's hurt, because there's no way, like, I like the fact that they're trying to prop Sam Darnold up to basically say hey look, we'll take anything, we might even pay five to $7 million of the salary, just to get him paid. But at the same time, this is Baker's job it's clearly been Baker's job.

And if you read the read in between the lines. This was always going to be Baker's job because quite honestly, we know the ownership, and we know the impatience involved with the ownership. He was never going to go be like, you know what I want to see 16 more games of Sam Darnold, because if that was the case, they wouldn't have traded up for Matt corral, and they wouldn't have traded for Baker Mayfield this late into the season. They didn't want to see Sam Darnold out right, much like the rest of the fan base didn't want to see Sam Darnold out there, and I completely get it because if I had to see that again.

I would have probably considered doing something else. Yeah, I, there's part of that that for some reason had not occurred to me I actually bought the line that they were not going to trade Sam Darnold, and that they were going to go into the season with Darnold essentially backing up Baker I'm, I'm under no illusions that Darnold is somehow going to wrestle the starting job away from Mayfield. For, for whatever you think of Baker as a quarterback, the one thing he definitely does well, and way better not only than Sam, but I would say probably 20 other starters in the league is that he acts the part of the number one quarterback he carries against himself, like a team leader and a boat and a guy with bona fides that he doesn't have Sam does not Sam is the opposite of that. But, absolutely, I think they'll, if, if Sam has a reasonably good preseason, and there's a team out there that, at the very least will pick up.

Yeah, I think they will move Darnold along, and not for any other reason that it would save them some money, and that they could go out and add some other things that they might need to plug some holes down the road. Absolutely, because at this point, we still got to remember that this is a people business I think sometimes that's something we forget Sam Darnold might be like, okay, back there. But at the same point, if you ask if you put Brian Burns up to a lie detector if you put Matt rule up to a lie detector, you're telling me that they're like, if Baker gets hurt we're going to be fine with Sam, and you think those that lie detector isn't going to go off. Like, that's, that's what's going to end up happening. They don't want to see, they don't want to see Sam back there.

Sam doesn't want to see Sam back there. It's best for everybody else, right, it's best for everybody. It's best for everybody if they make that clean break. It's it they can each do the, it's not me. It's, I'm sorry, it's me it's not you speech to one another, and go from there, like, I get it. But at the same point like, I don't think you can bring Sam Darnold back into that locker room, without there being significant problems because you're only one hit away, you're only one blindside hit away you're only one icky quantum Mr. Simon away from Sam Darnold being back there, and not Matt corral.

And that's going to be a problem for everybody involved. Speaking of icky quantum and Sam Darnold, I did find it interesting in the first series that Darnold had after the turnover. Equator really got beat badly by Montes sweat off the off the right edge. And, you know, he didn't do Sam Darnold any favors but Darnold still throw a beautiful pass to Richard Higgins for the touchdown. I want to recognize that I thought Darnold was pretty good. In fact, maybe even better than Baker, in that, in the short stints.

With that said, I don't think it matters. Equator was named the starting left tackle today. I'm like, I'm glad he is. I hope that he will develop and quickly this year, but I'm not entirely sure that that spot was earned, although I'm not sure it really had to be. The thing is if, if there was any one other, let's say, let's say the Panthers signed Dwayne Brown, right, then I would understand hey, you got to go out there, you got to earn it.

The competition was Brady Christensen, like like Adam come on, like what we're talking about here, this wasn't going to be that high of a bar to clear. Can you block Okay, cool. Can you learn Okay, cool. Do you have a whole bunch of tools to be our future left tackle. Yes, then okay, you're going to be the guy, all you have to do, show a pulse and show that you're willing to coach. That's, that's all he's done. I don't mind that they brought him along slow and put him at left guard left guard. I kind of like the way this is going and I think he'll be fine. I think a lot of this is just truncated training camps.

Remember, we don't have that fourth game anymore. And I think he's this type of guy that needs as many reps as he can just to get familiar comfortable. So I'm not worried as much about Iki Iquanu as much as I am some other spots on the team right now. Well, he has to be the starting at left tackle and I think Christensen can move inside to guard. I still think they have the makings of they have to stay healthy, which they're they're not right now Bozeman's hurt, but they have the makings of I think a top half of the NFL offensive line.

And if they do that, you know, they might be able to threaten eight wins, which won't get them a whole lot, but it's better than five. Adam Golden Studio with my friend coach Pete DeRuta with the Capital Financial Advisory Group, we are talking retirement coach, how does longevity risk figure into our retirement and income plan? This is the best of times and the worst of times. Adam, the longevity risk means we're going to live too long. But to me, every day I live is not too long, right?

Absolutely. So we want our money to outlive us. And unfortunately, many people have seen you out there listening, maybe one of them, your money is not designed to outlive you, you might outlive your money.

And that's not what we want to have happen. Because when we get to that day after you run out of money, it's not going to be a fun time. So let's design a plan that guarantees you'll never run out of money. We call it the GPI plan, Growth Protection Lifetime Income for the next 10 people. This is a golden ticket, Adam. $1,000 value, we're going to do it at no cost or obligation. And all you have to do is call. We make it so easy.

Would you like financial independence into your retirement and beyond it? 800-661-7383. That golden ticket is a $1,000 value. Or you could text Adam to 21000 for coach Pete DeRuta.

Let me ask you this question, my friend Kanata Edwards from As somebody who is one of those people who ardently follows the Charlotte Hornets, how does this Bally's app for $20 a month sit with you? For a lot of people who have cut the cord and have gone to, whether it's YouTube TV or Hulu or whatever, that's an additional $20 a month.

How does this sit with you? I suggest any Hornets fan that is in your area or in the North Carolina area, become a Hurricanes fan. Maximize your $20 a month. Because if you're paying $20 a month just for one or the other, I'm sorry, that's never going to be worth it. And I like everybody on the broadcast teams, whether it's the Hornets or the Hurricanes. But this is one of those things. You've got to be a fan of both.

You've got to watch those, eat all those games. On top of that, I'm a fan of group economics. And just like we know, there are folks that have been using their friend's Netflix account and have paid a single thing on the bill since about two presidencies ago.

If you've got to do that, pitch in and do that. But outside of that, it's outrageous for $20 a month. I'm sorry. I can't justify $20 a month. $20 a month is steep.

Here's the thing about it. I am a YouTube subscriber, so whatever that is per month now, and it's gone up twice since we switched from DirecTV. I am also an ESPN Plus house, so that's now I think $11 a month. And recently, because so many of the matches are on Peacock, I just became at $5 a month also a Peacock subscriber, so I can watch Christian Polisic not play for Chelsea. Even though both of their matches have been on USA, I believe. Still, right?

So I watch a ton of it. So this is starting to add up. There's no chance, no chance of buying the Bally's app.

No, absolutely not. But this is one of those things where you might password share. And then on top of that, and this is my bigger problem with this, and I'll be quite honest, this is my bigger problem with the NBA. And this is why I don't understand how the NBA hasn't fought their way out of these blackout rights. And just given everybody a league pass that basically you can watch your home team, you can watch everybody else's game, and it would cut out so much of this. Yep. And I think that's my biggest problem is that I hold the NBA more responsible than I do Bally's. Bally's just sees like the void that is there and is just basically like, okay, here's somewhere where we can make a lot of money.

Let's go do that. And unfortunately, Hornets fans, Hurricanes fans, and everybody else, they're kind of at the mercy of this. I mean, if you're going to fork over the 11 bucks a month for ESPN Plus so you can watch every game in the NHL, you should be able to watch your local broadcast. And the truth is they're airing the local broadcast. ESPN's not doing the game. They're airing the Bally's broadcast anyway. Just let the commercials play. I don't understand what the problem is.

Final thing, we have to be very quick here. Kevin Durant, opening night. Does he suit up for the Brooklyn Nets?

Of course he does, because he doesn't have any leverage. That's the thing I don't think we understand. The Nets had him for four more years. And if you noticed, the Ben Simmons, I'm not going to play thing that came out. There was a settlement. Remember, there was a settlement that came out.

I want to say two days ago. Now mind you, and this is where we're going to play a little Connect the Dots. You notice that Woeds was the one that put that, that the settlement had been reached and not Shoms. Shoms typically gets everything from Clutch Sports Media and Clutch Sports Agency, which mind you is, and Ben Simmons is a Clutch client. You notice how he wasn't the first one to have that one, right? What makes you think that essentially that was a player friendly settlement? Yeah, so he's playing.

He's playing. There's no one's forking over that money, period. Agreed. My friend Kanata Edwards, at not of the scribe on Twitter. You're the man. I'll talk to you very soon, my friend.

Next time, we'll talk about Jacob deGrom being awesome. Look, I'm starting to believe Adam. I'm starting to believe. Okay, that's dangerous for all of us.

It is 100%. What cautious optimism is where I live. I'll talk to you later, not later, man. All right. Cautious optimism.

That's where I live. Okay. June 19th, 2006. But it all started May 6th, 1997, with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition, of heartbreak, of figuring it out on the fly. The Cane's Corner look at the 25th anniversary of the move. Made by the Aluminum Company of North Carolina. Listen now. Find Cane's 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcasts. Excellent.

All right. So Aaron Rodgers is unhappy with his receivers, and this is my shocked face. And this is not about Aaron Rodgers just generally being unhappy, because I don't necessarily believe that to be the case. But you just let Devante Adams, you traded Devante Adams. Allen Lazard is your number one receiver now. And like a way beyond his prime Randall Cobb is still around. They bring in Sammy Watkins, who's basically become like a third wheel in a good offense.

Of course, he says it's not about the veterans. Here's Rodgers and trust. I feel really bad for Jordan tonight, because, you know, we had a couple, you know, total mental busts. We had a drop for a pick. We had, you know, two guys run who knows what on the third one. I should have thrown the ball there probably, but some of that's veteran stuff, making veteran mistakes. So we're going to shift that perspective a little slight adjustment here moving forward, because it's getting close to that time where it's going to count.

And I need guys out there I can trust. Yeah, that's a, it's a problem. I think, Rogers is like yeah some of this is mine but you know it's, this is the time to work all this stuff out. It is possible by the way that Aaron did drink some mushroom tea.

And that, that is part of the confusion here. But here's, this has been my view of Aaron Rodgers, and the new and the New England, and the Green Bay Packers for years. Rodgers makes his receivers. There are quarterbacks that can make any receivers look good.

Tom Brady is obviously in that category Peyton Manning is in that category. But I think Rogers makes receivers he makes good receivers great. He makes mediocre receivers good.

He is that accurate he is that smart. He is that poised of a quarterback. I believe that Devante Adams is a very good receiver. And for years, working with Aaron Rodgers. He became the best receiver in the sport. I don't believe that playing with Derek Carr. Devante Adams is the best receiver in football I'm not talking about from a fantasy perspective.

I'm talking about from a pure playing perspective. I think, Adams is very good at a number, a clear number one receiver, but he'll never be considered the best in the game anymore, because he's not going to have that impact. Because the quarterback wide receiver combo with Rodgers was otherworldly. I just think that so Rodgers thinks that Allen Lazard is going to be a number one that he's more than good enough.

Okay. Yeah, because you are me he's their number one option doesn't mean he's the number one, but Rodgers will make him good. Yeah, I will point out that really no wide receivers left Green Bay and got better anywhere else. Yeah, but they did not go to the next spot and go, Yep, I'm the same guy I was with number 12. We didn't see that with Adams, we didn't see that with Jordy Nelson. Right. Greg Jennings was good, but he wasn't the same when he went to Minnesota, maybe it's in some ways, it's the end right those guys are at the end of their careers.

But I think Rogers simply makes receivers better. This is the Adam Gold show. June 19 2006, but it all started May 6 1997 with the announcement that the Hartford Whalers were coming to North Carolina. It's a story of transition of heartbreak of figuring it out on the fly. The canes corner look at the 25th anniversary of the moon presented by the aluminum company of North Carolina. Listen now find James 25th anniversary wherever you get your podcast.
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