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Russia Takes Ukraine Nuke Plant, Putin Claims "No Bad Intentions"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 4, 2022 12:38 pm

Russia Takes Ukraine Nuke Plant, Putin Claims "No Bad Intentions"

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 4, 2022 12:38 pm

[00:18:42] Gen. David Perkins (Ret.)


[00:39:06] Adm. James Stavridis (Ret.)


[00:58:30] Josh Rogin


[01:14:34] Chris Christie


[01:31:57] Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

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Brian kill me show this out to be joined by one of the best most clear thinking generals in the country now retired Gen. David Perkins will be here alive, retired US Army four-star so he'll be with us will take your calls. 1-866-408-7669. As I mentioned, you could also write me I'm right kill was able to get some late arriving emails as I go through minute be able to answer some of them were still drug for the big story of course is what happened that nuclear attack at a nuclear power station in Ukraine. I didn't know they had five of them. They got decided six reactors. This facility, it just brings me to do so many conclusions how dangerous his warriors gets more dangerous by the day and I just don't know where the end is. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three I make an offer that man in the oil will confirmation what Nancy Pelosi Lindsay Graham Elizabeth Warren all agree stop buying Russian oil and financing pollutants war of choice, guess who guess who chooses to keep buying it. Joe Biden. This is not the Cold War. This is a madman with nukes, so I think we really need to think through what are the pathways we have left one connecting with the Russian people. I think there is our best hope really to put pressure on food in the regime to de-escalate this in the second one is oligarchs yes we just sanction tons of them, but not American to be happy about going back home after losing a fortune. Yes Clint Watts weighing in sanction seem to be the only hope. Prunes war machine what's been done what oligarchs have been targeted and how to all people who know the word Chernobyl who knows how much grief victims. The explosion of the nuclear power plant brought. It was a global catastrophe.

Russia wants to repeat this is already repeating it. That is true, and that was a translator of a Zelinski of Vladimir: there is Zelinski and Vladimir Putin Baltimore Zelinski I should say food in defiance of Lenski unbound the Russian seizure of Ukraine continues in the refugee disasters overwhelming NATO nations, especially Poland. How much death and destruction of the West. Sit back and just watch as the inept or just pure evil Russian forces nearly blow up a massive nuclear power plant that was printed they say it's the biggest one in all of Europe.

Are you kidding so you think they're targeting it. One thing is pretty clear. One quarter of all the power in the country of Ukraine powered by this six reactor plant one quarter Russians are in control of it now. Ukrainian firefighters are putting out the fire to have been killed and the IAEA is trying to get in but getting into a war zone is not easy. So that is in the southern part of the country. What else are they doing today. Just try to turn out the lights don't really care that is nuclear want to be seen as somebody that's out-of-control even though Vladimir Putin perhaps is not out-of-control. I think he's nuts. So yesterday he called up French from a crone who basically after 90 minutes at this guy, the more the worst is yet to come with this guy. He's not backing out an inch. Here's a little from Vladimir Putin. Cut to my conviction that she missed my thinking when humans is amazing meanwhile to Lenski sat there and took all costs.

He said I don't I don't worry.

Don't worry about me.

I don't bite Vladimir Putin. Let's sit down and talk about this because Putin that he would get near his own generals using the size that 40 foot table that he's on. We hear is totally isolated. There's nothing that I have seen this any different than what they is pretty clear for people trying to figure out what's in his head he's deftly changed used to have people around them. Given the sense that he was leaving this huge government. These COBIT 19 nuts and that's were tapping me while Zelinski brilliantly is using the media not to go out and say things that are true as a propaganda arm but to continue to say were fighting.

I'm not going anywhere. This said to have been three hit squad to the been killed. Cut down there out to try to kill him now in Vladimir Putin's remarks, he actually says he is looking to capture or kill these net Ukrainian nationalist moment leaders capture or kill. We actually going to watch a Zelinski gets delivered to Moscow. Are you kidding here is talking about the needs that he still has and how everybody seems to be late coming to his side cut three. If you don't have the strength and courage to close the sky and give me the plants that it will be a lot if we fall God for. Next will be a lot Lithuania and Estonia is not wrong and this is what we have to be relentless on this.

Reports are that NATO stop the sale or the giveaway. The gift of these makes it would get to go to the Ukrainian pilots who could actually defend themselves and took back the skies, but NATO so concerned that it looked as provocative from Russia banned the sale from Poland. How unbelievable is that a big mistake to Adm. James diabetes just wrote to me, so he was former supreme Allied Cmdr. of NATO, so he's not just a military officer. He understands the legal ramifications of doing that and it is indeed worth it.

Here's more from Zelinski cut five about challenging Vladimir Putin.

I have no yeah there are ways to stop the war.

Get the hell out of the country.

He knows that but he kinda helpless will also bothers a Zelinski. He says I IV took a question from our guy. Trey jinxed yesterday and trading said we would your conversation Vladimir Putin violates give me present buying like and he said the really good and they given me a lot.

In fact there. He's asking for 10 billion more, not Zelinski, but buying for Zelinski but you will not to say why did he wait till now. It would be great to have it before the war award that he predicted would take place. So what is Vladimir Putin thinking right now he's finding out that his group is worth less than half of 1%. Right now he finds out that interest rates went from 9 to 20% right now is finding out the private industry refineries and ensures a deciding not to ensure his ships that are cargo ships full of oil refineries refusing to refine it. Most of America already in Sweden and Finland, and in fact India says if you want to bite you how to send it to me, but he can't get insurers now in many cases that would actually ensure these voyages he can afford to lose all that money would bankrupt the nation. So now were trying to bankrupt and before he does even more damage. That's okay. So Gen. Jack Keane was able to come on late last night he came out with me again this morning and he talked about the sanctions and the harm they may or may not be doing cut 12 pulling out all stops to help the Ukrainians defend themselves should be the mission. I may not. Why no were triumphant about the sanctions we feel good about strengthening NATO when we were kind of beat not trust that the state of the union about that but the real messages got a big Ukrainians is that when I can let this stand. Let this happen will help you with everything we got and let's use our imagination to do some of that. So what is the reality of the magic snow. He says he says unique creative military minds.

So if you look at see what they're doing today don't have a map in front me, but maybe you do. You could see in the South's Crimea. That's with a base, everything from and they're working their way down and Mara Paul is now under attack.

That's a coastal city base. You also saw another city of fall asked yesterday which is right on the coast in Odessa is being targeted is evidently six warships setting aside and I am see any evidence, but I've seen and hopefully I'm just missing it, then Ukrainians, but Ukraine is prepared to fight for Odessa tell leave them landlocked so who's going to creatively be able to arm and feed the rest of Ukraine you going to need imagination to get Anita resourcefulness and it's knocking to come for the presence knocking to come from right claim, but they have to or okay for Vladimir Putin what's in his mind. One guy knows better than anybody else. Nobody joined me on one nation at eight and 11 on Saturday night.

His name is Bill Browder why is he got rich in Moscow in private business. When he tried to expose the corruption of Vladimir Putin takes 50% of every oligarchs earnings. He basically was giving a debt for they tried to arrest him. They try to make him an international pariah. Then they tried to kill him. They try to poison all their enemies and other people that run against Vladimir Putin does Browder know this Bill Browder know the makeup of Vladimir Putin, absolutely. How does he feel so far will this campaign is now in day nine. They had one city captured that a lot of the factions they've had more deaths than they ever imagine. But yet you think they're going for total annihilation there on track to do that.

Sadly, here's what Bill Browder said about what he seen so far about Amanda that cobras consider Vladimir Putin's number one enemy cut 20 afraid that there's actually no way out and what I know about Vladimir Putin is that he doesn't have a reverse gear when Ames when he goes into a conflict.

It always escalates in a just keeps on nestling and it just never stops escalating and escalates beyond your most terrible scenario letter. Putin is a guy in his particular bad in this case because is a guy who's been humiliated in his first week of invasion. He hasn't done what he said he was interviewed is humiliated militarily and is been humiliated by Western governments were frozen.

All sorts of assets. He never expected anyone to act me never did before in Georgia hated Pro Crimea shut down passenger plane seeks poison people in England note no consequence itself is deleted militarily is been humiliated economically and he doesn't do humiliation well know, not all. I hope he feels that way.

I just don't how delusional he is and if he's actually snowing himself. That is going well with the town of 1-866-408-7669 I'll take you because we get back bottom of the hour we go talk talk tactics to Gen. David Perkins. It was to the brain to meet you learning something new every day, Brian kill me show precise personal powerful is America's literacy in the palm of your fox weather updates throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox News or wherever you get your podcast Fox News podcasts network mind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the been dominance podcast. Listen now by doing a Fox News a talk show. That's real. This is Brian kill me show hearing from ordinary Russians lives. The been turned upside down by the sanctions this morning to a young woman. She runs a successful health-food company, but sees nothing to move to Argentina and she told us there is no future here and there hearing that over and over again from young educated Russians rush is not an easy thing to do right now if you go to one of Moscow's international airport parts report. You're just being ACF cancellations because North American and European airspace are close to Russian aircraft and course as the ruble collapses and value prices are just skyrocketing here and we are seeing that on everything from car parts to exploit is groceries in the supermarkets people here very very worried about their savings. Whether inflation is going to completely wipe them out. Yeah, I mean if you are a Russian and you love your country or you do sickened by your country's leadership. You basically there's a fear that this is coming. Martial law inside the country.

Already if you're there protesting.

You could be looking at 15 years in prison 15 years in prison for protesting. I told you yesterday, two days ago they arrested seven kids. Most were under 10 years old for putting flowers of the Ukrainian embassy and putting a sign that says stop war children behind bars. That's how insane that country is why they think that's okay. Meanwhile, the bite administration sanctioning a more oligarchs are there hunting them down. In fact they finally have Marek Garland doing something that beneficial. He is going to look to find out through his prosecutors and target the other Russian oligarchs.

The place with those a lot of oligarchs is the UK because they're printed for permissive banking culture. A lot of people feel very secure over there. So now they can get locked up and do the world a big favor in doing it so the arm for the sanctions. What is our best hope is our best hope to stop this war sinner Lindsay Graham waiting and he says listen I can't wait for this.

I'm not sure sanctions at work but I know exactly this country be much better off without Vladimir Putin cut 18 what's happened is that Putin looks at Biden he sized them up. He thinks he can get away with it and he's going to keep going and going and going and nobody in the West is going to stop and how does this sin, somebody in Russia has to step up to the plate. Is there Brutus and Russia. Is there more successful. Col. Stauffenberg and Russian military. The only way this should answer my friend. At first somebody and Russia to take this guy out, you would be doing your country a great service in the world are great services and how you get your and then who's to loyal to him reportedly and I cannot do a dissertation on the inner circle of Russian oligarchs but evidently the goal oligarchs don't have as much influence as they had you. When you look back and have a special that's an air on Sunday at 10 o'clock.

Amidst on Fox nation a different version right now about who is Vladimir Putin. The oligarchs really controlling the country and pulling the strings of Boris Yeltsin. When Vladimir Putin came in. He went ahead and told his oligarchs he rested.

One of them brought them through the ringer and say listen if you want the same fate. Give me 50% then you can keep your money more Eliasson way then you look at the mindset of Vladimir Putin moralizing of NPR which I got you know if you want somebody that's not politically oriented.

She's one of them maybe leans a little left but deftly extremely bright, so Vladimir Putin called up McCrone as president of the EU as well as France. This they do a rotating leadership thing and basically let everybody know that the worst is yet to come. McCrone got off and he sounded horrified. Afterwards I watched on Skype TV.

Some of his remarks through a translator, but you could see his body language and get his tone cut 22 uncrowned and talk to put many came away with.

I think one of the most downbeat assessments that anybody has come away with from talking to, which is that he believes Putin wants to take over the entire country is not looking for an offramp wants to finish the job. This is something that Putin has wanted to do for many years and he has actually signaled and preening that he wanted to do this and now he has said that was get out no hope for diplomacy, no hope for an offramp input wants pretty much to do to Ukraine what he did to Chechnya and/or Syria, and this can be a lot more loss of life, and I don't think that he's ever going to be talking to the landscape. Yeah let's got to Jenny. Who's watching us on Fox nation was streamed every day.

Jenny that which anyone what happened at their nuclear fallout went back to Europe and were feeding people with high gas prices and everything here in the United States and will feed everybody else.

I agree there is a more senior now Europe is streaming in some aid to help pull into thinking 4 to 50,000 people. There's 32 million that across the border. They expect many more maintenance country 21 million. The setting up of corridors of people and get out.

So between Romania and Moldova as well as Poland and then you know Corsica fan out through their through the rest of Europe and I saw the represents from Denmark. There, the trying help of these people who have lost everything left everything in ago to try to rebuild their lives elsewhere. So that's gonna be pretty, pretty big pretty big hotel room road or how I should say Newt Gingrich on this overall pain that was seen out Ukraine from the analysis perspective, this is going to be even harder to come back from than Afghanistan.

The way it sits right now. Here's a former speaker cut 25 after watching the disaster in Afghanistan wasn't convinced that was possible for the American government to be even dumber more destructive and more dishonest.

This is now worse than Afghanistan.

If you want to help the people of Ukraine get them weapons get them weapons tonight get them weapons through the CIA with them weapons from covert means get them weapons by contracting with private contractors what the Biden administration is doing is certainly if they want were going out of their way to weaken the United States. They could hardly do a better job. I hear if he's 100% right, but of the first Afghanistan yet depends how it turns out it is advice probable widely use those months on the build up to build up Ukrainian forces with the weapons he's asking for 10 billion now we want to give it to them last month will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture to politics and business subscriber list Fox news by just Fox news podcasts network in these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox news for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news or wherever you get your favorite projects radio show like no other and kill me, as a separate worry that we really need to focus about on which is if Ukrainians continue to hold that we continue to resupply this blog down inside Ukraine really on the edge of potentially losing particularly as support at home in Moscow, withers away, which he used a nuclear weapon more tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine to bring it into the fight to bring Zelinski to his knees bring the West to the negotiating table to get what he wants, essentially creating capitulation.

After that was that was the common above could watch and he is somebody that was with the CIA national security analyst another network.

We brought that up after a nuclear facility was one of our six reactors that was hit last night by ancillary fire may be direct, maybe not. It just seems like ineptness who would ever have a firefight from a nuclear facility. Unless of course you want to scare the world.

The thinking. You don't care if you just poison Europe, Gen. David Perkins joined just now retired states army four-star general general welcome back Brian are you doing today good wounds. Your reaction when about 8 o'clock Eastern time. We found out a nuclear reactor is been hit yeah I mean you said the Russians are throwing themselves not be particularly competent in this process, so I always experience something that is not underestimate your enemy, but don't overestimate either and a very well just could be another example of their inability to do good targeting to coordinate air and ground and so I wouldn't overreact to a five dollars caution that when leasing start halfway out of control and the Russians can't even control their own fires or people you get to another level of danger, sometimes even worse very professionalized altar, so I would appreciate some cities and if you tell me what what they're looking at now we see that use convoy 40 miles long, about 20,000 troops that spin outside keys by about 10 to 15 miles.

So what is that convoy doing. Do you think could they be nesting there for the right time to strangle the city and will how many troops would need to do that shut off all inns in and out lanes well sorta lined up on the road. There most of them appear to be structure, but we call combat support vehicles, not really, vehicle, so there probably is moderator preacher man then supplies which is what an urban environment. You need a lot of dismounted folks. The challenge is urban environment. You go back historically, whether systolic Brian, activity, or even my experience in Baghdad those urban environments are like a sponge danger sock soldier resources. The German Army in World War II had spent his entire German division sucked up into one city block. So when you say 40 miles back.

Sounds like a long convoy, but I will tell you my brigade going to Baghdad was about 150 miles long.

That convoy is 40 miles long, is not as much capability. If you think when you take a look at actually liking but you guys did number one. It looks like you guys, this is me. The Russians are stuck on roads and not going off road on anything it seems, does that help you target them. If you're overmatched like the Ukrainians are yeah exactly. And as I look at the types of vehicles they are not particularly mobile. Generally, going way awful lot of them wheeled vehicles in such so there any constricted roles which helped Ukrainians decide how they interdict them where they target where they coming from. It is in the longer they are there baby being the Russians. The more time Ukrainians have to prepare their defenses and be able to deal with any eventuality. So this is not something you want to do if you're going to make a right in your city spent days and days from one location to give your enemy time to make their defense apply. I just wonder what they're doing turn to drones and drones are reusable, they were using a lot now or in day nine don't hear much about them. We are to be able to get them help if they if they did to Nepean are things to give list that received the handheld surface-to-air missiles.

The job and I take missiles drawn those things are really combat multipliers and they can really pay off. Well, especially for defenders in urban environment because you don't have to just walk and attacking convoy that much to bring it to a halt skills are excellent weapon used again when the enemy is masked in a single file line.

My correction starts to love something junkie today and he said listen, you gotta be creative. Right now it looks like they're close to shutting down Odessa and almost all the ports immediately going to be a landlocked country as well as his wars on either it's going to be today, tomorrow or soon so that means most of the arms that you would think were gonna come through Poland and when I put that up to general cases know you have to be more imaginative.

There's gotta be more things you can bring in the were not even thinking of that they got to present to the president. Are there people tight with the president that has an imagination general Perkins to understand that this is a different type challenge a lot of people, but on their on the receiving end of that, based on our experiences in Iraq that seen our enemies will would do that. Whether it's bringing weapons from Iran. Another, various actors, so Ukrainians are usually a nonconventional way to fight the Russians nonconventional how how disappointed you if at all, that they didn't go ahead and give these those 29 megs to Ukrainians.

They had the pilots in Poland ready to fly them out and then NATO got cold feet saying that's good to be too provocative on the Russians damning account weeks. Can we stop worrying about being provocative to the Russians. Well, I what we want to make sure both NATO and the US is that we don't play into anything that you want to do them. We don't need his narrative no rambling speech on the Monday before the invasion about how you dollar history is been turned on his hand, and you just try not unlike previous laws, the needs of the mares are like that way. I mean, obviously, I was all revisionism are not correct. But we we just think doing three moves ahead that anything that we do not be used by him toward his narrative because now we are seeing a coalescing of our European allies NATO ally like the whole world is coalescing against Russia.

Think how do we maintain that they understand what is all about Natalie Bales but they cannot. And when we don't want to stop the momentum of the noose tightening around rocks absolutely do. I don't see much of what I've seen, I go online and check everything I can. I don't see how the Ukrainians are fighting. I'm not sure where therefore enforces a country concentrated but you look at the map how much effort would you put into holding onto Odessa. They say the black pearl of the Black Sea. So I think one of the things that in some ways is working out to the Ukrainians advantages their forces are not massing in any one area because the Russians preconventional force. They have no a lot of artillery fires is operatively accurate so they would love to find a big mass of Ukrainian Ukrainians don't match.

They don't provide target requires a much level, higher level of sophistication to go find them and bring them out and it seems the Russians are not capable of doing that. There's a huge psychological advantage or the advantage of you losing a large population are because of the symbolism of it course of a large number of civilians are there so losing any large city in especially letting the Russians so they can control it is something that Ukrainians would want to prevent because you don't want the rest of Ukraine to see that the Russians have the ability to control the population that general. Gen. David Perkins with this now. Now retired, looking at this situation. I want you he was with the presence of Lenski said yesterday because it's so agonizing because he talked about his relationship. He took Ben's relationship with the US were Joe Biden, and he also talked about the fact that the longest time. We were hoping he was hoping to get more arms before they shut down the sky before they shut down the ports before the war started and he was not able to do it so here's cut for the world is here. If we cannot stop such steps will rule it is late with Ukraine started late making decisions. I appeal to son sky to have Biden said if you cannot shut the sky now then now gave us the timeline tell us how many people have, to die how many lags lambs have to fly away from people's mind is so we see here he's frustrated because we we they telegraphed this whole operation. It when exactly like the administration said it would be why we are where we are. I focus on what were dealing with now and how to remove ahead. I want to talk about and the translator was relaying about. You are called no-fly zone or that we just just can't understand what that means because I hear a lot of talk about no-fly zone that would only need activity there was I don't know we don't we don't want to do anything on the ground. The problem is the executed no-fly zone take out the enemy air defense artillery, which is on the ground to impose air supremacy you have in place air defense artillery on the ground. If you have your pilot data pilots flying over the airspace.

You have to have CHR capability, which is combat search and rescue teams on the ground should operate in the air. You have to have significant capability on the grounds of there's no such thing just offering one domain and become involved in the other.

You just can't be a little bit more like you can't feel of a private. They're all out war are you're not till David Perkins appreciated. Thanks so much time to write every day to 1-866-408-7669 every day. These major cities first and second biggest another third, the Odessa is under the microscope and under the crushing shelling soon and Odessa but khaki think Eve right now so that's will have the latest and that's why I'm glad you're here. 186-640-8766 on your calls, and more. We come back in the brain kill me show giving you everything you need to know you're with Brian kill me. The more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me that my conviction that will soonest thinking when human is you believe this they see you have been a fight against nationalist Nazis nationalist Nazis are the Russian people too smart for this. They know who's in the Ukraine and who's not in Ukraine, they noticed I was an actor in television.

It is Jewish, so he was rapid and red just rambling yesterday evidently comes in to the defendant's defense ministry all the time just yelling and he says everything's going according to plan, and then he called McCrone to say the worst is yet to come.

He can go for total victory total victory. And that's what gets me worried because when you think total victory. Think about many women are women and children to be killed. From here on in.

So here is Zielinski talk about how pollutants gotta be stopped. Cut five. I have no please yeah I hope so we'll have to see. So on Russian TV there beginning to take everybody down. That has any questions or uses the word war. In fact they shut down to we think said were somewhat independent stations yesterday rep. Sanchez on MSNBC rev. Sanchez on Russians is me was on MSNBC listen to him.

Six very closely watching Russian state television here as a kind of window into what the Kremlin wants to know and they are not talking about it when it comes that nuclear plant last night Russian state media talking as if this fire had sort of spontaneously broken out his nuclear plant as opposed to being during annexed by Russian forces.

I'll tell you we are seeing a Kremlin that is more and more determined to stomp out any alternative to the official narrative of what's happening in Ukraine.

Just this morning, the Russian parliament has forced through a new law that means you can be imprisoned for 15 years for spreading what they call fake news about what's happening in Ukraine. They are censoring the few remaining independent Russian media outlets is not allowed to refer to the military action in Ukraine as an invasion is in a war as an attack. The term of art from the Kremlin is so military operation and they are shutting down media outlets say anything different. Unbelievable but not surprising me look at who could losing power. Look at what he's done and when things go bad. He doesn't want to talk about it. The problem is the economic sanctions are really paying up with taking a toll on the Russian people, wherever they are more from Sanchez cutting things that is so discouraging for not Kremlin readout. Please call with Emmanuel macron which he suggested that whatever happens if you go skating table with Ukrainians is absolutely determines to complete the goals of his so-called special military operation suggests that the two sides can go and they can sit at the table together at Preston, Belarus, but there may not really be anything here to discuss if that is absolutely determines the top of the Ukrainian government and as you said, take the entire contract and to help with feeling to watch these people die hopefully weapons getting we can't see it.

I hope I never attracted but Bill just slowly shut the place down because they be able to shut down key thoroughfares and and roads to be used in less Ukrainians have more tricks up their sleeve and we certainly have to help that with some resourcefulness so we'll have to see what he's up against. You know, Sen. Lindsey Graham came out and said, take him out some ice. Gotta take them out and by people think that was responsible. I'm not one of them. I think that Vladimir Putin we are too worried about what he thinks and what to be provocative every time where worried about being too provocative looks of that is weakness and right now he's cornered right now because he is nowhere to go. He can really travel people know we got rich off the backs of the people he's in a war that is going to be very hard to win cut cut eight is so discouraging for not Kremlin readout is call with Emmanuel macron which he suggested that whatever happens at the negotiating table with Ukrainians is absolutely determines to complete the goals of his so-called special military operation suggests that the two sides can go and they can sit at the table together at Preston, Belarus, but there may not really be anything here to discuss is absolutely determines the top of the Ukrainian government and as you said, take the entire contract with we don't let that happen.

Where Europe does not let that happen. Don't forget to go to YouTube Rick Prado from the CIA that that is supposed to go to YouTube to Kettering to be live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive kill me. Thanks much for being here. Everybody is the brain kill me show this hour will come at you from New York around the country heard around the world. Josh Rose will be joining us author of chaos under heaven trump she in the battle for the 21st century and now he's also been focusing a lot on with happening with Russian Ukraine so we appreciate that as well as affect another area of his expertise and that China, he is been way ahead of the curve, even doing a great book on China before the pandemic was in the world, and Adm. James diabetes in a matter of moments. So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's 330 make an offer that and oil confirmation while pretty amazing, right, Nancy Pelosi and Lindsay Graham and Elizabeth Warren a great stop buying Russian oil and financing foods were of choice gets to choose is to keep buying for now prison. But this is not the Cold War.

This is a madman with nukes, so I think we really need to think through what are the pathways we have left one connecting with the Russian people. I think there is our best hope really to put pressure on Putin the regime to de-escalate this in the second one is oligarchs yes we just sanction tons of them could not American to be happy about going back home after losing a fortune right now.

That's congrats not national security expert sanction seem to be the only hope to stop war machine what's been there. What's been done and what needs to be done and how do you get around up all these oligarchs to all people who know the word Chernobyl who knows how much grief and victims. The explosion of the nuclear powerplant brought. It was a global catastrophe.

Russia wants to repeat this is already repeating.

Well, that is Vladimir Putin's translator defiant Zelinski unbound the Russian seizure view of Ukraine continues in the refugees disasters overwhelming NATO nations, especially Poland.

How much death and destruction will the West sit back and just watch as the and F2 are just pure evil Russian forces newly blow up a massive nuclear power plant. Let me bring in Adm. James, diabetes, and that Adm., what are your thoughts when you heard about some of the ordinance that that hit the nuclear reactor.

I got two words for you Brian war crime and it's time that we started using those words at every level in the US government at every level in all of our allied governments.

Lambert needs to understand in very correct ways that his forces are committing war crimes under his guidance and direction, and of course he's done this before, most recently in Syria supporting another war criminal Bashar al-Assad but we're at a new level here. These are indiscriminate attacks against civilian residences, apartment buildings, attacks against critical infrastructure nuclear power plants and by all accounts a whole series directed targeted assassination attempts. These are war crimes were called for what they are.

So the Russians are saying. Well you do tell it's a civilian so their old targets that total BS at every level, and you know that I know that in the Russians know that what we are doing is providing defense.

If weapons that some of them are lethal and they are happy, but there is nothing we are providing Ukrainians that will allow them to invade Russia, which is that crazy Russian narrative that Vladimir Putin is inflicting on his people while he shuts them out of the real world of information and as a result his troops think thereon exercises.

Half the time they're apathetic and scared, but they have overwhelming military might and they're using it to conduct this series of destructive campaigns inside Ukraine. There is nothing the United States is doing for our allies in terms of providing defense it but lethal weapons and support to the Ukrainians. Nothing illegal about it.

Well, I just want to use this desist sound is just invite report and spoke today about those people accusing like us accusing him of war crimes. We have you know that intentions going sour neighbors and I would like to advise them not to. This claimant is situations not to stir things up, not to introduce any restrictions because we will feel all our applications and we will keep on doing that we see no need to worse and worse and ululations escalate the situation and everything. Do we only do as a response to some unfriendly actions with the Russian Federation and I think that everyone should think about how to work normally and how to cooperate in the normal way and regular right I get it diving is that there's more inaccuracies in those statements. I didn't do anything.

I just invaded the country why you got so I unbelievable everything Vladimir Putin has done is built on a house of lies, and that's been true for his entire career going back to his days as a KGB.

Lieut. Col. but most recently, Brian. We can all remember a month ago hearing Vladimir Putin Serge Liber Schweikert, the defense minister. All of them sank, but were never going to date Ukraine. We would never do that. Well here we are, and the lines just continue in this clip that you just read is yet another version he's trying to scare us. He's trying to bluff us.

He's going to continue to prattle on about nuclear weapons. We just need to do massive sanctions are in the Ukrainian military today, and if necessary if Ukraine falls armor resistance path forward, Adm. I want to get silly areas of expertise, but of course the open seas.

Your book the sales bookshelf is out 50 books to know the sea warships are outside Odessa.

I don't know if you been to Odessa. Could you give us an idea of what it's like why everybody wants it. They call it Ike I guess the pearl of the Black Sea and why do you think the Russians haven't taken it yet. I have been all over Ukraine multiple times. Ukraine, while not a formal NATO ally was a close friend and partner to NATO when I was supreme Allied Cmdr. deployed troops under my command to Afghanistan, I visited several times and I've been to every part of Ukraine including Odessa, Odessa is a critical strategic port number one. It commands the board there and stretches of the Black Sea number two ownership of that entire coastline.

Brian would give Russia claim to 200 miles scratching into the Black Sea oil and gas exploitation, and number three in this military campaign represents a way for Russia to get behind the defensive lines of Ukraine like the US did. For example, in Korea at the Inchon landing.

The reason they have not taken it so far. Same reason that their convoy is bogged down same reason a lot of their troops aren't getting fed it bad logistics.

It underestimating Ukrainian resistance. Having said all that, they're bringing more and more combat power to bear, I fear that Odessa will fall in the days ahead in Turkey plays Turkey decided to honor that doctrine signed years ago that would have cooperation with Ukraine when it came to the Black Sea. I know the Russians, to a degree were asking for permission. Yes the Turks have activated once called the Montreux creating which is against the Turks control over access to and from the Black Sea during periods of hostility and by involving warships and as a result of that they are denying the Russians the opportunity to send more ships into the black seat that sounds good and I suppose it is a problem. Russia. The Russians already have a very significant Black Sea fleet that was there at the start so that the Turks shutting it down.

The wolf is already in the hen house, if you will, in the form that Black Sea fleet. I don't think it's going to have significant impact on the hostility. Is there any way without visuals you could explain roughly what the with the war plan seems to be for the for the Russians.

I can most of our listeners will know the map of the United States shall think about eight think tank column coming down from Canada that is seeking to encircle Chicago. Think about paying for rest coming from roughly Philadelphia. Another one coming from roughly Charleston, South Carolina, and then 1/3 one coming up from the Delta, the New Orleans Delta and by the way, the first city to fall could be thought of as the New Orleans of Ukraine. It's on both that the deeper river.

Much like the Mississippi River massive deliver that cuts north-south through Ukraine and is also on the Black Sea coast for axes, principally bogged down. At first they are gaining now. Gulf of Mexico think that is the Black Sea. That's where the action is going to be on the naval side and the Ukrainians are fighting like hell and ultimately Brian there been retreat across. If you will, in our analogy across the plains and end up in San Francisco which would be the B if you will, in the far western nature city set up the government. There is no use that strategic gap in trying continue to hold off as long as they can and will be backed up to Poland's in that region, where they'll have an ally. Perhaps what you think they could be giving up the capital getting out of the subway's instead of typing them if they're in a corridor. I think unfortunately the news that is surrounding that he have left me in the position of Chicago and our analogy is tightening and as a result, above all, our interest, West NATO, the US is that Zielinski get out.

He's become a formidable symbol of resolving resistance. He needs to get out and get out fairly soon. We do not want him to be trapped in that city as much as he wants to be with his people and be in the capital to shift analogies is to be as though Churchill in the second world war to the much compared Zielinski. This should be as though Churchill was faced with the awful decision of leaving London, but he had plans to do so he was going to go to Canada and continue to fight for their fortunately the Brits were able to turn the battle of Britain. I don't think the battle of Ukraine is going to turn out as well for the Ukrainian what you would Zielinski said yesterday about when asked about the president present by these I spoke with violence present by the yes I think yesterday our day before yesterday.

I don't remember and that we have contact. I can tell the truth and that each of these is that he began after the beginning of this war. I was struck by that because we had so much buildup I thought was real good.

Move the administration because it ends up being true about being transparent about the intelligence in the fall legs. Why were we rushing weapons and that would help them survive.

I don't know the answer that Brian and I think when the history books are written on this. That is something the administration is going to have to explain, and frankly, as we know now the intelligence community has been warning of this for a year or two and let's face it comes back to the trunk administration and their delays in arming the Ukrainians over some incidents that are pretty well now so I think this is something about the Biden administration.

The trust administration and have to answer for why we didn't get more weapons to Ukraine earlier than we have.

But I would say they were bought by Barack Obama gave them blankets and meals the gap the Stinger missiles and the javelins came from from yet a fair comment. Despite some speed bumps along the way that you and I both know where it winds up in impeachment as were Giuliani child traits across the country looking for evidence of the Hunter Biden believe me I understand it tortured with that for year the country was so gentle checking said something to me today and he said last night he said I don't know exactly how to get weapons in there, but I know there's creative people in the Pentagon that have to come up with different ways to get besides the traditional ways to get weapons in throughout every conflict there.

Always, Adm. from the people that you know you get the present saying yes or no to it yet. Can they come up with creative ways to present to the president options. Hell yes they are doing it.

And oh by the way, it's not just the clever people in the Pentagon. This is why we had the Central intelligence agency.

It's the clever people at Langley who are going to come up with best set of options for the president.

He'll be getting both of those and oh by the way Brian as we should. We talk about this from a US perspective, but believe me the Brits. The French, even the Germans are thinking all of this through and the Ukrainians have no more staunch ally than the polls who are right there on the border. There's a lot of cavalry coming and can we do it creatively and smartly and get it across Ukraine. You bet we can are our best minds are on that problem right now. Are you I am not actively advising in a tactical sense. I'm having some conversations at the strategic level that I hope will be up. I feel better if you were. And lastly to civilians noticing this, who had served in the military but when I heard that the polls were getting these mags in the Ukrainian pilots were on their way to Poland to go get these planes I could not believe a great news it was and it got stopped by NATO know what happened Like I am actively seeking to understand that the best answer I have so far with which I completely disagree is that it was regarded as too provocative an act know my response that is too provocative compared to invading the country attacking the civilian population trying to destroy a nuclear reactor. That's what provocative looks like, so I hope NATO revisits that in Bryant today. The NATO foreign ministers are gathered in Brussels. I would look for that one to turn around. To be honest with you, and I agree with you potentially that is very significant aspect to a Ukrainian military response, and ultimately a Ukrainian resistance that we are to get those names in the hands of the Ukrainian pilots in the 40 mile yet. The 40 mile caravan would be vaporized chocolate quickly homeboy boy Adm. I need all your expertise.

Thanks so much. So glad you're able to do radio with us and I'll pick up that pick up his book sales bookshelf 50 books to know the sea and is 2034 book is so great a novel of the next world war which we might be in the beginning of thanks much. I'm Brian Thompson.

We come back I'll take your calls and then one of the best reporters in the country great columns to an and authors Josh Rogan will join us at the bottom of the elf in the Washington Post don't move your knowledge base. Brian kill me show if you're interested in it. Ryan is talking about it with Brian until made right now were trying to impose restrictions on Russian Russian will feel painful restrictions in response to their invitation Ukraine and their indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets. So I think that means it should all be on the table including banning the import of Russian oil, not just here in the United States but among all of the nations. How astounding is that that you have sent Lindsay Graham St. Elizabeth Warren. Same with the problem is that was with words I can say I think we should drill more at home where any clear thinking American like Joe mansion Democrat would say yeah wouldn't keep trolling but so I drove it home to make up the difference because we are you know it's only 7% of our total purchases. If we are their number one customer hears Jen sake on that cut 31 I love Jackie again.

It's only about 10% of what we are importing. I not made any announcement that any decision on that front, but our objective here in her focus is making sure that any step we take maximizes the impact on present and minimizes it on the American people, and anyone who is calling for an end to the carveout I should be clear that that would rise, raise prices, raise prices by what if it's only 7%, but the lease we keep free of financing the war and I have a question for you. Tom cotton gave this to me how the hell did the Russian delegation get to be added to do with you with us on the Iranian patient be flying anywhere. We should not be the same table with them. Radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show for the back everybody 1-826-408-7669, interesting that Mr. Everett is said that Zielinski's got to get out of there soon to keep soon and get to leave leave and that was it. That is up to the north to the left coast to the Polish border which is been going relatively quiet so far and that is far away from the Russian-speaking portion.

The heavily Russian-speaking portion of the country understand he says I'll be a place he could stage the insurgency and we could get on soon quicker and get cut to get everybody out there. I don't know if that would be effective. I don't think there at that moment, but Zielinski being killed would be so detrimental to world peace. I'm telling you, and of course to him. He's become a global figure oh universally. I looked up to and for him to lose his life that many in Washington expected to happen already. There's been three hit squad sent over and stopped and killed in one case are about up the other two, but Zielinski still rounding.

Still, even press conferences. In fact, Vladimir Putin gave one again this morning but the big question is what we had to do to stop it if were not to use our troops and our people, even those once he sense of your foreign fighter want to come and fight.

We need you and I'm sure Americans going to show up there and learn and teach people how to fight. But when he shows up there although the will and the heart is certainly the will and the heart is certainly with Ukrainian people. The weekly could do in the silence put massive economic pressure on the oligarchs as well as on the economy.

Marti's and waited and said we just got up in the Russian oil and for those people say is just 7% of what we import your right. But what if I told you that 7% was 670 million barrels a day. Cut 41. I never thought I'd say this work is worth on yourself, Mr. Pres. listen to Nancy Pelosi every barrel of Russian oil that we could buy comes with Ukrainian blood on it. There there and and what the president needs to say today to his party into the into the climate change caucus and his party is yes, we have to save the planet, but first we have to save Ukraine and we can do that while cracking down on domestic production of oil like we done for the last year, we can't be with people to understand with the come in around two and III don't know who said this could have listened to so much.

But this is a war because of the green new green deal because everyone's trying to get off oil and gas because you have get there with the elimination of nuclear energy. After people got really spooked about what happened in Japan when they got hit by that that massive tidal wave and they saw the damage the nuclear reactors went through because was damaged by the. The ocean wave. The ocean water that's happened in Japan and in France and Germany. So let's get rid of that in the meantime is to try to green our economy with wind and solar, which is so expensive and so ineffective at this point we can use it.

We have to go get oil, gas, and we were getting it from North Stream 10 which is Russian and the bow to get Norstrom to so we have to quickly get over this cut 42 of judges here. Okay great Josh Rogan. Welcome back to Brian kill me show great to be back with you Brian hey I just your busy guy you not just focusing on tranny photo everything along with your book about a paperback in her Washington Post column and is as well as other podcast you're on.

First off, I love to column today talk about cork. Even the mayor they been shelled water for three straight days at least they been a lot of their energies been shut off, but the mayor vows to do what.) Well, I spoke to the mayor khaki from his bunker and he vowed that the city will not give up that the Army will not give up a fight to the last man and he would appreciate it if we could stop futzing around with sanctions and on oligarchs, yachts, and actually give him some weapons and some food and some medicine and some first aid equipment for his first responders and some heavy weaponry so that they might actually survive and save the city from shelling bombing missiles, rockets, cluster bombs and an onslaught of hundreds of heavy vehicles that are squeezing and encircling the city like a boa constrictor he's in a desperate situation but he's projecting confidence because his people are fighting alongside of him and you know it just shocking when you talk to people on the ground in Ukraine fighting for their lives, how disconnected, that is, from our discussion in Washington about sanctions on oligarchs, both which is nonsense. When you think about actually doing something that could change the course of this warranty to save this country from aggression so well. It was pretty amazing is that we had the biggest build up the biggest windup in the history of conflicts for this and we remember in 2000 with famously on present Obama what side let's provoke. I want to reset their relationship.

Let's not provoke the Russians by giving Ukrainians anything besides blankets and MRAs and then Bertram came in and gave them some lethal weapons, but obviously sinister chicanery going on. That resulted in the impeachment, but all tight. What a mess and then the shipment I understand was coming into Odessa was turned around on the transition of power with Pres. Biden. I don't understand if you going to telegraph a war in a conflict like we did, and I think that's a good move. Why wouldn't you at least get arms in their how you rationalize not getting arms in there at a great rate. Right now you're totally) well will be plenty of time to look back at all the mistakes we made and the most urgent thing is to help Ukrainians fighting now. I will think a minute look back at stakes we made because there that their egregious and I say that three administrations in a row have failed the give Ukrainian people the respect of Monday and the arms that they need the builder fragile democracy without signaling to the blood report and that he should attack them, it did start with present Obama 2009. If you remember 2008 when Britain invaded Georgia, George W. Bush, to his credit, Park, US Air Force planes on the ground into fleecy and dared the into attacking them and put them back down is the only thing Putin understands this security risk and reward.

He understands the use of power, not the threat of sanctions in some future world where he doesn't even care about people getting sanctions so in 2009 Obama came in with the reset it been got the message he attacked in 2014 took part of Ukraine.

No real consequences. He got the message and here we are in 2022 where wondering why why does he think he can do this without the world responding.

I was in the Munich security conference. Find three weeks ago with all the Europeans they all know he would never do this. We can't give you break the news on your Sherry. Now I reporting that the national security council officials told the Hill in December that they didn't want to give stingers to the Ukrainians because they couldn't handle them and absorb them. They were note that there with them. And here we are. What of a couple weeks into this war and all the sudden everyone's found religion on helping Ukrainians and it's almost too late into atrocious. We felt understand that like all dictators, the appetite grows with the eating, we felt understand that when freedom and democracy retreats in the world in places like Hong Kong and Afghanistan just for two examples. Autocracy fills the void we felt understand that while Americans are rightfully weary of American interventionism abroad, and rightfully skeptical of the US government's ability to do things abroad. As it turns out, the alternative is worse because that's when the dictators come in and blow everything to smithereens and were just enough to come back and clean it up later. So what you mean additional stingers because I thought there were already stingers on the ground at that point that you mean no mind I'm saying is that in the as you pointed out this book build up took months and months and months and I and many of us in Washington and around the world watch the Biden mistress you get dragged to tooth and nail it out bit by bit into doing the right thing and first they got embarrassed by the Brits who provided weapons before they did. Even the intelligence disclosures they were following a London on that then they were trying to sync up with the Germans and the French you it until the very last minute and want to give the Ukrainians anything really to defend themselves the stingers is one example. My reporting again is that there was a reluctance to provide them with stingers as late as December and now the spinning hundreds of their giving them javelins and toes and others, but the stingers just for one example, and those are the things that I could protect the areas of the things that kill Russian plans but if you put that into the context into the pattern of the body to mistreatment well will sanction this oligarchs� Oligarchs will think in this bank but not that bank they still want. Think of the Russian energy sector which is kind of ridiculous when you think about it because were trying to force put into empty his coffers and then were paying them money to refill them by buying as well the same time it's crazy Brian and this is because I would wait we don't want to provoke him that when I think that ship has sailed.

I do too and I think one thing is pretty clear with trying to judge by Maputo Western values and would try to pretend as if he's playing a a fair game and I just think the best example of that is what happened with those makes it was supposed to be delivered even though there were older to Poland and be part of the Air Force may be the only part of the Air Force for before the Ukrainians and at the last minute NATO pulled back they thought was going to be too provocative right were going in this crazy cycle where we have to clear everything that we do with 27 other European countries. For the sake of unity that never really existed in the first place and all that does is result in a policy that the lowest common denominator. We only get to give them things that 30 countries agree on. None. And I know we have to give them the things that they say they need and again if you talk to the Ukrainians if you bother to and trust me they want to talk there trying to talk to us there, begging us for so what they say they need is very specific armed drones fighter planes javelins anti-armor tow missiles stingers munitions helmets, bandages, food, medicine, you know it like that. The list is endless. They also need economic support they need financial support they can't really collect taxes. Right now they can really pay the garbage. This piano removal people right now so they need a lot of things that were just not giving them lower celebrating that some billionaire jerk got his yacht taken in the Monica you know it's it's it's it's an alibi. And you know the sanctions are not to do it has to be a mix of all of the use of American power in and just to agree with what you said up front. Yes, Putin is a totalitarian expansion is aggressive dictator. We fooled ourselves for a long time with the thinking that he could be coerced or convinced or bribed into joining the community of free and open societies in pushing his country towards more freedom with democracy is not is not happening by way thing happening in China either. So this should have woken up all of those people in our this court to think that these are not threats that we have to deal with this should have woken up people in our this course who believe that we were history was over and that in all we had to do was strike a couple of deals in that Russian China would join us in a Pax Americana or whatever nonsense we been telling us ourselves at the end of the Cold War history didn't and autocracy didn't stop and unfortunately it there's no one else to leave the world to fight it except for us and I wish we would get in the game a little bit. I would do to and must be in Munich. Was there any country that really understood the urgency before Zelinski. Of course showed up himself which we took risk. It was risky to was there anybody that you said what this country seems to get yes the Estonians the Latvians the Lithuanians to extend the poles number 116 the Russian ones who used to be invaded and controlled by Russia will understand what prudent is to understand the the revisionist vision that he has for the world to understand that they could subvert democracy, freedom isn't free, and democracy is fragile and that if you signaled to Pruden that he can bomb a country to smithereens in not pay a price that's exactly what he's gonna do city of Eastern Europe. But you go to these things in Munich. It's always the Germanies and the Francis that that you think there's a special and they run all the events and they look down on your pants. Zelinski got up and said hey guys you guys are whistling past the graveyard and this is gonna be really bad and we wish you would wake up and there were so rude lately.

They don't work. They were they were fooling themselves.

Even the US mistreatment with bun menstruation in Munich was fooling themselves. The thinking everything was gonna be okay and now they're scrambling okay. The only silver lining. This whole thing is that all the sudden Europeans realize that American world will lead world order is better than the alternative.

Okay, it's not that WordPerfect is not that we do everything right and history.

It's not that we have unlimited resources but the alternative to the system that we built is this it looks like Siri. It looks like rising at the North Korea in the middle of Europe. That's what were about to see if we don't get our act together a quick � I think the things are changed is someone Zelinski can communicate his guy really is selling his story and the composure he has under pressure some obvious evidence he had gone eight we still haven't found a honey he left so when things got tough. He got better he shamed world leaders into backing him and when Berlin hosted 500,000 protesters in support of Ukraine. They made their leaders change their policy 40 happen though the first weekend in in America we started in Paris. We sold all around the Western leaders had to be embarrassed to changing policies by their people and by a fearless leader who demanded respect by his actions. Do you agree, no, absolutely, he showed that freedom is worth fighting for.

Even something is worth dying for, and you know that that is what they didn't have in Syria they didn't have a democratic leadership in a courageous leader to fight the Russians in a ended up getting killed by the Russians were set for 12 years getting ongoing so yeah that's that's an asset. The Ukrainians have. It's always easier to fight for something that you believe in that the fight for an evil dictator who sends his people and the Ukraine to be cannon fodder. That's that's their advantage. But I'm just a little bit more skeptical than you that the world really has woken up because why did we send the 70 fighter planes because Pruden threatened those countries of economic punishment and the acted in their own interest, not in the end, not in the enlightened self-interest of the free and democratic world. So I get we move up the world history is changed where the whole world is changed in the last week but were still not given Ukrainians, the things that they need were still pretending that were putting pressure on Pruden again fight sanctioning oligarchs, yachts, and not the energy sector of Russia, which is how we make all the money in the first place. I mean, it's not serious. I'm not saying that we should go to World War III. Am I thing that we should put American troops in harm's way under Singapore knocking given overflows Pfizer because there's no political appetite formed by nuns want to do it or whatever. Then let's do all the economic stuff and not piecemeal it out. While these people are literally being sheltered that the cluster bombs. It's insane got 90 seconds left. Joshua seven expertise on China.

China has her own Swift system which they're going to offer to give to you know to be a part of. With Russia. Overall, do you think China has been that big backstop and that big Savior for Russia that many thought they would be absolutely. There's this crazy notion inside the binder menstruation around Washington that somehow China could be a broker at the diplomatic constructive actor in this Ukraine crisis and it's totally wrong China as a co-conspirator okay babe underwritten the invasion literally, by buying all of the oil and gas that even we want sanction it Western private companies no longer will deal with the rope prudent into endorsing their vision for a Chinese lead world order in Beijing during the Olympics and then they've done everything they can to convince their people that that it's Ukraine's fault, not his fault that is actually a fight against the United States and their propaganda is aligned their interests are aligned their best friend Ami's math weights canopy and we just have to feel Joshua was fascinating talking to you is you get the sources you you break the stories you move you move the story forward. Thanks so much Josh anytime appreciated. This test will become.

I feel his frustration.

I think it's your frustration breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show you may not notice this week but almost all the limitations are coming off our lives. When people talk about vaccine course paying on the city urine.

You might not even need one penny on the city urine. The school you go to, you probably don't need a mask so what Gov. DeSantis did say when he walked up to the podium and would seem to be at school. He walked up to look behind her looked to be a bunch of 10th and 11th credits a guys take the banks mass off. You can leave one if you want, but they don't do any good and any talk more about it. He's 100% right. It's really been saying for two years. His numbers are better than in almost every other states numbers in terms of density and population, and he wasn't sitting there demanding every five-year-old or 15-year-old were a mask if your 85+ you can do it will go to find out later.

He was 100% right. People say hey Gov. DeSantis, don't be a bully to these kids. He wasn't.

He was treating her like he does a coach guys I know I and it's not your fault.

I know if you've been telling you, but they don't work. You don't have to wear them stand behind me have yourself in the picture without a mask onto people always know you were able to stand up to this pandemic. I think it's great. I think that overall will go to see a turning of events. Guess was upset about it.

Anthony Faucher pieces were rushing getting rid of the restriction. No, we held on way too long to listen to you way too much beer the Brian kill each other.

Make sure you watch one nation at eight 11 o'clock that Saturday on Fox news from Fox is New York City fresh office set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Thank you much for being here advise the Brian kill me show the bottom of the hours in a Lindsay Graham will be with us, you know, he called out basically called for Brutus to kill Vladimir Putin, the ambassador, the Russian ambassador was demanding an explanation. Lindsay Graham said he's a terrorist he's killing people indiscriminately, women and children. That's exactly like to see happen.

Chris Christie is also standing by watching ongoing events over the Ukraine were things are really heating up in the capital city were hearing the sirens going off as we see that the Russian strategy clearly seems to be to lock up the oceanfront and it's not for the real estate it's for the access.

It's the access to the ports to shut off on the capital from the sea from the black seat with me right now is Gov. Chris Christie obviously watching all this, and he has a book out that still doing well Republican rescue, saving the party from truth denies conspiracy theorists in the dangerous policies of Joe Biden, Gov., welcome back. Fascinating to see the Josh Rogan was over the Munich conference of the Washington Post and he said that there really wasn't many people outside the small the Baltic countries. There were taking this whole threat seriously by the Russians. Now they are, why it took so long. The lack of leadership I need your help. People are taking it. We were doing what we should from time trip.

I got the office which will to arm the Ukrainian it out begging for Joe Biden cut off forms to Ukrainian European-American series Ukrainian.

Why should we pick it back.

A complete lack of spine by the president and a lack of judgment.

Let's face it, the garden, Robert J.

Biden's been wrong on every major foreign policy for the last 40 years and that you contact the very least. His is great, great supporter has to say. He slow.

I mean he was a Europe has led on this and to Europe's credit dailies have come around in a way, I didn't think was possible. Germany from I'm only going to give you helmets to now I'm going to give you $700 million billion dollars million dollars worth of lethal aid to let their land and let the Baltic nations use their land. It was something about the people.

Gov. and I find this warning the people in Berlin. The people in Paris.

The people in America in 40 different states and Zielinski himself did force the Western world to act, don't you agree agree this is where American leadership is an and we are currently making sure that we grew quickly about the rest the world wait for our signal. They waited and waited and finally they couldn't wait any longer and so this is why Joe Biden. Such a failure as president for policy P when he makes the surgeon to make the Walmart withdrawal from Afghanistan and what he had to be had. This guy should be like George could stamp on the old Seinfeld. Certainly, the opposite of whatever you think you should do any probably be right. Very interesting. So, of all people when it comes to getting Russian oil people keep pointing out to really get 7% of our oil from Russia but they forget where their number one customer 650 million barrels a day from Russia. How can you morally went on economically say you doing everything possible to cracked on a rush and still do, that he was when Nancy Pelosi said to that cut 35. I make an offer that and fanned oil confirmation family oil Joe mansion cut 34 energies been webinars.

We have the ability to face encounter that with United States of American 2019 was producing 12 million barrels a day.

We have no problem all ramping back up and how the present reacts cut 36 you, whatever you say about prison. Trump and people say a lot. He would never back away from that and looked down on in the middle of a war and not answer the question about why you're alone and more in January 2020 1.5 million barrels of oil a day, 5 million barrels of oil and now Joe Biden ripping them from picking oil from federal lands. Million barrels while 5000 barrels a day could replace what were taken from Russia to Joe Biden.

I rather pay picture to have money to Ukrainian that I would take oil out of the ground the more it is so see even their people to get a Job. I Of the extreme environmental lack of the George story crowd John Kerry crap John Kerry quote last week. Brian he said the biggest tragedy about Ukraine slowing our efforts on global warming.

I mean, these people are crazy and the big house?

You can't convert the eye and say it better to buy oil but it did give Gov. Bergman, North Dakota. The go-ahead to ramp back up to 1.5 million barrels a day to address the present said by American the present said D fund the police not to fund the police. He seems to have didn't address a lot seems to start adopting some Republican staples that were part of a previous administration did you notice that your job falling on your grant for any branch you can break your fault right where he got question when you speech Tuesday night. The prep up to leading me. He had trouble reading the communicated editor sitting in Moscow, watching that you were terminated by Joe Biden that he can be very effective strength of being in control of being in authority on Tuesday night that he did not try to get your particular verbal degree while nobody in your former channel that used to employ you. I think MSNBC they thought he was brilliant. I mean, and consider most people see then they thought he was forceful and direct and showed great leadership. They live in an alternate universe, but I never worked for three but the fact that I that God where she could make no, it would be so American people saw what they saw with their own and they know the president got charge and quite frankly actions have shown that you believe that we are strong American then look at your resume.

I thought it said MSNBC on the other know if you inflating your resume and I saw that you suggested, I would have to see if I'm wrong or you're wrong. I guess I was my regular would not be so alleged he would just Josh Rogan told us while Gogarty had told anybody else you want to be the can and he's this guy Weiss for the Washington Post any CNN I listen to this reporting that the national security council officials told the Hill in December that they didn't want to give stingers to the Ukrainians because they couldn't handle them and absorb them. They would know to deal with them and here we are. What of a couple weeks into this war and all the sudden everyone's found religion on helping Ukrainians and it's almost too late into atrocious we fail to understand that like all dictators, the appetite grows with the eating we fail to understand that when freedom and democracy retreats in the world in places like Hong Kong and Afghanistan just for two examples.

Autocracy fills the void we felt understand that while Americans are rightfully weary of American interventionism abroad, and rightfully skeptical of the US government's ability to do things abroad.

As it turns out, the alternative is worse because that's when the dictators come in and blow everything to smithereens and were just enough to come back and clean it up later. So the national Security Council was knocking him stingers to the can handle that unbelievable truth we get we gave bin Laden things in the 80s.

Bin Laden and Al Qaeda guys Charlie Wilson's war completely not credible if the law and in the fact that Joe Biden simply did not want to friend the Russians want to arm Ukraine priority now Russian tanks and armored missiles raining down terror and death are people all over Ukraine. Now she's getting religion and for every one of the people of God it's over there.

They recognize that they could've been defended if America were given the weapon they needed to defend himself trying to come over there. Thank you, weapon, and we will help Joe Biden at Walnut so we talked and I'll just tell people also Mike about having lunch and hasn't happened yet, but you know we did. You did invite me to a baseball game. I did go there and that's better than a lunch. I would argue, but I still thought I one point and I check my phone every day like when the shows about then I'll see and wonder if you'll text you know I get off at noon and I find out that you not only not inviting me to want you going to lunch with another former governor, Gov. Cuomo has discussed house call to go to lunch with longtime and I said yesterday, so I met up lunch to go well you know what we do recover for 12 years that we work together for seven and so it was a clear logic would surely social worker talk about business. They're talking about our family.

How like going you both running for office. I know I certainly told me what they wanted for anything.

I know that and that's for me, ready to retire yet why.

I okay turn to for you will do anything. Yes sir understood governor said thank you. Beyond this week with George Stephanopoulos this week will be I will be out Monday making sure that the conservative flag is represented on this.

I have news for you when you're not on knowingly looks to put up that Flagler unfolded or taken out of the drawer well.

I recognize the unicorn that weekend. I was away on a long weekend with Mary Pat, what on fear not, I will be back on Sunday right here and when do you like if you were going to buy to let you give me a days notice or is it that day is a day of thing. Although no. One of your stature with your starter the weeks to give me a weeks notice. This way I could pick out an outfit absolutely, and I could wear the appropriate time to listen governor I got asked you one of the thing know it's talking about different war, but this whole baseball strike. What is your sense and we were very given up the first week of the season as a you know you're on the New York Mets board where we would've people telling you about your lot more than what your reading of the newspaper.

But what I'm concerned about is that both sides are making economic calculation that don't take into account to be the friend you know the frantic been through a very tough two years short season in 2020. They truncated 2021. Terms of your ability to go to the ballpark that we got there Two years here in America people leave their baseball and I both thought You talk about putting the France first. The accident happened last week are continued after this week.France. So we got used to life without sports so America can survive. And now you're telling us to get over it again quick.

I disses Eric Adams decided this to remove the mass mandates. He's the mayor of New York City for kids five and older, but keep it for kids 2 to 4 mean, I know, no want to study, but the series of Cova. 19. I know you have asthma and you had it so put 2 to 4 years old.

Keep those kids with masks, mathematics should be gone everywhere and we are not understanding of the pandemic anymore where bats should not and should be gone. I'm glad that they are quite good, but you need to go the full route and not these kicker to the four years old, wearing that we don't yet know the psychological impact learning objective could have about children but I bet you hear from Gallagher be seeing a lot of study about how this was a huge, huge mistake our children are young, reviewing from teachers as I know quite a few elementary school teachers they go. Okay, that's a Cova kid they got it teaching the spell again teaching to communicate again. Teach them to read the years they are seriously behind and it's up in the diagram.

Calculate your parents are. This is been really detrimental to a whole generation. Right Joe Biden chicken every hand in the chamber, and on Wednesday is back at the mascot don't get it.

Why were you one of the raft through the night.

Why restrict every hand.

He took out a hand. It's ridiculous. Political correctness run a mock time for America to get back to normal and get back to work it back well over time. Don't worry the presence that good backup use, Harris told us all she knows about the war you watch any level of news, even social media you seen everything is going alright now in the Ukraine break down the lamest terms of people who don't understand what's going on and how can this directly affect the people the United States and Europe decided to invade and take on Ukraine.

No, they leave that wrong right. I'm sorry governor I see that you had your pinout to fully explain. Have you ever heard anything like that.

Now I finally saw my father, I mean look. Don't be right. To begin with. Given her background and experience because you know this gives you the proof of even the White House got picked doesn't always appreciate your time and no sound like it is Gov. Chris Christie, thank you. I can't wait week notice of the week from today. I only get that text don't know right fastest three hours in radio with Brian until made China over the last six years has developed its own worldwide swift system told the class world Interbank system. They are offering that to the Russians.

So is it softens one of the major sanctions on Russia.

So that's interesting because you would not knock them off to most of the swift system be able to transact but not not energy stocks which is terrible but they view no grain or whatever else they want to expedite know if you want to take out money can only had $10,000 and limiting them people he can do that.

Marshall is about to be declared Michael's purchases. This is the negative side to kick him off the swift system. It takes our enemies like a Ron and Jen in China and Russia, and since okay go deal with somebody else makes it really hard to track their money and to do deals with them.

But if China's looking arrivals and rivals in every way getting is off the dollar would be one of those key things so that something keep your eye on.

We come back sooner. Lindsey Graham said to be joining me got a few few things to handle. Number one is going forward with a bipartisan push among senators and the United Kingdom in filing war crimes charges against Vladimir Putin and certain units of Vladimir Putin's army. So these generals shelling and killing women and children, but I can say well I was just following orders. They will be invited to the try this in the Balkans in the UK is all for hopefully a lot of Democrats to get behind the president will sign it so the talk show that you talk with Brian until made reporting that the natural counsel official told the Hill in December that they didn't want to get finger to the Ukrainians because they couldn't handle them and absorb them. They were note that there with them.

And here we are, what a couple weeks into this war and all of a sudden everyone's found religion on helping Ukrainians in its almost too late into atrocious we fail to understand that like all dictators, the appetite grows with the eating we fail to understand that when freedom and democracy retreats in the world in places like Hong Kong and Afghanistan just for two examples. Autocracy fills the void we felt understand that while Americans are rightfully weary of American interventionism abroad, and rightfully skeptical of the US government's ability to do things abroad. As it turns out, the alternative is worse because that's when the dictators come in and blow everything to smithereens and were just enough to come back and clean it up later saw about that and Josh Rogan to he was also at the Munich security conference two and they said that there still was a sense that this whole wasn't going to happen, which is unbelievable because the press United States and his secretaries. They were telling us he was going to happen. They were telegraphing this attack before but immunity behind closed doors. They were not taking it seriously. They have since changed their tune. It might be too late Sen. Lindsey Graham always took it seriously joins us now center what you think about what you just heard from Josh Rogan to did you hear that to yell at the meeting had the strategy brought just for aquatic note telling people all the bad things that could happen would happen, and thinking that with the turpitude, but behind the scenes they were slow and indecisive. I have been rectified and ministration along with Democrats, the hip, before the invasion to go after all and gas sector before the invasion to start crushing the rule 41 end of the Ukraine but I was told that would be provocative. We were thinking to get more arts into the Ukraine. For months, knowing that this might be a possibility at every turn aggressive action was saying is provocative action. They miscalculated who Putin is in his ambitions. So here's where were at today if we could stop buying Russian oil and gas not just for US but the world writ large. It would crush the ruble, which would be of big blow to his ability to wage war, but he's never going to surrender. The only way this in the Senate this morning on standby is for the Russian people. The madness that's hard to say hard, hard to do anything to say but the Russian people are going to suffer for very long time because we can't let Putin destroy the Ukraine without consequence. So whether he goes to the dock as a war criminal was forced to fit that would be a great outcome, but the prudent nightmare killing machine-based and and I'm not calling for troops on the ground Ukraine calling for an invasion of Russia by the Western United States.

But I am calling for the good people of brush that stand up and in this sooner rather than later so you want him to get out and do that if he secures himself, and then declares martial law. Well, he will not be the first guy that is people turn on the Russian people are no people.

They have been stolen blind. Putin committed war crimes in Syria. Carol bombed Aleppo everybody complaint but nothing happened. He took the Crimea and it got stronger by miscalculated Putin is not crazy in this regard. He never went Ukraine. What Trump was president because he understood what trumpet do took a cell barn is a weak guy.

He sized buying up any pleasing get away with it world is rallying to the Ukrainian people side that's great wanting to do so clogged and weapons is probably too little too late.

Let's keep it going. The best thing we can do is hold in his inner circle accountable as war criminals make a case against Putin and the generals carrying out this these war crimes in the Hague at the international criminal court name names, let units be identified as war criminal units and make a pledge to each other that were going to pursue justice in the court system. However, millions of thousands are going to die before we get there. The best way for this stand is for the people in Russia as people throughout history have done is to take this guy down well right now you want to put charges against him in criminal court at the Hague. Yes, you think you a bipartisan support. Can you name some on the on your side and in somebody else's side and also reached out to Boris Johnson to correct the ovary okay with you.

Start the British about to force Johnson is that one of the Western leaders that I'm most proud of him wanted to be for Christopher so there's a complaint in international criminal court of international criminal court has been controversial, but this is the place for it to actually function. There is no rule of law in Russia, the Balkans, for the nonuse. This tribunal was created to bring justice to the genocide in the Balkans is a good form to try Putin, who is clearly a war from the Geneva Convention is being violated in front of your eyes. Crimes are being committed by but that his direction through his military leadership, and I'll charges to be pursued.

I want to work with the British and other nations to create an Intel cell that can collect evidence of war crimes publish the report in real time and start naming commanders who are actually involved in war crimes. We did this in the Balkans, and that may actually break some people away from food, so when you came out and said I need a Brutus to take out Caesar to take out food. In this case the Russian basset United States Anatoly Antonovich said this, I find the statement of the American politician unacceptable is impossibly the center of a country that promotes moral values as a guiding star for all mankind could afford to call for terrorism as a way to achieve Washington's goals and the TSU arena is getting scary for the state of the United States and demand decisive condemnation of the senators criminal statements which are reaction. My reaction is that he's part of a crime. That his balls is an international criminal war criminal that has stolen this country blind. Some estimates or that sort of hundred billion dollars. Only God knows what that Baxter's work and that I'm not the problem. I'm not committing more crimes for up to make the people to live the peace and dignity. So with the Russian people. So the bottom line is the mouthpiece for has no moral standing and hope to see him in the head. One day, because I would imagine anybody picked up to debate.

Here's his voice in America is in the inner circle and part of the problem not the solution. The solution again lies with the Russian people. I know this is difficult with the Russian people have no future with Putin, and the sooner they can stop the madness in Russia.

It will make the world a better place and I hope there's a Russian spring in the making here is said about an hour ago about the accusation said he's killing innocent people. He had no choice but tax licenses. We have no bad intentions going sour neighbors and I would like to advise them not to.

This claimant is situations not to stir things up, not to introduce any restrictions because we will feel all our applications and we will keep on doing that we see no need to force personnel relations to escalate the situation in everything we do. We only do as a response to some unfriendly actions with the Russian Federation and I think that everyone should think about how to work normally and how to cooperate in the normal way and regular way. Sound good.

He just want you to cooperate in a way that should the trial the other side could speak the military prosecutor defense counsel and a judge for about 30 years before retired. I would gladly come off this volunteer service to make the case that what he said is a lie. There is ample evidence before you every what he saying is a lie and it really is an affront to all those cities killed all the families who lost what works.

All the children that have been paying all the death and destruction. He is he is trying to make it like you're the problem with people aiming to choose for the Holocaust. All I can say is enough of prudent 20 years of murder 20 years of thievery 20 years of war crimes. I've never been more optimistic than I am right now that his days are numbered. The Russian people have a chance to end this what he just said makes me sick to my stomach blaming the victim. Hope one day that he faces trial or some other way that his voice is so so so center people say bad things happen in threes Afghanistan horrific Afghanistan horrific. And now we have Indiana talks now to get into a new Iranian deal that wasn't acceptable. Seven years ago. It wasn't passed by the Senate. Even with the majority seven years ago, Democrats voted against it and now into the dark of night with us, not even in the room to the row asking the Russians and Chinese to help us get a deal with the Iranians number one is timecard will be this morning who greenlighted this Russian official to go to Vienna when everybody else is stopping them from flying a number two.

What can you do to stop this number one timecard so it would be like to build Mussolini as you're trying to control Hitler or to make: the third shoe to drop is an Iranian nuclear breakout. So what's gonna happen here is that they're going to try to go back into the JC POA white sanctions on the Iranians claimed that the goal being produced by Iranian but on helpless with Russia.

Here's what I would say allowing them to receive money from all production is giving money to a religious not see the Ayatollah who really does want to kill the Jewish people, infidels, and reshape Islam is insane to do another deal with the religious not see the Ayatollah under my theory under my construct. They would be no ability for Russian war criminals to travel.

I think the ambassador to the United States has to be close to poop. If you did an investigation of how close you would find it is probably forgot that Frank and is propping up a war criminal.

So under my theory.

These people would be indicted that they left Russia they would be put in jail and put on trial. What I'm trying to tell the generals and all those involved in this endeavor that we don't start naming names, and you'll never vehicle travel. Other than Korea, so break what you can negotiating with the Iranians is insane under this under the circumstances. Center lot going on. Meanwhile these people are struggling just to stay alive being bombarded with their totally outgoing and overwhelmed. But the super right now we know our name. Secretaries meeting with the secretaries of State and their counterparts of all of NATO. Hopefully they come up with something they take some bold action because mild action gets people killed center. Thanks so much and thank you understand this just blamed the people of Ukraine for their own slaughter and makes me sick. Back a moment's makers and breakers.

First and only show is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me when I don't like about a lot of discussions working on cyber deterrence as this is not the Cold War.

This is a madman with nukes. He's very isolated distance so I think we really really need to think through one of the pathways we have left. I think that's two parts, one connecting with the Russian people.

I think there is our best hope really to put pressure on Putin the regime to de-escalate this in the second one is oligarchs yes we just sanction tons of them, but none American to be happy about going back home after losing a fortune and I'm sure they don't like after being part of the West.

In many ways seeing what's going on in terms of not just the reputation in terms of country and the deaths of tens of thousands soldiers so I think this situation will see unfold in the coming weeks is quite a bit more complicated and we are basing it on if the West does something prudent will do something I asked if the West is nothing what might do more trust, more atrocities, so there is a lot going on first before going further, I got urge you to go to Fox nation and download who was Vladimir Putin. So many people are getting a quick course who don't have a radio show and asked for a couple has to explain it to them about what is why this matters. I think people coming around to see why it matters. Number 25 is another great reason get Fox nation can be expanding on it doing a specialist in their Sunday at 10, but before you do that and appreciative by listening here. I'm also been asked to do another special edition of one nations I got one nation 8 PM Eastern time. Which of all the breaking news. You see, we woke up to today with a nuclear attack have no idea what's going to happen. I know this got the best report is the best access the best resources by four so I'll be able to bring you that I think I know the topic enough to bring you the latest with some can do with some context and then would do it again 11 o'clock in between to be the great Dan by Gino as well as Lawrence Jones are probably joined Lawrence on the set for a little while for the latest. I know were glued to this. I've never seen I never thought I would see a war in Europe like this. This is stuff usually go. The history Channel 4, but we actually are making history now because were in the middle of it because we let another brutal despot get away with murder for really since 2008 Georgia was shipped to Chechnya, you know, I think what happened.

We saw these guys were Muslim extremists. We saw them with their breakaway Republic we were coming down hard Al Qaeda.

We looked over and chose Chechnya set your terrace with her look the other way that's a little bit more understandable. But it's not understandable right now is letting them get George in retrospect that you saw what Josh Rogan said.

We parked airplanes in Georgia in the capital and they didn't do anything and then when they were in 2014 when they grab Crimea. Is it well was ours.

Anyway, in the Don box region, then shot down a plane member passenger jet plane the middle of all this operation and we did nothing.

They said no and that they're just gonna be paper tigers again, America is coming apart at the seams. The West doesn't get along. They need our gas. They need our oil they need our grain, what can they do will reestablish the Soviet Union.

I'll have my legacy Nono stop me and now Vladimir Putin is got to seize severe sanctions. He's got the West galvanized he's got Germany.

Understanding that they gotta get get back to understanding that they cannot go wind and solar. And they got to go back to getting LNG from other people besides Russia and will be us. I hope fingers across until we score the Middle East for a lot of their issues and it's got them all together.

So in terms of what could be happening next.

I worry about the capital falling because if capital falls a link easy to be killed, captured, or you can get out your do the recommendation was from Adm. Steffi this to go to leave and stay there.

It's can be closer to Poland. They have not seen much action as of yet they be ever to fortify their and get ready to set up an insurgency which mom might be his best bet in terms of how these sanctions are impacting Russia Ralph Sanchez of NBC said this cut seven. We are hearing from ordinary Russians since lives have been turned upside down by these sanctions we spoke this morning to a young woman. She runs a successful house food company, but she something to move to Argentina and she told us there is no future here we are hearing that over and over again from young educated Russians rush is not an easy thing to do right now if you go to one of Moscow's international airport parts report ACF cancellations because North American and European airspace are close to Russian aircraft course as the ruble collapses in value prices are just skyrocketing here and we are seeing that on everything from car parts for is groceries in the supermarkets people here very very worried about their savings. Whether inflation is going to completely wipe them out so Russia has to feel the pain, but improved to lose his job. In the meantime Ukrainians as tough as he gets a hold enough there was more than a Fox nation.

Keep your the right to me Joe Ryan kill and all my books history perspective. Thanks much, was over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources or fonts in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not or wherever you get your

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