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President Trump Sues Biden Administration

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 23, 2022 3:30 pm

President Trump Sues Biden Administration

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 23, 2022 3:30 pm

President Trump has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government over the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence. Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team discuss this breaking news and provide their unique insight on all aspects of the President's lawsuit. This and more today on Sekulow.

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You always present troubles by now calls to 100 would want to talk about today. Love these court filings will remember to break it down for you some new stories out what they believe. What was it really was not leave what what is our present from asking for in this legal challenge again.

All this about the raid is about how the raid was conducted specifically the search ward and who is going through the documents, because it they appear to of seized wealth.

We know things like passports if they did not have approval to do and who's going through that was closing. The FBI has a special team to do that, but not there's not a court-appointed special master to the question that is truly said they got these documents. I mean, the court is probably good to say if you wanted this, you should ask for it to ACL. So here's the problems of the FBI executes the search warrant after the judge signs off on up on finding probable cause that's the that's the procedure that's that's about then you would immediately. This is what you would normally to you would immediately challenge the review of the documents by the FBI could they do it's called a taint team and they're looking for.

Documents may be attorney-client privilege, or for maybe an executive privilege of others will get into that in a moment. Looks like by administration way better trump whether they could do that or not is another question, but they did and hearing when you have this taint team that's the FBI reviewing the FBI's own seizure that's another group of FBI lawyers and agents but still the FBI's looking at a special master says this all goes to a judge to be retired judge and that judge will make the determination independent of the FBI, but that's something you normally go in and asked for immediately. You don't wait two weeks so I I'm not and I'm sure there must be some reason for this, but the problem is, it could actually be moot because I can imagine that the FBI hasn't reviewed this immediately when they got up into two weeks that that's the part that is a bit just unusual about this to the second part of that is there's 1/4. The vivid issue raised that there isn't a specific call to action on on the fourth amended issue that I can search ward starting bid, a Cadillac with the special master these are things you might've done much sooner, but they haven't filed out and we want to talk you through it because again we want to know the facts which understand that the truth about what's going on and kinda cut through all that, this five-minute talking talking back and forth on TV about who's right and who's wrong action with the legal filing social a lot as I think it starts with the basics of our fourth amendment which you know is in society right away and I think it's if it's worth reading for everybody because most of you probably have a bit necessary pending criminal situation and the Caesar should seizure situations or we haven't had a note operate on your house. It says in the fourth amendment the rights of people to be secure in their persons or houses, their papers, and effects of that clicks on everything here against unreasonable search and seizure shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by the oath or affirmation.

The affidavit, and particularly describing the place to be search and the persons or things to be seized, particularly describing the place to research. You can't just say that building, but particularly describing what is and what you're also going to get in it. Of course they have these team set because occasional in a box that they they did have approval to get there might be stuff that they should have, that's fine. That's what you want, that the special master. That's with that issue comes about, but but the problem is the suit that the award which we have a copy of is pretty general to come.

It was later learned prohibited by the fourth amendment explained expressly that excitement is an inefficient physical document classifications along with any containers in which such documents are located, as well as any other containers that are collectively sort of fell together with the average documents made about really brought right boxes and boxes of oxytocin go almost anywhere on Marta about my letter.

There were sent to get general warrants are prohibited by the fourth amendment because we had experience with that King George and are founding so this will get into all this support work ACLJ ACLJ.or will take calls at 800-684-3110 more moment to start the lawsuit right here.

It got it right front of us here and this is it. She said this. Again, if you're wondering about the judge, magistrate issue.

This goes to a judge that the magistrate like this goes to US District Court Ray Ardoin. Her life rights at this not the same person signed off on the ward, so it is since the judge is reviewing her would be reviewing all of that's because this is what they asked for will start with that present trump through his undersigned counsel respect the files this motion for judicial oversight. Additional release relief it seeks an order than this for things here, a appoint a special master.

So the start that special master would replace the FBI's taint team as it's called, which would mean that the FBI would no longer be reviewing their documents to determine whether there's privileges that attached to them or not, whether the FBI should have those documents that would then go to a special master which is usually retired judge that's appointed by the District Court, difficulty in this particular case is the FBI's had these documents for two weeks so they may come into court, Jordan, and simply say judge we've Artie reviewed the it's already been completed but but maybe not so good there at some point somebody documents it additional in the review process And this is there's no set date of when this would be inert because right now the FBI can go through these documents.

The everyday I would have to have the security division going through an incorrect cause and then the printer there were the layers for the seized, it would not of had the clearance level things that he said there was a taint team a bit on the Terrace level to do that top secret SCI FBI agents would all SCI not necessarily so they internally they may still be going through dividing us up. Yes, possibly, and there also was initial report from that there was a taint team on site and is it to be doing very evidently not Henley.

I recently read that warrants so broad. We will get to that and so the second part B enjoys further review of C's materials until the Masters appoints a what that would do is say You have started the process, but there's no X New York Times reporting 300 documents once a month to 100 of them would say stop, do nothing, like an injunction until special matters. Masters appointed you okay so this courtesy require the government to provide a more detailed receipt for property so that you're saying here's what we are to general, yes, the description that we all saw that the that they sought is well you wish to general be more specific, is that them that likely try to find out they got more doctors.

They should even have yes because remember they the way that admission read that portion of the born again and it is important for people in stance of the fourth amendment was violated due process fourth amendment rights.

Normally what that means is that you cannot have not only the law says you cannot have a general warrant that was with the king. Like I said the King of England did to the colonies.

You can do general war test. Be very specific, but there was a provision stuck in this particular search warrant that that's very broad.

Jordan Burns got those that them and that is where this whole general search warrant issue comes again by eliciting these four parts. The first parcel August 3, three parts, and as long as this is from the wart any physical documents with classification markings along with any containers or boxes, including any other contents in which such documents are located, as well as any other containers or boxes are collectively stored or found together with the average documents and container boxes. That means if there was a box next to it.

The did have classified info and still get to be able take that box correct under this wart be information, including communication in any form regarding retrieval, storage or transmission of national defense information classified material. See, this is where it's very broad as well. Any government in our presence records created between the day he took office the moment he left office. January 20, 2017 to January 2021 should not even a date and time. As in a status record X doesn't have a criminal analog is no criminal provision. If you violate the resurrection.

That's kinds of facts you any evidence of the knowing alteration, destruction or concealment of any government and/or Presidential record or of any document classification working.

So again they're not just my classified document, but in any kind whatsoever so that is what's prohibited under the fourth minute.

I think they got a are a very colorable which means a very legitimate fourth amendment argument on overbreadth general warrant now because it's been two weeks is that we can add arguments to or not, it really is weaker because a way that it weeks my view. Now if the warrant was unconstitutional because it was overbroad that should not matter whether it's two weeks or two months in the year it is.

I'm not arguing overbreadth cases of the Supreme Court so it was overbroad in my very first case the Jews for Jesus case was an overbreadth case so for an event that took place four years before.

Okay so if it's overbroad, it's unconstitutional if it's a general warrant is unconstitutional and that would by the way, what's interesting, it's not in this particular suit is a prohibition on the government utilizing the here's what I would've done okay. To be blunt, I would move to recuse the. The magistrate number one he should not of been hearing the case in the conflict in remove himself in a case involving Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He should certainly not been the magistrate signing a warrant for a search of that then down the front so that made no sense. I would move that then I would've said that the search warrant itself was flawed. I would move to quash it, which means that it's not enforceable and then I would move Ted have the evidence expunged or basically that the evidence cannot be used in any proceeding has be returned. That's what I would've done through the poisonous tree. It's called heart to do that.

Two weeks later so I think it probably would be considered by outside the magistrate right out of you by Judge Eli appointed you a goat you could, I would've followed that with the US District Court, not with the magistrate just said as soon deals with the issues with him. Even the cousin that failure, asking him to be reminded and no longer doing which the magistrate your now that a article 3 judge see them if you look at if you look at what they say were in the beginning of their of the lawsuit it says number under D.

It says it requires the government to return any seized item that was not within the scope of the search warrant.

So if was outside the search of the scope of the search wants to return. Here's a problem if you believe that the warrant was unconstitutional. In the first place. Everything should be gone right.

That's the way it should be. So you bring to your cause on this 100-684-3110 at 2000 684-3110 if you want to talk to us.

There is no bad question the wrong questions complicated legal issues, unprecedented.

Remember it's impressive to ever happen to a former President so a lot of this is breaking new ground for the judges as well. David even the magistrate judge admitted that, but he also said yesterday that with the redaction is that the government put forth first.

It would either be readable, but because to be nothing negative to trouble you would not be readable. We know it redaction Sedalia because we get those in our fornication we got back to court so I don't expect any big news in today's on the on the affidavit.

He's on Demetri releasing it would be readable by think you might still just in the interest of transparency yet. He's gotta fight back and forth within the dysfunction of the Thursday think that's right. And that's probably what he's had to be doing x-rays fighting over for a little bit of questioning their redaction. Here's a question is, is judging the set up. The lawsuit has been filed and it is records that over is that can can the connectors and issue a temporary stay say you know everything freezes FBI don't do any more searching until I issue an order. Everybody stop no more anything and that's what I would've been asking for is that they don't technically ask not technically know you asked to stop.

This is a review of John so I guess you technically violated iPhones, David and Idaho online to hate David particular call and I heard you thinking on the photo but the very beginning, when they knew this judge was biased or compromised and widening, they file a motion to immediately get a new judge. Well, dated the I what I came to be a reason why they may be made at do something we don't know but I would've immediately moved to recuse the judge and costless at and cross the Lord search warrant. I mean without a question and that's how I know that's how I would proceed with this and I think you know is gotta be realistic that that's not the path paid these lawyers chose to take so you know you got a deal with the past. They chose the table tenure cause on this by the waiting hundred 684 31 to load people starting the call. I will walk you through the so you understand because I know it just blocks in the news yesterday, and yet you know the five minute little talking soundbites and it's very hard to under understand all of this so I want to Brentwood were trying to do Jordan are doing here is breaking this down segment by segment of what's being asked of you understand this is unprecedented in US history so it deserves the time were giving it because this is never happened before. No former President's had their offices and home search by the FBI authorized by the current administration's Department of Justice against basically a political opponent to make an image of Donald Trump in this to Joe Biden what people would be silly so I you can take all the politics out of it.

This is and there's no evidence of correspondence going back months were they were negotiating over these documents and I'm not sure the you know again will she was in the affidavit, which will be blank pages of black marker.

You know, knocking out redacting. A lot of this let me let me say something to our daughters. We were all hundred and $35,000 behind last year. Yesterday we really ask you to step up and and you did. We are now only hundred 13,000 away where we work today.

Last year, as of this morning when I got this earlier. Obviously, so we picked up $22,000 of additional support to close the gap for the ACLJ is really important joins let you know how to do this folks, but we want to get keep whittling this down so that by the end of the month. We at least match what we did last year.

That's right folks that we want to be part of our matching challenges where you can double the impact of your donation at ACLJ.or what you do you donate online regarding $25 that's what you charge of your heart is tax-deductible. That triggers a donor was Artie pledged to match donations that I don't need an additional $25.70 is your $25 donation for the legal filing by present probably heard it was coming present of said it was coming in to see that there's even confusing right now because of the Pacers or federal government at the website through the people are federally of the track federal cases proceed by attorneys and media outlets.

And so, in pacer it says is representing himself, which would be very got up from but I don't think that was the intention and lessons a little bit of a troll because all three attorneys are assigned to the so it's not as a but there is confusion over that I seen on Twitter, you may have seen on today will try to help you out here so I don't think he will be going in making the oral argument before the District Court judge district court judge here, but you are allowed to do that.

It's a good reminder that you can represent yourself in federal court as well, but he does have attorneys are not sure what that glitches, but it is it is a just to get another unique part of the ongoing saga which is created not by Donald Trump remember, but by the by the White House to buy DOJ the by the FBI sword to go to your calls and if you got questions forced to bet all these legal technicalities. This is a good show to do it because you want to help y'all through that so that when you're watching the cable news later date, which I think a lot of you will be you know what's true and what's not and what suspect what you like.

That's not really what I heard about that legally that's you think is going to far. I was a lot of times people expect.

Describe legal challenges. It does go too far and you know really getting understand the nuances of what awaited is you know it. It is kind of child's slots for the fall 2000 684-3110 David California online what he Dave paid a grandpa and Michael Carter on retired firefighter and still in the business I come across a lot of guys like me and we talk about what's happening in the country and we feel like we just have no power. And I understand the boat. Most of us don't even trust our election process anymore and feel like were being outmaneuvered. If you like. Our courts are not being just a week weekly at people there that you know, really political, that are sitting on sitting in on courts and that it won't like what it literally gives the election issue way to receive this at home 2020 and related and so when they sat home you had at one the numbers didn't look right because there were people even in the evening the special elections following that member, Georgia their people getting up saying don't vote it was not worth voting. It's always worth noting. Here's how you win. The Democrats showed us this overwhelmed so that means you gotta get everybody who's an eligible voter that you know who vote Republican to show up on election day for what is right. You don't happen so you went because your system is overwhelmed with votes freaked for the party in the daily mass you will hate incidental know they did that they did. They went to every nursing home. So are you willing to do that or are you willing to fund the efforts which are very expensive to do that you have to follow each state laws and are all different so sub alive.

Your writings, the nursing home.

Some allow you be asked by people. There's him if they ask you directly for help about questions about the value get up and comply with the fifth on the so this idea that you can't wait within our system. We just overturn Roe versus Wade and just to be clear right now we we just saw what it looks like when they really engage their grassroots at a level we had seen in a while, but it used to be. I'm just a reminder to people three 2000 and and it's a major in 2002, really, because that'll 2000 election was so close was 2002 with the Republican Party said you know what we better get your act together grassroots or or it's always had a beef that the 500 votes in Florida.

It's at the end of the day campaigning is grassroots ball. Yes it is and you got to go to the to the nursing home block where people have difficulty with English were citizens the right and made eye and younger voters find there are so many voters to get out there, but you gotta be a little Internet American. There are organizations that do it that know what the laws are and comply with all the decided to give up on a constitutional republic because when election cycle and go your way.

That's important. That's dangerous. Let's not know that's not the way to do this at Slezak out the sound of trumpets a run to get he will way that he has no chance of winning if you if you act that way right, he can't win these out and help people stay help and don't serve your Democrat. People stay home and fit in up by the but they have a better chance of of way are always better turnout yet. While that's because Democrats do outnumber Republicans nationwide this by party registrations middle shift there, especially in swing states when you feel like a purple state you look at the voter registration is heavily Democrat issues Democrats have gotten sick of how liberal Democrat parties got, they haven't necessarily shift over their voter registration and that's why a lot member. A lot of that. The left wants the electoral college abolished right there is a reason for that. But there's reason the founding fathers put the electoral college in the Constitution for a minute, not just majority rule majority states will be population states basically ruled the country for everybody else. It was a brilliant idea.

Having electoral causing removing it would be something constitutional member but I think it's a new founders were right was you had wanted take everything in the call yet was go to Mike in California on line 5.

Hey Mike, going though.

Everything popped up when the third quarter went down the person with a Masters. The second one was quiet in the third lowest number right now. I make repeated over 150 is there going to my time on retired now, but the special masters issue is always something that was done before a search was executed, especially with those ghosts. Categories of the occupation of the required a special masters so I was visiting to another show that they said they did have a category that would be similar to special masters in the federal system works in the federal system in the Federalist is a meatless in the I could say is I can move her special master before they go in and sees documents so that the move her special master is usually made by the person against whom the search warrant has been executed in the federal system so now the federal government could consent to it. So in other words, Donald Trump said we want to special master judge order to on their own judge can do it on their own as well. Okay with that had happen here and normally what would happen is what could happen is make a motion for the special master and the government could say yes will agree to a special master here.

The problem is again and we had a minute left in the segment is that it really just took a long time to get this document filed a book for taking your calls at 800-684-3110 a lot you want to talk to us working to keep the conversation going on this, but also this is a really critical time for us at the ACLJ.

Jordan it is and we better matching challenge right now it's and let me take this time would you legislative sessions about start back again. You got midterm elections coming up. This is where we were able to really figure out the resources at work and have available throughout throughout. They did the year and you know it sounds crazy say that but yet we have to build a plan put together and also be ready for the implantable. On the other end of the unpredictable events that will occur, and they always do so we want to be ready to go to finance you will be set up with art with a core group of donors is this matching challenge what they do as a stateless infant daughter today Lucinda Jordan on radio and they go on ACLJ.R right now you know is as were halfway through the show and they go to and its it's a matching challenge what they go right now they take their two minutes of time the put of the credit card info.

They donate $30 ACLJ that immediately leaves that that other daughter is going to match that $30 which leaves because you donated $30 tax-deductible donation.

That's all you charged.

We now have $60 ACLJ you think about how that adds up with thousands of utility and one day building today ACLJ the American Center for Law and justice will engage in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular fixing the progress so we can arouse classified documents. Document all this info is the acting director of national intelligence.

He was part of a major declassification effort at will at dirtiest time as acting director intelligence is one of this top jobs there, other than running the the all the intelligence agencies was to to stop and Rick is talked a lot about the over classification problem which is something we run into all the time with lawyers is things that should not be classified are because it's an easy way for the government to keep you from being able ever see it. It cuts against transparency because of everything is is classified classified this way you can eat major essays classified. We can't give you access. So there is the over classification issue. We allow calls coming in a ready again the President filed a suit yesterday alleging four basic things. One is a want a special master which I said come late in the game for that but they still maybe haven't completed the review also asked for an injunction of further reviewing the material upwards, stop it until you make, the court makes a decision on the special master they want a more detailed receipt of property requested it was more. It was written like a general warrant so they could get anything and then finally it requires government to return any and sees that were not within the scope of the search warrant so if there are ways I would do differently but every Lords got their own theories and I'm sure there was a ferry to this. I just having a little bit of trouble figuring out what took two weeks. I think a call yet. Let's go to Robin Wyoming online to hey Robert, let it. I'm glad that is basically fighting back on this thing and leave a free and clear of what all citizens of the United States. We are next you know seemingly that I'm in response to the gentleman who was calling from California on you know what I talk to a lot of folks that were feeling hopeless.

I actually was engaged to actually do something this year.

I have actually ran against Phyllis Chaney in Wyoming and I found it very difficult even get anything accomplished because there's always more money with politicians and attorneys. The action of trying to put your convictions. Please voted, which is a big deal because cyclist Sadie was lacking for money and they were able your inner state. It wasn't you and for your for your case. Revenue was innovated through the primary process but ultimately she lost you with all the money it with all the money the name recognition, family connections, and I will tell you are in a unique state because your federal offices are Allstate wife right and so running for Congress in Wyoming. Even though Wyoming is not one of those populated states ends up being like running in a congressional district in light near LA because you're talking of that many people right and that just land you got a cover so I understand your time out there.

The local school boards. Rogers voted recently is that a new districting so that, but there's also a lot of old parts is a Democrat area that has got Republican hearing attached to it. That will probably change the federal makeup to go to Republican Congressman, but I saw about 80 offices. There were unopposed all Democrats. The Democrats running unopposed essay that split Seattle's 8070 not worth the money. But I bet 10 you can give a run for their money just by running despite McMaken show up in the candidate form, they can the local news covered.

Maybe they're naughty maybe that date the baby they have done so.

That is not great. Bring it to the forefront when they were unopposed.

Then I running either religious. Check the box so I look at those races to maybe maybe somebody voted the primary safety. You know what I think that that that there is high areas chase enough by them about all provided on the ballot and and I think if you started at that level. It's how you build the base to where Wendy could run the federal and I would take your phone calls at one 800 684 30 went and if you want to know social media channels share this waiver for now.

Rick Pennell coming up next you want to hear from him and we will take your phone calls at 1-800-684-3110. Don't forget matching challenge for the ACLJ we are down $213,000 behind where we were last week we picked up yesterday on that the deficit would continue that secular. We are to your calls to 164 30 went to Burger about Rick without this week is a lot to talk about with Rick, his former acting director of national intelligence was for Besser to Germany.

But what all this is my classified documents are down at the legal document filed by Pres. Trump and his team really the overbreadth. The special master. The fourth exhibit issues all all kind of their tipsy little later than would usually be filed for couple weeks into this but Rick, I want to touch Sir with you on this. You talked a lot to our audience but I think the viewer by drawing it about over classification inside the federal government when you came as acting director of national intelligence. I remember that was one of the issues you took on front and center was that there were way too much of being kept out From the public under the guise of being classified. Jordan your you're exactly right. The problem of over classification and when when you go in and you decide that information or content need be classified. Meaning only certain people get to read it, otherwise it blocked out and redacted the idea that you classified information is be hired. They source collecting that intelligent or a method on how we collect that intelligence we call it a sorcerer method.

A person or a system of power collecting if that is going to be given away. Then you block it out and I think most Americans understand yet yet you don't want to dry out the intelligence sorcerer method to block that out so that we don't give away our asset. But what happens now in Washington DC is that a whole bunch of people who are in charge start to redact and block lots of information classify it away, so that no one gets to read it in an effort to control the information that is bad for the agency. If the PR exercise is something that PR agent or press people would want to hide from the public. So instead of a sorcerer method.

It literally people think. Let's hide this from the public. We don't want the public to know exactly what were doing that the crisis and and and I've shared with our intelligence community to say the American people really don't trust you and dad is going to be a growing problem and you don't have credibility with the American people, but right now Washington is not listening to that argument.

A big heat classified information LA Rick one of the things that come up in this whole discussion and losses been filed by Pres. Trump in my view, she been filed two weeks ago I would've moved to quash the subpoena.

Immediately, I would move to get that judge recused and and that the evidence be returned but that they chose this path. It's whatever but there's also this question it because of the atomic classification is what is Presidential authority regarding classification of documents and decline in particular declassify documents so you were the acting director of national intelligence, human government for a long time.

Another combat including Besser, Germany, where he dealt with. I'm sure you don't classified documents what's the President's authority on declassification. Well known for him that he gets to decide what class I look at decline i.e. can do anything and everything. There is no limit on an outcome. People will talk about the limits of nuclear secret or certain documents that need to have a different product that to declassify there is no one that the President of the United States need to ask or tell there is this idea in Washington that notification of classification declassification name and and and this is the swamp. I think biting back climbing back if they wait a minute you didn't notify. I would also put forward who is the President of the United States supposed to notify or who is he supposed to get permission from he is the highest person there is nobody like The clamp I like to think of another secretary over at DIA need to know and approve clues declassify and know if she or he or are that position absolutely should be notified if it not the President of the United States is don't put that pressure on the President's is this you have to look at the commander-in-chief because the Constitution the President is the commander-in-chief and met with Rick saying is there is no one for him to go to to seek approval. He's the highest ranking officer of the United States now, what's happening right now is you got this whole dispute Rick going on between God the bind administration.

Let's be clear and and Pres. Trump over documents that were evidently at my Lago and now you got this whole little search warrant takes place lawsuits have been filed with the FBI's reviewing these documents.

This was an unprecedented move in US history. And we know because of some information to Scott last 24 hours that there was in fact ongoing discussions about this going on. We knew this before to going on for a while about this, but we didn't know was that the FBI authorized was authorized by the bind administration to just kinda start the process not seen a search warrant. This whole getting the documents because national security issues. So the question then becomes, is are we dealing with a political move here more than a legal move. Is this a political move to stop a former President from running again. At bottom all Port Charlotte went to fact one they've always wanted to stop him from writing. They articulated that very clear and I think this is magic another mechanism to try to get him to it and not one that point, but the second pointed to your question of whether or not legal or political. I think the answer lies in their change of argument. They have literally changed the argument for what they're going after and what the.

The details are according to how the Trump team is responding so what seemed to start is a legal argument has clearly delved into a political argument because they're losing on the legal argument because he knew to say that the President doesn't have authority to declassify information flies in the faith of reality. And now that they know that is not Hillary Clinton would never the presidency with the Secretary of State, not the pain, the President of the United States get the declassify you know PS going into Barack Obama office and trying to figure out what did he take and what didn't he notify you declassify tell it the double standard becomes a political argument from silence adjacent Illinois online for Jason with his classification questions. Hey Jason consecutively on the thank you very much, Shirley, and all your hard work.

My question is that expanding upon the human old comments about him being the ultimate classification authority United States.

How did the DOJ not know or not know whether the President didn't or didn't dinner did not declassify those documents before leaving the White House's Orissa process.

I mean, this process is that the previous ministrations that it was a memo under the George W. Bush's administration about the President having this broad authority to declassify what would Jason's going to is the then what's the process. Once he says I'm not declassify this question from Jason and and the reality is that once the President declassify something it be classified now were talking about notification of the declassification and so the notification is really want bureaucracy. What are we supposed to do poorly thought to tell Mama that without the right.

If there is a breakdown on the administrative side that certain agency wasn't notified okay so so be it. That not breaking the law that is breaking the bureaucratic tradition and so what I would just say to you is that someone who's been in the elbow up a lot when the President get the directive. There are administrative people that been called DOJ or work out the date the paperwork but it's not like the product and then pick up the phone today. I'm calling the Department of Justice to declassify comfort know he said to the people in the room or at the White House or at the end of the different declassify and then it the responsibility of everybody out to notify on a need to know basis. Who should be informed about that declassification is remember a lot of this is needed now. It's amazing to me here in this entire process is that as this is going forward, right to build a criminal case on this when you know the President has declassification authority just seems way over the top as far as is process goes regretted time. We appreciate your comments is always Rick at a dance here was that it's not about you declassify didn't see this is getting this to the nuisance.

I like The play Rick on all these kind of scenarios and ends have seen it all, literally and as acting director intelligence of you see all the Intel the highest level they say something declassification part Washington really upset about. It's the the did the AIDS been properly notify this guy, this gal this person is the agent and is and even then you have to your yes. He said reset very careful because only something know that this is where I think the case falls apart. Courts have no business getting involved in how something of the sterility separation about the commander-in-chief power and each present can probably do it a little different. I would take your calls at one 800 684 30 when Tillie got some lines open last segment will take your calls on any of these topics and hundred 684-3110 back with more in just a moment phone calls every get right to it doesn't hold on. I think you got a foothold on a Virginia online will write to you today are policing 85,000 IRS agent that divided going to exploit to go after the Republican taxpayers and the people that the court make campaign donations for that conservative Republicans the people running for office. Pres. Trump Kitty kids to write in 2024 we had last time when the Obama administration was targeting conservative groups and Christian groups and pro-life organizations tea party groups. We had a goat cc how do you oversee it to get you not to trust the government oversee themselves here so we went to federal court and in two cases in one case in Washington. We ask for what we call the law injunction basically which ended up in a consent decree with the IRS not only knowledge of wrongdoing, but cleanup the process, only to return to this is the next ministration when insulin you go after them again, but also monetary damages.

So both of those things happen. So it's going to take vigilance.

This law is that you know isn't in place, so there can be hiring these agents so groups like that's where the work of the ACLJ becomes even more critical and why we will stay engaged on top of these issues and we will go to court if necessary, or deal Congress out to get the oversight.

There Are answer right back to phones 164 3110 if you want to get in but call right now 164 3110 let's go to our Richard Washington state online to a rich legal job.

We belonging and don't take anything that belongs to the company away without wondering what what what is motivational is reason to be taking any of the documents would have their physics records their lives take with their personal records and in the Senate library. They work with the Library of Congress on initially creating a database of national archives on creating a database. In fact I Obama is still in process of digitizing 30 million documents and thinks of it that raise 30,000 edge a ton of tub documents. 30. But he's in the process.

Two of digitizing. I think think about ritual to differently. This is not just your job. This is your home.

You are the number one figure in the US government you're the commander-in-chief, but is also where you live, and there is a ton of paper finer.

I don't care who's who's the present yet aside things you had remembered yet he briefed on this brief done that before this summer. Leisure was somehow check this out. Maybe put this in the reading folder when you go on the plane. Check this one out if you had extra time read this read that read this read that some of the stuff that's been personal since personal notes yes so Richard you probably take your personal notes anything with your you know your handwriting on it.

It's in the social process. It went on, just like your office probably had but I'm guessing it anybody's was this has HR department. If you're moving to another job or your tiring. They have a process hey we need this from you. We do that ACLJ appetite is different from our lawyers. They have a much difficult product much more to robust process, the legal documents that initial seminar production team right but I have three documents they got all the files of the computer so here's a copy of this hears this and that. Here's what is hundred percent ACLJ's right here. Something you can take with you to like there's there's a pattern so it's approximately there was this dispute the jobs like the Prez United States in the entire world. But certainly river he lives in that place eats there he sleeps, there is meetings there. This is his entire base of operation right is that the White House I would take a more calls 100-684-3110. Let's go ahead and take next. Yeah, I was back in Florida online.

One day Becky hi Becky hello hello master yes is a great question to counsel works so Moses and found that with the US District Court judge, so it's not the magistrate who signed the search warrant. This is now a US District Court judge and it's a motion to appoint a special master and the judge, the federal court judge will make the determination if a special master should be appointed not, here's the issue. You have to find out based on the motions and the documents that are pled by peer Pres. Trump so what you have to have happen is make sure in your pleadings that you allege sufficient basis upon which that special master should be appointed the discretion on that rests with the federal court judge current banks of Oswego Maryland Virginia 95 hey Marilyn, probably. Chemically, in light of all that when a spirit based on facts and he retained Amtech. Do you think that Mary Mary Garlin will railing me back down or be pressure at 06 replacing it at any point in the play should step down. The present could's ass Mr. Talbot US if he was going to do it right now. He's that he's the king of the left. They were they were.

They did not like it would go after her for first year and 1/2 of him on the job. I thought he was going to be removed. Actually Maryland replaced by someone who you dislike more, so it was even more aggressive release publicly sounded more aggressive.

Especially this. He's told throws a lot of the left off because he does.

It doesn't sound as vitriolic, but he is just as much laser examining over this, the other picturing them back. I think this may have extended his term as Atty. Gen. And then I think I don't know if you'd stay around if there was a potential by second term to those whose hope does not occur, and a lot of to be shifting there but he's not going anywhere noticed that should not be here.Prosser, Corsica resigned the public from any number of reasons, but that because of this he's being praised he he's become a Washington so when you want your cocktail party. Washington DC think about like that. He went from someone who the left did not want to invite to like their hero overnight that if he doesn't die Donald Trump. I wonder what happens next. Like if Donald Trump is it put handcuffs. Is that not it is Mary Garlin.

They say he didn't go far enough.

That's possible, and that he might be. I buy if you stew is so unpopular is dragging down but if you noticed is by do is really to the most unpopular and edit I think is even fair to blame his cabinet right it's here.

There's been a bit so apocalyptic this final call of the day.

Nancy and Kansas online for a Nancy lot. The Bible tells me a copy of the individual allegations to go after certain individuals.

It doesn't have a suet agency of the US government uses the US, usually suing the for a piercing for special master you've sued the United States okay so that's out works and the agency. There happens to be the federal Bureau of investigation outweigh represented by the department just was represented by DOJ iPhones.

I hope that we are and I think we did is complicated I know but we want to spend the hour to walk you through this. Let me tell you what we need you to do offer the ACLJ yesterday were hundred 35,009 our goal for now only hundred 13,000 behind picked up close the gap by about $25,000 or $23,000. Your support of the ACLJ's critical matching challenge campaign. Any amount you donate to the ACLJ were getting admit matching your floor so that we can only $20 with some of the matches it makes a $40 so go to and if you're able to donate. We really encourage you to do it when the last few days as I want to close this gap every day and follows in all of our social media feeds grumble Facebook Twitter wherever else you view to talk

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