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What’s Right What’s Left HR 2

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 10, 2022 12:06 am

What’s Right What’s Left HR 2

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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We think it is we saw from the demonic speech that Biden gave in Philadelphia exactly that this is a dying regime that was a primal scream and hear what the try to do no matter who it is Donald Trump, Amar Lago. There were 35 FBI raid yesterday right ending out. There's another grand jury come together on January 6. Third, the Washington Post reported they did report a couple names. There were 35 senior members Amanda Republican supporters of Donald Trump that were role in all of the FBI rolled in on right when they did need to do rebellious people have lawyers all the lawyers of Rove. While no no jackbooted Gestapo is going to show up at their door, and I make a big display this so there's so much going on up. You don't even know at so many levels on you until people the bankruptcy tried the platform on all of it and quite frankly I think that's what so powerful that you guys have in this great reset conference because this is really was about this is this globalist apparatus. That's right, this is the American arm of that the Biden regime and what they try to do is shut down or by whether it's Alex Jones Charlie Kirk Steve Bennett Tucker Carlson Donald Tromp there trying use l'affaire financial terrorism know everything legally and quite frankly up to assassinations that's are the swatting people like crazy so we got a rocket. Unfortunately blank if you blankets over so screw them. I spit right there.

I could care less were common were rolling and were role in hard baby. The only way to fight them.

Steve can you reiterate that use of their 35 FBI raid yesterday.

I consider myself well read. I don't see that anywhere can can you elaborate on that reported on breaking the news right here there if you go the Washington Post story and Josh Dawsey story of years. If your staff pulls a Charlie dimension. I think five names Boris Epstein being one of them, but I think there's five people there were 3535 FBI went to 35 years and all these people have lawyers we all know who the lawyers are. Are they didn't want they didn't serve the subpoenas. The lawyers want to make a big display of it. They want to take a bunch of their devices they want.

This is the FBI try to roll and try to be muscle right.

This is the Gestapo. This a Gestapo time to look this is all about intimidation. Whether it's a whether it's what they did with me yesterday what they're doing with Alex Jones with the door the other people to deep the bank them to make sure they can fund their operations. If it's if it's metropolis. The present United States, a completely totally illegal rate of which a judge that was illegal raid the judges opinions as I don't trust that the Justice Department and the FBI. To be fair that's a federal judge. Okay you see it all over in 35 members of mag of the Republican Party people close to Donald Trump were were rolled in on yesterday by the FBI with these intimidation tactics. They just don't normally what you would do here. Charlie is you would go to their lawyer and say hey we want to know. Once a team you can accept service of the subpoena in your accept service of this or we may want to talk you about certain of your devices and can we work something out know they didn't do that.

They go with the jackboots in the kick down the doors they bang on the doors and the rolling people to intimidate, to make sure they said and all what you want, you know I'll do anything sexual with these people didn't and this is the FBI.

The FBI's the Gestapo right now. I know they hate when I say that within the Gestapo.

When I got back off on the Gestapo because they have just Gestapo -like tactics. Here's my point. They're losing their only try to use this this a national security state muscle because they know they're not wanting and quite frankly when you do things like the great reset this weekend and get young people up to speed on what's going on that drives him even more insane. Go hey turning points can be a target of big-league target.

Okay so just stand by Charlie. It's all, it's all going to call me hard and already know there you go with comment on the big John burning Army. Matt was made by all that we need to hear that there are people here in America that are not backing down the FBI can do what they want to stop them any type of pressure: legal stockholders not going to stop those going forward and that's what we all need in our hearts first learned of current determination and we needed and when not. We roll over and play good exactly will happen. I mean you don't win by running from the you don't. When will your winners stand and give leadership and people rallying around that and then we have a force to take the middle so we see as the FBI have they become like a paramilitary arm of the designated party yeah yeah they are than the muscle milk this for so little. Is this the word Gestapo right now.

Would that be the name that would would actually qualify who they are right note by their actions.

Yeah you Ernie, we often think of the Chicago the way like the German more than the German police to report the German political arm of the error of the Nazi political but they didn't start off like the way we necessarily think of them.

They started off quickly. The FBI is now, and they were to become complete and the freedom to the court that they have the power of the Nazis behind them will greatly one of the older courts were going to end them because the truth is probably being the good collateral free reign to do anything they wanted in in Germany on the on the Nazis but the beginning they started exactly like what the FBI is doing well, exactly. So, so it doesn't check. It's going to grow into what the Gestapo was going in and germinated quickly brushing the Nazis becoming a pain of the same set up at the wrong Gestapo and the KGB with his right was there so as to this than if you were King.

What would you do would you totally defund the FBI completely and what about doing it. What about the IRS.

Would you didn't know any said there bigger than the FBI no and he's arming them.

So what have you why I would think via the IRS and put them on the border and let the money for the IRS.

Well, we can use that on the order. You know what there is where they would find the all the money laundering the irises down there.

All of the date of the Biden family the Biden crime family and all the crime families doing business with the human smugglers and drug dealers. The IRS would be could be going out to some of the tax revenue. Good night. Yeah yeah like my computer. I can be in all of the border patrol maybe putting up no way of laundering money through the border and all that and then the being FBI.

We do need the FBI or espionage and but II would have them tightly controlled light answering directly to the president and being watched by Congress and the rest of the FBI is much as possible. I might go out their investigation of the clinical latency and the I don't know their federal I know that I got on the stage. Could the state could help with that reality has to be grown on the control concerning a rogue organization right so here no. Should the red states block the federal agencies from operating with impunity in a limited blue states do it in the blue states. You don't see you don't see the FBI doing these things will those stepped out of the standdown in the left and resolute murder NAFTA for burned-out buildings burned out police stations would please and they'll standdown they won't do anything they will not get involved in the blue states.

But now, should the red states because the governors have the authority, the ability to block them.

Don't think I don't know the technical part of that task. Ernie did something in the Constitution about US marshals of great authority but I'm not mistaken, but if I you will automatically could be done. I would tell you I would have the governor and the Sheriff's have been only in certain circumstances, could they help clean the government and law-enforcement and I make it that the federal government hello the local sheriff that they were in there and that they were conducting an investigation. I just couldn't come in to the state and they want to know when those were good doing so.

I would have the state exercise their power against the government and bring the government under control as we need them. We need the need to state you need to governors. The state believes the sheriff to protect the people milk us burning two years ago I spoke to 250 shares liberty University of Virginia and that they wanted to know about what the where do we get the divine institution of human government and so but anyhow many of the shares that I talked to said that they would post in their counties. And as you came into their economies. It would be posted in all federal agencies to check into the Sheriff's office and so no-shows that if they if they caught them in their harassing their people they'd arrest him and so should that children should they not do that. I'm the Sheriff's actually have the authority to do that don't.

I don't know Ernie, but I know that Harold have maximum authority in the county. They have tremendous authority. I don't think they can be forced to help federal agents so I would have it that the fee be Sheriff so I don't know about the local police likely city police and sheriffs in particular that they they don't they don't get involved with the federal government now.

Why was an agent, we would matter of I don't want to: we would notify courtesy of courtesy, yet we would notify them that we were given great detail that we were in their jurisdiction.

Remember, making arrest love things like that. So we did notify the locals right so I know that to Jack for Glenview.

Remember Jack McLaren from Arizona, 19 yeah it was and he was the officer of the year he was when was highly decorated police officers with Jack would go when the federal ages would come in and they would.

They wanted to go to see some people and he would go out and as long as they did not violate the for the people's First Amendment rights are the Second Amendment rights of those he didn't interfere but the citizens his job there was to protect the citizens that if they interfered. They violated the rights of the citizens he would escort Amano and so not matching. This became how my earning all I'm thinking about the credit of the United they cannot command the National Guard and left there. The state National Guard unless the governors requested that if this is the time of the national emergency, like a war. Then they penalize the National Guard but the president can't call up the governor and say okay I want you want the National Guard to go out and to do this, that they can't do that. I know that that's a great guard against the government's case. You remember there was a standoff with the governor of Alabama all the fellow that they shot the current law, George Wallace yeah now George Wallace was. He was there on the steps of the University of College and he had built the state Highway Patrol there with him was state Highway Patrol and they were there and and Robert Kennedy came wherever Kennedy came in with federal marshals and there was going to be kind of a standoff. There, but they decided to not to not to fight and George Wallace stepped aside in the looked little woman who wanted to attend that a black woman wanted to attend the University. I remember so that was that was a challenge Academy should have no happened or not. Ernie, I think the court orders know they were in court and court orders and the state of Alabama did not want to follow the court orders. So then the president got involved and I think you need based on the court order.

I think he was going to federalize the National Guard.

If I remember correctly know was that okay and then the commander of the National Guard was there next to Wallace and the president told him that he was nationalizing the National Guard and then note the presence orders are that's that's how that local apartment that was the confrontation is an article he just can reply this article itself.

In the alternative market. US market and when that loves tell you about what it says should read states block federal agencies whom operate with impunity.

Blue states do it here. He says the message of the January face trials of this leftists are allowed to violently ride it burned buildings to the ground across the country. Servers are not allowed to do anything if we do that we will be rounded up for insurrection.

At least that's what they want us to believe so that we will self censor and live in fear of every protest protective of ever protesting again. We are at an impasse. There is no compromise to be and no governments are no agreements to be made. They want us gone and now we want them gone, because they want us gone of this is going to change the hearing goes on to say the agency is slated to receive $80 billion gluten from the inflation reduction act and institution style looking at to hire 87,000 more employees is the mission is to reduce inflation by using IRS to steal more money from the American current consumers.

I guess that could work if they rub almost everyone that you know John and I know most of the people I'm talking to my barber today and he was saying The very same thing. Those IRS agents are there. They're going to try to knock out first to go. After all, the small mom-and-pop businesses they're working with the will corporations with Coca-Cola and with just a target.

Kroger they're working with, and will corporations to put the little guys all other business. Walmart and then they want to want to come out.

There are churches which can only come after the Bible believing churches next either the going to try to the whole purpose is to totally, completely eliminate the middle classes in secret, not speculating on they wanted to turn America into like 1/3 world country is only rich people I meet you pick your third world country average in every country had a breakdown like this.

They have all for 5% of the population is written in around their 6%. The never small little middle-class and everybody else's core so that way they can make the they can't control the middle class we've got well level at all of our own. We can be independent.

We can move easily.

We can do we want for the common stock and they are at the mercy of the government in England. Like the rich so they're trying to trip breakers economically so real like 1/3 world country.

90% of America will be poor will be a tiny little middle-class, and the rest is rich yet that's exactly what you trying to do and so voluminous.

It is a real player.

Click here from Casper until the epic times. Okay, no. If you could speak to these these FBI agents and infected, you are probably tonight of the ones that did you know they're not. They're not proud of the way the agencies gone the other the other Dave. The ones is to have some integrity and since the other worked there actually actually believed in God and country, and deal remember the agency when it was before he went totally corrupted under call me and Ray in these people. So what advice would you give to these FBI agents because they're there. Now they're in a position where they're not. I'm not proud of what will happen to the agency where they're working, they still want to do a job that they want to do the right thing. There their children are not in of their children are not proud that their father was an FBI agent. Even though even though many of our good people there doing their jobs. But now that this bad reputation. Call me and and and Chris Ray and they brought down they discredited. They brought this honor into the hole to the whole agency. So what would you tell those FBI agents.

What advice would you give him as the founder cover for Christ while Currently happening recently and I don't know the number of but many the I became lower 25 yeah have paid anything going on illegally like that. I think it that they would. They must leave the whistleblower bring it to the attention though reliable kind. I don't think there any reliable center. I think there are reliable congressmen that could take that information and maybe maybe you in the right way but I just don't you think Rand Paul or Ted Cruz would be you know would be the reliable to take into and I think Jordan there in Ohio.

I think he would be a real good one is aware of what he is probably my opinion the best congressmen we have here and admit a couple others like him. I thought my my personal joy for me to do that let gates or even eggs that green there really glancing at Marjorie green they're really going all your will and will owe you think that maybe somebody's other Republicans that have not had a lot of backbone metalhead a lot of spine not let encourage you think that there they're looking and there's this scene, the integrity and people like Jim Jordan and you think that that might might inspire them to say you know what they can do it I can do it.

I'm really I'm a step up to the plate have a little bit a guts instead of backing down all past learning I may be rejected collection, which I highly doubt I got a bad feeling concerning about this coming election.

But if we get through it.

I miss the crop now coming in that trunk is endorsed in the vast majority of them is I've been following the election here seem to be really good, so I think maybe you crop coming in May turn things around. The right to hear from Casper tell on the epic times on the FBI so Lenny, when you can go ahead and then fired up so most people think the last week. So now know a special master is in their job in the role of the special master will get back into that but significant is that the judge judge Cannon in the Southern District of Florida rules to allow a special master to commit big ruling, but in my opinion it currently follows the law and is warranted by the circumstances as judge Cannon's order on a special master puts forth more physically than I'll be able to say she's basically set this case is so unique it about the former president and also involved such high level legal issues executive privilege than the attorney-client privilege personal record.

All of these things, she said have to be done about board. That's why I'm bringing in a special master and she offered some harsh things to say about the DOJ and are handling the execution of not just the search warrants out, but how they went about upgrading mar Lago and what they taught. That's actually very interesting and a top agenda goes into some detail and you know that there are things I received that you know I suspect I got yeah so 140+ years of medical records, it looks like to tax documents three attorney-client privileged information for executive privilege information and if you can believe it. They took clothing and so the judge I think rightly so is come in and said you know search warrants, pursuant to the FBI's own operating manual are supposed to be conducted in the least intrusive manner when authorized, because a search warrant is by definition an invasion of someone's privacy and so that FBI strength to do it without sort of going in there like you see in the movies and breaking glass and throw people down the ground. This positive professionally and smartly with judge saying you guys didn't do that. And if that wasn't bad enough she's basically told the world that the DOJ should have done a better job, not just the FBI. The DOJ took all the stuff and didn't necessarily inform the court directly that it taken executive privilege materials there you go. Again, that they have gone completely lawless 70 learning because the court for the most part are are going along with them. I mean we have a complete breakdown of the American system of the FBI lie to those of fighter judges about spying on the people around trunk and award unit 11 attorney took a fall for this, but the FBI knew it and you and knew it was going knew was wrong in the UK continue to use it against political reasons and nothing happened. Nothing like break a Clinton appointed judge. This is heaven today dismisses trouble lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and the crooked FBI crooks who manufactured in Russia collusion hoax then threatens trumps attorneys in April a presidential request to the Clinton appointed judge overseeing his Russian case Hillary against Hillary Clinton and others be removed from the case due to obvious conflicts of interest.

Yeah, since Clinton appointed these judges right presidential earlier has sued a number of individuals and former officials for their actions related to the Russia gate hoax and attempted to an attempted coup of his administration will was a co-wasn't. It was a coup that whole thing about the impeachment and everything in the election. It was a co-we saw take place, the, the election fraud now.

Somehow, this case was assigned to a Clinton appointed judge. This is deep estate.

Click crooks. These are deep estate crooks judge Donald Middlebrooks and these are deep estate crooks and judge Ron McCabe became the void of that name self-made resident, I yeah will you don't think that there is a relationship going there. The judge, Donald Middlebrooks, who was appointed by go ahead.

I think there was about judge Donald Middlebrook was appointed by Bill Clinton to the southern visiting Florida in 1997 president, urged the court to replace the Clinton judges with someone who was not biased in the case judge Ron McCabe later recused himself from the case with John judge judge Donald Middlebrook will not recuse himself from the case. He's a crook. That's why these people that do that anyone that would not do that is going to be case is corrupted and you know just like you hear. I'm certain I'm scratching my head when when I keep hearing people talking about how help Joe. Obama gave Afghanistan $85 billion worth of military equipment heating give them nothing if if you don't know that that money that there was all kinds of dirty money, black money, dark money coming from the Taliban and in most places the crooks like like Biden and Hillary and these people they don't do anything for love is always going to be money in the payoff and you can bet millions came in from that went offshore banks and someplace with a that they never they never do anything for nothing, and it's the same thing like that. John all of this equipment. All of this equipment that was millions and millions and millions of dollars worth of billions dollars with the equipment was sending over to Ukraine please he's sending all of our ammunition.

There, that's not even being used all of very little of its being used.

It's being sold on the black market. John, you know it and I know it and guess where it will.

Guess where that money is coming back to for the crux right here, you can bet the Biden crime family cartel. The Clinton crime family. These people are really be getting rich with liquidated Clinton sold the Chinese technology department set them up 25 years ahead where it comes to nuclear winter draft my right continued from Clinton on and Hillary sold out with what we've been sold out by traders earning well Hillary sell 25% of our uranium annuity and went to Russia and then hang tight will be back right after this would lower the way is fine for me and I in meeting and didn't notice Ray and in already.

That was very, very, very talented felon and Coakley. He was a good friend of mine and I miss Carl. He went on to be with the Lord in 2019, but his music is music lives on the blade was January 2019 which it out.

John Carr, I mean this guy is talented and in Europe. His songs took off. But really yeah all yeah will you bet they did.

But can you imagine the note here, do you think you know why the secular stations didn't want to play his music Clear Channel and all the others that want to play the music. No wonder, is it wrong. America strong political member right there yeah he was very very in this way, he's gone but his music lives on in the it was one of the most talented artist I've ever known. It was Chris Ray. The FBI whistleblowers reveal the director Ray personally. He personally removed concerns raised by agents on the politicalization of the agency from the final report so there's there's been within the agency. A lot of resistance pushback credit FBI whistleblowers. Chris Ray personally removed all the concerns rank-and-file members that the agency had become Tupelo politicized in deciding which cases to open FBI agents made this complaint to Senate Judiciary Committee members. Investigator reporter Paul Sperry posted this Jeep ETT are again they don't. That was the story FBI interfered in the 2000 the FBI interfered in the 2016, 2018 2012 elections, and now the two 22,022 election, a history of four GOP for the Democrats for six years. The FBI had been falsifying evidence for or suppressing exculpatory evidence to frame the president trump and and targets companies destroying evidence that would be that would incriminate the Bureau lying to both the IG and Congress. It spine based on fraudulent warrants open investigation based on false pretenses criminally linking classified intercepts to the media spreading false propaganda and conducting corrupt searches and seizures you yet no one is in jail for anyone you know I would say this to those FBI agents look don't think that Chris Ray or call me or these people are there gardens to get away with this is a well the government to the prosecuting God listen to listen to God's will is that what I know that's not enough.

Listen, God is not mocked God is not mocked Merrick Garland is he's got is going to get his of covenants and so so would Chris Ray are not what they're doing is fraudulent with they did is his criminal what they did is what they're doing is the sin they betrayed God they betrayed to God the country and and the people and they're not going to get away with it. They're not going to get away with it. They going after parents that are used Gestapo tactics on parents because parents don't want their children reading pornography and the public. As to they they become dirty cops very very dirty cops. In fact, that group that that went under Mayor Largo is the same one that went after when into Michigan. The same one same group that were there in January. Six and there literally called the dirty 30 today to call the dirty 30. There like special forces and corrupt of corrupt police doing illegal acts, and so will open phone line January take some because everybody thinks you're really smart of what I learned when I look at the event happening out there and then we talk on the show tonight. It's really by the mercy of God that we still have some freedom because it would be corrupt corrupted almost everywhere you look now is rare to find honesty so God is the one that's in charge and we need to be constantly praying and bringing this before him and thanking him that we still have freedom within the Democratic Party.

They have a saying that you can never trust an honest person video that showed within the never trust an honest person, though never trust anyone is not going to lie for you okay that's that's quite a saying within the Democratic Party right phone lines open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 of you have a question or comment: here and jamming terminals about everything and so will Joan jump this information does and we talked about this before, say, collusion between Biden regime and big tech is on the ignitable the latest of documentary up exposing the Biden regime for colluding with big tech to silence online free speech is an important next step say those who were branded as disinformation purveyors in forcing the federal government to face the music for their crimes. They're being sued, praising the Lord for all of these states that in getting together with they will assume and force them to turn information over some I should be going to jail for all this chutney law regarding criminal Karen Cartwright how green the victory quickly clean out and get honest people in there and then we can really make headway.

Right now the criminals are in charge of the RPI chart Department of Justice are in charge of the white White House and all the other for the late right we have Cliff's Clintons in the Agway cliff right right.

One thing you're talking about the IRS agents getting on the chances are the arrow that they gonna get people like that that profile of people that have been out degrees in accounting and tax cannot make the adjustment mentally going up.

You know, carrying a gun on confronting people that they can get a relaxed corporate job for the same amount of money and avoid that so that that constraint makes it stupid not to make it a personality that Cliff Cliff Obama said he wanted a civilian army that was every bit as powerful as the military. This is what this is all about. This is this is Obama civilian army they're knocking to be accountants.

These people are going to be probably gang members humming. They actually the Democratic Party. Actually, that's why the that's why they're changing these laws is why these bills is whether letting these murderers out. They want to be united. They want to have a Confederacy with the gang members so when they tell a gang members is time to start a revolution or war, that there they know that they're a part of the collective Communist Party collective learning. Now I think I got a report of her there with gold illegal aliens, and in but they can bring them over real quickly get them on their side and ready to go by catlike and create an army, but maybe like a militia against the absolutely that's why they put them on buses in the middle of the night and the date buses and they haven't sleeper cells all over the country, where they know you know when when the time is come want bring up 15 quickly. Life area 3519 and Bonnie, I hear this first use of the law multi-crisis at the found the field voice that represents like a type of relationship right now thinking of that first is that the thoughtful assignment this Isaiah did you see Isaiah 20 authority chapter 30 I think at first 1921 Celtic places that your flight is. Let me look at that verse here okay 1920 right here what he's talking about is the Lord gave his people. The well is the bread of adversity in the water of affliction, but he promised to be with them and teach them and guide them right here we see two very very hard times and says again why people should well incite intrusive and thou shall weep no more.

He will be very gracious into the is the voice of thy cry and we need shall hear of he will answer them, and though the Lord give you the bread of adversity in the water of affliction. You shall not, you shall not like teachers be removed into a corner anymore, but then I shall see thy teacher so he's telling that to God demands a lot from them.

Okay, but then he's going to follow them and he knows that he's telling some of their ways.

It can be painful right there but he will guide them during those hard times and it will never never leave them is what is telling here that I think of first two events or books? When the Brennan adversity in the one of affliction often will under no flights it often, but that that isn't many messages okay and so then he says, and you shall not satiate so that the teachers be removed into a corner anymore with NIEs.

She'll see the sea like teachers another with these. Tell them that they've got just like us and this applies to us it applies to us.

John that we have as we see is the antichrist system goes, the more learned to affect and and believe me, people don't don't realize that the Biden regime. The Democratic Party is the antichrist system. Antichrist will system then understand that and so you and I we understand that, but he's saying at the same time that God will not leave you without teachers with the people that will explain this and tell you the truth. That's what we're here to do so. Very good there. Clifford, are you going coloring and straighten out George Norrie wanted to go on the road now what what what started I don't I these will you never can tell from one day to another with his kid.

Yeah, I think he would like to be polite though I don't think you have and how he can say some of the things he says with a straight face when you know he you know he's not believing it. But you're right, he's trying to accommodate his guest and I could just picture him rolling his eyes and shake his head, will you get out here because of the type of show where on people like that. Got a be able to get out kind of take a little you know about rain check on telling me I gotta move on because it's time for John to give an limitation.

You're ready. John time already. I wasn't really following the time and I think the joke of the one that was sure to go fast much time do I have a linear think you've got about five or six minutes you got five minutes John and I know you can in the five minutes give a great invitation. Okay well when I write an older crew that was spoken. And there is why I mean the truth is from God and the Bible says no statements, to deal to destroy and that he is the father all acquired so there is evil we only look at the political and everything that's going on we can feed measles clearly manifesting wealth that mean that. God is righteous and holy and we want to be on his side is very easy to be compromised politically in fact the Bible to the raw throat that meet the structure and many there be that going thereat narrow is the way to meet life of cubic feet and find it in the narrow life through Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross that the narrow line and God has any government so to speak, and it's like you break the law.

Here is always a penalty in the Bible to the wages of sin is that the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. And with that concept of a government Bible says that Jesus Christ is our advocate with the father is our attorney so he is the answer for our thing were all instant gold in the culture of the glory of God.

The wages of sin is that that that is eternal separation from God in a place called hell. God wants everybody listening to me on the back of the microwave you want you in heaven. And the only way to do it.

The narrow road there would through Christ dying on the cross was the only begotten son of God and sin was and he paid the took our sin. The penalty for our sin on the cross Bible 50 became sin for us, and that our righteousness transferred onto us and this is what allows us to go to heaven.

This is what allows those that eternal life because the penalty of sin was paid for on the cross by Jesus Christ even goes beyond that, because when we when we trust Christ as our Lord and Savior Bible says that God become our father. But even more delicate than that it's all that that he called God wants a relationship with a white father-son relationship and this will last week. So to have eternal life.

You must believe that Jesus Christ, the only begotten we got going on the cross that is good and in repentance as needed. Repentance means returning from turning the Jesus Christ work and that he rose from the dead, repentance, believing Christ died on the cross rose from the dead, and confessing that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved, you will have assurance of eternal I think that's it for John. Can anyone ever do anything that means as much to another was if I had a new head hundred times more money than Bill Gates or George Soros. Can we buy one minute out of hell no, no mocha. Because God got that rule rule. Sin can't go to heaven. So penalty that the penalty of Jesus Christ paid for no way other than the look of ointment on the cross, then people can escape one minute out.

If so time is what would you say to somebody, this is you know law you know I'm in a wait I want right now one party one little and have fun, but I get religion and I'll repent. Just before I die. You got 20 seconds what would you tell her name. No one knows when the going to die on that many of them to live a long, long, long like this. Didn't I hear you arrived time for tonight so until tomorrow as we do this every night. We want to say good night God bless, and you ready John always, thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right. Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left preceding the sponsor by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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