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Gruesome Newsom Invokes Christ for Evil Law

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 20, 2022 1:44 pm

Gruesome Newsom Invokes Christ for Evil Law

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 20, 2022 1:44 pm

California Governor Gavin Newsom launched a series of pro-abortion ads in multiple states across the country. If that wasn’t evil enough, he invokes the Bible, Holy Scripture, in the ads to justify the killing of unborn children. Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team have a lot to say about these disgusting displays. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Bruce Newsom thinks Christ for evil law keeping you informed anybody. Now this is what I hear from you would be Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, or Oklahoma because you see ads that say abortion California is ready to help were born If you look at the small print. Some of these ads, you would see Mark 1231 love your neighbor as yourself. There's no greater commitment. These paid for by Newsom for California governor 2022.

Yet, let me remind you, these ads are in Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. So far the invocation of Scripture Mark 1231 love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commitment than this when Jesus said this is the greatest commandment love your neighbor as yourself. The golden rule. That is what Gavin Newsom is invoking for imaging in the states that he has nothing to do with for abortion access to California. In other words, he is utilizing Scripture to justify the killing of unborn children and only part of the Scripture.

The first part of that is love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. He leaves that out and then invokes the second part of love your neighbor as if trying to protect baby from being killed is not loving your neighbor so complete in left side span. Once again the abortion distortion not sticking up for the life of the baby being pro-life is not not loving your neighbor. Let me in the fact that the use of the uncomfortably figure this out politico politically.

What does he think this helps and why is he doing. Obviously he's planning on running against Joe Biden rehab that's for reported widespread even today that's been widespread lot of liberal news outlets are saying he is a 100% in. If Joe Biden is out with your buns and Ted Kennedy that ran against Jimmy Carter. They have been successful now so you be putting a lot of smutty spending and you'd wonder that beer shot and then you get pushed over the next time he is definitely where the part. The left wing of the party is going to say see you. So with it. Middle-class mobs will like and so they won't listen to how liberal he and his policies are.

But this is a guy if it's a collective forceps is Colbert which way was for golf. So put up and out of touch with American values put this up on the screen for awnings and watching the social media application so this what it says to the river really wants needed abortion? Picture book probably up about 20-year-old a woman.

California is ready to help. Learn then it says love your neighbor as yourself. There's no greater commitment than these. Mark 1231 paid for by Newsom for California governor 2022, which he is the governor is using his campaign funds to do this. This is the same California CC that tries to close pregnancy resource centers and make them refer for abortions.

California is definitely the abortion one of the abortion capitals. I think New York definitely could be another one abortion in California governor Newsom has made. He's a very apparent and upfront with his protection of abortion in his press release in and he said here's my message to any woman seeking abortion care in these anti-freedom states come to California. We will defend your he says constitutional right to make decisions about your own health. When Dobbs clearly states that the right skill. Your baby is not a constitutional right. Abortion is not in the Constitution but governor Newsom is still claiming that it is, you know, here's the here's the thing. It's bad enough that they take the set us free country to take out ads is bad enough that the promoting abortion is horrible.

What makes it even worse. Invoking the words of Jesus to justify this disgusting that's all I take your calls on this 1-800-684-3110. I know we've got a lot listeners in California meet one of our biggest markets because audiences what your reaction to this others as well. 800-684-3110 is Fort Worth ACLJ that's want to take your calls to 100 684 31 tenure you read the fine print these ads you don't suspect to fight. Expect to find a New Testament Bible verse that is what you find in these as 1-800-684-3110 secular.

This integrity with out of Georgia were to get to that later in the broadcast record tells us you be joining us later. The broadcast we did want to focus it on this and put the ad up on the screen again, even when you put up on the screen to pick out where you're watching how you're watching the show with your list to the show but the big text is needed abortion? California is ready to help. Learn

They did very small text for anything. However, this is running whether to banner ad whether to billboard. There's a Bible verse and obviously put there to cause this issue. Mark 1231 love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment than these, and that underneath that you will see paid for by Newsom for California governor in 2022.obviously you are see ads about going to get abortion California California so right now where they running Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. My question is this.

With those states is really looking up at that and said that Bible verse that encourages me to want to go get the abortion events it to me. It's almost like a slap in the face of people take the race it seriously and also maybe you think twice before abortion would revive her slick head I would think so and so probably backfires, but the fact that they used it any spitting like this that's was only between an interesting South Dakota. We just got word that October 1840 the argument before the eighth circuit Court of Appeals, a pro-life piece of legislation that after Dobbs's should be item surprising, but having argument on informed consent so we got that going on October 18 but you have to look at this and saying this is the depths to which the pro-abortion industry and I'm putting Gavin Newsom in that industry. The depths to which they will go to get their way and get their message out, but then the Bible verse two does at a level of insult, it just us and I think that's that was probably the intention all along. Now California once again he's governor Newsom is not content to just be governor of California. He's going to take his liberal beliefs and spread them into the more conservative states that have decided on their own that they are to protect life and protect the life of the unborn baby and in a government governor Newsom can't stand, that's a he's Panini's billboards up in those states and again like he said, using a Bible verse.

It's offensive to me as someone who reads the Bible and believes in it and I hope that it does backfire, and it's offensive to people. This is also coming out of the governor of California. California is the state of New York that is gone.

The Ferguson allowing abortion rights, including the perinatal issue that we discussed so many times, but there also the state that is trying to regulate out of existence regarding take it to the Supreme Court Nazis in one once, but the person that was trying to regulate the crisis pregnancy centers pregnancy resource centers are now called the guy that was doing that is now the Sec. of HHS. So this is the most hostile state in the Chi would say New York and California be our language one, but California is certainly even more in-your-face than New York right now with his ad and that Bible verse nine and they're trying to spread their pro-abortion stance across the board across the United States. If you live in a in a state now that doesn't that believes that she should protect them. The life of the child and the Lamb in a governor Newsom has now targeted you and is coming after you and the perinatal law that we have fought the whole time in California on that lot right now it has passed and it's sitting on his desk, waiting to be signed and if he doesn't sign it before the end of the month, it will become law and California will not be able to investigate deaths of children after they are born is that is that is so absurd but this tells you the level to which they will go to get to a particular calls at 1-800-684-3110. We want to know your reaction to this ad in this move by California's governor, 1-800-684-3110 coming up in the next segment's door and said they went on election integrity was could take the next cauldron reader I reads comment on YouTube. Should she should he should be very careful in mocking God, and I think anytime you invoking Scripture you better be sure Scripture is on your side and you don't doesn't thought because we get willy-nilly with it which is what this analysis is that yes this is just political subs that assailants drove us on the ad to get more attention right. He wants us to be talking about right now so that's part of his.

His goal doesn't like the way were talking about it but he also leaves the leftist document is provocative. I think when you start playing with the Bible verses to be provocative better make sure you're right because I get your you're messing with a much higher power than governors or Presidents or leaders of the world and to me it also is trying to read again like take back the abortion debate to the Protestant church which it used to cut if suited as a place where widows pro-abortion. It was that was actually not in conflict with Scripture limits at think that's exactly to hunting Nancy's close call from California were taken. Others at 164 3110 Nancy go ahead on the bottle from California on April 25 Mary on guilt campaign."

You can kill somebody into believing like they have to get a life. In order to fulfill Scripture. I need my and had everything falling away from the church going well. PRP BLM land you wanted everybody to get back the people lined up Cory, do you think they could get work.

I think the Scripture which is Jesus is the greatest commandment love your neighbor as yourself.

There is no greater commitment than these is that those were the words of Jesus and this guy is governor is using it. You want to say which one said I believe is using this at his own peril. I think I'm not. I'm not saying the wrath of this is rather that I'm just saying it is a nasty heightening of this issue. Pictures that will go at any length to put forward their view on this right and and right in the face of the Bible and the word of God and like you said these were Jesus's words and the fact that he's putting this thing on a billboard to same kill your baby which is completely against anything a Christian believes and the Lord believes life is precious and should be protected, it's just it is flying in the face and there is a higher power here and he does need to be concerned about how Jordan knew this was no accident. Let's think about it.

They put it they thought about this before they put it on that yapping. This is a political ad so it's paid for.

This was a paid for by the state of California. Lorddislike involved in it say to that of the right, but here what he did was he took his political campaign recount what she's been doing uniquely around the country and why is he doing that to build a national profile you what Gavin is supposed to be a name was a pretty big day begun for California but he wants to be a name, and considered in the top of the already jumps to like the top of the field. He's like a DeSantis in the sense that he is kind of a major state governor who, on the left like to say to those of the right makes a lot of news right were pretty radical policies for the left. So throw the Bible verse in their I think again it's it's tried to reshape the issue. I think it's very dangerous. I think it would backfire. Most of the states were his writing this like in Indiana and Mississippi because I don't think he was reading the Bible to say go out and intentionally taken a life. No. But you know it's interesting because this is a legal point that this coming information on YouTube and ES on can use campaign funds to do this to help the campaign funds can be a pretty broad where they can be used when you have to ask yourself what is the registry with the states and of course why what it does this have to do when you do a lot of that law.

What is accepted with his campaign other than his building is national profile that's right for his next campaign as long as you is not violating any California law by spitting outside of the state, which I'm sure is that teams lawyers and make sure that's case and register the right way in the states. You could utilize the funds this way them.

Most political candidates would say why are my daughters really okay with it is obviously are ready for him to take the next step.

They want him to be considered to be the front runner to be the Presidential nominee if Joe Biden does not rot. I think people saw that CBS interview they think is pretty good chance the sky does not make it to a second term) from ascetics that we allow call from California immediately hundred 6430 with the let's take a Genie online to Jenny, go ahead and perspective callers that want to encourage only color and is on listening anywhere in California pastor is not stepping up at the pulpit and calling without urge you to think the pastor of the church and in the church that the colonists got out. I just think that that the church is leaning silent on for far too long we thought Nazi Germany. I don't think the church is the receipt of the said Jeannie I appreciate your enthusiasm but I don't think the church is actually being silent like a seamless.

We just saw the overturning of labor to let let's let's put this in perspective. Okay, so of course the running Bible verses to try to justify their evil position because he just had a gigantic defeat at the Supreme Court of the United States the case, they feared the most. They just lost basically 6 to 35 to overturn Roe six saying the law. Mississippi was constitutional. So of course I can add Bible verses to their assigned to try to promote this because that's what they're doing or doubling down on it, but I don't think it's fair to say that the country's asleep in the church.

The back of the matter is it was it was the pulpit's talking about abortion for 45 years that This movement going. It was the spiritual leaders of our country that were on the front lines defending like I know that because I depended for 40 years so I know who's out there doing this morning I used to go to those prayer meetings with those pastors, 5 o'clock in the morning in Atlanta Georgia so I know how they were doing it so I appreciate the enthusiasm I want to give credit where credit goes to God. But these passes were motivated and some were members of the church. I think that's why we celebrate rotting or something similar. It's psycho this is more provocative for outside the state, especially his rugged Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, Oklahoma. These are conservative states, to say the least is always having visions can have a base of support know but what they are trying to do is erode this, the politics of take out the that the Bible is part of which is hard to do. They want to erode this suburban base yes so that even in states they really care plan were that the Republicans are struggling because of this issue, but I think to that color sport would you just said the reason this is happy is because we are willing that I do this because were asleep at the wheel that I do this because your pastors are doing the right job. They do this because we all were doing the right job.

We got Roe versus Wade overturned the US Supreme Court justices of the Supreme Court that would take that vote that would make that vote on this report and they did so you way kids of David's would you do the right thing. Yeah so what we use the word like evil and I would always do that because they chose to put religious references here right they chose to go there and if they go there. We can talk about the idea that when you start waiting on these big issues like saving lives you way could evil. I think that's what you see through these ads they that they see it as dividing the country. I see this is good play into a very sad aspect of our country. I was to have organization calls with a lot of your calling and were getting calls from California George Washington state, 800-684-3110 let's go to Paul in California only three hypo broadcaster on their I gave you my car politico.


I'm thinking about the network administrator. Top of the California wondering how do we know that there is something coming from the governor himself or his campaign manager. It sounds like to me governor is not really informed they don't really know what they're talking smart guys, you become the mayor San Francisco the governor of the biggest in the country or the biggest is the country California something smart, I might disagree with about everything but the smart, savvy political operators to do it is been today since he was mayor people been watching it is a good look is the style looks Presidential saying that is someone who thinks this what he did is evil, but that that's how the left to see. And so he started to embrace the this new left but also try to put some soft edges on it while you do that say see you still be a Christian support are our view on abortion is with effectively to put in the gospel of Christ on the Ed not just a random Bible verse, but the words of Jesus Christ himself.

I mean soap. It also says not only given up his political advisers.

I don't there's no way they could do this without his approval. No way is to chew it to two intense and it could really backfire. It made it may really backfire with time will tell.

The ad says paid for by Newsom for California governor 2020 know if this was a federal election that it would be Gavin Newsom and I endorse this message. That's what they have to put the tag and so this is not these are an accident was go to Rick from Washington state online five hi Rick Macauley because the doctor exactly right about Gavin Newsom being smart about this are a smart person what they're doing is normalizing evil the more wicked and evil that they say and put out there in front of the of the public, the more it normalizes stuff at my desk be considered less suitable for the building that ACT sensitizes the part of their plan is to detention desensitizes the populace to this place by throwing a Bible verse.

While the end for Christians to unite saying hey, if you're Christian and you believe in the Bible will gosh you're supposed to love your neighbor as yourself. And clearly that Bible verse, must mean that to love your neighbor as yourself. You should you should help provide abortions for peopling and you should be pro for killing babies and the Lamb.

And that's what that Bible verse to me saying out dashing okay Christian see if you see this and say I'm against abortion but what about love your neighbor as yourself like that justifies abortion somehow we go back to full 2064, 31 to the 2000 684311022 Regina George online for a Regina call on what Bible part of the work that the Lord will not go for it for Dale and every mom and I like that unborn baby bear club.

I think I think the backfire effect of this could be significant. But as Jordan said, and I think said it correctly, you got understand what they're aiming at this is to build a national platform for GABA news and they think they see Joe Biden is politically vulnerable that he may not run again and Gavin Newsom wants to go to the head of the balconies listen, make no mistake about. He goes that it's not just what his position is on abortion exactly what the position is in California. If you don't remember what California's position is we have been following it extensively and it is disgusting and it's completely in our not only can you tell the baby at the time. You know that it's about to be born now with the, the law that sitting on Gavin's Newsom's desk to be signed, which covers perinatal death of a child which means after the child is born, that there cannot be an investigation into that death of a child, which is about 28 days after the child is born, so that's what California's going likely heard the former governor of Virginia saying I let the baby be born, and then let the parents decide whether they wanted to let it live or die. California is basically in that position that a baby can be born and pot is possibly still be allowed well can still be allowed to die.

This is to build his national platform. Is there any doubt. Oh, absolutely. And they want the discussion. I think this time I you you would always give it to her, but this time I think it's worthwhile because I know these states were talking a lot of folks of the states are pro-life states there right now goes the process. A lot of the redacted pro-life legislation and of course there'd everyone does agree though states so to put these ads. There he is not trying to gauge like votes like elect poorly you try to become a national day. He's falling more like a truck approaching that's what he knew in and dissenters are kinda doing about labor that we try to do it.

I think it's really wrong but is doing it. So instead of like the hard-edged property. Santos history with the Bible verse and it was good to try to do is take the moral higher ground here.

So don't think that hasn't happened before in our history when it comes to abortion is divided the churches before that is been great unity. More recently on this issue on churches, but I doubt you'll lots of different denominations, nondenominational Catholic Church, but he sees that opening that we all see happening in the new church younger church modern church. It's not lite related nominations and it's growing. There's a lot of liberal policies and it and I think he wants us to be one of the I think that discussing started testing to see is this what we have by the way an email that said American your emails you need to go to and sign up for those involved in all social media. The big win in Georgia. We represent the Georgia congressional Republicans of the Georgia congressional delegation as well as about 50 other members of Congress and it was a Georgia election integrity law that the department just with its full force behind try to declare unconstitutional. And guess what US District Court Judge for Georgia for the Northern District of Georgia which is Atlanta said no.

The law is constitutionally can move forward. Now they're still going to challenge other aspects of it.

They are challenging you know they want the right to have basically absentee ballots mailed without request that's with the federal government wants, but that's not the states, one in the state is the one that is given that authority under the U.S. Constitution, so this was a big win again dinner email in our text message That's how you sign up work follow us on rumble, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter from social all the different social media applications will be back with the next half hour broadcast just ACLJ is been on the frontline protecting your freedoms and rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about her life changing, member today seeing okay keeping you informed and now is secular to secular's are talking about this ad by Gov. Dussault is running in Indiana Miss Mississippi Ohio Texas South Carolina South Dakota Oklahoma we wanted to expose it to make sure you also it wherever you are.

The country is that we put up on the screened out even on the screen after turned around to look. Accuracy of misuse of FOMC. What were you about surprising California was to help people with abortions is advising abortion?

If the small print. Under the Fed love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commitment to these are 1231 event private stallions portal through which the court of the gospel of Christ in a pro-abortion add where the state will pay for you to fly to have an abortion with basically no restrictions with the laws of California that there working on right now that's at the governor's desk and this is what GABA Dussault is doing to build a profile that while these also got the most, you know, aggressive abortion law in the country in California and they're trying to really regulate out of existence. The pregnancy resource in this crisis pregnancy centers. This is all happening simultaneously is taking ads out in states like South Dakota will represent the governor pro-life case at the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals that's going on like brief is Artie brief now. October 18 is the argument a but it just shows you the nature of the evil here.

I think George said earlier, this is like you know I remember this from the Operation Rescue days when the evil would come out and it was like when I took the depositions of the late-term abortionist. Let me taste some folks.

There's not many lawyers in America back and say they sat down at the table with these individuals or doing is like dismembering these children in the seventh, eighth and ninth month of pregnancy and set it so clinically like it that matter. So yeah you're doing dealing with evil in their justifying it with a Bible verse. Yeah, there always connect to justify it because don't think that you can kill a baby and not have some something inside of you, tell you that it's wrong and that justification out there is always a justification.

And so now Gov. Newsom on these ads. AC no political ads that he's running in other states, not California.

He's using Dan to know make you feel like out as a Christian now can I be against abortion it is I'm supposed to let my neighbor as myself as the guys that he's not fooling anybody but it is discussing with my contact is Michael Edgar on the call. I got us talking about loving your neighbor about people talk about children and baby that inside of a woman, neighbors, or you're not to kill that Jeremiah got you before you were born, but he has a plan that baby life. According Jeremiah I need you and your mother's limited voting is this is if you love your neighbor you be California and have unrestricted abortion, including perinatal and and be okay with that. That's with the same was the case in Georgia to go ahead and take your calls 900-684-3110 to go ahead and call things. Think about anything and what I think no abominable said there is a once year words exposing it blasphemy is legal in the United States. You could say things people don't like it. We don't want to criminalize that we finally gets that a lot of other countries. They just will talk about it you still believe that it is certainly here when you start putting Scripture to support abortion.

Now there's a whole movement of religious leaders like causes these pre-small group. It who are pro-abortion that they would probably have advised about this. I think our colors are right you a real neighborhood setting to try to procure in California is your neighbor neighbors helped a woman is pregnant on the street south. We help you throughout your older kids could pick up your q. week Greek food by because you're protected, not just the mother whose growing inside the mother's well listen, this is a political move.

It tells you where this is going, and folks, let's not forget God.

Liberty victory in overturning Rick now coming up 164 30 went on by formal secular a lot of calls on this topic involving a slave for meat.

We got yeah I think I get I love you read it to you if you should just you should listen to broadcast most of you are not watching. She will this yet, but you might want to go back to watch later today. She consumer show it so it's it's a billboard church running online as well eat abortion California is ready to help his picture young woman where board is very small text quotes love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater command with these. Mark 1231 right there now underneath that text paid for.

Try Newsom for California governor 2022.

So this is not paid for by the state of California.

This is not paid for by Newsom for President. This is actually coming out of his California funds. Ed invoking Scripture to support what the status during which the plan to writing these in states that have limits on abortion because the California say will pay for your come here and have abortion and what you think about that for a moment, California up and we get a lot of folks in California was golf 800-684-3110, 100-6431 10 and obtain enough taxes originating by taxes for others but citizens of other states to apply an abortion at your expense it into California within the invocation of Scripture that I keep saying this and was sitting in the morning, take will take a call from Maryellen, but I must say this. This is evil. The guy knowingly uses a Bible verse and of all the verses CCed that he picks out its love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment the words of Jesus Christ. I mean, this is like. I mean, you know, we did it right.

It's intentional absolutely mean there's no doubt that it's intentional and and it's disgusting that he's using a Bible verse to support killing a child and and the fact that you know he's running for governor in California but he's doing this in the pro-life states tend to send a message to make a message that California stands for abortion they will always stand for abortion and oh by the way, if you know you're a Christian, you should love your neighbor as yourself, and supporting a black is exactly right lately got a lot of calls coming in and work phone lines are jammed up 800-684-3110 let's go to Cindy who had your teenager that are trying to find the answer. Trying to find the right thing to do and my concern in my care.

I believe directly from because they read they not interpreted as it's okay if I have the abortion conflict carrying Christ for saying that it's okay. It's interesting because you not Scripture uses the Bible verse that was he saying were loving you mean. This is probably what he's thinking.

I mean II think insight is that but love your neighbor as yourself. So we your neighbor and Indiana were in South Dakota. We love you so much that were going to which is the greatest commandment to name. Love your neighbor is offering a paper you're abortion for you to fly. You have your abortion hearing California.

Yes, you talk about a perversion of Scripture. I'm in the justification you don't listen everybody since and you know what that's why they have the cross of Christ. But here's the problem they are politicizing this joint. As you said to make it into literally a national political movement right any sailing with Rhonda Santos at the same time on purpose. On purpose to try to take with Roger Sanchez on purpose try to make a national day for himself so you do things that are provocative. This, again, to me it's what's interesting is that he had a team around him.

That said, we think this is a good idea. Let's do this. He said yeah let's do this. Eddie was formed with because what it's it opens up to so with the other tax because you could pick and choose Scripture if you don't full context. You know, again, first of all, I'm sure you eat this one verse. You have to believe that that child is not a child. Yes, to believe what they're saying. But secondly you for your all those verses like the data you with the move and all that that just ignored it but but but like you said in this room word will go ahead and Marion will take your call 800 684 31 timber to understand that they can do this by accident say the roundtables that you think this is a bait plan. This is a claim of the governor had no this was going to Maryellen from Illinois lawn five Marilyn going to do. I talked was an hundred 684-3110 hello hey earlier.

Thank you for because I believe it's intended to target the Christian children who I'd seen by this because they don't really understand that to her. They haven't had the background I can understand that to put it that they don't understand the totality of the message of the gospel and that whole Bible because I mean even if you go into the Old Testament.

I carved you in the palm of my hand right.

I mean, he said you know there's so many verses in there and how Jesus said are in the product as she hates killing at them vulnerable in a holy similar to the guy said this early in man. We appreciate the colonies that this earlier, but the there. This is very distorted and this I mean they would argue hey there helping out a woman out here this child. This child is not a child does have rights does that protections be the Christian thing to do is to be the state uses their taxpayer resources to fly women in to have abortions.

Basically, with the limits on the whatsoever so that it by the way California is not paid for this advertisement is Newsom for governor of a submissive present, because that's really what it's about. This is Artie been spitting buddy and states it was Florida and others Iowa that is raised eyebrows to Hampshire.

This is interesting because going to read states where he has no chance of of of witty for general election right but you do to within four primers.

If you want to leverage social media applications. We advertise outside of the normal advertising yeah a rule on purpose you're watching on YouTube hit thumbs-up that gets in the morphine. Same thing shared on Facebook and + on rumble encourage a lot of people watching it with her own radio course. We encourage you to let your friends know about this later in the day because that will be Go ahead and take a Dion's call from a high only for the unwelcome broadcast, you're on the gutter. More about the rebellion morning fails because the thing about it is the Scriptures of claim one of the most common strip that we use adults like you.

Let most people know so therefore with what they're doing is the key witness made and altered every single time the income type in the program agreement offered to get him out. But here's the thing your status to interestingly here the on your state. Ohio is target now there's a big campaign going on their stated concerns. They read states, but there's a campaign going on and this is again a lot to do about Gavin Newsom not so much to do about helping other to. I hate to say that when that is the truth because I don't need to say is way it is laid is this utilization of this Bible verse. Somebody sat in a room with him and they decided this was a good idea. Again, it's email. It also tells supporters are believe I read that he was saying on my supporters and people that are donating to his campaign were very supportive of this and actually the fact that he's doing this is making his supporters give him more money. Said this was calculated. This was this was a way of oh yes, this is a great way to go and attack abortion in these red states get this message out and let's tie a Scripture to relate to address the Christian perspective that matches any Scripture, that's right. Love your neighbor as yourself.

There is no greater commandment in this Mark 1231 the words of Jesus.

I mean this is. I mean this is you got to say this guy is taking a heckuva gutsy move in a horrible way because I mean nothing to back our potential and this is you. Having said that, they made a political calculation. I've no doubt about it, not to his base which is who is playing toward as I've got to be your next leader. So I would be liberal enough to get your liberals to support either the base and likable enough in that you know the suburbs as a play that up to some start advertising for pretty controversial ladies take the stage door in Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Oklahoma all red states with some of the most restrictive abortion laws are in the book, so this is it. So it's his political point and they still have primaries for the repairs are a Democrat and I was reading battle with Rhonda Santos because he looks at him as a possible flow. Yes, see what he he's cursing like passed by past probe is is could be Newsom versus DeSantis and there's even talking with the start of the podcasts are podcast yesterday Logan brought up the there's talk about the debate yes just to debate like the old days Is that political debates even if they were running against right and Ed can be tough to be really tough, but you know that sometimes even the moderators are just debate yeah and I disagree about everything. If that and I mean this is but this is the nature of the body politic. Hey folks Podcasts take a moment today for this reason, is that your brothers back as brothers with this voice look a little beyond to carry most of it out of the of color commentary say the least. Us the that would forcefully work so you boys and three quarters of secular A lot of you are watching and listening to it where you get your podcast secular encourage you to subscribe. There doing great and it's a it's a great program also might weave an email going out today on the swing on the Georgia election integrity and through me get into that victory. Tomorrow we represent the Georgia Republican leadership directs the House of Representatives on that so will get more information that you take your calls in this last half hour at 1-800-684-3110. That's 800-684-3110 back to secular culture way hundred 684-3110 at 2064 31. What is hitting a lot of the time but actually on this broadcast. We were going to get into this election integrity when we were getting get into what's going on with China and Taiwan and President buying statements on all that. But I'll tell you this.

This ad can most put this at a backup on the screen. It really hit all of us in our meeting before the broadcast is really disgusting needed abortion? California is ready to help, and then under it. Learn more about and then love your neighbor as yourself is no greater commandment than these. Mark 1231 the words of Jesus and then paper by Newsom for California governor 2022. Are they running these ads in California no there running them in Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. Why is he doing it because he is running on this and he wants to run nationally on this so that is what this is going on.

Let's go right back to the phones at 800-684-3110 Cecilia in California like to go ahead 20 I went to college at Berkeley California company. Baby fire. I thought there right I like it quite the topic and I think I might then fight being named an arm being ripped out. My baby back. The matter is well and when working at when politicians or anyone you Scripture you back to their belief in God and man shall not live by bread alone waiting for the moment that it is great and electric not only that I get behind the painting and so Jordan said this was daemonic. Cecilia and I could tell you this.

I cannot tell you how many people have called exactly with your story from about 20 or 30 years ago that when walking in the plain Planned Parenthood clinic decided not to go forward and let me just tell you.

Don't deceive yourself. Planned Parenthood is behind this as well.

They're the ones they give money to these politicians and emails when you when you actually go to that That's what it tells you where all hundred 66 abortion clinics are so basically you have the state of California, giving Planned Parenthood free advertising, which of course is what Planned Parenthood the spell are coming and by the way, this was a set brought to by the same state that wanted the crisis pregnancy center brings a resource to have to put an advertisement in their buildings saying this we can get an abortion except the pro-life centers about that was that was small Harris and of care by Lodz captive back Clark for our team legal team, the Oklahoma Supreme Court just granted the ACLJ's motion to be allowed to file a brief defensive that states abortion.

How does anthrax abatement North are ACLJ action to work on that to how that will look legally do we know the guy basically said they're all fairly similar into that that they are usually a 15 week bed somewhere around there. Something was similar to Dobbs and then with some exceptions.

There are little different, how the Somalis are brief that it was going to take Richard call Northville and will take your calls to 1-800-684-3110 Richard go ahead and call Michael and I believe Kelly talk pretty often when my close friend of the Catholic Church in Maryland. The quote again, this news was deathly out of place and made me cringe you guys talk about. I think it is praiseworthy that is deeply religious person or that it if you know see if you educated. You see, Scripture being used at about abortion, about politics, telling all the things together combined is is a paid for by a candidate for office. And there's a there's the words of Jesus Christ use. There is no read his Bible, but to me they might as well have they would block us for something like this is it. But our team would never do this, but if we did you Scripture would be to use a given context. And if you not be able to challenge that I just think that it would we have to realize is that the Dobbs decision is great To welcome in his not shocking to us. We said when when it happened. We said buckle up. It was very good that you remove the club of a constitutionally protected right, that was nothing in the Constitution to support that.

So getting that out of the way was very important, but we even said there are conservative states that are to have liberal Supreme Court of Oklahoma is one of those or not we just got a motion granted for her brief in the Oklahoma case and if the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals representing governor known so we know that this is going to be a multipronged fight are ACLJ action is involved in state after state. On the legislative side there's a lot going on here and we knew this was happening. Removing the club of a broker's weight was very important right and and we've sent it over and over that just because Dobbs came down and it came down correctly, that there is no constitutional right to abortion that the battle is not over that the fight just begins and were seen that were seen it with governor in California putting billboards up in other states promoting abortion. We see it like he said in in the legislative bills that are coming across on different legislatures in different states and then and also court cases that are going before justices, and even though you might be in a very conservative state that justice is in your court might not be so conservative, said the saddle is in every state it's in the branches of government. Actually three branches of government because we fight executives. They judicial and legislative branch on in this battle. Some of the reasons why you were in your conservative state now in the in the Uganda conservative legislature in a conservative governor which at your Supreme Court is in no not conserve what happened what happened was they were appointed by judges and equipment but governor's on somebody states 25 years ago when your state may been leaning the other way and that becomes a big part of all of this and that's why the state elections are really a big deal. Don't kid yourself a moment. It's a really big deal yeah I don't like these people to give Paris pursue big states do serve and if you see hats while Harris is just as AG you move up very quickly, you become the center of the Taft VP targeted the pro-life center. This is due. What this is a New Age politics which we see on our side to tell exiting the virus to other places.

This idea that way before your rotted for national office you're playing at other states that somebody picked up take the scriptural part out of this so outrageous is this the part of politics so much buddy down politics that if you come for the right state, Florida, California, New York, Texas. You got enough resources where you can start writing your national campaign at your state campaign account. It's unbelievable. Folks with this and that we live in while you got an hour of analysis here that you can get anywhere else in your support of the ACLJ makes all the possible so we encourage you to do that. Sign up for emails or text alerts. Follow us on social media at Jordan secular at Jay Sekulow at Logan Sekulow@ACLJ great way to stay engaged and more on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, rumble through social and on and on it goes. In course also brand-new podcast one week done a week and a day. I guess we can up the week to the secular brothers, it's Jordan Logan is great in their taping one this afternoon will be released later today and go to secular and encourage everybody is listening to us were watching this right now. Go to secular and sign up for this podcast. Subscribe to it. It's great.

It's great to get a tremendous amount of information is also funny. They do what they do a really great to see a whole different side of Jordan Logan. I encourage you to do that secular brothers.and sign for podcast is available wherever you see your podcasts as well as YouTube and Facebook as well for the broadcast today. Talk you tomorrow

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