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ELECTION 2024: Is Biden Out?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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July 11, 2022 5:00 pm

ELECTION 2024: Is Biden Out?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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July 11, 2022 5:00 pm

In a shocking New York Times poll, 64% of registered Democrats are saying they don't want President Biden to run in the 2024 election. Jay, Logan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell joins the broadcast to discuss the Biden Administration finally acknowledging China as a threat, long after the rest of the world. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Time span, 64% of Democrats and Joe Biden one 2020 jobs will start with where we are vertically were to get into Goshen so the New York Times know exactly publication has conducted a poll 4% within 4% of the margin of error. New York Times see the pole and this is at 849 registered voters nationwide July 5-7 so very recently, opposition to Pres. Biden running again.

This is from Democrats, 64%, but let me say that again 60, not 64%. Logan of the populace, 64% of registered Democrats are saying Joe Biden should not seek reelection. You're sitting all over the media is almost presumed that he will be the nominee in 2024. You have people like Stephen Colbert had AOC on this week and he's encouraging her to run her last week.

These are the kind of conversations that are happening that you're not used to seeing. I think the failure of the by administration is clear they know it they see their own people.

You had a million voters switch from Democrat to Republican over the last year since the last time you checked why because they know that things are going south going south very quickly and when that happens you're going to see something like this. Now I never lived in a time where the incumbent is she did not presumably get the right domination. I have what you said during the time of Reichardt Carter said it has happened recently at Jimmy Carter had a serious primary challenge from Ted Kennedy in 19 for the 1980 Presidential nomination, and almost 1 and in Jimmy Carter's approval ratings were around 33%. Joe binds to look at every all the polling data like the combined post is about 34%. What's interesting is the opposition appeared to be strongest among those under the age of 30 with an overwhelming 94% of them say they want someone else to be the nominee for how much of that is because Biden is not progressive enough as it is not progressive enough and is embarrassing these embarrassing people everywhere he goes he saying something stupid. He's repeating things like repeat alignment a carrier Teleprompter and they see this as a you see that Ukraine and UC Afghanistan using failure after failure. Plus someone who is not respected on the global stage not respect within his own country. I think it's a very logical conclusion. This will happen. I think they also look at it go. There's a darn good chance if he be the nominee he loses it so we have to put up someone else is a very interesting time.

If you're Democrat there. So my friends and I don't really know any of the who think that this Biden presidency has been a success. I think we've all seen in early year and 1/2, and it feels like 10 years early year and 1/2 and to what feels like a failed state right now only 13% of Americans believe the country is heading on the right track and we said that number again 13% of Americans feel like the countries heading on the right track that you barely in double digits there. So again in the course.

A lot of it is the economy issue and I think really big. The economic consequences of of the binder ministration policies were in it into this and where we look at how we look on the global stage right now is just not the American people aren't buying it in their having to pay for it and it's really expensive. I mean people are is breathtaking. Sometimes people are shocked and embarrassed if we were sitting the summer. Last night was like a Hollywood producer and they said like nothing changes you see a massive shift because they can afford it. People who people who are progressive understand a lot of times when there candidate gets in prices go up.

It seems to happen that way, but not like this, not where it feels out of control with this, but shootings happening all over the country evils out of control anybody. We will exert as you play.

Republicans are to blame Democrats feels like a mess.

And if you're progressive liberal and you're seeing a present.

You have a President who is a Democrat in there and there's Roe versus Wade just got a return there's shootings happening. It still feel like nothing's getting not sure if you're progressive liberal. We have to have a change because the policies that you put in place for our company and your conservative your kind on told by folks we are in a matching challenge here at the ACLJ for this month and we need your help means any amount you donate to the ACLJ we had a matching gift will encourage ACLJ.Borg ACLJ data will be right back with a few moments when he joined by Rick Cornell because if you're watching this on our social media platforms with a clip from her separate FBI director warning about Chinese smoke a joint event in London alongside the head of MI five.

MI five is the counterpart for the counterpart for the FBI.

We have Rick Rick, I want to get your impression.

First, on Christian Ray said the scale of the threat were talking about is not something that we believe we can investigate our way out of, or certainly arrest our way out of China is the most game changing of all threats in the sense that it pervades so many aspects of our national life. This coming from the FBI, FBI director even warning about this for a long time. How serious is this threat will limit value of the former acting director of national intelligence That Russia has always been a problem for anyone who tries to pretend like Russia is a bigger problem for the added eight in China, they are literally not being the intelligent China is a crisis we've known that for many years. My frustration with Chris Ray is that he's been very slow to focus on China. As you know he has put a lot of resources into the pony restaurant investigation calling Donald Trump a question asked that the FBI has literally the wrong pricing and so what I would argue is when Chris Ray says that we can't arrest our way out or we can't harass our way out or we can be proactive enough. He's wrong, of course, we can where the United States of America what we have to do is get focused on China and acted in big bold ways like Donald Trump with guilt you don't like coming out with Chris Ray's mouth and he just said this. It sounds like when they say I don't think there's ever been a time this what he says were trying is more of a threat. Okay, let's kind of a given, but then this idea that we can't you know investigate our way out of this or arrest our way out of it. What we do more with the Chinese something to me that this is again another one of these things we set the bar low so that when your interaction isn't measured against.

Must Rick let me be very clear there is a whole group of people in DC think that the rise of China into global dominate the inevitable and let me repeat that again there is a group of people who believe we cannot stop China from being the global power that they are and therefore we should work with them or manage them. I absolutely disagree we are the United States of America. We when we get focused on a problem we solve it we have a problem with China and guess what. Let me tell you, I've traveled the world of work at the UN for eight years, the world knows that the problem the Eastern European Balkan nations, the European Middle East, Africa, they know that all of the things that China comes in in the beginning to promise never materialized. They say they're going to build a project and all they do is ask for visas bring their own people and and they take the money.

Everyone around the world knows that Chris Ray seems like the last one to realize what's happening China Rick see what's going on in our own country and we come tuned out international affairs that you look at go okay try this bad vanilla doing bad stuff but right now we are so focused on it. We just retired early about the poles that most Democrats don't want Joe Biden to run for reelection you when those kind of things happen. A optic deserves development to present so you have that you feel like there is this sort of failed state mentality going on. It's hard to take your eyes and put them to China. But it kind of doesn't treat explain more impact everything. One of their loved one thing that we need to remember that we need an America first foreign policy shouldn't feel bad about that. We shouldn't feel like selfish move that the root reality in America first policy of putting rule of law.

First, democracy, human rights, capitalism, benefit all of the world that benefits our allies every country put themselves first when the strongest country in the world put the health first to to build a positive economy based around the rule of law that will absolutely be that the rules established rules enforced by the global power. We can't trust China to do that. They don't act in ways that are going to help the rest of the world. Our policies are America first policy we should be very proud of their next shellfish policy. They help the rest the world and our diplomat should be making that case around the world wide at the American Rest of the world because we established rules that are rules-based capitalism. Rule of law and sensitivity towards human rights was interesting. Rick also Chinese at huge influence or tentative on college campuses. They did and then that became public and because a person that was put on the colleges had had a back away with her Chinese partnerships and in a large a lot of state universities included so this idea that there's nothing we can do is bogus because we sing it.

If you shine light on it.

Action can be taken.

One thing that I have been pushing for a long time that I think would make a dramatic difference is that we should not allow American company more inside China to also be able to have contracts with sensitive government programs whether EOD or Intel program.

I'm not saying you don't get to work in China, but I am paying you to choose you don't get to work on tentative US programs, while also working inside China with with a requirement that the Chinese have that you have a Chinese partner share data information with that shiny partner.

That entity is then beholden to the Communist Party.

Your information is shared. I don't care what kind of firewalls you have right reality is that you do business in China. The Chinese Communist Party knows exactly what's going on and have all of your information so list. Let's do this.

Let's play Chris Ray. This is the comments he made at this conference. Take a listen and see that it's the Chinese government poses the biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security and by our timing both of our nations along with our allies in Europe and elsewhere and I want to be clear that his Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party close the threats were focused on counter not the Chinese people and certainly not Chinese immigrants in our country sure themselves frequently of the Chinese governments.

Lawless aggression in the issue then becomes a course you recognize the problem but what's lacking here is solutions Rick haughtily in their thinking, and you're listening. The FBI director Chris Ray.

Note we've known this for five years. What what are you doing you that you are the director of the FBI. What are you doing to articulate the problem. This far after the problem had taken hold is not progress, and I and if I were an income. If I were Sen. I would be hauling this guy in day what are you thinking of the dilutions.

What are you doing because he has literally commanded an agency that has told us constantly that Donald Trump was a Russian asset, and they literally classified information that would've disproven that they hid the information from the public outrage and still someone needs to go to prison. The FBI and the DOJ are not to get the credibility back until people are prosecuted for what they lied to the American public about for years.

You're heading to Albania, audience, and we pray for your trip tell us what's at stake thank you.

Well I'm going to Serbia Albania, Montenegro and Israel over the next two weeks and you know as I have guided in the private sector. Now I feel confident that the comp policies of economic development for the Balkan. It should be a priority.

That's how were going to solve problems. You know I believe that we should do everything to avoid war that made the private sector investing so that people have jobs that they department being at the forefront with tough diplomacy. We should not have war as an option constantly and so I'm going with some private equity guys to look at projects in the region. American not only America investment, but also American values to the region like it's really important and I'll finish up in Israel with SeaTac Israel Scriabin Shapiro and I are leading the delegation and it should be a fantastic time in the course of our office in Jerusalem and do a lot of work in Israel and also an international criminal courts. As you know hey folks, everything from him with word matching challenge campaigning for a lot from Rick, scope and nature of what were doing. Your support makes a huge difference. That's right right now is part of our July matching challenge means every donation you make is effectively doubled by another donors waiting in the wings to support the work is okay. You get $10 is effectively $20. The organization 20 pins 40 so I did so on do that really easily something extra you to do is go just the right of the homepage.

Big matching challenge donations doubled. Donate today click that big green button. Your tax-deductible donation will be effectively doubled the support they should charge double some again is on the other side there's a high peppers give $10 really great time to do it.

If you think about making a donation. Now is the time during the month of July. You're right under the broadcast that is don't go there.

Just donate so there's an content you check out the topic because the President signed an executive order dealing with Roe versus Wade. He did not like the decision to call the Supreme Court Rd. and he put an executive order in place yet we are to have a bite from Pres. by the freshly got it when he was making this announcement of the executive order. A lot of people started texting me a lot of calls coming thing was just me What could he actually do think there is. I think there is concern always with this stuff starts happening that just because you want to Supreme Court case which seems like should be the endgame was now a President come in and undo it is generally big. The fight continues on it will likely for the rest of our lives. So let's take a listen to Pres. Biden from this past Friday. Please. We cannot allow an out-of-control Supreme Court working in conjunction with extremist elements of the Republican Party take away freedoms in our personal time so you don't like a decision of the Supreme Court and United States another. The out-of-control Supreme Court anything about that for a moment, but then thing about this he puts in CC house with a senior counsel does a lot of these issues puts an executive order and let me read you. This is under section 3 will I and extra section for the Sec. of Health and Human Services shall, in consultation with the Atty. Gen. and the chair of the FTC, consider options to address the deceptive or fraudulent practices related to reproductive health care services, including online and to protect access to accurate information: word working to use the FTC and the Department of Justice and HHS to try to close down you guested crisis pregnancy centers and either but Carol would know about that. The HHS Sec. because he was the defendant in a case we brought with others to the Supreme Court of the United States, where he lost by using the same arguments, but they are clearly targeting the crisis pregnancy centers right and what we continue to see that at constantly. We side with members of Congress and Atty. Gen.'s asking Google to remove crisis pregnancy centers from any search that included abortion a go after these clinics. We also see it in New York where they're trying to go after the crisis pregnancy centers on because of the information that they give and this is the same type.

This is the same language on the deceptive or fraudulent practices related to reproductive health, healthcare, answer the people get accurate information, and that's always targeted to crisis pregnancy centers because the claim is they give false information which is ridiculous.

It's the exact opposite the crisis pregnancy centers are the only ones that are providing true information to pregnant women so that they can make a truly informed decision about their baby, but the idea that you unleash the Department of Justice HHS and the Federal Trade Commission against pro-life crisis pregnancy centers or women's resources centers as are called we represent a lot of them across the country and some of our staff was on the phone with them as late as last week dealing with this issue we gotta team a task force set up at the ACLJ to defend these crisis pregnancy centers from by the way, everything from violence to government overreach. But this is a sick this is in the President's executive order Logan's of this is front and center. This is just one of many I give me another one in a minute. Yeah that what is one that maybe we should all, look at me LOL that's kind of a concern. Some of these are you so a lot of them or are just words. And when there is a time when you see crisis pregnancy centers being harassed, being attacked Bob's your evil everywhere around the country tapping right now you see these protest still happening that we have turned violent. It is a concern when the President start saying things like an out-of-control Supreme Court when it went really actually if you look at how the Supreme Court has ruled other than this case, which they don't care for. It's not like it's been there supervision and the remainder Mexico is these rights are happening but because it's abortion, it becomes the number one thing, of course, now that out-of-control here is politics to. Let's play this another statement from the present Biden take a listen. We need two additional pro-choice senators and a pro-choice house to codify Roe as federal law. Your vote can make that a reality. I know it's frustrating and made a lot of people very angry chooses this is not just me saying this with the courtship when you read the decision, the court has made clear it will not protect the rights of women.. There is also a lot of people who are very upset you in front of the Biden approval rating because all we said this for decades Supreme Court some reason is never a big election.

You always think of him beating if he doesn't come up after the last time it did not come up right in the debates right. It obsoletes a lasting legacy of a presidency sure was your prayer life or the previous bill is referred to is. That's what can continue your policies going for can continue something like that. It looks like at least within your mother doing didn't unleash the power of two go after these resource centers that are trying to convey a pro-life message as if there get engage in criminal enterprise or fraudulent, deceptive practices they don't hide it. Then they want under section 3B weariness went to promote access to reproductive health care services. The Atty. Gen. again. The department justice and the counsel to the present White House counsel shall convene a meeting of private pro bono attorneys, bar associations and public interest organizations in order to incorporate courage lawyers to represent innocent patients, providers, and third party lawfully seeking the services throughout the country that look whatever they want, when I got the Department of Justice and the White House say were to coordinate this pro bono effort. This tells you where they're at right private entities. Private attorneys now they are engaging in training to how they're going to go after any state that wants to have pro-life laws and how to attack and I don't know that that's ever been done before equipment try to imagine if the President were to say we would do for border enforcement were to do was to get a meeting of private lawyers together to help on border enforcement in the left would go crazy can't do that gaping private lawyers involved in this but it's abortion so that you may think this really it was right a lot of ways it's abortion, so they think all the rules can change because what the true court said that can happen anymore.

So that's not the way it is anymore.

And that's what I was saying is when people are running that did become an issue. And now that didn't go there what you have a Democratic President. They are seeing that this ineffective you have like so help Hollywood celebrities you had a Debra Messing of it went on somewhat like she turned a blind MSA turned back she had some sheets I my entire life. I got you elected because this is I wanted you to stop things like this. What's the point of us even Hollywood trying to support a Democrat if they can't get things done. A bit like again the fundamental misunderstanding of how the law works that year and a President could do everything that's right so they think he can just rule by executive order which we've seen several prayers presence try to do, but there are three branches of government and people forget that.

So just because you get the President and that doesn't mean that the legislative branch and the judicial branch are controlled by that same President and the judicial branch is supposed to be political where we shouldn't have politics course we know we do but we should have politics in that branch.

They were simply not Bob's decision.

They were simply following the Constitution saying there is not a right to abortion in the Constitution which is correct. That's all they design into this now goes to the states and everybody's up in arms.

Here's reality. So we know now that the department just as the Federal Trade Commission and the FTC and the HHS health and human service within target pro-life crisis pregnancy. That's why they sealed it with a task force, the ACLJ anywhere in the country, we already are. Your support makes a huge difference when matching challenge this month is anything you donate to the ACLJ we get matching gift you want to look stand up to now the federal government again this executive order. Having the department justice go after crisis pregnancy center which is exactly what the planning that support the work of the ACLJ ACLJ that you donate $10 we get 20 2040.

Donate hundreds to hundreds of we encourage right now the support our work. coming up in Washington DC and attempt by federally reversing way back more American Center for Law and issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 20 $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family today. Online keeping you informed and now is a secular broadcast positive hundred 684-3110 laptop binds approval ratings down in the 30% range. 64% saying it one of Democrat someone to run again. You got that whole issue and then at the same time we talked about the threat from China that we talked about what the federal government going after crisis pregnancy centers in an executive order signed by Pres. Biden now coming up with me talking about the codification there's an attempt of the federal government level to codify Roe versus Wade numbers make it a federal law which raises almost of issues and we met up a blog up and we talk exactly about that. So if, by the way, you need to get on all of our social media platforms local people leave you want information I we got a lot of information a lot of content available.

The Odyssey always promotes supporting the work ACLJ going to the website but I try to do whatever you have to go and spend time on our website on all of her socially, platforms, and we were everywhere were on YouTube.

Rubble were on twitter and truth where we are. Everywhere you can get content. We are available on Facebook, obviously, and in Instagram we go this unique content, repost, and specifically, you'll find credible articles. Incredible video content that's created by our team each and every day to keep you informed as you see in the beginning informed and engaged with what's happening in the world around you in.

That doesn't happen. Network also does every discrete contents created without the support as well of the ACLJ so all Kayla ties back at you if you could see just be all of these walls are people that are working on the credible content here. I think you would be shocked, surprised or amazed at the quality of people to come to work your input on this incredible content and this is just a some of this one hour day.

We do here is just a very small portion of developing popular portion but still very small portion of all the things we offer you a lot of content up outlets over the phones. Let's take Richard call Logan on Richard and California are there.

God bless all you guys in a while a real pleasure to be able to ask you this question. I've been trying to find out what the right to privacy has to do with allowing abortions and and they're having a big deal here in California where they're afraid that you know this thing Roe versus Wade has been you know taking is also using his come out of the we can where the President has considered whether to make this a public health emergency and he said he's looking at whether he has the authority to do that. What impact it would have it, so just abortion access but so here's what the right to privacy was the false basis upon which Justice Blackmun Road that the right to abortion existed in the federal Constitution which was rejected by the way by people like Laurence tribe and Ruth later Ginsberg so there was never good, but that was the basis that used to now what they're doing. Ceasing addresses some of the states that going to the states constitutions and trying to read that right into the states constitutional primers. That's what's happening right now.

That's right.

And so for talk about their the right to privacy that was created like judicially created on their trying to do that now with state Constitution saying well but your state Constitution has a right to privacy, which we just saw again the Supreme Court strike all of that downside don't think I have much access that there I think this other privacy issue that your hearing about right now is they want to keep all medical records very private because they're worried about if you have a miscarriage or you know different kind of problem in your pregnancy. They don't want those medical documents then getting released to government to say oh you had an abortion in the states where abortion is legal which is again a fabricated problem its fabrication I were to take Maureen because we come back from the break. 1-800-684-3110 would be joined by Van Bennett talking about. This attempt to federally codify Roe versus Wade make it through the house. See what all that means 800-684-3110. Don't forget the matching challenge for the ACLJ and he met you donate.

We had a matching gift for Kurt is and your support will be double matched by some on another one of our donors again get the information we have were on twitter Jason at Jay Sekulow Logan Sekulow toward secular ACLJ run through same situation were on Facebook, YouTube, rumble, lot of places information course ACLJ data back with your calls at 800 684 31 to 1 800-6431 10. There's an attempt to codify the means put into wall right versus Wade. This is the new move that the pro-choice groups are making to try to get another version of federal protection. Several times I mainly seen these bills come up in Congress several times before. They've got they've been defeated. Each time if if the Supreme Court is going to say rightfully set up so that there's no constitutional right to abortion, and they're gonna try and make it into federal law that we have a team acting on that and ready to strike on that as well.

So let's go with a better director of governmental affairs in Washington right now and they give me your take on where this is immediate, what's up, what's the languages to bills when looking at yeah I'm actually glad Susie started where she did. It is an attempt that has been defeated before because what has happened now J is the House of Representatives has decided they are going to again bring up to build the main focus is gonna be on the one called the women's health protection act and like you said, it is an effort to codify to put into federal statute the standards and roasted make it a statutory right to prayer pursue abortion for Jake that goes a lot beyond that.

It also says that states cannot enact any sort of restriction or any sort of protections for women other seeking is abortion so you're talking about things like informed consent protections of the state might put in place or hospital admitting privileges or even health and safety standards J. All of that would be out the door.

If think the Congress would enact in the President would sign this bill that they're going to likely vote on on Friday procedurally J here's what can happen tomorrow. The House rules committee is gonna meet in organa put out rules to govern debate on these two bills and their likelihood going to come to the floor on Friday I J just quickly. The second one honestly, this is a messaging relative. It's a bill that says I states cannot interfere with people are trying to cross state lines to obtain an abortion. How many times have we pulled told people listening to this broadcast if Roe versus Wade is overturned is gonna make it a matter of state law. Some states are gonna permit abortion.

Other states will not or their own act restrictions and some people will cross state lines to try to seek data for downtown if there they're putting that bill on the floor of the house on the same day to try to distract from the one where they're trying to codify a ropey way into federal law. If you know what's ridiculous about that is used to make the legal statement here. I state cannot prevent a person from leaving their state to go to another state if they were trying to seek an abortion or seek to go to a restaurant for that matter, whatever it might be that's interstate travel it's protected under the Constitution, so putting that as a law now or something. We got a look at this because this may happen is nothing but a publicity stunt.

That's not reality it's smoke and mirrors.

It's totally a sham that you can travel between two states you been able to you and so it's ridiculous.

It's basically they've made this bill to say what we all know the law is somebody can leave estate and going to another state that is the law and we know that and said this is it's just smoke and mirrors. Listen to what this is what the play VP Harris's statement over the weekend.

Take a listen to this. We also need Congress to act because that branch of government is where we actually codify which means put into law the rights that can we took for granted but clearly has now been taken from the women of America, and it does have to happen and we should not allow ourselves to to minimize the significance of that which is Congress needs to. So what could happen in Congress. Let's let's go to that person. What's the next move your show last September.

The house essentially took the same boat now they've updated some of the language in light of Dobbs of the impact is the same it. That bill passed the house to 18 to 211. I suspect J the vote this Friday will be a something similar to that, but it's noteworthy that they're taking this boat again in house because they don't have to do that in the bill has Artie cleared the house what they need to do is pass it through the Senate. Here's why they're not doing that J they've tried to pass this bill twice in the Senate and CC alluded to this. A moment ago. Both times it failed and hear something I really want people to pay attention to this week as the messaging sort of rolls out the blame for that on the pro-abortion side has Artie always say, well, Republicans filibustered the bill J there were there only 49 US Senators in favor of this bill each time that is not even a simple majority for not talking about a sill of filibustered that's keeping this from passing the Senate, a majority of the United States Senate is opposed to this bill and that's why it's not being sent to the President for his signature to this oath and because people are to assess theirs with all this talk about nuking the filibuster for Roe versus Wade. Basically what they say a special limited legislative filibuster removal what what are the chances of that happening while totally on the table and we talked about on this broadcast before will say it again. They would do it if they had the votes in.

Here's cannot wear that plays out.

J every Democrat United States Senate is willing to need the filibuster in order to pass this legislation, except for Joe mansion and Kiersten cinema when it comes to the substance of this bill.

There are actually two Republicans that are willing to join Democrats on a narrower version of Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski now J that the math is very difficult for leader humor to work together, but I'm telling you, if you could come up with some combination of 50 votes to new to filibuster in a limited capacity for this issue and then use a different combination of 50 votes, maybe with a couple Republicans to pass a codification of row, maybe a little bit narrower than this. Bill J, he would absolutely do it. I don't want people to take their eyes off the ball.

I don't think the Senate has the votes right now working to make sure that this is still front and center at the real ramifications are known to the centers it would take me taken those of its rights really excited that Roe got overturned by think there is a concern look were talking about all of these legacy pieces of the show you the there is always going to be this not always, but at least during his presidency. If you like and maybe until the terms. A something hanging over going to strip this could change rapidly in our team needs to understand and are people who listen to the show need understand that that just because there was a big victory Supreme Court, which obviously was that this could quickly be undone and that is scary while in notebook she she brought this up were talking before you miss a true Planned Parenthood said that only 3% of the business was abortion right then ask yourself this question why the closing of clinics all over the country, which is 3% of your business. It's absolutely true business that's very telling. I'm like okay, really, truly, what you do abortions is 3% of your business. Just because you can't get abortions in the say what was I mean you still have 97%. You know how I'll say to you when when Levinson you know we can't stop.

I was flying back from Washington DC and I was standing next to one of the leaders in Planned Parenthood of course she had no idea who I was, but she was strategizing. They were on the move. She was fine from the East Coast to the West Coast and conference calls. You don't think were defeated there in a fight fight fight and we have to take the biggest fundraising month they've ever had short because for them. This is real and thin you you deal with Planned Parenthood and their more activated now than ever. I will deftly more activated. Certainly in Washington DC and today I would say it spread across the country. Now when you talk about Planned Parenthood facilities that are closing in states that have passed these laws.

I mean, that is exactly why were engaging in all 50 states. Both both states that are restricting abortion and ones that are J because it really shows the fallacy of what they are about to me know if a woman comes in seeking a genuine healthcare and not abortion services in almost every case, what happens that one, they get referred somewhere else because in most cases, those facilities don't even have the machines to provide the service that that that woman is seeking.

So again that's why were engaging the state laboratories because that's where the debate has moved the look Logan's correct it could very very quickly come back to the federal level.

It is this week J so we can take our eye off the ball there either.

Let's go and take Jerry's call. This is interesting little giving I got married in Rhode Island earlier jury hello, what about Bill ignorant people.

What is what the leak on the Supreme Court. Now the road by the wayside.

I doubted I think they probably my guess is they probably know we did it the probably taking action. I'm guessing because the end result was the decision that was leaked was very close to the final decision affect really the only difference was the final decision had it. It response to the dissent right now is the they've truly the only addition was. They had to address the dissent's opinions. By now it doesn't.

That doesn't change the fact that there was a leaker and it was illegal. What should still be I don't know if working for care anymore about it as an independent branch government without intimidation. What they were. They ran the justice Cavanaugh attempted to run them out of Morton's steakhouse in their paying groups are getting paid to give tips when they find this report justice yeah exactly and you see the serve dock thing about his organizations that even say quite everybody without just like okay for me.

Again, this is very low level protesting from a completely honest living out itself, is it something Morton's who put out a statement saying hey we just don't want our customers harassment or what political side you're on your restaurant please leave us alone have the right to protest and when they said that then Morton's got flooded across the country to shame with fake reservations so that in theory they were booked. Therefore, no one was coming in the money was coming through so that kind of thing is what happens and continues to happen is you get it sorted the new form of protesting that essay always in the streets. Not to say, always in your face, disagrees. What you do that to figure out a way to cause you financial or physical harm family got a standards legislation the people need understand that just a matter of hours. Rules committee meets tomorrow.

J the vote will be on Friday and if it passes again and will be back in the United States and it's a will stay engaged in the fight.

Folks, we need your help for the matching challenge campaign logos let you know what you can vote for this is a really important time to stand with us.

Yeah, I'll remove what Rick's phone calls.

Can you call 1-800-684-3110 if you want to be on the air for the work in the ACLJ effectively alternations are doubled.

Right now some amazing members ready to match your donation. That's it., $10 and 20 so on and so on one segment of the broadcast. Something interesting here so we'll talk economy for little bit and I know if you want talk to so that by the way, when 864 3110 gas prices, food prices, it was blame all this on Vladimir Putin. That was the Biden team. They were out they were messaging that presents that it vice President said it. This was Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine's causes. Now they're saying it's the Republicans are to blame for the economic prop problems we redo this Tweet this is from present Biden put it up on the screen. Republicans are doing nothing but obstructing our efforts to crack down on gas price gouging lower food prices lower healthcare costs.

Hopefully soon, lower your prescription drug cross because this is not right and that's why this election is going to be so darned important so they turn it now from Vladimir Putin Harry to Republicans and I think if they were relatively competent, they might actually get away with it. J.

Voltaire has said that if you can get people to believe an atrocity in I'm sorry and absurdity. It opens the door to atrocities now Pres. Biden who was consistently blamed Russia for high gas prices and inflation that exceeds a 40 year high is blaming Republicans. This is absurd. Even CNN has rightly suggested that Biden's latest maneuver blaming Republicans for his own failures is simply horse manure, virtually no American, with the possible exception of America's mental patients believes Pres. Biden's claims.

Nevertheless, he keeps speaking and he keeps digging a gigantic hole for himself. Keep in mind. Pres. Biden counseled pipelines, counseled oil and gas leases and subsisted on an inflationary vaccine mandate that now deprives hospitals of essential personnel and airlines of pilots. This drives up costs, and he knows it.

At the same time. Of course he's given $45 billion to Ukraine. Pres. Biden has imposed sanctions on Russia that are backfiring on the American people as the Russian ruble continues to rise and so to add to all of this incompetence. What is the President now doing he is selling oil to China so we've moved from Mayor incompetence to malfeasance and I think the American people should be prepared to react peacefully to this level of misconduct. Both are done.

As it turned it into a election issue. First was blame the Russians out by the Republicans. The fact is blame their own policies.

You close down the pipeline as Harry said, you put some restrictions on oil and gas producers domestically in the United States were energy independent of any of writing the threat letter saying why are you doing this and how much money did you make last year but they're also savoring the fossil present 3 to 5 years only.

Every one of the greatest things that can happen for them was forever swayed to be overturned to lease they have something they can campaign on banks really love it does. Right clothing say they had something they can talk about. That's just purely fact you look at get the approval ratings we this morning.

We talked about beginning of the show of you look at it.

Specifically, it is that people don't even want have Democrats don't even want Pres. Biden to be the nominee. Next time around you. Gavin Newsom essentially running for President right now in the state of Florida pretending it's an ad for Gov. we all know it's not not really an ad for this bill paid for by his reelection campaign. We all know it's already him starting to target big swing states like Florida and go after people like Rod DeSantis so it's an interesting time in politics because again they are seeing everyone sees, blood in the water. They see it.

If you are conservative because you now have an opportunity to midterms to really change the shape of it you see it as a liberal. If you are looking for a time to shine and you want to go at it W Rod Arab nonsense was a Gavin Newsom was was recalled and you now have is the champion values the champion honestly all be honest with ourselves. Brilliant market is good marketing. It is to be running these ads in getting to his own true social no posting is bright eyed. I disagree with him on hundred percent of his political positions annexing San Francisco crumbles of thank you Gov. sub but you can't help a look at it go.

This is the kind of creativity. This kind of initiative. The people he be looking at it, saying I don't know who is running his campaign but is very interesting and you start looking for specifically to respond running the same bed as I further California as far left as you can possibly imagine or think the election was tomorrow they would vote for Rod DeSantis over your bike is, at least he's consistent lease they think he believes what he what he actions that fail. He's a puppet that's up there been controlled by far left that he wasn't a part up until six days ago right is going take some phone calls. Let's go to Sally's calling the state of Florida Sally earlier in order for evil in our country. I don't see anything when you're in either the House and the Senate are controlled by Democrats. The White House is controlled by the Democratic Party Democrat party so the reality is you couldn't it's 50-50 in the Senate so you can you can kinda do some blocking maneuvers. But the reality is, and this is just the political reality they know that they got a limited timeframe here and that is by November, unless something radically changes the Democrats are winning the house and there's a chance that the Democrats get a been a Republican bring out the poems maybe get the Senate is a chance of the sentence we close from the Senate for the house can be overwhelming, but when you're not in the party in power.

When you minority party.

You just Harry very limit what you can do.

I think that is true, but he also would say that I think the caller makes a very important point, and that is the Republicans need to craft a constructive agenda a coherent cohesive agenda to basically highlight the missteps of the Biden administration cc ran for Congress in your Scotsman well but in Los Angeles 10 years, but why was election of consequences and policies of those elected officials have consequences, and that's what this is, absolutely. We can't, we have to see that November changes we have to see the people that care get out and vote and that you do elect people that if you're conservative, have the same conservative values and will actually stand up for them once they get elected right and I see people have of them probably see a lot of the mainstream Democrats on the air on their on both sides the political spectrum in terms of cable news outlets are online social media doesn't like a ton.

The Republicans have been a bit quieter, a bit more reserved in this as they try to kind of get themselves ready for November, ready for November and figure out what's going to happen to me. I do agree with our union. We need more than just Lindsay Graham out there make it a stir, and saying something that I mean it it it is interesting because it is.

Pretty popular pretty muted right now mean pretty quietly say something to put them out they are. I also think they really need to think constructively about the whole situation in the Ukraine because that is a situation that has really backed by your were to think on the American people with sanctions that are helping to drive up American price all right.

We have 50 seconds left as limited as people do this. We talked about a lot of topics that I need for one of our PPC is broadcast five days a week and you'll see all the people behind this glassy better help make your support of the ACLJ makes all of this here in the United States and literally around the globe where the matching child very important month. July is a big month for us. Go to the amount you donate working at a matching your forwards at me with a group of donors.

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