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How God Reunited a Birth Mom and Her Son

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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September 9, 2022 6:00 am

How God Reunited a Birth Mom and Her Son

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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September 9, 2022 6:00 am

Nina Hendee and her son Kyle share their inspiring story of how God removed obstacles to reunite them nearly five decades after she had placed him for adoption at birth.

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My area where I administered how young women are 43 year talk to them about why even when it hard, God is God and he honored Troy. That's nine the Hindi describing own unplanned pregnancy is given her a platform to share faith and pro-life values today on focus on the field you're more of Mona's remarkable story, and how God orchestrated the union between this birth mom and her son for you, usually your hostess focus presidents and other Jim Daly and Doug Johnson. John this is a remarkable story and a great reminder of how God answers prayer. Even when we don't know all the details about who or what were praying for God is faithful and I'm so excited about our guests in their powerful pro-life message that we all need to hear in a short time ago. We met with nine handy and also Kyle Polson in the studio nine a and her husband Ed are the owners and operators of the taste of Texas restaurant in the Houston area of the Hindi's are very active in their community. They have a large family with four grown children and 12 grandchildren.

Kyle is commercial real estate advisor and investor for Transwestern in the Fort Worth area of Texas and serves as a board member and coach for a number of local organizations.

Kyle and his wife Aaron have two children and I Jim, here's how you start the conversation on today's episode of Focus on the Family say welcome to both Lori smiling from ear to ear because I know this is going to end well. It's such a great story in mind, let's start with you. The year was 1971 just a couple years before Roe V Wade, but like with my mom.

I was born in the 60s and my mom in California was encouraged because she was 42 that she could get an abortion because of her age and was my dad. My alcoholic father who talked her out of that and so take us back to 1971, and what was happening in your life. Well I went to junior in high school and Christmas I found myself pregnant and to junior high school senior and feel of a 16 and was terrified. I gripping the amazing family family of faith that in 1971. You did not get pregnant. It was unheard quite the social stigma and summative sensation when I realized that I was pregnant. It really was life changing. I need the Lord loves the Lord and standing in my front yard going into talk to my family.

I made the decision that I would choose lots there is something your mother said to you that I saw as we prepared for the program today which really was amazing what did your mom say to you that was kind of the statement. It really what she said he did not cover a mistake with tragedy you choose life right boy that's that's the thing we and so many other Christians have talked about for so many years, especially since Roe V Wade because life is the better choice. You were sent to a school back again and 71 where young women went to have their babies and describe it for me what what that was like they were very common 60s and 70s that were homes for unwed mothers, saying you live there you went to school. The area had counseling you had all your classes all of your support whets they earn you live twin affecting probably 40 young women that were in the same situation as young as 14 and as old as 21 and so I was there from January until Kyle was born 19 in the context of the counseling that was provided to you again. It was good but you know pretty rules-based. I guess sphere spec says you you were told legally that an adoption was closed.

They prepared you for surrendering your child and time adoptions were completely closed in this country from I think about 1965 to about 1972, 73, yet no way to open an adoption school.

Don on the rule right and what that meant for those that may not have been through the adoption process is that the you have no way of knowing where your baby is going who's adopting them your encouraged and never contact your child ever in the future. That is a closed adoptions and that's what they school due on is this is what's going to happen and in school that it would be detrimental to the child because they were placed in really wonderful family and given a lot of reasons why you could not reach in that context. One of the things that occurred. The point of birth is that the baby would come into this world and be swept away in most moms would never have a chance to hold the baby, etc. it just was complete separation right from that point but you had a little different experience and I was in the hospital, was born and they didn't even want you to know if it was a boy or girls have the behind the Drake way and the baby was taking way and the day before I was released from the hospital nurse brought Kyle into my ring and that was against all of the rule's in this amazingly compassionate woman walked in and placed. My child in my arms. I had spent the past six months, praying over my child and for 20 minutes. I got to hold him and love him and pour out my desire for his life. Pray over my baby knowing that I'm never seen again. Most likely would most likely never see and poured out my heart to him but to the Lord. Father God give this child the life that I cannot provide 39. I want just before you, Kyle. I just for you to express the anguish that you're going through. I just think for women was so good that it was a struggle is an incredible struggle because mothers love their children. It doesn't matter your H you love your children, and the anguish is D that the Lord was present. I knew the Lord love the Lord and that is where I learned to pray and to pray without ceasing to pray nonstop for him, which I did and I prayed for his entire life very specific things for his life.

Even though you had no contact with no content did when we called the that baby because I had no way of knowing what his life left side. Of course we would pray over him, child, man all these years later you're born obviously and 71 and the you grew up knowing you were adopted you had wonderful adoptive parents.

You can talk about that. I'd like to hear about that. They were Christians and they took you in, how special did you feel being adopted. Yeah, I think.

I think a lot of adopted kids may feel different, and I felt special and I had my mom would always tell me and I had an aunt that can explain it.

I was picked chosen as little kid. You just can't felt special men's family wanted me yeah Mary Jo your adoptive mother.

She had a wish for your life.

What was I wish she will. She always wished every year, my birthday suit crying get very emotional into cell wish your birth mom could see you and be party life that was it was until she died she would tell me in front of my wife and kids and other people that she really wanted me to find her and it was just more I respect to my mom and dad to not do that while they were here and that's the reason you hesitated at first to reach out to nine your birth mom sitting right next to you. That was kind of a gut check for you to wait until you felt a little more at ease with it. So a good way to say yes for sure it was. I prayed about it and it just when the right time is fine after my mom passed away in November 2016 I prayed about it, prayed about it and then I with some help some family friends. I went to the Pelton, the adoption agency just to see what the process would look like in a startup process and that was it was tough even get in the door. The first thing they said after met with a sweet lady there is. It was a close adoption. She sat down with me and said it's closed there's records in here you're never gonna find her.

This is 1971 and she is but I think she thought my intentions were pure. She is the last your last step is to go to the courts and I can tell you is this court hundred 57 court Houston she's you can check with them. She is, but don't get your hopes up.

This is this is not gonna work out so she did give you a little mustard seed.

Hope all is far obviously it was enough was enough, you followed up on that right. I did help did you feel like God was saying this is a good thing to do were even considering what the Lord might want in this how to that discussion go at that point I was pretty determined to lease go to the next step and that was a dead in it was a dead end.

And I've got one around the Lipsey and it was done, I said Sir it's it's closed. We can give me anymore records and I just happened to look at the judge's name of the court and knew a family friend and I called family members and said listen, I think your your uncle or your cousin is the was the judge in my docs records and would you call me just say I'm not crazy and I don't want I don't have any bad intentions. And this is not o'clock at night in an hour later he's an open records while after that in dead in dead in the night I had another break in the light, suck call one of my sons classmates mom to the private investigator said were real close as Alisa hears this file to redacted adopted this.

What I found this with the court gave me and I can't find anything and she was crying. She was so happy to know the whole story and she does want to get on it. An hour later, 503. She calls and says nine. A Hindi is your mother.

She lives in Houston. She's married and gave me she's crazy so security numbers and what our number every address.

They lived in since the set house.

All the kids, aunts, uncles, and she spit it out so I was overwhelmed at 503, October 30, and so I was just trying to process nothing okay she's alive. She's not living under a bridge. She's got this amazing family so I dispose restaurant on the restaurant that I went into as a kid. Oh my goodness while we lived in Houston when I was a kid in the taste of Texas was a mile from my house on my goodness.

So several times. This is a reveal, our family would go to the taste Texas for special occasions and for dinners. She probably sat our family several times. Is that something that's kind of jaw-dropping the think you probably had contacted and didn't even know it. You know you're related nine a let's go ahead and have you describe for us what was happening in those intervening years praying. But what is the Lord doing in your heart, praying without ceasing is how I am at prayer warrior.

I pray daily and I pray in order and pray, thanking God praise left for me and asking God to search me and know me and I move down the list for my suite had spent to the baby that we prayed for for 48 year's and that it prepped for its husband has Fetzer Lazar it is that I had a tender heart fact when he met you that something that he loved about you to describe that because it sounds like that could be a little hiccup in your relationship. You would think that it with the heck think that he is a remarkable man. On our second date.

I explained to him that I had surrendered a child for adoption several years before and he let the he loved the story he loved knowing who I was at this and say we prayed that sounds like the heart of God doesn't have PES and they were getting messaging there, but it's about how to move forward. That's how do we bring God into the situation and God's sight to do immeasurably more. We would never even thought that this reunion could happen to touch again on understand overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame that you still am in you had to have the courage to even say to your boyfriend at the time). Second date that time with so hard and there was such a set shame associated with an unwed pregnancy, but I never really felt because God said I happy terrified young woman and God said right here. Just be faithful.

I was at. I always had peace about my decision to surrender, and not just covered over covered over with mercy. My life when I thought of the baby.

Thought of him with chewing for 48 years. This is Focus on the Family with Jim Daly and her guests today are nine a Hindi and Kyle Polson their describing how God orchestrated their reunion after 48 year separation.

It's remarkable and this is such a wonderful pro-life story about a birth mom's courageous decision to rescue her pre-born baby from abortion. Focus we want to encourage and help girls and women like nine who might be dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, and we hope you'll join us in the effort and support our program option ultrasound which is saving babies and transforming lives, we can tell you more about option ultrasound. When you call 800-232-6459. That's 800 K in the word family or check the program notes for more and now let's go back to the conversation with her guests at a point where Kyle was deliberating how and when he would contact nine so I called the Pilch and Jesse indoctrinated the adoption agency and I said I found her and she Joni was very sweet and said listen, you have to tiptoe through this. This is, she said I would encourage you writing a letter so it's nonthreatening and you did on her terms. Aguilar wrote a letter and I still was very sensitive that I didn't want to blow her family up. I didn't want to upset her. I wasn't trying to change your life but isn't so I was trying to get this letter right where I'm kind of getting her very comfortable with where I came from my family, friends, and I wasn't out after money. I didn't want her to run her life and even like a we could have the secret is want to meet you. Very nonthreatening to say thank you and so I wrote one version. Let my wife see it but one or two people see it. I waited 30 days prayed about it change and stuff than I bet. I had 25 versions of letter so we opened the letter. I opened the letter on the morning of December 16 and this is 2019 2019 and came in from the jam stack of mail December mail and there is a letter on the top kids had personal and confidential, and I opened it and it said my name is Kyle Polson and I believe you are my birth not okay. You gotta tell us the emotions right there connects. I had prayed for the baby in the weeks before just constantly just got kept bringing the baby to my heart and and here came the letter so it the letters three pages and I quickly scanned it and turned to the back pay and completed it. The letters sad. Thank you from and for 48 years. Content of firm Kyle slides and when I thought of the baby. I had such peaks because of chasing Indian cats head and here he's one of the sweetest moments ever. So I flipped to the back page and there was a phone number and I ran for my telephone to calling any didn't pick up is a busy guy called the 7 o'clock in the morning.

Well, and he called back and I was able to say I have waited for this day for 48 year.

I can imagine that conversation.

The first moments of her.

She she answers the phone and says I've been looking for you for 40 years. While there I think when you look at it. The story of even the way that unfolded Kyle with the Lord's fingerprints all over this. It's obvious that he wanted the two of you to connect and for the I guess.

As Paul Harvey used to say write the rest of the story to be known when you look at it now just the ideas are so much tragedy in the world today because of abortion because, in part nine of the stigma is not to give your child up for adoption.

We've done some research on that in a lot of women would prefer to terminate the life of their child and give that child life even if the child adopted speak to that very specifically if you would. I mean there might be women right now listening.

Yes, even in the church who are considering abortion because they they don't want to go through the shame of having a baby or separation. What you prayed for 48 years not knowing what's happened to that child, but it's far better to choose life.

Every time that separation from the child is devastating, but the dynamic changes when the Lord is sent. Knowing what I know about the Polson theme line help.

They loved Kyle they provided a light for him that I could not possibly provide I knew and loved the Lord and life was the option and I never regretted but it is safe very hard decision and we've had countless adoptees and surrendering parents that have come to us in the months since we were united to say how do we navigate this. This is such a tough decision, and even said that they were the perfect parents.

They were the perfect parents Jim if we could line parents up 100 families and interview them and know their hearts. You would've picked the Polson family well is a great case and how amazing is something we do here. Focus we really promote adoption, especially out of foster care. But for those women who are struggling at the pregnancy resource clinics. You know that we do and as a country we do about a million abortions every year and from what I understand there's about a million couples seeking to adopt infants. I mean we just need to connect the dots and I pray for that often that that will happen in your unit exhibit a day of the goodness that comes from that decision, even though there were such great separation between you for so long, but how the Lord has allowed that to occur for you to to come back together for your extended families to get to know each other. Maybe that's a good place to end with Telus about the extended family connections.

Now you've met brothers and sisters. I got a whole new family, aunts, uncles, sisters Anna and friends, and it's just been overwhelming. The amount of support. Once we kind of presented this.

The amount of calls, emails, Texan is been great to go to the restaurant more often and I do accept taste of Texas. I think were getting it. I think it really is a taste of heaven. That's over here and what a beautiful story. Nine and Kyle meant. Thank you for coming on ensuring this amazing story and praise God that it worked out so wonderfully beautiful.

What a powerful position in the Kyle Polson sharing the remarkable story of my nose unplanned pregnancy and how she made an adoption plan for her baby boy in the 48 years later reunited with Kyle 48 years. This really is a story that touched my heart and I'm so thankful for nine's decision to choose life or Kyle. That's the best choice today. They are a shining example of God's provision and grace for all of us to see the Lord cares deeply about each life that he created as some 139 says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well and that's why Focus on the Family is continuing the battle to transform hearts and minds toward a pro-life perspective that were not in battle with anybody. We just know this is the truth of God's heart were so grateful for the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe versus Wade. In the United States but abortion is still very prevalent in the US and around the world. So we need to stay committed to showing God's love to women and their babies, giving them hope and the resources they need to choose life like nine a did please partner with us as we speak up for life support operation ultrasound where we provide ultrasound machines and training and other resources to pregnancy resource centers, many of which are working in those states that continue to support abortion. Yet those sinners are great and wonderful news is it takes just $60 to save a baby's life. That's right, John, we've done the math we have studied this over the last 1415 years.

When you invest in optional ultrasound, we determined that a gift of $60 will rescue one pre-born child. I can't think of a better investment than that. So please consider a monthly pledge of $60 to Focus on the Family today over 12 months. That's 12 babies that we can save together every year or whatever you can afford any gift, even a one-time gift will help empower women and girls to make the right decision about life. Donate today when you call 800-232-6459 or stop by the show notes for the link Jim. We should also let everyone know about the new life Mark movie that's coming out in theaters today based on a true story of a reunion between the birth mom and her grown son very similar to what Kyle and nine experienced our good friend Kirk Cameron stars in the movie and will post details about life Mark at our website. The link is in the show notes what we hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and your church family as well and please join us on Monday for insightful conversation about keeping your emotions in check out how to make thought that taking down that path that The superiority that path of condemning other people. I just have to think like that… On behalf of Jim Daly and the entire team. Thanks again for listening to Focus on the Family I'm John Fuller inviting you back. As we once more help you and Your Family Dr. in Christ from the kindred brothers creators of war room and fireproof comes life. Mark, when David Colton's birth mother unexpectedly reaches out leads to a staggering truth from his past. Always wondered if my biological parents think about me. She left you.

So glad that she made the choice that she inspired by a true story life. Mark join Kirk Cameron Alex Kendrick 13 so materially you downplay,

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