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Biden Contradicts His Own Admin, Says Russian Sanctions Not Meant to Deter Putin

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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March 25, 2022 12:35 pm

Biden Contradicts His Own Admin, Says Russian Sanctions Not Meant to Deter Putin

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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March 25, 2022 12:35 pm

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Thanks much for being here about is the brain kill me, Joe, we have a lot to discuss what a busy week which makes it fun makes it fun to do the show. Hope you feel the same way Carly Shimkus will delve into the major stories happening, you know it's not just about Ukraine but that is the number one story especially with the world. Focus on date of the G7 as well as EU present now touching down in Poland as we speak so well. He's had to be there.

I guess you have a surprise visit to the border of Poland, and Ukraine.

Maybe we get to keep if he was younger I would recommend it. My goodness, there's no way anyone would be safer because you really think that Vladimir Putin would allow American president get shelled Morgan Ortega's fresh offer similar Mike Pompeo be joining us. She's also running for Congress.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three United States together a little work to ensure an additional 115, 15 15,000,000,000 m� of liquefied natural gas, LNG for your this year while yeah it started to be a game changer, but at least it's an effort.

Can you imagine we got ahead of the game and said that pipeline through Portugal and throughout Europe. Finally prison finances help of natural gas to Europe as they will stop buying what you guess they say by the end of the year, but my goodness, we do not have that covered time in the industry actually ramp up more more and get Americans doing what we want to do and that's drill those pipelines back is the rising gas prices inflicting personal pain around this nation will let you know who the polls say is to blame purpose of the functions have always been and continues to be president believes that sanctions are intended to deter sanctions never turn you keep talking about sanctions never deter what what a joke and an embarrassment prison find speaks publicly about a run for president again as Republican momentum grows to flip the house and Senate as he once again denies publicly what we know is true that the Russian sanctions were intended to deter and they failed. You just heard his entire staff say exactly the opposite of what he just said is an opportunity to win. Therefore, a statement showing the name would double down on everything that present Zelinski names and will speed up speed it up and put it on fast forward, we've got to take advantage of the opportunity that Smolinski's army has provided general checking win.

How about that NATO EU G7 huddle to squeeze Russia but are they doing enough. I'll share the details as we know it now would present Zelinski sites SEs frustration with constant delays and decision on receiving the aid that will keep him and his country alive and their ability to yes when so I was struck by the so usually we see prisons Minsky's remarks, but when he had a closed-door session with the with NATO I thought it was something do with security. You know, it really has to do with I think it has to do with the fact that he knows he's not getting what he asked for sick. I had tanks in the Anafranil Faisal because I get those jets can I get 1/10 of the 20,000 tanks you have. Can I get some anti-ship rockets, missiles which we know as harpoons where they would about everything that you promised him I get to get any of it and you see that he is frustrated by it.

He went on to say hey you Baltic nations. I know you feel secure because of article 5, but I felt secure the Budapest agreement in 1994 that said, Russia and the US will go to secure our security and look where I am right now. That to me is inexcusable. I like to put sanctions on. I don't like the fact that these are these European countries are still providing money for Russia to fund their war and they say, according to Zelinski says I owe to the reports rushes pumping more oil now than they were before the war started. So where exactly is my help since the US sanctions are targeting 300 members of the Russian Duma okay 40 Russian defense companies leaders want to limit Russia's ability to use its gold stash. The prop up its currency so they can go hit that. Not sure how but I like the fact that the thinking that creatively.

So far, they say go makes up 20% of the reserves of the got reserves in the bank as opposed to their ruble so let these big let these big financial minds come up with something. This is what Zelinski asked for suggest �20,000 20,000 tanks. I have 1% of that give the worst thing is nothing gives a clear answer we've been asking for help, and I paraphrase, and you don't even say no or yes it's not clear vascular Baltic nations to feel secure because you should not feel secure and I totally believe would Zelinski say this on mom fighting this war now, but you all are going to be in it soon and lets you make sure we survive and win so the prisoner states is just Larry's watches play land there playing Landover in Poland and will will see what he does and I want everybody to understand that I don't want you to tell me exactly what's getting into when it's getting in. The fact is, he says he does not have missile-defense systems with the X300 you promised some weeks ago, where are they. I just saw the UK 7000 more rockets for Ukraine are they getting in so I talked to Joni Ernst the center from Iowa. She was just on the couch on Fox and friends and I said which you find your phone last week.

He says we have the eight it's there but is coming in at a trickle walked at a trickle, incredibly disheartening and puts the present saying something just aptly makes no sense. And we know this. The Russians pretty much telegraph with the going to do and we seem to be chewing up chemical weapons, which they seem to have greenlighted in the past in Syria and series on the got bombed.

They never did. So Joe Biden got asked the question. I guess he ran out of happy questions and he got a question about what about the sanctions you say put on more sanctions for the sanctions have not worked. So here's Joe Biden talk about the sanctions working and not working parents didn't wear what makes you think flat harpoon will also require space on the action you've taken to the skit substrate to remember if you covered me from the very beginning.

I did not say that in fact sanctions would deter him. Sanctions never deter you keep talking about that sanctions never deter how brute Maritimes calls you know to our report. Ernesto B says other words, it's a stupid question and that's it didn't bother. Both questions were great and I would say it sometimes yes Qu�bec question. I do you do with the world that he has questioned us we should put that better but both those questions were fine and that question was fine. What you do that you planing the game with me, says so empty sanctions were put there to deter and to punish and if you listen to the Congress. Many of Democrats. They wanted you to put the sanctions together as you threatened to invade before you invaded. So just to show how inaccurate his statement was and how wrong the tone was. Here's the vice president Jake Sullivan talking about and the present talk about deterrence got 20. The purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence. We want them to have a deterrent effect clearly and he hasn't invaded yet. We have a great that the deterrent effect. Sanctions is still a meaningful want the president believes that sanctions are intended to deter sanctions never turn you keep talking about that sanctions never deter what we would do I need to even define that further.

So I need to drill down on that to show you exactly what I mean. I mean, if he does believe that this a little bit of a problem because nobody else who works for them, believes that and they said the term the president believes that these these thing happens.

So my continuity was on for the Western free beacon was our special report last night and says you gotta be kidding me. Got 26. This is why they give Biden a list of reporters to call on Brett a list that Biden had exhausted and he was on his way out of that press conference we call them Stena roofing if CPS who asked that question about deterrence. Biden was caught flat-footed. He was caught trying to reverse engineer history to grant himself foresight is completely wrong, but the sanctions that it deter because the sanctions were imposed. Biden was an imposing sanctions prior to the invasion he was threatening sanctions and the threat of sanctions wasn't enough to change Vladimir Putin's behavior deter someone like Putin, you have to hold it risk something that he values greatly. Putin doesn't care about the economic well-being of Russia's he cares about power you have to threading his hold on power and the only way to do that now. Brett is to find a way to help Ukrainians defeat him on the ground soldier and and that's the problem memo. I have no idea what they always leave him out there by them by himself, but once in a while, I could see. Please always walking by himself, taking questions, by himself, ignoring them by himself.

He's ignoring more more questions casinos gets himself into trouble. He got no good answers. Think about this foreign policy hey Rush would you do me a favor while you invade and chop up another country who are blowing up hospitals and pre-kindergartens would you negotiate a deal with another heathen nation.

The, the Ayatollah Khomeini and Arad. Could you find a way. Oh yeah and when it comes to nuclear waste.

Would you take it into your country really that's what is negotiating, let alone Afghanistan. And, let alone the intercontinental missile that was shot off yesterday by the North Koreans first time since 2017 foreign policies of flat out disaster. That's where he was supposed to be experienced at the very least, so Joe Biden was asked some other questions in Brussels, Belgium, and was talk about you politically makes up to me referencing another story. More likely never happen was asked about Donald Trump you you have this one policy now will is going to change. If you loose or if you don't run again. Will America change cut 52.

The first G7 meeting I attended like the one I did today was in Great Britain and I sat down I set America's back and one of the one of my counterparts. College had a stage set for how long.

For how long and so I don't blame my don'ts on a Christmas adventure asking that question, but the next election. I'd be very fortunate if I had that same manner already feel about that. 1-866-408-7669. Do you think the Trump Windsor. They do this again. I think it without on pure policies. If there was no January 6 in the present handle the loss better I would say the present head-to-head would be up by about seven points summer, take a timeout right now. Don't take too much time away from Morgan and when asked that question. She worked for Mike Pompeo knows present well she's not running for Congress and called Shimkus.

After that, and then will open up the phones 1866408766903, the latest from Ukraine also table tapping at a border bad news coming down the pike and then see who's better handling inflation. Why would somebody would show me they at least had a plan brain shall meet you in your knowledge base. Brian Hill made show Fox News network behind and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter.

I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast to strive and listen now by doing a Fox News five a talk show. That's real. This is Brian kill me show excellent sources for more than a week now Biden administration has been putting pressure on that and that is shameful. Really shameful and not convinced it's happening and we gotta get off of that page and get on the page to help in Zielinski win this war and have the resolve to stand up to the threats of WMD that Putin is making absolutely. And it turns out the of course go I this hollowed out in Russia, and David is fighting and just needs some more armaments and he's not getting them and I've never heard general keen so emotional when he heard that that you actually not only do you not back to guide not only did you not believe in the guy they want to quit early and give up Eva's country, Morgan Ortega joint is now former State Department spokesperson and candidate for Tennessee's fifth congressional district, Morgan. I want to get your take on that initially. Do you believe those reports are true, have you heard the same thing pressure on Zielinski to cut a deal. I like you like a long time and I respect America. It general debt that we had in our lifetime. For sure why it wouldn't quite meet Brian at ticket that you just look at the behavior at the Biden administration over the past year leading up to the Russian invasion that look in every thing that they tried at that relate to deterrent stopping Russia in dating Ukraine failed and kidnapped my neck like me, you know I get there framework. I compete to get back to a higher level had it batted Biden and his team think about it and they told that we have to allow another extreme tear that the gas pipeline cost allow that to happen because it not that progression that could set them up yesterday think that the print the whole climate we had to get into them.

We have to get into the bully could be given to the bully and maybe you will applicable eight and anybody who had anything to comment then spent two minutes on the playground when you get to the belief that only perpetuate and exacerbate their behavior. Ray Glinka okay thanks Brian tapping a bully.

Now, now that you gave me everything that I write really simplistic human behavior that Biden it get Ron because they think that Putin and she thinking in the Ayatollah care what it said about them at the parties and parent so this is surely go. This defense minister sure you he is disappeared yesterday. He appeared once on a conference TV called just the city had a heart problem could be on disfavor and then Teresa Mo is the military staff chief. He seems to be MIA. He's been invisible. What's going on in Vladimir Putin's inner circle. When you actually knew that one of the problems that you have been in any sort of authoritarian regime very hard for Batt to get up] who want to be the person who hated that feeling pretty badly. You're losing thousands of troops really quickly plant logistical problems we have been officially, that is, share well you know want to be the one holding the bat back telling the dictator that planned their failing that, I think that there is anything that certainly some of that, given the clear EE and I think in general keen and talked about that that's really puzzling for so many that the watch that Russians in Syria over the past eight years or so it just the flopping answer might stay conducted whole execution of their work plan on Ukraine been floppy it been halfhearted and it's really just surprising, they certainly have the hardcover capability. We all know that I what they're doing in Mariposa today, but they should ship right now you know people are surprised that haven't been paying attention to Gretzky or Syria or anything that over the past 20 years or break I do I get you to do now. Are you looking to do with your congressional candidate in Tennessee's fifth congressional district and Donald Trump is probably pushing is endorsed you, and they're trying to gerrymander your district out.

They don't want you to run the Republican party? Going on that way. Create residency and voting requirement on all federal candidates and that the cake that I've made with the president Trump endorsed me up for that race. He knows that I know how to fight and ultimately they should be left left up to the voters right. This is why we have primary election. Then the voters in Tennessee and anarchic congressional district here in Middleton B should be able to have the chance to have a say of who went the Republican primary until the key thing making it. You know I work for president Trump for many years I was in the trenches with him and all these foreign policy issues that you and I have talked about or eat out for a long time when I was working for Fox before I even went to work for president Trump that the pitch that I am trying to make to get to the voters here. Infinity given the chance to decide, given the chance to see why president Trump endorsed me like he think that the best fighter in the straight right give a chance to win, you get a chance you will win Morgan nobody's more qualified while serving the country to Morgan Ortega's thanks so much. Thank you so much. Brian got coming up next call. You should spend the sanctions we tapping: first is America's losing all of your Fox weather update throughout your busy day subscribe and listen now and Fox is going to start, for wherever you did your project radio show like no other and kill me. In addition to the �100,000 forces now stationed in your defendant or territory that'll established. As you already know more new vinyl group mania hungry Bulgarian Slovak to reinforce the Eastern front yellow see how that goes.

And as a presence with you brought up a Baltic nations.

I really feel good about article 5, but I felt good about the Baltic agreement. Excuse me. The Budapest agreement in 1994 when my security was guaranteed. He was probably in high school back then.

The security of the nation was guaranteed by the Russians and the Americans and NATO said you can be abated if you just give up your nuclear arsenal because Shimkus is here and I'll tell you what. When I what I said I have a totally different impression of this whole trip in the EU and G-7 Carly. After I started reading some excerpts from present Zielinski speech he's frustrated were not doing anything that we say were doing. It's not getting there.

I think that that Budapest man memorandum thing that you just brought up is a really important point, and it first of all, that's the claimant like he said signed in 1994 Dell Ukraine, which had the third largest largest nuclear arsenal had given up and it was signed by the US, UK, and Russia. Right now he saying I was.

Ukraine was given six security guarantees in exchange for getting out my nuclear weapons. Now I am completely defenseless so please ramp up the support that you have Artie provided me and he asked all the NATO nations yesterday to give him 1% of their weapons and although that sounds like a small number I'm sure in practice it's it's it's a large number but his whole position is that if you want to stop Russia. Everybody's buy-in is really concerned about Russia, which is why he doesn't want to escalate the situation in Vladimir Zielinski same. Listen, if you're concerned about putting the best way to stop him. Even the threat of him attacking NATO nation is by defeating him and Ukraine.

So please help me do that help me help you write what he saying. So the solution to this. They say you have thousands of fighter jets we haven't seen any of them yet 20,000 tanks.

You guys got can I get 1% of that the worst thing is not having a clear answer when it comes to getting help because how I plan you. I can't get an answer and then he went out and challenge the Baltic nations to feel good about article 5 that work feel what I felt good about the Budapest agreement so it's important also. We announced yesterday that Ukraine has lost about 400,000 of their citizens to Russia 84,000 of which are children. What you mean well. The Russians have basically said are you coming with me. They claim these people left voluntarily to be in Russia that's unbelievable voluntarily to write a mother Russia yanked out.

I highly doubt it.

The one thing that I can eat. I hope this is my hope and I don't know if this is true or not, but my hope is that there are things that are going on in private that we don't know about lima Zielinski is coming from a place of peace, peace, desperate and heat, even if those weapons are flaunting his country even position where he is an active or he's always can ask for more. So maybe he is getting as weapons in this country need to hear getting those missile systems from from the US and other NATO nations. And he did say that he wasn't in a talk about it anymore.

He wasn't say what weapons are coming and when because you want to surprise Russia. So my hope is that some of this today on the couch. Tell me when she was in Poland. They said she was asking the refugees. Were you guys getting food and what weapons and he says it was a trickle.

I trickle out food and weapons yesterday. Since then this is a mean that some acceptable now find a way yeah I now absolutely and you feel so bad for the people and marry a pole and all this this conversation about war crimes.

That's slowly been coming out and Pres. Biden is now declaring put in a war criminal. I mean I think it's all symbolic it's the right thing to deal but it doesn't really mean anything. Obviously these war crimes are happening before our very eyes.

What matters is getting aiding and ramping it up and get in the food and in the water people so they can survive this horrific attack hears which Gen. Keene told me this morning about what he's seeing right now from Ukraine on the ground for 12 what do Ukrainians are doing it is nothing short of remarkable. I know the Russians have become defensive. To protect themselves and resupply and reinforce doing that for conducting, tax and retaking tiles that were lost pretty significant those you also know that the leadership at the Ukraine military has other generals have a real feel for war is fundamentally a test of wills and they get it and they know that the Russian will is broken a little bit taken back to Java and that's why they're attacking yeah I was talking to two Green Berets on Fox and friends first on this morning because Green Berets help train Ukrainians after Crimea after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and one of the reasons why Ukraine has really allocate that coverage and outperformed is because of that training that military training that the United States provided that and then you hear about what's going on in Russia.

Russia was supposed to be this incredible fighting for you have an Academy. I now and then I was reading this really interesting article about that. There one of the reasons why there tanks were installed and member that 40 mile convoy that was just enough stock and couldn't go anywhere and one of the big speculations is that it's because Russia uses on their tanks. Cheap Chinese tires that kept on breaking and blasting and were stuck in the mind and apparently they are yet there's a lack of maintenance when it comes to their military weaponry and ends. It's just been a total disaster and the morale which is a really big deal when you're talking about fighting a war that you don't even believe in is a huge issue for them to write little water also massive problem. I just love the fact that the one guy just affected another guy just disappear.

The architect of this war and their defense with their they came to their defense minister's secretary. He's disappeared for 11 days you guy appear briefly on resume, call or some type of Skype that disappeared right away so he's firing people arresting his new KGB agents so I obviously there's huge problems and he does not understand that it's all fundamentally his fall as he was after asked. He actually asked them to implement a program that there was no appetite for the Russians to do, nor are they equipped.

I just think that would Mike pence of this morning was interesting. He's like I would just create humanitarian aid overflight and I would just drop food marrow. Paul is one of that plan gets shot down.

I know, but let them try think of Brian. You sent drone yes why I know you have an unmanned drone so yeah those drones are ridiculously expensive but getting this food and water to people as is invaluable.

They need I want I want to bring you to this setting up the road to truth, 20, 22, right now you have the Republicans at Pontevedra Florida have in their met massive summit. This could be their last patient was seven months to take the house and the going to try for the Senate mean, who knows. Could happen with the numbers leading heavy their direction which you need a strategy.

We will Joe Biden was asked about politics again cut 32 first G7 meeting I attended like the one I did today was in Great Britain I sat down I set America's back and one of one of my counterparts. Colleges have a state set for how long. For how long and so I don't blame my don'ts on Christmas adventure asking that question, but the next election. I'd be very fortunate that same man that man is Donald Trump. You think he wants to run against Trump.

I don't think you can run again. I think he thinks he is. I think that you think that life jumps and people keep saying this to think that Helen wife, Jill alighted at him and say would that's been the best interest of him to be present again. I don't know.

I mean III think it's just there's no way he can rhyming a fee will probably be eight 8382 yeah when I think so yeah I just probably 78. I just have a feeling you can about how he'll be one termer and you can't be a lame-duck. That's really your presidency but I think that the reason he was he's made that comment is because every ludicrous question that that international reporter asked it would let you know he had a list came out he said all right for any interest of time, they gave me a list of reporters and they were good questions, but that you know they were noncontroversial and stinky guy was like no people here are very concerned that your predecessor is going to become the president again.

So what can you do to calm those I think are you choking question is that when there's a war raging. That's your one question you have one shot asking anything really got it on the Ukrainians as opposed to the one exactly and that's why he said what he said he was walking away and I'm sure his abiding people were like okay that was that was a fine press conference. I think nothing really wrong happen and then Pres. Biden answers one more question, and it was the only question he just randomly called on reporter had the question of of the day when it was you know about the sanctions and the deterrence and then for some reason Pres. Biden gets angry and his his whole attitude towards reporter. Sometimes he goes from sweet-and-sour in a second. It will be here.

I know of 15 to 18/3 deterrence didn't work. What makes you think latter food will alter course based on the action you take into the sketch on the straight you remember if you covered from the very beginning. I did not say that contract sanctions would deter him. Sanctions never deter you keep talking about that sanctions never deter right, here's a little bit more angry Joe cut 19 that's not what I said you play the game with. I know the answers.

No, but look, if you're putting and you think that the Europe is going to crack in a month six weeks to months. Why not they can take anything for another month, but we have to demonstrate the reason I asked for the meeting. We have to stay fully, totally thoroughly want to do something I don't care if you together.

I want you acting I don't care that you must just pull and get some arms most subs, through Poland, get it done so. So him him have you played a game with me are dreamers, but here Steve Ratner, Democrat on MSNBC 30 we have to be mindful and somewhat humble about the history of sanctions. We have sanctions on North Korea since 1950, roughly we have sanctions on Cuba since 1960 sanctions on Iran. Over 50 years now and none of those have obviously brought those countries to heal the record of countries being able to withstand even the toughest sanctions is not a completely successful water from the standpoint of the West and putting on those sanctions and especially in a situation like this where not putting sanctions on all at the moment really any of their exports through the energy then a touching energy okay yeah a couple things. First of all Pro sanction at this point I feel like I was sort of an anti-sanction, and yelled sanctions are make me suffer yeah absolutely make them suffer. But the whole point was that the binding installation strategy and we were told us repeatedly that we that's sanctions we are and can impose them immediately because we are using them as a deter absolute think if we impose sanctions now then Russia is going to say okay will the sanctions are already honest, we might as well invade Ukraine that put that plan didn't work but but then for present binder think you keep talking about deterrence reporter.

How dare you. I never use the phrase deterrence was there whole plan. You have to say, it is important for NATO to remain united, and I like that that's happened and I didn't know that Pres. Biden that it was his idea to call this meeting and that's a leadership that I will. That's what he said earlier here. You think he is a liar liar pants on.

I'm just saying.

Like you said that's what I call this meeting hundred I thought the Navy was meeting. I did not know that was a first time I now caught my attention tell so if he did call the meeting then good for him. But this is that that whole deterrence thing was super weird for him to kitten hat at the reporter for just echoing what divine administration had told her. Over the course of the past three months or whatever but it's not it's not a typical immediately crises is a really rude things I was reporters who could care less what is and is just one answer the question. So Joe Biden talked about running against Donald Trump. I would to be pretty good if I get a chance to run against him. Maybe not after he heard this, listen to AOC cut $35 and just about middle-of-the-road and increasingly narrowband independent voters. Abacus is really about the collapse and support young people among Democratic base feeling like they are not being worked overtime to get this present elected and they aren't necessarily being seen.

So you see, the Democrats aren't happy with them. Left-wing delegates aren't happy with them so don't think that he's doing that well yeah I mean Nancy's not sell their more Democrats that are moderate then Pres. Biden should not listen to her is one thing but there I think that he would have a greater chance of winning again if he does run if he doesn't listen to what she sang because he hits he has been listening to the progressives and that's why he's killing the Keystone pipeline and you know yet. Given all those those free the free money like that in the eviction moratorium on leaving exactly leaving the border wide open because he's afraid to lose those people and look at what is poll numbers are right now. So yes the sheet say that of course you can say that you cannot nothing but the Biden sectionals you will ever be left enough for her, but it's a trap. He his poll numbers work will go down even more. If he keeps on falling when she sang there, but maybe she's on to something that Bernie Sanders is disappeared, so you probably probably knows he probably does want to criticize Biden. So what is he do really.

He's trying to get Roe Kahana to run how you feel about that is that presidential candidate, are you kidding nice guy. Pres. Biden's presidential candidate material around all day. I mean the bench is.

I think that Republicans have a much wider patent 20. Think about all the request.

Yeah, the Nikki Haley or Gov. Christie know you write to Santa Mike Pompeo you have a ton of people that played cruises going to do it again though, we can rule out Marco Rubio try to run Chris Christie will be in their you like to help out. Now many support everybody thank you you're very nice person. I don't get of units were urological nation on Saturday right is MSW place to eat it nine or do you go out early with this is an interesting question when you might want to answer to the break. Let's do that back in a moment jailing like you're with Brian kill me.

Fox News can't just work these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox news but just don't jump or wherever you get your favorite, the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me.

Does all pumped up as I don't really know the measurements on natural gas like to make whatever you say what we have decided to provide Europe.

In Europe, with some natural gas Ellijay, and to help those no supplement, gradually get off Russian oil and gas that we do actually do the math and what it is like a couple of days I'm so I'm so glad you okay really want to live are you being serious.

Okay because I was talking to Neil Crabtree who is one of the Keystone XL pipeline workers who lost their job right every now and then when oil and gas comes up I'll I'll send a message just to get his take on an the reason talking that this is because Pres. Biden announced in his press conference. There has been his press statement today with the European Union and president that the United States is to provide 15,000,000,000 m� of liquefied natural gas to Europe this year is a lot well okay and I was like I've never heard of a cubic meter, a meter of gas meter is out, so he said and I can provide this information to you right now it sounds so smart in the process, although it has nothing to do with me at the text message I'm writing. He said that you are talking about measuring natural gas, and cubic meters. I'll explain a little easier. Just remember, when natural gas is put under pressure, it turns into a liquid so it would be the amount of liquid gas that fits inside a keeled that mashers 1 m. I hope that helps.

That's what he said help you not as much as I thought. Well I was just excited. I would, but evidently you be a lot more. I think that could be to take away highlights the explanation that you are marching for the first transfer starting at 5 AM be there will came close to Fox and friends, we can enjoy and share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business subscriber. Listen Fox News by just five Fox News euros New York City pressure set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice kill me. Thanks much for being your buddies the Brian kill me. Joey talk economics with economics or reflect on your life.

Inflation dollars paycheck to paycheck paying and of course people he does get bills with this inflation disinfect to this really affect you personally.

So a lot of people. We give numbers on the economy. Well, not really invest in the stock market well I don't really have real estate holdings are not really looking to buy the house more about interest rates and now everybody's talking about because it affects everything that you buy it affects how far you drive and where you go with your buying a new car Steve Moore on all that is Sen. John Cornyn standing by the so much impactful to talk about including Iranian deal that could drop at any moment today and will be terrible for the world, especially us so well from New York around the country around the world. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number three national little work to ensure an additional 151, five, 15,000,000,000 m� of liquefied natural gas, LNG for your this year will will say finally present Biden else's heel pumps a more natural gas to Europe, but is that enough can the industry ramp-up and actually help these are European countries get off the pipeline of Russia will talk about that and also the personal pain around the country as we shut down drilling as we shut down fracking all why is that okay and will the polls reflect the American people want energy independence. Purpose of the sentence has always been and continues to be to turn the president believes that sanctions are intended to deter sanctions never her keep talking about. There was never deter my staff keeps on talking about it. What is that I'm not kidding. Present Biden speak publicly about a run for president again is Republicans momentum grows the flip the house and take the Senate, and once again the president to die something publicly we know is not true in his own people defy him.

They didn't think we would taper them in the Russian sanctions were intended to deter.

That's the whole point of the sanctions as an opportunity to win therefore statements you may want to double down on everything that present Zelinski names that will speed up speed it up and put it on fast-forward. We've got to take inventors of the opportunity that Smolinski's army has provided while there is Jackie NATO EU and G7 huddle to squeeze Russia what are they doing enough.

I will share the details as we know them as presents a list besides frustration about the delays and denials when it comes to weaponry and support as well as provisions are with me right now.

Sen. John corner scented center.

Welcome back. I know last weekend you are in Poland and Germany. I talked to Sen. Jr's this morning and she said to me that they were expressing to her that that weapons and provisions were slowed to a trickle at the border. I know the countries at war Woodard opens all these pledges of support knock actually getting to the people he needed not that momentum counts for a lot.

Military conflict as Gen. Jack Keane just alluded we need to keep the momentum which is in favor of Ukrainian position going in that direction, and the only way we can do that is by speeding up the delivery of weapons that they need in order to defend their country and their sovereignty and as you point out, because of the Russian invasion of this is a major humanitarian crisis as well so we need to do more when you do it faster. I have to actually pull show why do we do this on the build up.

Why have we done this for years.

Why was the so many shipment of arms turned around when present, Biden took over what I worry about that. What I'm really focused on prison. Zielinski said yesterday he said that he, not knowing if he's going to get any aid is worse than anything he said are you guys have 20,000 tanks. Can I get 1%.

He says I need some type of aircraft where my planes.

You also want to the Baltic nations as you feel good about article 5 because we felt good about the Budapest agreement in 1994 that was supposed to guard our security. Look at us now. I mean he is frustrated center auto blaming squad out trying to assess modern-day Winston Churchill inspiring the people of Ukrainian people around the world about the relict of Ukrainian because time is not on his side, time is on side saying the war of attrition artillery you think should be used in the killing innocent civilians and even holding them hostage back in Russia itself. So I understand present will excuse the frustration. I've tried to tried to pass a bill which would restore or create a modern-day limb lease program like we establish with Britain and our allies in World War II were clear.

We will expedite all weaponry that Ukrainians need in order for them to defend their country again done a magnificent job better than anybody would've dreamed of holding the book the Russian invasion back, but they can't do this forever shortly can't do without our help. So we need to need to do more present� Call you when you take away your pony journalist. Well we were on the border of Ukraine and Poland refugee center. Frankly, Brian reminded me a lot of what we see our children border with 2 million people showing up last year by ministration during zero about border security, gestural processing people through it reminded me of that, but it was women and children, the elderly trying to make their way to safety, while the able-bodied men fighting a scramble back in their way back to having the headings used in Ukraine to look to join the fight weapons and some missile-defense complaints which is ridiculous. Missile-defense will we write about perception, aiming at Children's Hospital's blowing up theaters with people in them were like well this is over the line.

It's just nuts.

So I want you you were joking said tell me if you've heard this before and I hope you so you have excellent sources that are more than a week now the Biden administration has been putting pressure on present Zelinski to cut a deal that and that is shameful, really shameful and I'm convinced it's happening and we gotta get off of that page and get on the page to help and Zielinski win this war and have the resolve to stand up to the threats of WMD to polluters making what you think it never been a worse negotiator than the by then present. Biden of the Biden most recently, this is shameful if a general Keane's right but have no reason to believe is not correct. It appears that there is a deal cut which allows you to maintain his position in eastern Ukraine with with the Crimea and the land that you captured so far this this is going to happen again.

We need to stop once and for all and the only way we do that is by having an embarrassing loss because the free world is, is rallied around Ukraine, not by cutting bad deals like the Biden ministration apparently compared to do it, along with throat to put their flawed nuclear deal once again set a judge on Texas. I guess center any day now expect to wake up and find out we've cut some deal with the Ayatollah. Evidently they are actually looking forward to doing this deal that Russia is brokering on a Ron it's going to allow them to take their nuclear their nuclear waste imported into Russia in the report is if a Republican present comes and wants undo that deal Rush will give them back their nuclear their nuclear energy. There dear enriched uranium, so and that will be the leverage they need to not get out of this deal.

Can you tell us about this and what can you do about it. That's crazy but gracious conspiring district future president would want to undo this bad with Russia. You that's crazy. That's crazy and why the world would you trust Russia given what what you doing in Ukraine or the radio all uranium want to do is to improve their quality they want ordering and oil around the world because Biden will allow US to produce what it's capable of doing them helping our friends and allies around the world.

So he's looking at a RAM to fill that gap. I mean there is nothing about this that makes any sense and it won't survive the Biden ministration specially get back there able to get the sanctions listed and now China's no one cooperating their doing it anyway and they're able to get the Royal back on the market is going to be very hard, much harder to get that back the genie back in the bottle.

Explain this to me center you need 60 votes in order to stop the steel instead of confirming a treaty with 60 you need 60 to stop this and last time you got 58 and Schumer and Cardin joined you and Menendez joined you when not voting for but didn't matter because you reach 60 Obama was able to pass it world upside down by the Constitution created created what an international agreement is that has to be confirmed under the last JCP away the joint conference, a plan of action. The array of nuclear deal. There was this crazy person procedure that was created which required us to disapprove of the deal not to ratify it like we would ordinarily treaty so the world upside down and unfortunately I think not of the Democrats at the be willing to stand up to the administration, but this is the bottom line. We can't allow the Iranians regime to get a nuclear weapon and we don't stop. I trusted Israel will then were risking their full out war in the Middle East.

In additional to what's happening in Europe, so I just I just can't imagine a worse group of negotiators that were sitting right now the Biden ministration appear to be willing to give the irradiance everything and get zero. In return, so the energy something is right in your area of expertise is with the president said today about what he's willing to do to help Europe get off Russian oil and gas cut 39 states, together with national partners work to ensure an additional 115, 15 15,000,000,000 m� of liquefied natural gas, LNG for your this year we've agreed on a joint game plan toward that goal, while accelerating our progress toward a secure clean energy future. What is what is that mean in layman's terms 15,000,000,000 m�. I hear it's not that much talk about the energy consumption of a whole, Europe and that's a good Europeans into dependency on Russian oil and natural gas, and seeing what happened with Germany, decided to get the reset button and recalibrate both the terms of its obligations to NATO supplied weapons and looking to alternative forms of energy, but American natural gas is the cleanest form of energy we have now, save and except for example, what nuclear which obviously Europeans have books that wean themselves from. That's shows. I think the announcement itself. You just look at face value, make some sense, but it takes years to build the infrastructure necessary book book terminals Stroop tricks to accept natural gas from the United States and the pipelines that are necessary to transmit it to the ultimate user and the Biden have suggested is not going to address that problem of serving on the short so we'll see where this goes.

So NATO EU G7. All these meetings and will see what comes out of it because all all. Ukraine wants to do is be able to to fight and win a war affectively. I just think this would be a once in a generation opportunity to actually get rid of this horrible person on this over the last 20 years. That's Vladimir Putin know the Russian Osborne always be a challenge but this guy is unique challenge. They were heading a totally different direction before he took power and he seems to have lost his mind. If you see his defense minister is your strategist's disappear.

The guy that said this is going to be easy, is less intelligence agents who were supposed to pay off Ukrainians and never did. The money disappeared.

Were seeing it official just disappeared to sleeve. I don't know if you have good contacts you could share with our listeners about what's happening by Putin do not crazy but is does help all biggest fantasies of the restoration of the Russian Empire called the fall of the Soviet Union. One of the greatest geopolitical tragedies in the last hundred years and so what we see is incrementally whether it's from Georgia, or in Crimea now and the rest Ukraine use is gradual attempt to recapture some of the old Soviet Union and restore that Empire. That's the ideology that drives and we think he's going to quit I think were fooling ourselves. So we have to stop and the best way to stop them is to support Ukrainians that are NATO allies.

This is a very dangerous situation, Brian. There's no doubt about it, but we need to be deterring, not the other way around. Right now it soon liked by his saber rattling the stretch used to turn your free world and we need to be deterring him Jesus and John Cornyn general was great to talk to. Thank you.

Thanks, Brian voice of reason 1-866-408-7669 back and take your calls and bodily I will turn it over to see more input to take those take these economic issues and and and push it down to the to the everyday person and how it how it affects all of us that have to make a living and make sure that they're able to pay their bills, listening to the Brian kill me show you something new every day, Brian kill me show if you're interested in Ryan's talking about your Brian kill me.

They told us everything from NATO countries RPG look at some 1847. Nine. Provide mating tennis team arrived in place you'll figure it out but they told us they need more vehicles to move just to the stop will go for Lieut. Miroslav hi was a filmmaker and was before Russia invaded his country Russian. For example, can use McLeroy buckets. Your curtains, even if the site is a nuclear weapon. You want something. We've had a lot of anger from Ukrainians a lot of emotion that the country is under assault but something that we have not had any Ukrainian to his complaint once simply getting on with the job of defending the holy land, and that's up to their present videos are taught by complementing and then after the complement you get back to me on this, and I think you got a father who bothered me to see all these class pictures.

I see the class picture NATO class picture is a G7 class picture. The guys we're laughing about.

I mean, I know you what you hear you representing a country feel great about yourself. It's big ego thing. But if you really serious about getting together and coming up with a plan and and you want to establish the validity and the necessity of your organization. Don't be giggling, especially because you see 400,000 people essentially been kidnapped and held hostage in Russia you have at least 1300 dead civilians are Ukrainian civilians and constantly watching the Shelley people starving starving to death and dying of hunger. I just think people gotta be a little bit aware of the present of the country are to where the country of the world.

Watching we come back. Steve Moore on the economy how it affects you to the brain to radio that makes you think this is the Brian kill me show the economy continues to picture right you can take a look at what's been happening for PlayStation EP and what the facts are forecasting is likely to happen, see inflation, which is estimated this year to be a stunning 15%. We think are a percent is obviously very unfortunate. There 15% is a heck of a lot worse and even having widespread shortages and widespread spot inflation, the price of sugar went up by 14% below last week and so I have banned sugar exports until August. Just to give you a sense of what's going on in the Russian economy with respect with respect to inflation use wonderful sanctions are working.

They said they kicked the central bank to get a tighten up even more to the hit secondary section. So if you do any business with Russia.

Should you be sanctioned with SD more you know Steve Moore framework Senior economist and author of the book Godzilla how the relentless growth of government is devouring our economy and our freedom.

Steve welcome back this one time with sanctions are affecting Russia substantially well your new book as well. Looking forward your Monday not for crypto that you become Catholic look the most important thing we can do this on Fox news earlier this morning.

What we need to produce as much oil and gas and coal and energy that we can hear in the United States. This is not complicated. The more we produce less money to finance his war machine. It is economically illiterate and more all that the country with the most oil, gas, the United States is now importing it makes no sense now that was a declaration by the by agreement with NATO between Brighton and the European countries that were going to finally finally finally start to increase natural gas output and exports, but by widely weighted here to do that when Trump left office.

We were exported natural gas biting comes in a close one American energy and I believe that this is one of the major reasons that that Russia is able to invade Ukraine felt much drill much drill and pump our own gas to bring the price down to help American consumers. It'll hurt the war machine is to remember the present said well I can stop nor seem to be today.

It's almost done and all of a sudden Jeremy says you will not stop at them when the ovation after recess yell stop and we go good, you should stop it. So now they say will dedicate 15 m� of LNG and I'm that I'm not into that business. I do know that measurement means, but evidently it's not that much. That's really going to help them get off the 87% of their energy dependence on Russia Outlook right are not here either they Dave also facilitated the war from their idiotic green energy strategy of Western Europe which by the way down your bankrupted currently in all the other countries you would think the American politician would learn from the failure of trying to go to 89% wind and solar power, and fellow Europeans have warned against Brian. What I remember he was taking his finger up at the Germans on the function accounting do not get hooked on Russian natural gas and that's exactly what they did and so were in a predicament right now that is I'm very worried about the economy right now. I think we are very few worsening inflation were now sitting in the neighborhood I live in five dollar a gallon gasoline.

This is a result of not producing your own gas here in the United States. Number one and number two the massive over government spending and by the way button once more spending. Joe mansion is saying that he's a real physical back that earliest version of it which I found really disturbing me till I know, but I bet that up by the morning. I was just really disheartened because Matthew's been saying all the right thing Friday been saying for six months more spending will make the inflation problem worse. We don't need you know another $2 trillion. A stunning 23453, in whatever number is coming up with so let's hope that he doesn't change his mind on this because I've always said Brian Bill back better is only officially dead. When we take that gamble away from Nancy Pelosi in January 2023 Nigerian governor came out Democrat.Janet Mills says I'm to give my people 850 cells per month starting in early June to help them with gas you feel about the only way I think I first on the Brian kill me till I believe that this is going to become a biting policy to give people more free money what what what what happened to the inflation rate.

If we send out all the three trucks to people. Of course it devalues the dollar is to get it from somebody else if the worst possible thing we could do what we should be doing. I'm not a problem with lowering the gasoline tax, but you're talking about maybe saving $0.20 a gallon on that the pump price of gasoline Otterbein copper two dollars a gallon. California Gov. Gavin Newsom same thing. He said average 580 he wants to give up to $800 debit cards out to California so crazy about the it out. So if you do this to encourage people to buy more on � right because you're giving them the money to buy one of the people by left one day they want people to buy more but wonder if I let again I go back to the solution here is to produce more, but not to have a higher demand for produce more of it.

If the production of something goes up the price goes down when Trump left office. It was $60 a barrel today. It's $110 a barrel so we I believe we could be producing 5 million barrels more a day. I think a couple presently be do not think about that 5 million barrels a day at $100 a barrel. I hundred million dollars a day the United States would be saving for producing at home so they said gas prices right now costing American households on average 2000 more year and when they say six or seven out of every 10 Americans a paycheck to paycheck.

You feel that because the cost because the race gains are all on the holes that weighed 5%.

We got inflation running eight or 9% of the map book. Let me see if that word will actually people that really comes up I'll probably see the biggest reduction in middle-class incomes, adjusted for inflation in 20 years due to up by Craig under so you know for last year why the me Brian how does it make any sense. We actually are getting our oil and gas from Russia, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. When we think of you getting it from Texas and North Dakota Alaska Pennsylvania make any sense to me is natural gas. Burn clean should not be considered REO and consider going green so bright you know what country in the world of 50 largest economies in the world has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions, but most people don't know that the report that the reason we reduced our greenhouse gas so much is that with transition what you just got clean burning natural gas got explained to me by the environmentalists against gas pipelines in LNG terminal and natural gas drilling, natural gas, clean the environment it doesn't pollute it so we know that the average person's been hurt. We know that there's a lot of people seem to us right now have to choose a different bill every week not to pay. But on the groupthink level. I was in a lot of sky BBC the sum of the building. I try to cover the story and try to get different video and then having huge. So huge inflation problems to China is going only a 5% which means it's probably less than expected to be double that. So they're having some issues with production who's doing well through this becoming a covert, 19, and everything else in the world that people work for governments, you know, the governments of world leaders in the politics of the people at NATO they can understand that they are created. This crisis natural disaster happen because we've made a series of bad decisions starting with Biden energy policies and know until we look I think we need to drinking.

I think that I work with every meeting I was with him in the Oval Office you talk about not making America energy independent Brian Keith say I want to make America energy, and we were about half.

I'm old enough to remember the 70s when the Saudis had control of the world oil market make up the blade were not, and they could throw the American economy, the recession, we finally after 40 years got an independent Biden switches the switch off listing done by no Intel is building a chip things here. It was real. Since this country in 2020.

We gotta stop bringing prescription drugs home and are mass MPP and the chips we found that Taiwan was the main was the main distributor of it, in the writers.

Taiwan is overstocked and they had to do their understaffed try to play catch-up. What has been done that you know of to bring manufacturing home like I do believe in globalization I think globalization of last 30 years has been a good thing raising living standards.

All "I do believe in free trade, but I also believe when it comes to these critical technologies that you're talking about. Like the microchip we need for our cars.

Yet we need to make sure that these global supply chains are dependable and right now they are not so we do need to have a domestic production of food there now talking about massive food shortages around the world and I think that you mean higher but in many sports countries that mean malnutrition and unfortunately received potentially starvation because of all of these crazy decisions that these governments have made Seymour congratulations on your book. I glad to get up your is called a Godzilla was for the government is of our economy and our freedom. See, thanks much for being with us today and hopefully have a good economic story to tell.

Soon you got 186-640-8766 and I'll come back and take your calls also find the latest from Ukraine and then the report yesterday. The governor Keene said governor general. Keene says while Zaleski is being pressured by the West to cut a deal with food amazing to watch give up half his country. How could you possibly say that this is the brain can we ship going to know basis. You need to kill me breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me and show cities at a low risk environment. So today we take another step in the city's economic recovery support local businesses, entertainers and performances in those performance venues across the entire city just as any player. Some people will also those who will be employed in which heroes, that is not only a game of baseball's best game of life and we have to be on the field in order to win in both the game of life. I'm not really sure what he thought about that makes no sense and neither does the policy of Mayor de Blasio, which he inherited in So first off, he said I will leave all the mass on all the kids and that's America.

By the way, I believe all all the mass on all the kids asked take the mass of all the kids except preschoolers really, why after two weeks of printed I take the preschoolers. Okay fine this a little bit of an issue.

Why is it the private sector use of the gotta be vaccinated. They can commit to building. Really, what is that mean for sports teams and Broadway plays you well they can't they can perform the camp like car rearing case in point is I'm not getting vaccinated. You cannot blame Brooklyn but you complain for you and other states.

Think about that dumbest thing ever you beat unvaccinated person playing Brooklyn Patricia not employed there.

You can play and then when the Yankees Mets about the start. I personally believe that the Yankees and Mets are so powerful. Are you really gotta say Arun Judge don't play mashers or if you're not vaccinated don't, but you will you and I evidently have to Mets are vaccinated about the handful of the Yankees are vaccinated are you be sitting your best players prison I vaccinated, and only blame on the road you not to get into that. Are you and there's no science behind it. Plus you playing outdoors, so they lifted it okay.

The problem is they left it in place.

Goodbye firefighters if you take the firefighters the school workers and the cops. Sanitation workers who been fired because he want to get vaccinated.

Some of which had the anybody's wouldn't take any advice as we know those arguments there still fired 2500 but now car rearing complaint and I'm all for implantable for the Mets and Yankees play. I'm never for their bad food. I love the Mets and Yankees do right now is say thank you for doing something it never should have been in the first place.

Mayor Adams but I want you to one of the stain is to firefighters, cops and nurses that were forced to quit. Yeah, you know, Sloan-Kettering and NYU. They say and what you hundred percent, with vaccinated all these other hospitals. I want them so there goes thanks let me play in a Broadway with some of these Broadway actors are thankfulness to it and so these people story and soap operas at studio thankfulness go back to work but let the firefighters go back to because you in the case the appellees car rearing dispensers are playing at the games was like he was getting have to pay he was still getting paid to his get paid by $18 million and not playing. It was really hurting the team fastly heard his career but he wants win championship and he could actually do that now with Kevin Durrant but why would you continue these ridiculous rules really comes over 19. Also, the teachers are finding more more that the kids are way behind with. I now teach and without masks. These kids I really can't catch up.

And they're having problems and we over all predicted this, but as a country to and they're just crazy. In Australia they are nuts they are nuts in Canada. We all saw that.

So some of these things that are there taken place make absolutely no sense when it comes to go over 19 and I just think were going to be seeing a slight uptick because without this sub variant of omicron and because of this sub variance can be easy to spread risk and be not as deadly and would have the numbers in case numbers jump it up and have a whole bunch of people panicking so listen to this.

You have you have 15 yes 1500 public sector employees 2500 overall 956 school employees who have lost their jobs because they're not been vexed, you let the Mets and Yankees play but evidently you not letting their workers the coworker so if you are geared to our vending use in their selling glove popcorn at the game or hotdogs. You know how to do that if you not vaccinated, but you can play first base by bundling dome stadiums in New York social outdoors so you can work on the counter and supplement your income will let that be your income is bad enough they had to stop his own no fans about and I in 2020, the 2021 they come back and they come back late now to come back semi-late. Also not ending their I give so much credit to the airlines they have to sit there cracked out until people got beautified for five hours. Keep that masculine if it drops we kick off the plane. That means some of the flight attendants are so belligerent for the most part they hated doing it, but now American Airlines Delta United and have all gotten together and they're saying next week where he try this once by just laying out might make decision next week.

You have to lift the mass mandate. It's too much pressure number one and makes the flying situation extremely unpopular and pleasant. Number two is too much pressure. The flight attendants. There's all this light rage happening and it could lessen it by allowing to do it and if you talk to the circulation experts the people to know our fresh air.

They say the cleanest air you can breathe. By the way changes out is on the plane so no longer say do it for safety. But when you question someone found the science criticizes a backup anything that they're doing so I love that this is getting addressed. The other big story is if you are in baseball you want for the Blue Jays and got backstage up playing. If you are in basketball and you want to play the Toronto bad news raptors get the play, you're not allowed so because if that's not Canada's hellcat is not fudging. We can handle state-by-state was in the writing to me to make sure you watch one nation Saturday night at a clock repeated 11 and then this week on Sunday, especially 10 PM on Fox News who is Zelinski live Fox News New York City set up Fox and friends saw America's receptive voice right till Michelle of China bring with me in a matter of moments, Vince Harrigan come and tell bring us inside his day in well in Ukraine and how tough it is and was going on in Russia.

If anybody knows he's been so so much substantial time there. If anyone knows if the grip of Vladimir Putin is losing would be Steve Harrigan and of course I'll take your calls I don't forget to watch one nation this weekend at 8 o'clock and then it repeats 11 and then we have a special to his Vladimir Zelinski to be expanded. Now for the channel you get on Fox nation fascinating look at how this guy got to her years and there were no signs that he was ever going to step up the way you see this guy is a generational leader. That's a special that's how much and all I am and I think most people I talk to our souls get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's three number 39 states, together with our international partners will work to ensure an additional 115, 15 15 m� of liquefied natural gas, LNG for your this year. Alright I guess that a lot people say it's not what we should do and it finally Pres. of the present by the downhill pump some more natural gas but is it enough in the industry ramp up more more and get the European our European allies off Russian gas and oil and put the poles want the president to do the purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrent for president believes that sanctions are intended to deter sanctions never turn you keep talking about that sanctions never deter.

I never tire of hearing such idiocy.

Why would the president say something that we know that he doesn't believe present by speaking publicly about a run for president again is Republicans momentum grows to put the house in the Senate and once again he denies publicly. We all know is true that sanctions was sent to deter when they didn't.

The present reversing his story is an opportunity to win.

Therefore, a statement should have been made with double down on everything that present Zelinski names and will speed up speed it up and put it on fast-forward. We've got to take the opportunity Zelinski's army has provided yeah and were not NATO EU G7 huddled to squeeze Russia but are they doing enough. I will share the details as we know them is present. Zelinski sites frustration and constant delays from NATO.

Not only do they let a man putting up giving him what he needs with me right now somebody always comes to play Shannon Breen get set to host her show tonight at midnight and always has, always has different projects going on, especially now when Shannon bream has a book coming up called the mothers and daughters of the Bible speak lessons on faith from nine biblical families that's coming up March 29, which is just around the corner. Shannon welcome back to you. I'm working on. What about the women that are in the Bible with that be take too long to do their online material prepare right you have 20 people and you know what a woman is not quite like that girl in that same manner.

We surprised by the surprise, to the degree that question that question about where he was going to keep it out there that will track all the time dealing with competition and microlevel legal cases of percolating out there anything that was all about getting her to go on record and make a statement which she had any nominee will likely do will appoint mind and I think that normal Americans wanting that he could answer that question when I get it. You know she was thinking at the legal context: at some point right so I know is I see it now before the court. Yes, Shannon. What about Justice Thomas was in the hospital with great new and praying for him Friday with little Lexington action anyone keep coming earlier in the week. He is officially out right so licenses but not covert. Interesting you overnight.

I guess your your been carrying a lot of the stuff that we've been carrying with the time zones issues present United States, said that he brought everyone in NATO together. He called for this meeting. This NATO meeting. Okay, I did not know that he called for, and here's what he said he did for cutting first was to support Ukraine with military and humanitarian assistance second was to impose the most significant most significant sanctions economic sanction regime ever in order to cripple Putin's economy punishment for his actions.

Third was to fortify the eastern flank of our NATO allies, who were obviously very very concerned and somewhat worried what would happen.

We accomplished all three of these I would say getting weaponry food to Zelinski should be number one, two and three, as well as putting troops and you could do that by signing a requisition, but I was instructed to. He's not happy.

He says you know you got 20,000�1% of them. You said you have fighter jets. I do you want to know Faisal, but I have some fighter jets using a missile defense system. I don't see any of and up you imagine being him and hearing all this talking people taking credit and in the stuff. Be not being delivered what you hearing them in their day attorney thinking well allover the place whether it's COBIT or Ukraine or whatever going on. It doesn't look good on the world stage. It looks like confusion and sanctions resist a good way to secondary sanctions. Anyone who does business with Russia. So if you want a 35 that abstain from condemning their invasion like Brazil, China, India, so if you do business with Russia. Do we sanction them and that's a big question. Right now will be one of the bigger questions, but when the present United States is ask about said sanction deterrence.

He denied it but here's the problem. Nobody else on his staff denied it. In fact, they backed it up to 20. The purpose of the functions has always been and continues to be deterrence. We want them to have a deterrent effect clearly and he hasn't invaded yet. We have a great turns effectively. Sanctions still a meaningful president believes that sanctions are intended to deter sanctions never turn you keep talking about sanctions never deter really believe Shannon I'm so confused right now.

I'm very concrete held weaponry in whatever we can legally deal in the world can't morally cute. It helps no one short of probably couldn't want anything to do with that very fine line to lock but American president leader free world and so you need to speak with clarity, focus, and waited for Sheehan for now launching metal began to have any room to think that they have a place at the table that would overcome what you want to bring to the continuity of the Larson Gottfried beacon on the fact that he got through his listing got to somebody that maybe wasn't on was who they knew if Stephanie would ask the tough question.

This is why they do fight in the list of reporters to call on a list that Biden had exhausted and he was on his way out of that press conference we call them Christina Ruffini of CBS who asked that question about deterrence.

Biden was caught flat-footed. He was caught trying to reverse engineer history to grant himself or site is completely wrong sanctions to deter because of sanctions were imposed. Biden was imposing sanctions prior to the invasion he was threatening sanctions and the threat of sanctions wasn't enough to change Vladimir Putin's behavior to deter someone like Putin, you have to hold it risk something that he values greatly putting doesn't care about the economic well-being of Russia's he cares about power you have to threading his hold on power and the only way to do that now. Brett is to find a way to help Ukrainians to feed him on the ground you grew that we cannot for him when all the oligarchs are sanction and they start putting pressure on him like you know like you and in our bank bank accounts are being wiped out.

But I don't think that's the stuff that motivate him. Do you think I'm no expert on the expert you like to know what he wants a legacy of Cory of reuniting and keeping to do whatever it takes what you mean using weaponry which may crop every international norm and other people. He thought he shown us what he's willing to deal and I think we should believe him when he felt so Shannon quickly expects and I really and you expect judge just on your shelves and expect Judge Jackson to have any roadblocks to confirmation because Joe mansion made it clear he's gonna vote for her and the Democrats have already been numbers that they needed to get can't get in across the finish line to pick up a couple of Republican votes probably will try to book her for Tonight Show that would be a humdinger it would be you think she's done, he'd avoided the trap of thinking when I go in and do no harm. As the nominee grilling murder board and try to trip her up and you know all the different questions in preparation for this and I think if long as you keep your cool and you proceed with getting away any nature except what she hasn't done any of that.

I think that it can be a partyline vote, and we're going that long ago that the nominee could even show up to confirmation hearing and they voted on before the confirmation hearing so what we have now is a very modern day situation turned.

I think a lot of people into the political theater. I know I would be great to see the nominee get more than 50 votes or get more from their party.

But I guess those days are done. Perhaps now for now. Shelley, thanks so much give you quality time can guide people want to download your book ahead of time and just have it appear on published date can they do that will be wherever you like.

Whatever format you like a great chance have you enjoyed this 1-866-408-7669 back in a moment was in the brain kill me Joe in the bottom of the hour. We have just talked to Steve Harrigan find out what's going on in Russia watching the present United States moving around the troops. The 82nd airborne is in Poland and before he goes wherever he is going to go next. We will present two month. I do believe that this is one of the great moms I mean your presence how to be so cool but the roller mass where they were a mess vaccinated in order to do that. I get CE's old but the other thing would be just to keep as a subplot. The president is been extremely critical.

Poland he put them in the same category as hungry with their dictatorial leaning leader and Belarus. Now he's watched: inaction sees how they opened up their hearts and in their arms to the Ukrainians sees how strong they've been through this and I think he's might get it blowing blowing up at his face today.

Behind closed doors, but he better not do anything but be complementary. In the name America but you know what he really hates Bowen: loves trump that's my view this weekend.

Check out Brian's new show on Fox news channel yeah Brian kill me if he's got a new show on Saturdays because apparently he's cheaper than infomercials for nonstick pans.

That is not true.

Well, that really hurts one nation with Brian Kelly Saturdays at 8 PM Eastern on Fox News Channel Laura Brian fastest three hours and radio with Brian kill me. People who come to more sober problems. They will work on anyone to take care of themselves. The degree of self is just unbelievable daily places with St. Carol and themselves teachers, Ukrainian teachers who came with me teach their kids nurses are helping out ladies who work in the kitchen are helping IN the kitchen plumbers who came helping out putting showers in there there's a lady who takes care of the floor to make order in this place.

It's believable and those guys are yes traumatized their social problem and they are also knowing that they need to take care of themselves because they need this force and will sightseeing on the ground troops so that the mayor over Poland Warsaw.

I just have I have so much respect is if you talk to people in the military that work with international troops. They always say the polls best no Australians neighbors got that toughness to them, but there's something about polls they really appreciate the idea of freedom.

I know I can give you the inside story on the Polish Parliament, but evidently they're getting little bit towards more of a autocratic rule but I'm still keeping their sense of freedom and democracy, but they don't like were people trending but for the most part, considering where they're from and what they're up against, nor were there able to do, and if Russia looks at Ukraine is having a tough time they're gonna run into a buzz saw with Poland if they ever think about expanding their spear of influence. Joe's always got an opinion he's at WRC in beautiful Long Island New York Ajo my morning I tried to trip up Jackson Green court judge. What a trick question. What three chromosomes still grant man I want to grow we all know women are burning people, not even a biology qualifier right there along well spot. I did not go through the anatomy, like that. I'm little bit taken aback by it, but I will say this I will say there's no doubt about it she's qualified to know that about. She has a background I just wish present United States didn't come on say I'm going for a black woman because right away if I'm her I'm saying really. That's why I got this job even though it's not which uses she's a she's a liberal justice extremely experienced, extremely competent, extremely bright. Got it. I know Paul Ryan no friend of friend of Paul Ryan's who is Paul Ryan's related by marriage to her and asked her they don't agree on anything judicially but they just know how good a great person she is and I'm for that. But when Joe Biden comes out that I want a black woman all of a sudden it's like okay you knocked off two thirds of the contenders night out doesn't want to go with her and it diminishes our accomplishments. I find this whole process know either. I love the way the Republicans approaching. I didn't came of hostile know I just let me do you have to come off so hostile. Nobody's worth the Democrats are, what they did the last three Supreme Court justices. They embarrass their party only the Republican embarrass their party but the braces. This, in which they questioned, I have a little bit of a problem with and actually called you we come back I'm going to want to talk to Steve Harrigan about was going on a rush above the most post to the present United States who made comments earlier and brought Brussels yesterday is in Poland today, met with the 82nd and Poland at some point.

At some point is going on why believe go to the border of the Ukrainian Polish border if he was younger I would say go to keep five babies too much of a risk we have three prime ministers in the region go to that last week I was present going there would be out of the realm talk show that you talk with Brian kill me. Excellent sources for more than a week now the Biden administration has been putting pressure on Pres. Zelinski to cover the shameful really shameful and I'm convinced it's happening and we got to get off of that page and get on the page to help Zelinski win this war and have the resolve to stand up to the threats of WMD that Putin is making this and you want to talk the talk have gotten nowhere. The Russian troops have not penetrate into the major city.

They are absolutely destroying Mariposa Mary Paul right now and there there actually said, seem to be starting them out, but keep seems to be somewhat secure while they're pushing back on some of the suburbs. Steve Harrigan's been over Russia and he's been all over Ukraine and knows the area well thankfully's back in a safe and I would need to get your perspective.

Almost as an analyst over reporter Steve welcome back back with so I know you are saying things you not feel insecure about you know Gen. Keene's background, he doesn't get involved in politics. He was almost breathless in his anger when he said that Zelinski being pushed to do and concede to get into talks. He shouldn't have to. What you hear about that. It's great to hear that passion and when it comes from the general. It really is up not usually like that and it's good to get that word out. It is amazing, if true, it could be being pressured by US to make a deal with someone who slaughtering his people. It's a remarkable situation so if I told you when this thing first started Steve will be 30 days in and will be out were out right now we go city by city, but for the most part, the Russians have achieved almost any of their goals. Would you said to me, if I say 30 days I will go to be here. Would you said I'm without a been your prediction no first ever, everything's been a surprise about this war. Very few people. All the journalists over there. You talk to is prudent. Generally grade. Everyone said no. A lot of military analyst same deal no way launch a major patient makes no sense.

And yet that's what happened, and then everyone, not just the Russians but American intelligence said this is going to take two days and all be always can encircle Kyiv copperheads put this guy and that's that. A complete surprise, surprise, to the world. Ukraine has shocked the world. Correct a couple of things which the biggest shock Russia lack of coordination lack of execution. The lack of communication or words. The way Zelinski and in the Ukrainian troops have a lead and for which the bigger surprise.

I think the bigger surprise is Ukraine. I mean to stand up to what is a perceived military superpower 10 times your budget 10 times her size and on your own. When the rest the world says you know you find out where there's no way were putting boots on the ground. By the way we want to do this we won't do that we want to get and still be fighting numbing the stories you hear anecdotally about Ukrainians you know dropping their carpenter saw some country in Europe and just disappearing to fly home to fight its it's just such a spirit where people are standing up for their country. It's it's really you know it. Just get you teary-eyed and for you losing so much that says a lot. Just the story of the story of whether it's Romania or whether it's a Poland when they go ahead they do. The men are dropping off their families and then going back to fight. There is no man crossing the border and staying there all going back and going back to a kind of war that's incredibly brutal. It is close contact fighting on the Ukrainian side for the Ukrainians to try and get to these tank sorties artillery, they have to get up close and it's often no with a portable weapon versus a tank it's it's an amazing disparity and you know, we've seen the war evolved to something really grotesque and would probably mortar, think that's the worry something this long range shelling in this deliberate targeting of bomb shelters, you know, when you saw that perhaps 300 dead now. From that theater and marry local people taking shelter writing children out front.

And that's exactly what gets targeted. This is a war of terror that you see people stand up in history against attempts to break the will you saw in the London you know when the Nazis were bombing London and you're seeing it again here in Ukraine. There's an attempt to break the will of the people. It's only making that will stronger so that you and came out with numbers.

They said they stake and tested 977 civilian dead 1500 almost 1600 wounded and we also saw proud to come out and briefly take down that there's been at least 10,000 dead and 16,000 wounded Russians of those numbers would eat what you think.

I think the likely estimated somewhere between seven and 10,000 Russian military, which is more than I lost in years in Afghanistan, which is more than the US lost in Iraq by which is enormous and which is you know which is going to turn villages and towns in Russia against this war and strain the manpower to try and keep troops in the field. It's really the anecdotal stories to about what the soldiers how the Russian soldiers are being treated by their own government. It's really stories about having to sleep in your vehicle for a month about having frostbitten feet that no one attends to not even bothering about about shooting yourself in the leg to avoid combat. This is a you know the stories about morale problems are only beginning to emerge.

Fixing yesterday's New York Times that they have a video component out a lot of these time stories and was up at four in the morning playing it and it disappeared. I'm sure it was not being hidden. They just left the front page. They were playing translated Russian army men going back and forth talking about how disorganized they are, how they don't know what they're doing now hungry they are, how much longer they have to do this all this back-and-forth that the Ukrainians able to pick up and then put out got into New York Times hands and it's out there so you could if anyone doubted that this stuff is not Ukrainian propaganda. Listen to what they're listening to because they definitely traveled Steve into country without a secure way to communicate with each other. It's amazing. I mean the reputation is built up over 20 years and the Russian military in its most recent operations in Ukraine in 2014 in Syria. These were much smaller operations in the Russian military looked like it had been rebuilt and had been refinanced that this was something to fear that this was an efficient operation and now it's back to business. This is a Soviet operation of a bungling of top-down management and of the people in the field. Just not getting cared for in any way and fighting against the system so couple of things. You know I wiki. These pledges of weapons and provisions places of residence and provisions that were not going through the air when not doing any humanitarian drops that I know of and were not doing it through drones which I thought we were capable of. I know this company called zip line. We have dimmed them on Fox and friends they were dropping blood in the small underprivileged African nations dropping blood and medical supplies to know why we can't drop water and MRAs.

But having said that, I just am curious to see what NATO is getting and then I got to read out the rough readout of the summary of what Zelinski said to the NATO. Essentially he's cut angry you said you got 20,000 text can we get 1% of that you promised some type of fighter jets. I haven't seen anything yet and he says the worst thing is I'm not getting any clear help answers, I will come to help him going to get and then he said to the Baltic nations do you have faith in article 5 does that work for you because we had faith in the Budapest agreement that didn't work for us, so it makes me think numbing a very small portion is getting actually to the people that need it and I don't know. Do you hear about getting any type of Russian missile defense, and that there these S3 hundreds.

It is a balancing act for the West and four. Select the one hand he wants to express gratitude on the other hand, you know he's rightfully watching his own people do the fighting and dying. I think there's two questions really do keep in mind if Putin continues to lose and get humiliated. Will he wrap it up with a chemical weapons attack.

They did Syria and it worked. It broke the will of the opposition it created panic and it gave momentum to the Syrian government forces Ukrainians have stood up under everything under random shelling and bombing under children being target journalists being targeted. What's going to happen if Sharon gas drops there what's going to be the West response that it's a different order of magnitude both can scare you both can kill you.

But the chemical is different than metal. There's a stigma to it very deep in humans and if we see that happen and I believe Putin is not a stock is knocking to go home. He's knocking aside appealing to a stronger position. I believe this is entirely likely what the West response given me to a chemical attack inside Ukraine to back you up. I'm sure they're talking about such specificity and such warnings, it seems like they've got intelligence so that is a case for with present buying said yesterday cut to clarify how chemical weapons could if chemical weapons were used in Ukraine would not trigger a military spot response from NATO and River trigger response time whether or not you're asking whether NATO would cross what would make that decision that helpful it's it's a lot to unpack their in-kind makes you think that would respond with a chemical attack, which of course is not happen. It is a puzzle that would seem prudent. Do it before and so military outside spoken to say at this point it's likely which really scares the heck are you, it's likely in Europe, the other question asked about this is if it is a chemical attack say Sharon gas and that cloud floats over into NATO territory is that considered an attack and what would a NATO response be but you know were seeing buildings collapse on people. What if we see their lungs stop to work from Sharon gas. What's it going to take for more movement on this morning the American people are motivated by this they believe were doing the right thing and we expect we should be doing more using situations like this is big push in our country and I understand it through history like that's not our problem. I think people see was going on the Ukraine and they are really on NOC go across party lines to date they care about what happens there across party lines and really around the world that you mentioned before, this is everything prudent didn't want to happen. It's United NATO and United the world and it's really not to rush out of the box. No matter what happens from here on in for decades to come. As a country deal with.

It's really set set them back decades. As far as their progress in relations with the West rush is knocking to be the same as a partner for anybody. After this day are going to be radioactive. So, since I what's happening with Vladimir Putin. You never quite know I getting we overestimated them underestimated Ukraine and that that includes our intelligence services which are supposed be able to get this right always get closer. So now we understand his head of military operations has not been seen in 11 days. I probably missed nothing. As I'm sure you go to defend youngster so he was missing.

He just showed up.

We didn't hear any audio on Wychwood is akin to a conference call in this garage tomorrow who's their military status Chief of Staff. He's been invisible. So we know there's been a rest of the two of his intelligent at least two of his intelligence officers and wondering what you think. What is that mean to you for somewhat used to live there yet. Will this guy showing the was a minister back then as well. He ran like the FEMA emergency operation survivor and not really general but someone trusted that he has heart trouble. It's pretty common in Russia. The claim you know heart trouble to get at 1/4 to get out of things when the job is going south but it really makes you think back to start on days when people disappear when you do a bad job, and suddenly you're not there anymore if that is the case here. It's shown how little has changed since 1930s Soviet Union clues you see shots of the Politburo when just with friends yes right you even pretend as if there's other people going. Maybe the guy in the left is the next want to take over all your seas.

Putin yeah people to be airbrushed at a photo soon man. I don't think Putin is all that complicated. Everyone trying to figure him out. He's back in stock. He's like you know the monster in the Terminator, just to keep on coming and I feel like Peter, we need you know the kids mother screaming they're coming for some church early and figured they disguise knocking to stop. You know, Ukrainians are dying for us today but were getting a free pass. We gave $1 billion humanitarian aid was given a lot of military aid.

You know when I can be able to avoid this forever.

And that's what he's done and I think that we both agree on this Linsky is gotten momentum behind them and the people with them by talking pass their governments to the people by doing these public addresses and putting pressure on the lawmakers to do to support him.

So from Japan to Italy to Canada to to Canada as I mentioned Ken of the UK he's addressed just to Israel, the Knesset, he's with.

He's one past the government to the people by addressing the government and he made Germany and others take notice.

Pretty amazing. I don't ever see anything like it, but it leads me to this Steve, who was Vladimir, who is of automotive Zielinski which is Sunday at 10 o'clock. Will you be watching on on Fox news. You know, not only will I be watching and it's amazing and I really hope you so much is given to you know presidential image making and here's a guy just walked out the T-shirt was building here I what's happening. Simple bravery. Not only will I be watching probably wondering how a guy three hours box print in the morning then three hours radio and then a weekend show is also doing specials. I hope the pain you brought side about the money it's about the experience is a lot of experience them that the resident I will talk to you soon. Thanks again, I can moment into today's top stories fry until it is so busy he'll make dear Brian, kill me. I don't think right side table and honest way. I think they are looking for ways to get around the sanctions against them and I think they are looking for ways to have a market for their oil and I think we have to be very careful and not negotiating against ourselves, especially with what Rush is doing with Ukraine so I think any negotiations with regard to Toronto will be quite difficult to accomplish in the near term and that is a Democratic Sen. Gillibrand Belushi stand up and vote against it is in this inverse world. I think Bob Bob Corker did this before he left in Tennessee. He said instead of having 60 votes to verify. How about we do 60 votes to nullify and therefore they got to 58. Schumer got a chance with this it with his Jewish constituency in New York Ben Cardin because he's been doing it for 50 years and what a bad nuclear deal. This was in Menendez understands interest relations pretty well. Did go along with it, but would would you have enough defections on the left to look for self-preservation start to vote for Ronnie until they could very well have them ousted from their position. That's got to be keep this a Ronnie until would include this get this and try to follow it.

The rumors is the rush will be in charge of it.

They will handle the enriched uranium and pull it out of Iran so they chemical weapon all right and if a Republican or Democrat walks in and once we present says I hate this run the automatic. The Russians will bring back the enriched uranium to give it to the Iranians is not unbelievable what cutting a deal against another party with an enemy pariah nation. Think about that. Make sure you watch one nation Saturday 8 o'clock. Over 100 meteorologists and the worldwide resources of Fox box whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox is not just

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