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Just How Many Illegals Will Vote In November?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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May 21, 2024 7:00 pm

Just How Many Illegals Will Vote In November?

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 21, 2024 7:00 pm

America has at least 15 million illegal immigrants, maybe even 20 or 30 million. But it's illegal for them to vote...or is it? Catherine Engelbrecht joins to explain the legal loophole that shields illegals from prosecution for casting illegal votes. Plus, Charlie talks to Nigel Farage about a pending World Health Organization treaty that would obliterate American sovereignty for the sake of reviving mask mandates, lockdowns, and worse.

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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk
The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk

Hey, everybody. Today on The Charlie Kirk Show, how many foreigners, illegals, are going to vote in the 2024 election? Catherine Engelbrecht with some chilling and yet hopeful news on this topic.

Nigel Farage gives us his prediction for the 2024 election. So email us as always, freedom at That is freedom at Subscribe to our podcast, open up your podcast application and type in And get involved with Turning Point USA at

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Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country.

He's done an amazing job. Building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives. And we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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You send a message, we play to win. Register now at slash peoples. Joining us now is a defender of the West, a great patriot, someone who loves our way of life and has done a lot to try and preserve it. Nigel Farage, the leader of Brexit and host of Farage on GB News. Nigel, welcome to the program. Nigel, I want to begin with the WHO treaty. We have not covered this yet on our program. What does our audience need to know about it?

You better start covering it, Charlie, and covering it good. It starts on Monday in Geneva. 194 countries will be present. The World Health Organization, as you know, behaved appallingly during the pandemic. First off, they told us that the virus had come from China's wet markets. Then they told us there was no risk of human-to-human transmission. And the feeling, the suspicion is they were protecting China from the very start.

And that's why President Trump withdrew American funding. Well, in 2021, in the absolute depths of the virus, they put forward a proposed treaty to deal with future pandemics. And this treaty would transfer enormous power from all the signatories to the WHO itself. They alone would be able to declare what is a pandemic. They alone would decide what vaccines were suitable or what or what were not. They alone could tell us on mass mandates.

And they could even possibly have the power to tell us we have to lock down our states, which would mean places like Florida could not act with the same freedom. This is a very, very serious threat to national sovereignty. And for me, it's very similar to the battle against the European Union.

You know, we should make our own decisions in our own countries. Yeah, sure. Let's cooperate with each other. Let's be friends with each other.

Let's share information and best practice. But this treaty next week must be amended significantly. Yeah. So, I mean, this is an issue of sovereignty, which is kind of a strike zone issue for you, Nigel, right? I mean, you have been warning about the deterioration and the evaporation of national sovereignty. This feels yet another attack vector where they're going to try to impose some sort of super governmental power over our ability to govern ourselves. And again, the whole spirit of Brexit is like, no, we're not going to be run by Brussels.

We're not going to be run by some other form of government. And so I can see what is the call to action then for the audience? This is going to be happening in Geneva. I can't imagine that, you know, many of these countries, some of the more submissive countries are going to agree to this. Nigel, what is the call to action here? Yeah, I mean, the worry is what happens is national governments lie. They say, look, we've just signed up for something. Don't worry your poor little heads about the detail. I've just started a campaign called Action on World Health.

Have a quick look at it on the website. It's one or two videos, one or two bits of information. I mean, you'll even see on there, one of the co-chairs of this summit, who's a Saudi gentleman, says we will need to take power over individual civil liberties to deal with the next pandemic. So they're already telling us there will be a pandemic and that we will lose civil liberties. Remember, the word sovereignty can sometimes sound a bit abstract. But if you lose sovereignty, you lose democracy. You lose the power to affect the future of your own life. So it really does matter. Action on World Health.

That's where I'm going with this. This organisation needs to be seriously reformed. This treaty needs to be changed. And if it's not, well, then frankly, it won't be fit for purpose and we'll all have to leave it. So let's get it right.

Let's have a place where we can get together and share information. But there's no way we should give up our democracy to these people. So Nigel, I want to now transition about the mass migration issue of the migrants in the West. And I love your country and I hate what is happening to it. I feel as if Britain is a more accelerated version of where America will be if we do not get Donald Trump back into office.

I do think that your country can be redeemed. However, mass migration has serious issues and consequences. Can you give our audience some insight into what you are seeing on the ground in your great country, the United Kingdom?

And for example, the new city councillor in Leeds, who is literally shouting the war cry, Alu Akbar, we have that tape we can play. Has mass, unlimited, unfettered migration enriched the United Kingdom? If you'd asked me that 20 years ago, I would have said to you that immigration would be a good thing.

But if you ask me now, I'd say it's been a bad thing. You talk about the councillor in Leeds. There are large parts of our cities that are now unrecognisable as being English. In many cases, people don't even share our language. Many hate our history, hate our culture, hate everything that we stand for. And they want us to live their way of life.

They want us to give up our Judeo-Christian culture, our values, everything actually that our forefathers have built and defended against the world at war. This is the equivalent to having a fifth column living inside your own country. And it is irresponsible mass immigration that has caused it. It is Islamic extremism that is the main problem here.

And I've often said to American friends, you're in a much better position than we are. But then, when I see what's happening on your southern border, I fear the same thing will begin to happen in American cities. Elected officers shouting Alu Akbar. A mass march in London last week shouting Infertade. Direct attacks on Jewish people in universities, schools, colleges, workplaces now becoming mainstream.

This is very, very frightening. And remember the old saying from the 1930s in Germany. First, they came for the Jews and then they'll come for the rest of us if we're not cautious. So I do think, I do think the tough borders, I do think the deportations of those that come illegally to deter others from taking these routes are vital, frankly, to save Western civilization. Otherwise, we're going to be completely subsumed by a different culture. It's as brutal and as simple as that.

Let's play cut a 68 here, please. We will not be silent. We will raise the voice of Gaza.

We will raise the voice of Gaza. Aloha, Akbar! Yeah, you know, when I think of a proud British citizen, that's what I think of, Nigel. Someone screaming to the sky, Alu Akbar. Your reaction, Nigel? It's terrifying.

And if I took you, Charlie, to parts of our inner cities in the north of England, in the east end of London, that kind of behavior would be very, very common. You'll notice, by the way, no women. It's all men, women not allowed to publicly participate. And the left, who are so pro LGBTQ plus rights and all the rest of it, somehow for now seem to afford, forge some allegiance with these people. Well, in the end, I tell you what, they'll be making the biggest mistake they've ever made. We in the West are very tolerant, decent people. But never before, never before have we seen migrant groups that want to fundamentally change our countries. America, think about that video that Charlie just showed you.

Think about it and act before it's too late. You are looking at the American election as an expert in a populist movement. What is your diagnosis of how Donald Trump is doing and the movement that is ascendant here in the States? To use an old market term for my financial trading days, I've never been more bullish about Trump than I am now. I'm more bullish than I was in 2016. I think the events in that courtroom in New York are so extraordinary, are so frankly biased. The behavior of the judge, all of it.

No fair-minded American can look at this and say, this is the way we want the judicial system in our country to operate. And Trump is coming through it with enormous strength. He's got the right policies, be it on the cost of living, with energy production, be it on the border and deporting illegals, be it on standing up to the increasingly fascist dictators around the world.

No, I'm feeling really, really good about Trump. And what an amazing man he is, Charlie. He's a friend of both of ours to withstand the pressure that he's been under and to stand up as tall as he does and fight.

He is remarkable. And I make this prediction without any bones at all, he will win. I sure hope you're right, Nigel, and your predictions tend to really hit the mark because you've seen this sort of pattern before. In fact, you were the harbinger, the canary in the coal mine. You were the predictor, the predictive element in 2016. You were the populist right opening salvo. God bless you, Nigel Farage. We hope to have you in Detroit at our People's Convention. Thanks so much. Thank you.

This is a very puzzling clip, and it's really important. One of the most important questions that someone has to answer is, do you believe one of the following? And it could be a mixture of it, so it's not necessarily binary. Do you believe that human beings are basically good or basically not so good? Do you believe that there is something within us that falls short of the glory of God? Do you believe that there is wickedness in the heart of man? Or do you believe that human beings are naturally good and that all of the evil and the suffering around us can be explained through colonialism and racism, misogyny?

This is a incredibly important question. For thousands of years, the Christian answer has been, human beings are awful. We are totally depraved, absent, giving our life to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

We will not be born again. In Christian doctrine, we have this belief of original sin, post garden, that you are flawed. And that's a very important political point, too, because if you have this belief in politics, then you always, if you see some injustice, for example, if you see somebody burning down a Wendy's, a conservative Christian approach to that action will be, he probably doesn't have a good father, and he was not raised with proper values.

A left-wing social justice Marxist responses, he's burning down the Wendy's because of all the systemic racism, and he doesn't have enough stuff. You could see how if you get that question wrong, if you fail to answer that question correctly, you can then all of a sudden get very quickly into left-wing politics. Are human beings naturally good?

Naturally not so good. Or you could believe in tabula rasa, as John Locke would say, a blank slate. The social contract theory is very simple.

There's three social contract theorists, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, there is Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Jean-Jacques Rousseau said that human beings are naturally good, preferred the infant over the adult, the primitive over the civilized, and said that we are born free and you spend the rest of your life in chains. Repeatedly, though, in the scriptures, it shows from Genesis 6 to John 3-3 in the book of Isaiah, that original sin, that human beings are not fundamentally good.

It says explicitly in Genesis 6, God saw the heart of man was wicked from birth. In a remarkable piece of tape here, and I'm not a Catholic, but I have great respect for faithful Catholics, and let me say something, you deserve better than this person calling himself the Pope. I was going to say it, you deserve better for you faithful Catholics out there. This is a heretical statement, theologically heretical.

Pope Francis is a Marxist more than he is a Catholic. Cut 52, he says, human beings are fundamentally good. There are some rogues and sinners, but the heart itself is good. This is not biblical, this is not theological, nor is it rational.

You can come to the understanding that human beings are actually awful through using your reason. This is not a Jewish, the Jewish belief is not this. This is not a Christian belief. It is not found in the Torah.

It's not found in the Bible. Play cut 52. When you look at the world, what gives you hope? Everything. You see tragedies, but you also see so many beautiful things. You see heroic mothers, heroic men, men who have hopes and dreams, women who look to the future.

That gives me a lot of hope. People want to live, people forge ahead, and people are fundamentally good. We are all fundamentally good. Yes, there are some rogues and sinners, but the heart itself is good. That is so unbiblical, so theologically wrong.

When human beings began to increase in number on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married, and they chose. The Lord said, My spirit will not contend with them. Continues to say, 6-5, The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on earth, and every inclination of thoughts of the human heart was only evil. Repeated in Jeremiah, the human heart is the most deceitful of all things, desperately wicked.

Repeated in Romans, repeated in John 3-3. Pope Francis is far more Marxist than he is Christian. What if I told you that most of the notable diaper brands support abortion, even footing the bill for their employees to travel to have an abortion? It's one thing to reject your customers, it's another thing to support their termination. If you're a parent sickened by woke corporations supporting the destruction of American values and our most precious blessing, our children, then meet Every Life, America's pro-life diaper brand. Finally, a baby brand that aligns with your values and is unapologetically pro-life. Every Life believes that no matter where someone is from, what they look like, planned or unplanned, Every Baby is a miracle worth protecting and defending. Every Life offers high performing premium diapers and wipes created with your little ones in mind. Their diapers are made without fragrances, dyes, lotions, latex, parabens, or phthalates. It's a wonderful company, I can speak for it personally, it's amazing. Go to for diapers and wipe bundles delivered right to your doorstep, and feel good knowing every purchase changes lives through their support of pro-life organizations and pregnancy resource centers. Every Life is changing diapers, changing lives. Learn more today at That is, use promo code Charlie for 10% off your order today. Joining us now is Catherine Engelbrecht, longtime friend of the program and of mine.

She runs True the Vote. Catherine, welcome to the program. Catherine, I caught your interview with Tucker Carlson. I think it would be helpful for our audience to kind of hear you go through that again.

And then I want to go deeper state by state into the greatest threats potentially to election security. And we'll get to that in a second. But first, Catherine, walk us through what happened with the Tucker Carlson interview regarding illegals and foreigners that could potentially vote in the 2024 election.

Absolutely, and thanks for having me. So yeah, this is we call it the 611 project. And it started the thing with Tucker started the conversation he and I were having and I showed him what I had just stumbled across. And this was back in early March.

Even though the interview just came out, so much more has happened, which I'm glad to fill you in on. But what we found back in March was a stipulation, an amendment that was added to Title 18 of the US Criminal Code, Section 611, which was passed originally in 1996, that outlines all the ways in which it's illegal for non citizens to vote. But then in 2000, an amendment was passed that that sort of soften the standards around what it means to be a non citizen voter. And there were three pieces to this amendment, A, B and C that define A and B define certain familial relationships and how you can vote if both your parents were naturalized citizens and if you were in the country at a certain age, but the third piece was the piece that ultimately showed up on Tucker's show. The third piece says that a non citizen can vote if at the time they vote, they believe that they are a citizen. It was so out of left field that it sent us down a rabbit hole of trying to understand what that could possibly mean, how that could possibly be used in court. What has happened to get us to the point where we should be concerned that that could be exploited and has resulted in a 50 page book that we posted online and the call to action, trying to wake people up about the very real condition happening at the border right now, relative to registering non citizens and how it very easily could be exploited this November. So that so citizenship now a state of mind? Is that what is that what essentially the criminal code says, similar to kind of like, I think I'm a woman or I think I'm a man, Catherine? And this is really, you know, that that's that whole sort of new theoretical fluidity of everything, right is what what caused us to interpret this amendment in just that way. Is citizenship, in fact, a state of mind?

Why would that be introduced into code? It has no attachment to, in fact, to the other elements of this amendment. It's just a very curious loophole that I could see being used very effectively in court. If, in fact, what we are being set up for is this new carefully groomed voting bloc, having having a role this November and the fights against it, I could absolutely see this amendment being called into play. You know, they're being told at the border to vote for Biden, that suggests that they're being teed up to participate this November. And there's a lot more to it that goes all the way back into the early 90s, when we first established the National Voter Registration Act, that social service programs should all have a voter registration component. That was fine, as long as those programs were only available to citizens. But then under the Obama administration, he opened up those programs and made many of them available to non citizens. So now at the border, we see NGOs registering non citizens for these programs, HUD housing, health care, stipends of all manner, those then get attached to voter registrations.

We know that states don't have the necessary data access to do a proper citizenship verification. And we know that the Senate is pushing that Durbin is pushing for a fast path to citizenship. What I pray is that we are not seeing a wind up for an executive order. There's nothing to prevent Biden from issuing an executive order, granting amnesty and citizenship in the month or so before the election, which would cause a level of chaos. Not unlike 2020, when we saw the fog of COVID descend, this time, it would just be in the form of undocumented migrants voting. Well, that's that's chilling.

And that is a very precise prediction, potentially, of the surprise we've been waiting for. So you're saying that Joe Biden could potentially sign an executive order before a court could reverse it during voting season, essentially with widespread amnesty, and then what do you do with those votes? Like, do they count? Do they not count? Are they citizens?

Are they not? And since citizenship is now a state of mind, theoretically right now, I'm here in Arizona doing this broadcast, if somebody is in Tucson, Arizona, and they're a foreigner, which there are plenty, and they fill out a ballot and they think they are a citizen, then that is a legitimate ballot? The courts would have to decide, you know, we've seen it time and again, relative to election standards, or voter standards, voter requirements, that domicile is treated as a state of mind. So there's precedent for all of these legal arguments, this idea that well, I thought I was so therefore I can't be, you know, held held responsible.

There's a reason that that was introduced into law, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense other than that it was nested inside of the language that could be later used for purposes of a get out of jail free card, quite literally. There's precedent for executive orders being issued by presidents, President Reagan did it, President Obama did it, they were upheld in court. And when you think about it, Charlie, all they really need is, let's just say he does this in October, the level of confusion that this would inject into the process, and to your point, once they vote, there's no way to separate, there's no way to unring the bell. Once it's counted, you know, ballots are private, once it's counted, you can't extract it from the population.

So this is a very troubling consideration, I pray that I am wrong, I would be glad to look back and go remember that, that was Catherine Wiseau out in left field. But when you think about the stakes this election, and that's a card that they are holding, why wouldn't they play it? The fact pattern suggests that they intend to do just that. So this all comes back and you've been leading on this, which is dirty voter registration rolls lead to dirty elections. So how many illegals or foreigners do you think or do you speculate have been added to the voting rolls? And are we actually checking for citizenship when we're registering voters?

Great questions. The answer to the first, the closest I can get is the reliance on a report by my friends at Just Facts that came out last week suggesting that upwards of 27% of non citizens could be being registered to vote. But it is very difficult to get close enough to that number to really have something tangible to grab on to all you can take are the statistical probabilities around how registration is done to begin with. And that in and of itself is a problem. States do not have access to the necessary data sets to be able to reconcile their entire voter file at scale relative to citizenship. Given access to a very narrow database called the SAVE database through Immigration and Citizenship federal agency, it's a one off kind of a check. It's not at all intuitive.

You've got to really almost know the answers before you ask the questions. What states need is access to federal databases that allow them to, as a registration comes in, verify citizenship in real time. There's no reason that this shouldn't happen or couldn't happen.

The fact is that private industry all day every day is validating identity, residency and citizenship in real time for all kinds of private industry applications. What's lacking right now is the political will to correct this problem that is growing fast. There is still time, but there has to be a call to make it happen. I mean, the outcome is really hard to even contemplate.

But right now it's a mess, Charlie. They can't verify citizenship. They can't.

Yeah, and I would love to see an attorney general or a DA somewhere at least say, hey, if you're an illegal and you vote, I will prosecute you. I mean, it's just going to happen. I don't care about your state of mind.

I mean, just can we play this out? I mean, if you're embezzling money and you think that you're doing something right, that really doesn't mean anything to me. I mean, state of mind matters in certain criminal contexts, I guess. But the idea that now citizenship is fluid just kind of is striking to the same idea of gender fluidity and kind of all these other social contagions.

So it harmonizes with that. So what states in particular have we seen suspicious upticks in voter registration numbers that might correlate with what you're talking about here? Well, the most recent example, I think, is my home state of Texas. The Social Security Administration came out with a report that's affiliated with HAVA, basically identifying how many times the state has checked for the accuracy of a Social Security number, relying on the last four digits. And so this has been up until March, it was being printed and publicly issued every single week.

They've since stopped this. But in Texas, the reports indicated that 1.4 million voters records had been checked by the state because they were trying to validate citizenship with this last, excuse me, validate Social Security numbers using the last four. The only thing that really makes sense where that uptick could come from is what's happening at the border.

So this became public, became a big thing on social media. Then the Secretary of State here in Texas, Jane Nelson, came out and said that it was misinformation, that there were only 53,000 checks that had occurred, that the 1.4 million was wrong, and that they were working with the Social Security Administration to understand why they had put this information out. That is a prime example of the confusion that goes into this.

We've submitted open records requests to states just trying to understand what their process is. And even that is confusing. It shouldn't be. The fact that there is this much uncertainty, frankly, tells you everything you need to know about the ability to accurately predict citizenship.

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That is promo code KIRK at, promo code KIRK. So, Catherine, I have to ask, out of all the states that really targeted Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, has there been any good news or developments that have helped fortify our elections? Give our audience some promising news, if there is any. I know you've been working very hard through the vote.

You've been involved in a lot of matters here. Give us some optimism. Oh, the optimism is the American people. Millions more Americans are now involved in election integrity than ever before. For many, many years through the vote, it was a challenge to try to explain to people how broken the process was. But, you know, I think the only good thing to come out of 2020 was people woke up and said, how did we get here?

What can I do? And now you are seeing people in droves begin to serve in elections, begin to ask the tough questions and begin to press for common sense reforms. Those reforms have, I think, taken a number of sizes and shapes in various states.

I think Georgia is probably the easiest example because now you see where the legislature has banned drop boxes. They are going with only watermarked ballots. They are adding additional forms of required ID to supplement mail-in ballots.

They've affirmed citizens' rights to challenge ineligible records. And that seems to be taking hold across the country. More and more states are moving towards processes that encourage citizens to participate and that restore some sanity. We still have a long way to go. But the best news of all is that Americans are awake and engaged.

And when that is true, all things are possible. Yeah, amen. And so what is the action item, then, for our very involved audience?

I don't want to spend too much time on everything wrong. I mean, a scary thing, obviously, is if you have a million illegals vote, how do you ever unwind it? They've created a ballot laundering system that once they're in the system, they say, oh, too bad, so sad. I don't want to emphasize that too much. Instead, Catherine, we have our agency. God has given us time. We are here in May.

This is not October. What can we do? What are the action items that we can now do in the 120-ish days from now to voting season to make progress, to fortify, to secure our sacred elections?

Catherine Engelbrecht. First and foremost, I think you have to get it in your head that this cycle, just voting, isn't enough. Vote and do a little extra. And even if election integrity isn't your thing, you can still find ways to serve. And if we can all do that, it's kind of like tithing at church.

If we all do just a little extra, it's going to be OK. Most people want for good, trustworthy outcomes in elections. Yes, there are bad actors, but far and away, Americans engaged, well-trained, well-informed, working together are going to give us positive outcomes. So the things you can do right now, and you can check all of this out at, we have different projects going looking at the voter rolls. You can look at them in parts of and participate in larger research projects where we're looking at entire counties. And of course, as it rolls up entire states and across the country, you can be a part of that or you can do more simple things that are focused just on your records, looking at your records, making sure that if you've ever moved from the state in which you were originally registered, you know, most people think that when they move state to state, those voter registrations somehow drop off. They don't. And so we've developed a way to make it very easy to look up at states where you've moved from and then remove yourself from the rolls.

Those things are available for anyone. Past that, there are so many ways to serve in the process. If it's connecting with the party or candidate of your choice and working on Get Out the Vote efforts, if it's serving on the absentee ballot review board or at Central Count or at the polls or during early election, just make the call, connect with Truth of Voter groups like ours and certainly with Training Point as well.

So many people that are doing things with ground games. We need everybody. It's all hands on deck. Lots of good work that can be done. And I also believe we're going to get some supernatural breaks along the way. I mean, there's just too many good things coming together in such rapid succession to suggest otherwise. The power of this election is on the side of the people. Amen. Katherine, thank you for your leadership.

Wonderful as always. Check out Truth of Vote. It's, is that right? Check it out. Katherine, thanks so much. Thanks. That is chilling stuff, but we have to do something about it. And that includes getting involved and engaged and to use your God-given agency.
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