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TUE HR 2 092623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 27, 2023 12:02 am

TUE HR 2 092623

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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See for details. Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, we're going to, this is the Greg Reeves report and we're going to be hearing a little bit about the zombie apocalypse. Folks, pay close attention to what they say.

Be right back after this. Military attorney Todd Callender is an expert in international law and morbidity mortality law. He's been filing lawsuits and blowing the whistle on the enemy ever since they made the shots mandatory. These lawsuits have led to his research team amassing thousands of whistleblowers that point to a planned Marburg epidemic already paid for by taxpayer dollars in the recent PrEP Act. Todd Callender said that inside the lipid nanoparticles there are sealed pathogens including E. coli, Marburg and Ebola and that different pathogens can be released by different frequencies pulsed through the 5G network. Inside of these shots that people already received inside the lipid nanoparticles, the hydrogel, there exists pathogens inside of the particles that have not yet opened. Those pathogens are chimeric.

They include E. coli, Marburg, Ebola, Staphylococcus and Brewer's yeast amongst others. We know that upon the broadcast from the 5G system that is now employed across the United States and the world for that matter, when they broadcast an 18 gigahertz signal for one minute three different times as a pulse it will cause those lipid nanoparticles to swell and release these pathogenic contents thereby causing a Marburg epidemic that they've already spent the money on. They've already, it's already done, right? The Marburg epidemic for purposes of law has happened and now we just need the actual disaster to happen and there's actually worse parts to it than that including the 1p36 gene deletion that effectively will turn those poor people into zombies. As odd as that sounds our government's preparing for that. He also points out that 1p36 gene deletion is the number one side effect of the Pfizer shots, a disease with zombie like symptoms that make a person aggressive with a propensity to bite. The CDC published a public service announcement on the preparedness for a zombie apocalypse in 2011. That same year con plan 8888-11 counter zombie dominance was published.

The military's advanced ammunition known as multi purpose rounds are single rounds comprised of multiple projectile options to be chosen via direct communication from the tank fire control to the cartridge chambered in the breach. So it would make sense to arm weaponized vaccines the same way. Popular online personality Jason Sherka has recently posted a warning that on October 4th FEMA will be using 5G frequencies to activate nano pathogens in the blood of the vaccinated. On October 4th at 2 22 pm eastern time the emergency broadcast system will be activated across the entire united states under the leadership of femur disguised as a test. However this test will be used to send a specific high frequency signal through devices like smartphones radios and TVs with the intention of activating graphene oxide and other nanoparticles that have been inserted into billions of human beings around the world through the obvious mediums.

If the October 4th date does not occur for any reason the backup plan will be to do it on October 11th at the same time. In the case that this is not able to be stopped I ask you all to shut off your phones and all other relevant devices at 2 pm eastern time for a period of two hours to be safe. I don't know who this guy is but I will add that we probably want to turn the 5G off for good and we definitely need to take control of our government because a plan as diabolical as this would be game over. Reporting for Infowars this is Greg Reese. All right we're back and Joe the the mind here's what the left has learned. The left has learned that if you tell people that this is planned and we're talking about depopulating the depopulation of the world the left has learned that if you tell people that it's already been planned out you'll get much less resistance than if you just go ahead and you let the people find out on their own that they're depopulating. It doesn't make a lot of sense but it's it's like it's psychologically that's what they're doing and uh even those people like Bill Gates uh realizes this and now he's starting to back off a little bit from uh what his what he's been pushing as far as the is uh the world depopulation program he's he's trying to back off I had a very interesting article on that here but I can't find it figures but uh I'm thinking back to when you know the COVID when it first started all the lies Dr Fauci when people are vaccinated they're not going to get infected he's never apologized he never has said he's wrong we have a Joe Biden you're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations unquote uh Rochelle Walensky remember the CDC director vaccinated people do not carry the virus they don't get sick Michelle Maddow that uh in a msnbc uh terrorist now we know the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops and then there was Bill Gates who's an expert of course everyone who takes the vaccine is reducing their transmission no just the opposite bill and finally the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bertola there is no variant that escapes the protection of our vaccines I looked at that stuff and thought not one of those people has apologized not one of them has said they're wrong not one of them this is the way the left they make a statement they never come back and apologize they never have regrets they just move on to the next big threat the next big emotional statement and yeah I think you got a point about people when they're told something well okay the people lie so so what I think the people have gotten numb to the fact that the leaders and people lie to them they believe them then they believe the next lie then they believe the next lie and all they have to do is keep changing their lie and the sheep just go right along and don't sense something's wrong that they keep changing the lies you know I just don't get it here's what I talked about earlier Bill Gates suddenly abandons climate doom narrative as populations push back against globalism you know that let me just tell you because that brings up another um I think I'm going to play a little clip here just off my phone that I have if I can this here is Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts and he's talking about the World Health Organization the pandemic treaty they wanted to push again this whole thing go back to doing what they did to us before the World Health Organization has backed down on the proposed amendments for compulsory vaccinations and lockdowns let me just give you a little bit of this guy here well maybe he's not he's supposed to be talking but he does he's not talking maybe he'll come up in a minute moving yeah he's uh well on live radio folks we try things that yeah I think I'll just have to do to him later on because he doesn't seem to be talking to me this week represents a victory for Australian sovereignty a victory for common sense decency and humanity and a victory against the sprawling monster of unelected unaccountable foreign bureaucrats at the United Nations World Health Organization you'll recall the World Health Organization proposed to change their health regulations that guide member states in the event of a disease outbreak like COVID from guiding member states to being mandatory on member states including Australia this would have represented a complete destruction of Australian sovereignty and a fundamental reimagining of the powers of the World Health Organization last December the liberal national Morrison Joyce government voted in favor of these changes yet many sensible countries voted against and the proposal was lost undaunted the United Nations World Health Organization tried again this year after months of heavy criticism one nation and those opposing these measures have had a huge win the final report from the International Health Regulations Review Committee released this week has dropped the proposed changes United Nations World Health Organization will remain an advisory body dystopian demands such as allowing the World Health Organization to make binding health orders overriding state and federal control have been tossed out this includes the proposed powers that would have allowed the World Health Organization to control systems for proof of vaccination or vaccination status quarantine procedures citizen travel and mobility forced vaccination lockouts lockdowns mandatory detention and other completely unacceptable infringements on people gone is the universal health passport or vaccine passport that was going to control the ability of citizens to travel between countries in a permanent capacity it was decided that this would raise ethical and discriminatory concerns a global digital vaccine passport will no longer be developed under the committee's powers for now okay I'm gonna stop it right there but you get the drift so things are starting to back off now here Bill Gates suddenly abandons climate doom narrative as populations push back against globalism Bill Gates author of how to avoid a climate disaster spent the last decade warning audiences that the world is overpopulated and subject to impending climate doom in order to save the planet Bill Gates says you must achieve zero net carbon emissions by the year 2050 you know this stuff where they come up with this stuff I mean it's unbelievable meanwhile Gates continues to traverse the world and his private jets spewing more carbon emissions and by the way remember where he frequently visited Epstein's Island Island yeah one year more one year and then the uh than the average person does in his entire lifetime in other words he he puts out more pollution one year than we do in our entire lifetimes as more people see through the climate change facade and realize that their lives are being exploited by globalism Bill Gates suddenly changing his tomb on the climate doom narrative during a live speaking speaking event at the time center I caught just a little bit of that in New York uh Gates made a sudden u-turn on his climate doom narrative he said no temperate county country is going to become uninhabitable so and I noticed the looks on their faces that's that and that's not what their narrative was they're supposed to go along with the narrative and so Gates latest comments are a stark contrast to the public comments he made just two years ago when he when his book on climate doom was first published on Fox News interview with Chris Wallace Bill Gates said the migration that we saw out of Syria for the civil war which was somewhat weather dependent we're going to have 10 times much more migration because of the equatorial areas will become unlivable now he suddenly believes the opposite is true and it is easy to see why he's soft in other words he got caught lying yeah and he's trying to regain a little integrity maybe I don't know if I would say that it's going to work but you know uh you know the reason why his wife left him don't you with all of those millions it was Epstein's island is why his wife lived there was his uh behaviors let's just call it well what what was Epstein's island known for under age girls underage sex right and we know so yep who were frequent visitors there so I mean a whole democratic party and a lot of the rhinos in the republican party party yeah there's a list I've got a list somewhere of all those people they put out finally yeah they did if anyone's interested uh it was put out by the uh wall street journal and uh to to to yeah wall street journal who are the names in Jeffrey Epstein's calendar it was 12 pages of different people and uh so they put out some of these big big names uh and names included the CIA chief Goldman Sachs top lawyer uh Larry Summers Woody Allen Bill Gates Leon Black um and others I just kind of took a top page copy of that but uh the head of the CIA and Goldman Sachs big lawyer so a lot of very important people were on that list yeah you know they're not going to get over on god all the money in the world can't buy them one minute out of hell can it no it's all second how much is George Soros money going to do him George Soros he doesn't have long in this world right and he's going to spend a long time someplace else and it's not heaven yeah I know he's one very very evil man isn't he he's going to have a long time to look back and wonder about his behavior that'd be the scary part having to realize all the things you did to put yourself there and having to live with that that would be uh wow that that to me is an unimaginable torture right there let alone the pain and suffering and hell the fact that you put yourself there god you know told you not to do it don't he doesn't want anybody to go there he's given all kinds of warnings so if you end up in hell you put yourself there well not only that but he was teaching his sons to be just like him all right Biden regime spends eight hundred thousand dollars on harm reduction program that distributes crack pipes in Texas I'm looking at this their their poster that they have and you know Hunter Biden could be the poster boy for the crack pipe distributed that's right the Biden regime never seems to get anything right Biden foolishly squandered eight hundred thousand on a harm reduction program in Texas translation free crack pipes are given out to addicts to enable their ongoing addiction since last year the department of health and human services has been handing out smoke kits crack pipes the Dallas express uh it's unbelievable uh the distribution possession of drug paraphernalia in Texas is banned under health and safety code 481-002-17 a person commits an offense if the person knowingly or intentionally uses or possesses with intent to use drug paraphernalia to inject ingest inhale or otherwise introduce into the human body a controlled substance in violation of this chapter the law reads so what they're doing is is the Biden regime is encouraging them to break the laws of Texas huh exactly what they're doing well they're doing all kinds of things I've got a story that goes right along Biden admin shells out two hundred thousand dollars doesn't sound like a lot of money for the government but it is for LGBT mentoring program and what does that do it connects teens with adults here we have minor attracted adults and this professor in Nebraska with the National Institute of Health got a grant uh to connect these young children with adults for mentoring yeah and uh University of Nebraska professor Katie Edwards is piloting a online mentoring program to prevent uh adversities among trans and other gender minority youth now the funny thing is they said 200,000 but as I read through oh there's another 200,000 grant to a Seattle hospital to create a sex ed tool for LGBT youth on September 6 and then they gave a 20,000 grant in February to research trauma caused by LGBTQ people of color another grant so they're handing out grants but nobody knows how many uh just from the ones I could find that was 450,000 so far and they have a lot more I guess they're going to give so they just keep you know every time you turn around they're doing something and then um the Department of Homeland Security they've been asked to give data on illegal immigrants that have cartel ties well uh Joe Biden Joe Biden Joe Biden Joe Biden yeah he's pushing back he doesn't want this information out so the government is withholding information from Texas and others that are trying to get the freedom of information act they're trying to find out these illegals that have cartel ties and our own government is hiding this information from states like Texas that are trying to fight the cartels and the gangs uh and their reason for not giving this information well we don't want to violate the privacy rights of the illegal immigrants what they're worried about violating the privacy like privacy rights of a criminal a legal immigrant alien somebody coming across the border is breaking the law they're illegals and we're worried about can't violate their privacy rights if they have connections to the cartels this has got to be one of the stupidest articles I've ever seen pastor well that's well again this is what the Democratic Party is all about look they have no problem with they have no problem with violating the privacy rights of pro-lifers do they no they don't no no no or judges judge candidates artists or sneaking into Christian churches and violating the privacy rights do they no or infiltrating the protesters into January 6 now they have no they violated looked at phones they were arresting people that weren't even there people that were outside didn't even enter yeah they violate the rights of a Christian a patriot any day of the week putting two 70 year old grandmothers in prison for simply going out because they were upset they went there because they knew that the election had been stolen and President Trump keeps talking about it he keeps there that corrupt judges is trying to put a gag order on him saying you can't keep saying the election was stolen well it was stolen and he's saying it and we've been saying it from day one haven't we we've been saying that we're going to keep saying it because it's the truth absolutely already our job is to tell the truth that's what our boss tells us right absolutely absolutely uh we're gonna i think we're gonna open listen to this one joe west point suit after director of admissions brags about what happens to white applicants when abraham x kendy's uh preposterous thesis that the only remedy to pass discrimination is present discrimination becomes mainstream practice you know things are pretty much upside down kendy is the author of the poorly reasoned 2019 leftist propaganda book how to be an anti-anti-racist what a what a low anti-racist yeah which became not only a bestseller but a clarion call for progressives uh in a speech that the aspen ideas festival kenny put his anti-reasoning skills on display according to the new york post when i see racial disparities i see racism kenny said if that isn't a blanket generalization the logical fallacy of that name has no meaning and yet candies of truth theories have borrowed deep have burrowed deep into some of america's most beloved institutions like a fever carrying a tick on a bloodhound's ear the united states military academy at west point new york which has graduated the likes of us s grant douglas macarthur and dwight d eisenhower is one such institution and is being called out for it on tuesday lawyers representing the students for fair admission sued west point for alleged race and infancy and ethnicity discrimination in admissions decisions according to politico sfa is the anti-affirmative action group that tanked race conscious admissions practices at harvard and a supreme court decision but the decision that mixed racial admission policies at harvard and the university of north carolina chapel hill determined that because no military academy was party to the suit the opinion did not include admissions issues at those schools in light of that potentially distinct interest the military academies may present according to political anyhow you see here they've gotten everywhere and this you talk about uh and this is backfired on you know what's happening joe and was an interesting thing they took these polls young white men are turning to to a conservative and president trump you know back to the constitution god and country and huge huge numbers okay and so well i'm hearing a lot of black men are coming to the republican side and becoming more and more conservative as they're seeing what's happening to them and latinos yeah well fox news had that they had a poll they showed men are way of there's men are men favor conservatism and by donald trump by far over the women voters but but they're losing yeah more and more women now are turning away from the democrats too so that's good why don't we do this let's open the phone lines and take some calls okay the phone lines are now open nationwide at eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three hey joe a fulton county da investigator this is big fanny's investigator big fanny in fulton county uh shoots herself in the same courthouse that she shoots herself by accident in the same courthouse where where donald trump was arraigned can you imagine had she done that with all those secret service agents there what would might have happened uh that would have been a mess oh wow a fulton county district attorney investigator shot herself accidentally outside of the fulton county courthouse the fulton county sheriff's office in a press release reported that the investigator was not critically wounded from the accident but did need to seek medical attention the shooting occurred at the same courthouse where president trump and his co-defendants were arranged as of right now the investigator who shot herself has yet to be identified and it's unclear if the district attorney who shot herself was one of the investigators involved in da fanny willis's case against trump she was one of fanny big fanny's investigators though oh well all right phone lines are open at uh eight eight eight we're going to be back right after this we're taking a quick break we'll be right back a little girl late dying she was only eight years old she said i want to see the future so they left them alone will you make me a promise she said as he walked through he said tell me what i can do she sent this to him tell mom and dad about jesus and all the pain that he had to bear tell mom and dad about jesus he said i know i'm dying but that's not why i'm sad i know i'll go to heaven but what about mom and dad i told them about jesus but i could not make them see so when they come to my funeral would you do this for me tell mom and dad about jesus tell mom and dad about heaven above tell them they can see me there tell mom and dad about jesus tell them what is done for them tell mom and dad about jesus she said they dropped me off at sunny school and i'm so glad they did but how great it would have to be in a church service in them she said promise me you'll tell them as she faded off to sleep he said sweetheart don't worry that's a promise that i'll keep tell mom and dad about jesus and all the pain that he had to bear tell mom and dad about heaven above tell them they can see me tell mom and dad about jesus tell them what is done for them tell mom and dad about jesus all right tell mom and dad about jesus and that was well young miss samantha dainer but uh she's probably married by now and have probably married and has children by now i haven't lost contact with her over the years but uh tell mom and dad about jesus the deep voice that was me that's right folks tell mom and dad about jesus and from what i understand that song was based on a true story what do you think of that joe are you there joe yeah my button didn't push i was thinking the true stories always are the best ones aren't they yep well let's take some calls we got clifford from new york and he's in there go ahead hi uh yet just a couple quick things one is uh l-arginine which is on most of the lips list to take for people that took the shot uh what's interesting is they say it helps cavities and some dental issues uh you could cross reference that on uh google scholar and look up some of these studies but uh that's something i did not know about l-arginine helping uh which is nitrous oxide with dental issues uh there's a book on human sacrifice on all the audio books uh for free it comes with an audio membership audio book membership but you mentioned somalis uh part of this book is talking about modern day cannibalism in somalia and other areas in africa it's not just about africa but they do this as part of a belief that uh they're gonna get gained from this such as wealth and uh lovers and things like that so i'd be a little bit careful uh uh you know when they're saying you know though uh you're handing over people uh without parental consent what might ultimately have happened to these people uh in ohio and also life site news has a big article about tuckel tucker callson speaking out in ohio against the abortion industry and against that particular proposed law in ohio uh right now it's something yeah issue one is right from the pit of hell folks you want to vote no no no no and by the way that reminds me the democrats have been stealing our signs that we put out and if you should see any suspicious activity if you see pulling up the signs call our office and let us know four four zero three three eight one three six seven that's four four zero three three eight one three six seven uh yeah my question would be just the end of som 107 it's talking about david is talking about princes will be uh sent out to wonder oh you know in the woods i know all about that yet he that he yet said if he the poor on high from affliction maketh him families like a flock the righteous shall see it and rejoice and all inequities shall stop her mouth who so is wise and will observe those things even they shall understand the loving kindness of the lord what's your questions yeah my question would be uh there's two parts to that psalm one would be you know some people say well i i get a prayer answered i got my foot healed miraculously but then you know the sick prayer i didn't get answered uh would that address that issue a little bit people seem to categorize prayer where i'll get an answer in one area but nothing in another area that would be one part of my question and when it talks about princes at the end of that song what exactly is a prince i mean is is that yeah well mostly throughout the scripture when it refers to princess they're actually legislators they're people that would be involved in making the laws so here when he says uh uh i'm looking at the very end of psalm 107 it's talking about who's who so is who so is wise and observant these things even they shall understand the loving kindness of the lord uh i'm looking here but anyhow that's who referred to the they're like legislators so yeah he's saying that these people the lord will put them in a place where they'll be wandering aimlessly basically uh take away their uh basically their uh position apparently uh and they'll be wandering without a way of finding their way home or whatever well if he's talking there about those that are obedient to the lord and obedient to the lord well he will bless them if you go on he'll turn the rivers into wilderness and water springs to dry ground uh a fruitful land into barrenness so here now he's talking those that disobedient to the lord for the wickedness of them that dwell therein he turneth their wilderness into a a standing water and dry ground into water springs so here that's that's what he's saying if you go up to verse 27 he says they reel to and fro and stagger like a drunken man and at their are at their wits ends those are those that that who have authority and are disobedient to god like our like our politicians here okay like so many we have especially today in the judicial system we have so much corruptness but that's exactly what the bible the way the bible said it would be in the days we're living in we're exactly you know there's a saying things aren't falling apart cliff they're falling right into place yeah it is uh it is unbelievable that uh people get to that position and just go you know totally uh south basically they're uh well that's what we're seeing happening now i gotta move on because the lines are all lit but thanks let's go to norma in chicago hey norma hello pastor ernie god bless you and your staff i was praying about this and i wanted to know if people could uh call in their conservative radio station i'm calling from chicago illinois and tell them about this uh evil article one that they're going to supposedly pass which i hope they don't to vote no well i'm seeing here's what i'm concerned about i'm not concerned about enough people voting against it i'm concerned about the election fraud the democrats cannot win this in a fair election they're going to lose because people understand i'm running into people now and and people are really getting active they're worried about this they they know how serious this is but i'm worried about how because the democrats they're masters at election fraud and so yes that's what we're concerned about watching how they're going to try to manipulate the vote because you said it could come to other states yeah there's like five other states that are lined up they want to go right after pennsylvania new jersey and oh it would be illinois you got a governor that's a communist to the bone there i mean oh yes he's a evil evil man i do not like him i didn't vote for him yeah basically what he's doing is inviting as many criminals into illinois as he can get huh yes i see it over here at the police station uh people that are out there and inside the the police station over here in the ninth district so they have their tents up in different areas when i drive with my daughter so it's pretty scary they don't seem to be violent yet so i also have another question what is this we have to shut our phones off october 4th i didn't understand it well he's talking about the the 5g they're going to activate uh this 5g which is going to uh activate some of what is in those uh vaccines that people give but uh they're just talking to for everybody's safety the guy who's telling you to shut your phones down at two o'clock on the fourth what if we didn't get the vaccine i didn't get any kind of vaccines well i don't know and there's nothing to worry about well i might shut my phone down anyhow but uh i'll shut it i'll shut my phone down uh my older kids got the vaccine but i i never i'm 63 and people around me are getting sick and i'm not well i think you're going to see this is exactly what dr 10 penny and others said would happen we talked about this two years ago and so you're seeing this now uh and there's going to be and the the fake news media the fake news media will not report on this at all uh no matter yeah but but you're going to see a whole lot of people i think and it's it's again remember like bill gates says as long as it's planned and this has been very well planned then it's okay yeah that's this yeah that's the mindset okay i'll shut my phone off thank you so much and god bless you i'm praying for you god bless you norma thank you so much we'll play for your children too let's go out to minnesota and john and minnesota really bless you bless your work bless all your ministry uh so that's the first thing i was going to ask you what you think about this uh canada's million person march 115 million uh videos of it have gone out wow it's a million yeah it's against the lgbt 150 million people and what you're saying about young person people especially men coming to christ i'm seeing it i'm starting to see it even just in regular interactions with people i think there is a movement among the millennials that's huge right now we're we've been you know so concerned about that and uh because you know then joe and i have been in a ministry for a long time i can tell you that it hasn't been a whole lot of young men coming into the ministry uh but that i'm seeing like an upsurge and i've noticed just i've been contacted by several younger guys when i say younger guys i mean guys in their 30s and that which you know to us as young uh that are that are turning very conservative now and that is good i mean praise the good lord that's that's what we needed here in america we need a revival don't we yeah i was thinking we saw some 40 and 50 year olds and we thought they were young so yeah yeah yeah we're getting somewhere now yeah it's refreshing to see but this million uh march all through canada was huge and you know trudeau of course was going on about hate this is hate against you know homosexuals and all this stuff and i i'd like to read one quote short quote by jordan peterson the psychologist he hit back at trudeau and he said let me make one thing very clear once again you trudeau are on the wrong side of history you're going to destroy this country you pathetic narcissistic compassion mongering lying actor well that was that's very accurate because that's exactly what he is talking about i i do a lot of research and i didn't see anything about it on a lot of the sources that i checked and i look at european press and all kinds of things so they sure kept that quiet they did not want the news about that kind of protest getting out so apparently the media has done a marvelous job at keeping that from the people oh that's what they're they specialize in keeping what's happening all right very good thanks john let's go to cleveland with jeff jeff you're in the air hey thanks for taking my call guys great show as usual thanks hey uh i was wondering if you had heard about this i had just heard about this and i was wanting to get your your opinion that's what um revelation chapter 12 first two verses i'm going to read them okay yeah go ahead i'm very familiar with those two verses but go right ahead and there appeared a great wonder in heaven a woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of 12 stars and she being with child cried travailing in birth the pain to be delivered there are people saying that this sign in heaven is happening as we speak uh i've heard a bunch of that here first of all this actually happened a long time ago but now throughout the bible you've got applications where you will see something on a small scale then you'll see it on a larger scale and then you'll see it again on even a larger scale and he says and there appeared a great wonder that that wonder that word there means is the same word we use for a sign a marvelous sign in heaven a woman clothed with the sun yeah well in the heavens that the woman clothed with the sun the sun is talking about it's a power in authority and the righteousness of god that's what that's referring to and when it says here talking about the the burgo in the sky no birthing the planet Jupiter right now as we speak no well that that's i have said this you remember this we went through this a couple of years ago uh under his feet yeah where it's at right now well the moon under her feet what does the moon stand for this the sun is power authority and righteousness what does the moon the moon is what it's an artificial light okay it's not it's a false light the moon doesn't give off light its own light no it does not okay oh absolutely it does well then how come if you go to the back side of the moon it's dark there's no back side of the moon all right okay very well uh okay let's go to timothy timothy how much time do i have it's uh 11 48 i just wanted to say three quick things i wanted to remind all our listeners those that have been listening for a while and those that might have just uh tuned in recently remember these three things every single day along with reading your proverbs and your and your psalms for the day you're either for me or against me choose this day whom you're going to serve and let god arise and his enemies be scattered drop the mic all right very good thanks timothy uh and you know we're at that point where we get to it's time joe we're there every night and every single time we've done a radio program joe we're one program closer to the lord's imminent return and things are really happening now uh today there's a bunch of stuff on the internet in fact i can actually go and pull some stuff up right now here and they're talking they're what they're talking about is uh the no not that one about uh here we're seeing the start of the tribulation they're given a date where where the tribulation period is going to start okay right uh how many times over the years have we seen that okay and many times somebody's always trying to come up with something that jesus said only the father knows okay but now it is imminent his return how how sure we that everything that's prophesized is going to come out because right now over 1800 prophecies and we're just we're getting towards the end of them the accuracy has been perfect perfect accuracy the mathematical the figures on it are just they're mind-blowing there is no chance they're astronomical yeah yeah they're just out of this world so let's just yeah in fact even that 60 of them uh the probability was almost it's an impossibility for 60 to be correct not just 60 we there was a mathematical odds for just three of them that have been have come to to uh pass exactly the way it was said and done was was astronomical but anyhow bottom line is this folks look there's only one source of information that is absolutely authoritative and it's absolute truth you can count on it you can bet your life on it because whether you know it or not you are anyhow you're betting your life on it and so here's what what the lord jesus said very clearly you all know the story you all know why we celebrate christmas and resurrection sunday and the bottom line is simply this everybody listening to me out there tonight you're gonna die you're gonna die right joe are they all gonna die oh and when that happens all means all when that happens jesus said and then the judgment and so when you die there's a judgment people are eternal beings we don't go out of existence we don't go out of we just change real estate we change form and real estate and when that happens the judgment and you're going to end up your eternal soul will end up in heaven or hell and that's just a reality it doesn't you can believe whatever you want but when god what god says is reality what god says always has is today and always will come to pass so here's what you do jesus said pray to the father pray to the father ask for forgiveness of your sin acknowledge the fact you're a sinner and you need a savior and then once you've done that god will always honor your commitment if you're sincere and god knows and then ask the lord jesus to be the lord of your life all of your life without any reservations folks this is not a hard thing christ hung upon that cross he took your place upon that cross folks he took your sins upon him because that's what the father demanded a holy sacrifice if you'll do that then you will become a new creature a born-again believer and heir of the kingdom and be indwelt by the holy spirit now you've got god's word on that you hear me you've got god's word on that and so and there's nothing as sure as god's word well we're just about up to that point where we get to every night at this time uh we're as we close we always joe we always close by saying god bless don't we we do good night and god bless good night god bless and then we always say this folks and always always always always then we say keep fighting fighting the fight so thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content well well well shopping for a car yep carvana made financing a car as smooth as can be oh yeah i got pre-qualified instantly and had real terms personalized just for me doesn't get much smoother than that well i got to browse thousands of car options on carvana all within my budget doesn't get much smoother than that it does i actually wanted a car that seemed out of my range but i was able to add a cosigner and found my dream car it doesn't get much oh it gets smoother it's getting 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