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Is the NYT the New Mouthpiece for IRS?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 22, 2022 3:49 pm

Is the NYT the New Mouthpiece for IRS?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 22, 2022 3:49 pm

Is the NYT the New Mouthpiece for IRS?

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Times new mouthpiece for the IRS one love law enforcement these days. Talk about that more today on secular now your into the new piece by the New York Times, a blast, Republicans requote unfounded conspiracy theories about the IRS. They just have a short memory of it New York Times because of our case, the linchpins for liberty where the IRS admitted to a federal court, they did in fact target groups because of of their backgrounds because of their views because of their name sounded like conservative groups because they had liberty, freedom life Constitution that he don't New York Times it but you know and they acknowledge that in their article that those groups are targeted where some other progressive groups.

The only progressive groups that were in this were because they had those kind of terms in their name.

And guess what.

Once they found out they were progressive groups you think that they had a problem getting the text in status not know number progressive groups had to file in court to get their tax-exempt status. Reviewed debits will be, but this was so bad that they could not get an answer from the IRS. It will even like the IRS said no. Now I need to appeal the IRS just just froze them all out. So let's go through the history of this because of the New York Times headline.

The course is totally incorrect and misleading, but let let's go through the history, what really was going on here.

When you understand the history you can understand what really is taking place. So the IRS okay refused to grant recognition to a series of conservative groups. In fact his door and said refused to respond to these groups when their applications. It's called form 1023 is filed seeking IRS taxes and status and then when they didn't respond after response after response coming from the taxpayer. The text is an organization we find out that the IRS is actually set up a system they to be on the lookout list below list that city names like liberty, freedom Constitution, these names are in the organization's name they need to be handled specially they targeted so New York Times Appling prayers of the time, said the time said Republicans who have long accused the IR rest of unfairly targeting conservatives and I'm saying Republicans have long accused the IRS. The IRS and I'm holding the order in my hand that we obtained in federal court. Section paragraph 40. The IRS admits that his treatments of the plaintiffs and is was like 40 tax-exempt organizations. All conservative during the taxes and determination process including screening their applications based on their names or policy positions.

Subjecting those applications to heightened scrutiny in the northern delays and demanding up some plaintiffs information that the Inspector General for the tax form for the IRS determined was unnecessary to the agency's determination of their tax exempt status was wrong for such treatment, the IRS expresses that sincere apology ads did the main culprit of all this Lois Lerner let's play what she said they use names like tea party were patriots and they selected cases, simply because the application had those names in the time that was wrong. The IRS would like to apologize for that. We accept an apology. We went to federal court to cases when the District of Columbia DC, one in Ohio obtain monetary judgment millions of dollars for our clients. In the case in Ohio and then got a basically what is a declaratory judgment. A consent order by the IRS acknowledging the wrongdoing putting procedures in place so these headlines are wrong and now you're to give an agency that's incapable self-correcting 87 7000 new agents.

That's exactly why the ACLJ exists now I want to say something we are in a matching challenge campaign and I asked her team today.

How far we are behind last year so this date last year. As of this morning for hundred and $35,587.02 behind where we are were last year at this time we really need your support. We want to close that gap Jordan. We need people staying with us yet we doing support work ACLJake because he got matching challenge if you care this a great time to donate because UW Patrick donation. Only 50 bucks right now that's like 100 force donate today ACL trade out of your secular we are to your phone calls to 164, 31, two, we know the IRS is doubling in size and you know you Facebook is flagging people and in social media Flagging people because, well, some of the people that we hired the new 80,000 gun toting agents ready to shoot to kill as the IRS website said they they will some of those people will be replacing people retire this year okay 80,000 people are retiring this year from the IRS so it's not like they're just it. It's just that you replacing a a with a this is doubling the size of its enforcement division in the support of what is the IRS Army as Lindsey Graham is called it because it is larger this new hire group is larger than what are most closest allies entire military the UK. Think about that from the UK has 81,000 members in the military all combined all the branches. The IRS love 87,000 new agents now.

Yes, a smaller country, but it just puts into perspective how big just the IRS enforcement division is and how small the taxpayer services portion is actually 3 billion over 10 years, which would give that the iris over 10 years, 300 and will it replace the fax machines so the taxpayer services which is what they should their number one priority should be is take care of people who want to pay their taxes right for trying to follow the rules and if they owe more or or deserve a refund.

They get it on time and you answer your phone and you work past 3 o'clock in the afternoon and you'll fax your house officer. Yeah, I mean you know you use any text or information is a report forgetting to revenue agents are working from the homes of your faxing your taxpayer information to the house. They love all the privacy accepting of a federal gun when it's been when she's on the other foot. When you start asking questions and wanting to be anything but can't because it infects other people to understand something. The party backed off that she knows an increase of courses can increase audits for people under 400,000 lives looking at the gate economy. They call it. Those are musicians, hair shops, your barbershops, beauty salons, those kind of places so the problem is this. This is an agency that is just in terribly terribly bad shape when it comes to technology terribly awful with your colic. Taxpayer services and like you said 303 was a $30 billion 3 million 3 billion yes was 300 million a year over 10 years late for everything every year for 10 years limited with that equals to an IRS talk nothing that surrounding air in their budget, so the real problem here is where this goes and and this is where the ACLJ comes in. We have to be on top of these agencies whether it's through legislation, whether as in this particular case in federal court. We went to federal court in two different cases to rectify this. It didn't self-correct and as soon as the bite administration was put in back in office. They went after a group in Texas or prison. Limerick Institute handle it.

We put in a foil on it to find out who the heck came up with that letter was a letter sent to the tax-exempt organization Christian organization where they said W equals word of God, the equaled Republican. It was ridiculous. Who would even ask these were the fact that the agency was asking these questions and now you just cannot throw more money at it and say here's 87,000 new agents go out and find money, which is what their argument is what this will do it identified $400 million a year sitting pay for the new 80,000 agents and 97,080 7000 agents because they cost $80 billion, and I mean, I think, 60 or 50 of that is going to the new agents having so the 400 million a year where is all adding up your stuff and be running IRS deficit and ended the issue is this. With the technology available, why not build technology that can do this that that then you don't have to have human beings who have prejudices built in politics. Issues like that engaging in the basics of the filing and then if you need follow-up service. You spend the money on taxpayer services so they can actually interact with someone at the IRS earlier on in the process so that they don't have to be audited in the thing I don't understand.

In the 1950s, the groups like the ACLU NAACP legal defense funds they would they would be aggressive against the IRS because the IRS was targeting their client.

The iris would be targeting liberal groups. And that's not right either. By the way, is targeting is wrong. But now all of a sudden it's like radio silently bring the case for the tea party groups is like crickets nothing from the other side so I got what I don't understand is the double standard and believing. This is the problem so the iris is been weapon eyes before to try to crush the pro-life of the civil rights movement. They try to do it to the pro-life movement as I can give you the list.

Then it was when they hit the tea party groups lately Such a broad net that they technology, Inc. that the word tea party liberty, freedom, patriot, those were the keywords that were the basis upon which you know if those were in your name. That's it. You not to be an organization recognized for taxes and status.

Like Jordan said they didn't even respond to. Here's what the American people need to do is say no this is not right because if you're filing your your refund when you pay your taxes lobby are still waiting for because they can't produce it taking your calls and all this at 1-800-684-3110, 1-800-684-3110. This is gonna wreck havoc for small businesses, which is the backbone of the American economy had this if you want to talk was 800-684-3110 that's again.

Their starting point is when they use that $400,000 a year that started. That is a lot of small businesses right there even even believing that number. So saying it won't be a bill over that. That's a lot of people, small business level and then they employ a lot of people so there's a lot of people who at the end of the day. Maybe their employer to small business takes home around for hundreds of $2000 year five and somewhere around that but they also employing a euro hundred 50 people, but 4040+ people you know with good jobs and are coming after them, after the employer of that that which small business is the backbone of our country. Most people aren't just corporate America who go into a giant office building every year and even be going off those a lot of those offices are small businesses.

So coming from the New York Times Argus of the legislation with Mr. Bynes on this New York Times this week will allow the beleaguered agency to hire more than 80,000 employees upgrade outdated technology systems improve its ability respond taxpayer we just said that their response to taxpayers is like a meaningless number because that's like a new thing for listen when former Congressman Jason Jason Chapin said he's echoing exactly what we said what can happen or take a listen, throwing literally billions of dollars at the IRS.

Don't tell me that Hall were not to touch anybody under $400,000. You have nothing to worry about. There is no worse feeling in this country for getting a notification from the IRS that you're under audit and that's what the Democrats are asking for that is with the IRS is in the Democrats are asking for this we showed throughout that time we had letters from Democrat members of Congress and again, Facebook, YouTube, every mistake we can produce is for you if you like, ask us before a flag, always asking the IRS to go after conservatives so they they should go to the iris, just like they're doing now the Internet of the FBI radius another duty to FBI with conservative accuracy.

Did the parents going to school board meetings so that you utilize all these different agencies of the federal government have a law enforcement kind of division which IRS does two reports and they use them to target political opponents in the letters they said they never include liberal groups.

I own you know the black lives matter that was Hall all run horribly bad right all that money they took in his had a disappearing no accountability word file and 990s, where is that that where is that missing a criminal audit at that level. But you won't find any Democrat sending a letter to the resting need to really investigate black lives matter. The group method, not the term but of course not, because again, this is the good and, by the way, you're right. Congress wants this whole thing. Members of Congress, writing letters and then Lois Lerner there's emails we got these in our discovery where they actually said let's see if we can get the FEC. Federal election commission, the Department of Justice criminal if we could just bring one criminal case, they said just one criminal case we can shut this down what is shutting down concerning free speech. The ACLU should when filing the case with us, and in actuality, but now you weapon eyes it more by throwing so much money at it that they get 87,000 new agents so here's what it is the American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ action all of our capabilities legislatively in Washington DC in federal court. And like I said in the halls of Congress. We are there for you fighting for you and fighting for your family and this is where you come in.

We are, as I said earlier, where hundred 35,008 $587.02 as of this morning behind where we were this date last year. We want to close that gap. If you're able to support the work of the ACLJ. This is a great day to do when a matching challenge campaign get near the end of your folks. But a week or so to go that's and George and let you know the particular this quote we got a group of donors under to match your gift so that's really really important to explain that Dennis writes we are a group of donors they are ready to match your donation but you have to make the initial donation.

It's because you are the trigger that the causes the match because what Dave says hate, we will match all the donations to come through but that means you gotta make that initial step to make the donations of you make $15 and a Srinath that's returns in your heart that we will be match by $50. One of our notice of $30 for the ACLJ 25 box that's like $50 to Sweitzer critical months for us at the ACLJ because we have the group don't afraid to match all those donations and really increase our ability to continue the work that we do it and hopefully have some resources. The end to expand secularity or phone calls to 100-684-3110. I love to get your thoughts on the increased size of the IRS. You believe that your times it's just a conspiracy theory that the IRS just might in fact be targeting conservatives since they been caught doing that before. Now that they'll have double the size of staff and Yvette a friendly administration place won't hold them accountable 164 3110 to weigh in on that we cannot switch gears from over here and that is you know the issues is also front and center on the pro-lifers and factual argument a call with the state this afternoon working on pro-life legislation issues in light of Dobbs, but New York is been perfectly hostile to pro-life causes ACC house here and heads up a lot of this work and CC you got the New York governor who is saying basically it was well known pro-life protesters went into abortion clinic and and said shouted stop killing babies is called trespass and she comes out condemning it unbelievably strong okay so she said this is horrible this is in no terrible.

Meanwhile, interstate pro-life women's pregnancy centers have been firebombed and she says nothing, absolutely. And that's me again. You know that the pro-abortion spanning the abortion distortion is that in an New York is trying to New York governors trying to condemn these actions. Like he said if someone just simply going into it and abortion clinic in St. stop killing babies, and she's outraged the governors outraged and yet you can actually firebomb a pregnancy resource Center and then you have crickets because they care about that it's it's completely ridiculous even be the Atty. Gen. made a statement that everyone should be able to make decisions about their bodies without fear of intimidation or violence. We've taken legal action against them before, and I won't hesitate to use the full force of my office again and that's against the pro-life demonstrators backed but if you want to go into a clinic and keep your baby care if there's fear or intimidation or violence used for that said they only want to protect your right to abortion, not your right to keep the bait is also here to wood when you look at states like New York and California. These women's crisis pregnancy centers are the are the are the front lines on this because you not to get legislation through that's positive for the life issue. So you've got to protect the pro-life centers here because they're the they are the front lines in New York to see you gotta be able to adapt your your strategies in some states are working at the right legislation to another church fighting just to keep the pro-life crisis pregnancy centers operating yeah that's right I think that's where you start to realize that that battle is still very real. Just because I overturn Roe versus Wade does not mean that states like New York or to treat. In fact I think they may have increased their attacks. That's why we got so many clients right now and working with additional potential clients as well because there actually under more scrutiny and more legal challenges and more threats from elected officials from government officials, not from activist from elected officials and by the way, they don't acknowledge your couple pro-life protesters went into abortion clinic in Brooklyn and and and protested they didn't hurt anybody.

It was I guess maybe they made some noise.

It was criminal.

What they did stress that misdemeanors the same governor condemning that like it is the end of the world has said nothing about the firebombing of the pro-lifers he said in Buffalo, which the family by destroying equipment, destroying property literally burned down including any like machines like over seven. She's not cheap equipment and and that we photos of it up right now. They don't talk about that atonement to vocal protesters better in New York City of all places like to not used to being loud and obnoxious little Lisa New York City from yeah they made it a priority. So while you got people being punched in the street shoved in the subways, their pride, their priority New York is to go after peaceful protest against what here's here's the other thing that we have to put this in perspective, we have been defending these pro-life centers for a very long time, including the Supreme Court of the United States where they were trying to force the pro-life center cc to give a pro-abortion message.

In fact a referral to abortion clinics they were mandating that under California law that we want the Supreme Court, but the person we sued McCarron is now the head of HHS. So these are real fights right now and frankly folks adopt decisions. Great implementing it is a state-by-state, nuanced approach. It's very, very technical. We got a whole team of lawyers on it with representing centers up in New York as well but this is a real fight cc for the for life. Your that right and it looked it's good that the club of Roe versus Wade is off, that's great.

But now the battle begin. It is at the battles and estates in an interestingly just about two weeks after the primacy resource Center in New York was firebombed and of course the governor was completely sign silent about two weeks later she signed a bill into law that actually investigates any kind of center that does not provide abortion. That's the only centers they care about their they're going in, and this a lot lately. Everybody need folks need here. This excited that she signed the New York Gov. signed it into being on that only investigates centers that do not provide abortion back to their targeting and they ask for basically anything and so were representing several of the centers at the PRC's the pregnancy resource centers in New York and we expect to be representing a lot more in the coming days, but these are the battles that we fight on a day-to-day basis for crisis pregnancy centers are pregnancy resource centers across the nation. I would tell you what you gotta do here. Okay, this is and will get into this morning. In the weeks ahead because we can even give you the details of some of things with Jordan are working on this afternoon with the states because his folks Planned Parenthood you think they're not taken his line down so you know they're out there very very aggressive on these things and where having to be very aggressive to, which is no problem but that's because of your support to the ACLJ that we can do all of this and that's the key critical for your mentor and are literally working with state Atty. Gen. this afternoon on how to get through a pro-life perspective in the law without having when you got all these pro-abortion groups spending tons and tons of money. I mean tons of money to come up with a contrary position. Will there raising off of this tens of millions of dollars that is interesting where the in the pro-life community people expected that that there would be a big change with Dobb's case and that maybe Riverside be overturned and I think that but they were still yes they may have even even till the draft opinion was leaked. People weren't sure the Roe versus Wade would actually be declared null and void. No longer law of the land, but I think the abortion industry.

Interestingly enough, has known since Roe versus Wade that legally the holy was so suspect that one day you could go down. If the right justices were appointed and they were yes so they were ready a couple years ago. Yes they were. They were spending money on the battle because they have $1 billion at you know at their disposal at the battle that the mind not have to fight tomorrow, but they were ready to go whenever it happened, so they were preparing for a post, Roe world because they knew legally the sole right to private the creation of it was legally suspect that it was highly criticized by by scholars on both those viewpoints left and right so that that one day if it happens they had. They were ready for the rainy day fund ready yet with it ended in it is and are using it and were using arch to and that's where you come in. Folks makes a huge difference. If you ever thought about supporting orca, BAC, LJ, or you are donor the ACLJ.

This would be a great day to add your support. I tell you about $135,000 behind where we were last year. We want to close that gap in the next several days, that's where you come in any amount you donate. If you're able to get a matching gift for that's for your gift makes a huge difference. Work is that when the last few days here support the work. If you're able, at ACLJ got back we got a lot more ahead including your phone calls on the Cyrus matter when we come back the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar is $20, $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you beautiful gift today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular. These increase size the IRS would graduate one had to go to pro-life groups to register life issues at another way, the government will go after these pro-life groups that would speak the state level will just be through governments trying to shut them down at the city level or state level. I would suspect the IRS would be coming after them to in the post row error and this is because we have evidence of them doing it in recent history and very recent history. They've taken these position of legal rights of phones in the segment 1-800-684-3110 if you're just joining us, 1-800-684-3110. Time is because the New York Times, the conspiracy theory that the more making this up, that the IRS is arguing. I did a little targeting.

They did a lot of targeting. We got a consent decree were they acknowledge they were doing the targeting and in the New York Times you try to call it something else, but that's what it is. We had a monetary judgment that was seven figures. So there you so I would have the phones pressed in the Nevada online one a person like all it really work just a quick comment on the IRS I ever am an attorney and client to the IRS $65,000 not disputing it wants to credit needs America. Payment arrangement last Thursday received a visit at lunchtime from three IRS agents so I would I would have a significant issue as to whether or not the IRS. Significant resources to do their job and here's the problem.

The President is I appreciate this and I know you do $65,000 sounds like a lot of money and it's not that it's insignificant. That's enough for them to work something out to do an offer in compromise they could do a payment plan. The problem is they don't even respond to communication not on the press and the view have you been able to get responses out of most lawyers on talking to an account to say it will send the letter and maybe they get something back three months later I filed the necessary power of attorney to 28) reported phone call asked for a response and it's been a week now and I have not enrichment. The call was received your Q power of attorney.

This is how bad it is but I think this is really agents out there and take more agency number one customer service customer service technology that works, but they sent three agents out there so they had plenty of agents 20 agents took to go out & lawyers reagents over 60 g nice thing about that for a minute.

So when they say all they don't care about anything is the more than is Henry 400 g plus really is.

They never target the people who have lots in that list that he's got a lawyer so the not responding that if still harassing that the it the guy who's ready to comply right, but his lawyer can't get a receipt of the IRS requires is when you represented. You fill out a form its coliform troop 2848 it's a power of attorney and they're supposed to acknowledge and immediately then contact you, not the client but of course they didn't do that but like Jordan said they don't have any money but they could send out three revenue agents for $65,000 line. I think about Adler and his lawyer and enemy lawyer just called us in.

This is just so you understand how bad the IRS is run it's it's like a DMV nationwide. You know, and an a in a bad DMV at that because of the DMV.

They have computers the IRS to sell used typewriters and fax machines. IBM's electric it's it's it's again you heard callers talk about what is like you that's at the main headquarters in a and and so again, why on earth with the liberal media and the left in general love.

A more powerful federal government to get the call us the fascist authoritarians authoritarians is all about centralizing power at the national level they still by the way, want to defund the local police is one of fund the federal law, the federal cops because they're so politicized the FBI, IRS they come in with all their political bias against conservative. They had enough they had enough money to send three revenue agents were $65,000 actually met with think about that from an filtering, take your calls. Glad to hear from lawyers and tax accountants and others, 1-800-684-3110 small businesses as well, folks, this is why Stan with were not just talking about here. We take action, we will encourage you to support the work of the ACL Georgia matching challenge campaign, but worth watching right now is click on the link support the work of the ACLJ back with more than a moment about the situation. Unfortunately with the Iran nuclear deal. Yes, potential comeback of that we had that just a moment. I wanted to hear his call from your frontline three-tier hate working well. Thank you so.

I'm openly Christian and I run a blockade on and I'm scared and very cared about that direct thing like like you why Gail had an idealized general in outdated things that don't have money for a lawyer where audited by the IRS this is.

This is a real problem. Lesson number just to let you in here to talk about Iran but were talking on another matter, and it's exactly what was just said you go to the irises on one talk to your lawyer you know most people in America cannot afford a tackler. This is the low hanging fruit for the Internal Revenue Service. They do not go after billionaires and multimillionaires because they can afford it, CPAs, and tax lawyers and be tied up with the IRS in litigation for years they go for people who they know cannot afford legal representation and so therefore you're left with the choice pay them or not, and get penalized and they take your business or your property and that's where they're going in the next few years. With this new expanded IRS. This is true the enemy pastors are being audited. Yes, this is happening and because are like housing exemption for pastors and parsonage exemptions installed in all of these what you call low hanging fruit or tear was talking about shortness if you know if three agents could show up. We just had a lawyer on here.

Preston called if the reagents can show up over $65,000 delinquency.

They got enough patients what they need is to not tell people that owe $2500. Bring your tax lawyer or your accountant because there's no customer service is no taxpayer service within the irises and joke and that's the problem with all of this and it made the American people should not be tolerating this, but listen, Joe binds claiming this is a win. Don't kid yourself.

They get this package thrown this like a legislative victory for them. Yapping in yes they they think this this is great that the IRS portion they have played they have played out because they don't because when that gets pulled. Of course it pulls horrible amongst both Democrats and Republicans so don't talk about that aspect. That's why they got there media out there saying it's dismissed this bad information, flag it to say, the irises increase is the ego's army sized with 87,000 new agents as the New York Times this the IRS itself put up on its website that they were that they were looking for people who would be ready to shoot to kill that you okay ultimately that is been Schaefer stated, put it back up because actually did put up the edited but but mainstream media doesn't want to include that right we think about that for a moment. They said Yep.

That's especially just the IRS be prepared to use lethal force not just protector.

Since part of your job description. Now they did pull down right well firstly just pull it down. Then the edited post a backup but again that's not fake it's not you that's a conspiracy it's it's shocking but it's true and the New York Times out there so they don't want people to the Cyrus issue is the one part of this legislation that resonates the most quickly with American people and they dislike so much describe these little emerging that will go to the situation around, but these legislative winds: quote that present by God through house playing politically for them politically.

Right now it it it looks like he's checking boxes and getting things done so if you are a 10,005 foot voter so you don't really make a decision to later. You're not is impacted by the New York Times or Joe's like Arsenal people. Is this not people are tuned in on either side of the but but you're still here about the midterm elections here little bit more educated you will look to see other get anything done. And sometimes I cite the baseline with her getting things done and it will pass that they don't and the Democrats don't really want to look past that even want to seek getting things done is a bigger federal government and audit you, so instead it's just really rack up cortical winds and so I think that's how you get this Iran issue to wise their rush right now to get to that deal is not geopolitics. It's midterm election so the Iran deal supposedly blasts girls with we gave the last proposal we were not to take the Revolutionary guard this night states position off the terror watch list and that was supposed to be the final deals what's happened now no longer CA in the European Union are now act acting as our mediators and arbitrators with of the ranches will have direct negotiations. They sent them what they said what we said was the final offer that was August 8 and we were waiting on a ranch reply. Iran replied last week and they want to continue the negotiations, which the Biden administration has once again agreed to if Iran continues to do this and if we accept what their counter offer is J it is a game changer. Orion will have billions of dollars in cash. They will be able to reenter the old market. Legally they will have a nuclear weapon and the ballistic missile the vehicle necessary to to send that nuclear weapons around note West. There is no deal there is no Iran nuclear deal and nuclear now.

No way to stop Iran from doing. I don't think Iran will be a nuclear power. The Israelis and the other and their partners in the region are not going allow it what what to buy demonstration is doing is they can continue to negotiate. It defies logic and common sense. Iran is comeback.

Of course, they've always wanted.

All sanctions lifted but a few months ago, the IAEA, the yield agency for the union that investigates atomic energy around the world. They found that there were three sites in a ran undeclared sites where there was nuclear residue. Porter was coming back in this renewed JCP away.

The Iranians are demanding that the IAEA drop that investigation as well as lifting all sanctions. Indianapolis, you know, my fear is they will come back and at some point.

Again, you been talking about how the buy demonstration is trying to check off political lands ahead of the November elections.

I think the Biden administration is inclined to accept it so they can check it off.

The only thing that we will probably stand firm on is not taking the Revolutionary guard Corps off the terawatt of the terrorism list, but other than that I fully expect were going to lift all sanctions. It will make what Pres. Biden Pres. Obama gave the Iranians in 2015 will make that little like a modest windfall compared to what we are going to give the Iranians in billions and billions of dollars. The last time they got this kind of money. They not only beefed up their guard Corps and their own ballistic missile research in their nuclear program. It was at that time that they overthrew the government in Yemen to the rebels and they sent thousands of rockets to Hezbollah and Hamas yet and you got to the little their largest exporter of terrorism but then you got some and Rusty gets attacked by an individual who is in communication with the Iranian Revolutionary guard.

Okay this is having it's Artie been established so there interactive. There are former Secretary of State has to have extra protection. Why because the run, hitless from a rainy Revolutionary guard, which is narrating governmentally filed charges against the person for the Iranian revolution guard that was trying to recruit.

This is interesting like a professionals in America, professional hitmen, and like criminals to carry out the murders, killings of Mike Pompeo inside and some other US officials. The bounty just a pump is $1 million. So they what Iran's revolution guard is trained in the US is find bad actors who just don't care is a billion-dollar bounty and I'm sure it's that bounty goes on and on up as again that they have. These are bad guys just the family and say that as and that will be factually supported by the stator they they have said that you come out and you could see it. If you're out my copy of the mass security has an evidence of the other officials, so this this is not denial. And yet you would negotiate with these guys on nuclear weapons with either of that's lasting here was nice to kill. They American officials as it is are trying to assassinate American officials and and well-known authors. The buy demonstration so desperate to have a deal that they go back to the table that we are willing to negotiate, and not just negotiate J, we're willing to make concessions even though the International Atomic Energy Agency has said even recently that if they choose to they can go from 60% enriched uranium, which they have now to the 90% weapons grade in a matter of three weeks and right now they have over a pound of this uranium. It takes about not up over hundred pounds. It takes about 90 pounds to produce one Bob the IAEA is saying that they are on the verge of having a nuclear weapon. This approach, you can understand and our international offices are on top of this, our work at the UN is on top of this I mean we are engaged on all of these issues across the board. It mean for today. The pro-life issue IRS targeting situation in the Middle East. We've been to the international criminal Court in the Hague. We go to and litigated. We've been to the UN on these issues that for your support so critical to the work the American Center for Law and Justice were matching challenge campaign folks and would like us to run hundred 35,000 of my more rural Escher want to close that gap is very important to get something initiatives coming in the next year. Think in your support in our budget makes all the difference. If you've not yet support the work of the ACLJ, I encourage you to do so right now could ACLJ data will make that online gift any amount you donate. We can matching your fourth Texas a great time and departed the matching challenge and against it because it's a unique time.

Really, this is what we need to step up if you're able to financially group does have stepped up but they only can match the donations that you gotta make that donation to trigger the donate if you want talk to us on the IRS. Iran take the calls we get back one 800 683110 secular figure same New York Times article it's calling you gas lighting. It was a conspiracy theorist for the deadly force posting the IRS for the targeting of conservatives even though the New York Times admits it try to play down in the color conspiracy theory is that they do admit setting it's all enough.

This article even by the near types all over the place because try to get confusion about what you actually believe in what you see in the member that the whole deadly force of her talk about the said quote still the IRS is from your times the Irish recently altered a job posting for criminal investigators amid the backlash deleting that one of the roles major duties was to quote be willing to use deadly force if necessary. The amended add that list quote be legally allowed to carry a firearm as a key requirement that this is the IRS spokesperson listed this with the wording change on one on one webpage followed continued misstatements and inaccuracies about IRS employees carry weapons. The misstatements and inaccuracies were not by outside individuals and their give trying to confuse you. There was by the IRS himself.

There folks putting together what they put out on the website. I can't write for the

They were writing for So again, take your cause is 164 31 Tim, I want to hear your answer to because Harry this idea again that it's what we've talked about throughout the show's narrative from the left. They love law enforcement when it's politicized at the federal level they want to defund it when it's about protecting you with the local level. I think that's precisely correct. So they hate law enforcement at the local level, because police officers are legitimately enforcing laws designed to protect people they love to expand the size of the federal government bureaucracy because the government bureaucracy has one job and one job only in enforcing compliance upon free people shutting down. For instance, conservative organizations, preventing them from exercising their rights to freedom of speech, perhaps shutting down, hair salons, restaurants and other small businesses where free people operate. So at the end of the day, the left has always been committed for the last 100 years, they've been committed to expanding the size and scope of government because they believe the government knows best. And so the New York Times is simply falling into this left-wing trap, but Harry, this is what's fascinating to me. In the 1950s. It was groups like the government is like the IRS that was targeting if you remember groups like the NAACP and wanted their donor lists.

I mean a lot of harassment going on, but sometimes with the state level, sometimes at the federal level. Now they've had the slick awakening that it's okay now.

If it's you can target conserves that it's okay wasn't so good in the 1950s when they did, and I wouldn't fight in those cases state, by the way, I I think you raise a very good point, but I also think that what's happened to the left in the United States is that they have been converted ideologically to increasing the size and scope of government.

Keep in mind that the inflation reduction act, which allows for the hiring of 87,000 additional IRS audit. I it's still mind-boggling to me. 87,000 IRS agents go it so the law expands effectively the size and scope of government because in order for the inflation reduction act to pass muster under the reconciliation rules in the Senate just what they had to claim that they were raising money and yes they can now claim although I don't believe that they are going to raise hundreds of billions of dollars. The backs of the American people and keep in mind there are only 400 billionaires in the United States. So where are they going to get all those revenue they are going to get this revenue from working-class people from small businesses, and other individuals hundred percent yet think of the funds 164 3110 Charlie and George online.

One day Charlie called her back a few years because this targeting by the IRS. Unless the individual providing direction and some personal consequences. Lois Lerner retired with a full pension. Years later I believe I was her successor were doing the same thing and now were talking about it again show some criminal charges are crucial to become a charge of criminal intent of the DOJ running the DOJ willing to assess.

I can happily let me say something here because I'm holding my hand a federal this is United States district court for the District of Columbia linchpins of liberty at all, which was a lot of other groups is what that means versus the United States of America. And this is called a consent order and the IRS in this acknowledges all the wrongdoing redid their department supposedly. And I think they did until the new administration when it and it stopped for about 3 1/2 years. We had a monetary judgment are held accountable. People lost their jobs. But what were your right Charlie is people then administration's list were folks elections have consequences as defendant new team came in and the new team ignored under Tromp unit, you had an IRS and was totally bludgeoned. I did this with the word Washington Post use by us. They said bludgeoned and their budget was slashed because they were inappropriately using their budget to target Americans and and again they weren't modernizing. They weren't being responsive to the American people, but I usually saw immediately that was open, one often appetizing to the Christian group weakens here in Mass. that happening, but it was still inappropriate and wrong that what I'm worried about happening again is limber when these tea party groups got it. They didn't tell them like we sent out 100 of thousand more, these letters we we believe that even dirty during that case, we only really heard from the groups were willing to fight back is the IRS is a lot people do not want to do it. Most don't want the IRS because their name down here you have it. If you start a new C3 or C4 that put your name down on her exactly realistic when he's called assistantship gives you the whole problem when you go ahead and call our making payment or IRS have we had a nightmare and trousers we were trying to get a hold of you now and I are still active now.

Hey we need to give you your checking information, etc. actually took my husband to being on hold for getting kind or not even answering. This is only because he gets what sounds like a lot of money, it is nothing $33 million a year over year for 10 years. I mean, it's not the folks there institutionally incapable of self-correcting. That's why you gotta stand with us at the ACLJ swing fight back on this is to let you know folks are hundred $35,000 roughly behind where we were last year.

I want to close that gap in our matching challenge. This is the last week. Your support makes a huge difference That's right. And so I encourage you to go to and if you can donate today. This we got our matching challenge where again. Whatever you donate is matched by another group of donors that they only take action if you make that initial donation to get the match yet think that initial action to encourage you to make that donation that's talk tomorrow

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