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BREAKING: Biden Admin Creates Dystopian "Disinformation Board”

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 28, 2022 2:29 pm

BREAKING: Biden Admin Creates Dystopian "Disinformation Board”

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 28, 2022 2:29 pm

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced yesterday the creation of a new "Disinformation Governance Board." Nina Jankowicz will serve as executive director of the board. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss this latest announcement out of the Biden Administration and analyze what it means for America and free speech moving forward. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Breaking news today on SICU.

This is not a joke combined ministration created a dystopian information board department of homeland security in human form. Now with our principal Deputy General Counsel Jennifer Gaskell in leading a just recently constituted misinformation, disinformation, governments board want to hear from you, call together to address this threat and now your host Jordan secular secular hard to believe except remember, these are the Democrats a weapon eyes, every government aid. See they can to try pilots are so you saw the weapon eyes earlier. A decade ago, the IRS, we battled that weapon eyes to the FBI so no one respects the FBI anymore. And now the weapon, Isaac department, homeland security is Artie been a disaster. There been called by members of Congress to impeach the Sec. of Homeland security for failing to do his job to protect our border and of course protect American sovereignty. We know when he's spending his time doing with the staff of political appointees coming up with this is no joke. This information governance board. This is another weaponization of the federal government to come after average Americans speaking their mind the idea in the new head of this is Artie called your fascist if you support Pres. Trump so she's Artie come out with her own insults for you, but she doesn't want to hear anything on the street that she might disagree with you know we talk about that a lot on the show. The being a free speech absolutist means you will hear opinions and views that you don't like that might make you uncomfortable. That might might even make you mad but that's part of living in America. That's what makes us different than even other democracies around the world is that we actually have, or at least had freedom of speech you can be the lone actor with your sign on the corner and will begin in a way that's it. That's a normal part of America and it's up to you to convince more people to join your cause so all this is the mean this is unbelievable. A disinformation governance board to coordinate countering misinformation related to homeland security focus specifically on irregular migration. In other words, illegal crossings, and Russia. So if you speak your piece on any of those is your course is not to be limited to that which of the Nazis had a ministry of propaganda and public was a public engagement levels that it was it was it was a ministry propaganda and they also had another component to it was the same type abide yet public enlightenment so public enlightenment and we got and said ours is called the disinformation governance board you talk about an attack on freedom of speech, folks. You do realize what's happening right the government's point that impaling a group of government employees who will without court order without court oversight will decide whether speech at your giving constitutes tips information.

Not one of the penalties for that. I guess he can no list you want to homeland security was 9500 jobs with the deal on the wall because that really glances. I that's how they that's how they can a backdoor consequences.

They expose you as some kind of of this radical extremist and it suddenly lost your job. You know you can be associated with anymore and in the person running this she tweets out the cats out of the bag. Here's rabbit up to the past two months I been the proud of this replay are sound. They are proud of limiting speech. They don't want. This is the left liberals. The Democrats they love protesters and they love disruption but you realize now it's up to us were the disruptors were the ones who actually say give me all your speech, giving, giving black lives matter I get giving Gibby everybody just let everybody talk now to start writing that's a different story. But that's what this is about. This is about the actual should misinformation the Lord is not about actions not doing anything illegal is currently disinformation governance board that will determine whether your speech is disinformation, and subject to whatever draconian penalties they put in place to know your opinion on this.

800-684-3110 will take your call 1-800-684-3110 the American Center for Law and defending for that way. $20 becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you when you forgive today online only when a society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice defending the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed secure means to as many ways your membership.

Countering the right/of this new committee. Disinformation governance board need Jake awakes she was on NPR's is you a government-sponsored radio course government speech, which again I think we could question why why refunding that the United States of America we have so many different media outlets to choose from but again this is where they go to promote their censorship of American people, and this is targeted right at you folks there. They are talking about the conservative talk radio is that that the person is willing to take a different political opinion then met might be popular in corporate America or in the mainstream media, but then we realize we all take the opinion together that we make up a pretty good chunk of the United States America and that there's a lot of us questioning just the entire design of our government and the especially these institutions because there weapon Isaac them, not against illegal immigrants, which is what the department homeland security was for terrorist and border security.

None of the weapon, Isaac. It against you. It makes you think it why do we need the IRS, the Department of Justice, the FBI and the department homeland security that are protecting us every time there's a some kind of attack a board if they're playing catch up even when they think they've encountered that person before she spoke in a mostly people who commit these big crimes or terror attacks and then not protecting the border which is the entire job but listen to her.

They are not hiding from you they are telling the world I'm here to censor you can't help but notice that many of the free speech absolutist are often online trolls themselves and/or they are wealthy white men who presumably have ample means to protect their personal safety Harry have personal assistants. They have security guards they have, you know people who can provide you know of a zone of personal safety for them, but to the argument that it is just words.

What do you say it's not just words. So if I were walking on the street and a crowd of hundreds of people were starting the insults that we spoke about me but intervening bystanders would intervene. It would not be acceptable and yet happening to millions of women around the world and worse every day is mischaracterized I can insult you. It's America, I can't if I threaten you that's different but insulting. And what does that even mean you member what I just said before the earlier segment hearing things you don't like the snowflakes is insulting to them that she shut so the idea in the it's everything is about but somehow this is protecting minority somehow this protecting women, but the truth is when you start limiting speech, you're hurting the minority view will boast the minority view is the view that gets shut out eventually.

And it's only the view of the government.

So I get this idea that we don't want to insult people anymore, this the United States of America if it were, it would know for that free speech is most people brought robust. It could be aggressive and can't be threatening right.

But here's what you have.

You have the United States government setting up a disinformation board to review speech of American citizens and the person that's heading it up.

Nina Janco, it's says I shouldn't think about free speech absolutist were taking over more platforms shudder to think about free speech absolutist people that believe that free speech should be robustly protected like our founding fathers all founding generation. But here's what so concerning what you think about this.

Everyone a government agency, department, homeland security, sets up a dish information governance board who do you think they're targeting you know who they're targeting you, me broadcasts like this you think Facebook is censorship. Just wait till the governments involved now in disinformation review. They don't like what you say which of the cake questioning Joe Biden questioning their policies questioning their the way their politics is now going to become something that is your now anti-American.

You are you are I get your an enemy of the state. If you happen to question state so I think is our job now is to question everything is much as possible, and to realize that these so-called leaders. Okay, they are again that they're not to be respected and trusted. They aren't there telling you what they want to do, so that they did not hiding back. You would think this is something that like they planned this actually to come out. They had a Democrat asked the question in the committee hearing so that they can get ahead of this new story and that she comes out the cats out of the bag. Her former job. This she literally her career is. She was a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center and she advised Ukrainian Foreign Ministry which it was received or the advised Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to go for the NATO application that led to a war with this idea to put all these things together it's like everyone is not why are all these people coming from the same world as right there. They promote this idea in her idea that I don't want to walk down the street see things I don't like or hear things I don't like the don't live in America except for that used to be the kind of hundred majority. Majority of us from all political walks far left far right and in between which they know this, the country could be insulted. You might not like what you see and you might not like what you hear and you might have to explain it to your kids when you walk by, but that's part that's the part of liberty is part of freedom, and they are confusing criminal activity with the ability to just speak freely. The idea that you can't just have a discussion now without worry that you're going to it's going to be criminalized. I think what they're going to do is this is going to target people to church for employers to feel pressure to remove these people for their jobs and that ours is also enjoy the silence. What is it to be shaming.

Here's what Doug just Holly center said in a letter to the homeless. Sec. Americus I write with deep concern about the department.

Homeland security's decision to create a new this information governance board. I confess I first thought.

I thought this was this announcement was satire surely new American administration would average the power of government decision.

Judgment on the First Amendment speech of its own citizens. Sadly, I was mistaken.

Rather than protecting our our border or the American homeland you chose to make policing American speech. A priority this new board is almost certainly be unconstitutional should be dissolved immediately. We think it is unconscious were looking at.

By the way, will you know at the American Center for Law and Justice were looking at legal challenges already ever find out the euphoria was started on that light comes two days after Eli bus buys Twitter and truth. Social life is the world through social now as well like run of the social media place.

He just looked up secularly confide all of us are ACLJ were there at Jordan Seco at Jay Sekulow at Logan Sekulow and at ACLJackets were all there and so that platform opens up to the ticket to everybody so it's it's got you believe people wanted now Twitter is totally changed overnight. Elon musk is changing the culture there is no we said to give him some time because he's had a lot of bad actors inside.

But this idea that's who they're targeting and when they say it's white men with security guards. This is not whose untrue social untrue, social, and other places. It's it's average everyday folks is that Hollywood celebrities they had. They got all that protection. She works for the government. She gets all that security protection it's it's it's about how to silence you.

It's not about the top speakers is not about the people who again at the top.

It's not. It's that they they were go after you for even speaking your mind and the idea again they they make a racial racial issue.

They make it sexist issue and they make about minorities their job. The department of homeland security is mostly secure in our border, killing and arresting terrorist what happened what happened to our government. Why are we funding it kit with the ideas say Republicans do take charge of our threatened impeachment wanted to shut it down. At this point what's the what's the point you put border patrol back with DOJ or some other agency.

They are obviously gotten so politicized this thing with the FBI. They never stop terrorist attacks ever stop crime. Crime is up you unbelievable amount. The amount of police officers killed up 59% in one year. But what the FBI focus their time on the Hunter besides business dealings. Don't know the focusing their time on you and what your an essay on other social media platform because now the concern that they can stay in Elon musk is going to open up the social media platform to free speech without viewpoint discrimination.

Mrs. Dickinson was going to call before you having a burial in Illinois aligned to a burial in a go-ahead you're there, to hear that you're raising because I agree first of the ILA stop political speech is protected in this misinformation does with their defined role or authority. I given them in and out under the executive branch correct exactly as it sounds to the formation of this governance a disinformation review board is to be multifold. II think a disinformation governance review board probably runs afoul into depending on the application of how to use it, but certainly you would think runs afoul of the First Amendment free-speech clauses. Maybe it's freedom of association clauses as well. First thing to do is find out how this all started that process is already underway because your American Center for Law and Justice is already preparing the documents to find out what this is all about. That's what your support of the ACLJ, especially during his matching challenge so critical is ACLJ dollar winter matching challenge campaign. Any amount you donate we get a matching Gipper were very close to catching up with life here month we met about $100,000 only one.

A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. McCarran means to as many ways your membership powering the right/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ for that help in the way. $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms most to you when you forgive today online close to 100 684 31 danger situation with the US government starts getting involved in the censorship game.

They start deciding to put in the Department of Homeland Security, of all places, which is a law enforcement agency. Something about that. This is Arctic. This is criminalizing free-speech the idea now that being a free-speech absolutist is anti-American know it's it's antigovernment. That's what they don't like and and again express constitutional it is for Constitution ended but the question here is there like Constitution, then that's meaningless member what what is a fundamental right to respond to be under no response, no fundamental right was I will be impartial by a friend of mine imprinted his broadcasts just sent me an interesting, very interesting chat or text and he said, and this is when he's in the media business is that I can hear my father spinning in his grave saying this is not what I fought, and what we were wounded, for I was wounded for in World War II to have a disinformation governance board established by a government agency of the United States to monitor the speech of Americans in the German if there disinformation are not and this is this is on precedented Harry Drucker policy and I'm thinking violates everything we stand for as an organization, but it violates everything the Constitution stands for. I think you are exactly correct. Criminalizing free-speech is arguably precepts it is designed in my view, to undermine the Constitution. So while liberal elites like Prof. Michael Sandel of Harvard have unjustifiably claimed that Pres. Trump was an authoritarian figure. The truth is it is neoliberal globalist elites, who are the true totalitarian totalitarians.

So from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's attempt to shut down free-speech in Canada. Labeling it Nazis to Pres. Biden's attempt to follow the pathway blazed by Joseph globals and Joseph Stalin. Now the Biden administration has formally set up a new disinformation governance board that is designed to allegedly counter misinformation regarding illegal migration Ukraine and election security. After all, the neoliberal globalist are the new authoritarians and they should be labeled such by the American people and the American people should rise up, they should certainly go to the polls and they should engage in their own form legally.

Of course of election security and meanwhile they should robustly exercise their free speech rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Just I don't think there's choice anymore. I don't hear this argument that you can make while you're out still feel like I should go for these guys know like like here is talking about people got overwhelmed the elections in November that that's their way for election integrity right there you overwhelmingly be back on these policies and and remember when present from said drain the swamp. What happened to him swamp is still there it stronger than ever before because they have the number one swamp creature entire career, entire life has been spent in Washington DC is Joe Biden this a guy who he loves all of this bureaucracy so they got there the best for they could even imagine to rebuild anything that Donald Trump took apart and so we got this opportunity this idea again. You can even justify voting for the side that I wouldn't shut you down for trying to justify that the difference with me and then I think it's I think it's pretty ridiculous to develop for a Democrat right now, but I wouldn't tell you that you And I would say they can have a viewpoint they should be on the social media platform to be able to share that viewpoint if they would be on the street corner of the contrite share that viewpoint. But the fact is what makes us different from Europe and other Western countries. Other Western countries is that we actually have freedom of speech.

They don't, they might have functioning democracies, but they don't have real freedom of speech. The government is still in control of the narrative and take a listen.

This is what the new DHS committee chair for this disinformation committee wants to make America look like ticketless platforms to do more law enforcement and our legislators to do more as well and in other countries are looking at testing of the UK has an online safety belt that's being considered right now where they're trying to make a legal this currently quote awful but lawful content that exists online where people are being harassed awful but lawful content is just to get me just doesn't like it and you note the ability to petition your government for redress of grievances is also in the First Amendment. In one of the one of the fundamental rights that the new Supreme Court justice did not recite that the freedom freedom of speech and associations of freedom, but this is a direct attack.

I want to make no mistake that this is direct attack Harry on fundamental constitutional rights and freedom.

Even the name of the organization be disinformation governance board of the United States government. I mean this is this is unbelievable. I think you're absolutely correct. So what we are witnessing is the formation of a new ministry of truth, and the new Ministry of truth in the United States follows in the enviable footsteps of Joseph globals and Joseph Stalin.

There is no such thing as a false idea, at least according to the United States Supreme Court's interpretation of the Constitution. But if we look at the new head of the Ministry of truth was set up by the Department of Homeland Security. She gets to decide what is a false idea what should be banned and it's important and imperative to recognize that her analogy to the United Kingdom is misplaced. The United Kingdom does not have a written constitution First Amendment.

Of course the printed page cost, precisely, and so she is off base, but the entire day one Biden administration is off base. I think we should be at least grateful that MSNBC's race lady Joy Reed was not named the leader of the Ministry of truth was, I say this to the UK what she forgets is that the only people on either political side elites is one of our movements in the US and fully matched up with there's history of the knowledge of Rogers is kind of allies but to even get to be in the political movement. You've got to be an elite edge.

So this idea that we want to be more like them. It is the opposite of what we want to be like in United States of America. They do not. Again, they have the fundamental rights they did the same answer would be the same question without really writing that's be fair, but this idea that awful but lawful.

If it's lawful, the government should be getting involved initially should be the line right there.

I don't care how awful it is for your deplorable now in law for. Can you imagine up is advocating a pro-life viewpoint could be deemed to be disinformation.

The proclamation of the gospel. I guess to be disinformation meant to get through every case we've ever had. Always get. I never thought I'd see they were the government would have a disinformation review committee. I'm sorry, Eric get 60 seconds and you expect that we will go a long time.

And no, I didn't expect it or is it is the inevitable outcome of globalist elites and their desire for power and AOC and Omar. This is what they want ministry information for the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is a secular US taxpayer dollars now funding. This is exposed to bitter there for a couple months so Democrat went to the question for me or Chris yesterday and testify significantly Get ahead of you get ahead of the story it was.

I was about to break and again this is literally it is called the disinformation governance board writers, novelists, movies have been made about these ideas happening in the United States of America. So I want to take. Was this a secretary Americas that he supposedly focused on securing our border and keeping out illegal immigrants and also keeping the drugs out which are killing everybody euro everybody across the country, but he got no healing focused on that. He's spending his time on creating a disinformation governance board ticketless are undersecretary for policy Rob Silvers is cochair with our principal Deputy General Counsel Jennifer Gaskell in leading a just recently constituted misinformation, disinformation, governance board, so were bringing the goal is to bring the resources of the department together to address this threat. I just read a very interesting study that underscores the importance of that the point that you make of the spread of missing disinformation in minority communities. Specifically, we are focused on that in the context of RCP three and other efforts you know.

First let's a little insulting to minority communities always insulted Irish.

The idea that they can think for themselves while reviewing them right. You gotta tell them what to do yet because it hasconfigured out moment maybe, but not minority communities, especially this is was preposterous. When the boys had a dim view of that minority communities let's be honest, that's the way the left out always operates and misinformation, disinformation. This may work us secure the border stop the sex trafficking stop the drug cartels stop the fennel from coming in here stop overrunning our cities that would be a good use of funds, but instead we set up a governance board involving misinformation and disinformation. The new official government sensors set up with your taxpayer dollars and mine to monitor what we say we want to write rebel one call you for the 100 684 31 to the talk is rich in Ohio online one, a rich back protecting my caller you are my belly when I heard the morning but demand of their way of legalizing away to legalize their different disinformation course because the cloak of government protection when the government speaks, it's an almost immune from criticism because of the bureaucracy at work you to severe.

The Democrats are inseparable from the bureaucracy. They are the swamp and they they are. They are these controls.

This is their dream as Babel shut down that the did the dissenting viewpoint. The idea that again because when you shut down the dissenting viewpoint you try to marginalize the political movement so that you feel like you're alone is not other people out there who agree with you, and then suddenly that movie doesn't grow. You silenced the movement you make it. We have to make an economic decision about your politics lately will ideally keep my job if I decide not to go along with with this government action. This is what they were doing the pro-life protesters and and and pro-life's speakers for for decades now they just did Brautigan outlive their calling you the fascist calling us.

The Nazis were that, but were the one saying free-speech absolutism insult us. Let me see things I don't like your views you don't agree with your views. You do agree with make your own decision about where you want to go to hear or not. Here I speakers. But the idea of walking down the street of America not being offended. This is the same people who try to take that crosses Arlington national Cemetery because he said it makes throw up without their argument in court makes an physically ill.

That's what America is about. It's about sometimes being that upset about some other speakers speech but you not shutting them down you not criminalizing it. That is what they want to do.

They want to make it a crime and they will come up with economic penalties to shut you up.

The American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in Washington bureaucracy to support for that opportunity for you to help in the way. $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms most to you when you forgive today online only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stay in the American Center for Law and Justice defending the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed secure means to as many ways your membership powering the right/6431 to join us on the air. This is again I will play more because this is your new head your taxpayer dollars paid for salary of the disinformation governance board the way we have this revision of the rear places in Asia will be at the United States agency department only. But one setting up a disinformation and in Majorca said and misinformation governance board to monitor the American people what you think about that for a minute. Now go ahead with it there.

Also, I gave the plane here today try to provoke bad actors to want to provoke bad action so they can blame and see we can't have the soup.

There's a gate there always playing 2 inches there to be outraged by this, maybe some will do something actually illegal and actually bad that will get to justify our existence. So I want you to take a listen carefully to your paying for this disinformation office. This is again her interview on government radio need a drink.

What's I think you make a really good point this out for for people of means I for people who are in the majority of the little bit easier to deal with the owners always falls on the target of the abuse. The platforms are doing very much right now and I shudder to think about if free-speech absolutists were taking over more platforms.

What that would look like for the marginalized communities all around the world which are already shouldering so much of this abuse, disproportionate amounts of this abuse and return, apprising themselves as they try to protect themselves from making a reporting blocking etc. you may see things like the concerns we we have these free-speech absolutists.

What's the opposite of the free-speech absolutists a sensor, a discriminator, because free-speech protected free speech does not include yelling fire in a crowded movie theater and they know that They Say These Phrases like Absolutists and I Consider Myself a Free-Speech Absolutists. I Believe That You Counters Me to Disagree with with More Speech by the Way Spring Court Is Only Said That the 70 Years. 40 of Those We Argue the Cases, but We Having Government Agency That Is Now the Government Disinformation and Misinformation Governance Board Reduction All Drive-By, Probably on Your Way to Work or Replicas of School I Know.

Either There's a Guy on the Corner with a Sign He's Been There for Light-Years Is Not Gathering A Lot Of Supporters. By the Way, It's Pretty Crazy Stuff without a Sign in My Opinion. The Police Do Not.

I Don't Think It Needs to Be Arrested Is Doing Anything Illegal.

He's on a Public Sidewalk with a Sign He That's Were He Still Spends Time If You Want to Engage Him He Be Happy to Talk to You but Most People Just Drive on Right by. That's What Makes Us Different Than the UK You Will See That Guy There You Won't See Them in France. You Will See Something That Western European Countries. They Don't Have That Kind of Protection so Different for Him and for Us the Idea of How to Create a New Political Movement. Our Country If You If You Can't Be Given against the System.

Think about That.

So Sicknesses Looking at Just Holidays Concerned about It Then. Where We Think This Is Going. In Our Director of Government Affairs and We Talked Yesterday, Jay Hauser, Terry Marcus Was on Capitol Hill This Week on the House Side Dealing with This Issue. Another She Still There Today, but He Is in a Meeting Next Week in the Senate in Front of the Homeland Security Committee, the Josh Holly Sits on J This Topic That You're Talking about Today. This Is Going to Dominate the Senators Questioning When Sec. Mark Is over There.

He Tweeted This the Administration That Activated the FBI against Parents and School Board Meetings Now Has Created the Government Disinformation Board to Monitor All American Speech. It's a Disgrace, Joe Biden and Sec. My Artist Dissolve This Monstrosity Immediately AI. I Gotta Tell You I Drive C I've Seen This Letter I've Read This Letter. This Is What the Senators Can Next Week When Sec. Marcus Is before Him. We Need to Get This More and I Am I Really Appreciate Just How You Doing This but We Gotta Get Much Broader Base Senatorial Report Support. I Think Some Democrats I Don't Think Job Mentions Little for This. I Don't Think Sam Is Getting over This. I Don't Think Test Is Really No Press Disinformation Campaigns to Play Well in Their States If If the Word It's Either Try to Get Ahead of the Service. Sandy and to See on Line 3 a Said It Went through My Mind with the Restaurant Do Not Require You to Sell What I Think I Just Heard with Them Saying That This Was a Recently Two Months Ago so I Guess That Mike Often Does Play Together Though They Have Been Saying for Months on a Show That We Have Some Billionaires on Our Side Step Operatives Beat You out Spinning out Every News Agency to Be Bought by Billionaire on Their Side of the Soros Type or Business Type and at Elon Musk Comes in a Couple Months Later As a Disruptor Date That I Think They They Still Have a Pulse on What's Happening the Country. That's Why They Want This. They Want to Shut You down. They Know They're about to Get Slaughtered in the Midterm Elections so They Will Not Be Able to Get Any Actual Legislation Moving That Is Partisan, They They Got a Pretty Weak Supreme Court Nominee through.

I Don't Think That She Adds up to What They Really Want Me so That's Not Really Clearly One of the Ones or More. The Left yet, but You Don't Because of Their Political Promises. They Couldn't Choose Those People They Choose, but They Didn't Choose Someone Who Could Not Tell You What a Fundamental Right Was in America Think about That.

We Have a First Amendment We Have a Bill of Rights Report the Ivy League Schools That Caught off Guard. Which Is Basically Court Justice This Summer. Meticulous Could You Tell Me How You Might Go about Deciding What a Fundamental Right Is under the Constitution, While Sen. and I Don't Know That I Can Tell You That Any Abstract and Assertive Way. They That You May Have Posed the Question, There Is Precedent in the Supreme Court Relate to Rely on the Supreme Court for Your Rights. You Don't like This Report. That's What You Just Said That the Ideas We Have Speech Religion Creation Your Government Surely Denied Academic to Find Yourself Speedy Trial. We Have a Bill Of Rights Is a Simple Question. It Shouldn't Be Partisan, but This Is There. I Did There Questioning the Basic Structures Because Why They Were Written by Whiteman. That's What This All Goes Back to How Many Times with All the Soundbites a Very Race and Whiteman This It's the New It's a New Way to Just Call Someone a Nazi. You Want to Say Nazi You Not to Say a Fascist.

If I Do Use Those Terms. Just Say Whiteman Who Wrote the Constitution Is the White Man Is Really No Fundamental Rights and the Idea of America. It's a Bad Place That CRT This Is a Bad Place to Live in Were Not a Great Country so It's It It's It Again. The Whole Idea Is That There Take You from the inside Try to Turn America Something Was Never Intended to Be.

Here's a Question That I Have Been in This Work Is Just Holly's Letter Is Great, but This Is a Board That Is Now Functioning Is Already Set Is Not to Be Arranged. It's All Operating in Its the Disinformation Governance Board to Handle Misinformation and Disinformation through H. Homeland Security. Who Else Is Going to Get on This and Can We Work up There on the Hill to Build Support for Just Holly Trying to Do but This Is a Real Outrage on the First Amendment and Fundamentally Undercuts Our Constitutional Republic Already Working on J. I Think This Is How It's Going to Go Next Week When He's in Front of the Senate Yesterday and Have a Great Back-And-Forth There Will Be More Information Gathered.

But Here's Where I Think the Bipartisan Support That You're Talking about J Comes in. Even Though This Is Already Set up. Even Though It's Already Functioning the Funding of That's and the Continuance of the Work of That Board Is You Have Be Funded by the United States Senate.

I Think That's Where the People I Sen. Mansion Sen. Cinema Center Kelly Hopefully a Wide Range of Others.

Quite Frankly, J Ought to Be 100 US Sinners. Maybe It Won't Be but It Should Be. They Are to Say We Aren't Going to Fund It.

So You Might Not Get the Biden Administration to Walk Away from It, but J If the United States Senate Says We Will Not Send Them a Dollar. That's How You Shut a Board like This down and That's and That's a Goal That I Think Is Doable Billing Wyoming Online for a Bill so Maybe I like? Who Will Write This Committee, but Their Actions Are As I Stand with the Pro-Life Sign in Front of an Abortion Clinic on Some Kind of Anarchy.

But If I Stand in Front of an Oil Company with Please Save Our Planet toward Preventing Global Global Change. I'm Some Kind of the Savior. For Those Choose the Actors They like Some Tea for Burning Black Lives Matter Not Protest Movement but Also Write Writing in the Don't Make the Distinction between the Speech of the Movie You Can't Criticize One Say the Other Set Sail Times You Want Speak about Black Lives Matter, You Won't Even Sit Civil Disobedience That We except to a Certain Point Start Writing the Other Describe Their Interview for This Crime. There You Can Have the Viewpoints.

I Don't Want the Government Picking into Choosing to Be Whether I Want to Be Again and Pay Some Anti-Fascist Sibling Fascist, or If You Want to Import Black Lives Matter or If You Want to Be a Pro-Life Protester or Pro-Abortion Protester Don't Have the Government Picking and Choosing the Winners.

That's of the Politics Which Is Supposed to Be It up to the American People. We Pick the Winners. That's the Idea Anyways.

Is It We Pick the Winners and Losers. Politically, They Don't They're There Just to Work for Us to Ensure That You the Basics of Our Government Work like Border Security River.

They're Spending Their Time Literally Creating This Information for Not Protecting You to Know Your Family Protect You from Illegal Immigrants or Cartels Only When a Society Can Agree Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive.

And That's Exactly What You Are Saying the American Center for Law and Justice Defending the Right to Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Is Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Sealed. McCarran Means Only As Many Ways Your Membership. Lowering the Right/the American Center for Law and Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad. Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom.

Protecting Those Covering Corruption in Washington Fighting to Protect the Courts and in Congress ACLJ Support for That Help in the Way.

$20, $50 Gift Becomes 100 Constitutional and Religious Freedoms Most Beautiful Gift Today Online to Secularity Very Focused to Hundred 684-3110 2064 3110 Us Go to Linden Pennsylvania Online to Haywood Ability Have American People Will Look at Media Elections Have Consequences. Now the Bill Easily, Mom Holding My Hand Right Now Our Draft First Grandson Was Nonfinal My Nieces Imagination of the Freedom of Information Act Letter That We Sent out to the Nazis Member Homeland Security to Get Information about This Misinformation and Disinformation Governance Board That Already Set up. So That's Happening.

That's Number One. I Want You to Understand That That's in Process of Supporting Groups like the ACLJake in Our Government Affairs Office Rents in Washington to Get Results When We Do Get Results. In These Cases Takes Time but You Have To Do It. So That's One Thing You Do.

Yet It Is a Constant Political Process. Your Midterm Elections Going up All the Time. What Do I Think That the Big Message to All of Us Right Now Is You Better Get out and Vote. Go Sit on Your Hands and Say I Don't Think My Vote Will Be Counted Because They Love That Love You to Sit at Home and Not Actually Vote That Makes It Easier for Them A Lot Easier so and and Get Your Friends Understand Your Steps Away from Giving up A Lot in Our Country.

I Mean If You You Give up This Kind of Power I Really Think We Gave up Too Much in the 60s and 70s Said Funding It Your New Services for the Government and Again the Idea That the Way They Want to Pro-Life Speech Is the Way Knowledge Is Going after All Speech the Picking and Choosing. So You Gotta Show up, You Have To Organize. You Have To Be Unified Not Always in Every Political View You Have Any That's What Makes Our Movement Unique Is a Unit to Agree on Everything, but There's Some Big Ticket Items That We Want to Make Sure Were Electing People for and One of the Main Is Crazy Were Happy to Say It but the Idea That We Can Protect Freedom of Speech Means You Have To Vote Republican Because Look at What the Democrats Are Doing, They Might Have a Couple Come out against This, but It Will Be a Couple. The Mainstream of the Democratic Party Agrees with This Right Now Right Agrees with the Idea of Sensor Is a Oversight Board of Everybody Speech, You Can't Be a Nurse on the Quantity More Than States of America.

No Organ or Abuse the Internet Are.

Your Views out Which or New Public Square, West Smith Is a Retired Colonel from United States Army and I You Know Girls Would like a Note from a Friend of Mine Whose Father Served in World War II Was Wounded Receive Their Communal Decorations and Acknowledgments about His Injuries in War and You Put on the Uniform of the United States Who Served All over the World Is Make You Feel Is a Military Man Just These Are the Things That We Raise Our Right Hand, We Take an Oath to Defend the Constitution. This Is an Attack on the First Amendment of the Constitution. What They Fail to Realize Jay Is That Miss Information Speech Is Protected Speech.

Just like HBO Show, and That Is Lost on Them. But What Bothered Me about Mallorca's Testimony Yesterday, and Congress Was It the Excuse He Used for Establishing This Board to Monitor What We Say and Write His National Security. That's What He Said He Made the Statement That Disinformation Create a Landscape of Vulnerability for State Actors to Use, to the Detriment of the United States Are Foreign to Our Adversaries. They Use the Words of the Progressives to the Detriment That They Actually Have a PR Coup with Things That People on the Left, Including Some of Our US Leaders Say Our Adversaries Pick up on That and They Actually Quote Them.

They Have Quoted Mallorca's One of the Folks on True Social Mr. Plain Truth Is Way Goes by Said This When Can We Expect the Ad ACLJnet Jay Sekulow File Suit against DHS for the Formation of the Disinformation Governance Board. Isn't This a Direct Violation of the First Amendment.

Yes, It Is a Direct Violation of the First Amendment and I Am Reviewing As Soon As We Offer Radio. The First Draft of Our Freedom of Information Act Demand, Which I'm Sure Will Be Objected to and into Federal Court Will End up. Yes It We Have To Think This Is This Just Happened, but the Ideas If It Silences Speech at All, It's Already Unconstitutional. So Whether You Could Challenge It Outright. Even outside the FOIA Process Measurements Immediate Harvest Because They've Announced It. They Told Us Who's a Part of It. So I Think You Think That Again They're Not Doing This in Secret, Which I Get but about Speak It This Way. Remember Who They're Putting on the Court. People Don't Think in Front of the Right Right Now That's at the Majority of the Supreme Court's View, but I Think Will Win the Confidence That You Can Imagine.

If They Do, Got the Roe Versus Wade Is Crazy As It Did with It.

This Is All Really Present about You on Buses about Those Credit Moves Yesterday at an but Who Will Be Violent in the Street Who Actually the Ones Committing Crimes Is That Speakers It Will Be the Larger Cities and Towns down Then the Far Left That to Burden Cities and Towns That so That's That. To Me, Get Ready. This Is the a Full on Assault on All of Us Those Decisions Come in about a Weeks I Stick Another Phone Call Jenny from Florida Hey Jerry, Thanks, I'm Wondering Where Many Are Already Aboard. Like There Are People Managed to Keep in Mind That Dick Located at Sparta Security, like Les Was Talking about Their Say It's a National Security Issue Now.

I Think If It's Challenge about Now That They've Made the Income Public with the Havoc with Her Calling It What His Forces, but When You Create These Agencies. They Have Policy Power outside of the Political Process. Now Congress to Decide to Fund Them or Not. They Can Also Unit You Could You Could Decide in the Congress Could Have a Big Impact on This Yesterday Can Also Find Money Unit with DHS Telephonic upon Money Will Probably Have To Do a Direct Constitutional Attack on This Set up of This Disinformation Campaigns You and I Were Talking Earlier When He When Mallorca's Uses National Security As the Excuse for This.

It Reminds Us of Nazi Germany, Joseph Goebbels Was Appointed the Men Ahead of the Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, and They Passed a Law Called Interpersonal Close 14 of That Law That Joseph Goebbels Officiated over Ordered Editors to Admit Anything Quote Unquote Calculated to Weaken the Strength of the Third Reich at Home or Abroad.

He Justified Their Censorship on National Security As Well Is It Only Look It's Almost the Same Thing That Mirko Said Yesterday Old Playbook Yes You Do, You Can Be a Patriot Antigovernment for Time.

In Fact, Being a Patriot and Question the Government Go Hand-In-Hand Together.

That's How We Became a Governmental Damage in the Country Idea That You Can't Criticize the Government More Is the Whole I'd This Entire Shift in What Were All about It and I Think What It's Going to Do Is Unleash Unleash a Movement They've Never Even Seen Any Donald Trump Was a Movement You Take Moves like This and You Can Bring More Pick a Seat Then You Got That You Can Bring in the Elon Musk World.

That's Not to Say the Donald Trump World That That Other Nights See Eye to Eye on Something You Start Bringing a Mass about People Legacy Were to Take Away Your Free Speech Rights You Want to Get into the Nitty-Gritty of of Political Campaigns in There and There It out the How That the Party System Even to Create a Movement That Might Be the Worst Nightmare You Already Are They Called You Deplorable Your Fascist Nazis Theocrat Summing the List Goes on and on with the Terms They Use It Again. So Though You Want to Get Me Ready for Major Battle and Major Battle in Support Working Were Ready for Work Repaired, and What Were Right on the Stated with You We Been Standing up for the Marginalized Voices in America.

Since Our Founding, We Don't Let the Government Pick No Issues with the Marginalized and Vulnerable Ask of the ACLJ Donation Is Tax-Deductible They Are and Where the Stewards of the Matching Challenge to Me. Please Attack 10, 20, $30 Is Matched by Another Donor Effectively Doubles It Tomorrow.

The American Center for Law and Solutions at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Matching Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate $10 and 20, $50 Gift Becomes 100 Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms to You and Your Family. You Forgive Today Online

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