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BIDEN SHAKEUP: Bad News For Israel?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 30, 2022 3:10 pm

BIDEN SHAKEUP: Bad News For Israel?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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You should use for Israel calls at one 800-6831 two that's 164th 3110.

This important news to discuss out of Israel. One part that involves the Iranian nuclear deal will start their Dan Shapiro who was a special government employee. He was on the team for seven months. Part of the was Obama's ambassador to Israel. He was on the Iran nuclear team tried to get the deal done. He left he's left the team that might be because he was out of time, but he issued a statement that was very unique and that was really what was important here and in his statement he says I still support the deal today as I embrace a great new opportunity if and when there is a deal which remains uncertain which remains uncertain. I'll have more to say. Then, so I again, not necessarily in support of the deal that might be in formation as we speak right now that that's right and look Shapiro.

It was the ambassador to Israel under the Biden administration is well-connected over in Israel.

I think the interesting development here is the fact that and like you said is it could be that his term was coming to an end it. It seems it was called a special government employee are limited in the number of days usually hundred 80 or hundred and 81 days that you can actually work with the other aspect of it is and I found this interesting when you did to his 20, he said in his tweet he said, I will sue. I still supported today as I embrace a group great laboratories, barren nuclear deal, if and when there is a deal which remains uncertain. I'll have more to say. Then the other little language which remains uncertain in terms of the deal, I think is very telling. In his office again all is far and not say anything until such time as there is a deal if there ever is a deal whatsoever that comes out of this project was also interesting. Here is the fact that we know that rushes in the middle of negotiating the skills art is that is to believe everybody that is the fact look the Iran nuclear deal is was a disaster when when Obama entered it. It's in the disaster. If buying enters into it.

The is a Israelis don't like it.

The Gulf state partners of Israel do not like it, which includes predominantly Muslim countries.

When Anthony blinked and went to the conference this past week he got an air of our allies in the region saying this is a bad deal. Now you got the nose dive is called a Israel whisper back and out, literally days purportedly before this thing could be announcing they were saying you come out as early as next week. Just shows you the nature this is another one of these foreign policy moves that makes no sense. And why in the world.

We have much in the middle of the negotiations on this that I also want to point out that Israel is facing a renewed at terror attacks in its country that hasn't seen in a long time on Tuesday.

Just last night, a 27-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank gone down victims with an M-16, killing five people in a neighborhood in Tel Aviv on Sunday night. There was a shooting attack by two Islamic state sympathizers in the central city of Madera that killed two police officers and then last week there was a combined car ramming and stabbing attack in the southern city of Beersheba, which was also the attacker inspired by ISIS that killed four 1611 Israeli kids killed in just 10 days so there's an increase in terrorism in Israel have you have right now. And of course this news, which when I point to that, even if he was near the end of his term. Yeah, we can talk about this deal supposed to be happening. Two weeks ago but so I think again he's leaving before bad deal or no deal comes out because he is a want to be part of is that producer just had the optics on this are awful. I mean first of all, I mean it's this is literally to be days before this happens two days before this happens that one of the primary negotiators summer that got special governmental status is bolting that tells you a lot about this deal is can get over the fact that Russia is in the middle of the negotiations were like living in an alternate universe are able to take your calls and comments Rick Cornell coming up next 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 back with more just a minute. Don't forget support the work of the ACLJ because you know what we got office in Jerusalem. That's right, and ACLJet American Center for Law and Justice office in Jerusalem to support the work of to the spirit different back more moment the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad defending religious freedom, those who persecuted for that. We are grateful to others an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed.

Jesus/secular folks, we are take your phone calls at 100 684 31 two that's 164th 110 Jordan now by her supervisor for foreign policy and national security. The former acting director of national intelligence, Rick Cornell, Rick. I want to go to you right away on this development that this senior the former master to Israel for the Obama administration Dan Shapiro who joined the State Department is a special government employee so you only get a certain amount of time to do that but you know we know that this deal was supposed to be announced deal couple weeks ago and an expected at any time. If there is a deal and less rushes kind of scuttling that, but then he leaps and he is the lead person to deal with Israel on this Iran nuclear deal and he leaves with a statement that said what he supported today. If and when there is a deal which remains uncertain. I'll have more to say. Then what you read into that Rick clearly claimed that is not frustrated that there is no policy difference is that he's just leaving, but as an advisor or remastered Israel as an advisor on this. These issues should be leaving before we know what the JC POA deal as we keep hearing that is close that you know the Russians are being very clear that the Iranians got more than what they thought that the American negotiators were weak. This is going to be a disaster. He's abandoning ship. I don't care what he says. John the before historic agreement. If you think the historical payment of any good things this Rick is that that's interesting here is that G said you you got the Israel whisper his dancewear was called getting ready to leave and or in the process I guess has left and at the same time.

Like you said the deal is about to be structured, but the deals also being negotiated with the Russians active engagement for the life of me cannot figure out what the administration is possibly thinking here this way.

In the present called for to be removed from the presidency of you, Russia.

You want to buy the sort of probably one of the reason the Dan Shapiro is jumping ship again went anywhere. He said there's no disagreement that the Washington line and what I find really interesting is that the entire JC POA to whatever this negotiation is everyone is classifying this as the Americans were weak. It gives the Iranians and running regime a whole bunch more and what does Dan Shapiro new when he leaves, he immediately announces that he's can be working on the Abram court which is a signal that he is going to do everything he can to be pro-Israel. Well this deal that he's been working on this group of people within the Biden administration is cutting a deal that's enemy anti-Israel, anti-American and very pro-Iranian regime he's jumping ship to save his reputation. That's very clear.

Rick turned to something very important right now, which is what's happening here in Ukraine and with Russia because a top US general this is the US European command chief Gen. Todd Waters Walters was asked by acid or Wicker in a hearing a congressional hearing if there was intelligence Because the US to overestimate Russia's strength and underestimate the Ukrainian defenses and he responded that there could be in it as a done in the past when it's over with.

This battle is over they will do a review of having you come directly from the intelligence world. We all heard a similar report to be there was wide agreement that if Russia decided to invade Ukraine when they ultimately did it that it would be over with very quickly and there was then something very different in happening on the ground that it is some sort of intelligence failure. Maybe it's an intelligence failure from the newsrooms of Washington DC but you are correct Gordon that there was a group in Washington that Ukraine would fall in two or three days yet. Joe Biden literally. Let's remember Joe Biden's first policy was less yet the President of Ukraine member, he offered him a ride let's get you out of the latest of these is a bloodied terrible war for Ukraine. Let's get you out of the way and the Ukrainian President said no I'm staying here. The intelligence failure here. We have to dive into because even if there were certain aspects that I intelligence analysis that said well you know the Russians are up to what they once were, and maybe this will be in an evenhanded war there was intelligence like that that information did not leak out in the media did not report the media did a group think, absolutely across the board talking about these leaks from the intelligence agencies that Ukraine would would get defeated in a couple of days I just tweeted out this morning.

The latest of groupthink on intelligence issues from the Washington DC press court. You see it from multiple sources. CNN and ABC. ABC there now, all saying the same thing that Putin is mad at the underlines on underlings at his Defense Department that they didn't give them the right information and that he didn't realize they were losing all of this is just leaks for partisan purposes and I am very uncomfortable with it. The media need to be more skeptical back to the Iran fraud situation for moment we have filed a series of Rick you help us on these the best freedom of information act request and eat dealing specifically with Iran and Israel.

Yes we have. And you know within his first months in office as we told you the President, Biden sort of quietly notified, but distinctly notified Congress to distribute $125 million in US taxpayer-funded aid to terrorist funding Palestinian Authority to reportedly quote regain their trust and goodwill after the Trump haircuts. Now the President is continuing his problem. His policy of appeasement of the Iranians.

By doing so, the end of the Palestinians I might save the Palestinians both and we have responded by filing to have the freedom of information act request. J happy to go into those if you like to do that will do that later in the broadcast was really a brick for a few minutes but I think the point is Rick Deaton. We do this I wanted people to understand were taken at work.

We don't just talk about it here you're writing about it were discussing it were broadcasted, but Rick were also taken action on these things. So many of us and you know frustrated conservatives that around and complain, and we look at the news and we complain and we say out there.

They are taken is on the terrace was there. They are funding more terrorists their funding. They Palestinian Authority programs and we know there has been a Palestinian election since 2005 I Mahmoud Abbas is on his 15 year of his five-year term. All of this is information but just complain but we have to be able to do is dig deep and use our legal resources to question the US government asked for information Pro get the information to prove what is happening all of this highlights the problems we can do this without partners, and so I know we had these discussions about all of these great ideas that we can do. We can pursue everything because we don't have unlimited funds but we fight about the priorities.

This is a priority. This tax national security for the United States. I hope people realize that when we put the legal team on this is to get to the bottom of it. It's to get to the truth and get the truth out exactly right Jordan getting back to this the truth and getting the truth from the Washington DC or the mainstream media machine I Rick you tweeted out today that there's the Washington Post by the street. A post review of Hunter Bidens deals with the Chinese energy company confirms key details and offers new documentation.

He said there's nothing new here. We've known this for years but they ignored the story before the 20th 20 election to protect Biden, and that there is a crisis where that he goes back to the Russia story goes back to all this reporting in by media tribulation. One of the ways that the media manipulate stories as they don't do story they don't highlight issues and we bought we see that the Hunter Biden laptop story which by the way, we gotta keep saying this, the Chinese government wants everyone to think it's Russian disinformation and want people looking inside that laptop to find out the Biden family ties to China on Ukraine companies and this is 10% for the big man moment was the big man all of this information was known before the election.

Reporters ignored and that how they use their bias. That's how they manipulate and now the Washington Post is trying to put something in their archives to be like oh this is a problem in their years late. Nothing is new. We've known this there playing catch-up. As always, we appreciate you on the broadcasted folks.

I just want to let you know we got Rick Grenell on our team for acting director of national intelligence for investor, Jeremy spent a decade at the United Nations because of your financial support of the ACLJ that it's a critical time as we approach the end of this matching challenge month of March and were little bit behind with so we need folks financial support for the last two days a month of the biggest and here we are, and again is as good as Richard said you know we got a list priorities and the priority here was to get anything to do with Israel and Iran, you could rest assured the ACLJ's on top of forget not just talking about it taking action.

The next thing, or get into action were taken on that issue and a host of others support the work of the American Center for Law just want a matching challenge campaign go to that's Any amount you donate were getting a matching gift for.

We encourage you to do that today. ACLJ.O RG that's to call to come to you later. The broadcast 100-684-3110 more and more only one.

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Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the court seat in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way. $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and secular. We are to your phone calls to 100-684-3110.

That's 100-684-3110 we don't talk about the international issues that were focusing on some of the ACLJ issues right here at home that we have a filing today in the alive church case that the church out of Prince William County, Virginia, where we are challenging the county. The out to remind people this was the church that was told by the County well go get a liquor license and will let you operate like the breweries and wineries and you can have all your services there and you don't abide by the other building codes and things like that. You can set up kind of a farmhouse structure and have your services. If you go and get a liquor license so we're filing a reply brief are also asking for oral argument. But what's important to know as soon as we file this reply brief.

There might not be oral argument in this case is actually ripe for a ruling from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals because this is absurd. Think about this church.

Go get a liquor license and you can operate unit you talk about religious freedom of the free exercise of religion. Now the free exercise of religion in this county is dependent upon a church obtaining a liquor license but I want to do this so that brief is being filed today limited was going on. Folks in this we were going to be a rundown of what is happening. We are jam right now we have Abby Sutherland working on the case of a big week long extension today something was supposed to happen in the in that case there may be some settlement negotiations cc right now is working on a series of family reports 14 airport seen country reports covering amino yes it's that universal periodic review that we deal at the UN only done three times a year and it's 14 countries, and it appeared over a period of five years.

We do every single member state at the UN. We will do it. I reveal their human rights law. So that's going on right now.

Then at the same time, and he mentioned this briefly but we got these FOIA requests going on with Israel about Israel about the bind administration policies.

Those are launch right now you want to talk about those for just a second Biden administration, you'll love this one is offering $1 million for groups to investigate alleged human abuse rides by Israel in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. A clear effort to delegitimize Israel. In other words, the department of the Bureau of democracy, human rights and labor of your State Department is soliciting nonprofit groups to apply for grant money up to $987,000 to strengthen" accountability and human rights in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza. So what we said is all really. You're asking for groups to come in and get a grant from million dollars. So we just submitted a new FOIA request to the Department of State asking for all records pertaining to this crazy program and how the decision to incentivize Israel's accusers was made going back to January 20, 2021, and what they desire. Folks, the date of Pres. Biden's inauguration because it appears that isn't in the first thing you did the first thing he did is put Israel in the political crosshairs. That's the one FOIA request that we file. We've also filed another one today a new one with the office of information programs of the State Department remote requesting we want to know all the records pertaining to the Department of State's knowledge and efforts to do something that I can't possibly believe and fathom to remove.

Listen to this, the Iranian Revolutionary guard from the foreign terrorist organization with Jordan. How is this possible is possible because we have an administration that is doing anything possible. As we are talking about with the Iran nuclear deal to get to a deal with Iran and that must be on the table. That's the only thing I can imagine why this is even under consideration is that they will are willing to do anything to get back into a deal which expires in three years.

I want people to know this is not a new deal that will add 10 more years to Iran's ability to have a nuclear weapon. It keeps them right on the path having that nuclear weapon that we talked about what would it was a tenure program. A tenure path. Except now, or into the final three years that's all they're doing but yet they are willing to put the number one state sponsor of tears enforcement group. The group that goes out and actually funds and trains has bowl of the funds in trains.

The Hutu rebels with ARD removed from the terror of the list at the State this would be the ultimate move by the US for Iran to remove the Revolutionary guard Corps from the foreign terrorist organization list.

It is beyond belief. It is not. It's totally irrational, but it shows you how willing what they are willing to do to get back into a two-page bullet point deal which is already failed in protecting the world from a nuclear armed Iran.

I also want to point out we got a reply is due today in our foyers from the department of homeland security.customs and border patrol and I save a deadline to respond to our complaint are FOIA lawsuit on the Biden border crisis includes things like operation Talon the decisions to get there to to remove the remaining Mexico policy. They will either have to file an answer or motion to dismiss in that is due today are.

Let's take a call. We got Julie calling from California go ahead Junior on their 1015 where you will not there anything we can accomplish to overturn or they know that but actually it's not a treaty. It is not a treaty with Iran.

So doesn't require congressional approval. In fact, to be honest, the 2014 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Jordan wasn't even assigned deal. That's right. I mean, it's literally bullet points digital signatures from the US Iran rush any of these other players in the deal, it's just here's what we've agreed to enter literally bullet points.

That's how it's not written in a formal format, but Congress gave up their role. Remember to include Republicans to dad now there is a move in Washington DC to say we did have an ability to stop the deal the first time was I got back in deal. Remember that without Bob Corker added to the sea is no longer in the Senate sources backhanded way of getting Senate approval and there are Senate Republicans who say hey if we had that ability.

That time should still have that ability today.

Since we are reentering this deal so there could be some congressional movement there and there is some by this section issue where there is some bipartisan support or lease.

There was a lot to see Chuck Schumer, Sen. Menendez, are they still with the Republicans in opposing this deal and will they be Chuck Schumer still in charge at that point as Majority Leader. Fist comes out and sometimes the next week or so or two weeks or so is expected will actually try and assert congressional oversight again and that's a big question because course you know lot changes politically. When you get close to midterm elections. I would ask everybody mistreated her stay tight on the next segment we get into a major case were about to file brief on at the US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit on abortion case that is huge will get into that in the next segment of the broadcast. Everybody say tight on that folks support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice last two days of our matching challenge campaign drawings to let you know how to do it really important that you stand with the entire month of March. We have this campaign, where a group of donors will match every donation that comes through to the ACLJake in the month of March. You gotta take the initial action you got two days to do so it Gracie matching chance of you donate $50 right that will then that then means that that group of donors matches that $50 would like $100 for the ACLJ but it takes your action. You have to initiate the match by donating online we are behind where we want to be our goal. Donate today. If you're financially able to will be right back at the American Center for law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is J secular Jordan is in her Washington Bureau is using offices today and were glad to have you.

We are talking about a variety of issues were again at Ukraine. We are also talking about a lot of the cases at the ACLJ's involved in an Jordan we have a unique thing right now in a unique situation or representing a state and its governor against Planned Parenthood in a major case in its governor people in our audit should know well. Gov. Christie Nome of South Dakota, who again is well known as a leader in that the nation really for conservative values.

This is a case involving again the idea that informed consent before people seek an abortion and what it doesn't say that the abortion provider cannot be the person that provides that informed consent because we seem.

We documented our documentaries over time. The abortion business is just that a business and so by giving them this opportunity to they play the informed consent role. We know that's not the information that women need that they need an outside party to provide the real information about the procedure. Yes, they are about to have the complications that can come with it both a physical but also mental that come along with it so that they are fully informed and you don't get a surgery in the United States of America without informed consent, and then they tell they have to walk you through all the pluses and minuses gains a and this is again I think were looking at it that with the kind of that the window of Dobbs and the potential case there of how states can take action to protect women and, of course, ultimately, protect the lives of the unborn, so she see this is a case where were representing the gut with the state and the governor who signed the law of putting for this informed consent requires third-party consent. Informed consent come from the woman but it just third-party provider to give the information to make sure it is no coercion to make sure that the woman that's up obtaining the abortion are seeking.

The abortion is not being coerced, but also understands the risks and complications. What's so fascinating here in light of the Dobbs case which could be coming any day now in Roe versus Wade could go into the history books to the ash heap of history where it needs to go, but these cases are really important are setting the next level of the attack on the life issue and Planned Parenthood's never to miss an opportunity to attack that. I mean, we see them attack issues as just common sense as if you want sterile surgical instruments. They don't want that in an abortion clinic and they will fight against that. So of course there in a fight against you know third-party counseling had to make sure that a woman has an informed kit has complete informed consent before she makes what I would say is one of the most important decisions of her life with her and she's gonna kill her baby that she's caring she needs to know medical procedure you need to know all the potential risks and all the options overwhelming evidence to show that Planned Parenthood does not provide that there's nothing there's any question that the person (largest dirt their businesses abortion folks coming there in the business of abortion and this is again a word to our brief is doing dumb looking at the she's looking at you were doing the final edits in the brief right now so I'm doing about the five day's point is you list these cases and these are significant significant undertakings in the same time be subtle and another one of our lawyers was supposed to be in court today. Andy on the matter that has been, it appears continued. Is that correct okay were getting the details of that was supposed to happen today.

That was another major case that was another major case dealing with an ordinance that is on its face unconstitutional and then Tennessee coffee County, Tennessee, and that's before United States District Judge is going to hear that, but apparently for some reason it has been continued, but we're working on it. So George is the amount of activity known Washington right now. You all are Jim and we are relaunching this week we announce a new program try to train diplomats for diplomats in Washington DC were about to launch next month or we got some other new big initiatives to announce later on, but it's a very busy here and we are at so many fronts. Whether it's the domestic front political front foreign policy front, we are we are front and center and we are increasing our work and let me say were increasing our work because of your financial support to the ACLJ were in a position to do that we are a little bit behind.

This month it's a matching challenge months was very important. Us financially to encourage you if you're able to donate today the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that.

We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help any way.

$20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold mission life will show you how you are personally sealed cases powering the right question for you/secular folks were tearful close to 164, 31 to the 2000 684-3110 try to get the overview what's going on around the world. What's also happening right here at home with the ACLJ is working on one thing were watching very closely is present binds proposed $5.8 trillion budget now on the right people see this and say unit called it a socialist style spending bill big government on the left. They don't like the fact that it's got an increase in funding to the US military there actually saying on the left that it will be the next red wave to title the book I wrote because this budget is not liberal enough.

So you see in Washington DC this interesting moment where $5.8 trillion in new spending, massive new tax increases on Americans and American businesses still not enough for the left and of course gets opposition from the right yet so this is you know you got the budget issues are usually got along an economics professor who happens to be our director, policy is professor Harry Hutchison he's with us in the studio Harry look at this budget was Italian well he tells me that the Biden administration has been forced itself from reality.

They pursue evidence which is not available. So, for instance, they presume that the rich will indeed pay higher taxes when the rich have the best accountants the best lawyers available. Number two, they presume that corporations will pay higher tax rates when any economist who is not tethered to the Biden administration will tell you that corporations know how to raise prices and thus the consumers will pay for the higher tax rates number three it's important to note that if you raise taxes on corporations when inflation is already soaring what you are going to buy more inflation.

So I think at the end of the day, Biden administration continues to live in the land of make-believe. And they're just as credible with respect to cutting the budget as they were when Pres. Biden stood in front of the American people and he said we are not going to leave one American behind in Afghanistan yeah well unfortunately that had disastrous deadly consequences that during the economic impact of this is important for the ACLJ because it affects families and these led pieces of legislation affect families to and were taking a new initiative in the next probably next 12 months or so to really boost up our ability to address economic liberty issues for the ACL date, which represents our members here in the United States. It's Apsley writes on the one hand, engaging for diplomats to so that we can better impact when there's something international that that to increase our relationships there which are good, but take it to the next level because of people supported ACLJ were able to do that right now and were starting that program next month here in Washington DC still see me at the studio a lot more but also got in this situation still a lot of domestic politics at play so well over past a year into this Biden administration, take a listen to, who Pres. Biden blames for needing a $5.8 trillion spending bill which I want to remind everybody for the left. They think this is far too little and that within the bill. There's far too much money for our US military, even with the new threats we CME and we got again and ongoing conflict in Europe right now.

This refugee crisis but who does Pres. Biden blame well this time it's not potent.

Take a listen trump tax cuts added $2 trillion in deficit spending and largely help the rich and the largest corporations under my plan, as I said no one making less than $400,000 a year will pay additional single penny taxes.

No one you know make 400 grand or not, can affect a single penny additional fair share, pay a little was that you know your dad when I hear that is going out to everybody. Small business owners, you may be working for. Guess what happens when they start getting tax more folks right you lose your job exec you get cuts at your work so they they talk about this earning group as billionaires, but their talk about people who make 400 grand a year or more, that's a lot of small businesses.

The people who are doing very well financially that's great. And a lot of you, you might be one of those people. We might also work for one of those people and if they're doing well, then you're doing better. Your job, they start getting higher taxes. Guess what, they gotta make tough decisions about their employees.

What me this is this is reality.

BCC ran at small business within the music industry and the fact is a tax of it trickles right Ronald Reagan was right, it trickles down both the economic benefits but also tax consequences. And when tax time comes around for small businesses you get almost sick to your stomach because you think you maybe it looks like I maintenance much, but I we don't because you're paying so much in taxes that you don't get the benefit of what you possibly make.

So what do they not understand about that Harry Metz based on economics, I would say the answer is virtually everything and so first. If we look at the basics.

It's very doubtful that they will indeed get this increase in the corporate tax. Keep in mind that Sen. Kirsten Cinema block consideration last year of a 25% corporate right now the Biden and then administration has gone up there now seeking 28%.

So the real question at the end of the day. This will Biden get buy-in from Cinema and mansion.

In addition, the Biden administration doesn't seem to understand that even if you earn under $400,000 if prices rise due to this tax increase if you will have to pay this tax which basically would mean that the tax incidence again fall falls on the American consumer. So I think at the end of the day. They don't seem to understand economics in the last and final point is to keep in mind is the so-called billionaires tax will only bring in $36 billion per year.

Yet the Biden administration is prepared to give environmental breaks totaling something like $550 billion, $55 billion a year and most of those benefits go to whom the wealthy or the well-off. So Jordan are people need to understand that Jesus hung out affects small business.

Harry just laid out the policy and the officer directs today in Washington DC which way saves Cross Creek in Freeport. Also, across the street from the capital in the Senate office buildings and around the corner for congressional office buildings. We actually can influence his policies and and point out the inconsistencies and how this could be dangerous for the American family then having dinner with US Sen. tonight high-ranking US Sen. tonight and so these policies do have tremendous impact on our entire economy at a time when people are are questioning me that the inflation there questioning the prices the. The supply chain still not moving the. The idea that even if you want to purchase a brand-new car you gotta be on a waiting list sometime for months to to get the car that you might want to choose.

If you're in that financial position and yet at that time were going through this in interest rates are going up. They are going to put this new bird on the American economy or the what they hope to do, which is 5.8 trillion. What scares me the most. Honestly folks out of all of this is that the liberals don't like this plan, so the Democrats and Pres. Biden's own party want more government spending more money, more taxes and a time when people are worried about can they afford gas to get to their job next week that I know in this is you know you just you just did something right in the head. I mean when I fill up my gas tank right now we do not say it and it's breathtaking and is absolutely and has just skyrocketed and you drive across the country and you see depending on where diesel five dollars and you yell in the Midwest very not California, it's expensive. Ability 788 dollars in California me to the in the endgame here has to be a coherent policy of which Harry there doesn't appear to be what I think that is precisely correct. The President doesn't seem to understand basic economics. Energy prices are exploding, food prices are exploding and are likely to go much higher because of food shortage to absolutely if you think about it. Russia supplies is one of the major suppliers of fertilizer to the world economy and Russia and Ukraine's supply huge amounts of food to the world economy.

He doesn't understand. And I think at the end of the day. That is basically the summary that I would offer of the Biden administration folks as we said this is the ACLJ in action, not just talking about it, which I'm glad we are able to come to you five days a week on radio on satellite radio on multiple media stop platforms on television is a lot of ways you can get this information. That all happens because a you your support of the ACLJ makes this happen we are in a matching challenge campaign folks, this is serious. This is real that's for the participant Magic Johnson think they would. That means we regroup and donors that of said if someone donates $50. We are going to matching that you don't match it $50 from you when we get $50 from somebody else and it's $100 for the ACLJ we raise today for $500,000, which is what we need to raise today that is double so it's a huge impact that's we come back from the break to get into the situation with Russia, Ukraine, and the humanitarian crisis only when a society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition life will show you how you are personally sealed secure means to serve the many ways your membership powering the right question for you/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those faith covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ without your support for that. We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way.

$20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you when you forgive today to say things that we are causing now 100-6831 to the spinal segment broadcasted: now we get you on the air. One is $5.8 trillion budget. Can the idea impact this is going to have on the American people, the economy, if it were to get through, but also can you believe or maybe you can at this point we probably can't, but that the left is actually saying all this is too conservative a sale. This is like two Republican of a spending bill.

I want your calls on that at 1-800-684-3110. In this idea as well. You can weigh in on this idea that the US willing to do the Biden administration. What ever they can. It looks like to get back into a three year deal with the Iranians on their nuclear program that you know this is unreal. I want it were to be joined by Carla Smith in the studio with us, but I want you to listen to what brought Congressman Mike Walton on this rock at the Bryn Mawr for the ACLJ been on this broadcast talking about the whole situation in the Middle East what's happening. Take a listen.

We've gone from Middle East peace nails on the White House lawn 18 months ago to now this is where we have the President's team fawning all over the Iranians.

There is even discussion Maria of comparing the Palestinians fighting back against Israel and anti-Semitic argument and comparing them to the bravery of Ukrainians. It's it's just it's almost hard to believe. It is hard to believe in the progress that was made under the previous administration, and the realignment in the Middle East has had global significance and it seems like Col. Smith that were seeing each and every day is a dismantling of a project simply they will not follow up on it simply because it was the previous administration, and is crazy even though against the get goes against the goals that everyone says they're working towards. Here's the here's the weak position which the Biden administration finds himself Pres. Biden really really really wants this deal and the Ayatollah really really really knows that he does in this is this is this is insanity on steroids, jamming the JCP away. This these negotiations top the list of issues, whose repercussions are so frightening as they are unknown.

It whether it's up a desperation move for a political legacy winter just navet.

This is crazy. You go through what's going on here in Vienna and it it it justifies, since the Russians for example are early negotiators Michael you know of their negotiator says they're getting more for rant and for themselves in the ever dreamed possible from the bike demonstration so that another was the Biden administration is conceding point you should not God can see Jake Sullivan this what he said we believe that if there is an Iran nuclear deal that meets the standards the President said to verifiably block the pathway of Iran to object to a nuclear weapon and put this program back in the box after Pres. Trump let it out of the box when he left the deal back in 2018, we will do that deal because we believe it is in the American national security interest to do so, but we will not do that deal until it meets the subject again. Shapiro left the negotiating team today. Jordan indicating that he does not admit it looks like it does not excel not happened yet. Jake Sullivan is lying to the American people the Iran nuclear program was never in a box right two pages of bullet points. Don't put in a box. They didn't even sign those bullet points they got pallets of cash billions of US dollars. They didn't stop the tears around the world.

Your present prompted he killed. He took out the head of the Iranian Revolutionary guards Corps this which cause serious trouble inside Iran as they did not have a strong leader into this day do not have a strong leader for the Iranian Revolutionary guards Corps and get you. Jake Sullivan saved well, if the deals the right deal will get back into it. These the same guys I got into the first bad deal and there's only three years left of this deal three years left in Iran's got a nuclear program. This deal as we said ridiculous seven years ago green lighted in Iran nuclear program that the world was not condemning but actually supporting and we now know that that with three years left all that we will be left with is a nuclear arms race in one of the most turbulent regions of the world, the Middle East, not totally sure what it which is why Israel and our Arab Gulf allies all against these negotiations, we think about it that this is what we know so far about it. Russia wants an exemption from sanctions on any trade they do with the rant as part of was being negotiated in Vienna. They want to take the Revolutionary guard Corps off the terrorist list. This disorganization is the blood of thousands of people including American soldiers on their hands they will all sanctions against Iran lifted and they still want all Iranian military bases in the new Deal example from all inspections and what we know now is there that we think there is 60% level of enriching uranium probably either higher than that the original deal limited a range of 3.76% enrichment orient dirt 60 now 90% is weapons grade knowing all this nonsense about the United States pulled out the European state, and it in the Iranians would not let inspections and so I mean this idea that we and the idea that were sitting there. Col. Smith with the Russians negotiating this explained to me how that set up yet, here, here we have a country that is raining. Carol, their neighbor Ukraine right there committing war crimes on the terrorism of the writ large in Ukraine were taken this terrorist state to be our lead negotiator with the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism itself. It absolutely defies logic and common sense will quickly go to the situation Ukraine is lawn report show last night that Rush was realigning a troop they were pulling out of the tax on tea Avenue last night and I was watching so this last night, then the number of incoming rockets and missiles to achieve the largest segment. Yeah, that was just a headache from the Russians, I think, so that that they say they are retreating and that they're covering the retreat with it with the air and artillery bombardment of keep that make that that that's very suspicious of RER civilian intelligence think that maybe is long-term there withdrawn, but the Department of Defense and the and the Defense intelligence agency, really believe this is a faint head fake that their intent is still to take all of her ran into topple the government of God Ukraine I mailed Ukraine and topple the government what we do know is this that Putin is trying to pull a strategic win at it out of what is been an operational loss and tactical embarrassment, but our own Defense Department does not believe he's pulling out of Ukraine that they still intend to topple that government. As I said Jordan is in our offices in Washington DC, which is as busy as it's been, and we stepped up and are continuing. New step coming in next week give a little bit above of an an overly what's happening up there I think is important for donors, our listeners understand guesswork, or we're launching a couple of new initiatives, one which we will I let people a lot and know more about in May when the final just filing the legal documents for that is going to allow the ACL. Jacob even direct more directly involved in politics in your home states. At the federal level and also in in legislation and drafting and lobbying for the kind of legislation that we support and that you support as a supporter of the ACLJake were launching a new a diplomatic initiative next month here in her ACLJ DC headquarters with foreign diplomats, a training program for them in the purpose, of course, ultimately with that program is to develop relationships with foreign diplomats based in Washington DC so that when international issues arise that we want to engage in.

We engage a lot of them.

We have great contacts with guides and we have good contacts right now.

This will enable us to have great contacts because it will be able to host them here. Train them in and that how the US government works and also develop those relationships of the were able to do all of this work that it's because of the financial support to the ACLJ fills donors who have donated throughout the pandemic throughout the kind of questionable political times to allow us to grow as an organization, not just remain a big organization, but to grow and expand our work and that's why we want you to participate in this matching child can pay today for March left I encourage you to go there right now. Any donation will be met. will talk tomorrow. The American Center for Law and critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family. You forgive today online

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