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Biden Parties, Americans Suffer

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 14, 2022 3:33 pm

Biden Parties, Americans Suffer

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 14, 2022 3:33 pm

Yesterday, when President Biden reported a massive inflation surge over last year, the stock market reacted by having its worst day since the pandemic lockdown. So Biden drops a proverbial bomb on the economy and hurts millions of Americans struggling to get by, then he goes to a party? Jay, Logan, and the Sekulow team discuss the massive problems facing America's economy and the optics of Biden having a party right after breaking terrible news for American consumers. This and more today on Sekulow.


So for volume parties now is interesting day Washington yesterday have to say so.

The stock market falls verging on reports which is very significant inflation number comes out it dropped from was at Logan 8.5 to 8.2.35 you so terrible inflation numbers stock market reacts horribly to it, which is understandable, and Joe Biden is at the White House having a party about the reduction is James Taylor saying I like James Taylor's music, you James Taylor. He singing fire and rain which I'm not sure that would've been the right you know you're not was for you.

You look at how things look at Mr. Wright Junior want to just have the party in general is out of touch with completely with society but generally I reviewed you've Artie had a week ago, or we have to go now that the death and destruction speech that happened. And since that having a roadmap to recovery. Maybe not the best visual to have a party when you have again stock market dropping a thousand points and you have inflation marginally coming out.

This is again like when I celebrated five dollars a gallon going down to four dollars a gallon, or 380 Io is not looking back two years are now year and 1/2 her things were dollar dollar 50. It's these little tiny wins there accumulating all of these first three for a 2024. Pres. Biden rather Artie started that because that's assuming they can do now they have to have these big parties and celebrations for tiny wins that in.

In reality a big picture are just trying to fix the mistakes the giant mistakes of the body happily amount of mistakes have been unreal to me were were at our energy dependence known other countries in the and and yet a war in Eastern Europe. I mean this is this is been a fiasco approach. I need to say couplings of the house that women get into that working at.

We got Mike Pompeo joining us, yet gives a call if you really are. 1-800-684-3110 is a good time to get calls and right now as we keep talking 1-800-684-3110 yeah I'd like to know from her audience how good the cost of food and in the cost of transportation and energy impacting you. We need to hear from you. 1-800-684-3110. Let me take a moment here as we get ready to go to breaks it to send my condolences as I already have, but also to let you know that a very good friend of ours someone that I work with since 1989 the former solicitor Gen. United States former judge on the US Court of Appeals for the DC circuit former colleague of mine, Ken Starr passed away from complications from surgery. A while back, but good was it been in the hospital for a number of months. I will tell you something. One of the nicest people I have ever worked with one of the most brilliant lawyers when the us a scholar and gentleman were a lot of people are saying is that it adds this had a tremendous career and he had a big impact on young young lawyers and lawyers that weren't that much on a man like me was 10 years younger.

I'm 10 years younger than him, but we argued our first case together in 1990 and involved prayer and Bible clubs at the public schools. He represented the United States. I represent the private petitioners were on both on the same side arguing to have and this was that this was big to have prayer and Bible clubs authorized in public schools. We won that case a to want and can start a big role to play in that and again he was on our side and then that's financial been friends over the years and then fast-forward when we did the first impeachment trial Ken Starr was my colleague. He did some of the major arguments in the opening and the closing segments of those hearings and just a tremendous tremendous lawyer praying for his family got grandkids supports children and grandkids and praying for Alice's wife known for.

Again, a number of years.

Great legacy of them can strike guide.

I just hate even have to say the passing of Ken Starr but our prayers and thoughts with his family and I it's been a very tough road for them over the last one was I was with him two weeks before was hospitalized on the Board of Directors or trustees Regent University. We serve together. We had dinner.

He seemed great and then two weeks later you is in the hospital never recovered x-ray is a sad idea for a lot of people. And obviously we set up raised his family a lot more show, not inflation log. Yes, you will get back on track on to our topic for today. Would love to hear from you. What 100 684 31 1000 is or we are technicals of 800-684-3110 so the President has a party celebration at the White House yesterday celebrating the passage of the inflation reduction act. Meanwhile, inflation reduced from like 8.5 to 8.357 really no reduction at all, and the stock market fell over 1300 points, while the President of the United States made this statement was number 18 (S passing this law would need.

What a great day exactly 4 weeks ago today I signed inflation reduction act and the law. The single most important legislation passed in the Congress to combat inflation, the most significant laws in our nation's history.

My view okay so look we didn't have inflation until he became President.

But let's be clear at these these generates is this is going back to Jimmy Carter.

So you know without loading I got a question for Harry on the substantive Hubert the picture in the imaging of this as a stock market was falling 1300 points. Yet, as we all know that really means I have you. James Taylor's out there and all the stuff is because it really does have very little to do with inflation that was part of the entire thing you've Artie Sanders was like at this guy do nothing for inflation. This is really just a climate change in a green kind of positioning didn't really have that much to do with it some minor changes in the in the rates it was, it went all over the day .5 daily when rewriting nothing yet. It's nothing but the other. Take a victory lap, but he did take a victory lap so the question is Harry from your perspective, is looking at it. We said this, just remember looking at the stock market falling. If you look at the inflation situation right now how do you really mean that they had the celebration's party but the end result is a disaster. I think that is precisely correct submarkets. That is, the stock markets have exploded downward and for very good reason. First and foremost because Pres. Biden is in office. He is as inapt a President as Jimmy Carter was the perfect metaphor for yesterday stock market crash in my opinion is the fact that Pres. Biden who has consistently poured gasoline on inflation is flying to Detroit today to dry and $80,000 electric vehicle as part of the so-called transition to green energy what huge swaths of the American people earned less than $60,000 per year so they can't afford an $80,000 car prices are up 39% electricity prices are up 16%, health insurance is up 24.3%. All of those products and services are services that are characterized by what is called inelastic demand.

What is that mean that means people cannot do without them.

You have to have food you have to have energy and you have to have healthcare right and meanwhile the President is celebrating with the champagne brunch on the South lawn of the White House and he is oblivious to the fact that virtually every single policy that he's enacted or supported has driven up. Inflation occasionally is this question. Is this a questioning. A lot of people have Harry and that is this inflation come out of nowhere, so what triggered all of this to see these numbers just spike in the last couple months like they have a minutes. This is we can see this in the previous four years and now all of a sudden were in inflation numbers that are back to the Jimmy Carter will first and foremost. Pres. Biden has taken a difficult decision with respect to energy. Essentially, he has enacted policies that drive up energy costs. Keep in mind he shut down landmark. He shut down the Keystone pipeline and he basically avoided oil and gas leases.

Meanwhile, Europe became more and more dependent under the Biden administration on Russia and so they are now demanding more and more US energy that is driving up energy.

This was quite stable. If you would. These policies result in inflation absolutely.

And then that you have the student loan bailout. That's $1 trillion, which is adding gasoline to the inflationary fire load and we got a lot of color coming 800-684-3110. We want to know how this is impacting you go to California online wind price status but impact the most to me on the altar inflation have a negative effect on me for starters I am a gluten-free diet.

The stuff I need to get more expensive gas is outside in California as matter fact we KI came very close to lose my power because of nuisance ineptitude. So inflation is is is affecting me in negative ways to solicit gas prices in California right now. Would you pay per gallon of waxy Island Drive what it is that person drives me coming second prize, but is high because you said what can be done to make things more affordable and quickly discusses Lennar podcast on the secularized podcast yesterday. Second, this is a question which is we all content are present. We know there's a problem. What is the solution is the solution you said the open of the pipelines is kind of things. What you are looking for mingle. I will just resent here's the problem. Good luck run one away. Here's the solution that we should be working on in Congress. Well, first, Biden should reverse the student loan bailout. That's $1 trillion, which is adding that's not can happen because they politically made a decision that politically sells for them. I think in writing politically. Unfortunately, you but you should have a minimum, open up all of the pipelines. All of the sources of energy.

Keep in mind J fossil fuels-talk powered modern civilization. So you combine fossil fuels with nuclear power.

You will have a stable source of energy. You will have lower prices will have lower food prices lower health insurance costs. All of these things work together, and the Biden administration doesn't seem to understand that. Meanwhile, what are they doing their pushing green energy which is terribly expensive and much of green energy is unstable in a world of hurt us of a freight train strike, and if you would see that work Granderson scratch that is happening all over see when you have that combined with your art. If the pipelines open up. It is your dataset out of the spike. I suspect that if if that opens up if we can get our energy independence back. That should trickle down century to everything because everything is going up because of that, then you have things like a a a rail strike which may sound like it's out of the old West were talking about so many of your good special going over from today with the West Coast and through the Rocky Mountains. You need that thing to get things going in as of a few hours ago still was on the verge of strike. I want to play by 25.

This is Sen. Schumer. This is the celebratory nature is restored dignity and respect and a sense of action back to the Oval Office. So thank you Pres. Biden for your incredible leadership.

Americans are seeing what it looks like you have a President tenant Congress that's focused on delivering results to make their lives better. So here's what Americans are seeing the seeing gasoline and over five dollars a gallon and a large part of the country piercing a stock market that has basically tanked since the President came into office there seeing their grocery bills up 20 and 30% fixing the mortgage interest rates double in a year so that's what they're actually seeing so you know to me make it.

They could politicize this all they want and they trying to change the this was in change the messaging moment is what they were trying to do yesterday but the reality is, never change what the American people are dealing with absolutely and so Sen. Schumer's comments were insanely delusional. He is not looking at the facts and so increasingly J we live in this world of unreality.

The American people middle-class people working class individuals. They see the facts facing them every single day when a ghost go to the grocery store when they go to the gas pump and yet this administration is belonging to all of that. They keep talking about this grand strategy of energy transition that is simply a road to nowhere because the energy that they are talking about the so-called green revolution is unreliable. It is led to deaths in Texas over 200 deaths $300 billion of damage we now have blackout in California, but at the end of the day. We still have Schumer we still have Biden and the American people need to react to that. I want to play this by going to the right.

This is number 43 take a listen to this stock market is necessary for a well know, is still strong unemployment, slow jobs or manufacturing. The stock market is quickly quickly by 25, also from Chuck Schumer is restored, dignity, respect and a sense of action back to the Oval Office. So thank you Pres. Biden for your incredible leadership. Americans are seeing what it looks like you have a President tenant Congress that's focused on delivering results to make their lives better had you feel about that will give us a call at 800-684-3110. I want to show a little bit of both sides at 1-800-684-3110, you feel that way, you feel like I we restored dignity into the White House for most of our listeners. They have something to say about the salary little ad lib. therapy and we played a bite that we played once before but he wanted to get a reaction to it. We had reaction for life and our jams were to get to those as soon as we can.

Or do I a dark Of the above discussions about the inflation they been on hold for a little while for most slots.

First first Philip in New York online Forex that he's responding to that I could go Philip Filby on the Mike call Sherwood no writing about Omar and Erin all rolled Biden talking about the order that your dog.happen don't the ability to block the American people. But what Dorn restored dignity. Yes, my question is how do these people think that the public is a really reasonable question, and the truth is this is how Democrats typically treat their own constituents, which is to just blindly go look. Everything is great. You know the world crumbling around you. We can all feel. It feels like the end times, but for some reason were allowed to.

We have to pretend I think that's actually little bit of difference between some Republican politicians and Democrat politicians that are all corrupt and a lot of them are evil, but I do think that there are usually some more honesty you have the Democrats about. I felt blatantly lie people to shake her head yes it's that we didn't we Dr. Estella podcast 60% to 70% thought that the speech was divisive, which actually that Biden your death the obit the blood drenched a speech but people that is 40% for tribute thought it was not divisive, which meant those people went.

Oh yes what he saying is right. These are the evil people the bad people in their group so it is kind of a scary time and you're right they do treat you like you're dumb because they anticipate that you will just go along with it as a sheep will place in a bite made similar play games and you don't don't judge everything by the stock market.

With the help of companies is indicative Harry of the economy, absolutely. And so if you look at the stock market.

The stock market crash really yesterday. What are sophisticated investors anticipating their anticipating that the Federal Reserve will continue to raise interest rates which will perhaps stop inflation but how by causing unemployment so over the next six months to 12 months. We should expect unemployment to rise 30 to 40% because that's the most effective way of reducing the inflation rate.

So keep in mind the American people are now paying the highest mortgage rates they paid in 14 years and with some mortgage rates beginning to approach 7%. Now don't get me wrong that's not as crazy as it was under Jimmy Carter 14 or 17 there were 14 or 17. Joe Biden is making progress in accomplishing his single most important objective to become the worst President in American history. What the economic impact of this is everybody's feeling.

I mean, you know there's not a person here that goes and say all gases down to five dollars a gallon. This is really a good day. I feel like where lemminglike campers new close story that you know it's like one thing. The reality is he doesn't have any clothes he doesn't have any clothes on and that story but yet it's been pitched as overlooking his great closing it's the same thing that's happening here with the economy is tanking. It's trashing we the people. Now it but there's a locale. Biden has done such a great job and look how everything in the economy is great and I think we aren't that stupid. We are saying hey happy because it's a ship and they put in a show to try James Taylor get to drive-in. Interment's or cultural relevancy James Taylor exactly be performed but five fan fan a big fan, but this is been a while since you heard James Taylor Libby out on not just yet your classic rock station wide so I listen to. That's why I adolescent anything really moderately them to say it is not like the like, yeah for figuring a party. I will think it was okay Taylor I meet a party yeah yeah no braille missed worldwide to bring out that you know pitbull or something. One estimate is good actually have a party so ill I don't know Mike, my names are dated as well.

His MO man this point but you are not elected you have James Taylor out there very slow very, very peaceful, like songs. I love firing, but the song let me matching fire and ice during the stock market dropping.

That's a lot of rain back let's go Perry online to your other Perry medallion yes or because I really appreciate you. I'm driving back to northern Michigan and I. Five dollars important thought I could give you an update on that as our family also been to Michigan five years prior to couple years ago we were 400 employees now are down to 200 and it's awful hard to keep new employment people employed for more than a couple weeks so this is our this is so, I was in transit and see this on because this is kind of impact the economic issue. Just write anything over five dollars for diesel dirty business represent logistics and transportation are important. Unemployment is still low right coming on the unemployment rate is still low. Are we in the seat coming in these kind of situations that start to impact things was and is still relatives, they relatively loading thing.

I think the unemployment rate will raw eyes but also keep in mind that the current unemployment rate. The current relatively low number is deceptive because we have the lowest labor participation rate that we've had probably in the last 30 years so that means that there are a significant number of Americans who were not in the workforce and if you're not in the workforce and if you're not looking for work. You are not counted as unemployed. So many people have simply retreated to the margins and perhaps they are working in what is called the underground economy, which is actually growing under the Biden administration through the sales, the footnote and drugs coming up from the southern border that in that the innocent years are two announcements in like three days.

One is the border secure. That's the vice President United States and I guess that the border secure. If what you mean by secure his it's not secured because the border is not secured and then he's having a celebration of the inflation reduction act. While inflation is still a .35% of the stock market dropped 13 or 1400 points Genesis you got kids in college going in a minute happier than you think you two kids in college that women talk about that the cost of higher education right now is incredible and actually increased from last year to this year which you would think maybe we get a treat, decrease, or some kind of break, but it actually increased and truthfully now how people who aren't making significant amounts of income can have any children in college. It's just it's ridiculous.

Is it is really tough I were to take more because a lot of people: and Kellogg probably took some more because we do have some of the lights.

When 100 684-3110 spun data actually: but not if you bring your podcast. We've got to two episodes another will drop tomorrow. Three days a week. It's myself. My brother Jordan who you heard the show pretty much every damn something for him today if you can is more of a casual look at what's going on around the world.

We talked about news we talk about politics and culture.

We also just get into some fun. It is not more Olivia lighter show but with some very heavy topics, so it's a it's a good show. We really enjoy doing it your secular you find it on all your favorite podcast player severe Apple podcast just typing secular come right up click the subscribe button say let's modify on YouTube. It's actually my channel to search for Logan Sekulow or just go typing secular brothers beginning to come up and all the links If you are unable podcast really well the charts right now. We could you please subscribe not to hundred rate and review put in a five star rating for putting a nice view.

We really appreciate get the word out there get this message.

Outside the echo chamber into more people pants so we would love that you met the secular take more calls 100 684 31 to 4 decades ACLJ has been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thanking God's well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is now J secular inflation the economy because Pres. Biden had a party yesterday the white house and had his entertainment, James Taylor, mutually not sure that would be in the right. The message here is the messaging inflation is good to be reduced. We got this new bill reduced from 8.5 to 8.35 in the stock market fell over 1300 points but Chuck Schumer was very happy at present binds policies are going to affect in the Congress is doing a great job. Here's what he said he is restoring dignity and respect and a sense of action back to the Oval Office. So thank you Pres. Biden for your incredible leadership. Americans are seeing what it looks like you have a President and Congress that's focused on delivering results to make their lives better is what it looks like inflation in a .35% gasoline prices that in most parts of the country over 4 1/2 dollars and $0.50 a gallon diesel over five dollars account. That's down from seven it was food prices up in some segments of the food industry 26%.

Same thing with healthcare so that's what it looks like the American people and we got a lot of phone calls. People already calling us about this because we asked him first at our house is affecting you and it is affecting people looking you absolutely allowed people called and said let's go ahead and take a some of those go to Cambria who is calling in Utah on line 3X. Wrong on their encampment and arable disabled so it really is meekly not helping anyone in Coxwell now by dictating the coming year in your pharmacy here by your food and question bills. You try that allow the unemployment rate complaint filed on or near the other day like it nice, but your hours so now we've got to get Babel into this earth taking an essay. We are the United States of America, Prof. Harry Hutchison.

People should be choosing between her medicines and food.

I think that's correct. And so if you go back to Chuck Schumer's comments. Again, I would add that his comments were insanely delusional.

Keep in mind, healthcare costs, particularly with respect to the squalor they are up 25% for average Americans. Their wage increase over the last 12 months has been around 5% while the average inflation rate is close to nine or 10%. So guess what people are falling behind. Even if they're working we should also keep in mind that there is a baby formula shortage still today even though Pres. Biden promised that he would solve the problem. One of the things that we should take to the bank is that we should reverse every single Biden policy.

That's number one. But when he claims progress that means things are actually getting worse.

It's what Logan said though it this is like smoke and mirrors. It's like it's creating imagery here. That's what I live your CCB. I try cases it's you create an image that's what they're doing her part. Even though things are disaster. That's right and it's in hopes that were not paying attention and we don't know.

But the problem is people when they go to get gas. The people when we go to buy our groceries. We are seeing it and feeling it so it's not so easy to do smoke and mirrors. The people that just listen to the media and listen to the politicians. Maybe now believing along with a pitching you can go along with it very long when you go out and become a consumer, and you can't find products and your pain way more than you've ever paid for gas and food and drugs and everything else it's it's it's on really enjoy my my pumpout talk to him about some of this economics, but also take more than more questions going to take more calls. BMI Pompeo will join us in the next segment you want to stay tuned for that. You also Collins couple lines 1 800 684 31 10th really interesting to hear all of your thoughts and across the nation and even around the world. They really viewers and callers who call in from all over the planet thanks to our social media presence, which are following us about your favorite social media platforms which are subscribing to watch this on YouTube that thumbs up to watch a rubble hit the plus garage on Facebook like comic share, and check out secular brothers podcast we do. Also, three days a week.

Revenue went up tomorrow had one drop last night get a Logan Sekulow on YouTube search secular brothers will find us on YouTube yet on my channel having a concert at the White House while law, the stock markets falling 1300 points at like James Taylor's music. I'm a big fan in our brain is indemnity James they were but and maybe we will in celebration of I don't know inflation going from 8.5 to 8.3 is absurd. Joy is now a course for Secretary of State my publishing accounts for global affairs Mike okay so they have a party at the White House yesterday literally to celebrate the inflation reduction acne. While the numbers come out and inflation was reduced from 8.528.35, which is statistically insignificant in the stock market. While that while James Taylor singing fire and rain drops 1300 points, and I'm thinking okay what they think the American people are oblivious to this reality is very clear. But this is the consequence of policies. I think with the American people leaving here and you been involved in Congress. You run the CIA and Secretary of State policies have consequences, and that's what were seen played out here in Beckley right it was really quite something to watch but screen yesterday with stock market falling people 401(k) thanking and James Taylor singing partner and it would, it was all one could take that reality is (for example, I was in Chicago, Illinois. I was out with a bunch of folks they can all feel this you can hold all of the parties at the White House. You can tell all the stories you want, but in the end they know that the decision to buy the administration it made the decision on energy at the decision on thanking regulation on farmers and agriculture all the things that the combined effect is that Pres. Biden's highest priority youth at his absolute highest priority is inflation and it is destroying the lives of ordinary Americans all across the country. He actually said present buying said America is vibrant in the future is bright not get a lot of hope for our country because we been through Jimmy Carter's before and meet weekly surviving, but to say that it's brought in the Americas vibrant and future is bright. We had called earlier today Mike a guy that set a business systems and visit in Michigan for 65 years. I did sound like they were in some kind logistics transport business and he said good news.

Diesel fuel is only $5.60 a gallon compared to less sealed two dollars a gallon.

A couple years ago and when people are start to see when you double the cost of things that the trickle-down effect is gigantic. So what I want to hold out hope for the future for our country.

I don't want people to think that all is lost because we been through these before and there is a way out, not only of the way out where to find the way out I will start in November to push back against the balding, I'm convinced of it. That argument throughout the rascals who deliver the bad outcomes for American families are going to get tossed on that year in November. I am convinced that it is not not this is impolitic. This is about people live. This is about America and in your bigger point. Yeah, I think it's her to listen the country were fighting for. We been through difficult challenges in our nation before even in recent history.

We always get it right.

I am confident that not because of folks in Washington DC are Both in places like Topeka or Albany but because the American people commanded and get it right.

Our churches are PTA groups are a Little Pl. in America get the right and that that that is happening all across the country today. This is a nation that is worthy of fighting for and I'm convinced the American people are going to continue to do that when we do it will turn out. The Pres. Biden is right that this is a great nation but not because of the policies he put in place because of the one we were first when power was restored to the rightful people who are getting it right for the American people turned attention to the situation with China and Russia, President of Russia Vladimir Putin's about to meet with the presidency of China. This is an in person meeting you commit. You know these people. You sat down with them what your thoughts on what we can see out of this, what, what's the messaging being sent by this meeting, so I have. I've met with each of the two leaders on multiple time both men who are deeply evil.

Both men who are intent on denying freedom and prosperity for us here at home in America there there meeting to demonstrate their commitment to each other at a combined basis. Eight have a pretty formal military capability pretty formidable nuclear capability and in real economy between the two that will should acknowledge that the Chinese Communist Party has refused to condemn the killing of Ukrainian innocent children at that alone to tell us all we need about the things we could do and why did to guide our meeting today. They don't have lots of friends, but these are two that will have a deep relationship. We ought to do everything we can to make that relationship difficult but we should be absolutely clear about the fact that those two countries, Russia and the Chinese, started trying to undermine the way we live to do everything necessary to push back against the sexy.

What would make their relationship. The relation between potency you know painful. But what would be the relationship deal breaker to make it uncomfortable for these two individuals that all handful of things we can do want one and up what we ought to make clear that it not a repast for the Chinese Communist Party to do business with allegedly told everyone else. You can't do bit but we have given China aptly, Pat.

We shouldn't permit that to happen. Second, on energy front way to make it most painful is to produce American affordable energy for your at home and for people all across the world, Europe, India throughout Southeast Asia. The last month. The valuable relations part of the relationship or shaking thing in China is that he's going to get discounted crude oil, natural gas, Russia, we would prevent that from happening and we should make sure we dry up the property connected the Putin petrochemical regime. Last question, I could tell he, like me, you have great hope for the future of America I do I yeah I think I think I don't want everybody to walk away thinking that this is when there are solutions. These problems, they didn't come out of the air. The policy decisions made that have impact on all this you gotta change the policies. I think you see a lot of that change in the member.

Thank you Mr. Sec. for being with us. As always, we appreciate you being part of our team] takes more calls at 800-684-3110 car lot material today and working continue to do that until Bailey in Texas online section on their high daily talk about Joe Biden and administration of the Democratic Party. People act like you that incompetent or is it being done on purpose. He ran out all the things he ran on raising taxes for the wealthy and corporations which raise the price of everything irrational and capping oil wells on removing subsidies from oil companies and everything else that would be good enough. All this mean this is this is the policy's area diesel policies. He promoted this is what he ran. The caller is precisely correct. Joe Biden is intentionally miss managing the US economy he's mismanaging energy why because he's drew driven by a globalist ideology that comes straight from the world economic forum which basically says screen dependence on fossil fuels, Which means shrinking American civilization. The other thing is I mean another person is green energy and the and electric cars and it sounds great but $80,000 per car, but most Americans cannot afford that and that's it.

That would be at a lower inlet of the couple. The Tesla's letter that are affordable more affordable. There they, 40, 50,000, most of them are seemingly more than that. Plus you can chargeable your California diet out of the other party are usually California's interchange that all to remember and I lived there long time ago but I do remember that gas prices when they were probably $0.89 were like over three dollars and I was on time. Guess I remember the gas is always expensive. And around there in April of things it just started heat up over here is, at least, and in the middle of the country and you saw it like it was Artie $6.07 dollars they're like oh yeah forget this is what LA is like.

Let's wrap up with the more calls I need is calling in California you're the all night. What's going on and what think about the quality of medical care. Also, and more crime and anything that I get tired and I know where I can look a way to extend American patients with extreme elation when I got back from England. There was no speculation.

Also, when I looked out the United Airline 2700 I We are running so short on time and I really apologize were able to get all your points, but this is the example what's happening around the country. That's called frustration and people are really, really frustrated, I would grab Julie's really got a minute if you really like 20 seconds. I wanted to know on humor, yes. Who are these people in the background that are clapping.

You sit there you are clapping are people who are just trying to get into your mind is a look what he saying is that it's real, it's you know it's the mental is the background that clapping anything it's absurd situation, but it is what it is you have to see past it and if you are logical and sensible look of your Republican or Democrat of your logical and sensible in looking at the world around you. You can't say all is good always better. But like you said, there is always hope we will be back tomorrow with another episode we have the same coming of life issue. That's right we do have another seven, get your are you ready to go to out of here and I get back to work.

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Great news a lot of information on today's grandma. I want to end the program with a discussion of the lipase reference center Lindsay Graham yesterday reported bill in the United States Senate on the issue of abortion and like there's been a lot of talk about what can happen in the post-Dobbs world. After the overturned row versus Wade return to the states were involved in a lot of cases infects easy house with a senior counselor may shield it. We got cases literally going pre-much coast-to-coast right now on various dates that are are making putting forward their law, but some of the state issues even in conservative states. You got these constitutional amendments which are very confusing to the populace will get the Lindsay's Dylan is uneventful in a moment, but we are heavily bombed. We got I think ran eight cases right now.

And like you said the ballot initiatives which are separate in cases that are going to the state Supreme Court's the ballot initiatives are very confusing because the way they do. The terminology are the wording of these ballot initiatives you don't know that about Yasser now and so were engaged in an early and when you see a concert from Eminem and I remembered from years ago if you don't understand is the right and so they'll probably try to word it said they now really is a yes and so we have to be very careful about that and RC for ACLJ action is working on that.

You have to ensure that we cover that. Make sure the language is correct and then we are involved at the each state level. If there is a case that's been brought to define abortion in the state's constitution. We are filing briefs and all of this state.

Yasser back on the issue of these constitutional members maybe having the near state like princes we help. In South Dakota the language the wording was very confusing and it was actually to enshrine the right to abortion in the South Dakota Constitution. But if you read this ad is a pro-life measure as its restrictions on magnet was very different on the clearing that up which is good also say were involved in this from beginning to and we knew in a post-Roe versus Wade world. This is what was gonna look like. So there we are. I don't talk about what Sen. Graham propose yesterday because it is getting a lot of there's a lot of confusion about this.

So let's first lay out what the Senators delays and its not new. In this sense it is. It's to amend title 18 to protect pain capable unborn children that this pain capable act have been introduced many many times.

So in that sense it's not new. I got kinda lost in the in the in the discussion. Jessica's is a lot going on what what does the bill actually. Basically, the bill says that abortion shop shall not be performed or attempted if the probable gestational age at the unborn child is 15 weeks or greater and innocent people. My family this is extreme in your putting a limit on abortion. However when you look at the world and you take the abortion laws across the world right now because we don't have any limits on abortion now.

No limits on the state state that we don't have any federal limit. We are one of six countries like North Korea and China and if you look at the at the world hundred and 93 member states of the UN, actually 90% of those member states limit abortion at 14 weeks or less. So even at 15 weeks, where still, it kind of the outlier 10% because 90% of the world when it's abortion to 14 weeks or less and actually the majority limit, either altogether for the life and health of the mother. This is not to set a standard that the states have to adopt, by the way, so the states are free to adopt measures that they put some have heartbeat bills as the kind of the triggering mechanism. This is a kind of a basically a floor at a minimum. Now there's issues of should this be something as federally legislated or not I know what the countered about us and that is it was talks and the Democrats have said they wanted to enshrine Roe versus Wade in a statute to say there is a right to abortion on I federal law basis that was ran airplane. Seawright said that is the problem. If you do federal legislation and you don't just leave it completely up to the states, then you are making the argument that if you can have for allegedly legislation.

You can have it either way either limiting and saying we are going to protect life at 15 weeks or saying were not can protect life at all. One of the things you have to understand on this is when we knew when the decision in Dobbs came out and if we were successful in anonymously. The opinion week so we we felt relatively confident that we were to be successful. That what you had, developing, and what was going to develop was this idea that the states were then to get involved in this and that there be some states agreement conservative states that would have and this is what we were concerned about, you know, maybe a liberal, some state Supreme Court and they could go the other way on this and we are seen not because when these cases go before judge is on.

You can have a very conservative state, but the case may go completely a different way so one of the other things among people or things with a big audience in California.

Big audience in New York and California is our largest market and I know a lot of you there. Soon we were the most.

Most pro-abortion state in the country is true, how we fight for life there mate with the frontline of this is and it's going to still be and it's gonna be regulated and try to regulate amount of existence.

We already know that people set it like Sen. United States senators have specific, Elizabeth warned us that we wanted regulate to get rid of these pro-life pregnancy centers in California that is the frontline defense in the fight for life and we represent a lot of the crisis print pregnancy centers are pregnancy resource centers on because one when they were targeted by Jane's revenge and they were firebombed and attacked. We have clients that were protecting in those cases, and then were also protecting them when New York or California pass laws or introduce laws that are particularly targeting at crisis pregnancy centers to shut them down which we have seen, and I know we will continue to see. We've won a lot of those laws we won in Evergreen case in New York where he protected crisis pregnancy centers on an and will continue to fight because they are on the forefront of this battle because they are the ones that are actually dealing with the pregnant mothers and showing them you know the ultrasounds and giving them options and that always cuts into Planned Parenthood's bottom line.

When a mother sees her child or has options she doesn't choose abortion. Talking about one yes okay so this is what she's not okay. Simply print and use the site, they look only 3% of our revenue was from abortion, then let me ask this question to Planned Parenthood 3% of your revenue was from abortion via closing up your abortion clinics over the United States because you do other services you say there so the money issue with them is obviously obviously abortion is more than 3%. That's right is always the driving force. The monies always the driving force. You have to understand and if you're a business and you have supposedly 97% of your business still operating in a state that has limited abortion restricted abortion close down your your operation, said the fact that you know if you if there in a state that has said were restricting abortion. There out of their proves that it's not just 3% of their business. Hi folks that's in a do it for the broadcast.

They let me say this Jordan Logan have this new podcast psychosexual rose I got you got you got it subscribe to it.

You got a bunch of you listen to it modify wherever you go to secular it's unbiased, but I will tell you it is fantastic. It's funny but it's also serious and it's a whole different view of the secular because you get a whole different perspective here and we were real, and it was number 121 I think 120 in podcast rankings yesterday, so that was a big big break so they're very excited about it and put your comments up there as well. Also don't get support the work the American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ.we appreciate that as well. Again, my prayers and thoughts go to the family of my good friend, the late Ken Starr judge solicitor general former colleague of mine, Great American rate life lead and pray for him and his family again. You know this life is rose curveballs in this. I was within two weeks before he was hospitalized with solid pray for his family will talk

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