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Biden in Israel and Will Inflation Ever Stop Being Transitory?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 14, 2022 12:45 pm

Biden in Israel and Will Inflation Ever Stop Being Transitory?

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 14, 2022 12:45 pm

[00:09:22] J.D. Vance


[00:18:23] Carley Shimkus


[00:30:42] General Michael Linnington (Ret.)


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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice Brian kill me. Thanks, were to be in your body is the right kill me, Joe.

Exciting Thursday schedule for you.

JD Vance demanded that the Republican nomination in Ohio to be the next 10 to replace Rob Portman.

We with us in 10 minutes.

Call Shimkus to the bottom of the hour, Lieut. Gen. Michael and he didn't see your wounded warrior Project today as the soldier ride program launch you'll be in our studio will talk about that and of course one year almost. You know within a week or two of the horrible exit from Afghanistan the beginning of the end of Pres. Obama as a trustworthy figure in America previously brought Pres. Obama present Biden is a different conversation.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three every time we talk about amnesty on the record more microscopic than one be a part of the Gateway program. The present Metro knew exactly what he was doing this will cause more people cross-border unbelievable right Tom Homan broken border gateway for criminals and illegals there pouring over into our country. The numbers are surging in a time when traditional you still want to travel and what the Mexican prison just said to make it worse. We've laid out for the leadership of Arabian what were willing to accept it back to shape your way waiting for the response, but we are not yet. I seems like you are trying for 18 straight months. Day two in Israel for present Biden and the pomp and circumstances and flattery is overwhelmed by the ministrations particle folly of trying to get a archenemy like a Ron into a terrible new deal in the comical quest to suddenly end and shaking for covert reasons, but we all know what that is really about. This inflation has its roots in the pandemic.

Our monetary system supporting the economy so we can get to the pandemic and now we have rushes at war against Ukraine together. We haven't that unacceptably high levels. Inflation yeah planted together each excuse after excuse after excuse devastating.

That's how all the must view out. That's why all of you must view the 9.1% inflation rate in all efforts at spinning deception from the by the ministration are in play and I'm talking about.

9.1%. They caught them by surprise. 8.6 is something we probably never experience in our adult life. 9.1 was supposed to be a .8 9.1 took them by surprise you all the bulk of the ministrations overseas. But don't worry the vice president year to handle it first you all you should know that on average, it's cost us extra $3000 a year about another five the average family $500 a month if it continues on this way from gas to bread eggs to everything that you do to cars you can buy because the chips aren't in an employment problem were on the surface it looks great.

3.6 or 3.4%, but we have so many open jobs.

Some stores actually have to close.

First off when it comes to credibility. Here's why this administration between foreign policy. Afghanistan, we don't think for a second that the Taliban will take over. They took over an week's to now inflation. Remember when asked about the rising inflation. The administration said this every voice you hear is a democratic know it all.

Cut 16 are economists have conveyed that they feel that the impact of our proposals will be transitory. All of the economists that the president been relying on suggest that there is a transitory nature nature and the inflation problem. Economists called all these things transitory effects. This inflation that we are experiencing is transitory is not going to be here along with him several months of fine inflation. There most economists, including me, believes will be transitory.

We don't expect that those that upward pressure will produce substantially higher prices or that the effects will be persistent. We expected Toby transitory or temporary right all wrong.

The only person to admit she was wrong is Janet Yellen. She was wrong. Larry Summers was right so many other Democratic officials were right a lot going right back to the so-called rescue plan that we did not need of 1.9 trillion. The prison used is 82 million votes and what he said was a mandate to jam that down our throats and that were all paying for it.

For example, eggs up 33% year-to-date butter up 21% chicken parts 20% canned vegetables 14%.

You go shopping.

All of a sudden the groceries are double that. I got a great job now, and I'd I feel very fortunate every day of my whole life I was paycheck to paycheck, including the house I grew up in. This is when this happened.

This this is very real to me in ripples through a household name and asked who you voted for.

They'll ask when the midterms Avenue you going to vote for in the last one climbed to vote for president who not to vote for. And it so far is anybody who has that Democrat near their name and Otay of Biden's policies have it made. The economy works better in between.

When asked in a pupil worse 56% blame the administration not much. 32% better.

11%. So that's why it's serious, you want to hear from the average Americans.

Let's listen in Washington DC.

Fox News digital took out their cameras cut 17 going up brought up what I read second order more mortgage during a break Margaret's minimum grocery store, gas station where but nobody would do more and the price is now Ray will not like you know once on local knowledge.

They'll be like were blogspot will wind up as I love safe that I think I just can't afford it. So I do my fillets and colic with suck my thumb and pretty in these times we we remove a war, war and terror and things happen in New York. It's devastating to get flooded and you say will that's natural disasters and guilt after the pandemic there was going to be some problems and there was going to be maybe a little inflation but we overdid it. We spent like it was going to be no ramifications and as Brian Brandenberg brought up in economist Prof. over at King's College. He said the fact that one of so much more than the ministration projected and has been going on longer than they predicted. It shows it's out of control, which is scary. I don't care who you voted for real quick. I don't take too much time from JD Vance. I do want to point out that the presence in day two of afford a trip over the Middle East to meet with a number of middle Middle East countries. Most of all Saudi Arabia next in Israel now and Israel is incensed but they're doing it politely because was somewhat different, indispensable to them about the fact that we are determined to get back in the 2015 Iranian deal. That's about to expire.

Anyway, that was the question the president got in a rare press conference today. Here's what he said. The question was, essentially, how long will you wait for Ron to get back into the steel cut three we've laid out for the people for the leadership of Arabian what were willing to accept get back in shape your way waiting for the response, but we are not currently forever. That means yes. I don't understand it. Nobody wanted you could have done something dramatic. Mr. Pres., you could have will indicated to Saudi Arabia that if you, for example agreed to pump more oil. Even though it's horrific in my mind as we should be doing ourselves we will go ahead and walk away from the Iranian deal and go back to isolation and then we want you and return to recognize Israel. Now they already agreed to have the first flight directly from the Israeli capital to the capital of Saudi Arabia and the present will be on one of those fights like this is the branch only chill where excited that JD Vance is going to be with us next Carly Shimkus at the bottom of the hour to expand on these breaking news stories as well as the presence trip overseas and then Gen. Michelman Whittington, an important wounded warrior Project are, they are still continuing to help those who served especially in Afghanistan one year to the day until we left in embarrassment. This is the brain to meet you in your knowledge base Brian Kelly show Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben dominance podcast. Listen now by going up Fox News precise personal powerful is America's limiting in the palm of your Fox weather updates throughout your busy day and subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast on a talk show. That's real is that Brian kill me show really brief to them why am I think you've got the moves will see you have met Dolan in Ohio. His credit, JD Vance is acting like a freak talking about stolen elections in Ohio didn't pick the rational, reasonable candidates, they picked insurrectionist wackos freaks and conspiracy theorists. That is just some of the idiocy that goes on in other channels about a legitimate Republican who won the nomination. In a very tough field in a very tough race this to such a blatant disrespect from a guy was a self-made success story.

Best, best exemplified by the movie. He wrote the book he wrote the movie that was portrayed of that.

JD Vance George is now the Ohio Senate candidate representing the Republican ticket once replace Sen. Portman taking on Tim Ryan, JD, how do you handle that type of personal critiques not talk about about your boy to talk about you got the right people are all connected from reality and so you just have to ignore it and accept it. The price of doing public service in this country is yet to accept the attacks from a lot of crazy people but another for every crazy person like a curtain 10 good people. Reasonable people even if they may not like every position that I have anything recognize that public service is important for to do some good things for people.

Why I feel good about our rate cycle good about where we are. III also will happily go on morning Joe after we Tim Ryan, who came into Congress, sounding like a moderate to guy Nancy Pelosi has voted with ran for president did not go well, has voted with the president of Biden on 100% of the time now is coming off like some Republican who does not want the president to campaign with them how you deal with that how you deal with and you know since met.

This is your matchup. Brian campaigns are are really about about making sure that people who you want to vote for you here what you're trying to tell the old curriculum is pretty simple, but for all the TV commercials and all the pretense that 10 minus some sort of moderate to light up some time is equal to 90% of the time he is supported every radical position of the Democrats in the last couple of years and he is he is completely turned his back on the people of Youngstown during his time in Congress. And so he was against the anti-China policies the president trump initiated he was against the policy that brought American energy back is been fully on board with destroying American energy in the past couple of years, which is one of the big reasons why we have inflation really pending in the fact we don't have energy independent. That's what's driving the cost of goods for everyday Americans to look that the policy record is clear. This guy has stood with the radicals every step of the way he's made us poor men. It made us less safe in the state of Ohio. I think people know the truth about them. It's not going to close the person you're replacing if you win will be someone known as a moderate center.

Portman fiscally conservative but moderate on most issues. You will be more conservative than him. Does that concern you to think Ohio's change since six years ago and Sen. Portman ran across Rob good Sen., you're right. I probably more conservative on a few issues, but today, people just want you to be you are and look every body is disagrees with somebody on at least one issue, but so long as your heart in the right place and importantly, so long as you're working hard in service of the people who sent you there are a lot of people who are very excited about what what I'm trying to do you and you know yeah I you think Ohio's more conservative state probably was 10 years ago.

I think I probably could become more concerned. I was 10 years ago. Just because the far left Wisconsin. Craig believed in her 10 years ago that you would have the present United States and others defending harassing Supreme Court justices while they're having dinner with her family. People really jumped the shark letting a lot of the higher look around and say and what will why are we allowed such lawlessness. Such chaos to infect our country will start fighting back. So we have a situation where the present United States took over the country that a 1.4% inflation. Now it said nine is over 9%, and affecting the Midwest inflation is affected Midwest where you are even more which reaction is this.

The president's policies or the reaction most Western countries have to the pan- post-pandemic life policy. If you look at what was happening a year ago and some of us like me on the campaign trail or sounding alarm about the inflation crisis about the supply chain price is about the energy crisis a lot of thing with the problem and what was the present Saints transitory, and of course it was widely approved for an outcome so bad you can't get for temporary and can you blame Vladimir Putin anymore, at least not mostly and so I think it really does fall on on the president. The president's policy. And you're right.

Inflation is also pretty bad in Europe but Europe done the same stupid thing that we done in this country which is try to move our economy to quickly away from traditional energy sources and so the Germans yet. I have a pretty bad inflation problem.

UK has bad inflation problem with what would all have in common is that we have leadership that is trying to destroy our natural national energy resources, and that's driving up costs for everybody thought I would hear. I don't play well European Frank to we haven't screwed up.

I look at European soporific. We've all screwed up and we actually turn the page or so I would tapping in Europe and I think the Ukraine support. Ukraine is worth it and I do think Russia is he is a modern-day Stalin and I do think he's gonna grab George and mulled over next to you not feel that way right and you and I disagree.I think it Korean War is revealed in the Putin is much weaker than Ben Whitman. We thought it was probably much weaker than worthless. I don't think I don't know what you know. I think the ruthless guy good guy, but I also think that he has very particular limitation could country pretty weak, but has no it doesn't have the ability to March all the way through through Eastern Europe so I'm skeptical not because I think the good guy, but because I think is pretty limited know that he be taking keys if we did not put the site support and would you be comfortable with Russia being at the doorstep of Western Europe take just absorbing a country George would be easier than Ukraine will be comfortable with it.

No, but I think that we have the cost-benefit how much am I willing to bend American treasure and eventually we got that point American blood to prevent that outcome and I only American blood question just just not at all just not willing to put American resources to try to prevent that American lives to try to prevent that from happening for about the right. This is revealed how weak NATO is and how we visit the Western European countries are the richest countries in the world right.

Germany has a per capita economy comparable to ours.

The French do the English knew of the terrible defenses to Middleton to pursue their defense particular TP on the fence. A lot of the other European countries fall short as well. This should be a wake-up call, so I look at Europe. I stay what is primarily your guys problem about thing we shouldn't, we shouldn't support them in your guys problem you need to step up and take some leadership.

Not just depend on the generosity of American taxpayers to put your military you happy with the team. You have right now for the spring to summer in the fall.

I really am writing and we had a great team in the primary and we got build on it.

We had to hire a lot of people very quickly here in the last in the last couple months but all Brian wouldn't have a single leak out of the van campaign. You know the tough primary. We have days that were very good, very bad. I wouldn't have any defections wouldn't have any people quitting. We had a great team, unhappy with dance class is a virtual dead heat with Tim Ryan is going to be a battle to the end because he's running like a Republican in a while.

Thanks so much Katie. Best of luck you got it we come back: Shimkus morning still move tasks network.

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So just subscribe and listen Fox news contest radio show like no other and back to the rest of this inflation.

This inflation in the pandemic, snarled supply chain.

Yes, just like other countries around the world are federal government are our monetary system supporting the economy so we can get to the pandemic. Now we have rushes at war against Ukraine. So we gather we haven't that unacceptably high levels.

Inflation been hard to predict this pandemic did not foresee the war effort in weeks leading up to it and so this is why we have to express constant about what we do know is that over the past year we had historical growth in our economy and we got a strong labor market so we were in a position to address these challenges is the Fed executes trying to bring in and know that means that raising rates was 75 basis points now could be 100, which means if you try to buy a house for the first time you have a credit card it's going to affect you so as they try to write inflation, which is plaguing your life they going to up instance read it.

Interest rates are hand is off the wheel and there is a way to do this would go back to see how Reagan did it find out what you like and didn't like and find out to do something but going there and try to redo Bill back better to raise taxes on the rich to vilify Vladimir Putin and elevate them higher than he deserves to be is not the answer.

Someone who really agrees with me, but is a nice person anyways: Shimkus close to Fox and friends first.

Hello how are you really think I would say 95% of the things you say so unlike Tim Ryan, who pretends to be agreeing with Republicans who take out ads on where and with fond Fox where Fox News hosts are are praising him because he was pretend to be a Republican. You are not pure voting record is 100% in my corner you not pretend to be somebody I stand in the County coroner. You had Brian Brandenberg on your show today and he had a quote that stuck with me. He said that 9% is higher so much higher than they projected to be. It's clear they have no idea how to control this exactly and they don't know how how high it's actually going to Kyle because they were so caught off guard by the fact that inflation is higher than anticipated and seeking of numbers. Inflation 9.1% average hourly earnings are up 5.1% of people are losing money left and right as a people's money at the kitchen table issues. It's not about abortion. It's not about anything else out there than the economy.

That's what people care about the most in present fine can't rain and then so far, yet he can write it in, and I think the right now blaming Vladimir Putin saying it's high oil and gas yelling at gas station owners to me doesn't seem doesn't seem like upsetting the right direction station owners with a really good wine right people that are making like basically minimum wage and making five cents on the dollar for every gallon of gas that they're solid yet stair fall, absolutely not. That's ridiculous yeah I thought so I would, but the cover. What about the cover of the news of the New York Post today where it says I repeat after me, which is repeat the line, which is exactly what he said clearly read the prompter again and underneath the says repeat the line inflation. His historic highs again repeat the line. Biden blames everyone else.

Again, he's got no plan again so he left Saudi Arabia, Israel 40 trip will discuss it. But there is no plan going forward and I just think there's only one person was apologize and that's Janet Yellen for misleading us right and maybe misleading business small business big business about where this economy was and what they actually do have some semblance of the planet and it didn't really try to get your mansion to sign back onto Bill back better. They want to pass on modified smaller version of that and apparently those talks were going somewhat well where mansion was considering possibly signing on to something having to deal with rent prices.

There may be childcare, but Dennis inflation report came out and he said any spending that the government is considering right now would be a really bad idea so it looks like BBB is DOA which is probably for the best price.

I hope Sam and Ellie for the here's what he said pretty much what you just said but I liked him do it. You sound he sounds like him before and he sounds like right. You sound like growing cut 19 distinctive basic everyone should be very cautious of what were doing and how we're approaching things now looking at anything that could inflame the inflationary high numbers that we have this difficult right now people are having a hard time paying their bills and having hard time with inflation.

Everything they buy when you look at all the cost of groceries. Today we look at the cost of gasoline look the cost of energy, the necessities that people have to live every day extremely difficult West Virginia all over the country so I'm just saying anything that I'm looking at anything this people conversing with me on I'm scrubbing it the best I possibly can to see if anything could be causing more inflation. That's what I'm concerned, fuel oil up almost hundred percent gas and let a regular at 61% and airline fare 34% higher 15% and now the president overran Saudi Arabia part of the deal is, even though they've been really cagey about life in chronic already is there obviously a talk say that the king and the crown prince about possibly pumping more oil and exporting it to lower gas prices thing with that, Brian.

First of all, we already are from an annual crime that Saudi Arabia is maxed out.

Anything is refineries say, for instance, they do decide to increase their oil capacity bring back to the US refineries in the US are at max capacity so you can even turn not only onto gasoline. That's great point. Couple of things so sick about this this morning. If we went to Saudi Arabia and they had something like rare-earth like the Congo has an easy way. I want to go to electric. I want to go to electric cars. I want to get these batteries want to go to. I need this rare-earth. We need but was Saudi Arabia going over there as it was, would you put more will this intermingle. What are you more oil than us like why why why why what makes no sense. And by the way, if you really cared about the plan and we would be pumping that we will be exporting this idea to other countries that produce it dirtier than United States weed refinery recently spent $1 billion on on trying to refine oil in the most eco-friendly way to think of doing that Saudi Arabia and Russia, absolutely not.

This is what I believe that I actually don't know what you're buying Belize but you would think they would leak at the Joe Biden knows what it takes to get oil and gas going again but he's concerned about his left flank. Charles got Charlie Casper Reno said this about what what the administration is doing and why they're not doing it. But with the market is down 500 points.

Unbelievable. The market that's 1.5%. The S&P cut 28. The real question is from the bottom ministration is why they don't loosen up regulations, particularly on oil and gas exploration in certain there certain things they can do that is so easy, but they won't, and I think the reason why they won't is because the progressive wing of the pop artist just has invited you having to strangle yeah right, of course, because of that the president and by ministration are already know that they're extremely unpopular with the progressive party thing that's different than a lot of things that are different between Trump and Biden, but one of the things when it comes to polling is that Trump always pulled in the 90s when it came to his own party. I mean the progressives are already running against Diane. He does not have them sell for 70% according to the New York Times and then there's this progressive group that's already running ads against tenant saying they don't show or something like that so he hasn't wanted to. That's why he's pushing you nuts codify Roe versus Wade and are doing everything that he possibly can.

When it comes to the abortion issue. He's thinking about dance and health emergency when it comes to abortion because he knows he can't go super far, but he's trying to appease in as much as possible, and the other thing is green and it's it's not green in terms of climate money, climate, organizations get that Democratic Party so much money has them off either. Lastly, I just want to talk before every gentling to be joining us and what he is running the worry project of their soldier ride today. He was with a server couple years leaving things over in Afghanistan.

It's almost been a year since Afghanistan will talk about that but just on foreign policy from the present. Just had a press conference he took a couple questions one of which was a Ron and the other one was about the Abraham records this is the first time he mentioned the Abraham accords: will also continue rolling on the Abraham accords which I strongly support because they deepen, they deepen Israel's integration of a broader region and establish lasting ties from business cooperation and tourism between Israel and Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Morocco in 55 overall nations.

It was remarkable and on. The only reason Is good.

Saudi Arabia greenlighted it. They were next.

If Trump had one another ministration, but the key that was their view and their stance on Iran. Yeah, this is this is really interesting that Pres. Biden used the term Abraham accords and entering an international speech and this is really the first time that the president is embracing foreign-policy accomplishment of former Pres. Trump which is the Abraham of just embracing it. He's trying to expand upon it and USIA relations are obviously very complicated, but the bottom line is that the United States has a common enemy with Saudi Arabia and Israel in Iran and if Israel and Saudi Arabia can normalize relations in the Biden administration can help facilitate that. That's a very good thing to think make this complicated doubt is that he's in Israel right now at a time when he still wants to enter the Iranian nuclear deal which would if that gets signed which it's not looking like it will, but if it does put Israel in a terrible position. They don't want that to happen, especially in a time when Ron does have enough enriched uranium right now to make a nuclear weapon in weeks if they wanted to so terrifying. So what happens is run because I'm looking to go into a deal that you get reversed if you guys lose an election because it's never to get ratify the Senate to listen to on city assesses they might sign off on a deal of run smart dates and sign off on it. They might turn off a deal right now Russia gets paid to take uranium out of your weapon uranium before they can get it to weapons grade out of their country.

They say that they will sign a deal that allows Russia to bring that uranium back should America get out of it so this administration rather do a deal with the devil in Russia who is the devil, then allow Republicans to implement a policy that would tear up the steel now how evil is that I now any other thing is that who is helping states negotiate this run nuclear Russia exactly and remember, just a few months ago. The big concern was is Russia going to use a nuclear weapon.

So on one hand United States is terrified and rightfully so, that Russia and letter putting would take that step on the other hand were using Russia to help us facilitate an Iranian nuclear deal with art. One of our greatest adversaries probably stay right here generally to and with what we do worry project coming in. It's a big day, as they had sought their soldier ride today.

This is the Branko Misha giving you you need to know your Brian kill me.

The more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me project it shut down the street, such as attorney will go that was Gen. Michael Eddington me, Fox and friends with Ainsley Pete today as we do worry project under their annual soldier ride program that was really chronicled for the first time on the show when Tony Snow was hosting it. This a four-day cycling experience to help wounded warriors connect with vets.

It ends up at Stevens talk house in the Hamptons and it got a lot of attention and assured its 19 mile trip out to Coney Island and there in the middle of it right now only to worriers, Gen. Mike Michael anything welcome back Brian kill me, Joe, and I've negotiated with Carly to stick around. Hope that's okay. That's wonderful, Brian, thank you, Carly.

Good to see how it felt good to see yellow literatures for people just turning around the country soldier ride. Why is it important if you located in Jacksonville but you here in New York City to launch this soldier is one of our signature programs that gets wounded a lineage of servicemembers back reengaged with her brothers and sisters in arms. It's a health and wellness of that it's a three or four day ride ride more than 70 miles over the next three days. It really does reconnect wounded veterans with her brothers and sisters in arms and start the healing process so it's it's a physical event.

It's a challenging event, but it also has incredible mental health, emotional wellness support functions as well and it really really really is wonderful event. Not yet gotten anything and I think that you know better than anybody that I want to think that people struggle with when they come back veterans is the fact that they don't like are part of the team anymore. So to be around some and there are hundreds of people that are in the Stride Rite having it just seemed endless were doing today.

We have about 40 warriors writing we have UK veterans Friday morning and they had a big presence because I thought it was hundreds we have we have hundreds writing tomorrow in Babylon today were right over the Brooklyn Bridge in the company on the we have a very solemn event to Coney Island with the FDNY honoring the 343 that were killed from FDNY tomorrow doing about 20+ mile 25 mile ride in Babylon and then Saturday is a grueling ride more than 25 miles in the Hamptons generally generally to serve Afghanistan. What years I was there twice. Brian I was there in the early days of 2002 for short period of time when we were I was brigade commander. We were the only brigade in Afghanistan. It's time and then I was back in Afghanistan shortly for for all reference rack for 15 months and then back for on 21 months in 2009 to 2011. So, just to follow up on that mean I just kills me every time I think about Afghanistan the way we left the way we were told it would be a totally different ending that it was worse yet, I thought about you guys thinking so much. You know people that did lives have been changed and lost right in Afghanistan and you guys for brilliantly adapted to the battlefield to Terrorist who approved you said you were you raising a generation of women to have freedom rights in education and the way it ended what you thoughts we come out the year anniversary and how much more difficult is your job because of it.

August 27. They the disaster navigate obviously was coming.

It was so very sad day for anyone that is ever served 2448 killed in Afghanistan more than 20,000 wounded warrior Project today serves 170,000+ wounded on injured service members of 30,000 of that hundred 70,000 had combat experience in Afghanistan. We called them all and they were contacting us was a very difficult time for them. Of course they question our service. They questioned, you know whether it was worth it. You know, many of them lost her brothers and sisters in arms enough got us to many of them got wounded in Afghanistan so they did question her service and we did our best as other nonprofits to win by just reminding them that you know you serve for lots of reasons you serve for each other.

You sir for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

I also believe that they provided opportunities for the Afghan people, especially women and girls that maybe will blossom again in the future. Obviously the tell Bennetts turn back a lot of a lot of the uprights of the Afghan people and that's what's so disheartening. But you know once you plant the seeds of freedom and an education. Hopefully things will turn around enough times you feel bad that by ministration and I can't believe it's been a year but it has been almost a year. Next month, essentially venting they need et al. abandon allowing them to dictate terms of the withdrawal. You know I wasn't in the room when those decisions were made.

I know I was in the room when America made the decision to expand the mission enough got to see the 2009 with an additional 40,000 troops, 30,000 US and 10,000 NATO troops because we needed to get the insurgency on the control I was there again 21 months of 9 to 11 you know coming out I think coming out that quickly. I think we all look back at it. In hindsight, and say it could have been done differently and my personal perspective. Again, not representing the organization. I would like to see this to stay and support the horse leadership is not worthy of what were your project.thanks. Question why is New York City pressure office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive Brian kill you revise the right to me shall come at you from 46 in midtown Manhattan around the country around the United States over and he's in the Middle East and it makes you think of Dennis Ross Amanda role of the most comprehensive series of books on the Middle East peace process. The Abraham records and everything else. Dennis Ross will be with us at the bottom of the market peace and standing by as we bring you the latest because we did have a press conference already in the present 30.Day two of event it to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three every time we stay on the record more microscopic than one be a part of the Gateway program present lecture know exactly what he was doing this will cause more people cross the border. That is, you know, Tom Homan broken border, a gateway for criminals and illegals that are pouring in overall border and the numbers are surging at a time. Traditionally, when it's too hot to travel and what the Mexican president said to make it even worse. We've laid out for the leadership of Arabian what were willing to accept back to sleep your way waiting for the response, but we are not yet really I why would you try to get a 2015 agreement that should've been dead on arrival. That was not even approved by the majority of the Senate at the time they to Israel for present buying in the pop and circumstance, and flattery is overwhelmed by the minute the administrations farcical folly of trying to get archenemy of Iran into a terrible new field that is alienated the Sunni part of the Middle East and unnecessary fail. This inflation has its roots in pandemic our monetary system supporting the economy so we can get to the pandemic and now we have rushes at war against Ukraine together.

We haven't that unacceptably high levels of inflation is devastating.

That's how almost view the record 9.1% inflation rate in all efforts are spin and deception from the administration. What's bringing Marti's and right now Mark welcome back question post, Sparks is well first off, I just want to comment on the inflation of prudent price hike will blame it on the pandemic. Nobody's blaming it on the rescue package that we didn't need to be rescued.

$1.9 trillion bill.

It would really quickly right another Obama economic morning show the same thing. I think I will mention stop them from spending more and worse in place so everyone seems to understand the minibike economics 101 you for free government money into the economy that's going to do two things increased demand and it's going to restrain the work record labor shortage with 11.5 million so that's currently working to build a better plan. It was scarily moving fast on reconciliation path sooner. Joe mentioned Chuck Schumer but I sense that 9.1% inflation might have spooked him. I hope my fingers are crossed with the mansion said when he was asked yesterday. Let's listen got 20 Biden said the inflation number today is outdated because it doesn't include a small drop in gas prices we've seen recently is he right to blame the data for a bad a historically bad inflation number. I would, I would hope that he was bright and that we wouldn't be, but I same people that might've given him information, saying it was transitory year ago was transitory, so I'm just safe you're going to air air on the side of caution right now that's all the people can't take much more right and tax increases.

Even corporate tax increases taken the upper bracket tax increases is not something that I think that benefits anyone. It should not be in anyone's calculus are clearly not trying to get report noted that there are $1 trillion, or control Congress with an .1 figure that may be the best thing that ever happened to our country because I know you were on the night I had a know it explanation like stagflation is the best scenario for which you like runaway inflation, with respect, which is where were at it right now. We don't think court couple things up for sublets to the foreign policy depressing. I think about four hours ago to some questions. Rarely does he take questions yes but the Ronnie deal clearly the Israelis are concerned about reinvigorating this Iranian deal and the question was how long will you wait even though it's an easy escape follow-up question cut three we've laid out for the people for the leadership of Arabian what were willing to accept back to sleep your way waiting for the response, but we are not waiting for the response to get back in the 2015 deal that is about to expire any way that will alienate the allies that we combined with to create the Abraham records this make any sense to you all your oil in the house or or or relations committee that should help. That was just on June 1.

There was a bipartisan support of 16 Democrats, including Chuck humor saying that no deal that Duncan addressed their use of terror their use of terrorism and so I don't I don't see this happening administration negotiated not one to really court reelected Saudi Israeli court right now. In all likelihood thrown away, alienated by rail ally will work against the Middle East and their alienating to our enemies yeah you going down a little bit but I want to get more questioning that was going on, Ukraine, Ukraine to try to get on the offense of intake particular sign back and take take into the so-called Russian pause.

These high Mars that we just sent over beginning to have an effect. They also have you we were asking for once ago hundred miles, so the ones we gave him the go 50 miles. Oh, what do you have you characterize was been happening in Ukraine right now as the Russians willing to sacrifice their people and kill civilians in order make advances in the Don bus eventually Ukraine work administration by blaming or MO Ukraine work which you can undermine public support. If you want to end every possible weapon that we could get give it to them now running out of equipment so let's take it what it meant. What we can take back some of the territory and end the day I met face-to-face for the first time in months yesterday like turkeys try to make that happen. To try to work out a way to get the grain out of Ukraine so Africa doesn't starve to death, let alone what could happen in Brazil. Thanks so much appreciated, Mark 1-866-408-7669 was start flooding the zone now with calls bottom of the hour. I'll go in depth and with tapping the Middle East because the guy might be the smartest, most experienced person in the region. Dennis Rossi work for both Republican and Democratic administrations. Yeah, he's one of those that story but you're next on the brain kill Nietzsche you need to know basis. You need to kill me if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your Brian kill me like Joe Biden climbed back up again so the presence of this time I look at both Joe Biden for overrating on inflation and Joe Biden's disapproval rating overall. What we see assistant's disapproval rating on inflation is topping 70% disapproval rating overall is still in the 50s, but if you compare every single other Pres. at this point in the first term throughout polling history.

This goes all the way back since the 1940s. He is the worst on both the reason he is the worst overall is because inflation is eating his presidency alive at this point, and that that was a commentary heard on CNN. Believe it or not, and you could tell Anderson Cooper did not want to hear that, but you really have a choice because when you bring economic experts on its automatic cheerleading. The guys name is Harry Antin so maybe he's like to be booked again for a while. Or if they decide that it's time for him to go.

Joe Biden got a go turn the page.

He's too old, like the New York Times seems to be saying the book over and over again.

Brian listened W MNC in Elkhart, Indiana hey Brian, I just want to let you know that the are starting to lay off people by the hundreds and now hiring signs that were up a month ago are no longer what they're building like crazy and it's just weird they're building RVs like crazy building Elkhart going in Elkhart, but the Army restricts up and started take a real bad hit hundreds of been laid off in the last month while so that the student with the reasons for that is because you guys are the Of the RV capital the world and people are building that just to play this out is because RVs looked at as a luxury item, and that's the first thing to go and gas prices are also taken it over here like 463 and most of them are told by big trucks. No right at six dollars a gallon over here so it's just it's just about take a real bad effect order. Thank you for that and we always love our listeners and MNC Brian Bill is Lucien KF TK in St. Louis Missouri was on with. I was on there yesterday Margaret, greetings from the heartland great with my bill because I think also about it but I want to mold Afghanistan is feckless and weak on foreign policy cuteness calculus was now's the time to go, took full advantage of this incompetence is really a good goes back to it's not our cyclical Biden? Also, I don't by Piper. McGowen or just listening to you. Reminds me of when he was talking about Afghanistan. They said this is going to be like psychotics is not to be like Saigon. It was actually worse in their disarming is been trained the last 20 years there was extremely well-equipped there knocking for the Taliban.

They're not gonna fall right away. They fell right away to the Taliban. Then we came to inflation when I cut this is going to be a small blip inflation is going to be transitory.

It is not transitory. Remember this cut 16 are economists have conveyed that they feel that the impact of our proposals will be transitory. All of the economists that the president is been relying on suggest that there is a transitory nature nature and the inflation problem. Economists called all these things transitory effects. This inflation that we are experiencing is transitory is not going to be here along with him several months of fine inflation. Most economists, including me, believes will be transitory. We don't expect that those that upward pressure will produce substantially higher prices or that the effects will be persistently expected. Toby transitory or temporary. That's a grand home. Biden of course Congresswoman Waters embarrassment to this country, Janet Yellen, the only one to admit she was wrong and then Chairman Powell transitory. These are the people in charge, so Stephen Moore did this, he guy really encourage you'll probably on the morrow, Stephen Moore, this esteemed economist work for Trump help design his tax cut plan just decide take a study in the 80s work with his company and said let's just look at the background of the top 60 economic people in the Biden ministration.

You know what they have combined real-world business experience zero years zero years so they have no idea what you're going through. They have no idea if you're small deli or dry clean or your black and you know of Blackstone. Whatever it is he has no idea he has data and you have data and you have laboratory you got professors and you have studies and theories. But you know what it's actually like to rent or lease to go for parking.

All these things. It's only for you is a theory and that's the problem. Why would you coming after the other ministration you had you a DU commerce second with 40 years experience you had Donald Trump with 50 years experience everyone around them.

At this experience Larry Kudlow in an attic government and that of the real world and that a broadcasting this is real-world experience but if you look at Afghanistan you look at what's happening with the economy look at the promises when it comes to inflation. Nobody believes the president either. He doesn't know where his outright lying. I think it's a little of both center. John Kennedy has a way of putting things cut 22 or more of their very disappointed in Pres. Biden's policies majority of Americans believe that he is mismanaged conversation mismanaged out with each mismanaged the border is mismanaged immigration.

He's mismanaged please mismanaged America's energy independence he's mismanaged Afghanistan he's mismanaged the economy and he's mismanaged inflation. Inflation is waterboarding. The American people stared there not be able to retire until their nightie to their 401(k) true and he goes on to use a great analogy cut 23 major what to say this but but the American people figured out Sharon later and that's why the moment pack and put this, the creepy banjo kid in deliverance is more popular than the present moment, better reverse direction soon. It's hurting America for charting. Yeah, you just heard the economist we open up the block with this is eating the vitamin inflation is eating by demonstration alive and what can happen is to get worse, not only did he hire the B team. The B team is leaving someone just wrote me an email will you do is go to Brian Click on comments or contacts, says Brian. I'm concerned that the Republicans bash Biden rightfully so, but I've heard there were Republicans and I want to hear the report was agenda for the midterms after they win.

What are they going to do great point Randy.

I appreciate it. I will bring that up Dennis Ross's next inside the Middle East with somebody that knows as much as anyone radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me and show will also continue building on the Abraham record which I strongly support because they may deepen Israel's integration of a broader region and establish lasting ties for business cooperation and tourism that is just some of the comments. The prison made in a press conference with the interim prime minister of Israel, they can have election soon. Dennis Ross joins us now. William Davidson distinguished fellow at the Washington Institute for near East policy, and probably the most experienced person American Middle East policy in the country. One of the top of the world that is always great to talk to you. You so I just find when the records and all these things happen when earth shattering news making things take place.

I was think about you because you said you know all the players you know where the Middle East is been Israel and Palestine and the Palestinians are no longer the focal point of my correct your finisher disappears and are going anyplace what you have in the region is a profound change. Many times when I'm asked the question, how are the Abraham record change in the region. I turn the question around I say what change in the region that make Abraham record possible and what change in the Arab states, especially the Sunni Arab states increasingly came to see reality where housing leaders were not capable or willing to do anything to resolve the conflict on their own and the Arab states were no longer prepared to deny themselves. What was in their interest and that what was in their interest was not only a set of relations with the Israelis and the security domain but also in the nonsecurity areas related to water, health, and the like and what we've seen therefore are Arab states were saying Palestinians were not forgetting you but were no longer prepared to suck by securing up the good to do much on your own and look at is had a common enemy and its run with the Prince United States at the 2015 deal is not worth staying in pulls out of it and put on massive sanctions that was he cosigned for the Sunni world to say, recognize Israel if you continue to understand that Iran is the enemy.

We pick sides, no doubt about it.

Ambassador we pick sides in a work to the greater peace in the Middle East and now the present for the first time that I know of. Mention the Abraham accords as a good thing, but he's not running away.

He's try to get back into the Iranian deal is that smart.

Well, I think it depend on what the strategy is going to be what I mean by that of the following get back into the reindeer were you doing to buy time until 23rd in terms of limiting their program. The question is what your strategy for a using the time you bought and be what your strategy for deterring hearing and you need to determine here and in the region because you get back and addictive file. They will have a big infusion of cash and resources, and if they can cause all the trouble of causing everything right now when they're under section. Imagine what they can do afterwards or you have to have a strategy to tour them there.

We also have a strategy to turn them after the 23rd which is a sunset provisions.

When they all the limitations on the program nuclear program and so they need to know that if they move towards a nuclear weapon after 2030. We will take out militarily, their entire nuclear infrastructure which they've invested in the last 40 years of building. That way you can determine the nuclear plant you have to do much more in the region. The presence talking about regional security architecture that integrates with the Arabs and we can do that under the central command we need to do much more there and send the signal to the rent that if they begin to do much more in the region aggressively is going to be a price that may need to see the price of the price is a moving ratcheting up the region and in return for changing their behavior and those risk in those areas then of course they can have sanctions looking American have a better economy. The choice, so in many ways is the land, and they have to see the consequences of not making that choice the Right Way, Ambassador. You talk as if the Iranians of rational players.

They don't care about the unrest with their people when they did get into this TCP away. They start with ballistic missile launch is almost taunting us. They began to create havoc. Additional havoc in Syria lied to me. I think it's it's so na�ve to even think that there gotta be rational players, you have to treat them like the outlaws. They are right between the outlaws of the road and led me rational and irrational.

You could argue that if they don't think that they're going to pay a price with us.

It's pretty rational to do the things that they're doing.

My point is, they need to understand the benefit price when they don't pay a price that may they feel they have free reign to do things that they're doing these really believed it was still moving forward with their nuclear program and that they were and that they were preaching it already and the other very shut off the cameras at this after Cicely we are supposed to be monitoring thing really think that basically they were observing the state of Israel was and it's a legitimate problem was that the JC file created a justification legitimate humor having a very large nuclear and construction.

JC Gray had them deferring a nuclear weapon options, not giving it up. Israelis were saying is extending the extended sunset provisions forever. Don't don't and the limitations on the size of their nuclear program.

Character the nuclear program in the year 2030. My point to you is if you're going to get back in the file that ultimately seems to depend upon the rent.

Menstruation wants to go back if you can go back into the JC file. Then they ransacked understand what what is the risk they're going to run if they decide to move towards a nuclear weapon after the 23rd. So in this case are asking Russia to begin between we go between go wrong with that one estimates a go-between, but be the reaction here.

Directing of the go-between but the Russians play an important role because all the material that will be shipped out of around right now. Rent is 18 times the amount of enriched uranium that the committee to have under the terms of JC file they are enriching the 60% which is very close to varicose weapons. They are installing advanced centrifuges which they were not permitted to be installing until the beginning of 2026. So all the things that put them in addition were right now their breakout time pretty close to zero. All the material they have in the country that they're not supposed to have it shipped out and when you get shipped out to get shipped out to Russia so the Russians get paid to do to accept this uranium.

I don't get paid, but they certainly may view it as being in their interest on the and and clearly the Russians could under certain point, they can only send the stuff back program so there have to be some kind of safeguards built in against that.

Anyway, I think it Russians are not because of of Ukraine and Russia right now, I'm not playing a little on this what we are seeing is the Russians are going closer to the rent and think about it, Brian. It's actually quite extraordinary. The Russians are going to get drones from the rain to get training from the Iranians on the ground that tells you something about how much the Iranians have developed drones even while they been under section. It's unbelievable. And plus I got to see our technology some land there TCP away the expires between 2026 and 20 2030 with the 2031 so it's sunset something they could decide you know it. I think I want to make a nuclear weapon and I'm not violating anything. So they've they've go ahead they become with their part of the world oil market. They're able to trade their able to stand up their economy, and then they were able to get a nuclear weapon, yet they're still hesitating to get into this deal to me. I think if the present United States wants to walk away with something tangible.

How about getting out of this deal. Putting the sanctions back on in telling this Saudi's will do all this if you recognize Israel and then the prison will have his first foreign policy victory will be one of the issues you have.

Sanctions are on the ring right now. They have been lifted. The real question will be if we can follow what you're suggesting. What we need to do at the same time my my point would be if you're going to adopt this kind of a posture such as economic sanctions, and ascension. The real issue has to be, they have to know that if they move towards a weapon in their response to our walking away from the negligent act understand they will risk their entire nuclear infrastructure today. They don't believe today. I don't believe will use force. The president is saying in Israel today that we will, I think, to make that make the rhetoric credible. We should be doing a number of things I advocated for some time.

We currently provide Israelis a massive ordnance Penetrator. This was developed actually during the Obama ministration is a mountain buster not a bunker buster. The reason that's important is one of the enrichment sites in red is Florida which is built into a mountain.

So if you have the capability to destroy that site. But if we provided them the message board, they would have thought that would send a pretty impressive signal to the Iranians because even if they don't think they will act militarily. That would send the signal that we will support Israelis doing so, my point is I can't argue with you when you stay JC, when you go back to KC file, or you leave the JC file or there is no really, if we don't have a strategy of deterrence towards demands that they believe face all these problems anyway. My point is where you can greatly are not.

We need a strategy of deterrence that we don't have the almost impossible we've got the Saudi's and Iranians equally matted us with the current policy because we call them a pariah nation because the horrific thing they did to Khashoggi and maybe some other actions but Saudi Arabia has never had a government that we wanted to and wanted to mirror but we also know that by taking the Hootie lever rebels off the terrible of the terrorist list that was and that was something looked at as a direct rebuke to Saudi Arabia because they are relatively rocketing populated civilian civilian populated areas so that was also so we managed to alienate both Iranians were nothing to do with us and up until now, neither did the Saudi's what he thinks could happen today you write is column about there is no reason to walk away from you from human rights concerns. At the same time deal with Saudi Arabia and what way have you do that like going to do it is very clear. Human rights concerns are to continue.

They help to define who we are. So were not what you raise with in private raise with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. You raise what our concerns are. You say it we see certain kind of behavior and we will be publicly multiplied but let's establish certain boundaries. We won't surprise you don't surprise us in the areas where we have to manager your thinking will do that we won't walk away from our concerns but we also have profound common interest and we both want to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear weapon state. We both want to prevent around the region. We both want to have a long-term stability in the oil market, especially for the next two decades. It's going to take us to be a transition.

Away from fossil fuels we don't want to have five dollars a gallon gasoline because we have 30 you have an interest in a stable oil market. We have an interest in a stable oil market. You have an interesting developing alternative energies in green either gin and green energy. Let's collaborate on only together. The areas where we found common interest, especially given the struggle with Russia and China. Let's build our relationship along these lines were not asking you to change who you are, but were not to change who we are.

The reality is you are carrying out a huge social transformation within Saudi Arabia great socialization that sinner and want to see you succeed and modernization effort that national preparation let's build a relationship on that basis. I think that's a very strong message.

I think of one that would be accepted within seven I'm concerned about the anti-Israel feeling among the new generations of Democrats. I it's not lost it.

Then I'm being shy about it usually hears with present buying was asked about that by Israeli television cutting voices in the Democratic Party serve voices that say that Israel's apartheid state calling for an end of unconditional aid. There is between you and there are few of them. I think the wrong.

He thinks Iran I love the answer he gave but are you concerned about that. I am concerned about. There is they are looking through a prism distorted prism they are treating a country that is fundamentally democracy if it is not a look at the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and Israelis are the sole party responsible for why there's a conflict.

They ignore anything that seems to including in areas of denial of human rights know if you are ousting the only place safe is it to go to Tel Aviv. They they are distorting the nature Is not to say that everything is raised in Houston in his right right you can criticize the things that are wrong but you can't distort what Israel is a democracy and remains the only democracy in the Middle East Dennis Ross owes educational be with you.

Thanks so much. My pleasure to be with you got it would be back with your do I want to get your insight on the insight we just provided.

This is the brain tell me show so that year something new every day, Brian kill me show breaking loose unique opinions.

All Brian kill me show back everybody got some news and update on Benjamin Hall you know in Ukraine is our crew was attacked by an IED without really sure the details of happen, but doubt there with Ukrainian troops and he was targeted by by Russian force hit by a rocket and then was lucky to survive. No doubt about it ahead of his 40th birthday, our CEO, Suzanne Scott and the prison of news Jay Wallace went out and visit them. They just put out this is a great picture of how he's doing in Texas and basically these are the Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas in the military a lot to do with getting Benjamin out using Ukrainian hospital getting terrible care to MANOVA wars only and no equipment is they say he is a long road to full recovery, but his progress over the last four months is been nothing short of remarkable. And of course when the bureau chief Dragon Petrovich recently traveled to see Ben as well and was just as hard by the visit, then assess what the entire team Fox news media know is doing well. Mrs. Fox family most of all I want to express our thankfully is everyone reaching out into the continuous support of the last several months.

Looking forward to returning home to be with his wife and children and Labrador retriever. He also look forward to returning to the Fox family of shoulder to see him on air again but he he underwent very harrowing situation. Benjamin Hall goes in the middle of goes in the middle of these fights and you'd understand the risk when the big risk I think is underappreciated that he wasn't with the American forces it's never when you're embedded you never with this. There's always a chance you can get hit when you're not when you're not with the American forces Ukrainian forces were pretty much untested really taking risk and we saw that quick note on my don't have a chance talk about those stories and more about Fox and about red white and blue events of my seven New York Times bestsellers all be August 27. If you want to buy tickets and go live VIP opportunity to get a chance to meet you in person New Jersey performing arts in an August 27 Brian kill to get tickets to be at all be in the Albany New York up with the egg. September 8 go get tickets now and then I'll get a chance to answer all your questions and get them each person for November 12 City Hall live in Brandon, Mississippi.

Also, Karen listeners W November 13 Fox News radio studios in New York City you opinions and facts with a positive answer.

Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here about is the Brian kill me show a lot going on the prison overseas a lot of action happening here at home and will be going over it. We don't govern rabbits holding a press conference today about the growing crisis try to get people aside from loss to pay attention.

I wonder if they will we know Nancy Pelosi in about 90 minutes of press coverage will that ever come up just leaving care.

She blows it off. My hope is that she's to be forced into retirement.

About three months. This would she ever go back into the minority. McCarthy emerges as the next speaker like is like to likely to Byron York is standing by Robert for afford ambassador to Syria from 2011 to 2014 will be joining us on the Middle East and how the present strip is being received. But first let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three every time we talk about chemistry on the record, more migrants, they might be a part of the giveaway program. The present lecture knew exactly what he is doing this will cause more people cross the border.

That is Tom home the broken border gateway for criminals and illegals.

I got up against with the Mexican president did by referencing this a pet he wants a pathway to citizenship it to cosign.

It's going to get worse.

We've laid out for the leadership of Arabian were willing to accept your way waiting for the response, but we are right. Maybe it is because we waiting for your response and she took over day to Israel, the president and the pomp and circumstances and flattery is overwhelmed by the administration's ridiculous attachment to this 2015 Iranian deal. They don't want to get into it. Nobody wants us into it, but the president wants to get back into it, lose lose lose this inflation and the pandemic.

Our monetary system supporting the economy so we can get to the pandemic and now we have rushes at in war against Ukraine together. We haven't unacceptably high levels of inflation that is true, and that is a County Council of economic advisors chairperson Cecelia Roos devastating. That's how we all must be the 9.1% inflation rate in all efforts at spinning deception from the bite administration are in play blame the prudent price like they blame the pandemic today possibly blame all their spending and their quest to raise prices on Tay right now the markets down 500 points Byron York probably knew that already, chief political consultant Washington Examiner Byron welcome back first of the 9.1% not even had distant in four years, how we do was way to get out of this.

I'm not too sure raising taxes is the best way but traditionally raising interest rates is correct and we agree that right records of appointment beautiful point which I mean will increase the chances that the economy does go into recession. So it's it's really a double-edged sword here with extraordinary and I'm running about this for quite a while. By the end of last year, 20, 21, bipartisan consensus that these massive spending bill. The Democrats passed in Congress had made inflation worse even.

There's an article in the publication clocks that basically said that there was a bipartisan consensus and if you remember after the bipartisan structure bill passed in after the covert relief bill passed Democrats on what they called Bill back better, which is computer huge biking agenda bill, maybe 3 1/2 trillion dollars and saying numbers on Joe mansion. The reason he stopped this inflation.

It's a bad idea. Inflation is already bad luck. Don't make it worse. But that's exactly what Democrats tried to do and what incredible now is now.

Even after this report of emplacement 9.1%, Senate Democrats are still trying to salvage a really big spending bill to see if they can pour more fuel on the fire before the midterm elections. So Joe mansion spoke yesterday to Hilary von and I think that he was really alarmed by the 9.1% inflation read between the lines for me here cut 19 since it basically everyone should be very cautious of what were doing and how we're approaching things now looking at anything that could inflame the inflationary high numbers that we have. It's difficult right now people are having a hard time paying their bills and having hard time with inflation. Everything they buy when you look at all the cost of groceries. Today we look at the cost of gasoline. Looking cost of energy, the necessities that people have to live every day extremely difficult West Virginia all over the country so I'm just saying anything that I'm looking at anything this people conversing with me on I'm scrubbing it the best I possibly can to see if anything could be causing more inflation. That's what I'm concerned and wanted to talk about the other spending issues. So do you think this might go said the same path that you fear that there might be a pathway on reconciliations for a a go back better to hear really frustrated party. The Democrats are there may be some level spending that he would be comfortable with, especially if it benefits West Virginia a lot but clearly the stuff he is saying now sounds a lot like a stuck saying when he put a stop to build back better at the end of last year to December of last year he releases a statement in place and I don't think maybe around 8% that point on.

Just too much so he say anything very similar thing now and I would be very surprised if he didn't do the same thing. I hope so I hope you're right. And now I just go play one more mansion to maybe kind of fortify your beliefs, cut 20 Biden said the insulation number today is outdated because it doesn't include a small drop in gas prices we've seen recently is he right to blame the data for a bad historically bad inflation number. I would, I would hope that he was bright and that we wouldn't be, but I same people that might've given information saying it was transitory year ago wasn't transitory so I'm just safe. You going to air air on the side of caution right now that's all the people can't take much more.

So I mean I feel a bit better after hearing that to begin to raise our corporate tax rate and said different spending plans. I think that they'll go against what he's been saying QUITE okay and that effort been away inflation numbers were old and maybe emplacement really bad. Two months ago but it's much better today I'm not working the numbers within the 9.1% for groceries for fuel oil, gasoline for new cars used cars only really really bad so here again saying the same thing that he said last year in my guest and I have the same result which is frustrated Democrats who want to get one more big spending bill and before they likely lose power in November York I guess Byron I was just sent my hands over the weekends. I read the New York Times story about them suddenly realizing that Joe Biden sold the same way so they suddenly realized the laptop was real. You wrote a column about that when you take about why the New York Times is writing this and put those are rent his poll numbers in assuming their act around the choses cut 33% approval rating well on Saturday.

New York Times drought. By testing the boundaries of a diplomatic way to hold and like the night or Monday morning they dropped the new poll that showed that 64% of Democrats want a different nominee in 20 2464% of Democrats recruitment is a Democrat so you know it almost appeared as if the time for helping a lady lay the foundation for an effort to push Biden out because remember the long story saying what the president is going to run again. What part of that not understand, and we have heard reports that Joe Biden, convinced himself that despite his age. He is the only man who can defeat Donald Trump if it comes to that. So he tells Democrats. I am the only man standing between us and the company in a bit disaster that will be Donald Trump so convinced himself that in this effort, but New York Times seemed to lay a foundation for Democrats to say no to the president's foreign policy to any. Also, we watch you and he has all these issues with China never addresses the pandemic Vladimir Putin go Ukraine obviously didn't determine all now is going to meet with with other leaders said the prince of Saudi Arabia and it did to me today and worked over the next two days to get to me with nine heads of state in India. He should blast India for buying Russian oil and with the MBS he should say listen, this is my problem with you. You gotta stop murdering people that you disagree with.

But I do appreciate some your reforms and this is how we can work together.

Willie affected the campaign. He said he was going to make Saudi Arabia a pariah state and he talked all about getting caught on Saudi Arabia after the murder of Khashoggi, but the failure sometimes say that all politicians do that until they really can come to look at the first security briefing and they find out that Saudi Arabia is a pretty important strategic partner and then they soften up a little and lo and behold Joe Biden is going over there is going to back this out please produce more oil.

Not sure they can or not but begged him to do it and is going to recognize as this is just the fact that the United States has significant military assets an interest in strategic interests in Saudi Arabia and they are in fact what Biden says we are, which is a strategic partner. So I think that's going to overcome some of the moralizing that's taken place after the murder of Khashoggi dosing. He yanks like a tough guy in rhetoric and speeches with face-to-face on the phone, please assume whatever it is he's not that tough and he never addresses the major issues and you know one thing you have Trump is very very open so he goes over to NATO. Germany don't want to be dependent on Russia for your heating your power. Natural gas don't do it and I do it and now the Russian possibility.

The really bad bad winter coming, so there you know diplomacy is usually thought of as being very gentle with your words. A lot of times it's better to just come out and say it and lastly I saw Gavin Newsom walk into the White House yesterday we saw the videos kiss me with the vice president.

Obviously .2.

There is a sinner and she got around six years and people waving people speculating he looks the part. But there is no one less worthy of being the leading contender to be president Gavin Newsom destroyed a state he destroyed San Francisco first and then help lead California into an abyss and yet he thinks he's a presidential candidate might get it because he seems to look like central casting of a president commander look like a man doing now in your efforts to try to attack Rhonda Sanders who he may view his counterpart in the Republican race for 2024. What is doing now. Just shows you how delicate and possibly problematic Democrat.

It situation is for 2024.

You have a president is increasingly saying that he is too old to be president. Right now, much less if you search until he is 86 years old which we do in the second term. So you got a lot of Democrats who want it different nominee. They want to make Joe Biden one term president. But the natural successor. If Biden were to not running natural successor is the vice president United States, Harris poll terribly. Not impressed anybody in Democrats fear would lose. She is also the first woman vice president and the first vice president of color so this is usually delicate situation Democrats.

I personally do not believe that if Biden didn't did not run again. I don't think they could push Harris out the nomination because she is the obvious, but you have people like Gavin Newsom is welcome people in Congress positioning themselves just in case something's going on? Are you, and by the way, I just can't legally delete California for day with those problems. Instead, he's going to Montana financing Florida visiting Washington getting awards for stuff he doesn't deserve seeming like it but I get exasperated easily, perhaps somebody will nobody will notice what is happening look okay. I doubt it will be the varsity examiner find that the two-story Byron York. Thanks so much. Thank you Brian, you got it.

Listen we come back your turn. 186640876 accent go to Brian and just click on contacts and comments don't something new every day, Brian Kilby show the fastest three hours in radio with Brian until made going up going up but going up more more well but nobody right now. Ray will like you know what all will wait up. I love safe that I just can't itself. I do my fillets and garlic with them and pretty America how people responding so I want to get by the numbers get to the people they say the Midwest is suffering with inflation at a higher rate and the now. The producer price index is come out the wholesale prices at 11.3% in June. You surging energy causes fueling that so excluding food, energy, and trade everything is up 6.4%. The monthly gain of .3% jobless claims jumped to 244,000 last week, the highest level since 2021 was good. Alex was sent WABC in Brooklyn hallux with your last. Byron said that Chris can put my liners at 2024 rate. The black woman of great.

I think the Democrats care more about winning the election looking rich is because the whole reason why there is thinking that their proto-black people in their country.

Recruitment want the black vote, Harris did so poorly in the primary election of 2020 that I don't think it would even take a chance of having seen this though, Alex, would you see the replay did have to replace her or beat her with a with a minority in some way, and whether it's Stacy Abrams and she's able to pull off a huge upset in Georgia that would be it. I think it would or black person or it's a shame she should be the best person but it just that the world we live in an right now at least stepping out of the left point and will and thanks Wilson Byron York. It was makes excellent points. You have to agree all the time on the show Robert for his next ambassador to Syria for three years. You want to know what it's like in the Middle East for the present United States will tell us the talkshow that's getting you talk with Brian kill me. Saudi Arabia and Israel is coming Saturday is really, really want to have. I believe an important relationship with Israel.

Israel is a technological giant. There are very developed sophisticated country. They can be a real great partner to Saudi Arabia.

They have a course a common enemy of all the rent that was Joseph Westfall on CNN talk about Saudi Arabia has what they want out of this meeting with the present United States. They really fear, fear, or worry about Ron with the rebels in Yemen who is now taken over the government of Yemen. They would've happened without Ron present walks right in there and pretty much started with the Ronald thanks so in an effort to please be friends with me.

Sorry about the last guy, but I will be like the last guy to David Singer. The New York Times laid it out. Perfect to see what is at stake for this trip because remember present Kai Kennedy Biden said Saudi Arabia is a prior nation and this and this trump administration let them get away with murder cut 39. The hard part for the present. Right now is he wants to tell his face that human rights are sent to Lewis foreign policy have been central but this is been the great glaring exception because he needs to convince Americans to bring down gas prices and that means he's getting more oil flowing and the Saudis know they have him where they wanted, which is that finally the United States need Saudi Arabia for something big and this may be Mohammed bin Solomon, the crown princes way out of the exile at diplomatic exile. He has been in since the killing of promotion strategies that this wheels have to ask yourselves, to which we back out of a relationship. We decide that that country is not worth it. Just know that China has no where ethics they don't care about human rights care best past track record arrival race therein, and if not rush will fill that gap to because they're desperate investor Robert for George me now use investors Syria from 2011 2014.

Currently, senior fellow at the Middle East Institute in Washington best. I'm not sure how much you heard of David Singer of the New York Times comments a set on CNN but he says basically they have Joe Biden over barrel with just a that's correct. The Saudi oil. Of course, is really important to world energy prices and in the end American gasoline prices and our long-term interest in Saudi Arabia's providing oil to world energy markets was back way before Joe Biden.

This isn't new understood, but it was the first time in a long time someone got elected office and said this is a prior nation yes so that Pres. Biden sometimes goes too far in his or her remarks on he doesn't in both the mass domestic issues sometimes and he doesn't on foreign policy issues to I think when he called the Saudi ruling family problem for the world and down call them a pariah. He was going well beyond what reality can American national security interests required. They care the Saudi strictly care.

Of course they hear. They were very angry about, and that's one of the reasons they look to countries like Russia and China and built up relations with them in a way that was not true, say, 10 or 15 years. Of course they care ambassadors so I'm over here microphone caught on my go up to present Biden as their walking at the G7 say by the way just called over to Saudi Arabia there having more oil push there have anyone they can't do much more is that we really did is that we supposed to take that at face value due to McCrone have to whisper that to the president doesn't have other ways to find that out and do you think that's correct. So the Saudi's have capacity to produce oil, but the Saudi's also have their own national interest is great for Saudi Arabia world energy prices. Prices stay high barrel of oil at 80 or $90 a barrel is great for Saudi Arabia for their budget on second point I would make on this is the Saudi's have a relationship with Russia now not saying that Russia has replaced the states it has not Russia and Saudi Arabia do share some economic interests and the Saudi's factor that into their national policy. So in a sense, because Saudi Arabia is stronger now.

It will do things that it perceives are in Saudi national interest. They won't just automatically follow orders from the United States. In that sense, it's really a different world from, say, 1990. I would say so absently that we didn't give them instant missile defense after they were rocketed by the Iranians and I do think one way to win them over would be to put the Hutu rebels back in a down there on the terror watch list and let everybody know that Iran is the bad guy in the region and were pulling out of this peace agreement from 2015 when you think so. The size of course never liked the 2015 agreement. I'm sure they're very happy. Biden said they're going to keep the Iranian Revolutionary guard Corps on the terrorism list think it's also important for listeners to remember that the problems with the Saudi Arabia goes all the way back into the trumpet nutrition when Iran attacked Saudi oil facilities in 2019. The terms administration very carefully did not respond militarily to that strength.

Then the Americans later withdrew surface-to-air missile defense system 70.

Americans need them in other places that Saudi Arabia is not the only place in the world where military is busy defending things so one of the things that bind them in discussion they put the finished just in the system in Saudi Arabia. So yeah he put them in the Americans to come back out again in one of the things that Biden has to do on this trip is to talk to the Saudi seriously about how much they can expect to get from the United States in terms of security and how much the signs are have to work with other countries, including Israel to manage the Iran threat.

That's the whole point of this trip to the Middle East really is to build up cooperation between Israel and other Arab states, notably Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates so that the Israelis help defend them against Iran, and not just the United States, Iran is a regional problem in the Middle East and it's not just an American problem, and so the signs and MRIs trainees and others have to start working with other countries and regions, notably Israel for this defense against Iran, and I think that's a good initiation with be the American taxpayer have to defend the Gulf states, absolutely.

But I think I got the message of the Abraham records. I don't think they really needed it for us to tell them to work to with their neighbors against Iran do they, I think the Americans have a role here. It's going to be easier for Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia to work in a cooperative fashion with the Israelis with the Americans deeply involved. I want to just picture and operations room.

Ralph got like Israeli military officer Saudi Arabia military officers and running military officers and others.

Do you think works smoothly by themselves and there might be sometimes for American generals. American senior officers who know them all very well already. From our years of regional defense work on the Americans disorder on grease the wheels a little bit if you will. It's very hard for me to imagine a joint operations Center without some kind of American presence there, if for no other reason.

Israelis have no experience with regional military leadership. But the Americans from 1990 in the war against Saddam in Kuwait and 2003, the Americans have a lot more experience don't happen. And so the Americans have a role to play. No, no kidding, and when we vote we been in the region, but the Abraham records the first time I heard the present even say those words were today states in support of the Abraham records, so having going to the region.

Here's David Sanger on will the Saudi's be the next country to join, officially join these records.

The New York Times cut 40. You won't see that on this trip, I suspect, but you will see steps in that direction and this integrated air defense which you probably will hear about during the press conference is a step in that direction.

Working with the Arab states against a common adversary Iran to ward off their air attacks and their drones, so it may be a trip away from happening, but we put it in jeopardy is trying to get back into the 2015 deal when you say I think that you can follow both tracks for little while but it's pretty clear they're not getting get 2015 deal back again. My talks are going nowhere and so I think the Americans are already moving to accelerate Plan B which is a sort of a military response which has two aspects.

One is deterring Iran from attacking and then the second is more more thinking about a military response and if you noticed Biden on this trip for the first time came out and said well as a last resort will use military force. I have not heard the president say that before. I have not heard Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor say that were not her 20 Lincoln Secretary of State.

So the Americans were sort of slowly shifting step-by-step and there's no reason to like rush this, it's better do it steadily and not make mistakes in the process. What is your take on Iran supplying hundreds of drones and training Russians to use them in the Ukrainian war so the Iranians of course need allies to.

They're not the only ones that want to analyze and especially as they look at an emerging Israel America Gulf states Saudi Emirates alliance the Iranians to her reaching out for allies in the logical one is Russia and so I don't know that these Iranian drones are to make a huge difference on the battlefields of eastern Ukraine will see, but I think what we will see steadily is more more cooperation between Iran and Russia, whether that be in military feels like he's drone sales could be some business deals I would imagine Iranian Russian relations over the next years will get stronger behind the scenes became a target investor for news ambassador to Syria for three years tumultuous time to be there.

Ambassador breezed by the scenes. Turkey is now brokering talks about getting grain out of Ukraine with Russia and the Ukrainians will leverage to Turkey turks have and how hopeful should people be so it's interesting the Turks actually have a pretty good relationship with Russia on I think it's important for listeners to remember that historically over the past hundreds of years. Turkey and Russia have been bitter enemies and they fought many wars right now on Turkey is a sort of economic outlet for Russia. The Turks have not applied sanctions against Russia. The way the United States and Europe have done. I was just in Turkey about a month ago and down meeting a group of Russians there actually and they highlighted me. The Russians did that Turkey is the sort of economic outlet for Russia right now.

If you're Russian and you want to fly anywhere in the world. You pretty much have to go to a stumble, the big airport in the stumble to fly to any other place in the world you can't going to Europe because the airports are all close to Russian planes so the Turks have some leverage with the Russians and the Turks I think would like to see a diplomatic victory for them if they could broker a deal like this and get some grain ships out to the Mediterranean to some of especially African and Arab countries which are importers of food and are facing real food problems so it would be a diplomatic achievement for Turkey and that's I think what everyone is trying to do but there are still many hurdles to overcome, not least of which are like minds and Lexi is good at relations with Russia to integrate why, for example, McCrone still is in contact and so is how Schroeder of Germany. But don't you believe that Turkey is pushing the edge of native relations by continuing to circumvent the sanctions as well as India taking cheap oil, depending to be depended be a friend of the West you think there's there's leverage that could be taken against both these countries to get them in line because they're extending this Russian Ukrainian war talk about indifference, because that's the easier one. So India is a friend to the United States but India is its own big billion-dollar and start billing person population and the Indian-American alliance to the extent there is one is aimed at China, so it's really important to think carefully about things you want the Indians because of Russia.

What to do with India's help against China, and we do need Indians help against and then you Harris so will he do I think it's important here to not throw the baby out with the bathwater and not to just apply sanctions willy-nilly. I think it's much better to talk to the Indians about specific things they can do rather than threatening to bang them on the head with sanctions. Let's be honest about sanctions. Sanctions are feel-good foreign-policy measure.

They have a very poor history changing adversary capitals behavior in foreign-policy. They didn't work with Saddam Hussein. They haven't worked with Bashar Assad haven't worked with the government in Venezuela.

I mean, let's be honest if they don't achieve very much, but they make us feel good. So before we go on bashing India with possible repercussions engine help with China on my think we need to consider.

Now I'm Turkey Turkey on the Turks certainly could do more and they could start applying sanctions. They are NATO members. After all, but Turks have their other problems with brush and most notably in Syria and the Turkish military and the Russian military actually thought skirmishes Syria. I think listeners should know that Turks and Russians have fired at each other. The Russians killed 30 soldiers in an airstrike two years ago. So if were going to start insisting that native that Turkey is a NATO member do these things. Are we willing to help Turkey find Russians in Syria is a serious foreign-policy question investor so asking us right back.

You have to have you now to reach his tremendous great investor for thanks so much, my pleasure. You got it.

1-866-408-7669 back in a moment far to wrap up the air to move newsmakers and news breakers.

First, kill me, show me so busy he'll make dear you kill me. I think it is an indication, however, that what were looking at is something of an in that all sharks are Tiger sharks is a little bit closer to shore. The Navy and they've always been here. They always put out there that is the blown one of the great guise of a county executive. Great guy, great friend to the show but I'm not really worried everything new normal with sharks attended every swimmers can be attacked by a shark. I mean it's not like we can expect a hurricane every year mean the new normal interview don't want to be attacked by shark cocoa on the water. According to reports, two things these shark attacks.

Think small cuts rating died didn't lose land that think a 4 inch gash ideal. It's very scary, but the use of any missionary or are you afraid sharks say that again these women. The ocean are you do not know I was swimming the ocean, but I'm very aware of them, a visit that they lived and when shark attacks have shark attacks happen on land, then I would say that I would say that is the new normal for shorts to attack in the water. I called at normal normal life over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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