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“Shocking” Warning on Iran

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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February 10, 2022 12:00 pm

“Shocking” Warning on Iran

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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February 10, 2022 12:00 pm

Several Senators made alarming comments following a closed-door briefing this week regarding Iran's nuclear program. "[S]obering and shocking" is how Sen. Chris Murphy (CT) described the briefing. Jordan and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss the comments made following the meeting and give their insight on the threats posed by Iran's nuclear program. This and more today on Sekulow.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Morning Sharon, call one 800-6843 11 secular 82. That's what hundred 60 110.

There is a shocking new report from the binder ministration to members of Congress. They held a classified briefing with Senators, a bipartisan group of senators in this brief, the lead negotiator, special envoy on Iran in the nuclear program Rob Malley. He was the main architect of that disastrous JCP away with his cobbler for two of the Iran nuclear deal which the trust administration rightfully removed the United States from because it was not preventing around effectively. As we said long ago it was actually putting Iran on a path to a nuclear weapon. I guess you're right because now the binder ministration has admitted to members of Congress getting it Democrats upset about this and Republicans here. Here's a lie.

They won't senators be classified briefing Wednesday that Iran could produce enough material for a nuclear bomb into months, two months that two years that 10 years, two months, that's the US assessment and yet we still have our negotiators like Rob Malley in Vienna tried to negotiate a way back into that nuclear deal for the United States. Remember the binder ministration earlier in the week lifted sanctions on Iran's commercial and civilian nuclear use so that countries like Russia and China could do nuclear business with Iran to take your phone calls on this because here's the question for me, which we heard from the Israel statements from their leaders very clear from Leader to Leader, we will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon. There is difference between having of nuclear material for Bob having a deliverable of this so they could deliver the Bob that I give it does me. They don't have a missile that could be at set up to do so, but Israel said that, why hasn't the United States, why is the United States not pledged and said that we will never allow so that our allies around the world, though this radical terrorist regime to possess a nuclear weapon, how to take your phone call so that we get what what what is the purpose behind not making that statement again.

It would be if it if that took airstrikes if it took sabotage your intelligence. Why are we invited only Israel who is willing to make the statement will not allow a Iran with nuclear arms gives a call 1-800-684-3110 because were starting to see these reversals by the binder ministration are what you spend a lot of time on it in order to make a lot of noise about it, but at than one reversal that we've already that is happening as we speak Hutu rebels in Yemen or Iranian backed terror group. They were designated as such by the trust administration secretary Pompeo part of our team and wouldn't Biden came in, they immediately remove that designation.

While the hoodie rebels started firing on our allies and in the UAE and in Saudi Arabia at the airport and suddenly now say they are considering putting Hutu rebels which is Iranian backed terror front group back on the terror watch list Jordan I wish this were not the case. But this is rolling out exactly as we warned it would back in 2015 during the original negotiations but one thing I would say during one of the more the members on Capitol Hill said it is sobering and shocking is certainly sobering Jordan, but here here's one point of disagreement I have with them.

This is not shocking. This is been readily apparent from the beginning and some of us Jordan had been sounding the alarm since 2015 take your calls get more comments will get into more to Democrat senators who are your kind of expressing alarm bells over this.

The fact that we could have a nuclear armed Iran to the couple months 164, 31 to support the work of the ACLJ at ACLJ.the challenges facing Americans are substantially limit our value freedom sword constitutional right of surrendering important than ever to stand with the Americans of everyone justice ACLJ is on the front lines protecting your freedoms defending your rights" in Congress.

In the public arena and exceptional track record of success.

But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times: Justice is on your side. You are already a member as well. This is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created a free publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you will personally publication includes all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists.

The ramifications of 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in emotion and history and what Obama care means to as many ways your membership is powering the right question for mission today online ACLJ/secular trigger calls on this is joining us here though. Broadcasting US officials. The Bible ministration in their top envoy on trying to get back into the Iran nuclear deal, which even consider Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Democrat said. What is the point here. Why are we even trying to get back into the steel so they get classified briefing senators come out with some information because they are so concerned because in the briefing they're told by the Bible officials that two months or so. Iran love enough nuclear material for a nuclear weapon they will reach that level of some of the heavens here for nuclear weapon others, various reports, or whether they have the weapon to deliver the nuclear material so to have the actual missile, but then the same time. This report came out.

Iran goes to their state media about a new missile. This missile it was just unveiled yesterday by Ron and in their own words. It was to target US bases in the region and Israel is the focus semi-to talk when I say why what the US cannot say were never going allow this radical terrorist regime possessing nuclear weapon erected playback like we did with North Korea. These other countries were interested prevented from the beginning were running out of time on that, by the way folks, we are this is this is a radical terrorist regime and remember at the heart of their ideology in their version of she is law something massive must happen to bring about the return of a 12 theme as part of theology is a radical part of their They've radicalized that theology is think that's military action against US and Israel, will the new the new missile is called the Khyber Buster got a range of 900 miles and I would get any kind of this because Andy these words these names, they all have significance to their audience, but also what they would like to do is is remind the world of why they named the missile the Kaibab missile. That's a good point guard and I think that historically we have to look at that that didn't just happen accidentally that they named it the Kaibab missile they might call it the Kaibab Buster and if you look at history, which not the Biden administration obviously hasn't done that a read history books talk about the Khyber which was a battle between Muslims and Jews that occurred at the beginning of the rise of Muslim in the year 628 and it was a bloodied battle that was fought in Medina around the outskirts of Medina by Mohammed himself was involved in the battle and the cry, the rallying cry that has been used by Muslims ever since. In Lebanon in 2006 is Kaibab Kyler. Beware or jute oh Jews that Mohammed is a returning that's what they're saying. So when they use these words, there is great symbolism involved in because they intend the destruction of Israel and answer literally but sit definitely the destruction of the United States.

That's why they're naming their missile the Kaibab missile after this horrible battle that occurred in the seventh century. Whichever plate should socket a second. She was asked about what you get them reading this statement from Sen. Chris Murphy's, Democrat from Connecticut quote the assessment of where Iran's nuclear program is right now is downright scary at the US in downright scary with the strongest military in the world and our senators say this is scary, and it would not be that pledge to say you know what were never going allow this to happen. Scary but will stop it. Instead it's it's scary sorting to try and get into another nuclear deal with them.

Which by the way, remember we played early week. The IAEA hasn't been able to replace their cameras in the sites they were allowed to have cameras to monitor Iran's nuclear program.

They never gave it back in years. So again they been running rampant through this nuclear probe. I want to play this back and forth between a reporter engine sake at the White House around the house as a developmental Israel Oreo faces in the region, and interact with and also where he talks over Miller well in terms of where things stand on special envoy Nelly Gracie doubted delegation on had been Indiana for the eighth round of talks on as a sad and this is consistent in the report you referenced. Consistent with this Orion are toxic Iran have reached an urgent point on me to return to fund mentation at the JCP away ideal that addresses the core concerns of all sides is insane. But it is not reached in the in the coming weeks. Iran's ongoing nuclear advances will make it impossible for us to return to the JCP away. Why would be impossible, because it would have the weapon so there would be no purpose but that that is again but Bob Menendez another you Democrat US senator from New Jersey said, I think members know exactly what we we don't even know what reentry into this deal meets even should socket say that they admitted because they that's the whole point. They spent all this time on trying to negotiate away back into a deal that they themselves acknowledged basically is meaningless already begin a soundbite you play Jordan so circular and look. I remember the history on this if you think back to the negotiations of the JCP away and by the way, the Iranian nuclear review act, which at the time I didn't think was nearly strong enough.

I agreed with Sen. Cotten that this deal should be treated like a treaty not just a common piece of you know legislation referred to the United States and let's go back to the terms of that original deal Jordan I mean that original deal of relied on self inspection. Sarai got to inspect their own facilities when they did let officials and they had to give 24 hours notice that you know you could clean up the site before those officials acted. There was no real enforcement and maybe most importantly of all, Jordan, all of the so-called enforcement inside the deal even if you believed I Ron was going to abide by it. They all sunset Jordan anywhere in the phase now where all of those restrictions would have been sunsetting anyway so look, I don't. I don't have a lot of sympathy for Sen. Menendez on this because he didn't ask the right questions at the original time, but he is asking the correct questions now, and Jordan.

He wants to know what the deal is. He wants to know if it's different or if it's new or if it's the same terms Jordan, if it's the same terms that entire deal would be about ready to sunset anyway so even if you thought it was worth something then which I didn't and he did.

Even if you thought it was worth something. Jordan is worth nothing now goes to Bob Menendez on the floor the U.S. Senate by 54 at this point, we seriously have to ask what exactly are we trying to salvage what we can do some Jeff: your computer talk to us on air, how concerned you about the threat of a nuclear Iran with a weapon in two months. 1-800-684-3110 Jeff will have the secular year on their I got from North Carolina but like what is this believing no choice for Israel but to react to that because they cannot allow them to have a nuclear weapon used once a database that there was this kind of that in stage for that for them to get the if they have the Intel that that that that black happening. They had no choice but to attack is active correct in the brain. Other countries against Israel would not be a pleasant thing if you just use military force to stop the nuclear weapons different if they could get your values into Intel sabotage BC before viruses hit their their centrifuges.

This official blew up inside their buildings. Because of these computer viruses, but does get to a certain point where you might use military action the way that Iran would respond even though these sites are not necessarily we have to go into civilian areas there in the balance bill to the mountains, but the way Rod would respond is by firing missiles at Israel, or any US bases and that would include Israeli civilians and then you could see how that could escalate very quickly and and so Andy what II think again. This is a conch account. A country run by radicals that would use this weapon, you have to believe them because they they do export terror around the world. They make good on their word of terrorism. Jordan, you are absolutely correct. This is a country that makes good on the out of the threats they didn't name it.

As I said earlier, the Kaibab buster for no reason. They are recalling the great glories of Islam in the seventh century, against whom against the Jews, and now the United States, which is part of the Middle Eastern atmosphere and then landscapes because we are the great allies of Israel and means against us. Two words have meaning and significance.

And here we are sitting in Vienna, mediating with a regime that is terrorist and is committed to having a nuclear weapon. What are we doing in in the in Vienna sitting around the ring straw side of the caf, i.e. that having caf au lait and eating croissants and having little cat candid discussions are not so candid discussions with our intermediaries and the Sen. Menendez said what are we out the salvage literally out to do what and we articulate what's happening.

I think that the statements by Sen. Menendez, the top Democrat in the Foreign Relations Committee are very telling and should be very startling and sobering, the Biden administration because this is supposed to be one of their great supporters and he's wondering what in the world is going on, folks, I would hear from you because this is a direct pose a direct threat to the United States.

US sitters wooden Democrats call out the Biden administration see where even try to get back into this field other city Democrat Mrs. Carrie scary. How do you think you should respond. We have time to respond to what extent of baby negotiated deals and he said in Vienna with the coffee croissants.

Maybe we should be planning how we would handle this with military action if necessary. 1-800-684-3110 one hear from you only want a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created a free publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn. It's called mission will show you how you personally.

Publication includes all major ACLJ fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the Washington Street and what Obama care means many ways. Your membership is powering the right question for mission today online ACLJ/challenges facing Americans or substantial freedom of sword constitutional rights are under attack important than ever to stay with the American Center for Law and Justice on the front lines in your freedoms and rights" in Congress to get in the public arena exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times: Justice is on your side. You are already a member as well. This is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing, member today ACLJ secular_to you at the time when the Biden ministry should still try to get back in his deal with their own members their own party to wonder why his approval rating so low when your own members. Your party question. Even your foreign policy decisions and say this is scary. I don't see a point even while you you were negotiating anymore with this country. Whether you supported that a decade ago or not there's no point anymore. They moved past that point they decided Iran to take themselves out of try to come up with the negotiation, the same administration that are earlier on base hospital more time on the same evisceration of her hip to your phone calls 100-684-3110 on how you believe the US should respond if we have too much before they got a nuclear weapon.

What could we do what what would you be okay with limited military action because you would think there's there's just narrowing window of time narrowing the time and instead of maybe sending troops to Poland because of invasion of Ukraine they wish you were a little bit more about Iran with a nuclear weapon give too much away from it. I'd start by vocally making it clear to the rest of the world that we stand with our ally in the region. Israel and that we recognize they have a vested interest in making sure that the Iranians never achieve a nuclear weapon and look I think you can go down all of the issues we talked about today.

The original Iran Deal of the situation surrounding the Hutu rebels, but even the Iranian nuclear review act Jordan whether or not you think the administration or any any given senator was right or wrong on the original issue. The first time they came around with a new set of facts and and you know unfortunately for the world. It's playing out as we thought it would play out. Iran is continuing to save her, rattled her continuing to develop their nuclear capacity. They sure seem like there on the brink of being able to deliver a nuclear weapon to a target you have to address those new facts as they exist today, not how you wish they would exist.

So when I go down the Sen.'s quotes that you've read from people like Bob didn't Menendez is the chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, then Cardin, who did oppose the original deal Jordan and also Chris Murphy. These are people who now look at the facts on the ground see an imminent threat to the United States and our allies and or at least making the right action.

What one other point I'd like to make Jordan on the Iran nuclear review act.

Look at while I may have not have like that original deal and I did not.

I do not think you treated it like a tree like we should, you have to at least get what that legislation requires.

And that is senatorial review of a new deal. So if we are going to reenter a deal whether it looks like the old one or new one. The Senate has to take another look at it and look maybe it's only a simple majority. But if you got members of the Democrat party expressing this type of concern not sure can clear the Senate. Think about that.

It would not clear so they said to even get back into the deal because they are saying really play Bob in the desert.

Review your phones by three and call the Biden administration and the international community to vigorously and rigorously enforce sanctions which are proven to be among the most potent tools for impacting Iran's leaders in the IRG see we cannot let allow Iran to threaten us into a bad deal or an interim agreement that allows it to continue to build its nuclear capacity, nor should we cling to the scope of an agreement that it seems some are holding on for nostalgia sake.

As I said seven years ago is not a national security strategy as a Democrat US citizen calling up the Biden ministry should say hope is not a strategy. They are claiming for nostalgia because the same people were in the Obama ministration and they want their deal so that the European forensic airfare cool and they've done all this I will go to Bill's call Wyoming online one, just everything from Democrats saying like that said, the minimum get those that reverse crazy deal that they came up with which we proposed on this erotically to they might not have enough Democrats to get that done. If they got a ride into a deal which would be a waste of time anyways should be seen. But how do we, how would we get it how we can prevent Iran from getting the nuclear material into a missile, that's deliverable.

That's the real question hey Bill Collins, Wyoming online one a bill you're on the call up very nervous about the single leadership in the dealings with many times that they got together made speeches and talks and without being too descriptive. I'm picturing Iran leading us around wherever they want us to go by right that's how it feels and were begging Iran to even come back to the negotiating table in the NY were doing that giving them sanctions relief on their cortical commercial civilian nuclear program, so their labs do business with nuclear material will Jordan. There is no doubt in my mind that these so-called negotiations in Vienna are a hoax and a charade look Iran is in the driver seat. We are there as supplicants we are there as beggars trying to revive it.

Sen. Menendez said a deal because of nostalgia sake. Biden is thinking back when he was vice President in the good old days. With Obama we had this JC PLA. Let's go back to these halcyon days of the past, but the Iranians are laughing at us because we are not negotiators.

We are supplicants and begging them to come to the table to be with us and to work things out and were not even doing it face-to-face were doing it through European either intermediaries so that you can actually negotiate with your opponent. This is a terrible deal and it's a terrible situation to put the United States and I really feel that the defection and I think it is a defection by major Democrats calling it shocking and sobering to awaken the Biden administration what is going on in Vienna and walk away. I don't think that Sen. Cardin said a bad deal is worse than no deal, no Sen. Cardin.

I agree with that disagree with you totally a bad deal is not good. Better than the worst deal a bad deal is a bad deal. No matter what you fill in New York on line 5 pay for look secularly earlier taken by cool I think at this point if you want to get a meaningful answer. You have to answer right click in the right question at this point is not.

Will Iran get an enormous sum of money. Nuclear weapons. The right question is will they get an enormous sum of money and nuclear weapon with this trace is what will they be willing to give the things that Iran will take that nuclear material that would be the view. At this point is to have that nuclear material maybe we can pay them off, not to build the missiles to launch during my we did not think that so they got last time they got the ability to continue to enrich and I got pallets full of cash. I think they think they can get that the same thing because they have the same negotiators sitting in front of them and as far as the capacity goes whether or not they get the can the cash drawer and I mean if if the Biden administration officials themselves are saying that Iran was it. What is within a couple of months of having the capacity for nuclear bomb will you know I've got news for you within a couple of months. That means Iran is a nuclear power that is real-time. Jordan McAteer take her phone calls for lights visible really gets those right away. Second half-hour to stay on this topic will I get people up to speed.

If it is joining us that we are right back to the phone so if you want to talk to us and others to one line open, 1-800-684-3110 with the Biden ministration telling US senators derived too much away from have the nuclear material for Bob. Why is it the US joined up with Israel, saying, whatever you do, would never can allow you to be able to have that deliverable nuclear weapon will do whatever it takes prevent which of the technology and weaponry do that without a way it were not making that pledge to the world. So what should we do agree with the pledge like that.

What hundred 684 31. Write back. ACLJ has been on the frontline protecting your rights in Congress and in the public consciousness is on your side you're already a member. Well, this is the perfect time to stand with where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular secular severest Geordie is to set this up for you have a lot of phone calls take the rod of the reason why is the Biden ministration brief lawbreakers classified briefing to lawmakers came out pretty nervous, pretty scared. I was actually the word avoid a Democrat US to their Chris Murphy so it's not like a part of something about this briefing. The briefing was done by Rob Malley. He's the lead negotiator for the US try to get back into the Iran nuclear deal. He was the architect that original two pages bullet points. Sen. Chris Murphy said his the assessment of where Iran's nuclear program is quote downright scary. They were to these US others were told that Iran could produce enough nuclear material for a nuclear bomb in his little as to months as little as to months. This comes right after we lifted sanctions on their civilian quote unquote nuclear program. We lifted sanctions on Iran's civilian nuclear program. We get your phone call so what hundred 6430 with you but we keep saying over and over what they think they can do with your mind think they could basically rod will get the material they could pay them off.

Not the building. The missile that delivers that material to take a listen to Iran's foreign minister translated because it's exactly what Iran hopes they would love a few more billion dollars cash on pallets so they can continue their program take that's what they expect.

That's giving money to tears by the way, that really US policy by five Americans must show their goodwill and act normally and yet is handled things happening on the ground to bad lifting part of the sanction to solve it in a real and objective manner could be interpreted as the guy who'd will Americans talk about what happens on paper is good but it is not enough.

They want more cash. That's that's the Iranians you can lift the sanctions on their civilian expertly. Even if you were the Biden ministration you thought subsections relief would be good for a rod. The fact that the sanctions relief they provided so far been connected to their nuclear program while at the same time, the briefing senators at the two months away from having enough nuclear material for a weapon at to meet shows where Iran knows they gotta write the quarter they want absolutely the Biden administration has cornered itself and the Iranians rightly believe that $29 billion in sanctions.

Relief is not enough and so Iranians I believe will and they are intent on pressing their advantage. And that is because the Biden administration has a well earned reputation for capitulation surrender fecklessness and spineless illness. And this is encapsulated by what disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan.

The failure of the Biden administration to secure the United States border. While the Biden ministration is now claiming it is prepared to protect the Ukrainian border give folks rivet take your phone calls with about his timetable a copy to Mary Ellen in Illinois on line to a male secular Europe near hello a quick complaint. I think when they Iranians. This there laughing second in London for reelection now on the Democrat side, and third is like mentioned earlier about this being the accuracy it's like the flyer. The original agreement way, they don't really read the Koran, they don't really understand these people and their interpretation Islam which makes them standalone even amongst other Muslims because it's all about war bringing about you that's a you have to get to take active words at about testing yourself since it's about actively gauging terrorism around the world are the number one state sponsor of terrorist groups around the world. What they have done. If they can get US citizen I'm able. I think there were actually listeners walk out of the briefing singer scared Iran's, that's exactly where you want money is not really willing to take the action stop challenges facing Americans or substantial time and are now stored constitutional rights are under attack important than ever to stay with the American Center for Law and Justice on the frontlines projecting your freedoms and rights" in Congress to get in the public arena and exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms and then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times: Justice is on your side, you're already a member as well. This is the perfect time to stand with us ACLJ.where you can learn more about our life-changing, member today ACLJ only one. A society can agree, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life created a free publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn will show you how patient includes all major ACLJ fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later in history Obama care means many ways. Your membership is right mission life today online/684 31.

How should the US respond.

What would you support responsive take the Biden Intel briefing to the sitters edits were Iran's only two months away from having enough nuclear material and weapon dies nuclear material for nuclear bomb. The next step for them is it US doesn't believe they have the missile to deliver. Are we hundred percent sure that I don't know that would be deeper, Intel, and I'm not sure how great the Intel is on this program anyways from but I get referred Israel pledged to say will not allow them to have the weapon so it's not a deliverable nuclear weapon US while the members of Congress and of course individuals who said that that's not the part of the Biden ministration is it time now for the US to declare to the world. If Iran takes further steps instead of providing sanctions, relief and cash to be rained out by missiles that you have to hopefully you have to do that. Is that what the message needs to be to the world as we like Israel make the pledge startled citizens in the world were not going to allow this radical Shieh Islamic regime and the number one state sponsor of terror have a deliverable nuclear weapon. We know are running at a time so were now to make that pledge to world so the world and everybody including US citizens and our military is prepared is once they have it. Then, when a totally different situation. Were talking about two months here. Take your phone calls at one 800 684 31 Ted I would go to Richard North Carolina online free and rich welcome to secular you're on the air.

Take my call and a lot of people that are concerned about the vocal about it. Number two I thought that there was international treaty to stop proliferation of weapons, nuclear weapons, is that true that they you when something in place and now we see these countries starting to desire nuclear weapons yelled every every country had nuclear weapons as this can lead to mutual destruction. So I think something has to be done to prevent it from a historical standpoint to make a point here in World War I.

The pistol that killed Ferdinand and his wife came from a Russian agent and my point being is that there is agent out there that are helping out and do this because whatever for whatever reason that they want to destabilize the area. This reasons, whatever, but I think something has to be done, whether it's no sanctions. Again, our military blockade to to drive home the fact that we can't have this continue because more more countries want to have weapons nuclear weapons baby turkey. I don't know reason what you see that the treaty on nonproliferation is there weapons.

Iran cited member when it signed initially, it was not Islam.

It was the Islamic Republic of Iran. They had a revolution. They haven't technically left the treaty. Those are treason agreement. That's why they have sanctions that that's the reason why the world is allowed to go. Kind of a strong as they want on sanctions. But as we talk with recruit know a lot about you.

Gotta get the international these countries to go on board with sanctions so we can unilaterally do a lot as the United States to make those treaties effective, you gotta be willing to put massive massive sanctions in place. I think that where we need to kind of divide and separate the two things to is that the difference I think Rich even between mutual to stock destruction. Theory Ed and Andy.

I think this is the difference with Iran is of these other countries like India and Pakistan which which is not really more of a set really a threat to anybody else. It's a threat to the each other and it is that kind of mutually assured destruction. Iran is not thinking that way.

It's not even a defensive measure. This would be prophets there this. They are the number one exporter of tears. I think we need to recognize that and finally come out and say that and recognize that when were talking in Vienna. This is the idea of the Iranians is offensive.

It is not defensive in nature, as you pointed out correctly between Pakistan and India.

This is a grievance that goes back for generations between the enders and the Muslims in Pakistan and India, respectively, and so forth. But they're not exporting terrorism throughout the world as the Iranians are doing and I come back to what we said earlier in the program. The missile that has been now devised that can can move 900 miles or 1450 km by the Iranians is called the Khyber buster and you've got a look at history books and understand that the purpose of that is to destroy American bases but primarily Jewish sides in the Middle East because that was their right claim to fame was the battle of Khyber in 628 in the seventh century when Mohammed leading the forces said where all Jews. Mohammed has returned and that's exactly what is happening today.

Why doesn't somebody pick up a history book or if you can't do that at least go to Wikipedia by negotiators and see what they're up to, so that you know your adversary is you don't know your adversary is to art in Florida online one are welcome to secular.

If you want to talk to us on air 100-6431 10 is the number you call that's 1-800-684-3110 a art thank you for taking my call. Okay, so how many generations do we have to continue to put up with this nonsense with the extreme regime in Iran so particular question what United States do I think first before we institute Donald Trump President Donald Trump the legitimate President of our country's policies that were bringing Iran to its knees. Economically, where he almost had a deal. Had it not been for this, this coup that took place in 2020. Secondly, make sure and I think the military already is doing it provide Israel with Moab bombs give them whatever military equipment they need to take out the nuclear facilities point stick to it is. While I agree with you provide Israel what they need. We should be leading this not a country of 7 million people rely on them to do this whether we are you backing it or not we should take the lead and Terry are talk about the economic sanctions.

If you look at during the Trump years at a giftgiving thing on the politics of it. But for those four years.

Iran was economically right on the edge of a full on disaster internally just never quite push that enough.

I think that's my view, we've never joined up with those protesters take to the streets because they can't afford bread can afford food their sick of the repression we we just haven't back in and you can bring Iran to its knees. We seen that before. I think you're precisely correct and so I think art is correct in this particular point. What is most lacking is leadership and if you go back to the Trump administration. The currency was the Iranian currency was collapsing, the value of its oil was declining and the United States had energy independence. So when Pres. 12 spoke, he had a strong platform on which to provide leadership to the entire world. And so now we have a situation where Iran is the number one state sponsor of terror and Wendy Sherman seems more intent on ensuring that Americans and Israelis eat crates while she's such sips cappuccino, while the middle east potentially burns and so I think it's a sad statement but it's an accurate one. With respect to what the Biden administration is all about. They are about craziness and putting global elites first as opposed to Americans get new poll just came out of it if they had been on this because there.

This ties into even if they got to the Iraq back into the deal.

They have to have this backwards had a sit at support new CNN poll by disapproval at 58% in most respondents say they don't like anything is dunces becoming present so when you're at that point you could even get this part of the deal and again we see Democrats it is already coming out opposing staggering numbers during they really are in luck.

I don't think there's any accident directly think they support the fact that Senate Democrats are coming out opposed the I would I make two points. One last caller talked about how much stronger position.

Israel was in because the President Trump look there in a stronger position today because of the Abraham accord stored in and that's it. That's a good thing that they have more support in the region as security wise, but the United Nations whether it's a nonproliferation treaty or anything else is never going to lead the world in this. It's always good to have to be the United States but your point about the United States Senate. Jordan said this time and time again on this broadcast the administration, the chief executive has the most authority when it comes to matters of foreign affairs, but when you're in a situation like this where his poll numbers are as upside down as they are. You know what is can it take to get action. Jordan it's gonna take other elected officials from inside his party. See Democrat senators to force his hand on this, that they should force his hand to take a stronger tone, and Jordan. They also want to take the same tone.

The 33 Republicans are taking and telling the President if you're gonna get back into a deal you better send it to the United States Senate for review and Jordan, I would say Karen Menendez to tell the President today.

Jordan I will vote for folks you got time to be part of broadcast. Today I would get on the same coming up your phone calls and now 1-800-684-3110 support the work of the ACLJ ACLJ only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

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This is the perfect time to stand with us ACLJ.where you can learn more about her life changing, member today ACLJ to secularity her full house at one 800 684 30 what if you call right now to be on the air but you call that 100-684-3110 unit. I want to go to Cheryl's call in Michigan online to share what the secular you're on the wondering two months away from having a weapon. What makes us think they don't already have. I agree with because it was intelligence officers who were informing the Biden team that there were some that were saying. I don't know if this is right. There were some say we don't believe the Intel but the majority view or the view that the Biden team took in Afghanistan. Andy was that they had it out three months at a minimum 90 days or so before Koppel fell to the Taliban and it was a couple of days.

Now that's the American intelligence that the Biden administration is relying on good luck instead of months. It was 10 minutes to get the Americans out of Afghanistan in a disaster situation, but to what the caller said I'm in complete agreement will relying on that intelligence to say that it's two months I think that may very well be faulty. They may have it in less than two months. Indeed, they may have that capability.

Jordan right now and are concealing it from us that would not be beyond the Iranians to do not think we saw that the IEA said you are not a good spot for cameras never got replaced a date you. So we need to replace cameras on the you places that part of the deal were they were allowed to continue watch over Iran's nuclear program that was everywhere including where they do their their military nuclear work think they could even replace the camera so I left. This is a playground nuclear weapons.

Here, yeah, me, we know we've they been hiding their capacity from the very beginning Jordan so we know with certainty. They're hiding their capacity now in Outlook are intelligences going to do the best job they can getting the information in it if the intelligence now says that they might be able to produce enough material for a nuclear bomb in a couple months but they don't think they have the delivery capacity well II hope that's correct. I guess Jordan but that's kind of why earlier in the broadcast I said I mean that that feels like the here and now I'm two months is just a few weeks away. I think that his current capacity to produce enough material for nuclear bomb.

The other thing I would say Jordan is when you're talking about nuclear weapons you have to assume the worst case scenario, you can hope that you're wrong you can hope that maybe it's a little bit better than you think.

But if you're looking at a range of options and you think were we think there somewhere on the spectrum from best case scenario to worst-case NARA you sure better be planning for that worst-case scenario. This is against the IAEA director general gets asked the questions take a list. Do you think Iran could make a nuclear weapon when less than a month. We don't have any information in the least that and so I would like to get into language that may be construed as something like that what we say is that the amounts of material are growing that this is material that he had never had this is something that has to be looked at with a lot of care to all those points. Harry, they don't know either, they just know that it's a very high level but they don't have any more information past. I think that's correct, although there is a secondary implication of what he said. Which is great in fact do know but they don't want to inform the world that they are aware of Arends capabilities and so I would err on the side of what man has suggested that we should indeed assume the worst and we should be prepared to take action now. We should not wait for the DoD or the chairman of the joint chief of staff to give us an updated assessment like they gave us with respect to Afghanistan and so I think at the end of the day. We should put American interests first, but I believe that the Biden administration is absolutely incapable of doing so and so I hope the American people can bring pressure to bear on democratics and senators who are beginning at least to see the light.

The HFA separate I would argue some type of deal is needed if you want to monitor Iran's nuclear development no deal major, totally blind as to what they're up to, but this thing they try to push is not the solution to the problem was with all of these deals. Andy was that even when you go back to the original deal and I will tell you if you do rewind to that is talking to DCT about this.

The difference between where we are diplomatically the world's with that deal aside, I remember going to the Embassy of China.

Meeting with the diplomats in DC and Embassy of Russia at the time on this very issue as we are part of a coalition group opposing that the and they were while they wanted to get into a deal. Both of those countries were firmly against a nuclear Iran and a nuclear weapon eyes to rot the world has changed since I was at those meetings.

Andy and while I think it be great if you could have for monitoring of their program. They never allow that no and I never will. Jordan, no matter what comes out of the end and I don't think anything is going to come out of the end except the cappuccinos as my colleague Harry Hutchison says that's the only thing that's going to come out of the dogs, but you're never going to be able to trust the Iranians and it is nave. It is nave to believe that they are going to tell you what they have when they have or to let you see anything. It's just not going to happen and we have to realize that and come to the table with an understanding that they Iranians are liars, their cheaters, their thieves, they are bent on destruction of Israel and the on the United States and that is what you have to go into your negotiations with the knowledge of this is not an honorable regime set someone up there for people as you can keep tight about their lot there at the deal and sitters reminding them wish of a letter from 33 US sitters good friends of ours leading this sitter Ted crusader Bill Haggerty at about 30 of 31 of their colleagues in the U.S. Senate, reminding them that just because it even if Iran said okay you get back in. We've got to go to that kind of complicated approval that we did not alike at the ACLJ but Congress does still have a Rolex will remind people that they actually kids unilaterally do this. Yet we always try to boil things back to action Jordan. This is the action point on this one. The one thing that that Iran nuclear review act did get was eight was a period that if an administration. This administration or any future one comes to a deal like this. They have to submit it to the United States Senate within five days for their opportunity to to grant disapproval of it now. I think that's backwards, Jordan, but that at least has to happen in this case is, here's the action point, I would give. We have given a lot of credit to Senate Democrats during the course of this broadcast for expressing their concern for rightly criticizing where we stand on this deal for outlining the dangers that would happen if we reentered it. Jordan though senators today need to make the same asked that these 33 Republican synergistic Jordan they can stop us. They can tell this need the President that they respectfully disagree with Ajay on Facebook that they think there is no deal to be had with an entity that wants to wipe you and your allies off the map, they should tell the President you must send this to us and by the way, when you send it to us working to vote against it. You don't have the votes to get it through the United States Senate this there is actually. Here's why this transaction. This action permit go back and do a stupid deal then. Second, I think we have to prepare. How will the US respond will we pledge to the world. We pledge to stop a nuclear armed Iran as Israel has pledged its citizens.

We pledge to that as well. Those have two-pronged action to support the work we do, we'll talk about at the ACLJ support is financially that's ACLJ is been on the frontline protecting your rights in Congress and in the public on justice is on your side. If you're already a member. Well, this is the perfect time to stand with where you can learn more about our life-changing work, member today ACLJ

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