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Absurd Truth: Hillary Forgets 2016

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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February 8, 2024 3:27 pm

Absurd Truth: Hillary Forgets 2016

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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February 8, 2024 3:27 pm

Hillary Clinton calls Tucker Carlson a puppy dog after he scores an interview with Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, mutant wolves exposed to the Chernobyl disaster have gained a new superpower.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast, sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man.

Okay, so, oh my gosh, excuse me. Florida Man asks for a ride from a stranger at a Walmart parking lot and then stabs him with a box cutter before stealing his car. That escalates. Quickly. The investigators of the case said Nelson Angel Bellin. And he approached a 56 year old man Saturday night asked for a ride.

Man agreed Bellin told him where to go. And then on the way he told the elderly man to get out of the vehicle. And are the 56 I guess he's not elderly, get out of the vehicle and then pulled out a box cutter on him and stabbed him in his stomach numerous times. Witnesses heard screaming they stall they saw them and struggling. The victim collapsed after getting out of the car bystanders went to help him.

There was a lot of telephone video apparently. He's the victim's in critical but stable condition. He's in the hospital. They recovered the car. They got the guy. He's being held at Miami Dade County pre trial detention. And they said that he's being charged with attempted murder and carjacking.

Dang, man. No good deed goes unpunished. You know what I'm saying?

Like no good deed goes unpunished. Let's see here this okay, I'm going to get into this lady. A drunk naked Florida woman. Wielding a peeler knife barges into a racetrack convenience mart and threatens to kill staff say deputies. This is in St. Petersburg. Florida woman down herself behind bars after she burst into a gas station naked and drunk.

No way to go through life. Threatening to kill staff members with a peeler, a core, an apple peeler. Celia Barrett 35 was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault, disorderly intoxication, calling criminal mischief, exposure of sexual organs, SCCKSHUL, sexual organs, trespassing after the incident unfolded at the racetrack with no K in St. Petersburg. She was previously trespassed. I didn't know that was the way you put that.

This sounds like how my grandma would put it. Barrett who was previously trespassed from this gas station. She had been banned from it back in November. She came back though she took. Golly, she told police she did six shots of liquor. And then grabbed her at her peeler and then ran off to the racetrack.

Oh my gosh. She did not request money from the cashier but she was just complaining about being previously banned. And then she banged the peeler on the counter and she was screaming obscenities and then the manager came over and she threatened him with the peeler to like what are you gonna do like peel off that you know. And then she was waving the apple peeler in the air acting like she's gonna stab somebody. And then she said she was gonna kill people, lowered her weapon and walked away.

Knocked down a case of 50 Red Bull drinks in one display and destroyed a carton of cigarettes. Oh gosh, it gets worse. Then she went outside and then as the deputy showed up. I don't want to read the last sentence.

Should I? Barrett allegedly began to inappropriately touch herself inside the gas station. She's still in custody in Pinellas County. Oh my gosh. Okay. I don't even want to get into this one. This is a guy who went to this pirate event and ended up getting in trouble because he was looking for a lady he's met on a want ad. Oh my gosh. There was a guy who got a arrest warrant issued for a man accused of dumping a sailboat on a beach. You can't do that. You can't just leave your boat on the beach.

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That's Tell them Dana sent you. So we've been covering a lot of stuff, including this, the border, the border spin that they have on it now. Now Joe Biden's like, Well, guess what, guys, I guess I will use some executive orders. Don't know what I'm going to do yet. Could have done that from the beginning, slick.

Could have done that from the very get go. All right, one of the other things that I want to hit on, I hate doing this to you, but I'm gonna play this old lady. So Tucker Carlson, and Tucker's a friend of mine, I actually just spoke with him last night. And he's doing some extensive traveling. And I have a feeling that he's got a couple more, a couple of more interesting interviews to come.

But he went over and he's interviewing Vladimir Putin. And he's putting it on his website. And it's going to be Elon Musk has said he's not going to abridge it at all. It'll be it's going to be a little bit of a live to tape, meaning that you tape it, it's recorded, but you treat it like it's a live broadcast. So there's no editing, there's no cutting in. It's you might put what they call a donut on it, something in the front, something in the back, like a video marking, you know, an intro or whatever, and that's it. But live to tape means that they treat it like it's a live thing.

And there's no editing. It's just what you see is what you get for however long that the duration of that interview is. And so it's going to air to I think this evening, and he was getting a lot of flack, a lot of flack from it. And some people have been I think, questioning his, you know, the reason why he's going over there and interviewing Putin. And he in his in this video, he put like a two minute long video up on X. And he was explaining that there are all of these interviews of Zelensky.

And a lot of people have given a lot of airtime to Zelensky. My gosh, wasn't the wife at one of the what is it? I can't think of it. I now I can't remember State of the Union.

Wasn't the wife a guest at this one of the State of the Unions before? A lot of interviews have been given to Zelensky, a lot of magazine covers. I mean, they mentioned him like at award shows and all kinds of stuff. And he thought that it was kind of weird that there has been an absence of that from the other entity involved in this war, which he says, you know, Vladimir Putin out of Russia.

Now, I don't know if it's because they've just turned them down. And I don't put anything I mean, maybe they may have they may have been this maybe and don't put anything past like a former KGB dude. Don't put anything past the former KGB guy to leverage anything. However, Carlson's not stupid. I've known Tucker for a long time, since bow tie days. And I've known Tucker since he thought that our mutual friend and a dear friend of mine who's since passed Andrew Breitbart was too out there and too over the top.

Oh my gosh, if Andrew could see Tucker now. But I don't think he's dumb. I think that he and nobody everyone's pre judging this interview before it's even aired. And he's asking him questions as to Well, why did you invade Ukraine? Why did you invade Ukraine?

Why did you why is all of this happening? I mean, I think those are legitimate questions that that should be asked. I'm I mean, especially if our tax dollars are going towards paying for this conflict. And especially if our tax dollars and our participation in whatever counsel Ukraine has been receiving, are involved in this. And it's reshaping the argument over foreign policy here domestically, then I think that you are owed an answer on that or as close to an answer as you can get. That's journalism. And I don't disagree with that. And I think Tucker Carlson has the right to go and interview whomever he wants to go and interview.

And no one needs to, you know, crap the bed over it for the lack of a better way to put it. But there have been a lot of journalists, journalists, I'm using this very loosely, that have been very upset over this. And they're they're super upset over the fact that Tucker Carlson is going over there and he was interviewing him and oh my gosh, why? I mean, he, I think the American people are going to realize they're not going to sit here and buy into whatever he says. I mean, the excuses that I keep hearing from Democrats are they presuppose that Americans are so stupid, that they're going to take his gospel truth, whatever comes out of Putin's mouth. I mean, this guy's, again, former KGB. And the idea that anybody in the United States should be somehow quote unquote, protected from hearing any Q&A like this is as commie as the communist that he represents. That doesn't make any sense to me either. This was Hillary Clinton, audio soundbite one, who, well, I'm going to play this and then I'm going to shred it.

Go ahead. I mean, he's like a puppy dog. You know, he somehow is, after having been fired from so many outlets in the United States, he, I would not be surprised if he emerges with a contract with an outlet because he is a useful idiot. He says things that are not true. He parrots Vladimir Putin's pack of lies about Ukraine. So I don't see why Putin wouldn't give him an interview, because through him, he can continue to lie about what his objectives are in Ukraine and what he expects to see happen. It's really quite sad that not just somebody like Tucker Carlson, who has, as I said, been fired so many times because he seems unable to, you know, correlate his reporting with the truth, but also because it's a sign that there are people in this country right now who are like a fifth column for Vladimir Putin. Oh my gosh, can we, I mean, if you want to have a discussion about any kind of fifth column for Vladimir Putin, let's talk about how you were green-lighting certain, what is it, uranium resources, etc.

for Russia without going through the proper procedures in Congress. I mean, we could sit here and talk all day about what Hillary Clinton's been a fifth column for, good heavens, for her, someone like her to say that you got fired from running for president. His thing with Fox, it does, I don't necessarily, whether I don't even I'm not going to sit here and speculate as to what he you know, the situation with Fox, but what other networks was he was he fired for from? Was she talking about CNN?

Because then he used to do like a crossfire kind of thing at CNN. But I thought that was just their contract ended. I can't see when people say that.

People try to say that about me all the time. And I'm like, simply choosing to not renew a contract does not mean someone was let go. But that's one of the things that the left does.

They do it to me constantly. And allowing contracts to expire and choosing to not renew them is not being fired. And for her to say that about Carlson is incredibly disingenuous, particularly, you know, this is the wipe the hard drive lady. But she's saying that, oh, he's her more serious accusation is that he's a useful tool for the Russian regime. That's what she's saying. She's saying that him going over there to get this interview, and to do that, you know, he's going to come out with a contract with a contract from a Russian outlet.

Well, I don't necessarily believe that either. And again, this is someone who worked with Russians when you were talking about undermining Libyan government to seed the ground. You had Blumenthal and everyone else involved in that. I mean, we could sit here and go on into all of the stuff that Hillary Clinton did. And to say nothing of Fusion GPS, literally working with the Kremlin to compile a discredited Russian dossier that the FBI refused to validate. And it was so bad and so shoddy, that they literally had to lie. To a FISA judge in order to get a signature to sign off on it. Oh, and let's not forget that it was Hillary Clinton's campaign that that paid this discredited British spy through an unregistered Farah activist entity, Fusion GPS that were that were here lobbying on behalf of Russian oligarchs to overturn the Magnitsky Act. And she was literally working and paying for Kremlin activity to get involved in the 2016 election. So she missed bleach, but doesn't have anything to say about this. Nothing close, but no cigar Hill.

Close, but no cigar, wink, wink. Our partners that help bring you free radio are at Hillsdale College. It's a fine educational institution that is located in Michigan. And it's a classical liberal arts college that's all about actual academics, right, actual academics, actual education. And they've been working really, really hard to make sure that people understand you know, the the founding principles of this country.

And a lot I mean, really, it's been it's a problem that's been neglected for a long time. We have to promote civic education and Hillsdale has been leading the way on this. So lately this year, they've been producing 60 second radio spots called Constitution Minutes. They're just short lessons on the principles of liberty. And you can go and check them out at And while there, reserve your free copy of a pocket constitution courtesy of Hillsdale College. Founded in 1844, all about merit and character, rejecting identity politics, and even all federal funding, including in the form of student grants. They're all about the pursuit of truth and defense of liberty. To hear a Constitution Minute, visit And while there, reserve a free copy of your pocket constitution, courtesy of Hillsdale. That's

And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five. So let's see here. I was looking at this story. I'm going to do the the Alzheimer's one. So they say this is a it's stuff worth the weather channel for some reason.

I don't know why. But they say that if people who frequently pick their noses may be at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's. According to a new review of some published studies, I feel like they're guessing at this point.

This sounds like guessing. Hey, guess what that everyone that has that gets Alzheimer's, they also wear shoes. And they drink water. So it feels like wearing shoes and drinking water could cause potentially Alzheimer's cane. But they say it's chronic nose picking, and it introduces germs into the sensitive nasal cavity that causes brain inflammation. And that's been linked to the onset of Alzheimer's.

Again, that sounds like a guess. I don't know some of this stuff is so goofy. Let's see here. PETA is targeting a Wichita company over carousels because the carousel has animals on it. Okay, you have illegal immigrants that are being used to kill people. Dragging sweet poor dogs all the way to the southern border, abandoning them to the to the elements, and they're injured and sick and starving and dying.

And you're worried about carousel like fake animals on a carousel. A North Carolina man was arrested. Oh boy. For molesting a fire extinguisher.

27 year old Joshua Sanders. But did was it vandalism or was it? I hate the language. They said that they found this surveillance footage and Sanders apparently broke into and damaged a fire extinguisher housing unit. And then he proceeded to willfully misuse it into the I don't even want to know how this is done. Okay. That I mean, he kind of smotted his bits, didn't he?

I mean, there's no other okay, we're not his mugshot is didn't have nightmares. This fascinating. Okay, lemons my favorite fruit. I love everything lemon. New York Post has a story about how this these auctioneers, Brattells auctioneers and valuers in Newport, England, put a 285 year old lemon up for auction, and it got about $1,800. So they found this fruit this 285 year old lemon. It was from 1739. It was hidden in this 19th century cabinet.

The cabinet only sold for like $40. And readers can see the they can see pictures of the time worn lemon and one has it on a simulcast as well. So they the auctioneer said we thought we'd have a bit of fun and put the limit up for auction. And they said that the fruit is deep brown in color, but remarkably intact. It was carved with the words given by Mr. P. Lou Francini from before 1739 to Miss E. Baxter. They thought that it may have been brought to England as a romantic gift from India. So there's a bidding war that drove the they call it ancient fruit.

It's not that drove the final price of it just shy of $1,800. What so what are you going to do with it after the fact? I don't know.

Would you? Are there are they still good at 1739? Stick with us. We've got a lot more in store back after this. I was going to save this for headlines and I don't really want to. I want to talk about it now.

Mutant wolves. I wasn't going to touch on this at all right now. I was actually going to go to something else.

But I can't. I don't want to wait till headlines and it's just there's not enough time in headlines to give this this do justice. So you know, everybody knows Chernobyl, right? Apparently, there are some are some mutant wolves exposed to the Chernobyl disaster and they've evolved a new superpower. I know what you're thinking.

I'm thinking it too. When can we adopt them? Who wouldn't? What's your what's your do you have pets? Oh, what do you have? I have a mutant wolf.

I mean, for real. I'm I'm recovering after the loss of Rocco, our Frenchie, who is very much not a mutant wolf. Love that dog with a brachia brachia phallic dogs are I will tell people Can I sidebar on this? Excuse me.

Still, I'm feeling a lot better was sick all week. Do not get a Frenchie. French Bulldogs are the most adorable, most expensive, most heartbreaking dogs you will ever get in your life.

If you're considering it, save yourself thousands of dollars because you will have to get pet insurance. There's not a Frenchie. I don't know anybody who has ever had a Frenchie that has never had a problem. The the the way that they even come into fruition is cruel. Because the dogs can't even be born naturally. They have to do cesareans because their heads are so large. Like these dogs cannot exist without human intervention. The most dogs, the top killer of Frenchies is neurological issues. Like I said, I don't know any Frenchie.

I know I know a lot of people that have them that have never never had an issue ever. The the life spans about nine years. And like our Frenchie, Louie had a brain tumor. Rocco had invertible disc disease. So we had to get back surgery that's common with Frenchies. And then they also have problems with breathing, they can develop laryngeal paralysis, which is ultimately what Rocco had.

He couldn't get surgery for it because he missed the window because of back surgery. So that's where they suffocate to death. And they can't drink and they can't eat and they're miserable.

And he was dying because he was suffocating to death. And that's a common problem with Frenchies. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you and is trying to scam you with a sick dog for a buck. Don't trust them. And I don't care if it's a family member. They're morons then. They I love Frenchies.

It's my favorite. I one of my favorite breeds, but I will never own another Frenchie. As long as I live, I will never own another French Bulldog. They it's too heartbreaking, and they suffer so much. They can't be out in heat. They they can't cool themselves off because they're short. They're bracy of Alex. So they have like no, they're short face.

And in a addition, it's not just being bracy a phallic there. They have tons of eye issues. Rocco had eye surgery. He almost died.

He already almost died from eye surgery. Their eyes bulge out. They can pop out. It's crazy. They have back problems. They have even more problems and pugs. It is the most heartbreaking breed you could have.

And we had two of them that had every issue. And it wasn't that they were bad breeds. Louis came from like an AKC champion line. Like his lineage had been shown at Westminster.

He came from a champion family line. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. They're super smart. They're comical.

But they have so many issues. So my public service message to you if your family's considering it, don't. Do not.

It is there's don't do it. Now we'll probably get it. We'll probably have get another dog. I think I would like to go to a rescue or shelter. And I need more than one dog.

But I'm never going to do another Frenchie again. Now that being said, I will take a mutant wolf. Now you're probably wondering, Dana, you never told us about the superpowers.

I know because that's to come. So this team of researchers, they found these animals in the Chernobyl evacuation zone. They have genetically altered immune systems. And these genetically altered immune systems show a resilience to cancer.

And so researchers are now hoping that this discovery can be used to help find cures for human cancer patients. And they said that since its explosion in 86, they got all the humans out because they had extreme levels of radiation. Wildlife flourished there.

And it contains six times the allowed exposure amount for human workers. And it's still I think that you could go to parts of it. Because there's I can't remember what I was watching. I was watching some macabre destination travel show or something like that. But they have like grizzly bears and bison. And, you know, they have deer and boar and all kinds of stuff they, but they said that they're trying to figure out how the animals are able to survive. And they were taking the blood samples from like wolves and all this other stuff, and they use GPS collars, and they think that somehow they've been able to develop a resistance against this. And so they're hoping that they can figure out, you know, what mutations occurred there and maybe use that as a way to, you know, help them with, you know, humanity. So it's a very fascinating thing. I know, like you, I was a little disappointed that they didn't turn into just like humans later, and then go back to wolves and then, you know, like a werewolf kind of thing.

I'm just saying that would have been that have been very interesting. But yeah, the for instance, they have tree frogs over there. Tree frogs normally have a green pigmentation. But in the Chernobyl area, they apparently they got the mutation made them black.

And then they have like a green tinge to it. It's very interesting. So I don't know, I'm just saying mutant wolves. I'd be down for that. I'd totally take a mutant wolf. Can you just imagine the signage I'd have to put up? Beware mutant wolf.
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