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DHS Secretary: Blame Trump and Congress

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 27, 2022 3:12 pm

DHS Secretary: Blame Trump and Congress

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 27, 2022 3:12 pm

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has recently blamed both Congress and President Trump for the crisis at the border happening now. Does Secretary Mayorkas have any good reason to make this assertion? Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team break it all down. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

This morning the DHS secretary from surprise, surprise. Congress crisis in our southern border keeping you informed and now is is not built to manage the current levels and types of migratory flows want to hear from you, Sharon poster, call one 800, and fixes now your home. Jordan secular. They broke the system will drop did not break the system started fixing the system building. The wall remained in Mexico operation tower.

The target sex traffickers and human traffickers to keep the drugs out of the US their killing Americans. They came in with many orchestras, a radical on this immigration issue and so is Biden. So is Harrison the entire Democrat party. They came in to dismantle every drop policy they could right off the bat, creating a crisis in our border. The moment Joe Biden took the oath of office.

We saw it last summer. Can you believe this is just the second summer were talking about daily within the numbers for March which are only going to increase because as the weather gets better, warmer, more people go with the highest ever.

220,000+ people who got encountered.

I but that means that there another 200,000 more who just got right through the border, maybe even higher than that.

We don't know but to blame Pres. Trump and to blame. Congress was the other set out date the member cabal is she's the she's the borders are. She's never been to the border and she doesn't do anything with this. Remember, the radicals got into the show, they want the crisis at the border. They are playing a long game they think 30 years from now they'll be the party that legalizes this group of illegal immigrants in the get the votes so they'll deal with the human atrocities though, except the sex trafficking that would accept the drug from China in fictional the leaving except a few tears crossing through the bill except all of this chaos for politics.

It's a long-term political play really disgusting because it's killing Americans in the United States. We saw that Texas agent died trying to save border crossers they call like a state employee.

That's what they called him and then second second, it it it it really comes down to this to the fact that were laughing their politics and they're blaming us.

We were that we were the ones to say build the wall.

No one gets it.

Now they want to drop title 42, which even may orchestras a radical has told people he is worried about you and you got the Democratic members of the house saying the same thing yet Democratic members, Democratic governors concerned the same thing and then you ask yourself which is what you did in the beginning of this. Why would you remove why would you remove title 42, why would you get rid of operation talent, which was aimed at the at the issues that are causing the problems, the sex trafficking that comes in the drugs that that moment comes in.

And then of course the impact that it has on the economy throughout the United States, both at the border. Of course, but throughout the country because once they get any government given these cell phones than this, it will not really phones but then they are phones of some type.

Who knows, but what we don't have happening is remained in Mexico that they don't want to do anymore so and then for my work is to come in and blame Congress civil Congress. You got the fix this. When this present hasn't hesitate like a lot of presence in using executive orders. We want to. If you live in a border state or you're having a situation in your community who want to hear from you. It could be in the middle.

You know the heartland and you're having to deal with the border crisis may be done in Texas, Arizona, California as well and are dealing with it. 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 fences leasing accounts for the ACLJ is negotiating right now with the Department of Justice in our lawsuit on that is getting to the bottom of why they got rid of all these Trump era policies that work filed suit on that planet.

What was the reason was it just because it was what we want have any present Donald Trump saw policies but I think it is absolutely the trust arrangements is centered now on display in our southern border there blaming you there blaming Americans. That problem for e will be right back. The American Center for Law and defending her support for that.

We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you when you forgive today only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice defending the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed cases nations care means to serve the many ways your membership powering the right/back to secular to your phone calls to 100-684-3110 there blaming you there. Blaming Donald Trump there blaming Congress.

They're not taking any responsibility of the executive branch are what you take a list of this to the border wall. The wall that was working but they hated that wall of that wall was just discriminatory that was getting if that was white supremacist who just have a secure border, which by the way, protected that a lot of our states and kept up drugs from killing Americans, but know that was evil because it was Donald Trump's wall. So guess how much money they're spending of your taxpayer dollars to dismantle the wall that was working in the middle of a crisis at our southern border take a listed the wall projects. The majority of them rest in the jurisdiction of the Army Corps of Engineers. Those that we ourselves control. I believe that the cost of discontinuing them is approximately $72 million and I will follow up with you to ensure the accuracy of my statement this morning what you think about this a border wall that worked were to get rid of so that we could spend another $72 million of your money.

Instead of controlling the situation at the border and the let's get ever remain in Mexico. Let's move that out and then operation talent vitamin E that when I agree that concern about sex trafficking, the American people are, but if it had a stamp of Donald Trump on it, even if it works when I can do it afraid that this is been going strategy right as you talked about.

We got {filter J attorneys been since he's on the phone with the Department of Justice. As we filed a FOIA early on in the administration when they started reversing all these policies like remain in Mexico like a operation talent like the Trump migrant protocols or remain in Mexico and also terrorist at the borders without a FOIA with DHS CBP and ice were in court.

We have really till today to negotiate the documents with those three government agencies via the Department of Justice by Department of Justice. If not, we then have to go to the next level in court. So if were not able to come up with an agreement. They're not able to come up with agreement that have to rely on what a judge determines right we should see. So he's in those conversations right now so little talking about these issues are the broadcasts our team. Our attorneys are working it as we speak.

Let me put back on the screen for those that are watching our social media platforms on television this to the complaint in federal court, and in this that you get to the answer what's going on here that's a hold government accountable and were doing it argument of accountability Project work works because people you support the ACLJ there is an accident and likes advances needs literally on the phone with DOJ they were taking her calls. 800-684-3110 if you're in a border area, specially we want to hear from you.

What is the impact of this in your community. 1-800-684-3110 and if your family been affected by fit, know as well because that's a huge lesson that that doesn't just sentence the border issue at all. These are the investor to gang crimes of this all over the country. So while they may originate the border. We seek Americans dying because of who's getting across and what they're getting across, with 1-800-684-3110 to talk to us on house go to David in Texas online one, a David, your state, try to do everything they can even lost the life of a of a text. Texas patrol officer was trying to save the lives of illegal immigrants, but they welcome the broadcast thinking, as I really appreciate what you do. This really hit home.

My 19-year-old son has had to have his best friend overdosed and I pump that all toys make living here in Houston. Every night we watch the news we see a meteoric rise in our crime rate. I mean, I think Houston is now in the top tier as far as the murder capital of the country and it's just so unsettling because it is kind of like fighting a storm that you just know you can't battle so as to fit a thin level on the what can we be doing because you got a governor that is trying really hard and Atty. Gen.

Let's fighting back very aggressively and I will tell you we have worked with both. And this is a situation that is affecting every family United States mentioned that that moment and just about everybody is that no somebody or family members.

This, but were not treating this like what it is. It's an attack on the United States and if you got an attack on the nine states that Amy people are 20 and 30, primarily nonexclusively but that's where a lot of this is going on the drugs and then you get the sex trafficking which is as low as what they say 14 years old is the average brought into sex trafficking throughout the United States and go right at the Expressway quarters. They come in for your community in Texas and then they go up Interstate 65 or over 20 and and on the highway 10 amended. This is what's happening, what were doing is holding the government accountable but your voice has to be herb elections have consequences to policies not much they matter, they don't ever elect these Democrats again see what they did in just a few months they created a drug crisis, a border crisis a humanitarian crisis and sings and take it seriously in these electrodes and stop let's stop voting on auto like the tone of that person start voting on the issues.

So start voting for people who pledged to secure the border and will vote in Congress to to allow the President to do that and provide the funds to do that. So you can start right now in this midterm making sure there's a Congress. As we get a new President and after this midterm so two years later. Make sure there's a Congress there who's ready to fund that presents work to get this border secured because it's gonna cost even more. To do so because they're letting it become a disaster zone. It is an invasion of the United States by drug traffickers, criminal gangs Secretariat terrorist and illegal actors, and here's what the Atty. Gen. United States said moments ago I think. I think all intelligence suggests that there will be a large increase in the border yes he seems very concerned about the visit will. He's just significantly.

My point is this note. This will tell you elections and consequence.

What would your voice has to be heard at the ballot box. We got a vitamin court to get the information because you fine thanks and then you point those things out and things can change.

But we've got to really plan attack. I see people's a set save at the election election was a fraud.

This is to be ready to vote in the next election.

You get your friends out to vote. You better know your lack of laws are your states right and get ready. Stop. Stop crying about two years ago get get with the reality now I get it it was it was upsetting it was questionable. There's a lot issues or ballots flying around was shown on the broadcast all the different Glide balance.

I got we got to move on though.

We got states have done really good work getting their devoted integrity laws in place so you got a shopping boat if you still sit on your hands and trust system but I guess you keep swimming. Yes, will you may or ballots. Boxes are rigged and let me taste something okay working to have. This is the attitude of the conservative movement the ballot box.

The race or not about just what surrender your country because that's what you're doing. That's preposterous. That's why we go to court. Nobody likes what happened in 2020. There's a lot of things people that were shenanigans whether it was outcome determinative or not, were never going to know you know that.

Assume it was at this point it doesn't matter. You have to be looking forward all these videos and things coming out about what happened two years ago. It's at this point irrelevant. The left loves you looking siding when you're you keep in off the main problem and you're not. You're not building the grassroots base of the support in a bout that was asked you that we have got to get back to grassroots base politics get out the vote drives the old-fashioned way like we conservatives can win elections meant a lot that you got out work for which we did and you can't to show up at rallies. That's not enough.

You can't just share videos on social media that's great but it's not enough. You've got to get involved and you got to say you know what maybe system sums at some of the still stacked against me obligate out as many votes as I can opt to make sure I voting and my friends and family are voting and my friends who agree with your voting and guess what you you we can win all of these races you sit on your hands and just complain complain place we lose they love that you are still obsessing over an election that happened a year and half ago but at this point there's nothing you can do about please understand that it's done. So let's focus on you want to continue what the garbage to continue that's going on in Washington you want to see World War III. I don't think so. So we gotta get changes that's only going to happen if you engage about. I am glad you brought this up because I am so sick of looking back, and this was to know what they did in Pennsylvania. You know they did and no one's was able to stop because whatever the strategies were network so we don't do the same thing into this when I see comments that say I'm not voting until I know we have a secure election is if there is never election fraud in the United States every time that whether it's outcome determined not to be in question, but states had tightened it up like Jordan said about don't then you have no right to speak you in. You see, the states have taken action on voter integrity and fighting that out in court, so it's not like everyone just stopped and didn't do something they have done things to correct problems. But what Democrats hope is that you all will sit at home every buy list.

This was you know I don't trust the system so it's not worth going and then guess what, they just walk toward it. We had in history or politics to it was. I remember after after the Watergate break-in. The Watergate affair and then you know and ultimately Jimmy Carter wins because the malaise within Republicans also went through this well, with all the constitutional process. Nixon was out board was in and then propose that one show up and then not showing up in Georgia this last time, and yet with two senators that are not to vote in favor of any position you're advocating now that is one of the most liberal senators in the country or from a red state. So think about what that means we need when you don't show up and vote me. This is a voice message board for people in red and purple stateside of the blue states. You guys have a tough time they did it despite not the battle. She can fight you still should veer to state that officially read. It was probably get out some of your false unit is you didn't show up. Let's move on. Let's build on build on what we learn. We learned our lesson there okay, let's move on only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stay in the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed secure means to serve the many ways your membership powering the right/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you and you forgive today to secular to your photos to 100 684 31 two that's 100-6431 10 Thibodeau, Washington DC, Pakistan, a secretary Americus is got two days that we've Artie played some sound from those hearings I could be before right now is before the House Homeland security committee at their appropriations subcommittee is going to the Appropriations Committee, and tomorrow he'll be at the Judiciary Committee we had Jim Jordan on last week. He has Artie said in his questions for a secretary Americus so that he can't claim and have to say 30 times I gotta go back and get that number from SFU. He wants to know if they are not just about the. The encounters but the got a ways as well, yeah. And obviously he's right to ask about that. If I did a great job previewing that during this is gonna be a gaunt one for secretary Americus, and for good reason. I do think probably the most difficult and the most useful hearings can be that one tomorrow in House Judiciary but the first one is wrapping up. There's another one this afternoon, and Jordan. Honestly, already we Artie have more sound from this hearing and I hardly know where to start with. I want to give you two quick takeaways from what we seen for so far and I know you played one of these secretary Mark Americus is blaming the problem that they have in the mortar on an inherited problem and entered the board was already under strain will Jordan guess what resending title 42 is in a do it can add 100,000 people to whatever strange is there already, and whoever thinks he's responsible for and Jordan want to think. He says that Congress has to fix this look.

Maybe there some things that Congress can do and by the way there some Democrats that are*ready to do that. Jordan with her around this title 42, title 42 is a statute it's 42 USC section 265, Congress already passed that the President already cited it's already there for the President to use and they are not using it for so for him to say this is apparent to Congress to fix when he's not using the statues that he Artie has Jordan, I think it's dereliction of duty. I will play the Homeland security Sec. statement again is that it builds out with that was just talk about because you need to listen to what the man is saying we inherited a broken and dismantled system that is already under strain is not built to manage the current levels and types of migratory flows. Only Congress can fix this. It's not built to manage the current levels and types of migratory flows because you ever move the remaining Mexico standard, the law that we had in place. That said, you not come into the estate into its adjudicated number one number two you just said come on in and number three you then dispersing the knees. The illegal people to come in throughout the United States and what they blaming his desk and it was always prone is inflation trump on the border crisis is everything though inflation was happening before and the reason why there's a border Christ because they reversed the trial policies.

Those are horrible and racist at this that they want the chaos.

They thrive on the chaos they know they think they they then try to make federal power grabs with there's chaos. So the idea here.

It's a long-term sick gross political play because the humanitarian toe and that Americans will die because of this play, but it's a play that we get all these people and ultimately will will legalize it as US citizens and LBS though be a strong Democrat voting base because they're losing the current Latino voting base. There also losing a lot of African-American voting base there. Try to look for their long-term was their new base to just vote for them even if they don't line up with their ideology because like a thank you. Vote and to me the cost that will that will cause Americans to the harm the death the drugs anything to be it's it's it's bigger than just these individual people in the toll that takes but it's what they're bringing with them. It is the crime and of course the fictional meat were all now experts in fictional because it's killing people all over the country.

Jordan it's really crass immunity using people.

It's costing lives for the sake of political expediency. It just is any look organ at 100,000 people a month by resending title 42.

Organist spends $72 million actually take down a wall that was helping this problem in your limit is, but one more data point in there to support what you're saying behind the scenes.

I can even tell you how upset House Democrat leadership is over how the mind administration is handle this now. Is it because they disagree with this policy know it's not. In fact, in large part they agree with it but they know Jordan that this is a problem inside other caucus when it comes to counting out if this came up in the House of Representatives. Rather, not title 42 should stay in place. Jordan, title 42 would have enough support to stay in place now. Speaker Pelosi is never gonna schedule that vote but guess what Senate Democrats are our Senate Republicans can force that vote vote at some time, so at some point. Organist see a class year and behind the scene. Democrats are actually asking the Biden ministration to fix this problem for them.

Now maybe they will buy not appealing this ruling, Jordan, but they sure don't want to go to Fred in New York on line for a Fred. All we can control midterm. Good night.

Pete Biden, harasses the Brazilian states. I think that maybe she might like to relax and realize that could happen. There are also some and handle German handle impeachment so will tell you my view, I don't think you teach Presidents for policy differences. And that's what these are drastic consequences.

But that's policy differences, and I also think the alternative in this situation is not come any better than the current document so I don't see that getting anywhere that something like my latte. One thing, there may be other things that that lead to that meat.

They treated trump that by the way they treated trump is to be whole different world right now but they're not to do that why George will tell you what they had the house and the Senate and that's why when we keep seeing these comments.

I'm not voting until I know it's fixed I'm not voting until front tells me about it. Got a boat coming folks. You got to vote. This is ridiculous it's it's a tech cancer honor society if we start thinking this way yeah this is this is my issue. I think if you talk about MP3 or thymic crimes. Actual crimes are committed itself items and is listed at there's a whole criminal investigation hundred by right now by the Department of Justice.

They keep saying that the vibes are letting that go.

Not interfering. That's the kind of stuff that impeachments are about impeachments or about business deals not yield the shifting money of any guilt that was oddly straightforward and with real part influence to a criminal level, so I'd say that's unfortunately though, when you have the garlic DOJ. They did appoint a special how they should note that should have cases it's ridiculous about having special counsel for Muller for a made-up Russian house that they's the CIA said was fabricated while at the same time not having special counsel looking hundred by the river for years the social media companies will achieve and talk about Dr. by this you then I will go back though to what is happening on the hill right now because you did talk about it. I do want to give people a glimmer of hope because there is some glimmer we like to be honest here. There are more and more Democrats speaking out about this border crisis. Yet, in fact, during, there's a bill that we talked about last week on this broadcast is sponsored by James Langford and Kiersten cinnamon. It's got five Democrats cosponsors that Jordan it says that you cannot pretend % title 42, unless all national emergencies inside the country towards all the restrictions that are in place on American citizens. Those have to be lifted before you can consider lifting this one for people coming across the border.

The other thing real quickly. Jordan there are 50 Republicans House Republicans on a letter including all three of the top leaders.

McCarthy's Gleason sulfonic that say that they have lost confidence in Sec. America so I don't know about impeachment but they do think he has abandon his oath of office that he took to secure the homeland that apply to those officers as well. So it's interesting to watch that when you see that kind of unity in the Republican Party is relatively controversial and potentially removing the cabinet officer vote that we have a lot more to talk about 164 30 wanted to be on the show support the work of ACLJ Weaver matching challenge right now double the impact your donation through the month of April circum-towards the end ACLJ.R building today. The American Center for Law and critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular secular folks is just outrageous. The fact that sec. Bjork is gives his congressional testimony.

With blaming Donald Trump so all of you first electric and Congress Congress worth the executive branch who was fought in court for decades to say this is our role will we get to secure the border. By the way his give them all the tools that they wanted me to give them more tools. If you had a more public as the Congress, but it wouldn't matter because Joe Biden would take those tools and use the unit would be our case, they are spending 72 million taxpayer dollars to dismantle the wall they want to make it easier for the drugs to get here because they don't care they want to make it easier for human traffickers and sex traffickers because they don't care, they're making a long-term political decision that doesn't matter about the they don't care about your health. I don't care about how to affect your community. They don't care about the burden on the community don't care about the good people dying from overdoses they care about is that it ultimately will get to legalize this group and they're gonna vote Democrat, and that is something the Democrat party has been working with the border forever what their problem is because they have not been able to get one of those legalization bills through and that's because even a Pres. Trump when he was willing to legalize the dreamers, the kids at a certain category. About 12 million people who would come here illegally, at no fault of their own. They are brought over by their parents.

They wouldn't okay because he said, you first must fund the rest of the border wall and then we will make that will be step two and they wanted it in reverse but we knew from Ronald Reagan's example that he tried to do that they legalize a bunch of millions of people but they didn't get provide the money for border security correct so you don't make that mistake twice is going to take a call. Paul's calling of for main online three hi Paul I calling from the state of Maine and just the concern. This border thing does consider the Maine is a big chunk of land that most people don't realize that we have a million people in this entire state you hello and up Gov. Mills just dropped off 40,000 and 20,000. Another dump of of illegal migrants, the largest city in the state of Maine is 67,000 at the Portland, Maine. The rusted down from their 40,000 40,000 40,000 and then you jump to 20,000 12,000 you guys that's a huge influx. What impact does it have in your community.

So far, huge, huge, and we already employment in this state is not enough jobs. The meals are closing all over the place. I have a tradesman. I have many trades and I worked all over the state. There closing all the smells and leaving the state because it's just we don't have the resources, there's more people on unemployment and out of work. This is called to find out why the government basically just changed a bit right to change policies were selected they could do that but the impact of these pies widely change talent like that that policy, which was involving sex trafficking why these other policy to change my stay in Mexico change but listen to what may work assess. This is a by 24.

We have effectively managed an unprecedented number of noncitizens seeking to end of the United States and interdicted more drugs and disrupted more smuggling operations than ever before.

A significant increase in migrant encounters will strain our system even further and we will address this challenge successfully, but it will take time and we need the partnership of Congress, state and local officials, NGOs, and communities to do so than ever to get this fixed right you say is to be a disaster.

Give us time how much time honey. Americans have to die honey more terrorist we need to allow and how important traffickers, gang members and sex traffickers that we really shut it down. Build the wall put put thousands of agents down there point the guns at the border you know why people jump in the river. If you have a gun pointed at St. this is our border, you can invade were not there to save you if you jump in. In fact, if you can't work out the deal with Mexico punish Mexico as well use the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad defending religious freedom. Checking those that we are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you when you forgive today only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice defending the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed secure means to as many ways your membership powering the right/secular. We are to your phone calls 100 684 31 two that's what 108 3110 Rick Cornell joining us now our supervisor for policy national security Rick, I want to jump to this because it's affecting everybody here the United States to because when we would know now that we are no longer American energy independent and were not an exporter of energy gases also is hurting our allies and we've seen this move that you want to flag for audience day that Russian their their energy giant gas prompt has halted gas supplies to Bulgaria Bulgaria and Poland, for they say, for failing to pay for gas in rubles but we maybe we can read between the lines, they realized the beginning to punish countries and then not providing the natural gas and America can step up Rick and provided his were not annexed at net exporter anymore and let let out a layer on what we talked about yesterday.

Remember that we called the audio that the Biden administration was trying to keep the German buying Russian gap in oil and now what we see today is that the Russians are cutting off Poland and Bulgaria. Now what that means that there not counting up the German Biden administration is working to make sure that German continue to purchase oil and gas from Russia and one has to ask, why is it that Germany which purchases Weimar anarchy from Russia. Why did they get to continue to allow other countries at all, and Bulgaria are being cut out by the Russian now the Biden administration should be screaming at the top of their lungs about death, but instead they are secretly telling the German keep buying into not impact the global price of oil at least through the midterm election. So we got a lot of politics being played by the Biden statement.

Thank you Jennifer Granholm, former Michigan Gov. who is the secretary of energy needs to answer some very tough question is certainly not going to get the tough questions from the Washington DC practical art but are Republican members of Congress need to step out and asked some really tough questions. Energy what's going on follow up on that Rick and that is if you look at the situation as it's unfolding right now in his neck segment in Russia and Ukraine in the whole battle that's going on there. I'm trying to figure out what is the endgame here other than trying to avoid World War III and power. Power for the Biden administration to stay in power to eat at least the house of that to appease the public of not having increased or gastritis compacted and continue to blame put remember that that it couldn't quite high, and also remember that we know that Barack Obama told the Russian leader many years ago when the President just give me a little flexibility on the policy until I get through the election one time elected and I can change about the fifth of the Obama Biden jacket. By the way, if it was not something said that they would have impeached you know and Barack Obama says it and they say will that's not that wasn't such a bad thing.

Rick went we've been telling people the first half of this broadcast. We been very concerned about what's going on the border but would also talk about the voting issue. People need to understand how important it is to vote going to take Sanders call from Minnesota online one, a center welcome to secular you're on the particular night, they succumb to you and your dog today that okay he strapping pressed about how ever we guaranteed that I voting machines still aren't rig distilled election. Let me ask you this question Sam and Rick do this to personal there's been a lot of work on voter integrity. So there's been a lot of that. But with a lot of that's going on in the last year and 1/2 since the election and a lot was going on. Going forward, there was need of the evidence on voting machine irregularities just wasn't there. To be blunt. Okay, I think what happened was the old-fashioned white ballots of these mail-in ballots were outrageous. These drop boxes were outrageous. The bell of harvesting steroids, but let me tell you something said the alternative is you do nothing in the attorney when you do that, Rick.

If you do nothing as we surrender the country and we can't do that. Look, I've got a lot of international election monitoring and the reality is that one of the backplate are. I didn't radio on the counter and people are counting the ballot we could struggle could be on it. When we would go out and play who want to go to the folder you want to watch you want to go inside and count for the conservative side and we struggle to have people volunteer. I don't think that's the case anymore.

I think organ have a whole bunch the mama bear with yourself about showing up in Thane you're not counting that flight, you're not going to use that ballot. What are you doing by transferring that there that I think now that I have the I that I have the attention and like that day.

We have been concentrating on the election integrity. If you trying to shrink the voter rolls of all of the violation that are currently there. Dead people residency violators.

All of the old information hurts because that's how they create hey, hold onto ballot that there everybody knows you're getting 910 ballot at apartment complex but one during the last election gets to live massively to three places last 56 years and noted those places as Giddens live ballot live bounce not requested ballot if you need a machine to make them. There was a opportunity for so much bad activity, but I think said what you better take ways of Rick just said one.

None of it matters if you don't show up and vote. That's the first, are you gotta do to we have to do a better job and I think we will like the I agree with Rick. I think more people are to be encouraged to volunteer on election day and it's not just about election anymore because the sums early voting that's allowed to make sure we got poll watchers in key locations that are connected to a bigger structure, who know how to report problems and then can get in touch with a legal team can then come down and and figure fitting to file something in court. That is the way it has to work but you must keep your of the RNC convention cannot buy that many people with at least you got to have volunteers that cared deeply enough about the election they will spend their personal time and organizer schedule to do that that that that job of poll watching to make sure they know who to contact if they think there's been a problem in and Rick like you said, internationally, we the US does this all over the country all over the world so it's it's something the Republican Party can do the other side has been doing it for decades. One one point I'd like to do that important call and I think that we here regularly and we need to keep thinking about the conservative Republican Party has moved to not rely on volunteer lawyers anymore. We have to pay the lawyer can't have a lawyer that you may be getting a couple hours on Thursday. You need to have somebody who works for the organization that will show up and fight and so that is a positively moved in that direction at the rate a lot of money. And that to do, but I'm been a big advocate for not having volunteer lawyers is not the 26th 20 said that the last election cycle. 2020 was it you had the typical networks of Republican lawyers, but these were highly complicated filings. It needed to be made like in one hour and what we saw was a lot of cases get top tossed out on technicality is receiving as they either they were the right, so they were initially bad lawyers but they were election lawyers.

They were Republican lawyers. They were experts election law judge get the filing they could even go past the filing because it was wrong and by the time that was wrong you have time to refile also been talking about the border requesting Michael's call and helping Michael's calling from California where you're dealing with it.

Rick lives in California to go ahead Michael and Michael either. I will come back Michael or ISA bricks that find out that final question to the affected you got New York is today blaming Donald Trump for the border crisis every literally slightly troubling Congress, which Congress is authorized a lot at me but the fact that there blaming Donald Trump of the Trump voters. The crisis is just to be it is.

It is so it is that so angry because things were going in the right direction and that was good for people, particularly political for my blame Donald Trump, everybody note this is not true. Everybody knows we had the border completely closed. We were dealing with the individual tenant now skyrocketed into a Chrysler and in illegally bipartisan concern. I say Democrats all over and including on border state of Arizona, California, New Mexico we got.

We can't, Democrats and Independents that are very concerned about what is happening my orkut.

This is total failure and Republicans need to act quickly to the border. This is a bout safety and security and national security I Rick his eyes. He appreciates your commentary in all these issues. Rick is front say this to back were the Trump team so he does the kind of investments made for to make sure you want. We want to make sure all of you can outvote is priority one party to his volunteer for 10 to help these voter integrity efforts] secular or support our work.

If you can W impact right now. The only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when used with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. McCarran means to as many ways your membership powering the right/the American Center for Law and engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life and the court seen in Congress. ACLJ for that. We are grateful to others and help in the way comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms most beautiful gift today seven again so these issues that are affecting all of us here in the United States because of moved by Russia on the oil and natural gas, cutting off Bulgaria pulled from natural gas, who's next and we talked yesterday with Rick about the fact that we were pushing the Germans to continue want to not cut off Russian oil and gas, but now Russia starting to do it. Making geopolitical decision such huge threat and guess what United States we can jump in and fix this problem is were not in a net exporter. We have to import our own oil or gas to for Americans.

And in that the of course we see the cost go up tonight while I I'd totally disagree with the idea blame everything on Putin.

It suddenly when you have a war that continues on in Europe for this long and you have a massive gas exporter like Russia starting to turn it off. Of course it's going to have an impact here as well so take the administration blame Trump and Putin for everything you know that's not true. Biden is the majority the blame, but the what's happening and what the Russian decisions are are that that they are making is certainly having an impact.

It's exacerbated is making things even worse here in the United States for consumers for your average Americans try to fill the car with gas try to go to grocery store, hope, and figure out how to get a vacation this summer and afford for that. So I West you wrote a piece which is exactly about that the ward you crave is it important to the United States and you may think this is because people the furthest gets interesting to get a little less attached to it and they start forgetting this is impacting them every day. Yeah, we have to be on the walk and chew gum at the same time and then we need to pay attention to what is going on in Europe and what is going on between Russia and Ukraine because we have actually been drawn in two world wars because we simply did not react to events that were happening in Europe so we have to do with all the domestic issues and they are large and people are's are struggling there very unhappy but at the same time have to pay attention to what's going on there and not give in to that to the bullying that dead letter more prudent and elaborate. August is Foreign Minister trying to do to the rest of the world because to ignore that we ignore that to our own detriment because what were trying to do is to avoid World War III not get entered when recruiting you wrote is not occurred and is unprovoked and illegal attack on Ukraine. The war rages on. Now Nelly is not undeterred, but he says laptop out basically threatened nuclear weapon use. What an irresponsible thing for this man to do this is again another attempt at bullying the rest of the world is reckless and the other is working. I don't think so.

The jury still out about the nuclear combat. But here's the thing.

Russia knows that no one who supports Ukraine no nuclear power that supports Ukraine is even thinking about nuclear weapons. So if he's concerned about this danger, as he says it is the danger that they would create no one else. But here's the thing. Russia knows that the US and RLS.

We are not going to use nuclear weapons.

He also knows that if they were to use nuclear weapons. It runs the risk of basically annihilating not only the whole world, but annihilating Russia to settle things are going there. This is the desperate tactic of a bully and here's the thing.

If we get into this J if we adjust what were doing and Ukraine are in Europe because of this threat than that geopolitical extortion will never end. They will continue to use that. If that works for them and we can't let it work for them. That geopolitical balance is also being impacted here this and some of the comments were going out yesterday and that's what this right, we have to pay attention to it and when Wes is right. Tomorrow war started because United states really did have their eyes on what was going on in Europe and I don't want the United States involved in sending troops. I don't want to want no-fly zones, but I am concerned that the next move in Ukraine appears to be Odessa right if the Russians take Odessa and there. There are two star general last week talked about their ultimate plant, which is to take Odessa and also to invade Moldova which is just as insane, but Britain's appetite for aggression and conquest is not going to be quenched just in Ukraine but if they take Odessa. This is so significant because that is the last remaining seaport for Ukraine. Ukraine has a huge export business, especially ingrained and this would commercially cripple Ukraine if they lose their last seaport. The good news is that Ukraine is been very effective in pushing the Russian Navy away from the coast, but that is that you made him suck a major battle. Yeah, it's much more important for the Ukrainians to keep Odessa dinner dance for them to keep you do have scan and that that the Don Boscarino, the nuclear threat your hearing Melissa laptop was what he actually said or thought a nuclear war cannot be worn and must never be fought/new model. The danger is serious and real Santa should not be underestimated. Anything at this threat. It's a different it's a year tries to set off his deflectors. We don't want to do this. No one wants to nuclear war.

Then he says it's a real nutrition underestimated in the event Putin as well today speaking to his Russian audience is for you about say that if someone intends to interfere with what's going on from the outside. We have weapons. What I mean to brag about them. We have the weapons to deal with those people and that we know they have the new Satan to miss IC BMI with giant nuclear warhead when exported us. I don't think they're going to go there. They do have a very very robust military capabilities.

What we discover in Ukraine that was while they have the ability to have all these weapons and their stockpile that the combined arms effort of taken all of these elements and putting them together effectively on the battlefield is is is was not working. Here's the thing.

J when were dealing with Russia and this is more important than ever now. We cannot be risk-averse in what we do we have to be risk-averse to appoint Willie McCoy because he could risk you weren't risk-averse, we would send US troops out right yet you let Miguel be really clear that we should never mean US troops on the ground or the US enforcing the no-fly zone or even negative troops. That is a no go.

We do not go there, but short of that, we need to get over being risk-averse so that we send a message to Russia that we will support Ukrainians who are who will defend themselves. We do not think Ukraine is a good actor here they were invaded and that is wrong that is wrong you Ukraine was part of Russia until 19 what 1993, 91 yeah a lot of corruption there, it it, they are not angels.

These troops that they're using where the where and this is been documented that Ukraine troops that have the SS insignia from the Nazis. Oh you look back into the history of the 20th century, Ukraine was more involved in the persecution of the Jews. What was in the Soviet Union than any other part of the civet unit a lot of anti-Semitic feelings and philosophies in Ukraine that have not gone away so you have to question how does a software week is tied altogether prudent is that is the bad guy for invading the question incarcerated, but he's also being blamed for inflation. You can't blame the border on him.

So you point from for the border in Congress and and then we have people call it something I'm not. It evokes I don't trust the system announces the voting machines plays right into exactly what is what is this is how you get Rafael Warnock. This is how you get a DOS off-again order. This is how you could end up with Stacy Abrams the governor Georgia because it is runoff there between two candidates for governor, the incumbent governor versus the outside at Trump endorsed a candidate for US into Purdue so if half those voters didn't say you know in my purse like I did win this on to show up either your giving away states your giving away Senate seats are given away how seats are given away governorships. We've got to be able to unite you can have tough primaries.

I like that at the end of the day, you gotta cut a finger and say you know what, even if I got it when our side is better than the other side, so make sure our side gets in there and again in the fight up the battles you continue to fight a battle.

This is the truth is we have. We have to do more than we've ever done this with her election when the seats don't just take news for granted generic holes.

They don't matter.

We don't show up in vote-getter for country next time time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge $20, $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedom is most important to you and your family.

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