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Tulsi for VP?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 12, 2022 3:48 pm

Tulsi for VP?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 12, 2022 3:48 pm

Lots of speculation that Tulsi Gabbard could be President Trump’s running mate in 2024. Thoughts?

Kayla Toney,  Monica Crowley, and Pastor Robert Jeffress join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities through viewing movies to see George for everybody.

I've done are welcome across America border to border goes wrong, mostly have a terrific lined up really a lot of breaking news information are coming our way were to do our very best to bring it to you by the way little bit later on. Monica Crowley is going to be here also a Congresswoman Nicole Malley attackers from New York's 11th congressional district, and we been telling you that we are your spot. This is the place for you to be noon to three Eastern as we talk about this march to victory on election day in November. This is the place and so were bringing you a lot of different politicians and lawmakers from some of the key battleground states. Also, our good friend Robert Jeffress is going to drop by pastor Jeffers has a brand-new book out and were to be talking about that and also an update on a story we first brought you on this radio program a few weeks ago about a physician's assistant.

She had been working 17 years on the job and she refused refused to endorse and affirm these gender mutilation surgeries for children.

She was fired and so we got a very important update on that case in Dover to get to that in just a moment but first I there is there's a lot of political parlor games being played right now in our nations capital and there's a lot of speculation about the Albert about what's really going on with Tulsa Gabbert and the yesterday Tulsa Gabbert just moments before the civil courts announce that she was no longer going to be a Democrat. She was divorcing the donkey and a lot of people are wondering okay what happens next. Look, let's listen to Tulsa Gabbert from yesterday. I can no longer remain in today's Democratic Party that's under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers who are driven by cowardly wildness to divide us by racial lysing every issue and stoking antiwhite racism who actively worked to undermine our God-given freedoms that are enshrined in our Constitution who are hostile to people of faith and spirituality to demonize the police to protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans who believe in open borders who weapon denies the national security state to go after their political opponents.

And above all who were dragging us ever closer to nuclear war. Now, I believe in a government that's of the people by the people and for the people. Unfortunately today's Democratic Party does not. Instead, it stands for a government that is of, by, and for the powerful elite. I'm calling on my fellow common sense independent-minded Democrats to join me in leaving the Democratic Party if you can no longer stomach the direction that the so-called woke Democratic Party ideologues are taking our country and I invite you to join me alright so there you have it. She laid it all out and introduce a lot of stuff that I completely agree work as a matter fact when you looked at that Tulsa Gabbert and his and her political leanings. I like the others about I would say about 40% maybe of of her platform that I would endorse or agree with but it's rest of this got me going. But a lot of people out there are beginning to speculate that she would make a great running mate for Donald Trump. None other than Greg got fell over at Fox and Greg's got a massive audience. He was on the five yesterday and he made a prediction that this is really what it's all about like about Chelsea is that if she were to give you two opinions you cannot protect 1/3 one right is a definition of an individual. I disagree with probably at least 30% maybe 40% of the things the boxes she takes the boxes that commonly takes her boxes are achievements and ideas.

That's different than skin color and where she was born and where she was born. But whatever her background is so I think it's well I think that's is what makes her so different. I've never seen her angry in my life and just lastly, I would see I think she's going to be Trump VP so that's that's where this is going, but I do think I do think which he said the antiwhite racism she said something that most people can't send it and not take serious stones to say that because it is true I mean in the Democratic Party. They made it really clear that you know you can but you can you can be racist against white people because they have a coming alright so there you have it. I don't know or got valves leanings are. I know what he is on TV but I don't think he's arranging you what you would consider to be a culture war fighter.

I don't think those issues are real big for most of the folks over over at Fox but I will say this, that Gabbert is no social conservative, and so what I may be on paper, this might look like a dream team but I don't know if the, the culture war conservatives would jump on board something like this and here's here's the reason I said it. First of all, when you look at her record. She checks off a lot of boxes. She supports border security Archie Bax parental rights certainly opposes critical race theory, but that's about it well and also she's not real big on these these perpetual wars, but there's there are some big big red flags are first of all she's pro-abortion.

She supports a crackdown on gun ownership got an F rating from the NRA and during her time in Congress. He was a member of the LGBT equality caucus now before this election cycle, I would've said those issues would have would have disqualified her from running it as a Republican.

But as we now know that really doesn't matter because the Republicans are just all about getting people in office with our behind their names and there are a good many pro-abortion candidates that are running in this election cycle. And they all have ours behind her name. So my question to you is what you think about that. I mean it's it's a little bit of a parlor game right now. But do you think Tulsa Gabbert would make a viable vice presidential candidate for Donald Trump. I will throw this out as just pure speculation right now but if in fact that would be the case, I would suspect that Donald Trump might possibly run as an independent. In other words, you could have three campaigns going in 2024.

Especially with with how much the Republican establishment hate this man well they hate Donald Trump so I'm curious to know you think Gabbert might be a good a good partner for Donald Trump 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 no look, I know this. I know you guys don't want to hear this but I just share this info so when it actually happens you're not here to be terribly surprised, but next-generation Republicans I'm talking about millennial's engine Sears. They are to the left on just about every culture war issue that that's out there and they are the future of the party so all you people out there who have a problem with you a gay marriage or climate change, you name it.

Those kinds of issues that is not the view held by many younger conservatives.

I just I just want to share that information with you, but I don't want you to be surprised.

So the question here is whether the lust for power is greater than the devotion to principle and that's a something world and had to figure out that as we meander through these really bizarre election cycles are eight 844-747-8868 that's a toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now.

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That's a good point Dorothy.

What say you, ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 let's go to Indiana Robert on the line Robin. What say you here about Gabbert where I stand for and I don't think our Parking her because he would understand that. Now I been in the first turn on the people that make told him the panic lab and total chaos in the White House and implement down truck, causing the Catholic people that were opposed and again that Gabbert has a big following Eileen so everything that thinking that he could bring her voters over back. I don't see it happening.

He is not conservative, not all command I do respect her for her started on a thank her for that but I can't vote for her and I don't eat very many other people voting or handing for you see around the uneasy Tosi Gabbard is a useful. I don't is a tool useful instruments. It's the enemy of my enemy is that's that's the concept. The idea here is that we can use her to go after these Democrats on these radical policies. I got no problem with that doesn't mean we gotta bring her into the fold and and and make her and quite frankly she is to the left of even people like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney so people need to think these things through before chasing after the than the nice shiny new object greatly clear current link that people in Congress that the people on your support and you know I think I can carry who are also liberal are responsible for some of that I do thinking that were made during and down, first turn his daughter, and I agree with that and be a part of his administration. I don't mind if truck gets reelected. I don't mind Jared and a vodka showing up for Christmas or Hanukkah. I don't have a problem with that, but that's the only time I would assume about White House the all every time. There was a nightmare like outcropping ran going to be a real lack people out there right now. Today there rumors again about and discussion with Mayor Kyle and with her that he is on the verge of dying tromped, and I have to laugh at that, because it's only we got Annette, again, this time downtown is not going to get indicted anything God is because we have a crooked and that will spark and finally some very bad things in the country and we don't need what we don't know. I would not be surprised if, if that happens, that could very well be the October surprise, we still don't know what the of the G6 committee is about to have another hearing alive. Hearing nobody's watching that kind of us that kind of nonsense so I don't know if that's going to have any sort of an impact, but you know indicting Donald Trump and you know there's going to be a perp walk then yeah that would be a game changer. But Robin even then, I think that it would backfire on the Democrats and I believe that that would embolden every American citizen Republican independent to get out and vote on election day. Robert got a run a let's go to Georgia Terry WT UNR great affiliate there hey Terry what's up I thought hard. I'm good thank you so horrified agree with a lot of the point but Robin Clement just made one thing I would add is that with this upcoming election.

Anything that defied the conservative vote almost for sure, but Democrat victory and I just I go back to 19 92 George Bush Senior and Bill Clinton and Ross Perot thought about 17% of the vote.

Most of it probably would've gone to Butch and that resulted in a quick victory then you might my feeling is that the all of the Republican ticket is not working together that will result in the prep victory. You see, here's the interior you're raising excellent point here. Now the good news is when dealing with midterm elections.

So the establishment Republicans really can't sabotage anything. We were talking about pretty much state-by-state district by district but on a national level they could sabotage the the presidential race by fighting against Donald Trump and we know they're going to do that. But you're right.

We have to have a unified message and here's my take on it. If in fact the Republicans win and they win big, or even if they win, but if especially if they win big. I think the establishment Republicans should stand down and say if Donald Trump wants it. It's his Donald Trump on the other hand these to come out pretty quickly and announce his intentions because if he doesn't want to run, then we need to have plenty of time to vet candidates and get somebody out there who can beat the Democrats that I appreciate your logic. The concern I have. There's a lot of power that state and my history is just that people don't really want to develop our well no doubt about the anterior hey what gotta run, my friend, but the great call 844-747-8868 to join the conversation If you read our stories will be right back America. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

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You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM and however energy set up watch the show on Todd or rumple Yetter YouTube wherever you can listen to is on the radio, which is what I like to do, but I can actually listen on the radio because I'm technically on the radio but I'm going to hold out. Anyway, all that to say welcome back to the program and just a reminder go to Todd

Click on the allies to friending freedom banner. We need your help and that whatever money you give today and for the next couple of weeks I will be double thanks to a generous donor and supporter of allies defending freedom give $100 is good to be a $200 to give a thousand is good to be 2000 again. Article $20,000 and that we want that if you give $20,000 were to fly to Memphis Tennessee and put you up at the Peabody and take you out for some good old barbecue but anyway I head over to the website now and help us out or let's go to the phones real quick care of Martin listening to us on the Nevada talk network Martin good to have you with us today. Thanks for listing what's on your mind while I called you before to their dumping on that woman, Kelsey Gever, and I don't know. She's from Hawaii or where she's from, but she would make a great candidate. Now she speaks her mind that's what I noticed about her. She speaks her mind whether she's a Republican or Democrat, and he was how I believe was a Democrat. Prior to becoming Republican so I think they would get along really well and that she's a veteran she'll get the veterans about.

I'm a veteran Vietnam and appreciate what she was saying. I don't know about you but that that that's what I think you look Martin I have. I agree with everything she said all of the reason she's leaving the Democratic Party. I agree with that.

There are just a few more key issues that she should have added that listed she would may be had by support. Look, there are you and and Martin. You know you listen to my radio program and you know where I stand on some of the key issues and these are nonnegotiable for me. I get it. And you're right Trump's Trump was a Democrat before he was a Republican and Trump is to the left of a lot of conservatives and some of the key culture issues but I'm not sure that being said that's why he had someone like a Mike Pentz on the ticket not only to balance out the ticket and it really wasn't. So it's up on issue of balance. It was sort of reassuring the Christian conservatives that that he had.

They had one of the heirs on the ticket right. My point is this and they got this goofy Creek female from California and are now the point is sheet.

This is a this is a very low well of the largest boat balanced woman Kelsey good merit and I think as a woman on his ticket. He could just stick it in her face said, but he can't do it with the man. The woman actually hurt. She speaks her mind and she would do it again no doubt Haymarket room curious our brand-new polling data came out from Nevada and it looks like I had a blank salt is is surging in the polls right he's actually ahead of the Democrat there, what's what. What are you here and around town.

Well I know what Las Vegas is like. It's full of the casino people and they both devote the union ticket and the union check.

It's usually a Democrat, always Democratic, and so the point is that sways to gloat lose again. No, I hope that doesn't happen is a great guy.

Is it best to what you know, Basques, and that's it. It's about as advantage.

Anyway, he was greatly with PEI has devote a lot of people in eastern Nevada and so and and around Carson to let the point is, he got got a lot of votes in an Las Vegas that could turn that election to their favor and whoever's running and on the Democratic ticket will will win. All right Martin that Martin appreciate the insight there, sir. Good stuff and that we want to give us a holler back Martin from Nevada and we would like to hear from our Nevada listeners that we a lot of radio stations out there that part of the country. According to according to this polling the. The Democrat in the race. Cortez Mastro her lead among Hispanics has shrunk from 18 points in August to just seven points now something is going on with with Hispanic voters and is not just a Nevada business nationwide where we are starting to see a shift from from the Democrat party to the Republican Party, so would love to hear from you guys in Nevada on that race 844-747-8868 let's go to Collierville, Tennessee. Chris hanging out with us on our flagship station KW AM the mighty 990 Chris what's going on.

I started my call. I appreciate it.I get it. We do want Trump back, I get it okay but Delta Gabbard will not be the vice current presidential candidate I could see no one of his biggest supporters.

Mike Huckabee I got to see Mike Huckabee. I could see Tommy cover Bill, but if we really want to guard if we were really want to guard the White House we Don Junior Don Junior as VP he would take no junk off anybody and that would be a great thing, but we have a problem within the Republican Party Republican Party has problems. Okay, look at look at district 9 going to district here we are coming up on the midterm. Where are the billboards kit: outvote Charlotte Bergman district 9 wears all where all the signs the billboards and things like that. But even in the Republican Party. We have problem okay we have Tennessee was revealed as one of the states that the senses purposely dumb down the numbers on the senses and yet our state legislature in our senators and our representatives won't even challenge the census numbers. We got a problem we should have another district in Tennessee. I did the numbers and I'm Johnny right now. It was at least 850,000 that we gain the census right now, but the but I think in the world of politics in any reason interesting point about Tennessee you have a governor who is running for reelection, Bill Lee, by the way he hates my guts. By the way, and the only reason why is because we we call them out on stuff I mean the guy campaigned as a Trump conservative and he's not. He's actually running the state like a conservative Democrat he's refusing to get involved in some of the significant races. For example, in Memphis, Tennessee. There was a George Soros district attorney in the race. Are you did not see the governor coming out and campaigning for the Republican nominee and that race the incumbent Republican of that's a problem Chris just a few days ago, Sen. Marsha Blackburn came and she's actually campaigning for conservative school board members in both Collierville and Germantown, Tennessee but the governor is nowhere to be nowhere to be seen nowhere to be heard. Chris right and you know here's my question will call for Gabbard turning Republican, will she take her supporters with her. I really think that they that she will because they do support her on the. The conservative issues that she stand conservative on so I think that's again for the Republican Party. I think her supporters will go with her into and vote Republican and and and I'm I'm really happy for her walk away from it together. She's not long into the Republican Party Chris Wheeler. She's not joining the Republican Party lease he hasn't said so she may but she's just leaving the Democrats and what� We welcome everybody but they've got ascribed to the party platform and you got it you got to embrace that the party platform. I don't think she's good to be willing to do that demonology was a Bernie Sanders supporter big time well will look see what comes of it. Lisa Democrats lost somebody there you guys exit you know what, that's exactly what we should be taking this as a victory because she just stabbed the Democrat party right in their big fat woke got so I say good for good for Gabbard. Chris appreciate the call great insight. Let's go to Waterloo, Iowa, home of our great affiliate KX EL Jackson wants to wait in Ari Jackson what's up just about two weeks ago good guys and were told is said that you could not in your heart before� Don't worry about the brain freeze will unfreeze your brain I'll tell you what I said hi and I cannot edit. I said I could not supported who is who is pro-abortion right right right and he had to abortion way way way who the man had two abortions got in trouble, you know, I have a hard time at his name you're talking about Herschel Walker. Let's reset this Jackson so you're talking about Herschel Walker.

What's the issue.

Okay, the issue is yet you have probably told you Gabbard to support abortion. Is that correct that is correct. Yes yes as well, so also I like talking like the gentleman said before he served in Vietnam that she would make a great I think she goes far to say to make a great woman present okay all right I was Herschel Walker trying to understand okay that goes of the tie-in you said you do not and I repeat support abortion abortions.none of note, let me explain this. Jackson. There is there is a caveat there and here's the caveat. These he personally did not have the two abortions, but he allegedly paid for one we don't know whether or not that's true.regardless, this happened before Herschel Walker had a conversion experience to the Christian faith. Since then, and this is back in 2009 Herschel Walker has been pro-life.

Each trick you don't weep if we are to believe Herschel he's turned his life around.

We've we've had no other reports of abortions or other bad behavior, and that's the reason why I still support Herschel Walker. A change of heart study as in our front of it. No, not at all.

Jackson knows no, seriously I if Ann and I raise this issue meant a unit may not of Alyssa because just about every person listen to this radio show called to complain. My issue was if if in fact Herschel Walker was out there doing this and it happened after his conversion. I got a problem with that and I would not be able to support him is not what happened right and I just say there's a situation know what you I don't know I just can't find my so you have to hold my nose to do it. That's at and you know what I I understand that and and you would be able to do that and still not be violating the Republican Party platform because he now opposes abortion so Jackson appreciate the call and and again. The point here folks was Jackson thought I was being a hypocrite.

He was trying to call me out big but it's not hypocritical.

If you have had a religious experience. If you have if you will become a Christian and you have turned away from your old life and you have embraced a new life and your living by those tenets of that then you know what, then you're okay. I'm okay with you I we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 you know they call it the Golden State. But California leads the nation in homelessness and crime while businesses and taxpayers are fleeing at the woke agenda is so bad they're pushing for noncitizens to sit on juries and kids as young as 16 to about even liberal governor Gavin Newsom may run for president. While good friend Rob Schmidt at Newsmax goes to California this weekend. He's exposing the madness all this week he's in Los Angeles telling the truth about California's dangerous ways and how it could infect America in your state, you gotta watch Rob Schmidt tonight on Newsmax 6 o'clock eastward rather 7 o'clock Eastern time. Millions are tuning into Rob and Newsmax for the news they can trust you can find Newsmax all major cable systems and if they don't carry it, you can call them and demand Newsmax millions have made the switch to Newsmax so tune in Rob Schmidt tonight make the switch to Newsmax, you won't look back. Thanks to you, great Americans, my pillow is an amazing company like Lindell has an amazing offer for my listeners on his finger in my follows the standard bipolar. Normally 6998 only night 90 also can get this counseled all my fellow type of towels toppers my slippers to do is go to my pillow talk Renee Lister to get Mike's my fellow for just 1990 400-3950 six and use the promo code start.

My pillow is made in the USA comes with a 10 year warranty so you know with the 60 day moneyback guarantee. So you have nothing to lose it's time to start getting the quality sleep we not only want my or call 800-839-8506 is the promo code starts to take it manage of Mike's special offer on his Peter Michael promo code start or call one 808 nine �85 PAR great affiliate there. I'll be hanging out with our good buddy Pat on his show this afternoon. That would be the 05 Eastern time so I'll be sure to lunch at two to you in and take a listen, let's go to the phones here Salem Oregon bike listing to us on the great KY Cayenne bike what's on your mind. All I you were asking about altogether set and I you know my viewpoint on Republican conservative I'm running extremist on the right II don't have 100% you get out there agree with this issue out. Take abortion for example, and might might my thought pattern and I think you'd be a great asset was chosen to be VP on she's well grounded. She is cute she would: a lot of boats to the Republican Party that stay away from the publican party because of some people have very extreme hundred percent right wing viewpoint that other people like what would be what would be a right wing viewpoint in your estimation well if you took the abortion issue. I think the most common sense people.

I don't happen to like abortion but I understand that there's there's times that it's necessary first time that people should have the women should have the time. To get an abortion, and an extremist would say no, not at all. Under no circumstances now when the extremist takes that viewpoint, it instructed makes people stay away from voting for that party. All because there's no you and it is something though. Is there something that that is nonnegotiable for you. Mike know III think that there's gotta be some bend in any issue any issue. Really, I doubt I would disagree with you there. I I am extremist on the life issue and I I just you know if it again. That is, that is my belief.

I don't think that makes me an extremist, but that that your definition I believe we should have a secure border. And if that makes me an extremist and I again if you only come to the country you come here, the legal way you don't cross the border week absolutely agree with what I'm saying if you focus on what I'm saying it extremism on the left or extremism on the right doesn't get things moving for work because people are dug in and they say I'm not giving in and when you have that attitude. Nothing gets done because of both people feel the same way again and to move the country forward to have a two-party system that's going to work. You gotta have people that can say you know I don't agree with you but I'm willing to give the so we can we can function. I was not a functioning government will know you were not on the left and right but I'm telling you, the Democrat party believes day birth day abortion that is you revising but again I I can deal with a six week week week decision. I mean, I can deal with that I what do I do I agree with that. No I don't.

So my point is to get you and secondly like 10 seconds to get intelligent people.

I told think Albert well grounded intelligent willing to negotiate work and that's what the country might appreciate the call.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you agree with Mike that we should be. Everything should be negotiable. By the way Joe Biden heading to Oregon.

The campaign, this is you, for the first time in 40 years, a Republican governor. This is how bad it's good for the Democrats. 844-747-8868 paying type here call Liberty University's you do see Charlie since conservative commentary from an program 20 good job as long. Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a lot going on this hour of the program. By the way new polling data is coming out looking very good right now for Republican and a black salt in the van, who is now surging against Democrat Sen. Cortez Masco this is a huge, huge pickup for Republicans. If black salt is able to maintain the leads. According to a Suffolk University poll for USA today she right now.

He trails by just a few points. This is a very, very fluid race so black salt could is is gaining ground. He is surging. He was down seven points so we'll see how we'll see how that race goes and that in the next and the next few days leading up to the midterms. Also in in Oregon which is a stunning stunning turn of events where the Republican there.

Christine Drazen is is surging and quite frankly could become the first governor Republican governor elected in Oregon and 40 years and it so bad in the beaver state that Pres. Biden is gassing up Air Force One and he's heading over to Oregon to do some campaigning for the Democrat Tina Co. check so this could be pretty fascinating. I've had a chance to meet Christine, Drazen, we are at an event together that was sponsored by KY Cayenne a very powerful news talk radio station in Oregon very influential and that we had a good visit. She is rocksolid.

We pattern the program and will try to get her back on before before election day. All that to say things are looking good and things are looking good in places we didn't think things would look good so this could be a a red tsunami provided everybody gets out and votes on election date now in the last hour the program there's been a lot of scuttlebutt about Kelsey Gabbard. Whether or not she could possibly be a contender for vice president running with Pres. Trump a Trump Gabbard ticket.

Let's go to the phones here 844-747-8868 Dan in Chattanooga, Tennessee listing to us are great affiliate there radio then what say you start Gabbard the big story, but she just made a stand for the true 36 hours ago or so and all of a sudden people want a booster VP.

I don't think she had a track record to support our side. According to one year previous callers. She supported Bernie Sanders you know if you if you really want a woman president or vice president. How about Terry Lake or Marsha Blackburn. These gals really have made to stand taken a lot of flak for taking a stand.

We need solid people.

We can't beat that we can't gamble with our future anymore. We had a lot of Dan I think your ways of raising an important point, and the Republicans and especially conservatives have a bad habit of this celebrity -itis.

So if if a famous person, whether it be a musician, whether it be in a movie star. All of a sudden they come out announced one day that they've converted to the conservative way of life.

They automatically become a spokesperson for the conservative movement inside instead of instead of taking time and educating themselves in understanding what it really means to be a conservative and the Republicans you again conservatives are guilty of this and and we've got a stop and I don't think were ever to learn from it but but to your point, I think there is something to be said for people like Marsha Blackburn who I think would make an incredible vice presidential running mate and and or she is from the volunteer states he can't go wrong there but but there are others out to you but you carry Lake again. I'm supporting Carrie like she got the nomination, but she is a fairly new person to the conservative movement as well and we just have to hope and pray that she lives up to all of the things she's been saying on the campaign trail but you know in the last election cycle. She was a big supporter of Barack Obama.

So there you go Dan, appreciate the call 844-747-8868 meanwhile ever to play this audio in in just a little bit. It's just shocking in Pennsylvania you've got Fetterman who's out there running for the Senate. The guys a stroke patient. He has no abilities whatsoever. He he can't even formulate conversation he can even do small talk and the Democrats believe he's the best guy they've got to represent them in the U.S. Senate Democrats are in a world of hurt right now. Let's go to Mississippi radio station K WAN are great flagship station. Brian on the line Brian. What say you a question for all that we got to get rid of it, let me now. You practically campaigning against conservative growth. Mold whatever in different states, like the woman in Alaska or whatever you guys campaign against her. Brian I felt like we should've gotten rid of McConnell a long time ago and if if the Senate is able to flip to the Republican side and it's looking good. Not a guarantee but is looking good.

I think we have to demand change in leadership and I don't think Kevin McCarthy's the guy in the and in the House of Representatives.

I think we got very fresh blood. We need proven conservative fighters were willing to stand up to the Democrats. We need 100 Margaret Taylor great height. I hear your sentiment, but ultimately we got a government, you know the big problem there with with MCG. They never gave her a committee assignment so she's got a lot of free time on her consent. Brian, I suspect I may be regretting that. Would you like what you hear from your theater callers were for whatever the road with toddler I will ever hear anybody look McConnell McConnell is. I mean he's an icon in Kentucky.

They keep electing the guy he's got a lot of power he wields a lot of power and he gets a lot done for his first home state. You know, Rand Paul, of course, the other senator from two to is like night and day. It's you setback brining like what people think of bear the same people that put Rand Paul in office put Mitch McConnell in office, like Paul Gordon like a warmth and nightmares. I like but I know it's it's a fair point, but but he's got a go. Would you like to have it if you could pick the next month to Senate Majority Leader who would that be bought and I really think about it.I really don't good it could be someone like a Ted Cruz. I mean it could be a Marsha Blackburn somebody who is less improving street credibility when it comes to being a defender of conservative ideas of those of the first to come to my mind.

I love Rand Paul would do it but he be a good one. So I grab all the you know the problem is for without any people that already have a lot of order not be any and another one we talked about it you a lot of complete with radio with their name on a bill we don't the laws we need to repeal everything that's been done for last year and I completely agree with you there. We got far too many laws on the books. Try enforcing the ones that are already there and get the government out of our business.

That's all that's all we want from our elected leaders Brian out we got a run your talk about the bear. Your that we need a contract with America would make new all electric bill everything that Obama can't live you. I love it I love Brian Morgan asked will ask Jim Jordan and the guys about that when we have them on next and I appreciate we got a run for Breakers O'Brien thanks for the call. Great, great comments are folks we take a quick break your 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show radio time people that's right radio find we are raising money for our friends and allies the website Todd and click on the ADF banner and your help on protect freedom and liberty in America the way every donation you make is double thanks to a generous donor to allies defending freedom.

So Todd Stern' By the way, help us out, and our goal $20,000 and were well on our way, all right only go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now a very disturbing case out of the state of Michigan where a a long time physician's assistant was fired because of her beliefs about gender our friends at first Liberty Institute got wind of the story. They have now filed a federal lawsuit against Michigan health on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is Kayla Tony who is with first Liberty Kayla, welcome to the program all right was first of all, give people some background on the story tell us about Valerie Klosterman and a wonderful believe. She lived in Grand Rapids Michigan with her husband and four children. She's an active church member and seated and then at her local clinic for a 17 year sheet. I think the third generation in her family to their community and healthcare and arms.

She had rave reviews from your patient and no complaint until August 2021 when University of Michigan just recently taken over her clinic and forced her to undergo diversity training and she couldn't affirm some of the statements about gender because of her Christian faith when she got it to HR she lay denigrated installed. They called her evil and she was ultimately fired because of her religious beliefs.

So this this goes back to the summer of 20, 21, and this was a mandatory. It was not some sort of voluntary think my understanding is this was a mandatory diversity and inclusion training seminars that right and it was only a heart that focused on gender identity demons that Valerie looked at 200 and she just couldn't because of her Christian faith and she thought she could request an accommodation turned out that underlie requires employers to provide a reasonable accommodation by it turned into sort of an interrogation from HR and they asked her well would you refer a patient for gender reassignment surgery are dragged and she said well now I couldn't participate in that because of my Christian faith and that's where things really got hostile even though none of Valerie patient had ever asked for text altering drugs or procedures that the hypothetical site and Michigan healthily connected Valerie and what I Kayla I'm curious. Are you guys seeing more of these kinds of incidents around the country.

I think it take courageous believers like Sally to be willing to stand up when I think it probably happens more than anything we are able to track, but certainly as Berkeley are becoming more focused on things like diversity and inclusion a lot of time� And include religious people, and though we are asking Michigan how to extend their goals about inclusion you include religious people like Valerie because there really is room for everyone this way to accommodate everyone's religious belief and I thought she was asking for here we have Kayla Tony on the patriot mobile newsmaker line with first Liberty Institute. Kayla you guys have filed a federal lawsuit against Michigan health.

What laws did they break while she sang the individual. I didn't hear him talk on the cooking and diligently) violated the First Amendment and the exercise client and each class by trying to avoid. Kinky pronouns that go against biology and then down violated title VII.

Click the federal law that protects employee and required on every employer to provide religious accommodation but because the hospital Ricky you not and they violated title and then we also have claims under the Michigan Constitution, which had similar freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Client and eat right at catchy, which is similar to title VII. Though we have a lot of John cream that was bringing on Valerie behalf and were hopeful that the court will recognize the violation here at the right. All right. Will Kayla we wish you guys the very best of luck and we want to stay on top of this story is the case, makes his way through the court system. Again, this is an important issue. I think people just regular folks out there living their lives trying to practice their faith in the public marketplace, and to be punished for that is simply unacceptable. One final question before we let you go. What is Valerie doing now she's fired and that she got another job. Yours is she still looking for work at another local clinic and she's really enjoying having your patient again, but she got mad at her coworkers and her longtime patient from her last clinic. They still ask about her.

I think they really meant. Well, so she's hopeful that this lawsuit will help Michigan health being more inclusive toward religious and pleased that it is somewhere that she would be welcome again all right. Kayla appreciate your great work and thanks for coming on the program today.

Thanks for having me and the interest that feel free to check out our to learn more about this case and dedicated very good.

Kayla Tony played his first course we've always have those links on our lives or blog over at Todd Stern' 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868, may I say that you guys do comic book fans out there should be giving yourselves a Pamela bank wheat we have the story up at Todd Stern' It turns out that gay Superman is dead.

That's right gay Superman lid is someone we covered the story when it first came out the new man of steel whose motto is truth justice and the rainbow way was killed not by kryptonite or Lex Luther are but by disastrous sales of the gay Superman is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane they made him very woke so in addition to being gay and he was involved in a relationship. By the way, which were talking about an underage gay Superman having a relationship with an older man and scope that brings a whole other level. All of this gay Superman marts for climate change and supported open borders, but it turns out that nobody wanted to read this nonsense and that the sales were so bad. The book bombed and now we understanding that they have now canceled gay Superman. He will no longer be a part of the lineup at DC comics, but there are still lots of other DC characters that have converted to the LGBT way of life. You still have lesbian fat woman and what bisexual Robin and Lord only knows what Aquaman is doing with the dolphins.

I don't want to talk about it. All right, folks, what's the lesson here, one should go woke you won't go broke.

This is the Todd starts the line I don't want to waste a single second. Very honored to have with us.

One of the top podcast posted in all of America, a good friend of this program are good friend Monica Crowley and by the way, we have a directly to Monica's podcast while I show blog Monica hope you're doing well these days. I thought it great to be with you as always Monica a lot of stuff I want to talk about with you and first and foremost is this crazy report coming out that Mallorca's new all along he knew that the border patrol agents were not whipping illegal alien invaders at the border and he knew it, just a few hours before a press conference where he said absolutely nothing about that any surprise there. Monica believes in the original report around that story, breaking it because I thought that we live not just about hearing our brain courageous dedicated patrol agent to our struggling again.

I think you do not have the grace and coming across the border and getting noticed the quarterback up what ever from the federal government mirroring people thought about because Melissa worked on a freedom of information act. I grew and got the email traffic on that secretary.

That might carry my job at treasury my equal. Every DHS.

She emailed to the secretary thought it is not true with the illegal immigrant and between the fault that secretary, the United States, harassment on all went forward with the line knowing the fault you all the time why you're right Monica, this is simply outrageous and this is the press conference and people will remember this when I read this quote.

This is the press conference were Joe Biden said I promise you. Those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now.

There will be consequences.

There will be consequences.

Monica these border patrol agents were put through hell and all the while the binder demonstration you that none of it was true at all.

They wanted to use that lie to perpetrate this idea that that illegals were being whipped at the board that is exactly right when it is not a correct image, but it was not the story that was being told they created a narrative around that image time and they ran and it tells you everything you need to know about the fighting regime, which is that they do not care about law enforcement don't care about the military don't care about border control institution that they can welcomed by all that they care about interim organizations that are designed to keep the nation they could care less, and by extension, they could care less about all of these illegal immigrants coming into the country committing murder is bringing into run drugs that are killing our people. Every day they could care less. Why, because it's all inserted much bigger agenda, which is what Obama once called the fundamental transformation of the nation and again Monica if you we can pray to have that the Republicans take control of both the House and the Senate. This guy Alejandra Mallorca is the homeland security secretary needs to be hauled in front of Congress he needs to be impeached for this behavior.

This guy is is evil. Evil he knew and he stood there and said nothing and then lying about it. There needs to be some sort of a payback here in the Republicans there to have to hold every one of these people accountable to be accountability in every direction. Todd weathering the border and this particular case, whether it's on the economy and the fact that they like to work two years almost about how inflation is a beach of transitory. Don't worry about it. The accountability uncle bed and all of the lies that we were told by the pharmaceutical company in the NIH and Dr. Ouchi, Edie D. School lockdown general lockdown mask wearing them so that they think they all knew it to be fault the time and they put this country to and living hell on company economy. Open border all day. There needs to be accountability I saw Jim Jordan on an interview this morning Todd and when he was the head of the judiciary committee. What is your priority, and he said well number one the border I think your point Jordan has its way. The very first is going to be Mallorca have to answer for contractor fee at the border and of course Jordan talked about the deep corruption at the FBI director hoax and all the life that we were told there Monica Crowley on the patriot mobile newsmaker line and Monica I mean you look at Brett bear calling out the of the CIA Intel officer who went public and said that the hundred Biden Russia info letter was not true and Brett bear called the guy out on.

He says well if you listen to the exact wording I use. You should've known what I was talking about.

These people are evil.

I mean the whole administration is corrupt their evil you've got the FBI, the durum probe now finding out that the FBI offered $1 million of our tax money for this of this dossier.

This Monica you are. I remember years ago you were telling us all. My radio program back when I was at Fox to be prepared because there were to be some pretty salacious allegations coming out. And you're right. I knew it I knew back in March 2017. I remember back to click the clear because Donald Trump time when you tweeted out that Obama and his team workload wiretapping Trump Tower and like going reading at the time of making all that that Anton publicly and kindly at the time Donald Trump would not have that if you didn't know something very beginning, and I'm never going Amish on March 20 17 pain they're not stopping Donald one in order to fully stop him because he is an essential higher corrupt regime that is doing so much damage to the country that it at the time I said it throughout believe that Monica real quick care. The midterms we are just days away now and the thing again the polling you don't. We don't put a lot of stock in the polls, but it does give you some sort of an indication that looks like things are going very well for the Republicans, so much so Biden is flying to Oregon to campaign there. The dummy they could have the first Republican governor in Oregon in 40 years what what your take nationwide on what we can see on election day read that they are bringing Joe Biden to help them find last week with New Jersey and New York about how grim things are for the Democrat look like the momentum is in favor of the Republic. Republican are focused on the core issues that matter to the voters which are the economy and crime, the economy, including skyrocketing inflation and gas prices and of course catastrophic time where nobody can think in their communities anymore on that you primary you know that that they can't run on that because they created catastrophe to double down on the issues that are way down Carter's priority list including abortion and there just perceived as ignoring American what they are because the suffering and the cool are the point right now are completely disconnected. Don't care that they are focused on the bigger project of changing the country, but it doesn't look like there are some really big losses on November but that doesn't mean that we can let our guard down. We need all you can contact. We need everybody voting we need election observers.

We need people on being in your community. Making sure that the collections are clean. Please consider volunteering your time, your expertise, your money, whatever will take to make sure that your community are clean and fair well said, and Monica. We've just got to keep preaching that message campaign folks like your 20 points down and let's just pray for great big miracle on election day real quick, Monica.

The podcast the Monica Crowley podcast what's coming up.

Your brother got married come out are great chief economic advisor and by the way Donald Trump one again.

Larry Cutler could very well be the nation treasury secretary be a whole heck of a lot better than the current one got Jenny yelling you will hear directly from the horses mouth today from Larry about the Biden economy where we are and where were going. I'm also talking about the that would be Barack Obama and what he got to the nominal president working out only I� Well, and a couple of other really hot. I also always always gets really that would be the war. I don't know your genre.

I Monica, as always appreciate the great work and the folks we have links to all of Monica's social media pages, and of course a great podcast Thanks, Monica. All right. And she's she's absolutely right here folks. You gotta get out there volunteer be a poll watcher. Do what you can to call your local Republican campaign offices whether it be in small towns or big towns. We need everybody all hands on deck as we save American art real quick. I want to go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 gray as listing toys are also affiliate in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, WS, JS Ray, what's going on here. All of the show. Today I heard the first part you're talking about Gabbard as so often happens, middle-aged children in college that all data wake up. Bill and I can correctly answer out to the whole thing altogether out and I don't know that I've heard a more clearly articulated position on so many things that I care about by anybody, Republican or Democrat, and one thing that you said what prompted my call was that she was a very standard order. I'm not so sure that that is still true. I certainly do not believe that Bernie Sanders is a Celtic Gabbard order. I don't think he could agree with 80% are 20% of what what she said and in her presentation, and I was particularly struck by how she defended freedom of speech, and people who protest abortion or not, I will expect that she's a pro-choice person but I think she might be coming around and you know that we have this really great politician. Once upon a time you do a lot of great things you started out of the Democrat and wound up being elected as Ronald Reagan and that's what I had to say thank you so gray precinct� Don't hang up just yet but I will say this, she did endorse him back in 2016 and she defended you know it's interesting they both defended each other. Many many times and and maybe it's because again, Bernie Sanders is an independent, you know he's not a Democrat he's an independent and so there could be there could be something there. I whether or not Bernie Sanders still supports or I don't know I mean I Tulsa Gabbard has not joined the Republican Party and she has said what she plans to do their she may pull a Bernie and and just be an independent but I think it was a case of the enemy of my enemy and they all hated Hillary Clinton. We all know the Democrat party and that was the untold story of that election cycle is how the Donna Brazil who was in DNC leadership. I believe she was the chair of the party actually gave Hillary the campaign questions were the debate questions. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the Democrat party's efforts to deep six Bernie Sanders so good it could be something like that but again I don't lower. Bernie Stant finally were Bernie stands now, but it could be that they have that mutual hatred of the Lori I think that's exactly possible, I would. I have not heard you made the statement that that that she might be worse than Mitt Romney or Orlan Cheney haven't heard anybody that freedom of speech. The way she defended it in the 30 minutes that she did in her presentation. I just think that things are working on her and I'm not vice president nothing of the sort of thing I would vote for. I'm saying something change in her and she's articulate and she's right and you know I've always thought that if you're honest and bright. Most the position you'll come to conclusions about will make you a conservative have to have an agenda to have the position of modern Democrat and and and she's pretty attractive and you know all conservative women are infected looking. I'm just going to put that out there great I have a wife I love it gray. We hope you enjoy the show on W SJS and I were excited to be broadcasting in that area of North Carolina. Yes sir, thank you very much.I give us a holler back with these days, it's true, it's true, Grace Baker, you know, just conservative dowsers look better than the bill.

The liberal women would you rather have high heels or would you have Mexican managers. I mean let's get real guys.

We gotta take a break or cheese a little 844-747-8868 this is the Todd start's radio show called by the way is not only a beautiful person.

She is also a warrior.

She's a boxer does the whole boxing you want to mess with that with her and that would. That is that is actually a skill set that's very important in New York City with all the violence is also pastor Robert Jefferson to drop by real quick. Let's go to Connor in Boston are favorable letting O'Connor what's going on got about a minute and 1/2. Monica there are great so I tell you right now.

I will always vote straight Republican ticket, but I need one can control. I think if all I need them to actually hold the Democrats accountable and I don't want to see the likely cool but I would love I want so much art click the start I want to see them prosecuted for the country. I want to see them for the country. I want to see them walk all the cameras put into a real federal prison for the crime committed country what it comes to our border on excusable in the American people are divided.

One other thing I will say to other things really quick I would be very careful with my turnkey know new people to put a yoke not the only thing it tonic please, leave it there but I Fred well done and well said, I completely agree we give the Republicans control of Congress. There better be daily performance coming from the bite of history. Should you agree or disagree latest development 844-747-8868 that's a telephone number.

This is universities do you see radio program Howard and days. The midterm election we are in countdown mode here on the top third radio show bringing you the most accurate. The most thorough election coverage across the prudent point. By the way also want to wish you a very happy birthday to one of our faithful listeners of the lovely Miss Joyce from North Carolina.

Happy birthday to you and we love all of our great listeners wherever you might be across America.

I got it I got a crazy story that dropped in my lap during the commercial break just a few moments ago and Grace Baker. It's from our neck of the woods as they say the volunteers to volunteers day but more importantly, Germantown, Tennessee which is the up but where I reside where I pay my taxes in Germantown and it involves this goal district there boy, which is a a local municipal school system and that there was a mom and she was very upset because her daughter. Her daughter was at was in the bathroom at the high school of this was Houston high school is where this happened and I'm always get confused because Houston is in Germantown.Texas. This is very true.

It's all very confusing but anyway Houston high school in Germantown, Tennessee, and assure the story with you and I'm curious moms and dads with a lot listeners and in the Memphis area.

Curious to know if if you guys ever heard of this kind of thing happening where a girl, a girl was getting ready to walk out of the stall and there was a boy in the bathroom never seen anything like this before in Germantown, Tennessee, but apparently it's a big problem. So the mom sends an email message to the school superintendent and says what's wrong with you people. Why is there a boy in the girls bathroom and she goes on to say that her daughter is very uncomfortable. Her daughter is concerned about safety and she wrote this some there was an email that she wrote to the school district. I have a copy of it and the exclamation marks were used quite a bit of this thing and here's what she wrote. She says that blue haired girl all and that's her. "It's really a boy that blue haired boy.

He refuses to go to the the damn bathroom only goes in the boys room is very strange.

So anyway the school superintendent replied and said all students not just your daughter have legal rights, including but not limited to the right not to be harassed due to their race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, or gender identity.

If your daughter is not comfortable with another student that identifies as being female, using the same multi-occupancy restroom as your daughter the aforementioned law provides that your daughter may file with the principal a written request for a reasonable accommodation. If your daughter is under the age of 18, you must file the written request with the principal on behalf of your daughter and then he goes on to say. Going forward, I asked that you please refrain from using profanity in your communications that are directed to me. She said the word damn and apparently that triggered the school superintendent now I'm not going to name names here, but I gonna say something a few weeks ago and we've got we got awoke school board and my town Germantown, Tennessee, and there are a couple of people that are leftist.

They're leftist. It's unbelievable.

One of the guys the gay chorus teacher who is running for school board wants to basically turn his wants to turn every classroom in the in the district and do some sort of a high level LGBT indoctrination so and one of the conservative one of the conservative ladies running she's come under fire. I mean, they have really bullied this woman, but she's got a backbone of steel and we got a local moms for liberty chapter they're fighting the good fight, so I think I think we've got people that are standing up and fighting back, but this woman was castigated because she was alerting people that there's a problem in the school system in Germantown, Tennessee. She said that that girls are really concerned when boys come into the their bathrooms and their lockers and they were they completely dismiss this woman. They said it was just a fabrication of her imagination that this sort of thing was not happening will guess what, we got a smoking gun right now because the principal clearly acknowledge or the use of the superintendent clearly acknowledges in this email that Yours truly has a copy all. It clearly indicates that this is in fact going on. So this is not speculation is not conjecture is not make-believe.

It's not fake news like you might see on CNN, the most profane name and does crime make road network.

Thank you, Judge Joe Brown.

He's from Memphis to this is pretty horrifying that you would have girls night we cover the stories all about what happens in your own backyard like what the heck is going on in Germantown, Tennessee. So now we have proof that this conservative candidate for school board was not making any of this stuff up.

It's actually going on that in Germantown there letting boys who I'd this is just think about this there letting boys who identify as girls go into the girls room and then there telling the girls the biological girls who might have a problem with a boy in their bathroom facility that they're the ones with the problem and that if you are if you're not comfortable little girl with a boy in the bathroom or the locker room. Then it's up to you to file a request to get a private bathroom if I had a child in the Germantown school district, you better believe I'd be at the next school board meeting and I be asking a lot of questions and you can remedy a lot of this ladies and gentlemen, and especially our listeners on TWA you can remedy this on election day by going in voting out these leftist who are currently sitting on the school board otherwise herein have allowed in County Virginia situation on your hands before the moms and dads got involved. I'm just saying this pretty despicable Houston high school. You guys should maybe give the Germantown school district. A call to find out what the heck is going on there are 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 and I want to tell you about our friends at patriot mobile they're doing some incredible work as a matter fact patriot mobile has actually been focusing on the school board races all over the country and they have been that they have been supporting and endorsing candidates who want to restore rights back to mommy and daddy where they should be patriot mobile is also supportive of this radio program and they want to offer you some incredible deals and discounts patriot is the website patriot and if you utilize my promo code which is Todd really get free activation and a free gift. They have plans to fit any budget. They also have additional discounts.

If you are a veteran or a first responder.

It's super simple. All you have to do patriot you can check out their coverage areas. All the plans they have not just by the way, for your family but also for your business or you can give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot and be sure to use the promo code. Todd Stern's radio show this is insane that John Fetterman did with VCU now you know what here's what we were to play. This is a bit long but I want to play this audio for you NBC news interviewing John Fetterman. He had to actually use a transcription service to understand so starlike he was just him and the the whole. The reporter usually at a computer screen and he was looking at the computer screen and and they were writing out what the reporter was saying its budgets are take a lesson another terminal Senate race in Pennsylvania now considered a tossup are Dr. Burns spoke with Democrat John Fetterman and his first in person sitdown interview since he suffered a stroke and service was not a typical candidate interview Lester because of his stroke that was campaign required close captioning technology for this interview to essentially we are questions as Lester in small talk before the interview without captioning wasn't clear. She was understanding our conversation voter stress that you will be able to get this job on day one. Of course Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman's first in person sitdown interview since his stroke sidelined him from the campaign trail for my auditory processing where they'll all hear someone speaking but sometimes we precise on what exactly the percent use captioning campaign required that he be allowed to use a transcription program on his computer during our interview. I was pretty apathetic. I think I was very empathetic and that's an example of stroke empathetic, apathetic, before having a stroke, but now after having a stroke. I really understand how much more kind of the challenges that Americans have day in and day out, so he saying here on the road to full recovery, but right now, voters really have to take your word for it. We've asked for your medical records we've asked to have a conversation with someone from your medical team to interview your physician declined as last why I feel like we have been very transparent in a lot of different ways. When our doctor is already given a letter saying that I'm able to serve, and to be running especially that letter from her physician that was six months ago, voters deserve to know your status now being in front of thousands and thousands of people and having interviews and getting around all across Pennsylvania that gives everybody the voters decide if they think that it's it's really the issue.

Men's lead is shrinking against Republican Dr. minute. It's now a tossup race that could determine control of the Senate Republicans focusing on crime. In particular, Fetterman's votes on the parole board consists trying to get his criminals out of including those in favor of controlling convicted murderers.

Are you soft on crime. Of course not a mesh effective on crime and I believe in second chances and I've run on that record.

Meanwhile Fetterman going after Dr. Oz on abortion rights.drugs likes to make fun of me that I might miss a word but he's missed you two words and that is a yes or no on the national abortion ban.

If you're going to be her next senator you have to give the answer told us he is committed to debating Dr. on October 2014 will also be using close captioning. Unbelievable. But this is what the this is what they're dealing with. This is the best the Democrats and a stroke survivor who can't have a conversation with a human being. Unbelievable artwork I'd I'd tell you it's unbelievable. This is where we are all by the way, Tosi Gabbard, sitting down with Joe Rogan and but were in place of audio here. I will say this there was another part of this interview where Joe Rogan got freaked out because Gabbard says that were on the verge of nuclear war, and she says that the American people are not prepared for the nuclear what's going to happen after after the bombs drop that were not prepared for the nuclear holocaust. It's about to happen. He asked her she was running for anything as an independent.

She says I'm not running for anything now I'm deeply, deeply concerned about the real and imminent threat of nuclear war and no one's talking about. No one is preparing the American people for that and she's got a point. And you we have you. We have a sponsor of this program prepare with that's prepared� Common. It's all about you making sure that you have a supply of food on hand, they'll get you through a couple weeks were talking about. Beyond that, if the bombs drop and Biden is playing a very dangerous game to here's what's interesting. Gabbard says in this interview that what needs to happen is compromise.

Russia got some land. What is you and by the way in.

And that's the that is an issue here. What is Ukraine the whole point is Ukraine says this is our nation.

This is our country we have borders Russia violet of those borders.

Russia's argument is this is our land.

We want it back.

I predict one day were to be having that fight along our southern border with Mexico says hey New Mexico, California, Arizona, that used to be our property.

We want to back what we gonna do that.

So anyway she goes on to say in this interview Rogan asked about about how the Democrats really control people and it's a fascinating response yet it's it's very spooky and it's spooky how prevalent that that mindset is and how many Democrats not just politicians just people to Democrats will share that position that you should silence people you don't agree with it such a foolish perspective and its it plays out historically over and over and over again a terrible way. I just don't understand why people don't learn that lesson.

I think that I think that the Democratic party leaders people like Hillary Clinton people of been in charge for very long time foment this kind of culture of fear and like a if you go against us like your dad here on the list. You have kind of the very loud activists in the who don't represent. I think even the majority, the Democratic Party, but the the AOC's of the world who who who are almost like these. These radical religious zealots and they are ideologues and whatever they choose is the battle of the day.

Yes, if you are against them on that.

Forget it. You're done there you go. No surprise there. So we'll see how that plays out. But I am curious about this whole issue of war. Are you prepared for it.

I mean how do you how do you prepare for your I sit back and I realize you know when I live in a suburban area. This is the kind of this is the kind of moment where you need to make sure that you have property make sure you have a water source that is protected.

Whether it's your own well. A lot of people are coming.

Tosi Gabbard's right. The American people are not prepared for a nuclear war is matter fact I would say the lights go out for more than three or four days there and have anarchy on your hands can imagine what it would look like if it was if the power was off every month. But you do wonder if if moms and dads have really raised their kids to be self-sufficient. There was a time when dads would teach their their sons had up. I don't change the oil in the car how to how to fix things around the house where bombs would teach the daughters how to cook how to go back canning how to prepare gardens storing food and those are lost arts and in a lot in large swaths of the country around people even think about that kind of stuff, but I'm telling you what's dangerous here is that we could end up stumbling our way into a nuclear war. That's the great concern and keep in mind were not aware of anybody right. Just something to keep in mind as we watch what's happening in Ukraine and Russia got a take a break 844-747-8868 this is the thought hi, I'm Bonnie Curry, one of the narrators on the abide at a premium and free biblical meditation experience join millions of people who download the abide act to reduce stress, improve sleep, and experience the peace of God. Every day you can text the word peace 22243347 day free trial of abide this text piece 222433 and you'll likely hear from me again on the app I guide you through daily meditations or help you fall asleep and experience the peace of God, our radios on website you can do it anytime of the day and click on the ADF banner alliance defending freedom banner at the top of the page will be you'll be able to make a donation. We are raising our goal $20,000 and were it's doable.

Folks were well on our way. Every gift you make will be doubled. Thanks to a generous alliance defending freedom supporter. So again Todd's and make that donation today and that will give you an update tomorrow on how were doing on the totals I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line great friend of this program has a brand-new book out 18 minutes with Jesus you can get it wherever you buy your books. You get yourself a copy. We have a link to it over on our website. Todd's, the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas Texas. Dr. Robert Jeffers, Dr. Jeffers, hope you're doing well today. All I am and it's great to be back with my favorite quote well congratulations on the book.

What is this not you read like 100, and that I like the Karen Kingsbury of the of the book writing put me in address but maybe I this is an exciting book and I you are you are teasing us the last time you're on the show you're teasing is a little about this bill, giving us a preview but tell folks what 18 minutes with Jesus is about. Let me assure everybody.

I did not have a near-death experience go to heaven and talk with Jesus breaking that's not what did instead of how to answer a lot of your listeners are familiar with Ted talk, you know these are short talks by an expert on a topic of particular interest and but they have to be 18 minutes in length that can be longer and thought I had this idea one day.

What if Jesus were to come back and give a Ted talk. What would you say and then it hit me. We arty have Jesus Ted talk. It's called the sermon on the Mount. You can read it in 18 minutes, and yet even though it's great. It talks about the things we care about about our money yardstick live fire how to deal with our enemies out to make sure your eternal destiny.

So what this book 18 minutes with Jesus is it's really a fresh look at the sermon on the mount. Now that sermon still applies to everyday life.

In fact, it offers the best you talk a lot about straight talk, especially when it comes to issues of spirituality.

Why is that so important today. In today's society.

Well I think it's because the church has really dropped the ball when it comes in teaching what I call radical righteousness. That's what you find throughout the sermon on the manager radical weight of living and unfortunately cotton you battle this every day on your program at the churches become more like the world instead of influence in the world to become more like Jesus Christ and Jesus had a very clear word in the sermon on the Mount he said your to be salt your preservative in this culture, but if the salt loses its alternate it's worthless and to be thrown out. And I think that chapter in 18 minutes with Jesus.

Chapter 2 about Jesus words about salt and light are the rationale for why Christians ought to get involved in politics.

I mean, politics is not good to bring the kingdom of God in the earth, but it is going to push back against evil and were supposed to be actively doing that, but for salt to do its work. It got to get out of the salt shaker.

It got a penetrate the culture. Was there a was very movement. I got I've been meaning to ask you this question. It seems like there are a lot of of of conservative pastors are evangelical pastors people that you and I know and they're out there and and really since the Tromp presidency. They sort of went on to this. You know all you can't preach about politics from the pulpit, there there against Christian flags in the church house there. Against that there against the Christians being involved in the political process, and I'm wondering was there some sort of a movement within seminaries that suddenly everybody's teaching about this or what what what led all of this. Well I think there's been an element of it for a long time but I think it really hiked during the trunk presidency and just this week here in Dallas we had a group of progressive pastors who came together to decry what they call a matter of Christian nationalism and that they define Christian nationalism as conservative Christian trying to use the levers of government to impose a Christian worldview on a secular government. Well, you know that is so hypocritical Todd because the fact is these pastors. Another progressive pastors.

They have their own agenda trying to impose on government is a pro-abortion programs jingoism pro-open borders values, and I don't have a problem with imposing that they call it social justice. But if conservative vote. There convictions well then it Christian nationalist and pastor Jeffers as our friend David Barton would remind us when you look at some of the key issues in American history. Those key moments.

The civil rights movement birthed in the church house. When you look at the founding of the nation that idea of freedom was birthed in church houses and Baptist Church houses particularly helped raise up that army to fight the British and there was a very significant time in American history where you actually have a church service and then go and vote immediately after the church service. I think there's up to you. There's a pretty good history there of of the church being involved in the political issues of the day. Yeah somebody on TV one time it was making that argument that we should be about. I said are you going to go tell would you tell Martin Luther King Jr. Stephen heaven. Would you telling me you should've gotten involved in the civil rights movement. Mixing politics and religion.

I mean it just so hypocritical. It is only Christian conservatives who aren't supposed to be voting Dr. Jefferson.

On that note, and you bet your book in just a moment here, but I've noticed of late there have been people within the pro-abortion movement and the transgender is a movement that are actually using Bible verses to make their their case and and and their point.

Your reaction is as out as a pastor. Well, Gavin. The latest example put up Bilbo or it's not just in California but around the country quoting the words of Jesus to support abortion and the words he quoted work for Mark when Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. Well, you know. There people burning in hell for a lot less than what A new step is done in blaspheming the words of Jesus Christ. If he is going to quote Jesus and what he had to say about abortion diversity sure to put up on the billboard is what Jesus said it is better for somebody to have a millstone tied around his neck and be cast into the sea and not harm a little child wow are you you bring the heat. Every single time you come on the program Dr. Jefferson omits words following you. I wouldn't advise that Dr. Jefferson pastor Robert Jeffress on the patriot mobile newsmaker line and incredible new book.

I got a copy. A couple weeks ago. It is, it's a great read 18 minutes with Jesus you know you you look at that that sermon and and you say and you write that it is just much more than just some sort of a of a checklist. Yeah like the wrong idea about the sermon on the mandated Jesus in general I think of Jesus as little wimpy rabbi who walked around watching birds say nice things to people not the real Jesus coming this sermon on the Mount is anything but I radical what he saying and he didn't have trouble in the end when he talked at the end of the sermon about people's eternal destiny. He said narrow is the gate and the way that leads to heaven and you are those who find it, but wrong. The way that leads to destruction Jesus never said were all going to hold hands for all eternity and Kumbaya together.

He said there are two destination heaven and hell and more people are going to end up in hell been in heaven not hear this all the time will pastor Jesus is the only way to be saved. How can you say billions of people are wrong and can so many people be wrong. Well, Jesus predicted that he said there's not many ways to heaven.

There's 1 Narrow Rd. and it leads to Jesus himself, Dr. Jefferson. Congratulations on the new Barton and folks get a copy of this every time Dr. Jefferson is what you just need to go ahead and buy it because you know it's good to be good and we have links to all of the great websites from from Dr. Jefferson. The first Baptist Church listed on our social media pages as well as her live show blog Dr. Jeffers congratulations always good having you on the show great to be with you Todd, thanks so much for heaven all right there you go folks pastor Robert Jeffers from the first Baptist Church in Dallas Texas.

I'm curious because they're out there is a demographic out there and they're saying don't get involved in politics. If you're Christian, what's that you ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show.

No, I'm not sure what no I don't and I don't expect hello. Welcome back. So Herschel Walker out of the campaign trail having a conversation about bull cow Saxon.

Well, maybe you can figure it out. I got number six say something is better somewhere.

This is not the story about the video six cow printing so you know you got something going on. All you care about this kid is no real. The cow that belonged to him.

Now all you do is a great is when no go no better somewhere else so you decide I want to do over there one day. Imagine that this is a is that they got to jump this day came when he got back got back in as he took off running. Go to bed got got up on the bottom but as he made it over the side. He sent it off got so excited about it and he ran to the top of a hero but when he got they were able to tell you don't think something is better somewhere. This is the greatest country in the world today. You know the best part of that video was Sen. Tom cotton spinning off to the side and the you know when you're standing up on the stage and somebody takes a turn and you're not quite sure where they're going with it. Your eyeballs kind of their they tell the story and the center cotton was. It was freak about what was going on so I'm not sure. So what was the point of this trial of the so the staff here they give me they give me little clues as to what the audio is about. For example, NBC news interviews Fetterman and he had use transcription service to understand okay I know what that means. Another says box reporting that Mallorca was alerted no sign of whipping a Porter okay we get that, but on Herschel Walker where's Grace Baker on the Herschel Walker cut list is this is Herschel Walker tells the story of a gay bull sorry.that was all. Producer Kyle but I didn't stop blaming someone else so I don't think the bull had had relations with the other bulls. I think the point was. He thought they were transgender. I don't. I know he thought the bulls work now maybe this is like a story about the grass is greener on the other side.

I don't know like you know you don't know what you got till it's gone.

I don't know but in that case, he's, it's almost as if you're telling people just stick with what you got.

Hey, step out and vote for me.

I'm the new so this is didn't seem to believe that Herschel Walker in this story would be the greener grass.

I like producer cost. About a gable I don't think that's it. I okay folks, all I can tell you is, regardless of whatever is going on down to the barnyard you guys the developer Herschel Walker, so it's reasonable to select my word help us.

I will say this.

A lot of people very very happy with DC comics and the announcement and look this is the thing folks even of Warner Bros. is now doing away with this whole diversity division because it's not making any money. Nobody cares about the surviving people are just sick and tired of being told they should be ashamed because they were born black or why leader yellow or purple or green or pink. I don't know. It's just it's people are saying it is.

It's just enough just enough Dr. Phil, I realize he was told there by the way Grace, who knew but Dr. Phil had a big big story on his program talking about people who want to cancel phrases like mom and dad for being offensive and so he interviewed this woman and she said that well.

My wife and I have children and we don't want them to be exposed to people going around saying who's your daddy what the reality is, somebody had to be the daddy. Somebody had to be the daddy and the relationship, which is why they got the baby, so I don't know who the baby daddy is, but there is a baby daddy there and there's not a baby daddy then you got problems.

I'm just grateful you okay I was just sad that Chloe got a Jurassic Park situation there grown something in the labs. Clearly I I don't get it. But they're saying now that words like mom and dad are of our heck are examples of hetero sexism.

What are you supposed to use in place of that this person person or parent one parent to be serious or their parent one parent to my question me.

Let's just pretend little grace looking around for her dad's Visio. Instead of visit. But the issue with Dr. Phil said okay well mine. I'm okay with.

He's he's is okay with mom and mom or dad and dad, but why is the term mom and dad so offensive and the issue there is, the answer is very clear. Nobody really wants to talk about this. They want to destroy mom and dad. They don't want there to be a nuclear family is really not a nuclear family.

It's a biblical family mommy and daddy. The executive director of the US USC race and equity Center said it's the hetero sexism of it all and then went on to suggest that the phrase mom and dad is actually not canceled or yet is when you got a whole show that is focused on canceling mommy and daddy what they need to do is cancel the USC race and equity Center, many to stop squandering tax dollars. What a mess out there.

What a mess. By the way Newsmax reporting on these three Los Angeles city Council members. I wanted to get to this earlier three city Council members other calling them to the White House as they need to resign over racist remarks and not one of them has I don't, we will have time to get into this, but one of the things is not in the.

The coverage of the story. These are Hispanic city councilmembers and the whole point is that there's a lot of tension between Hispanics and Blacks in Los Angeles and there were some things caught on. Secret tape set in private and one thing led to the other and so everybody's all upsetting eminence of horrible things that were said there's no excuse for that. But the one little docket that they left out of all news coverage. The people involved in making racist comments.

Ladies and gentlemen are in fact Democrats.

And now you know the rest of the story.

I got a busy show tomorrow radio rumble coming up later this week. It's action-packed folks registered to vote, got involved 26 days. So we retake America everybody

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