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ABSURD: Communist China Given MORE Power

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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June 7, 2022 3:57 pm

ABSURD: Communist China Given MORE Power

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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June 7, 2022 3:57 pm

ABSURD: Communist China Given MORE Power.

What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Totally power power now stuff up because on May 30 sold the holy week in the US just to what country joined the executive board with unanimous support that includes support from the United States of the World Health Organization. You might build a guest with use the broadcast. The Chinese Communist Party just the CCP is now the executive board officially of the World Health Organization. This is the World Health Organization a week ago began considering two problematic sets of health proposals concerned with strengthening World Health Organization preparedness for response to emergencies. We talked about where to target the civil liberties sovereignty global digital surveillance, individual digital vaccine passports, transnational disinformation board I guess is going to be having influence on this creators of the pandemic. Because either came out of their lab or came out of one of their places. But it's Trident is responsible for what the world has gone through yet. They won't even let the World Health Organization investigators do their investigation into the lab. Figure out exactly how this pandemic started so they can prevent them in the future. So why would you reward them with the seat of the executive board because they basically are now the new world power when it comes these international organizations with the idea that there's going to be in a big bite in this racist descending to all of this by the way, yes. So they're not been not fighting this.

That's number one number two the idea that a World Health Organization's been giving information to establish a means of communicating misinformation. Let sounds you know it doesn't sound like was that a big deal.

The time on social media so that they can squelch their own pandemic starts yet understand this. The media initially when the pandemic started said it came out of a wet lab wet market in Juan China. Then it appears that came out of the lab. So what you think the Communist Party of China is going to do. She's late when they are put in charge of the executive committee were police part of the executive committee on this information in the binder ministration thinks this is a good move. Now they know how to craft out of misinformation. They know how to cry what they consider to be anything against the regime. They also know how to use digital surveillance pretty well, including as our FBI director said last week put China in the group with North Korea in Iran. As in Russia as actors trying to attack us officially through the government with cyber attacks so again when you look at what the World Health Organization is looking for more power for surveillance were power for a deal digital passports, transnational disinformation board putting a communist power with any kind of influence over that when they are the reason we have a global pandemic and it will not allow like the rest of the world say this is horrible disseminated from our country. Please figure out what happened.

So you can tell us this never would happen again. That's what a normal country would do but they're not so they don't let the World Health Organization investigators looking into this again folks only take your phone calls on it at 1-800-684-3110 can you believe I'm serious about this with you. Believe that even through this pandemic which the Democrats love to keep extending the want keep keep the mask on airplanes or fight that out in court right now that they just allowed China no objection to moving forward on this executive board.

While we know the World Health Organization is looking to grab more power from American sovereignty.

I would get your reactions to that 1-800-684-3110 increase surveillance of Americans to be you increase this transnational disinformation board would impact you the right to speak, 1-800-684-3110 is the World Health Organization. The new problem organization that new problem but it's even a greater problem because we are seeing trying to flex their influence the US not flex the influence board has similar action by the administration. You know, I again folks I would hear from you on this 1-800-684-3110. That's 164 31, China has joined the executive board of the World Health Organization by acclamation. That means no one stepped up there some questionable actors on this board that the US is on it to her.

The US could flex a muscle here, you know internationally be nice to see that from the binder ministration but nope they're part of that acclamation group which means 100% said let them join B part of the committee that remember just about a week ago we saw these proposals by the binder ministration to amend the international health regulations from 2005. It would do this these minutes.

Eat American liberties and sovereignties. The WHO empower the WHO to finance surveillance measures in countries around the world including the United States share unverified health info reported by potentially malicious or self interested third parties. We get to that later.

The broadcast grant sweeping powers to the director general of the WHO and then they can declare a public health and public health emergency potential or actual potential or actual agency how that could be used for many bad decisions, not just that actually even health related issues and it is significantly shorter length of time to consider and adopt these proposals and try to rush this through right as a new proposal and that ultimately a treaty. Let's start with this amendments which will sit seat American constitutional liberties and sovereignty to the World Health Organization because it gives the WHO the power to finance surveillance measures in countries around the world and he that would include the United States live course with enough probable cause and about due process gone out the door because attorneys don't have any such concepts of probable cause due process of law or anything similar to what our Constitution safeguards and we are not giving them the power to oversee that in the United States of America. So here they also stated a share unverified health information reported by potentially malicious or something for that third parties.

Unverified health information. The WHO and then they can determine what information is true and what is not true. I doesn't really ambush sharing of unverified and unverifiable information has consequences for the freedom and the liberties of the American people and so we should all be very concerned about 100-684-3110 at 2006 843-1101 talk today about this issue.

Tim in California on my to a tip my call. Why binder ministration wanted US sovereignty and China to what it is, in my view, the lack of power in our lack of respect around the globe to talk about this later with the organization of American states conference where government serve our boycotting by the President.

Basically I think the lack of respect on the international stage means the United States sees authority to the World Health Organization, which now has China on his work was not a sport until we sit seat into it and we have to understand that they liberalize is a more globalist mindset so they want to like the rest of a lot of other parts the world.

The including Western Europe seating power is up is a norm. They do that to the European Union, but that here I think is most troubling is that the World Health Organization showed its true colors during the pandemic. They never push either they should've thrown China. If China didn't allow the ministry thrown out yet.

They should've forced ammunition to been an international outcry to get the research done to figure out exactly how this pandemic started so that we could prevent it from ever happening again. I will be a good World Health Organization.

That's not what this is this the compromised World Health Organization controlled in part by China but funded significantly by guest to you and me, the United States, of course, but we are not strong enough in a position to say I will think we are strong enough in a position to state noted China to the trumpet ministration would have would've said we might pull our funding we might pull out of this, but that's not the binder ministration member there globalist, so anything they could do to bring us boards that globalist world view which is we should all share surveillance.

We should all share the it. It is exactly what we been opposing even opposing joining international criminal courts were post again to letting China on the WHO United States. Yet when you every time you do this receiving power. That's right so you got the ACLJackson by the way, and cover this RAC LJ action team, which is our sleep organization.

You need information about that good lot of you already going one of the things that we noted in here is and I said this earlier.

Is this idea that number one dismiss information and disinformation which seems to be the buzzwords of the binder ministration powers being seceded over to the derecho effort failed in the United States because of groups like ours and others. That said, the outcry here, but it's either this is what is so shocking.

Nine of the United States or any other Western country objected to China's election to the WHO, despite the fact any that the WHO at every turn obstructed the investigation into the pandemic sort that's exactly right. And in fact denied denied that it originated in their country at all, and said no and it was not anything that happened in China.

What are you talking about the shockingly needed in the US or any other country objected to China's election and that's really what bothers me is as good as Jordan alluded to, were talking now about a globalist elitist world, a world of people who know better than anybody else, and who, most importantly, do not America first. We are now a second, becoming a second rate power we yield and we subvert our interests and subjugate ourselves to the powers of globalism when you do it to the Chinese Communist Party which runs China that's pretty scary.

Congressman Guy Russian caller from Pennsylvania treated this World Health Organization elected China to its executive board last week course during our holiday.

America does object.

China's public health track record silence doctors who warned about covert gave false information to the WHO about covert obstructed investigations into covert imposed and they currently do draconian lockdowns of their own citizens and he ended that with the WHO has lost. I think it Artie did, but I mean it at this just adds to its lost all credibility completely. But you know Kerry's been talking about this a lot. This kind of global elitist mentality of the joint is world organizations and now we are the world were part of the greater body but would actually doing showing American weakness and lack of leadership.

Eric I think that's correct and essentially think global leaders have preached openness and tolerance to virtually everyone but rank and file Americans and so they have decided to diminish the interest of average working-class Americans in favor of international bodies. These are essentially revolutionaries who believe that all that currently exists should perish, and that the elites should control essentially are. Every daily lives and I think we need to push back so I was on the phones and were to keep a careful cause of this 1-800-684-3110 Wayland and Colorado online. One day I told folks.

We drill down on this WHO info we would really get into it and were getting into it today.

They will available for secular thinking predicament call?

I have is why the Supreme Court not have the power to shut down any of this. That is not protecting any of our constitutional rights adding national security issues and if they do have the power, how come they have not stepped in yet they don't have the power, the Supreme Court can disclaim court states on its own cannot initiate a proceeding number one, number two, their jurisdiction, it would not. This is an executive branch decision will not adjust the brightness to this proposal by the binder ministration to do all these the global surveillance.

The information that the more power to the director general WHO to declare the public health emergencies so those are proposals for a existing federal law to expand on the international health regulations, law, and then you got the second set would likely be treaty in this report, there cannot invalidate the treatment that's the promise of the Supreme Court is not the this is and then we can beat this industry level insight about something so politically.

The way this has to be handled is if it comes to a treaty that has to be not enough votes for the treaty to go through. That's what the Constitution authorized legislatively that promise has to concede Congress as fitness of the Senate has to make the determination, but this is not something for a court to decide. This is what the executive branch of government decides foreign policy. Our policy with respect to interaction with countries of the world with organizations of the world, not a court decision, but an executive branch decision. This is what the presidency is all about and why it makes all the difference. Who the Pres. and Chief Executive Officer of a unitary executive is right.

That's what comes after this was the bite ministration seating authority yet. 164, 31 to want take your questions. If you have questions about the WHO comments about the WHO to get remained even more information on that but I want to go to Lisa in Wisconsin online five. I don't have you to Lisa right now racing it will be our first call we come after the break is a great question from you. We want to continue to ignore your phone calls away hundred 64 3110 is to a shadow to to our team and AC LJ action, which is a sister organization of the ACLJ they have been on this.

Putting this together because that team came out of the federal government. They were able to really get into the regulations of the regulatory power and put this together for Civil War providing you was accurate information because it was like going out there still like going on around the Internet about the WHO to support ACLJack should we actually exited joint AC LJ action AC LJ cost $25 a year. She make it $25 donation today of joint AC LJ action for the year you actually remember of the new C4 AC LJ action. We are still working on building our membership as we speak today is shocking that no countries of the world including the United States objected to China's election.

The world health organization's governing body, and we talk through what they want to amend through which is a binding international health regulations about which are binding on all the members of the W and they want to amend that Celia tried omitted by trade and then go around the tree process right.

The binder ministration supports these amendment says one was listing to this what your US government right now is supporting giving to the World Health Organization in their binding authority. Seating your liberties and sovereignty also gives a global digital surveillance regime power to the WHO allows the director general of the WHO to declare potential public health emergencies or actual public health emergencies that is very broad.

I would say that if getting involved in our processes the US it could do that. But even a transnational transnational were three retirement DHS. This would be a transnational disinformation aboard this what the bite administration is trying to do with the WHO. Then I fighting this they are proposing this yet will on top of that, the World Health Organization's issued guidelines for reproductive health, which is what they call abortion care guidelines is to skim out at the end of March. They consulted 120 X hundred 21 experts from outside organizations outside the WHO, just so happen cc 67% of them were from pro-abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood. Absolutely not exactly what the WHO does their pro-abortion agency and now she cares that the interesting fact about abortion in across the world, which I would have you think that abortion is the norm, but in a majority of countries they did not allow abortion at all or only for the life or health of the mother so they don't allow abortion. That's a majority of the countries and then if you add in countries that restrict abortion to the first 12 weeks you get up to 84% of the countries in the world. They had restrictions on abortion and yet Debbie HL is trying to say you have to allow it to birth lawyers with the WHO guidelines would do. Legalize abortion on demand without conditions until the end of pregnancy reduce the freedom of conscience, of medical professionals and not informing parents in case of an abortion performed on their minor child. Right exactly said there is no international right to abortion. A majority of the world has restrictions on abortion but the WHO wants to come in and say that you can kill a baby until the time it's boring you can't have any kind of consciences objections you have to have abortion on demand with no restrictions on the rights of phones we said Lisa in Wisconsin online.

Five. And folks want to talk to you give us a call 1-800-684-3110. We got some lines open because it already started taking calls, 1-800-684-3110. Can you believe your own government wants to cede power to the corrupt WHO couldn't figure out covert gives a call 100-684-3110 Haley said I think you every day and you I heard about legislator bill that Sen. Rick Scott has up for a vote in the Senate, what would it do and do you believe that it has been both needed to pack the unfortunate. I don't know if it has of those because you gotta have Democrat supports a tagline unlikely the house and pretty close. The Senate saw me they might have the support the Senate but I can imagine Pelosi being that at odds with Biden on this because they are globalist.

So what that bill would do it. I so I met support that bill it would limit the authority of the WHO organization on the US generally, and it would oppose these amendments to the WHO Constitution that haven't been approved by Congress.

So that's we go back to the treaty power kits of what this would do or say listen, you can make your minutes of proposals, but we as the United States do have a role Congress has a role a student specifically has a role in approving because this would be like a change to a tree to get with the midterm elections are not that far away is that these these amendments have not yet been adopted so there is a chance that after the midterms. You could see action now.

Also, let me talk about direct action that we take in the European Center for Law and Justice are filling in Strasburg France has already informed and this just went out the end of May the World Health Organization and other entities and and we are really pressing on. This is about five-page letter drafted by our director general NCC. This letter is already been delivered right to the UN permanent representatives calling out this WHO guideline document and pointing out that first.

It's not a legal binding document whatsoever.

Although course, the WHO tries to indicate that it is in states should follow it as a legal binding document that is not legally binding, and there is no international right to abortion.

We point out that most of this most of the recommendations don't eat their nine and based in science that they do not have conclusion conclusive sign for scientific sorry studies to support 20 edits for our recommendation and these are the people are saying. Follow the signs. And then there saying in their let in their proposals. We don't have the signs backing these up. This is abortion on demand, no restrictions, nothing ago they got the conscience protections for medical providers.

So all those that we fought for the United States for nurses for pharmacies, not doctors, and with one of those would be again could potentially subject because we did believe I am the US could be in violation of a treaty that we cite if we don't allow it to see how they're working this to even bring back abortion on demand without having to go to court's case to get Roe versus Wade gets overturned. This is another way they can federalize the abortion protections through legislation.

Can I get an a world institution examiner for them and say, well, hey, the US you're violating your treaty authorities by not having every state have abortion on demand, whatever you want no restrictions of shockingly the Dobbs opinion on Roe versus Wade gets licked we don't know who the leak sources yet.

I think assumption is somebody in the left to try to build up support for attacking the justices getting legislation through to be successful United States to what you do cc go to World Health Organization saying that it international staging. You see if you can get it in a different way through a backdoor. And that's what they're trying with these guidelines again, which are not legally binding, and there is no international right to abortion.

But if you listen to the WHO you would think the exact opposite and I'm looking in our letter and in the letter we talk about the fact that a lot of the proposals being made here are not supported by science.

Yet these are the proposals being made by the World Health Organization. So you have to think yourself a minute, why are they doing this because they are trying to get around the US policies and in the buying administration is saying that's a good way to do it because were not to succeed in the Roe versus Wade situation in the United States that a real pallet to be clear that I think the World Health Organization is taking the steps because they feel emboldened by the United States who said these are our proposals. We want to give you more surveillance power we support the abortion on demand by the ministration we want to let you declare the public health emergencies. We have no problem with trying to joining the executive committee so we acceded to that. This is all happening by Pres. Biden and his administration's actions. Yes, America has a weaker standing in the world right now, but there actually is at the World Health Organization come up with this.

The first set of proposals were talking about are the Biden administration coming up with this.

The abortion part. That's the World Health Organization coming up with it, but we know the Biden administration is like step with them on abortion is that there Democrat parties owned by the abortion industry made that very clearly seen how clear that is supposed Rick to take her phone calls on it. 164 3110 Some more information to on this kind of understanding of the world right now.

This speaks to it so other stores were talk about speak to it as well. One 800 684 31 to support the work of ACLJ came out of ACLJ actions work just launch the new organization you become a member of ACLJ action cost $25 and ACLJ for decades.

ACLJ is been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking.

If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular to secular over to your phone calls at one 800 684 31 km reset for people distorting. So China has now joined the executive committee of the World Health Organization.

America was okay with that didn't didn't object.

No country did which also telling about Chinese power that no country objected, so there now, the executive committee of the World Health Organization. This the same time, the World Health Organization is considering proposals by the Biden administration to amend the World Health Organization's constitution to allow the World Health Organization to global digital surveillance to hold the regime for that individual digital vaccine passports and the creation of a transnational disinformation board that is dangerous what the Bible ministration wants the world health organizations propose sweeping new abortion a policies that we had to make clear to folks art actually binding using the Bible ministration to go stay the way of those now.

In fact, it's a way you could potentially get around Dobbs. At least they could make an argument that if they if the World Health Organization adopts those officially abortion on demand.

No conscience protections whatsoever.

If they did that in the what authorizations they will US you are violating your treaty obligations. It was going to explore some phone calls. No, it's just the percent of the second half hour because a lot of people waiting yeah I was finished told you in New Jersey online one for state-owned hey how are you J date firstly look like you, the Obama administration. I'm still paying hearing the Biden administration. It's Obama, and lightning is why you aren't every GOP in the House and Senate, now a ghetto doing press about this because the authority because I don't have the authority to make a change because right now the house is in the control of the Democrats of this is dead on arrival in the house. I don't know if the Senate you have the 50 bucks cabinet, $60, I would say all I said most Republicans I think have started talk about this. The media is not covering it. A lot is, but that the with the Republicans. You can kinda see in you'll see a lot of them commenting on this about China joining that that just that news is breaking today, but also about this seeding of US authority. The issue is the current makeup of Congress makes it tough to even get what Rick Scott wants through center Scott, which is something simple, which is the US is going to stop seeding source authority and that if you change the Constitution of the World Health Organization, then you need to go through a congressional approval process like a treaty so that's that's where it stands.

I think that the opposition is building.

I think the way that we can really get at this as is forcing a vote. Ultimately, in Congress, not this Congress no but there's a coming new Congress next January and that could be a Congress that is controlled by Republicans was very important. It was six shares calling them.

He got a minute half (go ahead, you're on their daily date or Obamaor whatever the hell it is circumvent our laws can cut them off at the knees by just refusing to bind the date you have the votes in Congress to do that in the House of Representatives.

You don't it's I mean I know it's frustrating when this is yet either. Because these proposals are proposals want to fight those, but I don't think there's right, I don't. I mean we always would be true Tellos here we have to start building the grassroots movement here and in the end a costly start educating everybody make it you get the right information correct information is proposing what what's come from WHO what's comforted by the ministration, then we start building the opposition to this it is building in the Senate. It is building the house, but right now for Republicans not in control. We got bored and thought about the organization American states. Next, which is another thing working seeding control over which we'll talk about that in the last segment California and we are allow space in California got DAs that are subject to recall, we want to hear from folks in California, 1-800-684-3110. You got primaries today and tell us what's going on out there, 1-800-684-3110 will take your calls. We come back from the break regarding talk about the organization American states another big issue then we'll talk about going on California at 800-684-3110 94, the United States is hosting in Los Angeles. The assessment of the Americas which is Latin America Sears of Central America and South America. In these countries coming together playing host to the United States.

So when you the host you have power over who you're going to invite. Of course you to provide visas because this is that this the regional organism Internet organizations on international organizations with region focused that it is connected to the organization of American states she had this summit while we been snubbed the Bible ministration by some pretty powerful leaders in that region, including right our southern border, the President of Mexico. He's not coming because he's upset about Venezuela, Nicaragua, and she was present not being invited to even attend which I get to you and they would stay would be invited another US doesn't get to decide that even though we have the UN in New York. There, that's up to the UN, they would get to go if they want to go we have to provide the docket allow them to travel the sometimes we really limit their ability to travel inside the US will be allowed to be there stated that the Brazilian present to come easy to talk to present by get up by the phone.

David spoken, but there's three more countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela plus Mexico there's three more because Guatemala, Honduras, and what was at the third sees Guatemala, Honduras, because a tube it's people met with Harris in Mexico so Guatemala and Honduras.

Two of the three northern tribal countries also edited yellow not see the present by that's in the present.

Of course they are sending a message that never tour something our President. Two of those three countries Guatemala unders are a part of the immigration issue.

So here's the plan a course at the same time we are asking Venezuela for more gas, more oil, so this is Celeste this. I look at this and say this is an incredible snob of the President, but makeup but we're finding a lot of these countries made absolutely the right now in Congress installed, thankfully, but Pres. Biden has asked us to send $4 billion to the northern tribal countries seek whenever Pres. Trump was present. He tied our aid to these countries to their cooperation with us, especially on immigration so they place their own borders. Northern triangle countries policed their borders going north to Mexico. Mexico police there southern border. It cut down drastically on illegal crossings, you know, in the United States across the border. All of this, the wayside were giving them presently millions and millions of dollars. Pres. Biden was to give them another 4 billion we find Mexico to the tune of almost $100 million a year, and yet they are not cooperating with us.

They're not helping us with immigration and others.

This snubbed diplomatic snob on the OAS as well is indicative of a lack of respect for the Biden administration. For these countries who depend on us for aid. Meanwhile, as we all know the our southern border is in chaos you and they're not helping use just a matter from VP Harris. She goes to three countries as the borders artist VP nine states, all three of those declines in the present. She's trying to use is this is a way to rebuild her reputation, but that even the mainstream media is not letting her forget everywhere you went.

They decided not to come, which tells you a lot about how much they think about this administration's influence on the world which is then the United States influence on the one which talks that bigger issue than talk about today is the world every time that yesterday the world since is the American weakness and they start acting in ways some militarily likely seen in Asia and we see the horse and in Eastern Europe some diplomatically so you got Mexico are built may border neighbor either work with close have so many issues economic issues trade issues even outside of the border problems did not, then it's in the present and two of the three northern tribal companies that send their present was the one connector between all three of those. VP Harris went to their country met with the President when and what does that tell you about the view of these countries as to our standing in the world stage. That's the real problem here was absolutely understanding his decreased dramatically in it affects so many things that it affects our economy. It affects our border security.

It affects national security. I mean because of the lack of cooperation and respect from the northern tribal countries in Mexico that is why Jay as we speak.

There is a new group of migrants coming towards the website left her for 15,000 and since Joe Biden was elected President and inaugurated we've had almost 50 people in these groups coming across her on the terror watch list so it is not only a general security issue is it affects our national security directly. So it's up to 15,000 migrants in this caravan. Many of them are from Central America, Venezuela and Cuba may soon join another massive caravan that set off from southern Mexico towards US border on Monday with its members calling the Pres. Biden to repeat the members of the experiments to repeal title 42, health policy, by the time they reach the program after I get some of these leaders who met with VP Harris if she spoke like she spoke in a lot of these events and she just said we need to work together because working together is good and let's all work together that's what she left with what they're thinking you know I got issues in my unconscious and the Foreign Minister.

That's his job or her job quickly so that that is again it shows America's standing and it's not the kind of standing we wanted to be. Usually, these countries would jump at the opportunity. Even if they were mad because you said while not having Venezuela. There, which I think is it decision because what we begging Venezuela for for oil and gas at some updated and go well lately that did work out but still these other countries would not. If not showed up with their leaders, they would be an honor to be the United States of America and participate in their prep for resident with the most powerful leader in the world the President states who put us in the situation where were having respect. Listen to this. This is up White House press briefing.

Listen to the respondent. Listen the question.

Listen to the responsible express I will reason for no apparent level of dollars to every times he said he was made aware that that's what they're saying as well. He still the US presence of Gabe a heads up before he sent a message. Publicly said like a shot.

Your meeting in their state that this thing that is a side of love was fragrant within. This is a prime. How far was all are we friends when we transmitting to the rest of the world. When we have a conference in the United States resist American states we do invitations and people he invited including Mexico's President on our southern border says I'm not going to attend. What does that say west of the rest of the world. It says to the rest of the world that we have a extremely weak leadership in the United States America and that they can get. They can do this.

Jane get away with it and were still giving the maid tying our aid to cooperation that is not being vindictive that is common sense every country does that that this involved with aid you expect something in return. That is a legitimate quid pro quo and were not doing it. And so they see us as weak and is vacillating this is look is no different than the World Health Organization and seeming authority there.

We got a call coming in. I want to take it all ties in folks the globalists are winning because were seeming authority and that's a mistake it's going take care of it absently. They share welcome to second coming from Tennessee.

You're on the phone for all that you will make multiple billing wiped out again that Bobby is a boat all day, and that part America well let me tell you what we did, which is on behalf of you all that was news broadcaster members of the ACLJ the European Center for Law and Justice, 30 minutes notify the member states that what the proposals are here violation of their own charters.

So that's number one number two ACLJ action has already prepared a very detailed memorandum on all of these issues. That is going to be distributed winery has been distributed very broadly on Capitol Hill, but so there's two actions were taken, but a lot of this is lack of control of Congress doesn't answer what worry that education phase and we hope that you know all of you remember how to vote in November so that you can actually get some of this legislation through that with the present Biden in a bind.

We can try to veto things. Remember, still but yes to have the vote. So Lyons override a veto. There's things like that but I think we will start seeing more action. We just have to be prepared. That's part of ACLJ action is that it's unclear if these done in a day is that when you see these things, you start charting out a course to defeat the exactly) limit table organ into coming up and annexing the broadcasts will talk about the situation is specifically California to other states as well. But you got these DA set that ran on were not to prosecute crime and what's happened to San Francisco, Los Angeles and other other major cities has been huge with a big audience in California. I want to get your commenting either on social media platforms or call us right now. We've opened up all the phone lines at 1-800-684-3110. That's 800-684-3110. We want to talk to about what's happening in Los Angeles what's happening in San Francisco what's happening in California, it's happening in Wisconsin and other places as well where you got these DA's not enforcing the law lawlessness back. A lot of it by you know, serious money coming from the left, but the results of this been catastrophic. When take your calls on that will be discussing anything to join his back. It was at the eight 1-800-684-3110. That's 800-684-3110 yard unloaded phone calls on this, especially Ada, California got a recall today the San Francisco DA Rossi, a primary is pretty unique. There was about a Democrat primary on secular because of our unique candidate right now is in the lead, probably little runoff like your thoughts are that two of your daily voter in your San Francisco voter on both of those 1-800-684-3110. The recall and in the actual primary for mayor 2000 684-3110 will be right back secular California listeners. If you want to weigh in on this California this the time to call one 864 3110 got your primary today for LA Mayor. It's a mixed prize decor jungle primary explained that everybody that's with everybody runs the same primary Republican and Democrat, and the top two there then get going to a runoff for showed it like unlikely that anybody get the 50% to win today, but what's interesting here is that there's a former Republican who is now registered as a Democrat Rick Caruso is a major real estate developer just joined the Democrat party got endorsed from Elon musk spent 34 million.

So far, the campaign 10 times more than his main opponent was the current Democrat mayor, or is is a current member of conformer member Congress Karen Bass so likely he will get into the runoff is very interesting there because again he was a Republican until until he decide to run for this is that endorsements from people like you, I must resend you, I gotta move my company Ada California because the taxes the lifestyle and if it's not your place to be. So that's happening in LA today, then get the D8 in San Francisco you got a DA not election but recall that this is a DA the caveman you with this wave of others. In 2019 date. The parents were members of the Weather Underground. I mean this is a successor typical but here they went to Ivy League school of Rhodes scholar there called reformist DAs. These are the source DAs the FBI would actually get a comment on rumble. Hasn't George Soros been heavily funny yesterday Legos. Yes, this is an example and maybe the best example in the most liberal major city in the United States a major city same Cisco there so fed up with this DA not putting people in prison were committing crimes you is that the city received he was walking to the lottery to take everything that's that's the DAs decision has been to not police not to prosecute, to let violent, even violent criminals, right onto the street. I think it's pretty likely that the that that they get recall today, but again the fact that there was even a recall right San Francisco later put together all those votes to get that on the ballot today shows you that even the most liberal cities. They are starting to feel the pain of putting in these out-of-control knots to run the prosecutors so when you have DAs that will not prosecute Indian you been a TA US attorney been Adia. If the DAs role is not to prosecute crimes. But what happens past Yamane if the DAs role is not depressed prosecute crimes than he or she ought not to be a district attorney because that's what you're supposed to do prosecute criminal offenses. This district attorney promised that he would eliminate cash bail and what I found interesting cash bail flowing you when you going to jail for a crime you gonna put up X number of dollars in cash in order to get out and he says that discriminates against people don't have money we've had cash bail since the beginning of the Republic so you know that makes no sense. But what I like best of all, when I loathe I should say. Best of all is that he's not going to prosecute quality of life crimes and I look that up and I wanted to see what he said about that quote he is not going to prosecute quote crimes such as public camping offering or soliciting sex, public urination and blocking a sidewalk should not and will not be prosecuted as crimes so by the way the in the in the victim of the prostitution is the girl and it usually is not a moderate and he's not apprised deep down that is really great camping is hopeless in cabinets which are infested with drugs, violence, death, sex crimes, more trafficking, more abusive people because it is a people get taken advantage of their living on the streets. Usually, drug addicts, so to do going that way will now San Francisco's voters are saying. Maybe this is the approach I'm expecting let's say this DA gets recalled accessing the prism hard right conservatives DA but at least the DA who prosecute crime and who isn't trying to play this game of social engineering which is weird from that that you could have the mayor of the city was called out. The DA said we have to quote is the mayor of San Francisco quote the rate of criminals we to stop the rain of criminals who are destroying our city rain of criminals is Heather calling the mayor of same.

Cisco is describing her city okay so if you got the city of San Francisco which was a beautiful setting is now the rain of criminals and you got a district attorney funded by Soros listening aside that is not like were given the news you don't know the why would George Soros bond a district attorney's race and local city for exactly that social engineering is not there was a crime in on after crime. It's in North hopelessness on the streets being accepted prostitution being legalized everywhere over.

Second, enforce the law. Sale of drugs not crying will care about sex trafficking. We don't care about hard drug use in these homes in cabinets, people die or blocking the street even you can block the street with the problem. The problem with all of this of course is the DAs function is to be the prosecutorial arm so that people are safe and people aren't saved in the DA and is not doing their job. They're not doing their job.

Look at prosecutors job is to prosecute criminal offenses. Of course, as Jordan alluded to this guy came by this naturally. His father spent 40 years in prison for second-degree murder and first-degree robbery. So, I mean why would he think of those are criminal offenses. His father was a member of Weather Underground and was in jail for murder and robbery army that comes natural drive but can you imagine electing a district attorney who will not prosecute criminal offenses. What you therefore you have a real face because she's in San Diego they would add a good DA, not political things to do a good job that the got the governor Newsom just added more fillet fidelity categories to the growing list of sit introductions so the system is even stacked against the good, DAs, yet so let's talk about what it actually melodies not when you have families being added to sentence reductions and it was explained to everybody what that actually means all and basically what it means is for felony offenses which the different categories of crimes, felonies and misdemeanors misdemeanor punishable by your lesson jail felony is more than a year in jail. What is done is that the sentence reductions in other words, a judge would have discretion to reduce a sentence that is mandatory under the statute for something less than what is permissible by the law of fidelity jail term could be relegated out to six months since my nothing nothing or put them on probation so you know we just empty the jails and put them back on the street. Is this what does this resulted when public chaos, public crime criminal activity open cities exactly would George Soros is wanting exactly what these liberal DAs want to have done their getting and achieving in San Francisco. Absolute chaos and lawlessness. Make sure spent hundreds of millions of dollars at it through son to go after races that people pay as much attention to his using the wood DAs the 30 prosecuted the prosecute crime is their job and they don't play too much politics with how they do that and that they want to keep the city safe and clean that best they can, especially big cities with others.

This was a role that VP Harris had she had to defend herself in the Democratic primary for prosecuting to be black people member that you they were going after her for being a DA who actually was tough on crime right in San Francisco. It's a city that is always had issues with people on the streets yes and how was this state of California because the weather and in the weather kind of a suit. It's always a question about drugs and things like that so it's always been a very progressive liberal city, but you still have to be a city that functions she had to have some rules some laws and wooded DA comes in. Not the people of the DA because it says prostitution now not prosecute to face illegal urinating the street that's legal blocking the street legal camping in public space which is hopeless in cabinets which are full of drugs, death and crime, sex trafficking, legal thought your God is the DA saying Andy chaos reigns in our city. This is what we want is only one and that's what I'm going to do and when to make sure that there is criminal activity and lawlessness in the city of France in San Francisco on the district attorney and I'm chosen not to prosecute these crimes. I can say one thing for sure in all the years that I prosecuted in 40 years.

I never prosecuted for political reasons order for social engineering. I prosecuted to enforce the law

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