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TUE HR 2 101122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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October 12, 2022 12:58 am

TUE HR 2 101122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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October 12, 2022 12:58 am

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Hey Nissan, how do you get to the top?

Calculating. Proceed to 1959. Take a hard left in East Africa at the 71 Safari Rally.

Fear right for 19 off-road championships in the Baja Desert. Proceed towards Moab. Take the trail to hell's revenge. Include steep incline. Continue for the next million miles. Um, where to first again?

60 years, millions of miles, and the capability to take you anywhere. This is the new Nissan. Donate and listen to the podcast at All right, the sheer diabolical genius of the template includes aggregated local news, content, and short write-ups about local sports teams and attractions um, interspersed with heavily slanted political news aimed at boosting deathocratic midterm candidates and attacking Republican opponents. Their mastheads indicate involvement by another entity, the American independent.

Well, we've heard of that, haven't we? A Washington-based left-wing Fox News outlet. And who's behind that? Well, who's the devil himself? The American independent was launched by George Soros, operative and fundraiser David Brock. This is, uh, well, I'm going to tell you, I mean... And David does nothing his master George Soros does not order, I guarantee you. There's a special hot place in hell for those people, isn't there, Joe?

Yes, there is. Also known for founding the left-leaning media watchdog, Media Matters for America. They're also behind, which spent all that time trying to get us off the air. The American independent, which is anything but American or independent, was founded by Matt Feuermeyer, a former senior aide to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and to Harry Reed, the late former Senate Democratic leader. The for-profit entity is funded in part by the nonprofit arm of the American Bridge, an opposition research-focused deathocratic super PAC, according to the website.

And guess who supports that? Yep. Okay.

Several of George Soros' organizations contribute to that Democratic super PAC. The circle of life comes back around. Absolutely. And so, folks, be, you know, be on the lookout. Listen carefully.

When you're listening to these, I've come across a couple that the way that they were set up, you would have the appearance that they would be, you know, pro-Trump, mega, and then you listen to them and you watch them and, oh, they're dirty. All right. Here we go again. Who warns of co? We hit on this.

This will be coming up now. And as we get closer to the election, Joe, there's gonna be every kind of deflection you can imagine. And that's what everybody's talking about. What are they gonna do? The deathocrats have to try to find a way to stop it. When Nasty Pelosi came out and she had that little smirk and she said, well, we're going to pick up seats in the House. It's like Nancy was saying, don't worry, the fix is in.

I know that the fix is in entirely. We're going to win this. Okay.

In fact, we're going to, we have an article on that by the Konak, the election company Konak. But anyhow, here we go. The World Health Organization warns of cholera, cholera outbreaks in 26 countries as fatality rates rise.

The World Health Organization warned on Friday that cholera outbreaks were increased after years of steady decline. I wonder why, Joe? Yep. No, I don't actually.

I know what you're being, you're being what's called facetious. Yep. In the first nine months of this year, 26 countries in Africa and Asia have reported cholera outbreaks. According to the World Health Organization, cholera outbreaks are, okay, I'm going to, I'll tell you the rest of this.

If I get the pages apart, there you go, are larger and more deadly. Major ongoing outbreaks are being reported by the Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria. According to European Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Poor countries. Many, many people are dying. The useless eaters are being killed off.

39,857. Okay. Countries reporting new cases since the previous update in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Philippines, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Zambia. They just, they've got Malawi and Haiti listed in there twice. All right, there you go.

That's exactly right. All those poor countries with the key mean masses of people in poverty, they're the ones that are dying off with the cholera. I have, Joe, here, and it's a good article, but I think we really need to do this. Now, we have pledge week coming up, but we may just save this because it's midterm actionless, seven steps you can take to save our election from the fraud, and it gives you the seven steps, but we, it's quite a bit involved in this, and maybe we'll get to it before then, I don't know. But election company, CONEC, that illegally stored election data in Communist China, exposed for contributing all political cash to Biden and other death regrets. New revelations have surfaced leaking Joe Biden and other death regrets to corruption in Communist China. Remember what we told you about going back, even before Biden, when he was still a candidate for president, we were telling you that he's owned by the Chinese government. He's owned, the Biden crime cartel was owned, and who said that? Chinese government said that, that they owned him, okay? And so here, new revelations have leaked surfacing Joe Biden and other Democrats' corruption in Communist China. CONEC, a Michigan-based election management company, was just exposed for sending all of its political donations to Biden and other Democrats, and not a single Republican.

The company was managed software used to organize poll workers in Los Angeles County, is reportedly now part of an investigation into the theft of personal identifying information of those workers' local authorities confirmed. You know, remember, Brett Baird kept saying, where's the evidence? Where's the evidence? How many times have we, how many articles have we mailed out showing you, here's the evidence right here, but I don't see Brett Baird reading even one part of it, and I've seen that. They didn't look at the evidence, they didn't look at the videos, they didn't look at any of the things, and many of this stuff was put out by the alternate media, and it was never looked at by Fox or the other major corporations.

If you don't see it, it doesn't exist, right? Yeah, but a while back, he pulled that on that Cary Lake from Arizona, the one that's running for governor, and she turned him every way but loose, and you could see on television his face turning red. He got caught, Brett Baird got caught, and so, anyhow, that's what's going on there, but he says, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office says the conic was supposed to securely maintain the data, and not only United States citizens and permanent residents have access to it, however, he determined the company instead stored the information on Chinese Communist Party servers.

There you go. So what they can do? A couple of Democrats, I've got a couple of things. Remember that Patrice Kohler's the trained Marxist who runs BLM, one of the co-founders?

Well, she's been remodeling her 1.4 million Marxist mansion there in California out, you know, where only the elite live, and she's put up a swimming pool, and she's put up all kinds of big, huge $35,000 fence, and tiered this property with asana and fire pits and put in a lot of concrete work, stepping down terraces, big fancy pool, continues, who says communism doesn't pay? You know, that's one, and then there's Frank Mervin, he's a Democrat there in Illinois, and he's, of course, running, and he wants to be re-elected. Well, he steered a lucrative contract to a campaign donor's business during the time he was a township trustee, and since then he's received thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from the individual and from his company and from, oh, friends of the business owner chipping in, and it goes on and on and on about how this company, Unique Events, that he fired the business that was working, hired this group called Dining Solutions, the ones that were supporting him, and they have made all kinds of money working for him.

I can't remember the amount right now, but it was, oh, they made over, you know, about $250,000 to the final reports, but every time I look at these things, Democrat after Democrat, they just love to reward their donors, their donors, it's like a revolving door, the donors give the money, they give business to the donor, the donor gives them more campaign money, and what is the song, the beat goes on, folks, and that's the way politics are done in America, that's why we have the best politicians money can buy in America. Well, you know, you had that, when it comes to these, this mutilation of the children, making, pressuring them to change their genders, just unbelievable how sick this is, you know, it used to be, there were, kids would be, children would be somewhere around the age of three, sometimes they would start to get a little confused, whether they were boys or girls, and that, I mean, and then, but they grew out of it, 99% grew out of that, okay, but they're being pushed, this stuff is being in the public fool system, and now, tonight you were cool now, it's not just pushed, it's cool, it's in, it is the thing to do and be, if you want to be one of the in-crowd. Yeah, so, but what's happening, they were talking about that in one of those big groups that do these type of mutilations on the children, we're talking about how, first of all, they were saying that the child has the right to be the person that wants to be this and that, but then, when it got to the end, she really, really came out and said what it was all about, and then she said, and there's a lot, a lot, a lot of money to be made, a lot of money to be made, it's all about mutilating, just like what they did, Fauci and these others, they made all of this money killing people, making people sick, people are sick today, people have lost their jobs, lost their homes, and brought all this harm on people, and with a full, the full backing, the full of NBC, ABC, CBS, folks, remember, remember, you had the full backing of all what they call the mainstream media, they would not report the truth, they would not tell you, they betrayed you, betrayed you, betrayed you, and betrayed you, and we kept trying to tell you, we've been telling you, you know, don't listen to them, listen, they're lying, they're lying, they're lying, okay, here, Kamala makes post midterm threat, if Dems win, the Senate is done, Kamala says, Democrats have made it very clear that they will hold onto their power at any cost, even if that means destroying the very democracy they claim to be protecting, in recent years, Democrats have stopped at nothing to expand the federal government, tax you to death, lock you up in your homes, rob you of your first amendment liberties, they even tried to pass two laws that would have legalized voter fraud by federalizing our elections, but they are far from done, the stakes for our country have never been higher, going into midterm election, and Kamala Harris has revealed that the Democrats keep the majority in Congress, if they do, they will destroy the one thing that is keeping the Senate from plunging into chaos, that's right, and of course, you know what that is, don't you? I know what chaos is, it's the entire, what's happening to America. Right, well they want to do away with the filibuster, our President has said he will not let the filibuster get away yet, if the Senate, through a majority vote, votes to pass the vote, the Women's Health Protection Act, he will sign it into law, you know what that means, that means the midterms, we need to hold on to the Senate and get two more than we have to put the law that protects us, the protections of Roe v. Wade, everything is on the line, when you think about the millions of women and people in America who care about them, who understand the significance of women making the decisions about their own body, first of all, it's not about their body, Joe, you see, here's the difference, you can tell, if you folks out there, if you're not sure if you're a Republican or a Democrat, here's one way you can find out, if you feel that you're an independent person, if you feel that you're the only one occupying your body, then you're a Republican, now if you feel that you're a part of your mother's body, that you are a part of your mother's body, then you're a Democrat, because remember they say it's our body, no, the child is a completely, totally individual, it's a completely separate individual from the mother, right, Joe?

Pretty clear, yeah, we are, and the baby is totally dependent on the mother, but yet physically independent of her, existing on its own, right, except for food and oxygen, it's only a person. There you go, and so, something you said a minute ago about the government stuff, I was looking at something, I wonder if people realize this government is not for us, COVID-19 relief fund, the biggest fraud in US history, Bob Unruh, the government allocated more than five trillion dollars in economic, you know, relief programs, supposed to, you know, take care of the damage, but just the news has figured out that billions and billions and billions were siphoned fraudulently into private accounts, and American's tax reform said it's the biggest fraud, they're still trying to figure out. It's estimated that every dollar of wages that were saved, that the government saved, is going to cost you, the taxpayer, four dollars and thirteen cents. In other words, they put in all this money to help people through COVID, but so much was lost and wasted that every dollar that they spent is going to cost you four dollars and thirteen cents. 3.7 billion burned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency fraudulent payments, billions were sent to foreign overseas applicants, thousands of people with, you know, criminals were given money, lost about forty-five, forty-six billion dollars went to criminals, on and on.

Another headline by the same, but this is by MSN, a couple authors. The government is not only spending trillions, it's losing trillions. The five trillion that they spent in COVID, the, we've calculated the losses with the Federal Reserve Department of Education, will go over two trillion dollars. You see the Fed, this money went out, the mark-to-market loss on the treasury bonds portfolio, mortgage securities, is about five hundred and forty billion, and it's growing, and within a year or two it's going to be a trillion dollars in market-to-market losses that they had.

Then this money, a lot of it went to the school system to do things other than had nothing to do with COVID, but let me explain something. You're talking about this money, trillions, two trillion dollar loss. A million seconds is about eleven and a half days. A billion seconds is thirty-two years. A trillion seconds is thirty-two thousand years.

I'm hoping that will give you an idea of where they've lost trillions of dollars they can't account for. Think about that. A million seconds is eleven and a half, eleven to twelve days. A billion seconds is thirty-two years.

That's maybe half a lifetime, but a trillion seconds is thirty-two thousand years. I'm looking at pages and pages of stuff, different losses, the losses from the student loan program, losses that went to the, they were paddling up over the student loan, cost over a trillion dollars. You see the program, the student loan program, remember? It was supposed to make, you know, from sixty to a hundred billion dollars for the government, but instead of making sixty to a hundred billion, it lost one trillion dollars. That's your government. Then these COVID funds, most of them went to the schools.

There was a hundred and twenty-two billion for elementary and secondary schools. They ended up going to, I'll make it short, bias, anti-racism training, CRT, transgender training. I've got page after page after page, the things that went to high schools, colleges, universities, supposed to all be used for COVID, right? Didn't end up. It ended up with, you know, bias training, ethnic studies, environmental literacy, culture competency, and LGBTQ plus, on and on and on.

I've got about four pages of it. I know you don't have time to listen to all of those, but that was your COVID money. Five trillion dollars went to brainwash your children in grade schools, high schools, colleges, universities, trillions stolen and lost through fraud, and the government didn't have any plans to track the money. They have no idea where it went, no way of recovering it, and for every dollar of that five trillion, you get to pay back over four dollars out of your tax money.

Well... Anybody mad yet, Pastor, when you hear that, doesn't that make you angry to know the kind of debt they put us into, that we have to pay all that back? And basically, most of that five trillion dollars didn't do anything beneficial, hardly at all, for anyone in the country, except cause higher inflation that we're suffering right now, every time you buy food, pay rent, or buy gasoline. Now, here's one for our side, Joe. A man fired for voicing Christian conservative beliefs now fires back.

Okay, fighting back. A former employee of Miami-Dade County in Florida fired for his Christian speech and beliefs, now is taking the government operation to court. Officials with Pacific Justice Institute said the complaint was filed on John Labriola's behalf to protect his and other constitutional rights from free speech, the free exercise of religion, and free press. The statement continued, the country's actions jeopardized the core constitutional rights of every county employee by threatening them with termination for simply exercising those rights. The county's actions also undermine religious tolerance and ignore the fact that tolerance is a two-way street, so Mr. Labriola did not forfeit the fundamental First Amendment rights that he holds as a private citizen by virtue of accepting public employment. Thankfully, our Constitution protects the freedoms to express even those thoughts that others hate, and the cases in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida and John Labriola, who served as a media aide for the Board of County Commissioners of Miami-Dade County from 213 to 221, was suspended without pay for three days in order to attend a punitive extra diversity training program after he wrote, in an online opinion piece, disagreeing with left-wing sexual gender ideologies and the so-called Equity Act. I hope he soothes the pants off him, Susan, for every penny they have.

He refused to go to those extra training programs because he said, I don't have to apologize for his beliefs at all, you know? Absolutely. Let's open the phone lines, Joe, and take some calls.

The phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673. I'd like to hear if anybody out there is mad about finding out about all those trillions of dollars that were wasted, lost, and you out there, the listening audience, get to pay back $4.13 for every one of those $5 trillion wasted. Doesn't that make you angry? I want to hear people get angry. Well, it's called righteous indignation. The Bible says be angry and sin not, and that's supposed to be, you're supposed to be really angry at all of this wickedness. But we have things even more so to be angry at. There's a lot people should have some righteous anger over, isn't there? Well, there's one case the Supreme Court refused to hear, the so-called Supreme Court case, giving unborn babies constitutional rights. Well, an unborn baby is a baby, and it's an American soil here. They should have constitutional rights.

Amen. But the court backed out, it cowered, it got, already. One thing we need to mention on it, you know what happens sometimes, the judges rotate, and certain judges get cases, decide whether to bring it before the whole court, and there'll be one or two, I can't remember, one or two, but I wonder how some of these things get turned away. Well, it depends, if you get a liberal judge that's reviewing, they might not pass it on for a vote, and so there is a big difference there whether you have a liberal or conservative judge when it comes to presenting to the court which cases they want to accept that they're going to vote on.

Some things don't get presented on time, and they have to wait almost another year to get represented, maybe in front of a different judge, so there is a lot of political play, even in the Supreme Court justice. Well, let's go to Michigan with Mark. Mark, you're in the air. Hello there, Pastor Sanders. Hello there, Pastor Larson.

Hey, Mark. You know, I am certainly angry about all that money lost. The only thing that we bought with it were the fentanyl overdoses, the suicides, the ruined businesses.

We got it all. You got it, yep. And that's certainly, I can't even believe it, that's the first I heard those numbers, but what I wanted to tell you was when you were talking about the Konak company in Michigan, that in 2019 our Governor Gretchen Whitmer was crowing to the high heavens about giving $306,000 to that company through the Michigan Business Initiative to get started, so she was definitely involved in that, and now she's busy trying to clean the internet up so you don't find any of that, and, you know, because the person, the CEO of that company, who I'm not sure if he's a Chinese national or not, is currently in jail, like, at this time. Is that wicked woman, is she up for re-election? Do you know what I'm talking about, the Governor? Is she up for re-election? Yeah.

I don't know if she's running this year. That's what, I think we lost Mark. Yeah.

Are you there, Mark? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Is Whitmer up for re-election? Oh, she sure is.

Oh, good. Is there any chance she's going to get defeated? Well, we've got Tudor Dixon that President Trump supported, and there's going to be a debate Thursday, and everybody's hoping the first opening salvo will be her asking Governor Whitmer about her cozy connection with the Chinese, but we'll see Thursday whether or not there's that much courage or whether it's just going to be business as usual, you know. Tell us about this other woman, this Tudor.

Tell us about her. Well, I don't know a whole lot about her, except I understand her grandfather died in a nursing home thanks to Gretchen Whitmer's policies, as well as my mother-in-law, you know, and you know, certainly that should have some bearing on it, and she is like a good Republican, and that's what they're trying to defeat her on, is she's very pro-life, and that's the very thing they're attacking her on, because she's just like, you know, without ending, very pro-life. Without exception, huh?

Yeah. Alright, now, the people of Michigan, you folks out there listening, God, if you read the Word of God, God has said it would be a sin, it would be a sin to vote for Gretchen, it would be a sin to vote for her. Folks, read the Bible, it's in there, to vote for a wicked person out there, and it doesn't stutter. In fact, it tells you that you should be, let the nations curse you for doing such a thing. Let me jump into the Word of God here for a minute and just give it to you so you hear it yourself.

But here, let me read it to you. Alright, these things belong to the wise, it is not good to have respect to persons in judgment. He that saith unto the wicked, Gretchen is wicked, she is wicked, she is wicked to the core, she wanted to close down the churches, keep the drug stores, the pot stores open, the whiskey stores open, Gretchen Wickmore is wicked, she is wicked to the core, to the very core, she's an unclean woman. And folks, and very, very corrupt, completely corrupt, it's not good to have respect to persons in judgment. He that saith unto the wicked, thou art righteous, him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him, but to them that rebuke him shall be a delight, and blessings shall come upon them.

Every man shall kiss the lips of him that gives the right answer. Also, let me take you over here, this is what God's Word of the Bible has to say. Proverbs 17 verse 15, he that justifieth the wicked, he that condemneth the just, even they are an abomination to the Lord. Okay, and so, folks, again, it would be, it's a sin, it's a sin to vote for a wicked person, it's a sin.

We'll be back right after this. I'm satisfied with just a cottage below, a little silver, a little gold, but in that city where the rains will shine, I want a gold wine, that silver wine. I've got a mansion just over the hilltop, in that brown land where we'll never grow, and someday under we will never know wonder, or walk the streets at our purest goal. Too often tempted, tormented and tested, and like the prophet, my pillow a stone, and though I find here no permanent dwelling, I know he'll give me a mansion my own. I've got a mansion just over the hilltop, in that brown land where we'll never grow, and someday under we will never know wonder, or walk the streets at our purest goal. Don't thank me poor, poor, deserted or lonely, I'm not discouraged, I'm heaven bound, I'm just a pilgrim in search of a city. I want a mansion, a harp and a crown, I've got a mansion just over the hilltop, in that brown land where we'll never grow, and someday under we will never know wonder, or walk the streets at our purest goal. All right, there you go. Estee Crispin, Brian Park, and you're truly old pastor Ernie.

We got our mansions, we're looking for our mansions, and when we get that mansion, I won't have any more Democrats, no more deep state, none more of this to put up with anymore. Anyhow, so we've got Jeff in Michigan. Jeff, you're in the air. Hi pastor. Hi Jeff. Hi Joe.

Hi. I was just listening to what Mark was saying about Whitmer, and I agree with him 100%. Whitmer is very corrupt.

Very crooked. Forks the killing of babies, which is horrible, horrible. Yep, absolutely right, absolutely right. She is Jeremiah chapter 2 verse 34. And do you know what Jeremiah 32 verse 34 says? It says that her skirts are filled with the blood of the innocent, the blood of the innocent. And you know what else it says? It says that she didn't even have to, God didn't even have to look upon her heart, her very lips herself, she condemned her own self.

Here you go. This is Jeremiah chapter 32, chapter 2, starting with verse 33. Why tremest thou thou ways to seek love? Therefore hast thou also taught the wicked ones thy ways? Talking about a wayward, unclean, evil woman. Also a nice Gertz has found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents.

I am not founded by secret search, but upon all of these, by her actions, she condemned herself for her wickedness. There you go. Anyhow, thanks Jeff. Let's go out to Marlowe in Arkansas. Marlowe, you're in the air. Hello Marlowe. Hello Marlowe, if you fall asleep on me, you're in the air. Start talking.

Marlowe? Must have dropped something. Can you hear me? Yeah, I can hear you now.

Okay, yeah, thank you for you and yours, your people there for what you do. You've got that worthless asymptomatic Asa Hutchinson here. He threw Trump under the bus, man. I know he did. For the life of me, I can't think of my signature.

I'm in Perry County where the Heifer Project International Farm is. Do you know about that? No, tell us. About a couple months ago, they found one of Clinton's people that worked for him hanging on a tree there on the farm with a shotgun blast to his chest. I guess he committed suicide. Another suicide. Yeah, he probably had his hands tied behind, yeah. Probably had his hands tied.

Yeah, hopefully we can get, I think Asa will be gone in 2016. I wish he'd go sooner, but he'll go to work for Alice Walton, Walmart. Sam's rolling over in his grave. He was a good Christian man. Boy, she sure messed Walmart up. And pray for people in Arkansas, man. I wish the Christians would stand up here.

We had a chance to replace all these rhinos, but they didn't do it. I just hope they turn out this time and try to... Yeah, Sam Walton was a good Christian man, wasn't he? One of the things he used to do is dress up like a janitor and go to different stores without letting the manager know who he was. And he would watch how the manager treats the employees. Yeah, he did it way before they did it on TV, remember?

Oh yeah, yeah. He was a good man, but his dog, I think she's an alcoholic. Need to pray for her, but she sure messed Walmart up. He shut down all these small businesses and the masking schools and all that. He's not a Republican.

He's just a rhino. Well, God bless you and thank you, brother. I'll let somebody else get on here. Thanks, Marlo. God bless.

Let's go to John in Minnesota. You guys are just great, you're pacesetters, and I really appreciate that. It's kind of my favorite ministry to support right now.

Thanks, we could definitely use it right now, I can tell you that. Yeah, well, next week I'll be pledging, but I want to bring up two people that I think are snakes that we have to watch out for, and one is Tulsi Gabbard. Everybody's kind of raving that she's jumped from the Democrat Party, but what they don't know is that she's also an alumnus of the World Economic Forum's leader program, grooming young people to take the place of Harari and Schwab and all those clowns. So I think we need to look at her as a very scary person who might be a snake down the road. I missed that, that she was one of the trainees of that.

Thank you for that information. Well, she's actually an alumnus of it, and so she's already introducing her sewage on society. The other one is Elon Musk. I went to a conference and a fellow exposed Elon Musk really well by saying that he's actually a transhumanist. He's really big into the transhuman movement, and that's really scary to me. All right, very good, John.

You do have to watch them. I can't keep a lawnmower running well, let alone a robot, so I really worry about that transhuman stuff. If we can't keep the small stuff going today, how are we going to keep something that complicated working?

You know, it's things that don't have to be so complicated, Joe. You know, this obsession with electric cars, we found out how well they do during the floods in Florida. They burn real well and you can't put them out.

What is it that one guy said? It takes enough water to put out two or three house fires to put out some of those cars because it's a box within a box within a box and they can't get water to the battery. Anyhow, not only that, but just to charge those things, it takes so much. See, here's the stupidity.

They charge these, the electricity produced is mostly produced by coal that they use to charge these electric cars, which actually puts a lot more pollution into the environment than the cars running gasoline. You know, it's like common sense is a crime. Common sense has been outlawed. I mean, it's just absolutely stupid. But that's where we're at today. This is the perilous times we're living in.

It's unbelievable. But you've got nuclear energy, and again, we've got the most amount of nuclear power plants in the whole world, but guess what? We don't have very little uranium. We have one major source of uranium. Remember all of that that was sold to Russia?

What was it? Twenty-something percent of all our uranium sold to the Russians by Hillary. Yeah, well, one of the large corporations that managed last year to buy most of that back, and so they have it back here now. But the thing of it is, too, you know, where it comes to these minerals to make these chips out of, we've got them here. We've got the minerals in this country. They just won't let them dig for it, just like the oil. We've got all the oil. We're sitting on the world's largest pools of oil, but the communists, the anti-American communists in D.C., Joe Biden, and his wacko environmentalists keeping us from having our oil. We could be oil energy independent. We could be paying $2 a gallon for gas.

In fact, we would have been paying less than that. Trump had cut a deal for $18 a gallon gasoline. Oil, you mean? No, $18 a barrel, yeah. That's amazing, but there you go. And the natural gas, we've got more natural gas. We could be supplying not only our country, but we could be selling it to Europe, and they wouldn't have to worry about that pipeline from Russia. It's just, it's committing national suicide.

The government is intentionally trying to destroy America. That's all it is to it. Yep. Thanks for calling, John.

Who do we have next? Dennis in Oregon. Dennis, you're in the air. Yeah, I'm on the air. I wanted to tell you, I told your person that answered that out here in Hillsboro, Oregon, I'm getting a lot of interference lately.

When I try to listen to show other lines, you can hear other music playing, and they'll be like just blackouts and stuff. So I don't know if somebody's messing with you or not, but I wouldn't be at all surprised. And then, since I can't hear you, you probably already talked about this, but a lot of why they're letting a little bit of this information be found out now is they want us to kind of take our breath and think, oh, it's calming down. But I think they're going to use a climate change lockdown just before the election to try to take the election again. We have to be prepared for anything, because we just really have to be. Yeah, I want to say this too, I do nursing home ministry, and one thing this has done is it's proven all of the hirelings, because they will not help at all. They all are running scared, and I hear people talking, you can find out many of the people who go to church and call themselves Christians don't even know the first thing about it.

So it is the wheat and the chaff are being exposed. So I'll let you go. I know you got your time is expensive, but I just wanted to maybe let you go. What station are you listening to us on? KPDQ AM.

It's the AM station. Okay. KPDQ. Yeah. K, like Kite, Paul, David, Clean, KPDQ, FM, I mean AM. Well, they're probably trying to jam us, but we'll look into that.

They're constantly trying to, so we'll look into that. But thanks. Okay, God bless you.

God bless you. I got time for one more call. This is the last call for the night, and who do we have? Cliff, you're in the air.

Cliff made it in. Yeah, yeah. Hi. One thing that fits in a little bit with the discussion, I was just listening to the David Knight Show podcast.

Instead of Bobby Knight, it's David Knight. But he's got some tidbits globally, and they said that yesterday that two major cables miles apart were cut on the rail lines in Germany, and temporarily the freight can't move. And they said, well, was this the Russians?

Who was this? But I was thinking, could something like that fit in with burning down the food factories? Could this be part of the starvation plot? What do you think? Oh, yeah.

Well, I don't put anything. I cannot trust it again. We no longer have a government for the people, other people, by the people. It has turned against us. The very same communist mindset that we've fought against for years is there now. They've taken over.

My dad told me that this would happen. He said that they were going to infiltrate it, they're parasitical, and that's exactly what they did. They've been infiltrated, and everything, all the good institutions have been infiltrated. The European Union, the United Nations, it's happened all around us. Yep.

But go ahead. The other thing on that podcast, he had a clip from a French politician who's also an American, and he took one of the vaccines from Johnson & Johnson, apparently, and he's had like four heart operations. But he said that he found out that Emmanuel Macron and the other major politicians did not take it, and he was doing it as an example, you should take the shot. I was thinking, this guy sabotaged himself. He should have known better, because he said, in the clip, he said, I'll take it, if I get sick, I get sick, if I don't, I don't. But that's an example of a guy that should have known better, so I put a lot of blame on him. Why is he using himself as basically a lab rat?

He's a doctor, he was aware that this might have been dangerous, and he still went ahead to get the perception, I'm like a knight in shining armor, and I'm doing this. You know what I mean? I hear you, Cliff, I'm out of time.

Thanks for calling. Okay. Are you going to heaven or hell? That's a question, folks, that everybody needs to ask themselves. We end the radio program with this invitation, because we want you to think about that before your head hits the pillow tonight.

Think about that. What if you don't wake up in this world, in this life, where are you going to wake up at? The Bible teaches that many, many, many seemingly good people are going to hell because all have sinned, Romans 3.23, for there is not a just man upon the earth that doeth good and sinneth not. We read that over in Ecclesiastes 7.20. Sin has a price. The Bible states that the soul that sinneth, it shall die, for the wages of sin is death, Romans 6.23. You might be wondering what happens to people who die in their sins. The Bible teaches that it is appointed to once to die, to all men to once to die, but after that, the judgment, Hebrews 9.27, and whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire, Revelation 20.15.

Is there any hope? Yes. God said His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus, into the world to pay the penalty for your sins for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life, John 3.16. God commended His love toward us as in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, Romans 5.8. The Bible tells us that God desires to save everyone. God is not willing that any should perish, but all that should come to repentance.

Second Peter 3.9, Jesus said, Him that cometh to me, I will in no way cast out, John 6.37. So do you want to be saved? The Bible teaches that there are several things you must do in order to be saved. First, you must realize that there is nothing you can do to make yourself worthy of heaven, not by works of righteousness that we have done, but according to His mercy we are saved, as Titus 3.5. You must repent of your sin. God now commanded that every man everywhere to repent, Acts 17.30. Repentance is a change of heart which causes you to turn towards God and away from your present way of life. The third thing you must do is to believe that Christ died for your sins, according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried and He rose again on the third day, according to the Scriptures, 1 Corinthians 15.34.

And the last thing you must do is to receive Christ as your personal Savior, but as many as receive Him, Jesus, to them give you power to become the sons of God. We're out of time tonight. So tomorrow, good night, God bless, always, always keep fighting the fight! What's right? What's left? The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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