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Biden Fist Bumps His Way Into Saudi Arabia and Newsom Circling the White House

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 15, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden Fist Bumps His Way Into Saudi Arabia and Newsom Circling the White House

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 15, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:10:23] Lauren Simonetti


[00:18:21] Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)


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[00:49:14] Stephen Moore


[00:55:02] Ambassador Robert Jordan

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set of Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian would kill me thank you much for being here buddy throwing to Michelle 1826 or 087669 and I should be with us all week long, and there's a lot going on your present overseas and you did not huge things going on here at home is only 13% of you think the country is going in the right direction. I understand that but that's why I think we got to solve problems but also define what they are. Lawrence amenity to me is in the heart of problem that is American oil production she's and be joining us in 15 minutes from Texas right she's in Texas is in Texas actually in an oil rig in the this is an industry that is been vilified for windfall profits. They won't let prices come down. Gas station owners are the issue. 9% inflation is the issue.

Rising gas prices rising dollar per barrel prices are the issue we could solve it with choosing not to. And that fact is totally disingenuous coming for the White House and Bhutan center Tom Cobb of the Bali. Our auto group thinks our time can't you be making moves to run for president will talk about all that. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian is a three number three. In a moment in time to make the best of the moment and I want to pass this moment with the partner in the White House and there's no greater partner than the Biden administration really Gavin Newsom playing politics. Nuisance met today the White House with the present was all away and Trump is about to announce a plan to get back into the White House what to both moves mean for both parties. Is it good or bad and do either have a shot at winning in 2024 scale is that the last 30 days. Got basketball about CPI data for June came yesterday and so that that is inherently bad Brian Deese Aspen Institute talking about the state of the game economy takes another body blow and not a person in this administration seems up to the task of fixing instead they spin it what it all means for you and how you vote in November.

We've laid out for the leadership of Arabian what were willing to accept it back to JCP away waiting for the response, but we are not currently what deal what we gave them a deal we make them an offer. The president meets the pariah that Saudi Arabia have to casually mention he offered to run a get out of new jail free card. What is the deal and what does he not realize that will make our break his meeting with MBS so my point of this is is is this I think you had to get involved with the run in a nuclear deal of mutual trust is not said I thought about it when it was when it was released by Pres. Obama and signed but was never a verified and ratified. You know why because Democrats didn't wanted to get a majority vote in a among Democrats, Cardin Schumer, no Menendez know so now the deal is even worse so I know I know about the deal all of a sudden will watching the president to get to question at press conference and they said here. You said you offered a nuclear deal. How will you wait for them to accept or reject it, not to wait forever.

I'm think of a subway. Second, you got a deal prison United States made a deal he offered a run. Reportedly in a package of 275 billion in involved in this package. And of course it is all these guarantees of not being able to weapon eyes uranium over certain grade nonnuclear scientist don't want to be but didn't get all types of money, incentives, and be able to sell their oil on the world markets releasable most all sections of the ability to still use ballistic missiles. A ability to still consider financing and perpetrating their terrorist activities and then they get 800 billion over five years and 1,000,000,000,000 x 20 30 if they stay nuclear freight really Israel hates the steel Saudi Arabia hates this deal. You pretend to be an ally that socket to stab them in the back by doing this deal.

What does he not understand about stabbing them in the back and after the president with this four day trip. So today I understand it, different parties have different feelings. This is not the time for two state solution, the Palestinians have not been legitimate partners. Israelis are not perfect, but they're a democracy there will be open to a legitimate peace with the Palestinians, but the run by a terrorist organizations whose main goal is to never recognize Israel's right to exist and make sure that one day they control all of Israel proper. That's not the way it's ever going to be so.

The president leaves.

Unlike Donald Trump leaves the Israelis behind, and today was with Bachmann Abbas where he talked about Jerusalem being a capital for all to me. Not good. He made his remarks from Bethlehem cut for as I stand with you today.

Now is prison United States. My commitment to that goal or two state solution has not changed in all these years.

Two states along the 1967 lines were mutually agreed swaps remain the best way to achieve the equal measure of security, prosperity, freedom and democracy, the Palestinians, as well as Israelis, Palestinian people deserve a state of their own. That's independent sovereign viable and contiguous. Good luck with that Gaza and the West Bank don't talk to each other. Two separate forms of government, and right now the Israelis don't. They didn't have the Arab world behind him on this movement and for now, nothing. It's a Palestinian people. They've done nothing to earn the loyalty of the rest of the Arab world, so put them on hold for now. Why the prisons rekindling this that's for him to decide I will do not think it's a wise move. He obviously does. But I think the Israelis and the salaries UAVs by rain, Morocco, most Arab nations not name Syria agree they ignore Ron not getting a nuclear weapon is knocking to be talked out. They have to fear a legitimate military action will be the response and heard one's suggestion yesterday with Amb. Ross will be the response. If they in fact get a nuclear weapon and and have the uranium weapon eyes to the point where they can make a nuclear weapon. The point is any day now. The UN according to the UN will use the old lose the ability to monitor Iran's nuclear activities there sunsetting the deal that we did not approve a Ron doesn't seem to want. Thankfully and then when it comes to Iran in particular.

This is were present.

Biden differs from the Israeli government even know it's just a interim government there on the same page here.

Here's the president talk about dealing with the run cut nine today you and I also discussed the marriage commitment to ensuring a ran never obtains a nuclear weapon. This is a vital security interest about Israel and United States and I would add for the rest of the world as well. I continue to believe that diplomacy is the best way to achieve this outcome and will continue to work right diplomacy, not really.

Israeli Prime Minister Lapine doesn't feel that way and feels as though diplomacy will never work here is cut seven they want to destroy the only Jewish state in the world that we will never let that happen. Words will not stop the present diplomacy will not stop. The only thing that was thought by Ron is knowing that the if they continue to develop their nuclear program, the free world will use force. The only way to stop them is to put a credible military threat on the table you see the word credible military threat of the table. I was with Amb. Friedman who served there for four years. Under present Trump in the green room yesterday when you call Larry Kudlow and we watched the live together and he said we watch the clip together and he said you hear the word credible military threat. I said yeah he said the problem is the present could talk tough, but there's no plan. The Iranians need to know that there is a plan to blow up that facility and I bring back to our show yesterday.

Amb. Ross says I have an idea you give thereto a weapon that we have in our arsenal, not a bunker buster but a mountain Buster and that is where their nuclear plant is in a mountain you give that bomb to the Israelis and you let them know if you make a nuclear weapon they will drop that bomb and blow it up before you get to that point. That would bring them to the table that is called a legitimate military threat that makes them against their attention and makes them deal legitimately and the fact is, in the remarks when he said credible military threat that was a message to the president. We know you don't have one. And when he said words don't work that is a direct rebuke to this president. I know Harry Truman, recognize Israel and since that time American Israelis American American Jewish community has been loyal to the Democratic Party.

But the Democratic Party at all ages is pulling away from Israel, especially in their 20s and even the 78-year-old. Nothing is loyalty does not compare to George W. Bush. It does not compare to the 44th president, 45th president Donald Trump will talk about that I would take a timeout and come back and find out what the real reason is for the present government. This trip is asking the Saudi's to pump more why don't we pump more Lawrence amenities on an oil rig to talk about that and have the oil industry feels about the rebuke Brian kill me show giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me, Fox news broadcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast strive and listen now by doing a Fox News precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your Fox weather update throughout your busy day and subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast on talk show. That's real. This is the Brian kill me show they talk about independence in America and we have all the resources to be energy independent, but were not there are 12 billion barrels of oil yet to be produced in the Permian basin alone.

Permits are 12 month talk a lot about how we navigate this when we have been demonized and nobody was put in the N and then all of a sudden it's not flipping the switch, especially when it takes 12 months are pressures over there today sucking up to the crown prince and you know he's probably asking for more all unsure if I'm a betting man I'm saying is Michael Happ. I don't think they can do it I think is pretty good and of the capacity Lawrence amenities and a great place right now. Midland, Texas. It's the oil capital of the country certainly taxes with a bunch of text so producers who are frustrated Lauren I saw you with your heart had on this morning Allison called you. Thanks for joining us. So when your mission is your mission going down. We used your soundbites and you're able to get talk about those in the business who are frustrated by the with the rhetoric at a Washington. What's the reality about the American oil business oil industry and what they can and can't be doing right now I need more and more more more oil more more hydrocarbon 2050 of your inquiry.

Think how much fuel leak in the US and we are getting to ensure that we can do it cheaper be a problem for now I tell you, even the energy information patient on the 25th we we mean by doing it cheaper but we were able to unleash right here in the current.

On the left side 12 billion barrels of untapped oil underneath me company and the kind of thing anymore than the public because there is less demand in public ones are unfettered like the private bank being told by the ministration that in the next couple of years Out the capital-intensive industry bank increasingly difficult for them to get money to make $12,000 per person. Not really a big deal because the environment and more productive for you drill down further state that can keep down many that can outthink me out horizontally for the fracking grant going down so far that they really go nail you get the kind bring year year for the federal government to all.

And I hear two of course these green organizations in this political organization suppressing the black rocks.

The vanguards the of the major investment firms to not invest in fossil fuel. So this political pressure on them not to do something will provide profit. Ideally, biologically, in many cases or investors big and small, but they're not. Now this movement in Congress to push back on them and empower state officials to stop doing business with any firm that will invest in fossil fuel. So this could be a pushback against it, but it's been devastating. The lack of money to finance drilling and oil because of an ideology of put push for green technology.

We can we not be an environment we eat part of the solution to keep them feel that we make natural market-driven transmission of the future. Over and over again. I think I might spare capacity pack a light yellow cut more slam time hearing it. They agree to something is not to be a part of OPEC plaque deal. Next meeting and and I'll ask my stack that much more oil than no environmental restrictions. You have to less than 2% of your gas line can be flared and stomach company that were at less than 1%. We really can't get any cleaner than were doing it right now tell you directly and well. What help you gain for everybody if they got to go think your car products at ease as well.

So entering a huge issue whenever into strange blind drunk night hundred hundred and 20 Bender and are working on at night. Everyone from literally a company truck going around with water on Derek plan okay like every industry company can't find labor. We can't find work go make a Olivetti and bring a lot of guide and right now you are keeping well. $65 per worker per mile and 50 miles of the border and being back here and being put more tolerant the federal government 1051 no way my life wouldn't let me worry what was getting federal making sure that we can convicted our industry that the country that cater to them to make a story during the trying to get the labor income then and there.

It is sickening and its anti-America's anti-capitalist and it's also hurting our country and that's over there is you real quick going seminary in Midland, Texas with 30 seconds when they said is 9000 unused leases in the presence of the men taken away would. What's the reaction, the oil business, not all drillable outline of the public companies are because not one thing went down because I think I have been driven out of their investors want one ranking operating three of them right now because it makes economic sense to do in the story. Thanks Tony What really is happening. Thank you so much guy you to Sen. Tom cotton nexus in the brain to Mitchell so glad you're here. Will came close to Fox and friends weekend as I share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business.

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Fox News contests Fox News contests network. These ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News or wherever you get your favorite radio show like no other associations are, and for all intensive purposes. There is a deal done. It's on the table. You are the president now the onus is on to decide whether they want to comply with this or not, I won't get into speculating about what actually will occur.

Putting a timeline I will just tell you that negotiations are nearly complete. There is a deal on the table and we just need a Ron except that deal skews me the deals on the table to present blur set out a spokesperson just reconfirmed it once this deal. Not even Democrats I understand are briefed on it. So many were against the originally it's gotta be worse.

Now the UN as I mentioned before, as of the middle of Nobis July which is now said they will go totally dark with inspections and cameras have no idea where the Iranian nuclear program is at and what is this deal well in the New York Post yesterday in an editorial this Richard Goldberg writes the deal includes a package of $275 billion to Iran in year one 800 billion over the next five years and a trillion in 2030.

If they stay nuclear free during our center Tom cotton's intelligence on services ranking member of the subcommittee and criminal justice form infantry officer center. First off, what is your reaction to a Kirby told us in the present blurted out two days ago. Worldwide, it is just another example of a long line of a live nuclear deal with the lawn was terrible when it started in 2015 and worse now because most of the key deadline sunset. The bargain passed the test in the next year or two that Joe Biden continues this or submit their creations is what the negotiations become an end in themselves.

In the meantime, as you outlined a lot of fish racing to accumulate about enriched uranium that I can have a rapid nuclear breakout.

It's long past time not only to walk away from these nuclear negotiations, but to make it clear that the United States will not tolerate a launch campaign of terror and imperial aggression throughout the Middle East. Our relationship with some of our partners in the Middle East are somewhat trade that is in no small part because of what Barack Obama and Joe Biden have done aligned over the last decade turning their back on our traditional partners. MetLife placed Israeli Prime Minister Lapine said yesterday to the present cutting said many times, the presence the countries do not gloss. I completely agree it should be a bluff. But the real thing. The Iranian regime must know that they continue to deceive the world they would pay a heavy price but he went on to say they need to know this military threat. So far there is no plan that they believe a rut that we have that would get around to tension, especially the way we left Afghanistan, I don't think that the water around the world by word much weight question that Iran is not a genuine military threat to the United States and certainly not acting in concert with our partners in the region.

We have multiple bases it's a question of Joe Biden's credibility and resolution will remind you about the time in the 1980s during circle tanker warrior line Mining the Persian Gulf. War with Iraq and we are one of our growing acquaintanceship reply to the US ship hit one of his binder, Blake scored oil platform that was being used to facilitate tax reporter asked President Reagan. If we were now at war with Allied and he laughed and said no they would never do something so stupid exact same thing you saw Brian after Pres. Trop authorized strike that killed her terrorist mastermind cost him still a body they shot back with missiles in Iraq and that was the end of the matter because they were scared to death of what a strong American president would do to them if they escalated that they take the measure of Joe Biden. Just like they did with Barack Obama and they know that they can get away with murder, literally get away with murder to the economy and will soothe the present comes up with. This goes behind closed because of the southeast today with the economy that we have 9% inflation we have. It's a number I never thought I would actually see my lifetime. I obviously hope not to.

And then we have the consumer price index, which is going higher than anybody thought, and I think it's a point to month-to-month, and it was supposed to be 10.1, 10.7%. It is now 11.3% in June.

So Janet Yellen was forced to answer the question NOT in Indonesia what's going on with this with the inflation. CPI and PPI reports cut 19 greatest challenge today comes from Russia's legal and unprovoked war against Ukraine that was reflected in yesterday's CPI data, which showed almost half of the increase coming from higher energy prices, inflation in the United States remains unacceptably high and it's our administrations. You got a good day to keep it down really number one youth night sound in our interest to make Russia on the boogie man thinks costing American families. Such a high price.

If you want to sustain that this policy that you have of back and Ukrainians, it's not in your best interest to continue that you try to turn the public against you.

Number two is just not accurate.

Center Brian America is driven by one key factor that massive spending bills are still trying to court trillion dollars more on this door inflated economy. Job I like to blame everyone but himself for inflation occurs. Other daughters that you blames. For instance, the output price hike will you know we had inflation well before Bodmer launched his war of aggression gets Ukraine 40 blames doldrums tear from China, what we have. Most heroes well before we ever got inflation. It's funny that the thing that inflation correlates most directly with your bike taking office last January and, most importantly because most dangerous and pernicious contemplation is energy? Energy affects everything across your groceries. Brian Barber set the paper. The stolen fertilizer and pesticide, all of which it is based on various forms of gas or other petroleum products then truckers have to drive their commodities to the grocery stores the grocery store to pay for the electricity to keep the lights on and on. The refrigerator freezers. Energy inflation pervades the entire economy and that's the one area we drove by intentionally driven up the price of energy they send this during the campaign. Brian was an exit in fossil fuels America from which we get almost 70% of all of our energy.

This is a direct result of the Democrats ideological opposition to fossil fuels is not the result of Saudi Arabia for price hi Donald Trump's character.

Anything else is the result of living opportunities here. Nobody knows better than you are over the trying situation till their economies taking again do their unemployment is almost 20% among new college graduates to know their growth is about .5% in the beginning to shut down with the idiotic zero covert strategy you're about to shut down a portion of their economy again. We have an opportunity now to assert ourselves and use the assets that we have, even though the world economy pays a price when when China tanks because he was so glued into everything.

Don't you see Doug in Congress. You see, this is an opportunity that always scrub the Chinese economy look better that it is kind of economy is still growing to start staff is always has been slowing down, but that does give us a chance. Hopefully we set some of the terrible taxing and spending report policies of the Biden Democrat and get our economy growing once again and get inflation under control primary domain for China hopes to replace us as a world superpower. They are building an army and maybe that's prepared to defeat us.

But they would rather defeat us and replace us without ever having to confront a better battle. That's why they use economic mercantilism try to overcome our economic my screen with our international companies, employment and housing crisis slowly spending the massive lockdown seal expended .4% this year and lastly I don't have to tell you that a lot of people or spirits talk about you is possibly running for president.

Have you given some clue some quality time. That thought well I always am flattered when people ask about Brian just saw last week and John and I want to hurt some of that as well.

But Your mind is always telling focus on the 25 m target first and were about longer targets later and right now the 25 m target went back the house in the Senate this fall saw all my efforts dedicated to the next election. Election ballot dressed with the future. The president said the former president says he is just a matter of when. It looks like he's gonna run. He says he might decide to announce in September.

Would that be helpful or hurtful for the midterm decided based on the conditions in the country. They're pretty bad right now could provide also the condition that each individual state.

We have great Janet all across the country, but there are long states as well. Whether it's about a Georgia or Arizona capture your candidate to run the race.

They need to be voices for their people and their that were there when most of the righteous somebody else is not waiting for this speculation.

He embraces it. If you look at if you look at the way holds himself. He looks like a president. If you look at his report card is probably the last person is run for president. He's been a horrible Gov. use the terrible mayor he is lazy, bad a banded policy and only interested in.

I think I don't know hypocrisy but didn't stop him from walking into the White House with his jacket off. He's asked about that White House visit cut 32 Avenue California which is mental health and homelessness with tapestry sidewalks opportunities in LA County in particular to not just highlight the problem, but to focus on solutions and when I was focused on is what can we do together that big and demonstrable people can see the results specifically in LA County is that mean more money is coming. It's it's money it's resources but it's resourcefulness, meaning there's a lot of money floating out there that I was watching this tonight just your politicians talk about more more more more hereinafter folks like me for a decade.

We've been spending records amounts of money and people looking at things worse than ever. So it's really just target your efforts is focusing on what I think that's that's the opportunity and so he's talking about the homelessness he actually welcomes home was. He invited home was there. He sets up encampments usually cops crackdown on it. Have you ever anything like that and you believe that the Democrats really want that to represent them. Start out that Scripture may not wondered where you're going to relight you can only talk about Gavin Gavin Newsom. Maybe after Job I has been such a disastrous governor for any state.

I don't think many American matter.

Many Californians are want to make America California. I hope so. I hope people have standards they just I can plainly vote for somebody that is just to sit like that whole party ideology. It's not even right and left and right and wrong. It seems to center O worry what race are you most concerned about that you know is can be typed from Georgia to to Nevada to Wisconsin Arizona, New Hampshire, what would you put what you focus because I know you want to get back into the chart is much as anybody actually turned out on where we want to make Democrat Charlotta Wright were on DEMOCRATS who are known to be vulnerable people like Kathy Cortez master when the batter happened in New Hampshire.

Everyone's looking at those prices, but where can we still march on the Democrats working when we went to victory that a lot of people are thinking about right now and I encourage all of your listeners turn their attention to Washington state and I know the washing stated so democratic. there looking 2010. On the last time where the big Republican way of all places.

Second, we have an outstanding candidate washing stated.

Her name is Tiffany :-) she got a great story. Her husband Scotty was blown up in Iraq a year before I was there. It was permanently blinded but Tiffany didn't just care for him. She fought him against the Army bureaucracy that wanted to medically retired and Scotty went on to serve 10 years on active duty is the only blind abstract duty to make was by his side.

She raised her.

She continued her life as a nurse. Scotty and Tiffany were great advocates for veterans.the Trump administration and I know that she is be Patty Murray in Washington state senator and maybe most important, I think Patty Murray may know that as well because she started running back about early June time bar when you close the target understood Tiffany. :-) Washington state. I can't think so much. 1-866-408-7669 different field and it would include time, I believe his downtime doesn't run the people. I think no doubt about it. My guest for Saturday night. Nikki Haley shall be in that Mike Pompeo will be in their run to Santos will be in their junk and will be in there. I think Rick Scott will be in there. Tim Scott will give it serious consideration. Christie, no I think would run to to be a pack talented field, but if Trump runs ICU drunk and getting in Christie getting in. I'm not sure I see anybody else you think 1-866-408-7669 the other side. If it is not by I know Newsom's going to jump in. You know Pritzker's going to jump in, who LCC jumping in with a legitimate shot of winning Eulas in the brain to Michelle. So glad you're here Lewis makers and breakers. First, I kill me and show the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me that I know there are a lot of people that are talking about you running there and potentially being comfortable there.

What you say when you see that there's no party will I don't know what you want us things I tried to say no.

No way in every way I possibly can, including St. subs. I don't know what else language back. I may need advice and counsel was the language to express. Absolutely no, it's just fodder. It's made up and it is frankly it's not helpful helpful to any of us and gets in the way of things we should be focused what I was going to Newsom, due the fact that he, while the presence way he walks into the White House with his jacket off looking so comfortable. He looks the part. The problem is used terrible mayor or governor grew quick. I got this I get the same as your brain to's click on comments questions on this one. Is this good morning. I have a question else. This is really for you about our VP. Doesn't she have a law degree wasn't you a working lawyer at some point. How could she not have the ability to speak in public. She actually is working in a profession that she not have to argue a case is you not have to address a jury.

This is concerning to me these two were making our country look so weak. As a retired veteran she's disturbed, as with a law degree. Don't they teach at a present.

The classes you take means not only what you think and analyze the Lawton case is yes, you would think that should be more articulate everyone's not everyone not a litigator, and everyone thing on the courtroom for a reason, but she she was.

She did say she was 18 California right she should be more outspoken than write and you are lawyer, Robert W VMT Burlington Robert real quick way from China and put our manufacturing into central South America that would solve problems.

Number one. Our border problem keeping these people at home working. I would like to spend. Secondly, we would counter the strategic ever present threat from China militarily, so I think it's time that we will be using your products.

Hey Robert, that's up to the run on the candidate do exactly that and I would go further, I would leave us of the leading manufacturing companies and talk about what it would take in the countries where we go right solve the problem I see is New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me.

I want to Brian kill me.

Thanks much for being here is the right to me Joe 1-826-408-7669 to be a big our company was even more was on television right now is in 15 minutes. Big study on how many of the divine administration economic officials actually have real business experience almost none believe that Abbasid Robert Jordan will be with us since our best. Robert Jordan spent a lot of quality time in Saudi Arabia as their ambassador. What is happening right now. Behind closed doors as the present lands in that kingdom, the place he called pariah nation Geraldo Rivera standing by, so a lot to discuss. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian three number three moment in time to make the best of the moment and pass this moment with a partner in the White House and there's no greater partner than the binding ministration really Gavin Newsom is that what was about your visit to the White House of the present away playing politics.

Gavin Newsom spent today the White House presents overloads overseas and Trump is about to announce a plan to get back into the White House with the bold moves mean for both parties and to either have a shot to win yesterday so that they go that was Brian Deese economy takes another body blow and not a person in the ministration seems up to fixing it what it all means for you and what it means to them in November. We've laid out for the leadership of a written were willing to accept back to sleep your way waiting for the response, but we are what you have a deal to present meets the pariah, yes. After casually mentioning he offered a Ron I get out of jail free card what's in that field jail free card. And what does he not realize what will make or break his meeting with MBS. It's not a deal with a Ron guy that knows all this insight now. It's been walked the land that himself. Geraldo Rivera now goes to the five boxes is correspondent large and he's at large. Right now, rather welcome branded money to you you a five night. I am heading to New York momentarily took out the first use your thoughts when when I find that this deal was made casually mentioned by the present deals done. We submitted to woman when you get here back.

Additionally, please consult with the with his cell form but you know this this in a foreign policy committee or or or at least let Congress know.

I talked to Tom cotton Kevin McCarthy today. They had no idea what I'd like to see the substance of the deal. I think that data thoughts and BS walk so DD has a deal here.

I'd like to note the fix and I applaud if indeed the biting and stretching far beyond the capability. I thought the ad made a deal on the down low with the Ron the nuclear pariah state to forgo nuclear weapons.

I think that that's a sensational win if indeed it's true. Brian wow, I don't see it that way. Sen. Menendez doesn't see that waste and assume it is a seed that waits sooner card because in their nation that doesn't trust we don't trust never will and I will give you something else.

It turns out, the UN says as of the middle of July, which is today.

They no longer will have monitors on their nuclear program and its reported that for the first time their weapon eyes uranium to the level of a nuclear weapon. It's happening already heard that I certainly heard that they had disabled many of the surveillance cameras nuke plant, but if indeed there is good news.

Brenda given the chance to breathe a minute. The little that shockingly have finally conceded that there is not going to get the well is likely optimistic to limit the dealer said according to the yesterday's yesterday's New York Post. This is the deal I will be offered around will be offering a package worth $275 billion in year one 800 billion over the next five years and a trillion available by 2030 if they stay nuclear free now you are probably that I have not know with a trillion come from very competitive out-of-pocket course it does. But I I have no conceptually it is a bribe was applied, bribing them to stay nuclear free what the cost of the bribe is interesting and that will there be full disclosure of the various provision, but I see that I ever wanted such a member. We read what's his name Suwanee. We popped him in the Baghdad when he was visiting you know I do some dictation hanging out the orders you know about drone strike through his head.

II want Iran to leave its pariah state behind. I think that Saudi Arabia is such an unreliable partner.

They are the tormentors of so much unrest in the Islamic world by years created my drop is Abraham's madrasa's have been addressed and I would say the Abraham accords a really because of them. If there was one nation that made it happen with Israel is Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Morocco, United Arab Emirates of all phone in place, Oman Mall, for I am absolutely all for it in the making. Iran, the pariah is the glue that holds that very shaky coalition together. I want to see Israel advanced partner I guide Diane for Israel is really cut into a deal with Saudi Arabia and the other state. You mentioned that an and as per the Abraham accords that the major evolution in the Middle East. Given the fact that the Palestinian question is still unresolved and very thorny if they can put aside the Palestinian situation long enough to make a deal state. The state I think that adds to security as the Iran getting $1 trillion bribe to stay nuclear free. I want you here with Israel as interim prime minister Lapine said yesterday so I think it's important because it's kind of review for the president who says I want to talk about it. He said this cut seven they want to destroy the only Jewish state in the world that we will never let that happen.

Well, it's will not stop the present diplomacy will not stop. The only thing that. I Ron is knowing if they continue to develop their nuclear program, the free world will use force. The only way to stop them is to put a credible military threat on the table so your thoughts about that. That's a name I think that I think that Israel you know you just follow the last several years. Israel does not abide Iran's reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons outside the agreement. Israel has sent the enough Mossad assassination teams into Iran so that no one connected with the Iranian atomic industry and situation can feel safe and I won't save it routinely is best make them but they do with such regularity, appalling regularity or alarming regularity from Iran's point of view that they understand that Israel is is like a spider scorpion you retarded person, size, wacky, and that's what Israel's been doing and that's a very credible military threat, laughable when they pretend that they haven't already been doing the present present downtime since he looks like you might declares early September just deciding when to run again.

Do you think that if you have the best interest if he has the best interest of this party in mind and he wants to run when would he announce, certainly not before the midterms are very selfish and narcissistic out. I think as you know Brian, I love the guy, I feel awful.

The way things turned out, but I think when he went after the constitutional order of the peaceful succession of government and try to come up think it would been doing constitutionally for two and half centuries of thinking he forfeited his opportunity to get I think that he can be a father of the party.

He can bask in the glory of how he is managing the spring portal. The rest of but I hope that is silly quest for the White House and redemption is very constructive for him on the party country to see Gavin Newsom should be considered a legitimate contender when Joe Biden sensational. I think that Gavin Newsom's very attractive politicians never regarded flickers can be sophisticated building experience is very Carolyn Kimberly Guilfoyle got out some substance. I think you be a formidable challenger from the Democratic side if he could get a pretty poor reputation.

Let's see if you can fight it out in the gutters of 40 talk no she's just going to stay but first he destroy the city and San Francisco between the house last between the eggs. He managed to get Peter to leave the one to find the status of the country of the opposition research Brian and that's exactly what would you please go to heaven or I think that the fact that the recall against them. Remember that failed so utterly shows that he has the affection of the majority of California. Despite everything you said it, which is true and almost everything you said about Angela's estate stated in LA and suffer all true, but I think he's feeling is not there by accident. I believe that he's the kind of guy who, unlike most of the other. The long apologize and whimper about the Democratic balls right just said the worst thing about him is his report card.

The best thing about him as he looks the part. He looks like a guy that should be cast as the present, so that deftly Friend had St. Jean Hackman will be the cheapest staff right yeah I mean what Ukraine would be the vice president's Hollywood liquid you put in terms of report card. That's the problem, but he does look like I just saw him walking to the White House with such an insult to Biden with the jacket. All such as with where will it put my feet now I listen Geraldo once you have a great weekend and a great five okay Domino. Thank you back a moment to you places you need to kill me if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your Brian kill me now you so I all got the meeting I will delete that is not just in some ways the most immediate and happening right now and he says gas is coming out of $4.63 and that's good news. This gas is coming down.

So how do you feel about that was pre-and Stephen Moore, Senior fellow, the heritage foundation that was Brian Deese is the National economic Council director Stephen you feel good about Brian Deese's diagnosis judged by his record now I don't mean I'm having a dj vu.

I mean how many times we heard crying to me. You covered in a week after week after week after week after week, where they keep saying no it's transitory temperature temporary peak.

It's only Robert's only a high-class problem.

I mean everything that they said about inflation for last year has been wrong wrong wrong. So now they don't have the credibility I do actually think that inflation can come down a little bit that it is true that the gas prices come down about $0.30 a gallon but were still with 250 a gallon when Trump left office and now it will what Lori doing fine yeah I'm almost double talk.

Look at the producer price numbers came out yesterday. They don't show 9% inflation, they saw 11% 11% inflation. It is just astounding to me, Brian. That the that the Biden people could screw up this economy. In 18 months, the way they have one other thing that I'm biased. I work for Trump so I do have a bias that was one of his economic advisors, but he was a businessman. He knew how to run the economy. I think we have a looming economy. Today, we wouldn't be talking about a recession if he were presidency. Would you discover looking back at the backrest of the top economic people and by demonstration. Well, that there is no business experience that that they fit the Biden people are so opposed to business a small business eight American corporations and so what we found was that the majority of the people who are in high level positions in the Biden administration starting. Of course with the president himself in the vice president Kamala Harris and on down that the people advised him or in key positions on the economy and finance on commerce on money that the majority of them have 00 business experience and by the way, I'm not saying that they didn't one companies never work for a company so why would you hire these people even to run a lemonade stand let alone try to manage our $22 trillion economy. How unlike his dad some experience to do so. The 20 well we we personally did the analysis of the Biden people would look at the top 65 officials that number okay we did just what you suggested that we develop.

Let's compare that with the Trump people the Trump people have about four times more business experience and of course that starts with the very top right side, I mean Donald Trump was 40 years in business. One of the reasons that the American people elected to make. They wanted somebody who knew something about how to meet a payroll and how to run a company make a profit and very very few in the by administration do so without it, and by the way, one of the quick. You know how the left loves to talk about diversity diversity with diversity in skin color and ethnicity and thought.

We don't have a little diversity in their cabinet. Maybe some people would business experience. We need to buy this type generally speaking, effort and end this thing is if you have people that don't understand, with the average businesses like to open up the Dell. I have a drycleaner restaurant.

You really can't learn that in the book. I couldn't agree more. I'd rather take the guy who runs the court drycleaner office running economic policies on the summary networks that are in the White House and they are academic. So what we found was that most of them are either spent their whole life and academics reading books or they are people were community activists is Barack Obama or they are lawyers or their people spent their elected government and so they don't have any consumption about how to how up business operates that the strains that the people one companies face you got a woman named Lena con 31 years old, fresh out of got just got her PhD she's in charge of the Federal Trade Commission never worked a day in her life and business and now she's telling hours businesses small and large. How to run their operations and how crazy is that it's crazy its own Stephen Moore's was eternal, cannot this week you seen so the heritage foundation I Stephen, thanks so much. I just am not convinced they have the people there to bring us out of this if people on the outside were very critical from Jason from the Larry Summers but they don't seem to be listening and that's arrogance. Thanks so much Steve. I have a great weekend. You got it we come back with the presence right now in Saudi Arabia and Bessette Robert Jordan ways and he served as US ambassador to send to the kingdom from 2000 to 2003 on now at SMU. Go move Brian kill me show so glad you're here radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show what will you say to Saudi leaders. Specifically, the Crown Prince Mohammed and Solomon about the Khashoggi murder and other human rights practices and if I made a prime minister, how close are you to an agreement with Saudi Arabia to gain overflight rights and should we expect that certain thank you. Regarding the question you asked me my views on Khashoggi absolutely positively clear and I have never acquired about talking about human rights right but didn't answer. Will you bring it up today. Ambassador Robert you enjoyed just now served as US ambassador Saudi Arabia diplomat residence at SMU and author of desert diplomat inside Saudi Arabia following 9/11 ambassador.

Welcome back to you think the president can bring that up today because early were in the New York Times going to their sources was they were warned not to my not bringing my name directly, but certainly make some references to the importance of human rights and improving shoddy record in that regard. It will be great if he could encourage the release of some political prisoners have what we call deliverables associated with this, but I doubt that he's going actually raising the name Khashoggi meetings with the current branch. The problem is, he promised the family, the widow, and the family that he would bring it up to him and they were on Fox News talking about the other of the praise I told the president I understand why got me with them at least bring it up and talk about the other political prisoners so that would be a direct affront real difficult situations like this.

He's not a national interest in country to a security standpoint, economic standpoint, I think sometimes the president gets ahead of himself. He got ahead of himself by calling the shout is a pariah nation.

During this campaign talk. I think he may be very careful in inmate needs to be more careful and the kind of commitment she makes. But I do think regardless of personal tragedy that she should fianc concerns. I certainly share and even if you look at the 9/11 families and others.

You have sharper things that happened at the hands of at least some shout easily years this is a country that has to move forward and has enormously complicated challenges and choices that have to be made with rich central. How do you handle Iran. How do you deal with the Israeli relationship with the Middle East. How do you do with the whirling shoe show. There are so many of these issues that have to be dealt with. You got to figure out how to devote how do you handle values that are so important to America and the same time do business with analyzer partners whose values you share no present brightness when you center Biden VP by SunOS to tell them about him and his background, but in terms of their policy the this is not the Trump records that mean there is a sense that every time the bring up around their hurting any type of the Abraham Accords happening in the present came out and said I have a plan.

I gave it to them.

Cut 12 laid out for the people for the leadership of around what were willing to accept get back to sleep your way waiting for the response, but we are not currently how does that resonate in Saudi Arabia. Well, I think it bring a mixed reaction. Saudi certainly are viewing Iran as an extra central threat at the same time.

If by not waiting forever suggestion down the line. There's going to be a military where will that blowback take place It Will Take Pl. in Saudi Arabia will take place in the oil fields will take place in attacks on the these visionary buildings are kinda creating vision 2030. It's going to be chaotic and dangerous for the shouting, shouting, Interest in Trying to Put a Lien on the Development of Nuclear Weapons, but at the Same Time Avoid Some Kind of Military Attack That Actually Explosion Their Faces and Disrupts the Entire Nation That They Have a Developing Country Prince of the Young People Seem to like His Enemies Fear Him. We Also Know He's Brutal Can Be a Brutal Murder and but He Also Does a Good Job Cracking down on the Terrace in This Midst. So What Have You Viewing Investor Jordan I Will Tell You That I Had a Good Relationship with Your Mom Khashoggi Number Times Faster. I've Been Extremely Vocal in My Distress and Exasperation with This Ground Branch Not Only with the Long Murder but Also with This Incursion in Yemen Is Riding Roughshod on Many of His Other Members of the World, Family and Business Community. At the Same Time There Are A Lot Of Exciting Things Happening There Developing a Real Vision for What Needs to Be Part of Their Country Going Forward, Reducing the Shot Will Limit.

Women Are Now Driving A Lot Of the Social Taboos Have Now Been Eliminated and Frankly Has Probably Taken on Their Work. Working like That Happened over the Objection of the Clerical Establishment of Those She Didn't Want to Go so Far.

So This Is a Very Mixed Bag As It Often Is. But It's It's Dictionary Where I Think We Have To Meet the Challenge We Have To Find a Way to Articulate Our Values and Human Rights to Encourage Them to Do Better.

There's a Huge Huge Room for Improvement in That Regard. But We Also Got an Interest in a Stable World Family Went down Saudi Arabia Would Look A Lot More like You like Olivia Would Look like Switzerland, and the Thing Is, People Should Keep in Mind That Just Haphazardly Bombing Yemen. They Were Getting Rocketed by the Hutu Rebel Supplied by Iran into Populated Areas, Not Even to Military Installation so They Didn't Have To Respond to Questions How They Responded to Wife That Characterizing Correctly, I Think You Got It Right. They Were Indiscriminate in Their Bombing of the Population, Which Is What Created so Much of the Blowback It Wasn't. They Were so They Didn't Have a Right to Defend Themselves for Years and Years Had Been Launching Incursions across the Border in Saudi Arabia Once I Got Iran's Missiles and Technology They Became like a Dog but They Took over so They Took over Much of the Country and Continued Then to Attract Iran's Interest in Fomenting Instability with Shouting. I Want You You Gen. Keene Told Me This Morning about the Prospect of Getting Back into the JCP Away. He Obviously Is Not for Cut 14 They Took This Class of Millions of Dollars As a Result of the 2015 Deal and They Bought Thousands of Rockets and Missiles to Hezbollah and Hamas That Rained down on Israel to Proxy Hezbollah Tried to Establish Missile Bases in Syria. The Fact Is Is Really Is Conducted over Two Strikes against That and Also They Toppled the Very Year That the Deal Was Signed.

They Toppled the Regime in Yemen, a Country Friendly to the United States and to the Arabs in the Whole Piece of Writing the Hundreds of Missiles down Saudi Arabia Given the Steel Israelis Know They Will Be the Victims of the Wrong A Lot Of Really Good Points There, Here Is How Do You Walk Back the Relationship with These in the Conflict.

Frankly There's Ministries Fireplace for Couple of Months. This Is an Area Where There Actually Might Be an Opportunity for Some Initiation Tingling Working at the State Department Has Been Leading Those Negotiations Are At Least Some Limited Successes. While I Do You Want to See Us Enter into That Agreement. I Have Been Very Critical of the First Agreement of 2013.

I Just Didn't Think It Would Work. I Didn't Think They Had Patient Instruction Rigor to It. I Also Thought It Was to Not Long Enough Duration Having Even If You Stuck to It.

It Will Be Expiring Here in the Next Three Years. So a Better Agreement Would Be Ideal.

A Longer Agreement, One That Had Patient Inspection Protocols That Are Not Deluded by the Idea That Somehow That's Possible. I Think It's Worth a Try. I Think Even the Shouting Probably Would Rather Have Some Kind of Deal Presentation Place the Ability to Develop Nuclear Weapons. And If They Don't Then I Think We May Well See the Shouting Shying Well Maybe We Need to Have around the Ship. We Can't Can't Can't Push down 100 Pakistani Bass Lastly Asked Him to Pump More Tennis out His Pump More and I Ideally Want to Ask and We Have Our Own Oil Which Is Gets Her Nation Which Is the President Asked Him to Supply More Oil Is Going to Ask Him to Level off on His Financial Relationship with Russia Will They Do Either of Those Things Can We Probably All Seen the Note.

Pres. Mahon Apparently Said That the Right to the Shouting Don't Have That Much More Capacity in My Own Experience They Had about 2 Million Barrels a Day. What We Would Call Surge Capacity That Would Allow Them to Search for Maybe a Couple of Months in Extreme Situations like after 9/11 That Is Not a Permanent Capacity Right Now. They Got about 10 1/2 Million Barrels. They Can Produce.

They've Agreed to Start Producing Another 600,000 This Month and Next Month, but That's a Drop in the Bucket Compared to What Will Really Need. It's Possible to Reduce a Little More but I'm Frankly Not Convinced That They Have the Short-Term Capacity to Produce Enough Additional Oil That Would Make That Much Difference on the World Market Demand Is Going to Have To Cool As It May Be Doing and I Think Were Going to Have To Find Another Source of Supply Literature Conversation Need to Have Shouters on Russia. I Do Think There Is a Kind of a Moment Here Where We Got to Challenge the Salaries to Understand That in Many Ways Our Relationship with the Child Is Inconsistent with Whether Salaries Appear to Be Going with Russia and That's the Kind of Discussion That Has To Be Had behind Closed Doors.

We Don't Need down Her Chest in the Media about It but I Do Think We Got to Get Some Clarity on Where They Stand Their Temporary Agreement in the OPEC Clash Environment May Be Expiring Here and so They May Not Have At Least a Contractual Obligation Assisted with Russia and That Could Be a Positive Thing, but in Return for Their Wants and What Are They Going to Want Want Additional Security Guarantees. They Have Been That I Think Frustrated in Our Pulling Patriot Missile Out Of Saudi Arabia Putting Back in Not Responding to the Attacks on the Wellfields Taken Grayish and so We Got a Number of Issues Here That the Salaries Are Gonna Want Some Sort of Assurance from Us on and I Think That's the Bargaining Is Going to Go See What Happens Best Robert Trudeau's Procedure Insight SMU Is Lucky to Have You.

Thank You Thank You My 1-866-408-7669 Look Back and I'll Give You a Chance to Talk Because We Got a Chance Took Some Great People to Sell from Geraldo Stephen Mortimer Bassett, Robert Jordan. We Also Know This, That of Anna Ivana Trump Is Passed Away at the Age of 73. She's Been a Staple in New York for the for the Longest Time and Her and Her Husband a One Time Pres. Donald Trump Are Probably the Top Couple in the Country. This Is the Right to Meet You Something New Every Day, Brian Kill Me Show Breaking News Steer It All. Brian Kill Me Show Yeah Vivitrol Passed Away 73, the Founder the Bottom of the Stairs I Think Is Some Type of Cardiac Arrest Who Try to Get Really, Really Close with with Her Three Kids, Especially down from Give a Nice Tribute on Troop Social Eric Put out a Statement Sorted of Voc. I Mentioned Don Junior Will to the Just like She Was a Staple Using the Number One Her and Her Husband Donald Trump with the Number One Story New York Where They Were Getting Divorced or Were They Were Buying the Plaza with a Bone Trump Tower Going to Studio 54 and Then When They Broke up Was a Big Deal. Marla Maples, All That Stuff Just I Remember the Whole Time She's Very Disappointed Eastern European Woman to Raise Three Incredible Kids Their Extremely Response. I Don't Care If You Think You Agree with Her or Their Politics Are Not the Great People. You Gotta Meet Them. I Think You Have a Sense of Who They Are, Always Find out If There Is, What Should We Fire This Morning.

No Lien Where We Can Okay Good News Could Lead to Alzheimer's or Parkinson's Disease Research Is University of Oxford Consuming Just Seven Units of Alcohol Have Half the Recommended Maximum Use.

All Right Accumulation the Brain against Alcohol Suppressing a Hormone That Controls the Buys of the Options of the Minerals Have Three More Drink Than It Can Find Breaking Next Breaking Bad Characters Walter White and Jess Jesse Pinkerton to Be Enshrined in the Bronze Statues Albuquerque, New Mexico.

That Is Where It Was Actually Shot or Was Pretended to Be Shot Actually Shot the Right Don't Actually Know That If You Want to Go to This, He Served As a Backdrop for the Hit Show Next 7 to 10 Parents Say Their Dog Is Just As Much of a Picky Eater, If Not Pickier, Than Their Kids That You Will Fall over Sensitively like Particular Food, 46% Not Interested in Their Food. I've Given the Same Thing to My Dog. The Whole Time Once in A While Will Add Something You Do.

You Don't Play into It. Your Dog Picking Years Now. I've Never Had a Dog That Does Need Anything and Everything Right so I Don't by the Study. Save Your Money. Could a Hectic Household Actually Impair a Child's Brain Development. A New Study Finds the Both Poor Nutrition and Living in a Chaotic Home Environment Can Negatively Impact a Young Child, Executive Executive Brain Functioning. They Studied Kids up at 18 Months to Two Years of University Of Illinois and Found That Youngsters Eating Sugary Snacks and Processed Foods. All My Could Have Problems in Working with Memory and Planning, Organizing, Stacks of Don't Fight and Don't Give Sugar Living in a Household with What with High Amounts of Noise Overcrowding to Summarization Also Contribute to Poor Executive Functioning Cc How Much Parents Can Make an Impact Headline Is a Little Deceiving Hectic Household Doesn't Necessarily Mean It's Crap Bradys Windows of Six Great Kids A Lot Of Chaos Right Hectic and A Lot Of Times, Food Wasn't Ready. Even Though Carol Had No Discernible Job Sugary Snack. I Don't Think so. I Should Make A Lot Of Beats Because Sam Was Given A Lot Of Audit Discounts I Would Say This If You Are Stay at Home Mom, You Shouldn't Have a Housekeeper. I Would Disagree with That Because China Rang a Little Kid and Clean the House Right Was a Blended Family That Was Good Point and They Were the First Family to Have Perfect Health to Have Fox News Radio Studios in New York City Giving You Opinions and Facts with a Positive Answer, Brian. Kill Me. Thanks for Being Here and Right Is the Right to Me Joe Come at You from the Time and Hadn't Heard around the Country around the World by Shannon Freeman Standing by with a Law Degree. Her Knowledge of the Industry As Well As the Knowledge of the Economy Fascinating Sandra Smith of the Business Background Will Close the Show Will Find out If There Is Indeed More No United States Is Landed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Direct Flight from Israel. 1.5 of the Law Unthinkable. Air Force One Is Now There Is a High-Stakes Meeting. The Question Is Will MBS Find a Way to Shape the President's Hand Because He Does Not Want to and I Think That He Knows the Guy That He Called the Leader of Brian Nation and Now Things Have Certainly Changed. He Could Make Him Pay the Diplomatic Price Will Stay with You When You Can Ask for and What He'll Actually Get Well Projected. So Let's Get to the Victory Stories You Need to Know Ryan's Three Number Three Moment in Time to Make the Best of the Moment and I Want to Pass This Moment with Partner in the White House and There Is No Greater Partner Than the Binding Ministration Gavin Newsom Spent the Day the White House Jacket off Looking Perfectly at Home. He Knew the Press with Their While the President Wasn't in. Meanwhile, Trump Is about to Announce His Plan to Get Back to the White House. The Question Is When Will He Announce and Should Be before after the Midterm to Either One of Them Have a Shot 2024. I Want You to Win Yesterday so That Really Brian Deese Economy, Taking Another Body Blow As Not a Person in the Ministration Seems up to Fixing It. Consumer Price Index at 11.2%.

Instead, They Spent It.

Instead of Explaining It When It All Means for Us. What It All Means for You and How You Vote in November.

I Laid out for the Leadership of Arabian Were Willing to Accept JCP Away Waiting for the Response. Where Right Present but Meets with the Pariah. After Casually Mentioning the Offer to Ron to Get out a New Jail Free Card. What's the Deal with That.

As You Realize That We Would like to Know Is a Country What Is in It before He Negotiates Away Our Security. He's about to Be within the S&L Branch and Bring Fox News's Chief Legal Analyst Micro Fox News Ignited 12 Best-Selling Author and Were Seeing the Big Steps of Air Force One Show You're Watching You Two More Than Likely, and Was Seen Well Family Meet There. I Guess That's the King This Bump at King's That Have Been Done before Comed on Something Doing Her Elbow That Whatever Cell Now Only World Right and Thing Is MBS Knows He's Been Called, the Pariah Knows He's Been Called a Murderer by This President and Deceive Make It Easier on the President and Not Meet Them out There. I Can Tell Who's Who Just by the Outfit They Chose to Wear so What What Happens Here. I Wonder If He's Going to Try to Trump Biden and Make Him Shake His Hand. So Readers Have Been through This Meeting Will MBS Want to Have Respectability on the World Stage, but He Pointed out, Talking, Pointing out the Pres. Said He Would Be Treated like a Pro Ryan and so People Looking to Buy Ministration out There Saying These Topics Are Terrible Not Good Luck for Us to Go over Their Hat in Hand, Asking Them to Global Oil and Gas Production Going to Make Nice with Them. When We Mastic Option That We Have Not Fully Leverage and You Said This Guy Was Horrible. Working to Bring about the Things Super Awkward and You Almost like with This Trip. There Is More Opportunity for Email to Him. I'm Failed to Do Something Really Inappropriate Foreign-Policy Fade and Really Come Away with Measurable Land for Sale but We Got When You First Meet Their People from Your Own Party. You Don't Think You Should Be Going There Just Disconnected. They Were Able to Pick up Watching the Israelis Address the Idea of the Run New Deal in Them Getting a Nuclear Weapon and Was Pretty Apparent Use Israeli Prime Minister. The PD Yesterday at the Press Conference and Try to Tell the President You Keep Talking about Diplomacy. It Won't Work Cut Seven They Want to Destroy the Only Jewish State in the World That We Will Never Let That Happen Was Will Not Stop the Present Diplomacy Will Not Stop. The Only Thing That. I Ron Is Knowing If They Continue to Develop Their Nuclear Program, the Free World Will Use Force. The Only Way to Stop Them Is to Put a Credible Military Threat on the Table so He Said Credible Military Threat Is with Investor Freeman at the Time. He Said That's the Key Word He Does Not Believe the President Has It Were Actually Watching the Present Go down the Steps.

Every Step Matters. He Went down by Himself. He Seems to Have Made It Takes off His Aviators and I Can't Tell If He Shaking Hands and I Can You Tell I Wasn't You Tell Shannon Because of the Because the Outfits They Are Told They Blocked.

Maybe That's Intentional Very Carefully Corralled and Where We Can Go and Let Me Continue Working out Very Tightly Controlled, so the Angles Are Never Mistake Not Put into That Cialis What Is Your Take This Bump. I Believe with Somebody Who May Very Well Be the Royal Family Is O Family Members at the Blinking Trailer behind Jake Sullivan's Also There to What It Says Shaky Hands and Sank a Fantastic Member the Doctor. The Doctor Said Seven but When You Go to the Middle East Fist Pump Saudi Arabia. Technically, the Middle East, Shake Hands, That's an Interesting Prescription How You Fulfill Their Prescription a Doctor Gives Orders like That Wear Them, but Many Other Military Folks. I Think I Tested Positive, or Something of the Mill to Be Wearing a Mask outside Is Farcical Not Match with Current Data and Numerous Studies That Are out There. This Is an Abundance of Caution, Situation, Either World Leaders Now and I Don't Have a Choice Would Be Great to Have Your Car Follow You around like I Laid There Is a Brian Tell Me Motorcade Right Only Think That Being the Hardest Job in the World and Why Anybody Would Want to Do It Very, Very Difficult.

Witness the Most. Tell about It Is Flying Private All the Time and Having Motorcade Everywhere like You Say so Many Hours off of Your Life by Doing Two Things Right Away and Felt My Private Motorcade Everywhere in New York I May Not Make or Break Is Probably Not a Place You Go so She Wouldn't Think the President I Believe We've Learned We've Covered so Many of These Shannon and Carlotta. We Cover A Lot Of Them Live Usually Have Something Set up with a Walk Away with Something so Is the President Say I've Got Them Agreed to X Amount of Barrels of Oil. I Am Going to Walk Where We Are Now Closer Than Ever to Having Saudi Arabia Recognize Israel, Which Would Be Special Credit to the Abraham Courses Is Something Deliverable That Can Happen Here. I Think Everything Looking at It from a Friend Can Make Criticism from Both Sides of the Aisle Saying We Shouldn't Going to Saudi Arabia to Do That. It Doesn't Look like a Position of Weakness. But What Can You Walk Away from That with This with the Training Was Worth It to Be Any Big Announcement about Saudi Arabia and Israel, Grinning down If You Heard an Annual Micron You Know Frank Is Presidents' Day Just a Couple Weeks Ago. I Think I Rated My Count I Don't Think There's Not Much More They Can Do for You When It Comes to Oil Cell Will Measure Both Are Understand This Is a Goodwill Tour. The President and with Very Firm in His Support for Israel and He Said They Would like to See Something Very Concrete When It Comes to Defensive down the Luxury of Diplomacy Because They Live in a Dangerous Neighborhood. It Really like to Say and Have People Who Are Calling for Complete Extermination of the Existence of Their Country so Immense Work in a Way That a US President Might Although I Think Credit Encompass Rather Tough When It Came to Defending Israel and Talking about and I Can Ally Which Present Buying His Time Talking at Them As an Ally As Well, but the Trip Got so Many Potential Landmines in It a Big Gamble for This Administration Right This Thing Is He Cannot Shake Afghanistan Almost a Year Ago This Month. Next Month, and He Also Cannot Shake the Fact That He Keeps Going Back into the 2015 Deal One to Get Back There but the Fact That the Senate Asked Him to Check with Us At Least Tell Us What's in It before You Offer It Didn't and Announces It. I Got a Deal It up for Them to Take It. What Is the Boss. I Can Imagine Democrats on the Foreign Policy Committee Really Important over the Oral US. Some Services Really Pleased by Being Left in the Dark like This Will Only Be Ratified by out by Policy and Practice for the Couple Country Dark Our Country and around There's Only Thing This Argument Here in Washington. Any Member of Congress in Both Sides of the Aisle. Both Parties Don't like to Feel like They're Strong-Armed Out Of Something That They Very Much Believe That They Had a Note on Their Central Voice on to Couple Things Happening Locally so They Did. But It Is Taken off to Go behind Closed Doors Will See with My Wood Emerges so That the Running till I Find Most Disturbing the Iranians Are Going to Get a Ton of Money to $1 Trillion by 2030, Which Is Insane Because He Put It Towards Terran Ballistic Missiles. It's Crazy. Domestic Politics Do You See Gavin Newsom Walk into the White House This Week and with the Jacket over Her Shoulders If He Lives There. Don't You Believe That the Ad in Florida Now Believe That He Is Running for President Definitely Wants to Run for President and Survived Not Recall Attempt There and I Think He Had an Extra Added Level of Confidence in His Ability to Move on to Higher Office after He Survived That Recall Account Which Went Very Animated and with A Lot Of Smoke Much Fire There, but There Was an Attempt to Get out and Coming Back He Felt Very Emboldened and Live in California and Drove Them Have Laughed and Forget District Is Not Found in the Country in Many Respects There in California and Their Own Governor Did Not Comply with Any Can Be When People like Shuttered Business It Deleting Everything. My Family Afloat and Here He Is Eating at a Five-Star Restaurant, the Rest of Us Were Told No Lockdown Give up Everything for Two Years. I Think You Got A Lot Of Confidence but but Republicans I Think Are Almost Salivating at the Possibility of Taking in Head-To-Head Thinking There They Think They Can Have A Lot Of Material. So He's with Adam Close Said Because He Was Dumbfounded That He Thinks He Put This Way. Can You Imagine If You Found out Today and We Went to the Boat and You Can Host a Show Tonight at Midnight. You Go Okay. Why, What with That Momentum Chanting That You Can Coaster Show Run for President He Was Recalled to the Job He Was Elected to Please Is Doing Such a Terrible Job and the Fact That He Wasn't Thrown out, but They Tried to Victory Its Insane 34, Saying That He Is Talking about Freda. The Guy Shut down Churches. He Shut down Beaches to Shut down Outdoor Dining Gases Seven Bucks a Gallon. He Shut down Schools Mass Mandates White Kid Went to School but Had to Eat outside at the Launch outside Even during a Rainstorm Because They Wouldn't Let Them into the Cafeteria. They Arrested a Guy Who Was in the Santa Monica Bay Paddle Boarding Alone Because They Shot the Beaches down and This Dictator Is Talking about Freedom. It's so Insane Right and That's His Book Lives in California and Has a Brain in the Brain Cells Left As Is Astounded That Mr. the Captain of the King of the Homeless Destroyed San Francisco Brought That Magic to Other Major Cities in California Would Walk around with Gel Saying I Don't Want to Run for President yet Here in California Right Lastly Donald Trump September I'm Sure You're Here That Friends Are Saying He's Going to Run for Sure, but Is Run September This in the Backdrop of the January 6 Committee, and Increasing Ratings on Gov. DeSantis. I Think It Hurts the Republicans If He Announces in September When Logically Did to That Same Conclusion.

Shannon Washington Feel like to Determine Their Fate Will Fill Every Good Opportunity to Have with Their Calling a Red Tsunami on May Really Worried He Get Involved Again the Midterms Are an Attorney to a Referendum on on the Economy and All the Other Places That Might Help the Struggling Cell Consternation and Hope among Republicans That He Will Hold off Right Shannon Bream Was on Tonight. I Would Tell You Actually Think I Got a Special Assignment. What I Often Can't Tell You I Am Looking for an Interview That LC on Sunday Night. You Will See the One and Only Kevin Cork Get a Hold down the Fort and Course Really Talking Foreign Policy and Economy with Sen. Rick Scott Will Be with That. We Got the White House Coming to Talk to Connie What Am Very Impressed That They Will Send Someone to Discuss That. Could We Have Much to Write. I Just Would Recommend You Read Stephen Morris, the Was Very Interesting about the Repair Shop Will Show Thank You. Transparency I Will See You Saturday Night. Debbie Great LC Said I'll See You Sunday in the Morning about That Cindy Smith Scatterbrained Is That You Said Just the Thought of the Outcome of This Commentary. You Need to Know Brian Kill Me the Fastest Three Hours in Radio with Brian. Kill Me.

I Was Still in July, but I Want to Alert Your Mom Very Excited to Finally Have Events with This Covert Hero's Assent to Go Live on Stage so I'll Be on Stage Talking about America Great from the Start. Red White and Blue and You Look at This Country Are History Have Some Fun Will Talk about Foxworth Where II Came from Where He Started. And Then of Course Have a Chance to Directly with VIP Tickets Be Able to Sign Any of the Books I Have Included the Prison Freedom Fighter Was Better Paper Back in A Few Months so in Newark, New Jersey, WABC Listeners, Especially LB in the New Jersey Performing Arts Center Ignore the Little Thing That Says You Have To Have a Vaccine. I Have My Vaccine Expired so I Can Go There If That's True That's Not True.

Just Ignore It Just Could Brian Kill That Will Be August 27 at the Performing Arts in Albany New York the Next Week or the Egg so Many People You Buy Tickets Already, so Don't Wait.

I'll Be up There in My My Daughter to School in the Region so to Be Great to Be Able to Stay and Watch the Races As Well Is Go Watch Them Play September 8 the Egg. Just Click on Click on My Website to Go Right to Ticketmaster and Then in November, the Paper Comes I Got Two Events Are Brandon, Mississippi at City Hall Live in Tulsa Oklahoma at the Cox Convention Center. Get Tickets Now Get Theirs. This Way I Get a Chance to Meet You. I Was Just Tired of Siding Books and Seeing People for 12 Seconds and I Love Being on Stage.

Also, Pat O'Rourke, Asante Comedian Rick Thatcher Great MC the Whole Night Is Fun.

I We Have A Lot Of Features That We Roll into A Lot Of Production Values.

I Think You like to Bring to Let's Go to JD and Las Vegas Request JD Talking about.

24. I Don't See Anything Republican Running against Trump.

The Ideal Took It for Me Would Be Trump and Maybe Pompeo, Who Was Drastic Secretary Of State. What I Also Wanted to. None of the Commentators Have Commented on His Alaska Rally for Books out There and and Kelly the End of the Rally. He Plays a Song by Sam and Dave Hold on I'm Common to That Song Tell You He's Running Good Boy. Great Call JD's Talk Show That's Getting You Your with Brian. Kill Me. We Need to See All Rhetoric and Messaging That Indicates That Our Country Supports Increase Production.

I Walked Back and Wanted to See Chevron Trying to Be Diplomatic Yes and FBN Thought There Really Tired of Being Vilified As the Bad Guys When They Were Told the Rat a Business Soon and Which All These Major Investment Firms Were Told You Better Not Invest in Any of These Fossil Fuels Because They Feel the Pressure from Green Energy in the Green Lobby and Most Democrats and They Started Caving to Even Older Provided in Many Cases Profits for People's Mutual Funds and Pension Funds. Shannon Bream Lives Shannon Bream Was. I Was Patient and I Called Say I Shannon Chaz Sandra before Sandra Smith's Coanchor America Reports. I Would Be All You Little While Fantastic with Sandra Smith Wiping Shannon by the Lack You Will Be in Syria Anyway. I Can't Wait Either to Listen Herself. The Seal Chevron Still Measured Measured in the Response.

I Know It's Not WWE and Calling out the Present That Would Be Appropriate Either, but I'm Still Not a Stellar Oil and Gas Is so Measured in Coming Back at the President and Politicians like People to Judge the Fact of the Matter Is That He Should Not Demonize the S These American-Based Companies That Employ Thousands of People When Were on Possibly the Verge of a Recession Demonization of Business. Add A Society Good Free-Market Society Good on Kevin McCarty by the Way Just Put out the Street. I Wanted to Bring It to Your Attention. Thanks.

I Know You like All Things New. Think about This in Place so High That If You Had a Constant Salary the Last Year.

Think about That. It's like You've Worked More Than a Month without Paying. That's Washington Democrats What Washington Democrats Took from You. This Is the Plosive Pay Cuts Important for Republicans to Really Paint That Picture That Skyhigh Energy Gas Prices That Were All Time or at the Grocery Store Whatever and However You're Being Hit by This Inflation That That Is Money Out Of Your Pocket at the Same Time It's Administration That Continues to Point Fingers at Everyone but Themselves, Including American Companies Trying to Do Business in America. I Know and You Just Pointed out Another Quote We Think Is Important. We Witness You the Business Expert, but I Was like to Be Led by Economist Because That's What They Do for 9% Inflation How We Got to Solve It within Race Interest Rate Was Looking to Win a Race Tax Excuse Me to Raise Taxes.

Why Is That a Good Idea Rightfully Yesterday or the Day before Yesterday. Joe Matches Said Yeah I Looked at the 9%. I'm Not Going to Go along with It Reconciliations Dead without Mansion. It's Not That Happen. So It Makes Me Wonder When Democrats Are Going to Start Calling up Their Own Administration, and You Walked in with a Quote from Democratic Lawmaker Alyssa Slotkin That She Just Sat on Another Network That People Can Feel and See the Span from This Biden White House on Inflation. She Said Quote I Think That What I Would like to See As Some Sort of Path Forward a Path for Is That Maybe We Can't Fix This Tomorrow.

This Is Not an Exact Probate but Something That Says Were Working on the Problem. We Know the Kind of Sort of Road That Were on and People Are Not Happy We Want to Get Back to Normal Pricing so This Is Democrats Saying to the White House Stop Spinning. What Is a Very Real Tangible Problem That People Are Living There and Feeling Every Single Day on Nobody's Happy about This. We Are Republican or Democrat like Paying What You Are at the Grocery or at the Gas Pump and This Time These Democrats Are Identifying the Problem, but You Can't Exit Brian If You Don't Know What's Causing the Problem or Don't Acknowledge What's Causing the Problem. So Tax Hikes More Spending. When He Pulled the Poll Shows That Inflation Is the Top Problem for Most Voters Right Now and When Asked to. What Did They What's Causing the Problem.

Most People Say Government Spending. So Why Is This White House Thinking It's a Good Idea Hundred and 16 Days Ahead of the Midterm Elections to Tell More Spending Is What I Feel Is They Think That They Can Lose At Least One Chamber They Know It's so Is Going to Do Anything Agenda Driven Because His Agenda Matters More Than the Well for the Individuals Exact Opposite Reaches Folks Get into Politics Help the Most People Possible, Instead of Your Own Your Own Party Gain I Want You to Hear the Problem Is a Lack of Trust. This Ministration Is That Have Proven to Be the Worthy to Be behind the Wheel at a Time of Crisis, Much of Which They Created and Here's Why. Cut 15. I Really Doubt That We're Going to See an Inflationary Cycle in Our Analysis Is by Economic Expert Said They Continue to Convey That They Believe the Impact Will Be a Temporary, Transitory, Overwhelming Consensus Pop up a Little Bit Will Settle Transitory over the Last Couple of Months. We Actually Saw a Trend Downward Higher Prices Here to Stay. I Believe It's Transitory Were Also Working on between the Ports Stores Inflation Which I'm Going to Do Everything I Can to Minimize Prudence Price Hike Here at Home and What Is It Say What I Mean. That Right There and Then When You Turn around to Let Me Just Say Withdraw the Economy. People Have Short-Term People Don't Have That Shorter Memories.

They Know We Said before, and Didn't Prove to Be True, and Fundamentally, I Believe People's Respect to This Ministration and Trusses Ministration on the Day Afghanistan. I like Economic Experts to I Wish There Were Some in the White House Right.

We Also This New Report from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity Showing That Most of Biden's Top Officials Had Zero Experience in Business, It Would Be Funny If It Wasn't so Terrifying. The Very Team That Has Been Deployed to Help Us Avoid a Recession and Climb Out Of This Inflationary Crisis Doesn't Have A Lot Of Experience Dealing with It. I Mean I Look at Guys like Brandies and by the Way These People Are Always Welcome on Our Show. We Invite Them Every Day They Don't Send Us Anybody Then and You Know, We Ask Fair, Challenging Questions on the Dirt There Tough to Answer at This Moment but Lacking Experience. Reach out to Larry Summers Acknowledges She's Been Getting This Inflationary Problem. Ron Larry Summers Is Been Reading the Red Flag on This for Quite Some Time, but Here Is My Point in the Middle of All This Brian the Very People That This Administration from Day One Has Said That They Are Setting out to Help the Hard-Working Middle-Class Americans. They're the Ones Who Are Going to Pay for All Those Mistakes and All Those Officials Who Have Gotten This Right All along. His Guess What Can Happen to Me A Lot Of Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain Gain and Larry Summers Is Making the Point That Working at the City Millions of Americans Lose Their Jobs.

Unemployment Can Have To Go about Five or 6% per Year Is Right to Bring That down That Inflation Rate Was 1.4% When Joe Biden Took Office Right Now or at 9%. So a Couple of Things to People Act like They're Cheering the Fed Go up 75 or Hundred Percent Basis Points Will Good with FSA Trace Goes up, the Faster Inflation Will down but along the Way These People Try to Buy a House Looking Their Credit Cards Are upon the Plug Pulled the Plug so Was Hurting Housing and Eventually for People to Look around Say I Don't Know If I Can Keep My Employment My Payroll Is Laura That's the Point. That's the Point. Those of the People Who Are Going to Pay for These Policy Mistakes. It's Going to Have To Happen in Many Look Back at History. Brian Anytime We Gotten Any Severe Inflationary Environment.

You Got a Reason for Strength in the Point Is to Hurt the Economy. I Mean That There Is No Other Way to Paint That Picture You Got Hurt the Economy and Hurt Demand to Bring down Those Prices That Would Be the Goal of Raising Those Interest Rates People Are Plotting Hiking the Rate, the Interest Rates but They See That As a Necessary Evil to Bring down Prices so As You Know, Be with Your Financial Background Is Been Pressure. These Major Investment Firms to Stay Away from Fossil Fuels, and to the Point Where It Actually Is. Be in Good Investment but It's Not a Good Political Investment Looking for More Environmental Friendly Opportunities.

So BlackRock's Vanguard's and State Street Managed More Than 20 Trillion in Combined Assets.

So Dan Sullivan Put Together with 10 Cosponsors Is Introduced Legislation That Would Require Investment Advisor with More Than 1% of the Fund Shares Vote Only upon the Instruction of the Fund's Investors Not on Their Own Discretion.

He's Trying to Do with Kentucky's Doing Statewide and Push These Investment Firms to Crooked Oil and Gas and Coal. Because the Office of the Arts. They Are, I Think, Insidiously Destroying Their Businesses and I Think This Pushback Now in Congress to Defend the People That Work There You Think This Is Good Luck.

I Think People Are Looking at at the Entire Energy Situation. Sort of. I Said I Would Say from Sort of One View on. I Think Increasing Oil Supplies in This Country. Have To Increase Their Willingness to Invest in the Fossil Fuels Industry. Everybody's Been Told Not to Spend on That Industry Because We Have an Administration That's Not Friendly to It.

I Think Were More Talk about Increasing Oil and Asking Saudi Arabia for What I Think Is a Bigger Picture. There I Think We Can Get the Oil Here. We Need to Be Able to Refine It in the Gasoline She Needed Investment into and Then Remind Him of the Refining Capacity in the in This Country As Well Not Seen That yet Anywhere Were Maxed out As Far As Refined Refineries in This Country Is Finishing West Virginia's Doing.

They Said If You Do Not Have They Told Six of the Nation's Largest Financial Institutions Clean J.P. Morgan BlackRock and Wells Fargo. They Might Not Know Will Will Longer Be Allowed to Do Business in Their State of West Virginia Because of the Positions on Fossil Fuels. I Just Love That They're Taking Action. Instead of Being Victimized Because There's Some Great People Working That Business. We Are Better and Cleaner Than Anybody Else We Can Be Working on Evolving Their Center. The Big Picture and Think about It Them Using the Pandemic to Jam This Stuff down Our Throats and Is Just Not Ready and Your Freelancing Is Not Ready to Fire Germany's Fire at the Coal Plants Again. That's Got to Be a Mass in China Never Stop.

Winters Can Be a Mass Right All We Keep the Bottom Line Is If You Are Lombardi Said All along This Transition Was Not Ratty. No One Was Ready for This Transition. Push the Transition Prematurely and People Pay the Price, Hard-Working People Paid a Price That's Happening in Europe. That's What Can Be Happening Here Absolutely so in Take a Break and Come Back and Find out If Sandra Wants to Know More. Also, If She Knows Her Guests from Her Show. I Think I Doubt Vacuum Entertaining like You're with Brian Kill Me.

So He'll Make Your Day.

Welcome Back Everybody in the Bathroom. 2 O'clock to 15 I Would Be Doing Centers with John Robert to Be Exciting, but Saturday at 811 01 Nation Which I Host among Suggest Dr. Drew Pinsky Will Try to Make Sense of Some of the Presidents Temper Tantrums, As Well As A Lot Of These Superstars Are Tending to Take Some Time off from Great Tennis Player like Osaka to Great Singers like Ed Shearin What's Going on Is a Very Strong, Very Weak and Rosina Talk to Newt Gingrich and Rosina Talk to Amb. Nikki Haley's Sandra Smith Is Here in Studio for Smart Enough to Get Fox Nation You See Are Said to Come up in Your Show.

This Is so Fun to Be Here and by the Way Coming up 1 O'clock Eastern Time. John Roberts and Myself on America Reports Will Have Peter DC Top the Hour and Data Size Saudi Arabia. He Will I Give Us a Preview of the High-Stakes Meeting about to Happen There with Pres. Biden and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Solomon Also Jerry Baker Will Be Joining the Onset I Charlie Hurt Is in New York City Will Have Him Weigh in on the Current Events of the Day. Brian Kill Me Well As the Bad Numbers and Bad News Pilot for the Presidents. I Believe You're Going to Tell Me She Put in a Little Work so We'll See What Kimi Has To Say. Dr. Marty, Macario and More Time Cotton the Center of Be Joining Us. Top of the Shop Just so We Know It Looks like the Present. Biden Has This Pumped MBS with the Mima Did He Meet Him at the Tarmac Now Is Now Said Let's Find out There's More to Know When I Will Drink a Day Could Lead to Alzheimer's or Parkinson's Is Going to University of Oxford Study of 21,000 People Drinking Seven Units or More of Alkyl per Week Displayed a Connection to Markers of Higher Iron in the Brain. There Are Groups of Neurons That Control Motor Movements, Procedural Learning, I Moving and Other Stuff Iron Accumulation in the Seminaries. The Brain Also Is a Connection to Form Mental Skills.

I Still Want to Drink All I Have To Say Is Oh Next, Go Ahead and I Put This by You. 94% of Travelers Bring Stinky Boot on a Plane. I Knew Paul That Thousand Americans, 45% Think Travelers Are Less Self-Aware and Ruder Now Than They Were up before 2020. And That's Just an Example Man, Do Not Do Not Bring Stinky Food on the Airplane Drives Me, but I Will Say I Do Notice This Very Very Little Food These Days so That I Can Write That down the Little Basket Me Try to Pick a Snack and I Feel Kinda Juvenile Asking Can I Take to This Is My Lunch Quite Often Right That's Good Thanks.

I Mean, You Have 5000 down Airport Will Clack You Now Eat before I Get Shoes up on the Airplane Line at 10 People Say That No Next Seven Tim Parents Say Their Dog Is Just As Much of a Picky Eater, If Not Pickier, Than Their Child. You Agree with That Said, Not with My German Shorthaired Pointer.

He Will Anything You Put in Front of Human Food Has Been Banned in My Household. Although My Children Get to Him through the Same Way Next Not Fast Enough. Okay. Researchers in Japan Say People Are More Likely to Trust Rangers That Look like, and A Lot of That Trustworthiness Depends on This Rate the Strangers Gender Really so I Guess As We Expand on the Study Results Suggest the Average Percent More Likely for Someone to Similar Features. Either Man Looking at Another Man or a Woman Staring at the Female Doppelgnger Study Found Simple Facial Features Didn't Factor to Levels of Trust Were Strangers of the Opposite Sex. This to Me Is of Almost No Good, Especially in Japan Next Could a Hectic House. All This Great Entropy Is Great When You Get a Hectic Household Actually Impaired Child Brain Development Study of Children 18 Months to Two University of Champaign Found Youngsters Eating Sugary Snacks and Processed Foods. While I Could Have Problems with Memory and Living in a Household with High Amounts of Noise, Overcrowding, Disorganization, Also Bad. Now How Do You Feel about Actually Think This Is Really Important and Actually Really Serious Stuff.

I Think Nutrition Is Huge, but I Think Schedules Are Great and I Think Creating a Calm Environment for Kids Is Really Really Important. Don't You like, Sometimes Hectic Is That You Hated It: I'm Thriving and Chaos.

So I Guess to Help Me Somehow by Egg. I Could See in Chaos.

I Could Understand. It Does This to Be Adult Supervision. We Grin That We Agree on. I Could Next Regularly Drinking Alone Is a Red Flag for Alcohol Problems Later on.

This New Study Warrants and so That about 25% of Adolescents and 40% of Young Adults Drink Alone. That's Good.

That Is Depressing and I Guess What Happens by Age 35.

Most These Adolescents End up Drinking Alone 60% Higher among Young Adults.

They End up Drinking Alone to Just Don't Drink Alone Right. You Notice That in the Old Shows a Time You Watch Those Shows Everyone's Drinking during the Day Drinking Well.

Everyone Is Drinking Yeah It's Almost like an Appendix Martini Right Now You Wish Those Times Were Still around 60 Years All Think They Look Really Happy and Left Message for the Kids Right Top Level by Young Sorry Top Lullabies a Young Parents Know the Word Student Number One Twinkle Twinkle Little Star You Know That One Night Love Bob Bob Black Sheep.

Do You Know That Allison Really but Everyone Knows That Humpty Dumpty I Thought That Was Only Two Lines Jack and Jill, but That Was His Own Lullaby Karaoke Screens Single. Something to Think about Is Where at a Time Somehow. So, over 100 Meteorologists and the Worldwide Resources. A Fox Box Whether Podcast's Personal Powerful Is Just

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