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Judge to rule on whether to unseal FBI's Mar-A-Lago affidavit

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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August 18, 2022 12:58 pm

Judge to rule on whether to unseal FBI's Mar-A-Lago affidavit

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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August 18, 2022 12:58 pm

[00:00:00] Byron York

[00:36:47] Tom Homan

[01:04:56] Karol Markowicz

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Why is New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me by Kelly Joe I am Mary Walter sitting in for Brian kill me today. I am so excited to hear we have a lot day-to-day.

Which is weird but usually Fridays like we are big things usually happen on Fridays in DC. They want to sweep it under the rug.

But today's a big day here today. I to Byron York about that is the chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner is also about tribute in his book of session inside the Washington establishment never ending war on trump is so relevant today Byron, thank you for joining me good morning you know when I wrote the book title on never-ending war on tropical colonial will regularly outdated book it now and see look into those brilliant whoever came up with that idea for that title was fantastic because that book never gets dated, but as you said, never gets old because who would have thought that with 19 months after Donald Trump left office that they would be reading his home that this would be happening.

I unprecedented as you keep hearing today. The same judge that that science that gave the green light for the search warrant a magistrate judge Bruce Reinhart is going to decide to having hearing whether to make public the probable cause affidavit. Why is that affidavit so important would color a lot more about why department good would it do?

Do we know from the document started really cookware the X number of boxes of classified information wanted.

I think important. What kind of information is we might know more with the affidavit. Basically a search warrant for the judge authorize you to search the premises at this time for the conduit based on the attached affidavit. No personal reasons or in the affidavit well enough.

The affidavit is secretive and most of the criminal addition, we have a cleaner and I know I'm not a lawyer I'm not a prophet but I don't think the judge is going of the leases affidavit. I think it's going to be still precritical to talk tomorrow yeah and you and you're not alone in in that in that assumption is letting quickly go to cut to hear this is Alina Haber who is one of the chime of Trump's attorneys on what she thinks is going to happen today in the courtroom. Don't forget judge Reinhart is the same magistrate judge that recused himself from my Hillary case, about a month ago.

He is definitely not going to be a friendly charge necessarily and there's Ivan Taylor, is highly unlikely as I can see the DOJ is already saying that they do not want us to see what was in the affidavit. Usually that's to protect witnesses and other things that have been cooperating with the justice system so while I would love to see it and understand why you would ask for a raid with a cooperating president.

Do I believe that this judge is going to reveal it now. I do not jump so you're on the same page with a lot of people and I yesterday was having this conversation and I was thinking you know, why would they not want to release this and you have an interesting piece in the Washington Examiner called judge would judge to a weather unsealing affidavit for more logorrhea will jeopardize trump investigation and what will. What do you think they will not release this today is because Adam Schiff is saying it's been in danger lives really kill people around� No permanent their weird work. It would might jeopardize ongoing investigations ongoing prosecution and I think you know there was some speculation the beginning of the folder you just the department acted quickly rush to action because of documents in bold classified documents were chosen for the involved structure vital areas of national spirit basically have to put them under lock and key, and make them safe again. Well not really about that when we learned that Merrick Garland all weighted wait weeks and weeks as he tried to decide what to do. Obviously the revenue a lot about a lot of the in early June Woodmont to decide what to do, is not an operation to get the documents. It's more an operation to get and so there is some sort of prosecution going on, we know you didn't know before. But we know now that the Justice Department convened a grand jury to investigate crop on the documents matter that's totally apart from the grantor is looking at January 6 so clearly planning some sort of action.

I don't know whether they will pull the trigger in the end and indict the former president.

Clearly they are taking all the steps that one would take you were going to indict siliceous people here. What if they do decide to indict the president would precedents from previous cases before like Bill Clinton with the tapes in the soft draw it with with Barack Obama was with Hillary.

I mean, there's so many examples of how the records act.

How the hell of how NARA the national archives worked with previous presidents like Barack Obama so that he could decide as they could go through the records and decide what he wants to keep etc. I would precedents just put just make this all null and void and I think it would be a very difficult.

Make it also depends on what the nature of the documents you because you know when the Washington Post reported that they involved nuclear weapons know the speculation just went crazy.

You know the president is selling the nation's nuclear secrets to somebody there it was. It was crazy speculation, but we don't know what that's about. We don't do what any of these documents are about in a number of people have pointed out in the Barack Obama himself for your little equipment fair notice classified another classical there's really a top-secret top-secret stuff and stuff they call top-secret public.

You can actually probably climb through public sources. So it depends on how critical this information that Trump took actually is whether it actually close damage to national security to have a box next to the beach chairs at Mara Lago or whether it's really not that big a deal. So I think prosecution is going to depend on the actual facts of the case which unfortunately we don't know right now where's my brain goes to the conspiracy theories, but after a while you could have to start scratching your head. Go wait a minute, what's going on here. I because we know that back when Bill Clint when he left office judicial watch sued the national archives to try to get some audiotapes that he stored in the White House.

We found out through that through that luster that they were stored in his sock drawer hardly hardly secure the ruling. Would you happen to be judge Amy Berman Berman Jackson was the judge who ruled on this said that there is no provision in the presidential records act to force the national archives to seize records from a former president and she said since the president is completely entrusted with the management and even the disposal of presidential records during his time in office would be difficult for this court to conclude that Congress intended that he would have less authority to do what he pleases with what he considers to be his personal records. So why, in the case of Trump do we have to seize it.

Find out what it is before we can decide whether they should seize it well. I agree with the Quentin records.

Clinton had spoken on the recorded conversations with the current payment branch and the Copies of the things and if the doctor ordered Victor couple of things to consider the national archives wasn't trying to get it Quentin my work pressing to get it from Quentin and they are pushing against strong now whatever reason that is I don't know. Also, the other thing is the national archives got the ball rolling. But now there appears to be the Justice Department of tradition and whether there's classified on in the current papers so it is matter fact there they all listed a bunch of cases in which it's entirely possible they could prosecute Trump.

He was there weren't any classified material. So I'm the there. There are people here who just want to get complement of note doubt about it. Any anyway they can. An investigation going on into January 6 two know we found out that the polonium others had testified before the grand jury getting January 6 but now parallel to the Navy intersecting with some point.

I don't know is this grand jury investigation into documents you use another piece on in the Washington Examiner called classic anti-chum frenzy and it's a really great read. If anybody I really highly suggest people read this because you really lay out you know how here we go again. It's the same thing the same playbook that the Democrats use time after time after time to get their political opponents and Trump. They really went into overdrive on yet when Trump left his last day in office, he ordered some documents to be declassified after he left the White House. Those documents were blocked by the DOJ from being declassified. They sat on that could be if my conspiracy had my tinfoil hat goes on I say I wonder if Trump has some papers relating to Russia collusion that he knows would vindicate him that he knows maybe he wouldn't be around for some of these declassified papers at the deep state doesn't want out that hate. If we get our hands on them because we think he is copies they just disappear. One point that was and that there were many many fights over classified documents during Trump's time in office and they were all about the Russia and remember the Nunez memo came out and 2018 memo that told us that the FBI had actually used the steel dossier took it to the secret FISA court used it as evidence to get the market for Baroque recorder page classified benefit pounded out Trump declassified it because you wanted to be public and then the next year 2019. He ordered William Barton, the Atty. Gen. gave him broad declassification authority to declassify all the documents in the current structure of matter now. Some of more declassified others were not. Over the of a lot of people in the law enforcement and intelligence communities even before the Nunez memo was released like that old paralegal damage national security will endanger lives with none of that. It simply showed that the FBI had engaged in misconduct in the in the Russia trunk always wanted more documents released in the Russia matter. He was successful. Some he was not successful with others so here's here's the thing we don't know what the documents are at issue in Barlow, but we do know trunk and we know his interest in wind of his affections and he was obsessed with Russia documents. I would not be surprised if Russia documents play some role in all this because you've always believed in his right more documents or relief. The more they tended to exonerate him and that been his abiding interest in it still is abiding campaign speeches.

Now he talks about the Russia Russia Russia Russia Hoechst a lot, you still talk to you still interested yeah and I can't blame and I wonder if those if they do have them now if they just disappear and subsequent minute. Not everything see her and Dale like know we gave you everything back and if they just disappear. And that's what they want very quickly will more question. If the affidavit does contain sensitive information and it's already and they are allowed to redact. Are we getting anything anyways it worth it well were released in redacted form. It could be one of the white paper.

Three huge black boxes on the new note for anything. So if you know I suppose they could release it and that redacted form. I just don't expect it released all and certainly not least, in any form, where we learn anything useful that we learn anything useful today. My guesses yeah and in the deep state rolls on and they just keep smearing Trump Byron York. Thank you so much I appreciate you joining us in explaining this rain it all out for us will see what happens day. Thank you, thank you so you have to say 86640876698664087669 and Byron's peace at classic anti-chum frenzy Washington Examiner really really worth the read.

It's not that long. It's a great piece.

Your calls coming up on the Brian Kelly Chow giving you you need to know your Brian Jill made a nice person is America's palm of your thoughts with you throughout your busy day subscribe and listen though influx is the largest river. You did your project, Fox news broadcast network under the dominant Fox News contributor daily newsletter inviting you to join a conversation every week is been Dominic's podcast listen no Fox News so you'll make your wedding were not right on top of that small might be the biggest thing turns out that it will what you said about what you said you still we don't talk down special part of banks. It's a very tricky issue for you that is James Carville discussing the midterms really were to go into that little bit to coming up as well, but saying it is to be the biggest story since 9/11. This is to Byron's point yelling in his piece. The classic anti-term frenzy. This is what they do. They just gin up all this excitement and the base swallows it whole. They love it. They feed on it. They can't get enough of it and what is it, do it slowly but surely damages Trump and that's what it's about. If they don't release his affidavit. This is going to go on for ever and ever and ever because they don't want Trump to run their end and there not to release it so were not know what the what know they got in the boxes. What are they looking into because they don't want that after they wanted to be speculation, which is why there are slow leaks.

If you know some of the leaking started right.

The leaking started with that with with Trump and because we do we have to we have to do the leaking.

So in this the same places that leak the Washington Post. You know it's it's all the D usual suspects that that did this and Margo Cleveland has a piece in the Federalist and she talks about the raid and she talks about may have been the one to leak this and she goes into the history of the leaks which I thought was so enlightening because I didn't realize how many of them there were. But she says that we should watch the archivist of the United States David ferry for Rio Guerrero, who recently retired because he noted that he said the he remembered watching the Trump leave the White House and getting off the helicopter and someone carrying a white banker box. I said to myself, what the hell is not box an interesting wanted to know what was in the box so it may have been a ham that tipped the the first domino about hot Trump has stuff that his you know his home, but we know the trouble squad cooperating with the national archives had turned over 15 boxes to the national archives already raid and was was scored was correlated with them and he was cooperating, but she goes into the history of the leaks that started back in February with the Washington Post, and that's what they do, that's what they do with Russia. They leak a damaging set the leak about its nuclear secrets. Okay then why do they wait 18 months its nuclear's nuclear secrets that could be detrimental to the United States.

It doesn't make any sense but that's what they do drip drip drip drip drip in order to damage their political opponents and it works very well to your listening to the Brian Kelly Chow Fox News can't just work these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download no Fox News but I just don't jump or wherever you did your favorite will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen no Fox News but just information you you demand. This is Brian kill me show Mary Walter sitting in for Brian kill me. I Like this every Thursday nights at 715 Eastern time.

Find it on YouTube. Just look for Mary Walter radio certain that will pop up also in gear for Mary Walter to be there if you can from your will to meet her disciplinary Walter is my ghetto might might get her name is actually really my name is Mary Walter so it'll come right up in your search. I will switch gears are just a little bit is important and I it's something that affects or could affect all of us adults. Children as well and is about social media and as I go through this. I want to know if you have stepped away from social media especially after the pandemic. When so many people live their lives on social media and and I'm also curious what you which social media outlets you partake in, because I don't I don't partake in tick-tock because I read the agreement and you you let them an instrument to have ownership of your photos in your videos and also the stuff and no I didn't like it so I am not on Instagram or tick-tock because of those reasons in our finding out that the Chinese are your notetaking face of facial recognition from you and all his other stuff not na�ve enough to think that there not to do something similar on Facebook, etc., but at least that's owned by enemy Americans.

For now, anyway. Until China buys it and so I felt a little bit safer with that and I never post anything that I wouldn't want people to say knowing full well that things can go public very quickly so. So I'm just curious where you are on the social media use also want to know you with your kids and screen time I see so many kids sitting in strollers that have mommies phone or have like a little baby iPad or whatever whatever it happens to be. I just don't think it's good I don't. And maybe that's because you know an ancient and immediate have those children growing up, but I know I also look at my nieces my brother you know he raises kids. None have TVs in the rooms.

Never had.

There were there was one computer not in their rooms is downstairs in a room that a lot of people walk through.

That's where the computer was. They can only see with their kids are doing and when it came to phones they had to be a certain age before they got a phone and states steadfastly Nate. They held the line and their kids know they had to have the passwords teach one of their kids phone social media that type of things they could see what was going on in the phones they knew that every now and then mom and dad will they receive just pick up the phone and go through it and I think that sometimes that's something you have to do in order to keep kids safe. 866-408-7669 Holland Pl., Spider-Man is playing Spider-Man since 2016 and he announced on social media that he was taking a break from social media. Now he he said he the only reason he came back on social media was for chit to plug a charity but he said hello and goodbye Evan taking a break from social media for my mental health but felt compelled to come on here and talk about new talks about this organization that he that he's proud of their work and he wanted to give them a boost.

And he said loves you all. Let's get talking about mental health.

He said that he finds twitter and Instagram over stimulating and overwhelming. He said I spiral when I read things about me online ultimately it's very detrimental to my mental states, I decided to take a step step back and delete apps and he was only returning for that one. You know message about this this group that he finds very beneficial. You know I noticed myself using his Facebook Lot I use Facebook less. Now I'm on Twitter more but is such a cesspool.

People can tell you one thing I've learned is that there really a lot of very hasty, not nice people in the world, it must be very frustrating. I don't know what it is, but they say things to you that they would never say to your face, obviously because you're not there and they don't know you hurt your kids and that's where I get concerned with kids in social media. This is where I think parents I know it's hard but parents have to have discussions with their kids and I'm curious if you're having discussions with your kids.

If you are, how are you doing it. Are you limiting screen time is so how are you limiting it didn't.

Is there any guidance you know there's a piece that I found the talks about how they know and it's it's out of Australia and they said they didn't study at Edith Cowan University in Australia in June to loop the best names for towns June to loop and they said that modern parents can agree on how to regulate their kids use of smart phones and tablets because it's new ramp.

I never had to deal with. My parents did with TV. We had no TVs in our room we had one TV in the main room of the house and that was it.

And if you couldn't agree on a show that she wanted to watch the other what to say life is our invite you to plug the TV until spots sign that was not it out so it's different. It's a new world is its uncharted territory. The authors of the study say that most millennial parents are making it up as they go when it comes to their kids digital media habits. Children and teens mobile use is a significant source of family arguments. According to the study, 75% of those surveyed report conflict, tension, and family disagreements over cell phone use at least one in five. Parents also reported a lack of exercise their kids on exercising difficulties, completing tasks, excessive gaming, sleep problems, and social withdrawal in connection with their children's mobile media habits all legit concerns, 866-408-7669 is go to Joseph in Chicago. Joseph you're on the Brian Kelly Joe hi I'm doing good. I had no work through the started kindergarten didn't even call me or his mother that there were going to be issued iPad value and he can roll over like brand-new All-American kindergarten picture be more focused on learning all those being on an iPad all day, but everything you know what unfriendly will going to a new agent time were more going digital but more focused on know the fundamentals of early childhood education are not learning how to use my patent or any electronics for that matter that five pictures old so let me ask you, do you have any control like and you can you keep them from going to other things that maybe they should be going to her just wandered around and stumbling into things that they should be saying to have any control over the school.

I looked through it, not one. Nothing there, stop going on a website. I live my life I hold no they would go to any work. I wanted that there's no restriction on my job. I might look for know and have a bunch restriction you can do like the model but school you think they would have multiple hundred. The restrictions for everything know you can just do anything you want on it. Did you complain to the school.

What did they say no were waiting for the first PGA conference to know what why is there no restrictions on any of the general and also what is the daughter that she watches goes looking school. "And you know there there all getting exposed. The main thing you can excuse me for interrupting that one gets his mother calls you can restrict you can go on there and put like a net Nanny on their Aegis. You can look online how to do it and you as a parent I think if that's what you want. I think should have the right to do that and I tell the school.

I probably just put it on there myself, but just me but on that maybe something you want to look into some kind is some kind of net Nanny to be able to restrict what your kid is looking at that's in St. Joseph thank you so much appreciate that call appreciate you joining me.

I was go to Georgia Katie you're on the Brian Kelly Joe hi I'm doing great.

So do you have these discussions with your kids yet what we do every night we we also revealed Instagram but my wife to make sure that you can put enough we have his password controlled well will going is 14 people so did he put up his or some kind of fight. Is there a struggle with this because I can imagine kids get to a certain age and they just like they don't want mom and dad read their diary. They probably don't want mom and dad looking with the post and social media. You know you truly feel that we also know the door 120. Do either restrictions will you give my life would call click on the need to have about the rest of the two underworld morning talk about what you can't protect your kids from everything. So what you do do do in my program that will have to talk because I actually heard the terms of service. We don't so that's not allowed on the home network and so with all that other stuff like that is just like there were no talk about school.but what good program and I think more people need to make sure they're due date about the way the world is going while more than all the program you know it's interesting that you bring that up. I love the way you parent. I think it's great. It's so old school but it's necessary and it's needed and I think that that's wonderful. You raise good kids more maybe get to it later, but there is a study that shows that only three meals for the average American family only. They only have three meals together during the week that hold nighttime dinner table sit down, talk with your kids is gone.

That is gone. We don't have time. Kids have's practice.

They of this they have that kids too but yet that was never an option in our home when we were kids to not have that dinner. I think it's so important because he's right. This is when you sit down and you talk to kids about how was your day and all this other stuff in his parents is to sneak it to know your kids when you're passing like shadows in the night. I just don't think that that's healthy support for family and for the kids or anybody involved 866-408-7669 talking about your kids, and screen time and use and screen time as well and there's a movie you see people leaving social media and and I think because they just need to know decompressed needs to take a breath. Here's how you're handling it into calls coming up on the Brian Kelly Joe, your knowledge base Brian show from his mouth to your ears very well to sitting for trying to leave her time at social media and Kennett of Australia that found that on millennial's own parents.

Dear Bill, you have a problem handling your kids time and it's leading to a lot of arguments and a lot of family tension and also is out of London. We find that the modern person leaves behind an online trail, your online digital footprint that there long after you're dead, 9828 photos 10,811 social media post and 126 emails over your email addresses over your life.

Now I don't come close to hundred 26 email addresses over my entire life I the average person shares over 1/3 of their life online. It's crazy. The average adult per year. They said here he got 276 posts on Instagram hundred and 70 on Facebook hundred and 41 tweets during a year. So in your lifetime, excusing that 17,369 posts on Instagram 10,680 post on Facebook and 8911 tweets over the average lifetime that 866-408-7669 how you handling all this with you and with your children on it: Long Island listening and WRC and hi Nicole, you're the Brian Kelly job I'm doing just great. So it did not shock you. How much of your digital footprint. There is out there for your light.

I wanted to comment on things that you and social media you get on your hundred percent. I wear in order for me to excel. I should be on social media refused to do it. And you're right. If you want to be a private.

You don't want everyone to know what you doing are you going not, I actually had a generation where I was able to doing every move they made, but I knew everything. Doing that I could go on social media let my take on it.

I think it's ridiculous.

You're right, China is buying everything by Facebook but not one connection with parent ear saying that your old school today 25 millenniums three-year-old (40 their parents are probably in the ends of the great-grandparents of the ones that really have it together and work good parent. Unfortunately, I don't know. They were visiting today okay let me get my kid a radio or TV just like it really drunk and insulted by don't know maybe closely not correct even tell the child in a stroller. He had an iPad regarding around you deals also the appearance on their phones all the time we get the grocery store was really happy to be totally ignoring their children. The kids are not interacting with your kids at all and I get it. Mom's work and dads work in sometimes working more than one job.

I understand that it's hard. I totally get it, but I think each generation has a parenting challenge as things change.

It's different than it was for your parents and I think it's more more complicated but if you have kids now pay attention to them, but I do know that I would grade old school before and I have a completely different take on the way and raising their children and I get lucky that I don't have children. I don't know you know I agree with you I got around to thank you so much I appreciate you so much for your call.

Drive carefully. Get Hillary in Jacksonville on W okay be here on Hillary. We have about a minute hi hi my daughter. He piled her phone lock and lock her phone after an American parental control, you know with her yet it's much of what is the program what is the program that you use again. Maybe some sink and can just click remember and jot down now if you okay great Google through Gmail that Fox News radio studios New York City Indians, and facts with positive Brian very well to sitting in the seat for Brian Kelly so excited to numbers 866-408-7669 like to join me. We talk about joining us now is Tom Homan. He is a news contributor. He's also an immigration reform law Institute senior fellow in the former acting director of immigration and customs on think join in the rank of each of the talk obviously about our southern border was happening and I think what is really been so interesting and just so fascinating to watch is what's happening with Arizona and Texas and the Texas more notably shipping their people who come across the border to Washington DC or New York City.

These people say that's where they want to go and the reactions from the mayors in both of those two places that this this is a terrible thing to do. Muriel Bowser once the National Guard when they're getting a couple thousand compared to the numbers coming across our southern border that a little bit. Let's talk about those numbers. We just set another record did we not for illegal crossings at our southern border you will go to my you go mobile reporting on the go will be at 2.3 $2.4 million worldwide shoe store number stored number one point which shows ministration by the damn thing will work comes American. You're watching the consulting because Biden ministration when applying claim old people in the middle of the night to work.

But when Republican governor of both. Probably your real your site diversity policy you're sitting where you like dirt in the nation and population wise because you're essentially in New York. Older your job to give your drivers license. They just got a small talk about and there were no good money to help your immigration.

Help your company generally percentage worse it is for the lobby.

People go, so it's all politics is that leaders actually love what they wanted. Government ever centers of the policy they call the president of the board were averaging if he's looking at you numbers 1.7.

Last year, 2.3 this year. Are you looking at 4 million people coming into this country and in the span of two years, the Biden presidency. If we keep this up you talking about 8 million people in four years. How can we sustain this and what's it gonna look like in four years. What does this do to us economically open will be very hard removed people were done in the immigration court merger." Doug clearly shows that Mary died on the American border never get relief your corkscrew leader don't show "on the nonqualified show what help my another time that was researched local homeless report. Variable report shows all removal and you're not a detector not be repaid. Your job, you actually 3% of the time your family unit sometime ago really alters the report to get a final will removal remove Dragon. I'm sure that they know memorable and about 30 in the country quickly so is not an authorized treasurer has made sure not only open board sure what it's always been on the ground don't speak English" structure of the school stage, your children, the centers are are overburdened father going bankrupt because are guided by law. The people that so a large influx of immigrants in one area, so you will call before you show your client already overburdened your system drive down in a cognitive dog be helped to start the house over your goal all by different companies report on the company during the workforce one month important 20 workers workers because I couldn't compete would all be daughter companies are paying them know what you bring your so time across the country." Help this quarter. Workers sold a lot of people. Okay so my question from there is, why, how does this benefit Democrats.

What's the game plan here because they did play the long game I give them a lot of credit for that.

They play the long game where where are they winning with this strategy down the road they truly believe will benefit multiple by the executive always get root of all trumps motor policies with was reviewed. Maybe people will become most essential should do a result, more Democrats well what people crowded equal Democrats. You cannot vote.

Call it what you want no other reason to open the border down right now what you're going to remain more humane really go by became president over 1200 migrant on US soil that it never happened. Walked all 1000 died on US soil. We got 100,000 Americans die overdosing you is 95%, call Southwest border because borders wide open board are on the line. Prices kill don't motivate or kill Americans were killed by the duration what your low probably felt.called probably mugged by culture board company old phone calls more because Paul save nobody there killing people. Yeah, let's talk about crime because the immigration reform law Institute named America's most dangerous sanctuary cities number one being New York and then you have LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Minneapolis, cattle, wake County, North Carolina, Middlesex County, New Jersey and Portland Oregon.

I noticed DC is not on this list, which I thought was interesting, what, what do you what are the metrics for that determine a dangerous city of publicly borrowing from the global respect in the community work with double without racial issues or cyclical quibbles all you all what your crime called for to please not work a lot want to talk to the victim. They want to talk to the guys.

They locked up gel so I only watch trail will all make decisions because the public for contract want to talk to. I would argue going brother back there very thin communing with vinegar and we have to real bad crime. What the bad guy. Of course the great was the crime because of number two by going to jail by and they may find others with them that will be listed in your red bag. I know the Weapon. Now I just go find my dear any politician would go to the end of your commute, and after one simple question would you operate your gel or in your community gel could look you so most of our law by you to get here so they know what everybody convicted DUI five politician line.

Yeah there very racist policies that something I've always said because of the communities that these people go to is where people speak their language with a maybe even know people you know so it's it's more familiar to them that another area and also the nicer areas don't want them that they want out of sight out of mind you they want them in their neighborhood just not in in my backyard attitude of what happens you know you had said and I only have like two minutes here but you had said that the longing for the Democrats is because the unity think of any get these people to vote for them, but we are proving right now and we're seeing right now that the Hispanic community doesn't share the same values as the Democrat party and you're seeing them little way for the Democrat party towards the Republican Party. So do they not see or do they just think it's an anomaly, because it seems to me as if that game is it gonna work for them so long to borrow so regarding I don't know what my future will become more just about immigration 900,000 God Joe Biden are not structured to scare every American scares me by your yeah this and the numbers that you you've given me the 4 million in two years is just absolutely crazy. We didn't even get there in time to get to the know that's coming across the border, which is insane as well. And if I have one more Twitter warriors doing the job because there Are catching it. My head explode. They just don't understand or they don't want to understand what is happening in Americans. Children are are dying from this that know that's coming across this border while Tom Homan thank you for tirelessly continuing to hammer the she did a great job when you are with the trump administration and this is something that I can imagine what it's like to see your life work just be overturned and and just exploited in this way, I think it's terrible but thinking for 24 good for all right, all right. I look forward to speaking to you then again about that. I hope look forward to talking to you got it a couple years that on that, I thank you so much time a moment, let's get your calls and is what we want to say that any do you see it in your neighborhood to counties on this list, then the most dangerous cities. He sees two counties wake County North Carolina in Middlesex County, New Jersey, and I know were Middlesex County, New Jersey is and they've always had a large immigration population but so does use it as a union County. The counties especially close to New York have large immigrant populations as well.

And do you see it. I do you know you're like okay here we go, and I the same problem. He did hiring someone who only employs illegal immigrants but I go.

I jump through the hoops to do it and it is more expensive but I feel like a hypocrite if I don't, 86640876698664087669. Mary will turn you listen to the Brian Kelly job driving deep into today's top story Ryan kill me talk show that's real. This is Ryan kill me show Mary Welter sitting in for Ryan kill me. Just speaking with Tom Homan was the former vice presidents properties that had but numbers and more million people coming into this country illegally. In the first two years of the by demonstration.

It's crazy to million unmarried it's it's just insane. So I am just curious as to what you think about this and you do agree that the Democrats is that these people eventually get a vote Democrat that's going to do there be so grateful they were allowed into the country by Democrat, that to the both workers are not going back there never going back they know once they get here. Their kids are to go into your kid schools your to be paying for them right.

Your taxes are to go up, I'll refund your school system that's gonna cost more. You're paying more in services in hospitals etc. indicate the quality of care is only so much money to go down for you and I am curious if you're seeing it already. 866-408-7669 is the Robert and Westchester. Listening and WABC from what the immigration Law Reform Institute has named them America's most dangerous sanctuary community New York City Robert Young Brian Kelly Chow hi congratulations I guess you number one very complex problem. You know know you left will not own what's going on and what you said before about not in my backyard the whole thing on my backyard which is what New York City people were screaming about not affect them personally.

Personally like shock tactics, little wake up because they live in this ideological world of. Everything about the way things could be combined on people on the right that want to be felt himself recline their people on the left and they think everybody should be taken care and in the middle of something, some balance, but the people in the right are trying to convince the people on the left, that they should think, the way the people on the right think about is not going to happen because the brain is wired differently scientifically write research articles on not forgetting when they come across the border what you think you're going to be talked about: running at a time you make an excellent point, and that goes to show that in my book, at least you got Democrat in Texas thinking like a Democrat and I've always said that Republicans need to learn from the Democrats the left on how to play the game on their level. Looks like he's doing Mary Welter radio show like no other. The fact that we have control is just preventing people from the force of law prevented people from, but they can come through this.

And they can really come through anywhere which is really the truth.

Here we have an open border and there's really no really no two ways about it, and this illustration does everything they can to encourage illegal immigration and prevent obstruct for any type of enforcement that was former ice acting director John Fahey I if you just joining us, you missed a really good interview with Tom Homan who was the retired acting ice director under Pres. trump and we were talking about what's happening in our border in the immigration Reform Law Institute ranked America's most dangerous sanctuary communities and these are sanctuary policies. These are cities that lead in crime fear and death. And of course New York while not of course New York actually was number two in 2019, but it is now number one on this list, followed by LA, Chicago, Philly, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Seattle, wake County, North Carolina and Middlesex County, New Jersey and then Portland, Oregon at number 10.

He said if we went to number 15. We would see that for the Dallas Washington DC is is down there starting to come into these big cities are starting to see if I just don't think it's going to change the people who live in those big cities and their view of liberal policies. I could be wrong so I know are you seeing it where you live, you don't forget these buses that are coming from Texas to New York or to Washington DC when they go through. They have to stop along the line you know it's a long drive and spend some of these the migrants the illegal immigrants on these buses. One of them wanted to stop in Chattanooga and told the bus driver.

If you don't stop and let us off were calling the cops, zero fear zero fear. They know they can't be touched. They know that they are in the driver seat. When it comes to all of this and they wanted. Often Chattanooga. They had no intention of going to what often Chattanooga and they walked away from the bus never to be seen again. Nobody knows who they are and I Democrats doing this because they think that down the road when all these people made citizens because you never to get rid of him never to be rounded up and sent back. Never gonna happen. I will never enforce the laws that should make it impossible for an illegal to live here did leave a Democrat or of the Democrats miscalculated on this one, 866-408-7669 let's go to Andrea in a Virginia listening NW and I asked Andrea year on the Brian Kelly Chow hi hi how are you morning I'm doing great.

So we are you seeing it where you live before we have pretty canceled population of illegals but not like they have in Texas and in New York, and that high crime areas, but my whole thing is that we have a system in place for people to get coming to the country legally.

My grandmother in the early teens came from Germany. We had a girl that stayed with that.

I'm hungry and she had three years of trying to get citizenship and she finally did, she was a registered nurse and hungry, and there certain occupations that we need here in this country, but our biggest problem not climate change, not the economy not the price for gas everything. I think that biggest problem for our country right now is the illegal immigration and that because now we are paying for their education where paying for their transportation, with pain greater housing paying for their phones were paying for everything and they are bringing across the drugs that are killing our people and I am a big advocate of a wall. Every other country in the world have the wall to keep people out though crazy, you may praise the need to really get points if you think you so much I appreciate you joining me make two really good points but I don't know if you saw the video on Fox, but you Texas erected a big fence like they put of this big fence is big barrier and because they been crossing and going out to private private property American citizen private property when they come across.

They discard garbage. There's clothing that's discarded. It's disgusting. If you've ever seen the garbage that is left behind when they come across a dump a whole bunch of stuff and it's on this person's private property. So Texas border patrol.

I guess Texas National Guard is now down on the border in certain areas and they had disliked often, they refused to let these people in. Do you know that border patrol came was called and they unlocked the gate and let the people want this person's private property in America that by demonstrations doing it's it's insane. It's disgusting. So private citizens are having their everything that they work for their lives ruined their property destroyed and it's okay because we got more of an and you mentioned the drugs coming across the country there's been enough said no brought into this country to kill every American customs and border protection reported seed seizing 2071 pounds of fat, no in July July alone, 60% more than the previous record which was set in April and more than triple the 640 pounds that were seized in June. So imagine how much is getting through that we missed that we don't know about that. This is originally stopped by Pres. trump because Pres. trump made an agreement was using pain to stop shipments to the US but he never agreed to stop sending it to Mexico. So now the ingredients are shipped from China to Mexico, where the cartels process it all this into for now and then they sprayed across the border: trump is president the border was pretty much shut down and there was such, there was just a trickle of people coming across wasn't as much of a problem is much easier to get to apprehend 866-408-7669 Ralph in Texas you're on the Brian Kelly Chow hi Ralph hi Rob doing great.

You're in Texas so you're at the tip of the spear here right now. Why you about the money from work so here you ordered America so you know people being working network and a lot of them, apparently where bracelets when they come across that they know who's with which cartel and then they can contract them so they knowingly deliver them to a car on our side of the border and you know they they deliver them to the destination. And you're right they wind up working off this debt forever in the when they get here they find out that they can never really work off the debt and so they work for the cartels for the rest of their lives. Funding the cartel a great point. What do we allow this.

Why are we funding cartels just so that Democrats can get more more's representation the census and rule forever. Is that what the game is here because then there can have this problem. It doesn't make a lot of sense from think for bringing that up you know is so okay so longing for Democrats is we will these people to be here with you to make them citizens, and on wheels. They also get counted in the census because we count persons not citizens in the census is sitting accounted and there's more them in sanctuary cities so we get more representation and then we can keep you know one party rule forever and ever. But you still have this problem that's going on this I to go away with.

There's a Democrat or Republican, you still have this problem doesn't go anywhere. 866-408-7669. A lot of people want to get on.

I'll take many of your calls as I can and are coming up next on the Brian Kelly Chow going to go places you need to kill the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me Mary Walters sitting in for Brian to lead 664087669 record number of people coming across our border every single day, month after month after month breaking records records by lunch on course for a two excuse me 4 million in in just two years of his presidency for millions can magically get formal million more in the next two years, 8 million here illegally. Children sink lived aged man.

We got a lot of people one can all watch lists being apprehended, but was cut coming across the border that they're not apprehending and am curious to see if you're seeing it in where you live. Are you starting to see the effects of this on WABC Eric in Queens, New York. Again, the net, the most dangerous sanctuary city in the country. New York, New York hi Eric, you're in the Brian Kelly Chow good morning Michael sure it ironic what programming on a 2016 could be the biggest problem here. You know going your goiter 2024 is an incredible vision, but that being said, growing up in Queens New York. I went around illegal immigrants my entire life. I've heard every single story you can imagine, I own a construction company.

All I can think of trying to work on this home and said earlier they're not cheap. I can tell you that they are not cheap. People think they are a lot of them have their own construction companies. A lot of speaks allow illegal immigrants to open LLC so if somebody shows up your house and you write a check to ABQ and Company, LLC to question him.

If you believe illegal or not, because of the registered company, in turn, expect check to a check-cashing place and okay is to present whatever it is cash a check from so the check disappear if you never think I could use able to work but one thing most people don't know the other thing people don't know is you don't talk about how many people come here on view foods and never go back. A lot of so what happened to the ones who can't get abuses.

They take a plane to Mexico every country in South America will give you Mexico going to Mexico and then they have to encounter the cartels in the earlier the gentleman said they're paying 10 $15,000.

I feel a lot of these women in New York City could be alerted to on street corners. Hispanic women with babies on the back going bottled water been drunk on street corners very disturbing site.

The secrecy of a woman with a little baby back stone trinkets on the three-quarter people are most likely working for the cartel and promises you probably know the cartels over the border you people buying this happened in the 1980s when I was young city. Chinese people selling cricket on the train, so a lot of people want to get on the question why do people keep voting for the stuff because the emotional holding think about getting them in the jail we have to now go knock on doors, so that's what Democrats want one border patrol coming so people can see all my God your neighbor all helped their with everything Democrats keep emotional people. Democrats always think with the hearts now with the brain and you know your reaction yeah yeah I think you're right it's it's emotional and and they do operate on a motion. Eric, thank you so much I appreciate your call and let's head to Albany. John listening on WG date GWGDJ sorry about that John. I butchered that sorry here on the Brian Kelly Chow hi okay right a great rag over here right Albany felt were looking forward to. Yes what you want to say while Mary, a retired school principal, the New York State laws.

Interesting that if you live in the district and pay taxes in the district.

Your children can attend school and that chart if for example you wanted your child to go to the next, you will probably have to take with you and on top your jacket go there illegal and homeless.

According to the Commissioner of education in New York State just walk in. They don't have that registration paper that shot record think the other parent. You know parent have to do and filed by Commissioner and by law. If you have a home was born illegal in your district, you have to take what to call it interesting. The difference between a legitimate live in the district and they just walked in the door is an example of his trumpet said John you know America last that's the buying policy and these people keep putting up with this. I keep voting for the same thing over and over again, so I just don't feel sorry for them there so many people to look at him like I tell my liberal friends in a complaint you get the government you vote for and that usually ends the conversation and they shut up because they know that they're complaining about something that they voted for cell and why that would drive me crazy if I repaired I would walk in some sorry and have vaccine records note sorry and have anything but you gotta take them here you go you just assume are in the country illegally data Mary on WABC in New Jersey.

Mary on the Brian Kelly Chow hi hello hi when situation is driving me crazy and I worked for immigration for 20 years in New York just think people to permanent resident status and went in 2010 while I was still there. My orchids was under investigation by Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa's philosophy was find your way to yes he didn't care what kind of what your situation was.

They just want you to prove cases and he's also been complicit with Anthony Lincoln Secretary of State open up the Darien gap in Panama which final.

The illegals more rapidly through Panama so they can catch a boat and get up to Mexico and across the border what was and she worked in a lot of time here since you worked for. For that enforcement. Why do you think this is the Democrats, why why are the Democrats doing this.

I think it's strictly Cloward Kevin they would like to be a Marxist society and the more more that can break down every system we have more we will be desperate for complete takeover. You know I am glad you said, glad you brought that up.

I got a run to thank you I didn't think about Cloward Piven looking up the Cloward Piven strategy. They were two professors from Columbia University back in the 60s was about crashing the social network in this country.

Just put under so much strength that the government has come in and you enact all these laws to save us from a situation that they created and it ushers in an authoritarian socialist rule so on. Cloward put Cloward Piven is the strategy I Mary Walton listening to the Brian Fox news New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian would kill me.

Mary mother sitting in for Brian kill me about big news yesterday regarding who within the CDs and changing some of their guidelines discussed with Carol Markowitz.

She's a columnist for the New York Post, you can find her on Twitter@Carol K a ROLL great I call too little too late to disband the CDC now Carol thank you for joining me on the Brian Kelly Chow me to get Carol K a R a well that's so cool back in the days when you click email Twitter if you like the person who had Carol is not using it. Can you give me a name like Don, not even you know, like a burger meeting you work on that you would like for Dave yet exactly exactly that, then you never hear from them is found at the murder threat is not a big deal, it doesn't violate our terms of service spending.

The CDC now. But before we go there. I wanted to talk about the changes that they came out with now one of the things they came out and said of the White House Cuba 19's are Irish hashish job admitted that the social distancing thing 66 feet you now was was was that was sacrosanct because in there I saw all of these things that you people were posting about when you sneeze how far the droplets going. That's why none go over the shelves in the grocery store and get someone in the aisle next to me. Which is why I had to wear a mask in the store and was under craziness and he's now acknowledged that that was the not that was not the most accurate way to go about preventing the spread of the virus is a citizen of the quality of air that you're breathing so basically they made it up. According to Dr. Scott Gottlieb completely made it up in writing by talking about it for a long time when they have explained that I mean it literally came from old and those studies are not even not completely fabricated number opinion that your droplets can go over to the next aisle in the market for 50 feet away, traveled on air particle is completely irrelevant in the map of the person burns also completely irrelevant because if you're breathing air where my 12-year-old daughter was one who likely likely if you're breathing and Colby traveled on Eric does not mean that travel to the napkin and client copy counting on air your breathing air and an area getting through your mask coded the question again since were being honest. Finally, being honest, I feel like I just in the middle of the biggest.

I told you so in history right now and I am doing what we going all okay will I am so I don't know about you but I joining every minute of it. The plexiglass that some places still travel over around and under plexiglass right not aware that we put up plexiglass and that he actually might think early 2021 you on the children plexiglass actually might be worth particle breathing down my unbelievable. The dumb thing that we did a cycle that none of them work continue to do them leave it baby continue to force us to do them and we had no other choice, and it's really sad and pathetic that we can't face reality now and the people who live and breathe by the same to Dr. Fouts. He will tell you, but you know we we didn't know what was happening. It was really me know. Now say we don't know what is it better in a way to big play devils advocate here was it better to say okay rigid is this business to make people feel like doing controls was a saying we don't know and driving everybody into sheer panic. No, I don't think they'll want to work. I wanted I wanted when they came out great meeting rather than get called again and I believe, and when it was clear that was not the case, we know. I think reality went when that reality hit when I saw the people that needed it will not coded a frequent basis.

I realized that the vaccine don't stop transmission vaccine mandate continued even until today today mandate near 1550 Town & Country where you can't be a teacher you can come and go to school at all or a lot of other job that you can do is been vaccinated.

Even though we now know now is known for quite a while that the vaccine did not mention the leader for the update that what we should not be differentiating between the native people because you could still transmit call that even when don't make a notice that in 2022. But most of us have known that for quite some time and all the people that lost their job cannot get those jobs back on something and it's really empathetic that the cities continue to do that, even with this updated whitest people who lost their jobs, have no recourse right they think they can sue anybody. There's nobody they can sue so you know well.

So sorry, exactly, and that we didn't have to work in those early coca dating on March April May June 2020 and the people who did work and he got coded and then they might want to get back every call that had original strain that was a completely plausible thing to say because you know if you had the flu. You don't get the flu vaccine, they were told no. You must get back even if even if you had Colby before and so now they have nobody to take attention now and today I would write that I told you because I don't start a club for those of us who want to say I told you till the changes announced yesterday was a restructuring of CDC because the CDC director came out on the heels of changing the guidelines, Dr. Michelle Wolinsky came out and talked talked about changes that can be happening at at the CDC.

Because of this there Stephen have staff changes because if you rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic that will make everything better and they're also going to speed up data releases and things like that. I just hear what she had to say in January of this year compared to what she said yes this is hard we have ever evolving science with an ever evolving variance and my job is to provide updated guidance in the context of rapidly rising cases and that is what we've done. I'm here to explain it to the American people and I am committed to continuing to do so and continuing to improve. So was when she made that statement. Was she lying about what they knew was she just covering by saying William, it's really hard. We don't really know what were doing. I think I'm correct.

At the same data she made that effective which at that time would have meant that Macs are more effective than the vaccine. Can anybody hurt anybody they look that was a complete and not March 2020 a lot of things that we would've expected error in the early days by 20 21 x 20 22. We already knew happening and yet the school across the country. Their opening wearing masks right now and again the opening in a few weeks learning math because the intent continue contest at 9 o'clock so I don't hear any apology here that the actual responsibility taking and when I say ended CDC. I think that's a really mild-mannered thing to say because a lot of people in my twitter comment like know people need to go to jail for what happened in the wrong wrong that no possibility is been taken so much as been mock people died in lockdown people died because of lack and none of this work and nobody thing I ability this is my fault that Dr. Fouts did not taco linking nobody right so is you do: call for the end of the CDC as opposed to just structuring and one of the things that they want to restructure is their communications agency because apparently it was the waiting messages message dated not the message itself so it to your point, no one's taking responsibility, but my to understand that it is the CDC is still recommending masking and that's why like Philadelphia for instance is recommending by having kids back to school wearing masks They have no updated guidance on children. I think we were the only people in the world, knocking two-year-old and an ongoing thing where they can't let go of anything faded or were mistaken on taken so long to get to it. I think we need to see if we can't do what I think a publican should run on. I think they should run on a complete failure. They had one job in a completely failed and if we can't do that and I think we take them back and being irrelevant and agent their opinion on things like he shouldn't eat a hamburger and he cooked anything left and well done. Thank you for your opinion on hamburger medium rare, we move on with our lives, how we like, you know that the only history to get you unnecessary life for what they do have a huge budget and the number people that they have to have a large budget I do. I can imagine that the left is good to be down with disbanding the CDC, but I guess can we roll back the the unprecedented power over our lives that they were given to the politician has no actual power they can't import any of that day they can come here family barbecue and make sure that eating about the hamburger so we can take away that power command by having the politicians not power canal and not a lot of advice they give us that we straight up ignore senior likely gone against the DC guide and I think we could just treat them again. I think we can get written down but I don't see the clinical bravery from Republican to do that because I think that Americans would absolutely go for that evening on the left. I don't think that anybody would argue that he defeated a good job and if they're not good job during the pandemic pandemic know when I job when we need them for so I don't know why I think the public into the Braeburn run on that. But if they don't know we just completely stop with yet the Republicans do not have that bravery in them to to do that so that's not what happens if I go to the doctor.

We just have this conversation off the ice to remaster the doctor's office and it's ridiculous because pretty much every doctor and it is a you can take that thing off when when I'm in the exam. Take that thing up like what I'm doing this them but we have to go through the charade because the government says so I just have one quick question for you before I run out of time and need done in white is a White House senior advisor and we find out that out that she owned. She is a founding partner of a consulting powerhouse and some of her past biz underpass business connections business dealings were with Pfizer's problem. I think we had no many people from the healthy can go work for the pharmaceutical company, I think that they don't really amazing lifesaving and I don't want to be like away pharmaceutical agencies, but that little cross-section of healthy companies, especially now, at a time where we could not looking no longer trusted health agencies give us the actual information of what example what the vaccine does and doesn't do it. The clothing that will continue to cause harm to our public when they cannot trust these agencies because of the cozy relationship they have come to the company that absolutely will not be holding people accountable, and not let that go on yeah absolutely, Carol Markowitz, New York Post too little too late and the CDC now.

Thank you so much. Have a fantastic day. Thank you, 866-408-7669 I tell you I feel like as a set. I'm on the longest I told you so in history.

I have family members who are going to live their lives cowed by COBIT forever and ever and ever. I can't go to family events and family vents because I'm not vaccinated.

They totally disregard any kind of natural immunity and when you when they do start to come around and change the mind is, well, you know, we didn't know at the time and the CDC did the right thing.

There never ever ever going to admit that they were wrong, and I noticed early on, like places where you didn't remaster people like a week donuts were mass now to wear a mask a lot of places thing to me below.

If you want to get a fight rate since a lot of people didn't say a word or bit and if they looked at me sideways only back down back off if you're uncomfortable you should move further away from me, so is the whole thing going on and he feel vindicated because I really do 866-408-7669 your calls coming up in the Brian Kelly child something new every day I show you if you're interested in Ryan's talking about it and kill me tremendous power. During this to control the lives of tens of millions of Americans really bad when designing children will never be the same because of mass mandates. People who lost their jobs because of vaccine mandate people. The crushing of the economy, the loss of trust in public health is catastrophic and I agree with Howie changing or reorganizing the CDC does not thing even close to approaching what needs to be done to restore that trust is Molly Hemingway from the Federalist and were told that in the deceased is reorganizing and finding out things like it a whole 6 foot think was totally made up. We really weren't sure just for fun, but that's 6 feet apart. Maybe that'll help and if you question, did you said things like you all. It's weird how COBIT can't get me when I sit down in a restaurant take my mask off to eat, but he can get me if I get up and walk to the ladies room.

Weird how that happens and if you question anything like that on social media shut down they would shut down your account. You were not allowed to question the power of the government and now you know these people have no no recourse if you didn't get the vaccine, and you lost your job a well too bad doctors in some places were allowed to talk to the patient about any kind like I've affected hydrochloric with any of the other possible treatments that were out there. They were not allowed to talk to. They were only allowed to give patients the advice of the CDC said they could give doctors lost their jobs, we allow the teachers union to did to make policy for going back to school not science is not that they would've done any better teachers union to make those rules and in some you know some seeds kids going back to school mass to get curious how you dealt with to file this. Did you lose your job. Do you know someone who did you have to do the vaccine against your will, because I think that that's mentally damaging as well. You feel really violated 866-408-7669 New Jersey Tony listening a WABC Tony on the Brian kill me. Ciao hi Mayor I'll make this quick friends. I didn't get the vaccine because I don't do vaccines well I have a very strong immune system to begin with, the poles with Wendy and I got behind me, but I got funds wanted was an idiot that I was a fool for not getting the vaccine and now these people are very sobering.

They had over twice.

You don't think it would put the vaccine had covert wife and me. I've had been omicron. I would just marked out for like two or three days and that was it, but I think what's going on. People don't down side is been bumped down to follow to follow the follow to become followers know everybody has a son supplied by believe and you know the people to take the vaccine they know deep down inside that maybe they shouldn't have wound are not going to admit that their stupid little yeah they're stupid but you know we can put it out for them also with her for this.

I'm kidding right.

Thank you so much. I think people who know how to get the vaccine. You didn't want.

I think that they suffer as well.

That's not fair to them a Merry water and listen to the Brian commission radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show why is not going above and not wired. They're doing what they're getting paid like putting out now is a tick-tock user commenting and think something called quietly quitting now that term was popularized popularized by another tick-tock user is I need con and in the video. Con said that you know this is what people are doing is not quitting their jobs totally, but during the pandemic people learned about a lifework balance right, you heard there a lifework balance and they learned that you know what the great thing about working from home is I got more time to sleep. I can sleep later in the morning. I didn't have to spend an hour and 1/2 do my hair and my makeup and getting dressed everything else and I didn't have to drive to work and spend an hour in the car and the way to work in our the car on the way home from work I better life.

I could still do my job but I had a better life right so now there are some places that are forcing people to come back to work and people are just not going back. I dig. I chose not to go back. I'm not doing that anymore, but so but there are them. Some who are back had to go back. I understand that and what they're doing is like you know what I'm staying long hours anymore. You don't pay me, you know enough to be here till six 7 o'clock at night to see my kids soccer game get my job done them to do what you pay me to do. But that's it is bad thing, 866-408-7669. Basically, people are burned out from the pandemic.

A lot of people worked on a lot of extra work during the pandemic and their burnout.

I know people who are those those people who push and they want to do the best there always to be extra in their who have said, you know why I'm not doing it anymore and it's for some of them it's because they realize that my boss is a cat is expected all the time. I'm not getting anywhere they just expect me to continue to hustle, hustle, hustle, so you know what I need this job. But I'm just going to do the bare minimum in my want for some learning how not to care. I'm learning and that's it can be a dangerous thing in America. Now, micro was on with Brian yesterday and they talked about this quiet quitting hears of micro had to say a C+ C know it's a passing grade. What is your attitude what is your philosophy, what have you taken the time to think about your relationship with work right like to really think about have you related the enemy.

Have you suggested perhaps that was the proximate cause of whatever unhappiness you have in your life. Most people have. So the idea of quietly quitting.

I'm sure is very appealing to a lot of people because they don't have to step up now, but it doesn't. There's more to it then that and if you want to hear the rest of the interview with microtech appliance social media channels. The whole thing is posted there and the people that I know that are doing this are older. These are people who worked at a time during the pandemic work or just normally in their job they worked a lot but there at that point in their life when they realize you know what going any further than this.

This is where I am. I'm to be stuck in this job until he decide to retire this is it so they don't see a need to continue to push push push push push. They learned during the pandemic that you don't have to do that. You know they they learned that I can have a worklife balance, they learned that well actually like being able to spend time with my family. I like having the time to maybe read a book I like not having to spend two hours in my car every single day getting frustrated on the roads and just the extra stress of that life was less stressful for a lot of people despite them working during the pandemic suite for a reason about a variety of reasons why people are doing this quiet quitting this the piece that I found talks about a woman whose an insurance claims adjuster. She volunteered regularly to work on weekends and holidays, but she said you're the pandemic colleagues retired early or they stayed home and now she is doing so much work. Her bosses just increase her workload. She's given more projects outside of her field and she said employers and stretch me so far that I'm just can end up being a pile of goo. It was too much and I think it exposed a problem in corporate America that they know the people bosses. Of course, know the people that will give the extra right they know the pieces that people that will give extra a lot of times those people are the ones who get promoted up because for whatever reason may be the boss needs and to continue to do extra maybe you know there they're just not the right person for the job. Whatever it happens to be those people burned out because they had so many extra duties. This woman said you know what and spin the spring of last year. She finds that I'm not volunteering anymore say all do the extra work on the weekends. I'm not not to do that and you know maybe she got extra money for it but according to a company that makes HR software, human resources software spokesperson, the culture, director of a cultural director, said many workers have shifted to doing the bare minimum. No call on weekends and no pushing themselves to the brink during regular work hours. No more working late into the night there resolving to meet their job requirements but no further. Your there no longer going above and beyond nearly half of white-collar worker say they're turning down projects more frequently now than before the pandemic. 62% said they fear him feel more emboldened to insist on better worklife balance, because the low labor crunch so it's kind of a workers market at this point if you want more flexible hours, etc. I'm sure is a do you see this all have you seen it all.

Maybe you set noticed yourself doing it. Just a tiny bit 866-408-7669 in New Jersey gel listing in WABC you are on the Brian Kelly Chow hi yeah I don't know about the government employees, you know, don't point also because they treat you like a robot and the one you don't reward people you don't give them incentives or some sort of a photo so percentage commission, you know a lot of people don't get it in the company but don't get it. They would be bolded. This is part of it.

I'm sure you seen this in your line of work to do.

You know the people who will always to go the extra mile like you know those people who were always there when they need them at the last minute, always there for the weekend. Those people who put young put in and put in and put in, but those people a lot of times never get rewarded for that extra work. Have you seen the government plays like little wrinkles office wait in line for four hours. You don't anybody awfully annoyed one for four hours because the management. Hopefully so independent make obviously open people. A lot of people's eyes to what is corporate America have to do in order to change this question and be a very good question, but that is a perfect response to thank you so much. Have a great day above my pay grade.

People are doing any more work above their pay grade. Let's go to Jonathan eliciting NW LBJ in Austin, Texas, Jonathan, you're the Brian can reach a high. I'm doing great to talk about quietly quitting people not doing the maximum anymore so you I'm in my early 30s I spent most of my life working with my hands outside, sweating, and I finally got a job where I'm working remote from home and implode finding out that it is making me complacent make me more lazy because you know you have all the time like you're saying you get all your work done and you have all the time left over. You don't know what to do with your old clock hard to find that balance you yeah not be told what to do every you know it's not for everybody. I don't think working from home is for everybody. I have friends who work from home since before the pandemic.

They just have jobs and work remotely and there always you know why he's in his study. She's on the kitchen at the kitchen table. That's what they do their thing. But in their free time when they're not on a call and a lot of their calls are not video calls. They're just audio calls when they're just working do things like run out and do some gardening and Oroville.

Do you know ship to make dinner or they'll do some cleaning or door different projects that they still can do even though they're technically still working at their jobs done, but it allows them to do that, but it's not for everybody.

Not everybody can just sit in front of a computer for eight hours and some jobs require that everybody goes back to like how you work for corporate company like I do you know when you work remotely. They don't see everybody that works on this project so you know there's only finite amount of people in my department and works like that that one lady really but they don't do that because were not all that that that away from our corporate that they think they have enough people for the past because they don't use them on a daily basis. I got you all start quietly quitting. Don't get the message that maybe what people are doing. Congratulations on your new job. Jonathan enjoyed I'm sure you'll figure out how to work from home and enjoy as I II would love to be able to do that. Thank you so much, 866-408-7669. That's more calls coming in here. I will get to those calls coming up on the Brian Kelly Chow and Brian download the podcast Brian every episode, exclusive interviews will be coming up breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show states increase the amount expended that have an impact on your workers how to have an impact on her ability to hire a lot of people currently making as much money or more money not working all so guess what they chose not to work and it's been they been reluctant to come back to work and sort of used that was a John Mackey who is the outgoings Whole Foods CEO CAP government handouts during the pandemic work and there's those of us who work during the pandemic who II remember my husband and I because my my husband works in the medical field, so he was up to his eyeballs in Cuba. Patients and to be one-day because if one more person complains that they're bored.

I'm just going to punch them think I know exactly what they're getting, and you and I are working our butts off and get anything extra for the government should been paying people who were working during those of the people who should've gotten bonuses or handouts of some kind, but I can't believe people are still I guess not working.

I guess I don't know new phenomenon called quietly quitting where people got used to just better with work life balance during the pandemic.

They just decided to do my job to do the extras to the extras happening, 866-408-7669 let's go to Georgia. Listening on W RGA is Shirley hi Shirley are on the Brian Kelly Chow welcome. Thank you, Harry doing good. Go ahead. What you're talking about a quietly quitting and there are kinds of people in this area. Games that have removed himself from the workforce because community a lot and there are no regular people working here is that I don't know if it's this way across the US that you can't get any help. I went in like five large box, Walmart, target, Staples close Home Depot. None of the stores have any regular people, and I have very few employees in the table that are liable to you that they would rather work they have them with the people that they were hiring because they sent it and I spent a day for mom to do and I would quit and try to train them and they didn't care and the people that are working from home. So many of the union call and I don't really show our train for you to eating and did it and what country is unbelievable. The name and over in Iraq, we have nobody really carrion loading. The water department here. The Georgia Power probably could warn you I mean you know what they're doing. Most hourly people are neither MSM are not equipped with the job.

I thought that the enhanced unemployment benefits ended in 2021, so I am so shocked that it still where these people get their money from. I would like to know that. I don't know but I know I started looking online about all the giveaway and the government and its own real nobody would believe in life they get on there really dig in the down payment on home to the table and the land.

I may not have the United if they can do it. I may not have to be repaid. I believe table and just chose not to work and a lot of people here very a lot of people here that are working are challenged or disabled in some eyes are not equipped to handle the job that they are trying to do and they don't stay in a very long for the most part, but I've never said anything like this in my last comment on seeing you well Shirley thank you for sharing. I do like when I see people who are challenged to our who have a job and in it because a lot of times I just love it so much and in their its people had the same zeal that they do for working to be a much better place on Long Island listing NW ABC Ron, you're the Brian kill me shall hi I are you doing good okay sure can. Okay so my point listening to remind me when I used to go to your fathers while growing up there were off for the summer. All of them, like everybody and then at lunch wanted to go back to work to our three hour lunches on the fingers but that's what makes grandeur of America. America now the young people and other people so young that are taking advantage of giving out free money and forgetting. Making payment products payments back on things.

They promised it all back down to no score on the game everybody gets to get to be winners and what what I believe it is open up opportunities for people to wake up and realize I can move along winners and losers in every game if America wants to be a China have to wake up and realize that if anything, this opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime again. For now an opportunity to wake up and move up the ladder help companies or themselves of their own small company to work harder to get more if that is still the American dream.

But we know God and living trying to take over as well a year believe that part of your world. You know, those are all good points and I see a lot of that going back to corporate America and corporate America just not listening to their employees in the world is changing and you have to change with it are your to be left behind and a lot of people don't want to come back to work after having done your job successfully from home.

Why do I have to be back in the office. If I did my job successfully from home for 14 months of why what you like and I come back two days a week or a couple of days a week and a lot of corporations won't work with people and so you wind up with people just walking away or they just said okay and the only do the bare minimum because they resent the corporation itself very quickly. It still ice cream. Season Miller high life has partnered with tipsy scoop to recruit to create the ice cream dive bar is infused with Miller high life.

The peanuts swirled and chocolates and debts to re-create the spirit.

So enjoy a merry month.

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