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March 3, 2022 4:17 pm


Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 3, 2022 4:17 pm

There's a lot of talk in the media right now about holding Putin and other Russians accountable for war crimes for what they've done in Ukraine. Texas Representative Chip Roy joins Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team to discuss. ACLJ Senior Counsel Frank Manion also joins to discuss a major trial we're in the middle of as we fight to protect the voices of the voiceless unborn in federal court. This and more today on Sekulow.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

The Russians were crimes ever now just round in Ukraine looking into the war crime allegation.

I don't think it's going to be hard once you see the civilian targets you just putting up the video in various places want to hear from you, Sharon poster, call for example car keys in the Northeast really bombarded Children's Hospital, a orphanage shipment is not are not military targets and it's pretty easy to make that distinction now your you know there's a lot talk about today is titled the sure crimes because there's a lot of talk but you can understand about how can we ultimately hold up and Russians accountable for the atrocities were seeing on television special because this was a war of choice.

Ukrainians brought Farid to Russia. They were not trying to pick a battle with Russia. Russia decided to do this unilaterally and build a coalition.

They did build a plan. They didn't really tell that the world was some neo-Nazis there that it was ridiculous.

So this is moved to say while lease one day maybe we can hold it accountable. Even here the ICC. The international criminal Court prosecutors on the ground in Ukraine except for big problem either Ukraine nor Russia nor the United States or the US and maybe at some other country.

Other major superpowers out of China are members of the international criminal court. They have not seeded jurisdiction over their country's actions to the court so you don't have either party here that there's this tenuous finger try to argue we'll get into later. The broadcast about well exceeded some jurisdiction during Crimea, so maybe we can use that except for that conflict ended. This is a totally new conflict and we we I do want to be careful because people think this is by the way for the Uinta to refer the Security Council guess was a veto on the Security Council because their probative member Russia so they're never going to allow their leaders to be charged and tried at the international criminal court right international criminal court which is getting a lot of praise right now from US leaders. The stable US leaders who did not agree. See you can't play these games with an international tribunal that's been looking for universal jurisdiction to somehow justify its existence where we know more about this diving anywhere in the United States because one of the few lawyers and law firms that actually appear before the International Criminal Ct. in The Hague. I am hand holding my hand for a radio audience by trial notebook that says on it and will put it up on the screen it says international criminal court. The appeals chamber situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan then said ICC number 0217 and that was December 4-6, 2019 was a three day trial put that up on the screen right okay and that was the trial notebook we know a lot about the ICC. Here's the situation. The Jordans that is actually correct, they do not have, nor should they have universal jurisdiction. What is happening in Russia.

I think they're all in war crimes that are being committed the act itself, but that doesn't mean the international criminal court is the place for that to be adjudicated.

We'll talk about that later in the broadcast coming up and wanted me to share this with your friends. We were just in court here in the United States on a domestic matter standing up for the life of the unborn were to talk about that not all of these cases, the International Criminal Ct. in The Hague, the US District Court in New Jersey standing for life. Any of those cases.

All those cases, this broadcast every day is because of your support of the American Center for Law and Justice were matching Jones campaign in March roughly really good start.

Want to continue that momentum to write and to be part of the ACLJays matching challenge simply got and what it means if you donate $25 to the ACLJ today online with a group of donors throughout the month of March that will match donations that come through you gotta take the initial action, though, to get that match those donors you donate $25.

They also donate $25. So effectively $25 donation is like $50 force at the ACLJamie that goes for a five dollar donation of $200 donation on up from there. So, if you will to support our work much bigger than just the broadcast go to building today be part of the bank account come back update on life cases that will be joined by Chip Roy Beck Ukraine Russian the American Center for Law and disorientation solutions at home and abroad defending those who are afraid and commerce ACLJ without your support for that way challenge comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you and your family. You forgive today online only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally ACLJ cases, actions the care means to as many ways your membership in the ACLJ powering the right/secular will take your focus to what hundred 684-3110 or incurs reported retirement right now get back to Ukraine to Russia.

ICC the war crimes issue will be up to update you on some upper life cases we are working on right now I three. The river talk about one that was trial in New Jersey encourage you if your on rumble. This is kind of new feature we can utilize it says if you scroll down right below the video editor to be couple ads you see where were able to put in text in the first text is to sign our petition now with a link that is a petition if you click on it for life and specific to the Dobbs case of the US Supreme Court.

408,000 people have signed that petition. Our goal is 500,000 so we have new folks on rumble. It takes just a minute to sign the petition to put your name, email and ZIP Code and that is it. I and so again I encourage you to check that out on rumble to new feature we've got and you'll see right there. The petition sobering menu joining a senior counselor.

The ACLJ and Frankie were in federal court last week for today trial before we get into specifics of what happened in court. Let's talk about this case we been standing for free speech for the life issue for literally 40 years or me that we go back a long time. All is working together we been doing this for four decades, and yet even with wings at the Supreme Court on this very kind of issue we are still finding ourselves defending those that want to speak out for life in the vicinity of an abortion clinic give us the details of this case, what was in involving point and you're so right, what's happening. Having data Supreme Court decision in 2014: versus Coakley lower courts and probably still haven't figured out that the court meant what it said. We represent a woman in general Turco sidewalk counseling outside of an abortion clinic in Englewood, New Jersey since 2005 for the first eight years, things were fairly peaceful. Then in 2013 a new group of protesters.

Pro-life protesters arrived at a completely different approach in danger as sheep. She prefers the quiet personal one-on-one communication with people handing the pamphlet giving them alternatives to abortion as she thinks that's more effective. Frankly I did to which is not to say that these P other people don't have their own 1st.the city was claiming in the clinically claiming that they were doing illegal things, pushing people, blocking doors, screaming into the building.

That sort of thing. While in the Englewood response was to pass a buffer zone which excludes from the vicinity of the clinic not only those people who they may or may not have a right to exclude but also our client and other quiet peaceful Siebel counselors Supreme Court in 2014 90 how often you get a unanimous decision in portion maybe never including people like RPG said cities. You can't do that these kind of buffer zones are disfavored.

If you exhaust everything else, it targeted injunctions against the actual lawgivers face type laws, prosecutions of actual criminal violations.

If none of that works, that maybe you can go to a buffer zone. Englewood did not have that now that that's been a testimony person. The seven years been litigating this case, it finally came out in court last week and were hoping to get a successful result in the end, as I think about is litigating data Supreme Court and Court of Appeals kind of abortion free speech cases for literally for decades and when you have a situation like this. You think to yourself while you want. It's not. And why would you be back in federal court within a municipality, thinking they could treat pro-life speech different than any other form of communication and that's what the real problem is here. They treat pro-life protesters as if they are you know is is our friend, your largest asbestos in the ceiling tile there dangerous just because they're pro-life so we can change all the rules. That's why we have to keep fighting what we break with the case for literally seven years. We won the case on summary judgment 2017 at the District Court level the city appeal, the Third Circuit spent about a year and 1/2 mulling that over that that you know what we need a trial so that's why this case is dragged out for so long and in the meantime, our client has to navigate this obstacle course created by the buffer zone is really strict separate buckets of this particular place and it's simply impossible to share the message she wants to share in the way. Not only she wants to share, but in the way that the unanimous Supreme Court said she has an absolute right to try to so that's where were still fighting. This is a time when we got biggest abortion case it since Roe versus Wade is is at the US report waiting for the opinion and name came up in the state of the Union address by Pres. Biden's report just says that you they show their faces which were stored. Most timers say the union made even more stoic when he made that attack on them because ultimately that's what he's trying to use even at that moment trying to influence them at that. I was mentally and actually have that but we also representing South Dakota and their governor Christie gnome indicates their evolving informed consent to write so we are. I think on the one hand, doing the traditional cases we work out like the sidewalk counseling like informed consent were also preparing for what would a post Dobbs in a good way yes world look like and freight there would be an unbelievable amount of new litigation because you got state constitutional issues gifts probably that half the states the country and want to put in similar laws. Other states that might be kind of somewhere in the middle and in some states are going to be very pro-abortion.

And so it's can be up to groups like ours to go in and educate the legislators on what they can and can't do the steps they need to take to get the laws passed. There's a lot of work that can be done at the pro-life movement will not be done because what happens Dobbs about it. I mean dominoes the way we hope it does, or even part of the way that we think it should go back and began to litigation beginning of a new round of litigation slightly different in some ways, but to write a meanest patchwork quilt of laws will be challenged and defended all across the country. After that, things I thought about I see this dog goes the way we think it does in that particular case is without a major break on an amicus brief. We been involved in abortion litigation case of the sprinkler ficus of four decades. I think the crisis pregnancy centers on women's health centers are to be really at risk in states that are pro-abortion. We arty know they been the one at the Supreme Court on this. They are going to try to regulate them out of existence. Try to forget who we are with the defendant in the case that you reported something and Kemal Harris ugly. She didn't even more influential position now so that's the kind of thing were up against the right crisis pregnancy centers are also on the front line just as I will counsel as they are targets that are targeted pro-abortion regulators all over the place so he had to try what, what's the next move after the trial, how to go for small went fine. I think we I think our case look better after the trial, you'll appreciate this. J every single one of the five witnesses to testify for the city picked up the deposition testimony on the crucial issues in the case.

It was like it was her lawyer was like Christmas morning. I sat there with deposition transcripts of every single one of them. Remember when I took your deposition you said the opposite, that rarely happens in trial, but I think I came across loud and clear to the judge who heard the case. We have a couple weeks to submit our written estimations. Findings of fact including the law and them away for decision after that. So very important. We so you always complete the post work here is you got briefs and submissions do.

As a result of the witnesses at trial. Basically, summation, exactly, exactly. I think it's a she put out say TRT was born at its today was the date 35 years ago. He argued the first case the spring quarter just for Jesus case that was 35 years ago, they suffer. Our audience who may be new to our work. I know some people know that we been doing that for decades which might be new to our work is a photo right outside the courthouse for little that's me the bluecoat that there will you know just the expert will be taught that the expertise is been over three decades of work at the Supreme Court and likely time that I work in the ICC we have this to the all the specific very unique specialities and focuses so I think I get it's it's worth pointing out to all of you during this matching challenge monthly support worker ACLJ. As for the working organization that is been in existence. I first thought.

That is been at the Supreme Court for 35 years protecting your constitutional rights on a whole host of issues whether it's free speech was really that's what this case about units of got abortion distortion in it because abortion clinic but it's free speech that's with the Jews for Jesus case also about free speech. The idea religious speech is just like other speech we are free speech and we been arguing that fighting for freedom in you. It's interesting that I would say is over time. There were other groups who would say what they would like more extreme free speech was like the ACLU is not anymore. Now the sides know that we face. I think about this. Now I'm in looking at this picture for those that are watching us and for those that are listening on radio. I mean, it said that this is that it is a historic picture drawing three years old. Logan's inanimate nephew of ours Zenit my white brothers and it on. My parents are both in heaven, now is well presented Stuart Roth as they are not alone. We been doing all of this and the fact is about a week after this hearing I met in Kentucky with a lawyer named Pat Monahan, Frank, and we started working together. Then death.

So when you look at that and exit we litigated in the 80s and 90s. The 2000 2010's and the 2025 decades before the Supreme Court of the United States. The folks getting just a great example of the work outside what you see on this broadcast which is important part of our work because we believe the message out for you and what it's it's a get it's so it's a small part of everything else that goes on behind the scenes.

The cases the attorneys are out around the country defending constitutional rights in a time where free speech is under attack because we saw the censorship paste new sensors in the world we fight back against my sister Jeannie and my sister will only remit was a family affair then it is now two RFI entire family still fully engaged as we go to the next generation of leadership Jordan Logan very important support working only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally ACLJ McCarran means to serve in many ways your membership powering the right/American Center for Law and engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering correction in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect the court seen in Congress. ACLJ for that way challenge comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms most to you when you forgive today online secular. We are joined by good friend of ours occurs at ship Roy of Texas, the 21st congressional district is been someone I we got to know Washington DC Milan for his congressman's chief of staff to a Sen. Ted Cruz as staff director for Sen. John Cornyn's people to work with a long time with ACLJ but Carson ship Roy is a leading voice a conservative voice in the country. It is great that mother broadcast today-I want to jump right into it because you talk about the idea in your tweet this morning if you're gonna go vote for appropriations or appropriations to assist Ukraine which appears in this bipartisan support for now. To do that. We've got to unleash an open American oil and gas and more the pipelines the rags offshore federal lands put altogether else. You say it's a fail. Tell people about that well beyond all going to be on the show but the thing that were dealing with here and right now let me be clear listeners. We got a $32 billion package brewing in Washington right now money to go to dollars for legal assistant for Ukraine but also Ukrainian humanitarian assistance but also a whole bunch of COBIT money for continuation of encoded vaccines pushing by the administration and therapeutic to all going right in the park at the Pfizer so I'm just bringing up and raising the question as you describe the tweet in one dollar is appropriated one dollar spent in Republicans supported next week and go towards the Ukrainian situation that were dealing with right now and we don't free up American energy minister, fraud, and we need to call them all out on the front and there you go down to digging as a noun and a green new deals are solution for energy that will not solve the thing and it will leave America behind it will empower enemies and it will drive up the cost of energy in this country join the left doesn't care. The radical left actually wants to use this war to advance the radical green new deal.

That's what's motivating their weekly wrap themselves in the flag Ukraine but I'm telling you what they really want is a want to be able to use this for an overall world order about how to reach that the energy landscape and that means shutting down American energy and be reliant on China and Russia.

That's a real fight, this is Jay. I believe the idea that we are still importing oil from Russia today and that we had to shut down of the pipeline in the United States by the bite administration is soon as they got into office, which would've provided that we were under oil exporter, and now we are dependent upon Russia for our energy. This to me is just absurd. And of course Joe Biden is not put any sanctions on Russia's energy sector right now. What about Newberry Pacific and Emily talking about in their altered state of the union about their lack of intent lack of intent to address this situation at all.

They are purple perfectly fine. Continuing either the status quo or frankly, going further down the so-called pre-new Deal road which all fraud in pursuing fantasy unicorn energy policy that Levi's bold and your enemies usually set at 600,000 barrels of oil imported from Russia every day. The United States even though we sit on a mall to oil and natural gas we constricted our supply. We have shut off permit, we've closed down and more. We shut down the Keystone pipeline we restricted other pipelines we have for going down and saying we can push out a liquefied natural gas, and limiting what were able to push out to the wall.

This is all happening in real time, and yet were were all sitting around talking about what we need to do to send more aid to Ukraine. The very first thing we need to do right now is free of American energy or I don't want to hear about any of it right.

This resonates with all of our lists is right now, but I think what you said to step back that bigger picture here, which is that they're utilizing this world crisis which everyone acknowledges is horrendous with the Russians are doing to the Ukrainians okay.

We all acknowledge that we also and now as it is wide supported. There should be US boots on the ground that we can deliver aid, but that we are in a sense, allowing the left to punish Americans I be they would use that word we would punish Americans at the pump and would get with natural gas as well so that we ultimately just what you say will type if we buy in to that or beaten down into buying into this green new deal idea right LOL to be clear to the resolution yesterday my colleagues about our contempt for prudent about the fact that we stand with the people of Ukraine.

I got to the trip Ukraine with my former bosses you guys alluded you for Sen. Cruz. We went to Kevin 2014 we went to Estonia and met with the President in 2014 we went to Warsaw we went to Poland in 2014 then I met with these folks and these are folks you have a a hunger for freedom there on the eastern side of Europe because they've seen the totalitarian state of the Soviet Union. These people understand freedom better than most American Street blunt about it, so I want to be able to stand alongside them but I'm not can also be upon in George Soros and the radical left game of trying to make us bow down to the altar of the green new deal in this bake energy so that they can advance their social welfare state. There their agenda of making us reliant on foreign oil reliant on China for the all of the minerals that we need for making solar panels and in reducing our independence. This is a sovereignty question. Just like our southern border Democrats don't care about it. They don't care about American exceptionalism.

They wanted new world order. That's what they're trying to do and we gotta stop it. There's another received very involved. It is sorely and that is the situation the crisis on the border mini documentary out Texas under siege. The human toll of Biden's border crisis you are down there. What's your assessment right now. Well, that documentary from Sen. Cruz and the ball and we got that out there explaining exactly what we did medical branch or media going on the Laredo County, Texas going down the valley that McAllen then just last week a letter gurgled for other Congressmen survive totaling five Texas state legislature member to go down and meet with folks in del Rio, we would downward down the river right were that the alleged whipping incident occurred which was a lie. Purposeful, why just talking to President only, not including a lot of my work is and they are punishing border patrol they are minimizing their ability to do their job they are claiming asylum is in the green light for the world economy United States but in fact 90% plus of the people claiming asylum have no basis under our law to claim file looking for job in goblet important you believe we we are people of faith as a Christian I want to help people. I want to make sure the people can thrive in and I begrudge no one seeking prosperity, but I do begrudge people like the secretary of homeland security, leaving our border wide open empowering cartels, allowing fennel border communities in del Rio Texas right now of thousand people a day or come across or more in del Rio Texas in that sector 26 migrants died in the Rio Grande River since October 1 when all the cameras left up to the limitations were in the 32nd tier but for people seeing that many documentary Texas under siege.

The human toll of Biden's border Christ were talking to Carson chief Roy of Texas, where she quickly don't find that you are my official website of you can follow the ship for that, my personal political website twitter chip Lloyd TX and you know or rep.

Chip Lloyd you're the official count will they drag again folks. I encourage you check that out Texas under siege.

The CCAC is a front center.

Yeah, that's right.

And they all seem to Carson Roy. These are all interconnected to connect what he can have one without the other.

They all play against each other and it submits it massive change in and how you're going to structure the government is which side you port in which title wins out on these issues like oil and gas second half hour coming up a lot to talk about all this talk about war crimes really hold accountable.

Is there really a way to do that is the American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 $20 $50 gift becomes 100 rejecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you give a gift today online keeping you informed and now is a secular secular, it may we be talking at this in the past Belgian sake, White House press secretary been caught up in it as well. I'm just play it for you first listen closely and will analyze Nicholas.

I was at the State Department, the President was the vice President. The last time Russia invaded Ukraine. This is a pattern of horror from this present from President Clinton and from the colonies around him. So what is the pattern for which the unifying factor in all of this is taking these actions would Biden was vice President and alleys present winded to not take these connections when Joe Biden wasn't in the executive branch. He was excluded for four years as a trump was enough associate sheet. I don't think that's what she wanted to be.

Say, but literally is the Biden Pattern of horse because it ultimately as the most powerful country in the world United States sets the tone right now. The tone is were weak were divided and our country me look at the scattershot state of the union them as I did. Is it possibly figure out where the focuses of our federal government, which is tough and so child is looking at, Taiwan, Russia, not just annexing a part of Ukraine full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The common denominator of the Russian pattern of horror is it Joe Biden is in the executive branch is to be tomorrow's broadcast weird in a really get into this tomorrow, let's go ahead and take a phone call with folks telling statement from Jen sake, didn't mean it to be but clearly it is Carol's counter for Marilyn online what he care welcome to secularly on the plane level of involvement and hoping Ukraine unification of its members on sending soldiers and planned notification is nothing that prevents a country as a member of NATO. Sara Lee's entry in this conflict another country could say were enforced no-fly zone and that would make it a different question about whether or not that invokes article 5 because they would attack the voluntarily entered. I think it does.

"I don't think our ships were naming and shaming the Europeans enough when it comes to this there trying to make it all about us. Even Zelinski a little bit too much about us the US how about your European partners. They got fighter jets to that. Were you most of them put together by us save a very good fighter jets and very well-trained, very well trained huge land forces, but they don't really need that right now you think had some air support to Those convoys. This might be over so he can but the Europeans in these individual countries. They don't get their hiding behind that idea of NATO is voluntarily decided to get involved so there is nothing prohibiting France, Germany, Poland, these other countries from simply engaging UK big United Kingdom from sending in troops sending and are certainly a no-fly zone creating a no-fly zone.

Why would it be the United States and number one number two you don't have to wait for NATO, which has to have unit unanimity to take action here. If this could actually help Ukraine. Some of this is propaganda from both sides. What we have to be clear and were to be crystal clear on this, like this international criminal court conversation when There's a lot of talk but we've done this, stop folks, and it's not is simple as the general on TV are making it sound like I don't care what network on frankly what is doing just that. There is nothing prohibiting Latvia right Estonia. These countries are worried about this from providing more direct armaments, including soldiers of necessary that could happen. The question is why is it always the United States. Here, that they're coming to even that will supply plenty of resources, money and ammunition. Jed, you nowise because they don't want to fight and die for this one us to fight and die for this ACS is that their hammer and there's not that support your site. There's probably some more support than there was when this began, but still is here from politicians. Clearly both sides. The they understand the ramifications of the US Russia war, which is a lot different than the ramifications of France involving a no-fly zone with Russia difference nuclear two nuclear powers going to war versus a medium-size European country with the military that could do it if they were willing to potentially lose loss of life that would come with fighting with Russia in the year, the American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad defending those in commerce ACLJ for that way challenge comes 20100 constitutional and religious freedoms most to you when you forgive today online only when a society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when the American Center for Law and Justice defending the right to life free from publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally ACLJ. McKiernan means to serve the many ways your membership powering the right/2nd is about war crimes and the international criminal court because their prosecutors on the ground in Ukraine already. Either this kind of a new pretrial chamber process putting together what would be a case against Russian leaders, generals, pollutant for these war crimes which began with your paper. If you were to what war crimes are the invasion you suggest invading a country that for no reason. War of choice is what's called and then SR is sovereign territory of sovereign nation at that.

So there's issues there in the targeting of civilians. You have to prove that was done intentionally, but you can see in the images about how you could build this case. The problem is not really building the case. It's never been the problem with trying to prosecute war crimes. The issue is bid in the US is that the lead of this. Most countries who are engaged in conflict on a more regular basis because of their standing in the world don't sign onto any of these treaties that allow international criminal courts any jurisdiction over their actions. And that's because think about the US we've negated to passive law wars just finished. I at Afghanistan and Iraq.

They still try to get you the strike in US soldiers through the ICC. We were there, and so I what I just laid out before always be careful when you're dealing with because either Russia or Ukraine are member of the ICC. If both were easy discussion if one was a little bit easier. Discussion if neither are then you got a really step back and say wait with this be a precedent director, US troops or Israelis or any any Western power that the ICC at the world which is dominated by non-Western powers. We put all the countries of the world together the like.

The decisions of Saul holding my hand for a ready audience for TV audience are actually seeing a shot of it on the screen right now, the trial notebook that I used when we tried a case at the international criminal court in the hay at the appeals chamber entitled the situation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan where they were. The ICC was trying to go after US soldiers. Now the United States is Georgia nor Russia are member nor Ukraine are members of the Rome statute which governs jurisdiction, but they admit this attempt at universal jurisdiction.

Do we think war crimes are being committed in Russia. Yes, we think the ICC just has easy general jurisdiction know the question is going to be you and can make referrals here and you been looking at this issue extensively said this cube offers her to talk to that of tried cases of the ICC that wasn't by the way our first time over the headache that was our second or third time actually third time over day, second time in a proceeding so you know, believe me.

And we know this is right. They were to show one coming up in a in a live during the break here of some of that proceeding. But this is tells you there's a lot of discussion about this. I want to be clear that we think what would Russ is doing, led by Vladimir Putin is is violating the spirit of the these international treaties, but getting jurisdiction is a totally different matter. That's right are getting jurisdiction is a totally different matter, and the office of the prosecutor of the international criminal court has said he is has dairies on the ground. Kareem Kohn, who is a Queens counselor who is the new prosecutor of succeeding the previous one. Of ensued and he is in the Ukraine, claiming that he has jurisdiction in the pretrial chamber to which the case has been referred because he can claim he has jurisdiction, but then in order to get the go-ahead, he's got to go to the pretrial chamber which consists of three judges at the international criminal court if they were you arguing J and then they have to give him the authority to proceed further wishes and video of that argument.

While were doing as I may, may not be possible to Joseph. Here's an interesting issue that the UN can make a through the Security Council can make a direct referral to the criminal court that is in the video you're sitting right there is me before the international criminal Court in the Hague, wearing the robe in the what are you calling it was a technically called a handkerchief and handed him yeah I made this a very formal proceedings and it was before, up, up, multi judge panel.

As you can see an example for much of a star wars and what such as very futuristic, but is also potentially very dangerous and I say that ICC can do some good things, but they also can be very, very out of their lane, but there is a procedure.

This is never been done before this what our team looks at the stuff folks were the generals that we could recommend and the Security Council could vote a referral to the ICC directly to nonparties to the Rome statute Bastille through Security Council but Russia technically and eat without which we could veto this was on the Security Council has to abstain.

That should abstain under the UN charter. This is you said J, the Security Council can issue a referral of a matter to the international criminal court needs a super majority, which is 9/15, and that none of the permanent members would be permitted to oppose it.

If that was the case, but if you look at the UN chartered article 27 of the UN charter says that a party to a dispute shall, shall not may talk to but shall abstain from voting so that if there is an application or a motion for referrals from the Security Council to the international criminal court. Russia shall abstain and render the UN charter not be able to eat and not be able to exercise is veto which means folks in this it's important to understand the scope and nature of our work and we got our Europeans, and upon justice has nongovernmental organization status. Guess with the United Nations and were about to explain that were drastically in the next couple years.

Yeah, that's right, I think, to what's important there. There would be the role of China China abstain from the vote on the censure at the general assembly of the right action.

That was a big deal but they would be under tremendous pressure from Russia to try and veto this and I could see a situation where China steps up and says no because they want to invade Taiwan and they want to take Taiwan whether they do that now or later than two years. Whether it's five years but we like the idea of having that and they can look very carefully and say well you know what this could happen to us so usually they abstain. A lot of times they don't take issue. Maybe this the time they step up so I think that's why it to be very weary is not fair. These three-minute conversations on TV that like and that's why my report is not sweating about this as you can see he's got multiple options to get out of this by utilizing other players in the world.

You might also want to go on adventurous style military actually center interesting. Ukraine is now challenging this is. I find fascinating. Whether Russia should be on the Security Council at all because the breakup of it was they were put on the Security Council. Any when it was a different country that's the Soviet Union, it was the Union of Soviet Socialist republics and when that broke up in the 80s and 90s in the Russian Federation sort of exceeded or stepped into the shoes of the USSR and ascended to the USSR seed based on a decision made by the UN office of legal affairs and I wonder if they really have the authority to do that. In any event. Russia simply stepped into the shoes of the old USSR, Soviet Union, and J as you said Ukraine is challenging that decision is because the country that was given Peapod status was not Russia. It was the Union of Soviet republics, so this it raises seriously look were to look at rest assured, are at the ACLJR international affiliates argument. Reviewing all of this I mean I just want to say to that. Unfortunately when you get to this point were crimes that means the people been really hurt, killed, killed the kids the women that children anyone hospital. Some you don't. This is again were like Ron wrong. This but but what you what it means ultimate if you could even get they could even get your stick should be zip and mass death of civilians total destruction of Ukraine likely Zielinski killed. I mean in all his all the Ukrainian government leaders. They supposedly think there's a lot information both sides, but there are going to be Russia's planning. Very quick tribunals to execute all of the Ukraine current Ukrainian government that they can find once they take towns in their starting to take towns that yes what I wanted to see clear talk real real fast. Russia continues on the path you're on right now. Ukraine does exist. I know we talked a lot about the unbelievable resistance they haven't used anything yet, but some missiles they haven't got in and mass with 20,000 troops into a city when they start doing that and if they start doing anything certifying a picture when you get to the point of the ICC getting involved in war crimes being committed you're talking about thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people dying it complete destruction of a nation and their leaders so you really hope we don't get to this point.

So the raw on TV of the side-by-side retreats either Ukrainian resistance and also to prosecute war crimes doesn't go together. If he is prosecuted for crimes likely everyone your time at Ukrainian resistance has been killed. So we don't want to get to that point, the world need to be working how to stop this now, not how to rely on international courts that have been weak at best and try to prosecute anybody of substance anywhere they been dying to try to find anyone and they've had a very if you look at history, the history of trouble hardly indicting anybody holy anyone.

I was a handful of people know that matter. But this is the becoming the topic of conversation with every TB to deal admit listen you're talking to lawyers that did it. It doesn't work that way. So now we have to talk about the next segment. What can be done doesn't depend on NATO is not simply NATO here vortex in closet 800-684-3110 will be back in a moment support the work the global work of Only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally ACLJ. McKiernan means to as many ways your membership powering the right/the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life and the court seen in Congress. ACLJ for that way comes 2001 hundred constitutional and religious freedoms most to you when you forgive today secularity or phone calls as well. What what hundred 684 31 two that's what hundred 684-3110 to start with Johns Colletta to see John, welcome to secular on the air all Marine member in the area around that have the whole time of military wanted a question that keeps coming up in our groups is everybody in Ross's word about loss of life.

If we get engaged. We have times of growing smart weapons and everything else that can be brought to bear with no loss of human life, but still being able to protect and be able to defend Ukraine senior military service.

Those drones are treated just like any other US aircraft were operating. Now it's one thing if we give drones over to Ukrainian spam.

Not sure the drugs you're talking about is the kind they can operate because you you know there set up like basically pilots.

They are pilots specialist to do that if we use a drone in our US pilots somewhere in the early Arizona wherever they're based right are the ones who push the button to shoot the missile we've engaged in the war, John dives that make sense to you that the dip that's the fine line.

You are now fight.

You are now at war with Russia and fine line between bullying and invited perception of putting 20,000 troops on the ground you know you be ready for Russia, whose threatening nuclear action that mean I'm not saying that they would do that because we get involved. But there threatening it. That's right you at what would be better.

What would've been better is if we trusted the Ukrainians, which I don't think any of our governments have in the US, some for good reason. Even when you saw this buildup of the last four months you would've gotten them the kind of drugs to utilize the app so that when they took it.

It wouldn't get. They have the technology that they have some yes there is a big question about this convoy life not being attacked by war. It raised a contact member is not well received as a satellite image doesn't show that yet.

So here is that it will grab. I think I get a job and that's that.

My Lai IQ talked about between, it wouldn't put a US troop technically harms way, but it would put America in harms way creates any correct we are, then it more directly with Russia, which raises another issue was not reporting all these issues together. So while it sounds like what you use technology that doesn't put our troops in harm's way.

We are then engaged, though Harry with Russia in a military conflict, so that's a big issue and that impacts look that impact pocketbooks, and that impacts economies and the question is now in here you've got experience in the gas, oil and gas field. There is a lot of talk that were still buying Russian bear 600,000 barrels a day and then the same month. We don't do that.

The cost of gas is going to go through the roof you looked at this what your assessment well I think the price of petroleum on the world market will explode irrespective of what we are now doing with Russia.

Having said that, it's important to keep in mind that what we really need is to read claim US energy in dependence.

So, for instance, many people have suggested placing sanctions on Russian energy well that will work to some extent, but it's important to keep in mind that that provides a distinct economic advantage to China. China has already negotiated a $15 per barrel discount with respect to Russian oil. Secondly, it's important to keep in mind that Europe is highly dependent on natural gas, and generally speaking, we can only help through look five net nights, not natural gas terminals and that is cumbersome and very very expensive so inseminate so many respects, it's important to keep in mind that going back to the Obama Biden administration, we have deliberately handicapped ourselves on the energy equation in dealing with Russia. This goes towards what you are saying that all of these issues are intertwined comes totally intertwined is not just a simple section energy sector on Russia because it's not as if John is knocking to do business with right and even microwaved to the swift sanctions were the two biggest banks. Russia don't use swift prior to to transfer money so I mean is that there's issue after issue. It's tough to lie that we heard a lot of tough talk somebody sanctions abided by the oligarchs. Especially because we have a special DOJ prevents five but when you director if you try to topple the Russian economy. You got it you got it. You gotta start talking about the future's future plans of our country right when it comes to oilseed to say were going to finish the Keystone XL to open it. That's how you topple the Russian economy with the sanctions and and you know what to talk about Carson Roy Joe Biden is not going to be willing to do that because half his party at least has bought onto the green new deal and what Chip said was that they want.

They actually are. You've given that they want the conflict there. Utilizing this conflict punish Americans at the pump will also you know what we gotta go to these alternative forms of energy.

Some of were some of what I don't work and it's a lot of sly cost of some of these oligarchs are breaking off and pulling that which is interesting but here's the thing, the Department of Justice India set up a program enough that yesterday were to target these oligarchs. Now I'm thinking okay that means criminal proceedings brought against these oligarchs is that really a deterrent. No, I don't think it is Jeremy. Let's be realistic about it you think think of bringing a criminal action against one of these oligarchs, which means rule by the few in Greek and ran Russia is going to really deter anything from happening in terms of the price of oil prices, gas, the price of wheat and things like that. I think the answer is decidedly not so Harry what to follow what Jordan said.

What does put Russia's economy in the kind of jeopardy. That would have a significant impact will first US energy independence would do that but it's important to keep in mind that there are so many barriers within the Biden administration so transportation Sec. Pete has suggested we don't want to do that why he claims this is a temporary solution to a long-term problem. So what we have is resistance against rational analysis within the Biden administration and we should also keep in mind. Another fact agricultural prices are rising own nest is rapidly as petroleum prices and so if you look at wheat. If you look at soybeans.

If you look at palm oil. Both things have gone up almost 250% over the last three years and given that there's a conflict in the Ukraine and there are problems in Russia. Guess what, they may not plant those crops this season. This is going to drive up prices even further in 2023. The planning season is is coming up in the Ukraine and in Russia in the next eight weeks.

They better get the weed in the ground else is to be a crisis as I can happen. I'm gonna look like it or doesn't the folks I am telling you this is it was a great program today because you've seen all of the facets of the American Center for Law and Justice Law and economics law in international carports, government affairs with Congress. He saw the pro-life issues we discussed all of this was broadcast coming to you every day is because of your support. The American Center for Law and Justice were matching challenge camping summary new to especially if your mom and we appreciate mobile hosting us, and we encourage you to keep going but and donate online. Any money you donate. We get a matching gift for ACLJ.O RG that's ACLJ.4 also your Hon. right now we want to sign on to the petition we have right there below the screen. That's the pro-life position were approaching 500,000 significant encourage you to do that but again support the work of the ACLJ ACLJ.or their matching challenge campaign will talk to you tomorrow. How much of this is happened under Joe Biden as VP and Pres. interesting topic, the American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 becomes $20 $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. Give a gift today online

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