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BREAKING: Judge Could Unseal PARTS of Trump Raid Affidavit

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 19, 2022 1:16 pm

BREAKING: Judge Could Unseal PARTS of Trump Raid Affidavit

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 19, 2022 1:16 pm

In a very interesting development, a federal judge in Florida is considering unsealing portions of the affidavit used to justify the raid on President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home. Jay, Logan, and the Sekulow team provide their insights on the latest developments on the infamous Mar-a-Lago raid and what to expect to happen next. This and more today on Sekulow.

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News Judge Meinhardt could unseal grade but David week element in the hearing yesterday.

The Department of Justice aggressively do not have any portion of the affidavit that accompanies a search warrant release. Now for those that don't will them exploit you little bit about what happens here so when you file for a search warrant is required to have an affidavit signed usually by the FBI agents by the judges by the FBI agents and it lays out the predicates as to what happened and what the basis of the criminal conduct would be because remember to get a search. What you have to have an actual probable cause that a crime is been committed that what is so fascinating about this.

In this particular case is that the department justice did not want to release but as is typical in high-profile cases, media groups came in aggressively saying we want to know what's in that affidavit.

President trumps team publicly said they wanted the affidavit in full, released but yet they did not file anything in court. In fact, as of today, at least right now team trumped the lawyer for team trumpet not filed any affidavit, any motions with this court, which is unprecedented, not the judge said that he thought initially that the government has not met its burden of showing that the entire affidavit should remain under seal. He ordered that by noon on next Thursday the government file under seal its proposed reductions, along with a legal memorandum setting forth reductions that are wider justified sillies lease indicating that portions of the documents will be up all day affidavit will actually be released so Logan this is a major major development if in fact he follows through with this and it does happen.

I think a lot of people are industry what's in there. We kind of told people yesterday. The day before that. Don't expect this to be some sort of exoneration document that may feel a little bit hyperbolic. They may have these extreme words can say, have to have that we would get the search warrants people to do these things okay. Don't go in there thinking it's gonna be sub, how they unseal it they release it in your pleased with it.

It's good, I probably setting your supporter of present drop. However, we also note you can get all hyperbolic dealership, but Wheatley's will know something now them say you have to be wrong to justify this and when you start doing it you Elizabeth will put the playbook when they start using words like redacted and partially know that. So what is with a start doing that, it undercuts the entire purpose of doing this, you're already giving Pres. Trump and his team the ammo to cite what you did release the whole thing like we asked you to do so.

It's very interesting to see this all play out of Szilagyi questions or comments about this. I love taking calls.

I would look things because we candidate. So if you like to be on the air. This a great time to call get on lines 1-800-684-3110 the 2000 684 31 tend to be on their way to tell you this. I think this is important for people to understand that when you talk about the justification for a search warrant on the former President of the United States property. This should be towards the should be of well-developed investigation, but instead and this is another one of these things are so nonsensical instead the government said that they are quote in the early stages of this investigation.

If there in the early stages of the investigation. Supposedly, that this affidavit, the warrant sat on the in the application for the mark sat on the desk of Mayor Garland for weeks saw this urgency that they supposedly had obviously didn't exist working in it to all of this and what it means when you take your calls, 1-800-684-3110, but it's a fascinating development as to what's taking place. It made you want to hear from our audience.

A good Friday way to respond to people in the nausea, and argument a lot face with the header reiterates what I said said if they don't release everything will just feel like another ship. I kid giving people the commentary already by Segway was part of its redacted self as a cause of your thoughts. 100-684-3110.

That's what 100 684-3110 sports work. The ACLJ over right now in the middle of matching challenge user support hundred 684-3110. Center director policy has joined us as well on this fascinating thing that the court is now considering releasing the portions of the affidavit, albeit redacted is to pray paint a pretty picture and I don't think we should be given you an idiot kind of expectation going to want to see it fully release they want to know what's in it but don't go in this because you've heard people from President trumps team are present from saying I release it fully release it doesn't mean when you fully release it. You can necessarily feel good about what extent it's also interesting that he said fully release and fully release and in the never filed in court a motion saying we want this release by Bateman filed a motion to suppress it maybe has come in today but my goodness is when we care what your view went so far. Well, my view is that the government has not made its case with respect to public opinion, but nonetheless the FBI has engaged in a pattern and this pattern certainly is consistent with past practice at the FBI of releasing selective information to media outfits and so what we have is a pattern by the FBI of select leaking and that I think is consistent with the practice that they've engaged in going back to 2016. Basically, the FBI has already, in my view convicted the President and they now want to make sure that that is justified in court that I think that I think I think you're right.

And I also think that if there is in fact a even a partial with a call, you know, in this case will be redacted version of the affidavit.

It's not gonna bode well as I can make the President look good, that's for sure.

They had to be nothing there to allege a crime so obviously they did that. We got calls coming in more it's all I want to take calls today because it's Friday.

Good day for us to answer any questions you might have is these proceedings are going on so I encourage you to call us at 1-800-684-3110. I want to have a good time DC online to Tommy on their exam, call her kind of you. One quick question for. The panel later why did bring his passports. I want to say his ideas speak of Milan is as well and why were they going to her personal closet to me. Did they really think the files were in her closet that you were the files were sent me really see how the affidavit. Tom is very broad is no question about because it doesn't just say these particular documents, things that things in the vicinity of going into the first former First Lady's closet. I thought that was really a significant overreach on the passport issue. Boy you know you eat. If the FBI thought he was a flight risk.

I guess I think they could, but that takes a court order. You can't do a passport confiscation unless it's in the search for now. They return them within days because they realize what's switching to have this, but that was with supposedly attain team on the premises for the described boxes and had a study in there you have it be that that's where place to store your passport situation.

A feeling there has to be some attention going on here, but they also to the one the one they took one that expired when it was his regular citizen passport. They also took his diplomatic passport, which I thought was hot. We might've the whole thing is highly unusual to me. Harriet still were in the early stages of the investigation selects: raid the President, former President's house doesn't seem to be the normal way these things will be handled.

I think that is correct, but it's also important to keep in mind that the FBI at least in recent years, excuse me, has almost always overreached listener should be wary of the fact that the FBI has an inherent commitment, at least in my judgment of spreading misinformation and bringing cases that are not fully thought out. We have simultaneously with the raid on the President of a trial going on in Grand Rapids, Michigan, involving the governor of the state of Michigan, an alleged kidnapping plot and it turns out that the perpetrators of the plot were primarily FBI informants and we have clear and unmistakable evidence on the record that the FBI essentially in the defendants in that particular case, and I needn't list all of the other activities that the FBI has engaged in from crossfire hurricane to Carter page, who was essentially out arrested under a FISA warrant that was that was submitted by an FBI lawyer who doctored an email to get the warrant. Absolutely. And so when Christopher Ray issues a plea to the American people and says that he is outraged that they don't trust the FBI. I believe the American people are fully justified in not trusting an agency until that agency can prove that it ought to be trusted is interesting and on Facebook an interesting comment Logan that she she put in and what I would like to give it some context yeah we talked about this, and for Facebook said if they don't release everything will just feel like another shabby and this is the thing and they get to selectively redact so they can make this thing much more onerous than it is.

I'm sure it's it's not good to begin with William to our friend any McCarthy, whose former US attorney for the Southern District of Georgia but you renew your vision on this program before some of our films as well and very interesting take on this. Take a listen with the government notoriously dozens. They selectively leak what you would like to hear what they would like you to hear.

Rather, you know they're there for a spin on things and definitely offensive to the court, the court may just decide that now if they're going to play that game, we might as well get everything out there rather than just the trial by selectively I think the court order was surprising. Logan to the Department of Justice here.

They went in and got it. It means you got a thing of the history they wanted and obtained a search one from this magistrate judge who had recused himself from a case involving President Trump and Sec. Clinton recused himself on his own motion, but then he didn't recuse himself when it came to signing an arrest warrant is usually a search warrant aimed at monologue of the presence of a location to get these documents so that's no pretty that's issue number one, number two, which is also interesting to meet present counselors at this point I'm not filed anything they filed a motion to quash them involve motion for the judge to be disqualified represent just what all that means people who are listed as so publicly. President Trump is said untrue social and other outlets in his team. He said hey release these documents you but for Kelly want to court and say hey we want this unsealed. How does that work they would file a motion with the court are joining in these proceedings that just took place yesterday and say we would like these, we agreed that they should be released now that it was interesting here is there's a couple things that should happen. One is a motion to recuse the judge should've been made at the outset because it was complicated.

The Facebook post word by Sandstrom that he had that he recuse himself in the civil case among Trump and Clinton. Secondly, motion to quash because of the bias issue quash the subpoena and then filed a motion to expunge the evidence so that it cannot be used against you in a court of law. But the part of the poisonous tree doctrine so all of that would've been in place and then you would've been in court. Whoever the judge would've been on this motion now distorted and made by the media sources Harry and you would gonna court and said you wanted release for you and I'm not so sure I want released if I was presence, defense counsel, but defense lawyers think about it differently. I think that is correct. I think your analysis is spot on. From a legal perspective, and I think clearly, many observers are wondering why the President's attorneys haven't been a bit more proactive in this particular case, particularly if they want the full affidavit released now, putting aside the issue of whether or not this particular judge should recuse himself, and I think the evidence on that question is clear and unmistakable. He should. If we put that aside, I actually think that the President's case is stronger. If his lawyers don't intervene before this judge, because the media has already received selective leaks from the FBI and I think it will be easier for this particular judge to agree with media representatives, as opposed to the President. Also, if the rep revive is representing the President. I'm not sure I want that information released anyways. At this point there had been.

It's very important in the war this living. There's been no charges no charges have been leveled against present, but this was a very bold and a very aggressive move that was made on the President here consider likely was FOXBusiness earlier this week, as yesterday you said similar things to listen in this moment were in uncharted territory, because normally you don't have a search warrant released prior to indictment, and you certainly don't have the warrant together with the supporting affidavit released, but then again we left ordinary a long time ago, because ordinarily you don't see a former President of the United States, or a possible future President of the United States and Trump is both being subjected to this kind of raid Mike Lee's right coming first. Mike was very good lawyers father was a former solicitor Gen. United States rectally and I work with his father in the case and I'll tell you this I mean this is that you are in uncharted territory.

And that's why taking your call is important. We want this program today to be an area has been very interactive with you. So if you got questions or comments.

We want to call us at one 800 684 $0.31.

We sure want to supporting the work of the ACLJ were able to give you this kind of analysis.

This legal work that were doing here in United States around the globe because of your support of the ACLJ that's right you do that right now@aclj.r's are simply had ACLJ that are clicked on a plan to get alternations right now during this month are matched and then you got a big announcement you made yesterday with the new secular brothers podcast yesterday radio podcast launching my brother and I the sale of podcast network will be available in September.

You can subscribe already on our favorite podcast players are secular secular continue to do a lot of calls coming in right now your whole stay on hold gives a call 1-800-684-3110. It's a good envelope and a head start class with Stephanie in Virginia on line 3 Stephanie Gauthier, Stephanie globe walking and walking and walking on all congressional oversight question from reporters. I don't know the ratio of Democratic and Republican. Why America: think bleeping or unfeeling affidavit of compromise and indemnification. Why doesn't he relate oversight committee.

They all have popular clearances. We don't have to know what they can just tell it was quite well for so that the committees controlled by Senate committees not controlled by the Republicans and all is controlled by Democrats.

January 6 committee only has two Republicans on this depends on the committee. There are oversight committees that do have clearance but let me tell you Lee capacity and capability out of the out of the house committee. You can almost guarantee it is I once 100%, but give it a good 95% would leak so sending it to another agency does not solve this issue here and in Congress is already concerned about what's happening at the FBI were taken because all these topics. By the way in hundred 684-3110 but there is already concerned Chuck Grassley and others already concerned about this West yeah what were witnessing J is a crisis of confidence in our government by the American people and a lot of that involves the FBI and the Department of Justice in you've gone through part of the litany of misdeeds and corruption that's been going on for the last several years with the FBI and the DOJ, but it is even in a larger sense, this distrust of the government, which is a very serious political issue for the American people is even larger than this. You look at the Department of Homeland Security. All this going on the border you look at the IRS and weaving above directly with them and now they're going to double the number of special agents that they have you look at the FBI, the DOJ, there is a crisis of confidence. The American people are disillusioned and what's going on Amar Lago. His only increase that disillusionment there distrustful of their own government. And this is a very serious issue and in it appears the by demonstration is not concerned about it at all is so interesting to me that they said that this is an early stage of investigation if they went immediately to to execute a search warrant on the former President's personal residence is normally not how that's done and Mayor Garland said that, but the politics of this are for real. We'll see what happens in the hours and days I had a meeting we could see some of this coming out next week. Again, like you said, Logan. I don't think people you think this is gonna look good for the President, former Presidents, not right. Don't look at this is the letter calling for the release of it that some great that felt when you've really said it's gonna exonerate anybody at X is not works clearly they had to put something in there bad enough to feel like justifiable.

Whether you agree with it or you disagree with it or its validity is to be in that that's aggressive if that even gets that point gets released with the fact that is going to be at least partially in the grid.

I redacted a look works is going to call. I will continue on Mary Ellen called Illinois you're on their primary home on income.

The memorandum and decried vacation at certain periods related To get across packet investigation. It was dated January 19, 2021. What does that mean in this regard is in existence a very interesting legal question and that is the President under the commander-in-chief clause has the right to declassify and that's really some lawyers that I don't really know some commentators on the treatment under the commander-in-chief clause. He has the right to declassify information so one of the defenses may be here hate this information that you're saying I had it was classified. I had already declassified up, but there's a process. Usually that goes in a place where you security clearance right and understood how you handled as my document that you and I both have security clearances and the President can indeed on the spot sample to share something with you is classified, but he has the right to declassified in that moment, but there is not blanket declassification you can produce a memo that says anything that I want to going forward is now declassified a argument or counterargument is that the workhorses of the present as commander-in-chief actually could do that well is not the process that's in place anything constitutionally that's is oppressive and I don't think it's initially good practice actually runs Reading constitutionally. This is a prison camp is just not good practice. You know if that is not exactly the Constitution probably can be litigated and we find out, but normally you click declassify information document by document piece of information about information. There is a process for that and that's generally the process is followed.

But you're right Jake. Constitutionally, it's is not clear the quote become energy clause of the Constitution.

Ami Harry gives a present proper net present bruschetta at an order in 2003 basically said he, or the vice President could declassify anything Barack Obama modified to be kept in place after that said, this is not on nonsense is not uncharted territory. I think you're right. I think if you read the Constitution. Carefully the President of the United States has blanket authority to declassify.

He is the executive and so if you read that carefully. Then I think the President may indeed have an argument, however, we should also keep in mind that his declassification authority may indeed be separate from his authority to possess certain documents and that may also be in play with respect to this particular case. So yes, maybe the documents were indeed declassified, but there still may be a case to be made, albeit probably a very tenuous one, that he may have lacked the right to possess those documents and this admin. This is raising what's going on programmable question with time on it.

We can do that scale you my culture California line, one euro there I might I might call remember you recently saying today that that there why did the lawyers will have the judge dismissed from the case because of the previous case and and on, but for me, regardless of what happens then do this to Hillary Clinton stated no they didn't. But but here there's been a worse have to react to the circumstances.

In fact that they're dealing with.

So for built for Hillary Clinton. They didn't have to deal with this fact because nobody exercise a search Mormon residents.

What happened here was they did when you've that's the factor dealing with the same unit doing Hillary Clinton is a good political statement, but is not good legal argument the legal argument is judge you you're biased. He said that in the Trump versus Clinton case you recuse yourself on your own motion, you should recuse yourself from executing and signing and authorizing the search warrant, then assign file a motion to recuse.

I will follow that up with immediately with a motion to exclude evidence and that is to return the evidence because under the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine the Lord you get through but the tree was poison first place. The evidence is poison to and I would I would move for that.

That's the two motions I would've filed here. I don't know if I would've filed to unseal the affidavit. Probably not with Dean of the lawyers or Haley know more about what the individual cases than I do, but I would I would move for recusal.

Immediately they were moved to exclude that evidence in a nano second. Literally, you know, I have been found in the table immediately, especially on the recusal I if you have any questions or comments anymore. We have few people on hold room taken more in the second half hour. That's at 1-800-684-3110 four the work of ACLJCL jade out or we are part matching challenge right now and hope you don't get the second half hour on local stations. Many don't carry a full hour I live right now for another half you find that broadcasting on You too much trouble on Facebook we are and all the platforms right now live for an additional half hour so again some stations that carry flower felicity on terrestrial radio intuited online right now or download the ACLJ out broadcasting live all of those platforms for additional half hour's estate to give us a call. Again, one 800 684 31 to 2 lines opens is a perfect time to do it right back more executive power. The American Center for Law and justice were engaged in solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is J secular rock as if he just missed the first half-hour weird take a lot of calls today.

The end of the week you been here about this raid of the presence of a house in Malaga for the most we can have two weeks now. We want to be away a lot of people been calling the questions here are the issues you got judge yesterday says he's inclined to release part of the affidavit.

That's very unusual. Prior to an indictment being unsealed, so that's an unusual move, he said that the government and show enough of a burden that some of it could not be released President from steam did not file in the case. So all they've said publicly they would like to see this information public. They did not file asking it to be public. That was media organizations did that so far no motion to recuse this judge has been filed. I would done that immediately. To be blunt and I would move to suppress the evidence. Because of the fruit of the poisonous tree tree doctrine, as I just said so that gives you up-to-date on the legal status. The judge said by next Thursday the government has to respond with the redacted copy of the affidavit. So we'll see what happens.

Honestly. Next, we can be a big week. We are taking your phone calls on any of these topics. Any questions you have about the process I want to be able to answer those for you today 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 escort Warren in Idaho 193 hi warm welcome broadcaster on their thank you for taking my car. My thought isn't that cognizant of people are concerned with everything with the DOJ and what they did at bar Lago you guys talked about it the other day was the attorney-client confidentiality document they grab what is that entailed like private that they can just come in and grab stuff that they have no right to being with their supposedly filtered team yet will okay so to explain the filter team is when the goalie and sometimes a grab documents and send it to a filter team so that if it's attorney-client privilege. A separate group of FBI agents reviews it and they make that determination here. That's not what happened. Supposedly there was a filter team retained team on site but yet even though they were on site Harry, they picked up the Presidents passport, including his diplomatic passport and acknowledge now that there was in fact attorney-client material so we know at least two sets of FBI eyes have been on these documents. The agents that initially conducted the search, and the so-called taint team and that's where I the third motion I be making may be a motion for special master to review these documents that has not been done as of yet either, but the attorney-client privilege is with the governor set up, there are attorney-client privileged documents are, I think that's precisely correct.

So I think it's important to keep to get two things clear number one, the FBI in these types of cases has always demonstrated its capacity to be incompetent and so in this particular case we have two sets of FBI agents to teams who apparently were incompetent with respect to passports, which should have been excluded. Number one, number two attorney client privilege documents also should have been excluded. Nonetheless, the FBI took possession and so with the FBI is asking the American people to do is to trust us about. I would argue we should not trust the FBI given their past history and I think I would second everything you said about taking action sooner on the part of numerous Congress is also expressed concern about this, you graduate with your address when you write. He is in a letter four times to Christopher Ray about corruption and bias in the FBI and one phone call is got one phone call from them it. One example of that. The grassy mention was the FBI agent in Michigan who actually got together this this ideal to kidnap the governor but it turns out they entrap the minute it was an FBI operation that agent. The Special Agent in charge was promoted and sent to the Washington DC officer mode.-For intake. Your phone calls at 1-800-684-3110.

This is a great time.

Ask any questions about the situation with former President in this investigation, we got one or two lines open 1-800-684-3110 John Psalms joining us in the next segment SK reported good friend of our program different in my 1-800-684-3110 also support the work of the ACLJ a in California on the life issue we are front and center on that Marty filed our legal comments with the California authorities to be tough because it's California but you got only marking out folks ex-wife matching challenge is so important. Any amount you donate we get a matching gift for thousand 800-684-3110, 1-800-684-3110 just the news present CEO is with us.

John Solomon good friend of Bart's full disclosure, I represented John in legal matters before and always available to give John legal advice, and he gives me good information and John.

I want to get you and I'm talking a lot the last few days. Given my assessment of kind where things are right now which that you know it's unusual that you get a judge. That's good and maybe issue a redacted version of this affidavit, but then the government same are in the beginning stages of it yet. In the beginning stages over they went and rated the President for Presidents house. What what your what are you hearing what your analysis so far I have about the government current at the beginning of ignition when they don't have a lot of clarity where they're headed ready decide to raid the former presence on that is shocking.

I think another thing they said in your motion and jumped out of here. We've been told is all about records records dispute are classified records and Presidential records made a reference that if we have to release this affidavit jeopardize other ongoing investigations only other other things and we don't know about and what that search actually about those other investigation as I dig deeper start talking to law enforcement is a growing feeling that maybe it is very broad search warrant which was perished as a a look for President Presidential records may have had other motives looking for some other evidence that could benefit the case on January 6 are elected.

I think that's over to find out once you get in just once you get in there.

You either let Mr. finance and a lot of you get information and may need to another court. Let's cry now to be clear, to get a search warrant. You have to have been established to a judge here judge it should have recused himself a probable cause of the crime is been committed and I still can't figure out John you and I thought this last night.

I still can't make the lap in the day or tomorrow or Monday. I still can't figure out why no one has moved to recuse this judge, who recused himself from a civil case involving the former President and the former Secretary of State had Facebook postings that were hostile to the President and yet signs the search warrant and I would've said Jake you know what dead judges out suppress the evidence would be the next motion and that's how I would do it and that's not what's been done so far.

Maybe we'll learn to is that there may be a strategy that I'm not thinking of fear of why that hasn't been on I still get that John Lally like to agree with you hundred percent between the present seems a little slow on that there may be something that we don't know about involving permanent other things. But I'm hearing that in the next few days that we might see that strike on the first strike. If I had to get what they do.

I think they go they leapfrogged the Madison go to a senior regarding the US District Court, senior dad asked for a judge to be appointed and then asked for a special master to say you not. I don't trust the FBI do behind the documents of a mountain from my passport had taken. I want a professional independent person deciding what the FBI can and can't look at him from the search warrant a rating I think about what organs he this special master is prays that this allows the FBI not to be in control of the documents in the release of the documents.

I think that fundamentally is the question real.

I called John that are committed and somebody's I think would be really good for you. Let's go to line 5 Lewis is calling from Colorado.

Our phone lines are damn right now they can open up at 1-800-684-3110 Lewis go-ahead you're on their thank you for taking my call or remind me of what Comey did by sending the two agents in the early days of talk diminished missing can see about is that you can get away with it and I think these people believe they can get away with it and have no penalty to pay because of what they did look I think think James could brag was the first days of the trumpet ministration. We went and we got into safe discipline normally would have to get clearance from the White House counsel. We do it because they were disorganized here, you got it that John is kind of the flipside we get Harriet and Wes, and this is the flipside to say why were early in the investigation were they going to the President's personal residence is stunning and you all automated and chosen trust in the FBI all time low. I think that's one of the long-term dangers.

The more the FBI overreaches the more having to reverse itself in cases of the more the American public lacks trust in an agency that is really important to our security is a national crisis.

I think coming at that lack of trust in one of the most important agencies. I agree. I think one of the big issues is the range and reach of the deep state. So one of the fundamental questions I think in this particular case is did the FBI lie about the purpose of the raid and so John have you heard anything about that. You know, I'm really unclear what is right and I think when you hear offhand remarks and incurred in connection with this area yesterday talking but it's really early that summer, generally clear case. There's other cases of this might be impacting the single case I don't like I had a great opportunity to talk to one of the greatest guy executives of the past by Kevin Brock from intelligence. He worked for Bob Moeller and he said he'd never seen a search warrant written.

This probably made any document between January 2017 BC the FBI manual always says he should be as near as possible.

He believes that this search warrant once challenge of the President were to challenge it will be struck down is overly broad and is a fishing expedition and that of former G-man. I value believed in the courtship she has grave concerns how long you actually have to file a motion to quash the subpoena, which thus far has not materialized. You know me John. I would been pounding the table that night. I would on the federal judge. It would hurt me. That night, said this is absurd.

This judge should have recused himself as magistrate judges should been part or parcel of this, let's go to Bob Michigan a line 6. I bobbled the broadcaster on their thank you for taking my call on I thought that the government's argument in keeping the affidavit sealed was that to reveal any part of that would be to reveal all of that and so if the judge allows any part of it to be revealed. Other than the name of agent undercover. Why not let all of it be revealed because he is really saying right John the saying that you can't release this information at all.

That's of the government's position is because it might impact John other investigations in my way if I want to present a W making that argument. Argument made every time search warrant affidavit is challenged in court that the businessman taken the default vision.

I'm not surprised the judge was open to doing this as he was cannot adequately don't always motivate some very interesting paper judge was only seeking to get rejected.

I'm taking phone calls at 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 which you are talking the talk jumps on about the distrust of the FBI.

You got members of Congress distrusting the FBI right now including Charles Grassley. Oh yeah yeah you got.

I think that the majority of the American people, even those who are not Republicans and not trump supporters who are questioning you whether or not you can trust that the nation's premier law enforcement agency. John appreciate reporting because this is just a really really bad look good. It looks like the administration is using a government bureaucracy to target a political opponent. And that's just a bad luck, a bad look writ large.

Don't you think I don't hold out long term. I don't think were going to see you were going to see evidence of the White House with buying White House was somehow involved in the organs or early discussions of this criminal case to shake everybody's companies even more. The what is the light out. I am hearing more more evidence about that.

That's quite early on we knew nothing about this be interesting to see if that's sorry I'm starting to get something about John people to get information about Justin is what's the best place to go back on 24 seven. We got to Karen and Jay Solomon reports is my handle and also put every story you handle greatest on some great investigative report good friend of ours and not let Abby on John thinks me with his folks next broadcaster is a more your phone calls at 1-800-684-3110. That's 800-684-3110, we encourage you got a couple lines open something calls during the program.

So if you want talk to is 800-684-3110.

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I would start with Dale in Florida, she's been a long time but send Gail book achievement on option say it on the line here for 20 more minutes till you're near character Temple before he left, I crushed fire hurricane and Moeller in all of native and everything the I get in it the boat for Biden to reclassify the mess he has the authority to do that if he wants to he can take any document that belongs to the US government any piece of information and click he's in charge of let's declassified and then distributed that you can't make it then you can sale give it back. No, no, it's ourselves by coming to the presence of authority to classifies brought this is the one question I think. We started broadcast with Brenda. Nevertheless, I'm at is still a question everybody has us did the President declassify all this information that they had. That sounds like that's what his defenses can have a right to me it sounds like that's where the defense is going. I think that is correct and so one of the issues I think is did he issue a general declassification order or was it specific and did it cover for instance the documents that he now or he used to have in his own possession and I think right now we don't have answers, or at least good answers to that particular question. I would simply go back to a very general statement that I made earlier is that under the U.S. Constitution, the President has broad declassification authority. And so there may indeed be some issues as to whether or not Pres. club exercise that authority will you be completely silly me defense. I will write back about 800-684-3110 Barbara Scully from Pennsylvania Barbie on go ahead please work here why were not allowed to search when on normal policies. Everybody gets out of the building. If the search warrants executed the owner of the home. Everybody's out so there is no constitutional mandate to allow a lawyer to stay in there. However, this involves the former President of the United States and I would think America seems to be a cautious person begin with would've said you know what out of an abundance of caution. Let's allow the President's lawyer. If there there to stay in the room as long as they're not interfering to me harried. That would've made legal sense and also to make political sense.

I think that's correct, but I also would argue that that is precisely why it wasn't done because Marit Garland has not just demonstrated competence and so I think at the end of the day. Marit Garland has really been asleep at the switch. Keep in mind that the application for this warrant.

As I understand it from press reports was on his desk for weeks and then now the FBI claims that it was an emergency justifying basically breaching the precedential estate in Florida is I don't understand this.

I'm not sure Marit Garland understand yet, and I think this is where just some common sense was that okay you do clear. Everybody at that's the normal practice but you could say you know where you let this horse at an abundance of caution to avoid the appearance of any impropriety. We're going to have allow the Lord to stay in but I don't think there really plugged into hell disappears the appearance of what's going on in day. I think part of it with those on the left and some in the administration. They are so still obsessed with Donald Trump and going after the man that they assume that the rest of us agree with them and that is absolutely an inaccurate assumption.

The rest of the country started this there tied to the division, and yet they continue with Martin about a day that wearing people out. I wanted hundred 684-3110 friends calling from Florida hi Frank, welcome broadcaster on their previous collars talk about God dictation United States of America is amending our article or clause that would fall into this predicament is a great question so we view is that the right to classifier declassify would fall under what's called what we call the commander-in-chief clause of the Constitution that the President is. His office is described as is also the commander-in-chief. As commander-in-chief he would have the authority to classify or declassify documents and there's been memorandums throughout history, but also as recently as 2003, under the Bush administration with the present anything in the VP were given very broad declassification rights like very much at will, and that was incorporated again by prison abominably present from two so the site being the it is not specific provision that says declassification of classified material because classify materials been around as long as the revolution that where Jordan general. Then Gen. George Washington wanted to keep information classified, but under the commander-in-chief clause. That's where I think Harry if you look at it from a constitutional perspective, historic perspective, that's where it comes and I'm sure the Trump floors and argue he had the authority to do this. I think that's correct. And I think if his lawyers make that argument in court. They are absolutely correct. But I also would add this particular context. We now live in an age where there are a huge number of government bureaucrats and many of those government bureaucrats believe what they know more about what should be declassified and what shouldn't been the President of the United States. So I think we need to get back to constitutional governance and that means shrinking the power of the deep state, primarily in Washington know any of you follow that up with this and I think Donna Facebook said, what is the law regarding the material bases covered by attorney-client confidentiality look, if it's attorney-client material should go back to the present. Rhino given documents that we were engaged in the present will be represented under the Muller investigation or or the impeachment or whatever the proceeding might have been.

I've no idea's that by the way out, but it would go back to the present. They've already acknowledged they have it. So this is not this is not a situation where they don't say there's attorney Beatty said there's attorney-client information check try squeeze as last call and will will says yes Christina, go ahead. Let's call the day, I know why work looks so incriminating they were not cut that's not correct. The surveillance cameras were operating during the search warrants application inside the house was, not cut the control of that data is the former President sees decided this morning is not release me may at some point.

So that's where this comes folks only just that it's been a fascinating thing to witness. Having is horrible for our country more this, but I hope we been able to. I know we have been able to give you a great deal of information are teams of done a great job and I think our entire production team of putting all of this together over the last couple weeks is this your for having to decide programs in the morning I Mrs. because news is so rapid and on our commentators team here at the ACLJ thank you for that. John Solomon on today and others. But again folks without your support. None of this, I thought I would encourage you go to matching challenge campaign.

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