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TRUMP RAID: Are You Next?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 9, 2022 1:14 pm

TRUMP RAID: Are You Next?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 9, 2022 1:14 pm

President Trump's home in Palm Beach Florida, Mar-A-Lago, was raided yesterday by the FBI. Bloomberg reports that "Attorney General Merrick Garland appears to be finally bringing the full weight of federal law enforcement to bear on the former president." Jordan and the Sekulow team break down yesterday's shocking and unprecedented raid of a former President's home. We're also joined by Senator Lindsey Graham on today's broadcast of Sekulow.

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SICU PI reads prison terms home? Are you next morning and now this is what I hear from impeachments one failed special counsel investigation one questionable election and down FBI raid into the former President of the United States.

Donald Trump's Bartolotta home his personal residence there folks we live right now the situation we would talk about the weaponization of these executive branch agencies is specifically law enforcement gyrus, which has a huge law enforcement away with it.

It and we said about talk about how it's been politicized.

This is Banana Republic style politicization of executive branch agencies.

This is Third World style. This is not United States of America is or it's out with United states of America should be. The problem is, how do you correct these wrongs when the bad actors are running rampant with power in Washington DC and are adding 87,000 new agents to come after you the same way they're coming after Donald Trump that might be using FBI documents for Harold and Ed pieces of paper for you. It will be audits of your small business. Audits of people making less than $200,000 a year who can't rely lots of attorneys and and accounts to protect the so be vigilant at a time when your government is kind of telling you very clearly what they think about you what they think about you if your Trump supporter what they think about you.

If you are a conservative what they think about you if your whole Christian views. This ultimately again, folks. This rate, which is unprecedented in history should be the wake-up call of all wake-up calls to the conservative movement in America.

We had a President you might not like always the way. Talk to what he tweeted with a President who put the other piece of the Middle East economic stability in our country was handling the border making incredible gains in foreign policy. Russia was not invading Ukraine out like it was under the Obama Biden administration it like it is today. We were working on plans to remove to get out of Afghanistan, but not a chaotic way.

We were meeting with the new world leaders try to figure out ways around conflict.

We didn't see China taking actions like they are with around Taiwan but they just didn't like the man and they note that he might come back I'll read his statement as he said these are dark times for our nation as my beautiful Hobart Largo Palm Beach is currently under siege rated and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. Nothing like this ever happened to present the history of the United States before and he talks about how this is attacked by radical left Democrats who desperately don't want me to run for President. 2024. That is obviously the case as well. I weep that the fact is, they act like they don't deny concert always former Pres. truck. No big deal. No big this is their entire focus about the executive branch and the Democrat-controlled Congress has been the January 6 committee. How do we hear the impeachments how do we get Donald Trump.

How can we make sure Donald Trump is not a political opponent because the political move that is put together is too powerful and is it is outlasting just it it's not just about hip. It's about this whole idea that he's created that we can be great again that we can be the world superpower in the world would try to how to take your photos really joined by Sir Lindsey Graham next be joined by Rick Cornell in the second half are the broadcast or taking your calls as well.

One 800 684 31 to because we can happen to the former President of United States is how easily can happen to you. They got 87,000 new IRS agents ready to come knock on your door, give us a call at one 800 684 31 to the 2000 684-3110. As always, I encourage you to support the work of the ACLJ, which also includes give this broadcast out every this is this is the warning. This is the wake-up moment, have you woken up you realize how dangerous this precedent is give us a call one 800-6843 110B) is a very serious time for our country. People are taking in the news about this raid on a former President's home which is unprecedented history were joined now migrate for the ACLJason or Lindsey Graham of South Carolina student review tweeted about you hundred days from a midterm election and while no one is above the law. This is a great point, the law must be above politics. Were you concerned about the fees optics and this is this is I think very dangerous for our country, leading into a lecture, but also in general this kind of idea of the elect and the executive branch be weapon eyes against one political viewpoint why here's here's my concern is that you look at the FBI actions toward Protestant crop to the molar investigation you will find an FBI lawyer manipulating evidence to the Pfizer court.

The FBI and DOJ were reprimanded by the Pfizer court for withholding exculpatory information regarding the Carter page warrant, the gap pled guilty, got probation, but it still a crime.

The molar investigation was rotten to its core. They ignored exculpatory information when every stop sign, you could run lead every bad thing whether they checked it out or not, and ignored the Russian sub source disavowing the primary document to get the Carter page 4 they been investigating Trump for five years now and what I would say to people is that the burden on the Department of Justice is exceedingly high here 100 days away from a midterm election is pretty well-known. The present Trump's gonna run again so this reeks of politics and statement we saw with Chris Caray last week a you are you and your colleagues are questioning him about the way the FBI was handling the investigations and I think went. What concerns we haven't heard from so many people last night.

His sisters was breaking is they just have this total distrust, which I understand in the institutions of America especially are our federal law enforcement institutions. They see the hearing last week for Chris Ray, laughs often doesn't really take seriously a lot of questions. Is it prepared to answer and if this happens their trust is is I if not low. I maybe even gone in these institutions are this is this is very serious. You think the FBI they realize what they're doing to themselves. I don't know but everybody says, will award has to be signed out by Judge of her bed all over standing in the name of BC while at same process would use against Carter page 5 award had to be signed by judge or the judge is not you knows no better than the information given, so the fact that a warrant was obtained. Means nothing to me given the given day crossfire hurricane investigation.

So the bottom line years after country blazer out to get strong, get Trump that use a lot as of way of doing it in their zero confidence.

Now there's two things going on here.

There's the Sussman's and the Wiseman's decades in the page instruction in all those stochastic characters and there's average FBI's out there risking their lives in child pornography cases, terrorism cases investigating China and Russia's effort to infiltrate America so defining the FB height is not the solution. The solution is transparency and holding people accountable when they commit all so the bottom line here is I think it is incumbent upon the Department of Justice to inform the Congress in a reasonable fashion about what's going on here because this is such an extraordinary move hundred days before the election, and as to present Trump and he was strong yesterday. He stronger today because it's not usual that we would get a lot information for the FDR DOJ during a matter of normal high profile investigation like this when it when we see a rain and we see kind of some movement when it comes to a former President. I think their silence is is actually is hurting their entire case that you say is making present Trump stronger this morning because they haven't in these even got to Congress with information about what what's going on here because this is this is this could this could be very unsettling for the country to get into time to get used to talk about the impact on the elections, but it's also just how people are waking up today and how they feel and and this silence that would be usual for an investigation. I don't think works around this kind of what it what is a former President and its unprecedented yellow number one is a former President and dedicated by the Department of Justice in a fashion that led to review by court against the Department of Justice, the whole allegation of Trump Russia fell apart and so the one thing I would say is that the shoe were on the other foot.

Can you imagine this ranting on Trump Lodge for the Department of Justice to FBI rated Hillary Clinton's outfit. Now the country be there be riots in the street so to conservatives you have the right to be suspicious. He should demand answers in an appropriate way, but I promise you that Republican members of the Senate, we need to raise our voices and make sure that politics and the law are separated. Nobody is above the law said that but the law has to be above politics and the track record when it comes to Trump is pretty abysmal present Trump as surely as if I would think is potentially impeachment deftly special counsel not to investigate Hillary Clinton tried to investigate him if if this happened under his watch and agree with you sooner. Grant that we want to take this to two because people feel like they're kind of under assault by this administration's idea to double the size the IRS and added 87,000 new agents to come after an audit them and we would you put all this together at the same time people have seen the IRS that is you know ACLJ we did all those cases of the tea party. Targeting cases and and now you got Democrats moving forward legislation to increase that size to come after everyday Americans and I think this this again. They arty felt like they are being targeted as conservatives and receive history of it increase the size the IRS and at a time when your rating form present so that they may have been supportive or still supportive of this can escalate quickly bullet the lady thing I can remember that yeah okay so here's what the problem is conservatives, we have found evidence.

IRS use the powers to go after people, but in light there now liberal elements of the IRS reason the power to go after people that might will Nixon did that we are liberal or conservative. We should be using the IRS as a political tool. Well, given what the FBI did the idea of getting Trump is so in the DNA of people in this country. They don't care how you get him down here. The tools are the techniques you use. Just getting so every conservative in America is suspicious of the IRS already, but 87,000 new IRS employees and will be bigger than the British Army there 81,000 people in the British Army.

Are you telling they were consecrated, IRS, Army, I don't believe so Osama have a rescission package. This appropriation speak for canceling the money pending to the border patrol and counterterrorism activities and will have a real debate.

This is not done yet they pass the reconciliation bill but yet to appropriate the money will find it is questions from folks about what could be done with Republican victories in November to pull some of this back in the fight back insisted her grandma just put that forth how we fight back against its IRS Army to use his own words which is true final question for you Saturday. My species spend time with us on this breaking news day is you'll be marketing a year from the planet Afghanistan. The disaster that your foreign policy expert, your a national security expert. The world also looks at us when we were this is going on domestically and it can make America look pretty weak.

If it looks chaotic and this is when people like the Chinese. The Chinese copies parties of the world. The Russia's of the world try to take advantage of these kind of moments of domestic turmoil was a really great point, I did not show it to your data today will do all guns are also inviting to the constitutionalist like it is what we got the first rural land warrior.

I guess Bosnia was a war but this is a major effort to rewrite the map of Europe, the biggest since World War II. We've got Taiwan's being surrounded by Chinese military exercises. We've got the Iranians trying to break out build a bomb week that Al Qaeda leaders staying in guesthouse of the Caliban and were doing this 100 days before an election. So what I would suggest is it doing something this brazen. In this provocative is going to shake confidence in America throughout the world. I travel a lot and when we withdrew from Afghanistan every ally began to question us and all of her anime started licking their chops.

You'll never convince me that Putin did not get a signal from our patrol in Afghanistan.

He did not do this on Trump Lodge ever since buying withdrew from Afghanistan are standing in the world has been eroded and having an FBI raid on the former process. Home when he's working with these people was that really necessary just makes every problem worse. Sitter Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Great for the ACLJ.

As always, I appreciate you stated this type of essay walking us through this with your expertise, how it affects us here at home out of Texas abroad, but also what we could do to stop that IRS Army which is coming for you folks everything the clear vascular for middle-class Americans. They went audit the one is SOA to pay for their ability with surveillance and plaintiff stopped at Army from the Lord, we come back to start. Take your phone calls and 100 684 30 wanted to get those calls is now 100-684-3110.

Have you lost total faith in your US government said question asked secular restricting your food costs in the segment as well.

At 104 3110.

I will, I would blame you if you have lost faith in your debit institutions completely after last night and meatless. We've had this moments we saw the tea party targeting by the IRS to member. The IRS would to the DOJ and FBI since we make this criminal so they were very careful together. You just heard Lindsey Graham talk about the Army of IRS agents that they are trying to create through this legislation, 87,000 coming for you. So we said the Tyler program.

Are you next.

Yes, yes, it might not be an FBI raid. It's gonna be an IRS agent so different it will be different for you the baby food for present Trump there taking on Preston action to put down a political movement they disagree with the start with the head of the political movement and try to silence him present Trump he put on excellent video by the way last night and in and assist with the statement along with the video as well. I don't know how far away we are from a potential announcer, but it seems like that video would be the preannouncement video and it may have.

This may have made his announcer quicker, but it is okay to not agree with your your government on everything we live the United States of America that I will walk through people to how this happened and take your phone call so really in any kind of law enforcement background as former US attorney so Andy we know that there's these grandeur is going on around the country. This what we are told is about documents about national archives target pieces of paper and about present Trump and his post administration team were working with those law enforcement agencies and returning back documents to the national archives. They had to put forward in their request to get this to raid wart that there was no way they can get it without doing a Arena, be they have to also go to a judge and say this is the only way we can get this information other than trying Jordan and in addition to what you've got to also allege in order to get a search warrant before a US district judge or magistrate judge that a law is being violated and presumably here, title 18, section 2071 about custody of books, records and documents belonging to the government. You've got to do a lot of things to get a search warrant.

First of all, you've got to show probable cause that a crime has been or is being committed and that the fruits and instrumentalities of that crime are being concealed somewhere in some specific place you can do a general search warrant.

You've got to do a specific search warrant saying it is in this place. It is in his room of this place is in this drawer.

This place I've had to do search warrants that even say that it is got to be in a particular area of the house or in office. The other thing is Jordan that the probable cause has to be fresh.

You can talk about stuff that's old and stale. It was there a week ago. It was there a month ago. Maybe that's too long into stale, the magistrate judge also then or district judge issues a warrant based upon what the ANSI and the person who swears to the facts of that warrant are those could be false.

We know in the corridor paid situation that the FBI lied to the of to the court about what was going on and it's also true that the very same judge who issued the warning who doesn't.

On the good faith of the Afghans of the swear to the warrant can be the same judge before whom a motion to suppress that material, that is, throw it out can be heard so that same judge loses the warrant may be the same judge who decides later on that there wasn't probable cause and that it was improperly issued any issues they are willing to go to the FISA court life.

So if they're willing to go the FISA court put that Jeopardy article for that to be dismantled for a long time because of their abuse of the FISA court system to target Americans, which is not why was created, but they were willing to lie there and they get there slaps on the wrist. So why would they be willing to meet that that's the thing with with all of the pride. This is the issue with law enforcement in the distrust is, how can you have faith in the system that has been broken so many times in front of us is been exposed as having an apnea is Jim Jordan talked about that he's got it. His letter he's got whistleblowers cognitively advising their purging out conservatives. They are padding the numbers on domestic value there making up crimes that don't exist or go to your phone calls at 100-684-3110. You should be outraged. You should be angry today and what you put with that. A list of the phones Ronald South Carolina online for Hirano are you doing and we thank you for taking my call and enjoyed what Lindsey Graham to McDade along with Sen. God and my statement is this that in spite of all that is coming to light. And yet we have so many people who eyes are still shot to the truth that is coming in and to the social experimentation that the Democrats putting forth in its coming to the point to where now I try to reason with them and give them that benefit.

This is this political war would you start using the SDI to come after former Presidents in unchristian what is unpleasant never happen for its political war you can't reason with the other side they got the power. They think that this power is is not going to backfire than I think the big question is, I kind of agree with Sen. Graham. I think last night present. Trump was strong. He woke up stronger this morning because more Americans who supported in the past who may have even been ready to move on to a different candidate the future arts are safe.

You know what enough. We need to put him back as a statement to Washington DC and every that's that's I think that white light the fact that they not explaining any of this still this morning. This afternoon, not telling the American people who they know have a serious distrust I think is what Ron is going to. There is no reasoning with them. Be ready for when I think that's absolutely right, you know, several hours of passing night has gone by. We don't even have a copy of the ad that I haven't seen a copy of the search warrant I don't ever think will get a copy of the affidavit until a motion to suppress is filed if it ever is. But there is not of no action and no voice from Washington DC about what this is about is this a search warrant at the FBI God because they were arguing with the archives department over what documents should be turned over and you're making this into a federal crime and you're attacking a former Presidents house and it is an attack writing his house going through is safe going through his private papers never before done in history never down to Hillary Clinton never done to anybody else who is been holding papers and documents and property of the United States. This is not a prosecution. This is as I heard someone say a persecution of a person who you've got a political will to shatter continued witchhunt at me like I said to fail impeachment this failed special counsel investigation a questionable election. This is true in people and faith election system and that's true. There's a 30%, the country still doesn't and and yet still you can't give it up. You have to try and destroy this individual and his family were hearing from people like former Gov. Andrew Cuomo. I would usually quote him but this is tweet DOJ must immediately explain the reason for its rate and it must be more than a search for inconsequential archives will be viewed as a political tactic and undermine any future credible investigation and legitimacy of the January 6 investigation visit Democrats Andrew Yang of L-tryptophan. I want this far away for the widest possible, but a fundamental part of his appeal has visited him against a corrupt government. This rate strengthens that case because it is for millions of Americans will see this is unjust persecution. It is unjust persecution. It's political warfare at its worst. Using law enforcement to play politics is not acceptable. United States, that's what we are that we get used to in the Third World. In dictatorships and banana republics will be right back. Second second, the American Center for unjust solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be mass $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedom is most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now, this is Jordan secular warrior prepared because everything they can to try to.

Maybe you chose your preferred candidate in the next Presidential election. That's Donald Trump with the rate of his home to come after you with 87,000 as Lindsey Graham called IRS Army, which is bigger than the UK's military 87,000 new agents to knock on your door to audit you to pay for their greed to do that you that's thanks Joe mansion you really think is about her folks think Tristan said it would you think their moderates and Republicans better get out the vote in November in a serious way that they better be a landslide because they are under attack. We are under attack our nation's institutions are being turned against us. And we see that but now if if they will go to the former President United States. They will have no problem again coming after you because they bring that calculation. They've crossed that Rubicon if you will.

They crossed that line and what happens next. Again, you can that would be speculation, but let me take something if they can have the form present arrested they would say that they believe in that.

I think they said that pre-publicly at the desk.

They want to see anyone somehow barred from running. Which by the way, I'd not sure that any legislation could do even though people are signing it because the Constitution lays out that what the requirements for running for office and not not legislation. So unless they made the concerts identified there should that's one thing but that that's moving down the road The Marshall Blackford. She tweeted a bill Hillary Clinton to $28,000 worth of furnishings is back in the 90s from the White House. Obama violated the Presidential records act. Why the FBI not raid their houses.

This is a political witchhunt to take down present Trump and added that the partisan federal prosecutions will only increase.

Now the Democrats just voted to give the IRS 87,000 more agents Mike Pompeii was her senior counsel, global affairs at the ACLJ a record else coming up next on the broadcast and when he takes off his ACLJ had. He also runs the that super pack like the present Trump so he is directly involved in the politics of this by puppetry that you think those 87,000 new IRS agents are just for show. Look at what the DOJ did last night to present Trump while at slow roles and looks the other way on how to buy if they will go after former Pres. they will go after you for goodness sake, so see that former head of the CIA made that statement if they will go after the former President. They will go after you, that's not Jordan secular, that's former CIA director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Kevin McCarthy I've seen enough, the DOJ is reached and intolerable state of weapon sized politicization would Republicans take back the house, we will conduct immediate oversight of this department follow the facts leave no stone unturned. Atty. Gen. Garland preserve your documents and clear your calendar and it's a vital threat because if they take back the house.

They will be in charge. The committees they will be the ones asking those department heads to testify before them under oath, and there will be questions on this.

So that's another important note for the November elections. I would take out one call quickly forgo the next segment letting go to John administered online five page on program. I can't believe that I agreed with Grieco on to inform on anything. But I am angry but you know what I think this is the stupidest thing that they could've done for the Democrats. I think everybody was kind of primary today in some states there are in Minnesota we have a primary today to get out and vote. Voting is a key right now but I think that this is to turn the tide away from the Democratic Party.

This is absolute Nazi-ism is what it is, is the worst of bad governments, you know it's it's what we see in the Third World is what we see in dictatorships using the institutions like use the rule of law" persecute you, and in silence your political opponents detailed receipt time to time and time again around the world. We called out in the United States but now we cross the line where we got it here so would we criticize the Chinese for jailing political opponents say is what you do in the United States criticize the Russian that's what you do with the fact persecution of Donald J.

Trump is been going on for years with a now fully debunked Russia Russia Russia scam impeachment host one impeachment host to so much more interest never is.

It's the political target at the highest levels we call the political warfare with the right to record now is our supervisor for policy, national security, but Rick at take off that ACLJ had for Moby also run the pack associated with present Trump this to be is the lot.

The line is now been crossed.

Whether the 87,000 more agents at the IRS and Lindsey Graham just called me up in Army to come after the American people, we see the targeting at a at a grassroots level. Now we have the institutions being used against a former President of the United States. The weaponization of government has been a problem for a while.

Democrats and legally unleashed it look no further than the raid on Bartolotta but also 87,000 and IRS agents to come after everyday Americans. We seem big tank and big corporations. Silence dissenting voices and this is the trouble that I see as I travel this country and something's happened to the Republican Party because first and second generation Americans are becoming Republican or becoming conservatives and the reason why it because they are the canaries in the coal mine. They have seen fascism and totalitarianism before and they don't like it. We had a problem with generation Americans and I would say largely white wealthy liberals who somehow have allowed the systems to teach our children to hate America. This is a scary moment and think by rising up I just anecdotally I have to say Jordan people in my life who are either nominally Republican or you know people who just didn't get involved in politics and also intimate to say wow I'm scared.

We got a clean this up and get a support. Donald Trump since we go there, go there goal is to have Donald Trump arrested, tried and convicted me that is the goal of the Democrats. We know that there go through to impeachments and the special counsel investigation and they been trying trying, even with the January 6 committee now. They got the rate but as you said, and I think sooner grandpa echo the same message. I think this is interesting because that's what people everybody's hearing get the same messages to is that people that may have been on the line about getting involved in or was it too divisive are now 100% behind present.

Trump and I think that that this idea is going to be as a statement.

As Americans we need to put it back into the White House. I think people see what's at stake right now. They see our country sliding away, they see homelessness. They see the rule of being trashed. They see people being canceled and it's un-American. And in people see it and so what they want to see now is the fighter there.

Realizing that if we don't fight against this. It's the slow slide toward socialism, and so they know Donald Trump is the fighter and they've already tried that throne everything Adam and I would say that all conservatives and Republicans and independents recognize the fact that Donald Trump has already been attacked and they tried to impeach him they trying to ruin his family.

There's not much left that they can do and he is still standing these site is so steady still fighting backing down to me. This is stated fact I think it encourages humanists since no one wants is to happen didn't know.

Once an FBI raid on in their properties, but I think encourage the person to say you know what I so people make America great again. This is when it I think the video release was excellent about where we are as a country right now and in the messaging there about you, but we can overcome this, we could change this week. It will take this the thing that you will when we talked about this over the it takes personalities and styles of leadership like a Donald Trump to fix these agencies because we know he he was the one killer click complain all she want about Toby was Donald Trump got rid of it paid the price for but I think would be going back into Washington DC realizing what grading the swamp.

What it entails, how you have to be prepared for them to respond and they're doing everything they can to keep them from doing that what which would be that set the Trump second term I think would be to drain the swamp show to be the major focus because this makes our country look weak. This makes us look ridiculous written to our enemies and adversaries for sure and I think you know one of the reasons why present from travels the country to do all these rallies and we see massive big rallies is to empower people is to have people who are listening to Daisy LJ radio so I now understand that if you are just listening and helping somebody else does something that you are part of the problem. To be honest, you've got to get a quit getting informed and you gotta speak out. Some people might have to run for school board. Some people at the right bigger checks people have to raise their voice on social media, but gone is the day that you get to just sit and listen in and turn the radio off and say, gosh I hope somebody is doing something about this you have to do this. I ask everybody's listening to her voice. What are you doing today to save your country because we must all fight back and that's a Donald Trump Thomas as the leader. He taught us fight back in if I can just say one little thing is that yesterday I filed a defamation lawsuit against eliminate Olivia Triana who literally took success in media and said that I regular now trying to get my parents to go to a white supremacist event and it was so cunning and I I see a lot of ugliness and attack criticism and and you know false criticisms attacked on me but this one was just crossing the line because she was inside the Trump administration and is now becoming a never Trump are I filed in Virginia accordance a defamation lawsuit against her and I think I did this because Donald Trump taught me to fight. This is a new way of operating state rickets is people at Sally's litigious and we paid attorneys for the President before throughout the special counsel investigation. The first impeachment. The fact is, when you become at the at this level and you did the attacks come at you the way they do. You have to fight back and everyone every resource you have.

So whether that's found in the lawsuit. Whether it's the politics of getting out the vote.

I mean this is got to be the wake-up call for Republicans.

What is really going to go into the primary process as it finishes up we have to come back together and unite to.

That's a very important part.

The Democrats would love to keep us divided so my candidate didn't win some. I don't really want to get up to about this should be the wake-up call to say we we've got to take back Congress and we we've got to again be prepared in 2024 for all out war pot politically.

There's no question about it and I sent it already then people see what's happening in the end yesterday just as yet another example is not the first we seen it over the last year people have been outraged, but I'm really encouraged and somebody who looks at life and and understands of the glass is always half full because we are Americans and so I'm encouraged that so many people see this. We just now getting get into the phase will we fight back the acceptance. I agree, Rick, and I appreciate you joining us as this is the point is that more people leave joy because it is a way to fight back.

Rick politically. You don't even we don't have to go to Warlick literally because we have that the ability to vote if we have if we come out clear. If we come out big numbers we went, and indeed they can't mess with it. It's a clear we can we get the numbers we gotta get United I think that I get this might be bizarrely in some ways. To me it feels like maybe that uniting moment just occurred and I and I would say that people are listening is that I believe in the ACLJ. I believe that this is a great organization that knows how to equip people and fight. So you're wondering what you can do realize that we have an amazing team that's that's on watch and when we see something that crosses the line we file a lawsuit and we take them to court. We don't just do a PR battle just to rough them up on twitter. What we try to do is stop them, the legal process to the rule of loss of join ACLJ good ACLJ.Oregon and and help us because we are here on watch, trying to find the fights Rick appreciated as always your insight is a former acting director of national intelligence for the Masters in Germany. The other says the politics to exist in the political warfare going on and in our country really continue to take your calls.

We come after break.

In fact, that's what I mostly do the final segment of the broadcast 100 684 31 10 billion. One of these it right now.

Stephen Massachusetts online. One hey Steve, I like all of the work that you're doing what legal record as President drum pad is very difficult to be. You have to prove the case of discs that you had the bad actors died in your neck and another for lunch.

Now there is no recourse here looks the government has the whip hand has the other upperhand. They say we when we went before a judge room for magistrates swore that these were the facts, the magistrate believed is there was probable cause we rule in this man's house. We got a bunch of documents that were battling over to the archives. There is this is the danger of big government folks, this is the danger of an rampant FBI and beast mode you don't have recourse you don't want to hear that I'm talented. It is no surprise. All this is coming out in matter of days of peace not IRS army of 87,000 you a just for you, the FBI, for Donald Trump, the DOJ, the entire weight of the federal government that basically is what you include the DOJ and FBI. This we gotta be ready to fight despite fight the smart way the voting booth you got to do it.

Getting your friends and family to do it and you can't forget what they have done the cross this line keep reminding them of that through voting through speaking out three and uniting minor conservative think America first is a lot to say here right now. We've all got our broadcast I want you to be on the speak out and answer questions as well. I believe that if this is cross the line were asked its political war.

When people say you know at the ballot box row. I don't know if I trust the system. You better go vote. We better overwhelm the system to the point where it's so clear the Republicans and conservatives want these midterm elections that there can be no question who want each each election are most and then again I think that this is if Donald Trump decides to run. I think you know this would be the biggest statement back to the swamp. You can make is putting it back in the White House is no greater statement they want to arrest this man that that that's been their goal. They wanted to impeach twice even once he was Artie at office and they try to have a special that special prosecutor going after special counsel going after. Try to get criminal charges against you see the show. This is what they want are you are you and let that happen to cause way hundred 684 31, two, let's go to Rick and George online to hey Rick and thanks for taking my call. I called with two statements or questions. One, you've got them addressed and that maybe want to hit him again but the first one was what were supposed to do as citizens of course were going about their I hope but I will. But then, secondly, like the Department of Justice and the FBI. There only if there is not laws or needs to be laws that they they have to answer to doing things like this that are unjust and corrupt so just wanted to perform completely. I thinks I agree with signature grades frontline agents who put their life on the line to do good work, but less luster I believe, because I also know the gym. George said that the good ones are being purged, so I don't know how much longer that last even like where we just say it's not just that the agents it's it's Washington DC corrupted the entire system and edit it it's it's again the IRS bad enough you corrupt the FBI DOJ this level you've given almost all power up so I think the number one thing we can.

It's not just vote. It's bumper stickers, yard signs, friends and family being proud of who you vote for not being ashamed that your Trump supporter that you support a back a candidate or that you vote Republican year year. Tell your friends and family are speak up about it. Are you willing to do that.

It takes that it takes more than just your vote. It takes a movement to fight back 100-684-3110 back to the phones we go Sheridan California online three Haitian party and operate their authority and date thank you like eating when or if the Republicans take back the house and will they have the political will and determination can overturn it or can he overturn effective patient and keep the three letter after that elected mechanical optic. Amtech's explicit where Lindsay Graham is right is the appropriations they can pass the idea that you have to actually give the fonts.

So what he is hoping his Republicans will take back majorities they can withhold those funds.

Thus, the IRS not be able to hire 87,000 new agents that you've authorized to hiring you that after appropriate the funds. I think Eddie that's cigarette is already got a way to tackle it. It's a way to tackle it without take before taking back the White House. That means taking the House and Senate tried its vinyl to take back the house were all appropriations and revenue raising measures start under the Constitution. Gotta start in the house and take the house and take the money away if they don't have the money they can do the nefarious things that they're allowed to do.

They can pay these people there's no money. There is no appropriation. The critical thing is to vote vote as Jordan said, vote your conscience vote. What is American put the yard signs put the stickers out.

Tell your friends do the things that the American system is designed to do and the ultimate weapon that you have is the ballot box.

We go back to the files gym in Montana online five-page of thank you so much that you kind of touched on that. That is very troubling to me as I would in public service for 31 years and and that the agents that went into this and did this basically going.

This ain't right, but were going to do it working and whatever Botha says this is a problem that is occurring in the military like like his with touched on their kicking out the good people there. They're taking that these new IRS agents that they are going to hand that they're going to hire through this new bill that they just passed are all going to be nefarious people are going to be going against us and our Constitution because we all swear to take an oath again or for the Constitution but they don't care about that anymore. This is much deeper than we know. I seek work where you go was like to join. Since there is a purge going on at these agencies. So while there still a lot of good people on the front lines that didn't risk their lives doing actual law enforcement work is not a bad act. It's not all just on the seventh floor. This also involves the entire DOJ the entire FBI we see that happen at the IRS and I would ask her say I think that where I'd only wear differs they think they are upholding the Constitution. There might this is their mind. This place is a political war you cannot convince them you can't reason he's had to beat politically if the beat them at the ballot box, and then their viewpoint somatic.

They don't have control. The DOJ and the FBI. They can't just go right raid former Presidents home with an unprecedented way that this most of us is they would explain they would come up and come on like Lindsay Graham said this is not like a normal rate criminal rate and so we have half the country say well maybe we should give you the authority anymore makes our country look absurd to the world. I want to be having act this way or talk feel this way because you see the rest of welding a hot ha ha is exactly what we like to see in America distrust of their institutions doesn't take any Russian this information just takes that Jacoby is Andrew McCabe's and and their colleagues back to phones I will go 164 3110 let's go to Jackie Pennsylvania for salon six a check. Jackie there. That drinking object letting go to payment to survey online. One final call the day. I think I'm going to return support to be public in providing history.

Yes unfortunately yes. If you go by recent history the IRS will pollute you will use the new power to politically target so don't come after I get the small business owner in red states that, and so nine had to die. That's good to be the next more conservative voter base and and again the come after middle-class voters.

That's Republican voters that could that could be a events that's who is the backbone of the Republican Party working Americans at silly yeah because I'm a history of it. I would just say yeah I was to do that if I did actually worked on those cases where they were doing to receive the content of your prayer going to keep the application I have for two or three year's reckoning tonight when I can approve it and ask you for commute access to your website. Not just at what is your website but back in so we can see everything we get the list of all their speeches that you had content of the speeches we've Artie been through this now.

They rated the former Presidents home as Mike Pompeo said if they will do that next word. Next, let's respond take action is the ACLJ we responded refinance document don't just talk that this is usually fight back ACLJ.R donate today is Pfeiffer country folks

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