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Biden Blunders — Kamala Spaces

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 22, 2022 3:42 pm

Biden Blunders — Kamala Spaces

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 22, 2022 3:42 pm

Rep. Jim Jordan joins Jordan and the rest of the Sekulow team, followed by ACLJ Senior Counsel for Global Affairs Mike Pompeo to discuss these latest gaffes by the Biden Administration. This and more today on Sekulow.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Combo spaces will be joined by Jim Jordan and my company now want to hear from broadcasters throughout Joe Biden if he was saying the right way was they were reconsidering title 42, the removal of title 42 at the day and because of her students will be Democrats coming out will in fact the White House re-clarified said no. We plan on removing title 42, so that that tool be used by border patrol agents is gone.

The present I just misspoke he was actually referring to the mass mandates case and I want you to listen as he references title 42 have this question to ask about present by this even know what title 42 is because why would you listen to this is very specific to a legal case and their legal cases. Both of the mass mandate legal cases in title 42, here he goes sugar is continuing to hear from my my children be an appeal by Justice Department because as a matter of principle we want to be able to be in a position where if in fact it is strongly concluded by the scientists that we need title 42, there has been no decision on extending title 42 okay White House and clarified that they have made a decision on extending title 42, they have actually decided they're not going to extend title 42, that the President was talking about the mask mandate so he doesn't even know he's talking about. He does know what legal case the legal case on title 42 is brought by Arizona or Nevada and some other states about the fact that the way they were rescinding the policy removing the policy was violating the federal laws like administrative procedures act the case out of the mess made a case there were appealing is whether not the CDC has the proper authority and whether they also followed the administrative procedures act so that's I give you that two separate cases to use very different issues and yet what we know is that the President doesn't notice talking about the issue. So it went from a day where people thought, okay maybe they are considering or reconsidering title 42, because it was so much Democrat pressured attention on now we know they're not outwardly joined by Congressman Jim Jordan. The next type of the broadcast. Because I get all this up border information is very important as they got Sec. Ben Arcus from DHS after year of asking finally coming to testify to the House Judiciary Committee where Carson Jordan is the ranking member he's gonna be joining us in the next leg of the broadcast unit share this out your friends and family for watch on Facebook maybe tortoise over rubble deftly share with your friends and family on YouTube on Facebook on rubble and if you're watching the broadcast, so that your board coming up right away and that you, Harris with it with his vice President this is lit earlier in the week on space in it and now her Chief of Staff is quitting take a listen I think question all that was on the speech to kindergartners is a speech at Vandenberg Air Force Base to members of the US Air Force and US space force people who are experts in space. No order to process what it is rivers writing the script. There should be fired. Unless she's not doing prep.

They better make it so simple and so basic because she's like doesn't want to go through the Teleprompter.

Go to the speech utility complicated to put these two things together besieged White House that is out of control know what they're talking about don't know what issue they're talking about. They address it being statements to reporters that would you pray dealing with the situation, or if you're dealing with Russia. The situations or China or Iran talk about that Labor Secretary Pompeii of the covenant.

Next Congressman Jim Jordan share the broadcast. She wanted to get your friends and family gaze of the broadcast.

Be right back on secular the American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those for that way. 2001 hundred constitutional and only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Lowering the right/grapefruit of our broadcast Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio is also the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee to get to that second because got Sec. Berkus after your family, the committee to testify, but I was there. This Carson Jordan because we heard yesterday from the present. Now we know the White House is backing off from that, but because he was confusing at the CDC mask case on travel with title 42, which makes the question this even know what title 42 is what is making the statement, but in the news a lot and we saw a lot of Democrats also started to say you know what we should rescind this, we don't have a plan in place to deal with these huge numbers like we saw last month 220,000 people. Those are the ones that are encountered, not the got away.

So first you Carson Jordan.

It does seem like you got a Republican, along with a number of Democrats starting to join up with Republicans trying toward the White House not to rescind title 42, but the White House clarified yesterday.

Carson Jordan that they are they are moving forward with that with ending the program.

Yet there are a number Democrats who are saying that that they want to keep it but I think it is important, and it's already a chaotic situation where the title quite 42 or not but keeping title 42 plate simply mean that it goes from, you know the current chaos to not it would get worse if we if we got rid of that it would get extremely are much more work.

I think it is important understand that this thing is already a record number of illegal crossing every single month. We had five months in a row last year where it just kept getting worse and that record that was with there in July of of 2021 was just broken this past month in in the month of March so yeah. While some Democrats are saying that doesn't take away the problem that that that's already there will let's hope we can keep that in place and I like to keep a yoke a chaotic situation from being even more chaotic, but I just I think that the key take away for me. Jordan is this a deliberate.

This administration is deliberately putting in place policies that allow people to enter our country. They are not being detained there being released and an SME is the key question we need to get an answer to from Sec. Mauer next week is, why are you doing this to to your fellow citizens.

The people who pay your salary, why are you doing this to our nation working to get this hearing for a year.

In the letter you said Sec. Marcus on holding my hand using finally agreed to testify after we started asking in April 2021, and now is going to test come next week, April 28 of 2022 and when you're dealing with these these offices. This is part of the their job is to cover testify to Congress that this supposed to do it and end to be in person.

More recently, obviously, if you think are they scared because they know that it's just that they're getting it hit over that with these numbers or any don't actually want to do what you were talking about, which is tell the Americans really what their policies are colliding at all that the reason we asked for a year ago to remember what was happening a year ago. That's when Pres. Biden said by credit Harris was going to become. The borders are think he's been given a title. I don't and I don't know what she had done to help the situation and remember it at a year ago March was the highest month on record March 2021 for illegal encounters illegal immigrant coward out of order until the month of April, 20, 21 in April and the highest month until man enabled the Heisman unit unit-till July when was 213,000 illegal immigrant Arab order and get the next and then in August dropped all the other 209,000. The reason we wanted him as we'd never seen this in the history of our country and and like I just said this past month we surpassed those numbers from a year ago that were record after record after record. This is how and the only rational conclusion. Any person could reach is this is deliberate.

They are deliberately doing this to our country and that's what I think we need understand it's not about all we need more aged 20 what it was sure we would if we were actually enforcing and securing the border, there was no enforcement is there encountered all here you go, go into the country. Go wherever you want.

Here's your cell phone and and hopefully will show up when were supposed to have some kind hearing what the data is not enforcement whatsoever that is letting people in the country and and this is the kind of questions were in a hammock for the secretary but the fundamental question could come back to it. Why are you doing what is what is is that the left-wing agent just so much more important than any type of enforcement and doing what your fellow into pay her salary and the law requires you to do in your letter like this because you see sometimes use these cabinet members will come before the socket that that I don't have it on me right now.

Your first first point is when all data related to customs and border protection, not just the encounters and those of the huge numbers were talking about right now it's time for the 220,000 of last month and that which is, or that the hot record setting under the Biden administration there and if you compare back to the Trump years you go back to at your looking at, there were 37,000 encounters that still a lot, but I was awake of the two or 20,000 but you also say we want the numbers on the God awaits at least they are the essence of what they think you because that's a whole different issue. Carson door because they encounters are one thing, it's also if you got 2200 20,000 people.

Big encountered how many people are and are just going right through without any kind of encounter that we that they can maybe estimate but really don't ever have. I a contact with them and move in a proportional fashion.

All the board till I tell you, if you're having record number of encounter in your den. You're probably getting a record number of people getting in the country that you don't know about so that is only common sense again felt that this is how serious the situation is, but I still think the American people.

I don't know if our country fully understand that they're doing this to us. This is this is not about this is not all a problem because of you know, this is intentional. They are doing this is this is the result they want which is the most troubling aspect of all this is they took the left which now control the Democratic Party which ones the Biden administration. This is what they want for our country and and that's what I think we need to understand and and_particular as we move into these critical midterm elections look at this and I look at all this together.

We know also that this is not just about protecting Americans from because illegal immigrants to themselves but also the drugs the fit to live everywhere I look, and everyone I talked to and it's affecting families rich poor middle-class. It doesn't matter we see it and it doesn't matter if you're on the border state or not it it it it is killing Americans all over the country and to me, Carson Jordan, this is a top should be a top top concern. I know it is for you when you're when you're talking Sec. Marcus because it's not just about sub let everybody in process and this is killing Americans knowledge looks like we may have lost a Carson Jordan there on the outside of the collective is prohibited. Know you're right. It's so bad, what is done to families what it is what the impact it had AAA and if it's coming in, as you point out in just record amounts from China to the cartel into our country and when you have a border this port. This open no real enforcement that that that is the other concern in the course there's the smuggling issue.

There is what happened that well at what happened to children what's happening to women in all those concerned.

So just again, underscoring how long these folks are and why we want to make sure we highlighted this for the American people next week. In this important hearing, Jordan, and I think you forget take a stand on this whole lease administration system You get keeps on keeping on the reef takes a year to get the getting of their but they do seem to ignore the humanitarian issue and and they kind of pay us the conservatives. The Republicans is always the bad folks want to close the border and were the anti-you would want to help these people who heard it in trouble economically and things like that but in fact they create a crisis, a humanitarian crisis that the border that affects those individuals you talk about the sex trafficking the human trafficking children involve the drug trafficking empowering cartels terrorist groups that kind of ignore the humanitarian crisis that they create her new hairdo and in that they want to be all well but this is causing so much harm to the people who remember the cartels who were running this. These are bad people, bad guy running this busy this business. They're the ones who are profiting off the moving of people the moving of drugs that did that and moving it draws does so much destruction to American family. All that need all that needs to be dealt with if we would have real enforcement on our border.

We don't now do not have that any can you talk to any to agent down there and they will they will they will say this is exactly the situation and I keep returning to this.

This is deliberately being done by this administration, Carson Jordan, thank you for fighting for all of us cellular constituents in Ohio but for all of us across the country for what is right.

I appreciate you join us today on the broad broad broadcast folks. I encourage you to take part in the show today. Got time right now. Give us a call one 800 684 30 want to take your calls.

The next leg of the broadcaster right away if you were to get on the broadcast 1-800-684-3110. How concerned are you about the southern border, how concerned you about the fact that the present United States talk about title 42, he was talkative with what he thought he was talking about CDC mass mandate so they play up that gave it there so concerned of these issues, you realize that they don't even know what they're talking about. It's either that probably means it's just not even it's not a priority just don't care for their off-the-cuff think it title 42 confuse with the CDC met. These are two different things very different things very different cases are different legal challenges to the Kabbalah is losing losing her Chief of Staff and that's that speech to spacelike who is writing that the vice President make it sound like talking to a group of younger right back only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you personally sealed. Lowering the right question for you/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those faith covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life reports and in commerce ACLJ for that help in any way.

20 oh comes 100 constitutional and secular intake of phone calls to one 800 684 30 want to continue sure the broadcast at Sec. Pompeo first for the second day in a row. This time the new piece on Iran was some brand-new information about whistleblowers at the State Department I see you don't want to miss that this is I get that information to get anywhere else. And remember what when it says Sec. Pompeo record out of those new advise new word advisor the ability for a while now with a right contra for the ACLJ website that is exclusive to us is not appearing anywhere else that's for ACLJ for our supporters for you. We so that we still forget about the emailing about social media to share those with your friends and family because it's exclusive content just like were there on the broadcast with us and if you want to be on the show 164 3110. I want to go back to the confusion this because our southern border. Because of this statement yesterday from Pres. Biden and our producer will even before we went on the air said you don't you listen closely you wonder if he's getting this confuse with the mass mandate is he gets a little into the court at DOJ and in their but he believes a specific title 42. While we had all these Democrats start coming out saying maybe slow down on on letting for title 42 expire until you got a plate. Even Rafael Warnock at a Georgia business super liberal US Sen. saying we should do this, that he is up for reelection. But you super liberal say but didn't.

We doubt we learn later that our producer will was right present Biden confused title 42 with the CDC mass mated. Here's the first statement the gay people so opening that hey, maybe this evisceration isn't just going to go haywire totally at the border ticket was considered and is continuing to hear from my my children be an appeal by Justice Department because as a matter of principle we want to be able to be in a position where if in fact it is strongly concluded by the scientists that we need title 42 do that, there has been no decision on extending title 42 okay that here's the written statement from the White House fire.

A few hours later. Yesterday quote is a statement from Pres. Biden. I don't think he probably wrote this sentence.seems a little too eloquent for him.

I want to clarify that in comments at the conclusion of my remarks this morning, I was referring to the CDC's mass mandate. That's what they were considering to hear from the scientists and and to hear from other people up at but an appeal from the department of justice. This morning I was free to CDC mass mandate and there is no Department of Justice action on title 42, that there is actually a legal challenge on on title 42 from the states. So about how the federal government is trying to rewind this but it is also course of legal action on the. The mask mandate travel because we had the district court judge its say that the CDC did have authority there because it's a cleaning authority. It's not about its unmasking authority. The CDC has so very little at title 42 expire as of right now even though they got Democrats lining up in the house and the Senate from across their spectrum ideologically in the Democrat party. You got some of the ones you like to proclaim to be more moderate to cinemas, and Markel is the world what you put that with a Rafael Warnock a seared cross-country very different very different kind of Democrats and they're all saying if you don't have another plan we can't deal with 220,000 people encounters a month and is retarded Carson Jim Jordan, the previous segment. That's the people he know about. Think about all the fentanyl drugs human and sex trafficking, and that includes minors think about all of the drugs think about the cartels think about the bad actors Eugene Saki got really smart about our wealth. We caught the 21 terrorist. It is that we reported about the last fiscal year at the border was the 21 you caught.

If you have 220,000 people a month, through there's going to be bad people utilizing the process, who never got quote encountered by the federal government so this is where I think it has to be very clear to everybody that we've got an administration what they don't ever know what they're talking about. So they let entire day go yesterday giving some hope that maybe there actually be reasonable on title 42, because it got enough Democrats their own party say be reasonable on title 42, but they're not. And it goes back to this to. If you going to give a speech to the US military on something as important as space that we see the issue arise already with the Russians pulling on the international space out of that system and and your baby stranding our astronauts to add at that together at ISS that the affected. This is very serious to our national security when it comes to space. We know the Chinese. We know the Russians we know we are all working and it will in effect space is becoming westernized. More and more. So needless speech to the folks leading that charge you in our military who are in our astrophysicist and actual rocket scientist and really smart folks. This is the best you can come up with. You got a team of writers to view the vice President of the United States. If you're, Harris okay you have a team of writers to put your on your speech on Teleprompter. We are addressing our forces give this opportunity to really speak to big issues add to and to also get into some context, though, to get into it, not to where it sounds like you're talking literally to a group of very young children of the kindergartners report on space say more than just spaces being in space is important. Take a listen again to think question is all folks.

Everybody sitting there knows all these things they their signed up to be the US space force or the U.S. Air Force the other. They understand it is spaces is is a big and big questions, but that you know their past that point they are trying to use space to secure United States to make sure were relieving merely mock the space force present from trade. Now when their speaking to the space force they can figure what to say. I don't know if they just don't like talking to military or she doesn't like it or it's not comfortable because it really if you were the vice President and I walked off that stage after delivering that, then I'm seeing everybody plan might help my sound saying you know this is so uninspiring, so bad I be firing my speechwriters that are Chief of Staff quit, but the way the stores are coming out is that they quit. Not that they're fired if she was really mad at her staff and it was their fear they were putting bad contacted in front of her. Get rid of them.

Vice President states get some speechwriters work with them inspire to use these opportunities. It's it's kinda sad because even if you buy politically, not like VP Harris to disagree what you didn't vote for obviously the ideas would you add that there representing the US government. You don't want to sound like a joke.

You don't want them to just become something were overall just like scratch your head. Don't really this is this is the best they could do. Just thought I would say just off the cuff. It would be better, but that would present by that answer the question he ends up confusing mass the border and she can't put any weight into what any of them say to negotiate with Iran to negotiate with Russia or deal with a situation in Ukraine. We can even get through a question answer or just a basic speech with a Teleprompter 164 30 were to divorce her Mike Pompeo sword is the second half hour support the work of ACLJ if you can't donate today will be right back as the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular secular from your phone calls to 100 684 31 to the integrity of the broadcast sick.

Because the final segment of the broadcast I got time to get your phone calls whether tugged on the border title 42, the vice President for Marxist ID sister so uninspiring or they are misleading so inspiring when it comes to space present by yesterday misleading.

This lady his own party. A lot of members of his own party who would hope they were reconsidering title 42 in taking people's insight.

But note, he was got that confused with the best mandate how it's a very specific thing.

Title 42 is very different than the mass mandate for planes, trains, and in some other travel that the federal government has oversight over which by the way they want to force her back into mass.

There while the same time rescinding title 42, which is is begot utilize during a pandemic is so it how do you make that argument in court is that if there's no pandemic at the border, but there is a pandemic for Americans on on airplanes the best fit the ventilation and filtration systems that exist anywhere when you're on point. But again only take your phone calls 100-684-3110 Chris is called in from California online. What he Chris, welcome to secular hello what exactly is Mexico doing to enter the illegal border crossings. But here's the here's the issue. Initially, the by the ministration came in. This is something Carson joined his head to be asking a secretary Americas next next week about is it when they came in. Remember, there was the remaining Mexico policy, which is that micro protection protocols, so we had negotiated with the government of Mexico to help us kit so that people were just flooding the border and and and and trying to cross illegally in the United States that they would actually hold people back and you would wait Mexico until you had the opportunity for a legal hearing or judicial hearing and it was working that was in the number was down to 30,000 a month of encounters in March 2020 in comparison to 220,000 but then they got rid of policy case they got rid of that the micro protection protocol, then a court said you got you did that wrong. You can't just end it got to go through a process to remove a program like this so until you do that you must reinstate it. So what Congressman George is going to ask next week is has abide in the administration actually reinstated the micro protection protocols working with Mexico present troubles mocked about that Krista meet Louise Montague how they'll never be able to work with Mexico. If they'll build the wall it would affect what we negotiated with, is it exactly that and they were actually helping us a lot of them of the these illegal migrants so that the folks who are not legitimate asylum-seekers at all to be coming from Mexico.

They're coming from northern tribal countries of Latin America or other places in the world and so Mexico does have also interest in protecting its borders and working with the United States. Obviously, it's a very important trade partner with the with Mexico, and so they had so instead of mocking us.

They were told they got reinstate this policy that will see the answer next week of how they actually reinstated with Mexico and Kathy in Kentucky on line 3 take. Actually, Kathy told on William Bennett led to the segment. I would like to get time, let's go back will become back for this break my time fewer doctors there are 164 3110. That's 100-6431 10 at the front lines.

All these battles folks that I encourage you to support the work of the Americas largest matching challenge entire month of April, Beasley got a group of donors. It will match your donation.

So if you donate $20 and this month they match that $20 so that's effectively $40 for since I saved you double the impact will get it's all those goofy things you see from some politician seven-time match, a time that Sgt. first report a group of donors that donation $25.

That means like 50 to us you take your the one triggers the batch by making your supporting our work will be right back.

The American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad defending religious freedom. Those who were that way. $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus lowering the right question for you/secular close to what hundred 64, 31 to this new information on Iran really into Sec. Pompeo but also Wes Smith to let me start by taking your phone because it is a 70 go to Kathy first at a Kentucky on line 3. Hey Kathy, welcome secular you're on the many administration going that they what they did. I don't come.

I would like to know how can we send other than donating to your target to be a staircase, very important, but is there something that we the people tend to emphasize can say explicitly to our leaders to our Congress painful can help a situation that the board if they can. It it playing all kinds of evil. I believe you got to make sure you like to get people to sign the district commercial district. Kathy you want to be being touched and got local offices where you are in Kentucky or members of Congress. I lived at the DC office. Make sure that they are doing what they can. If there's someone who supports your position.

They might be the minority. Right now in the house. The Senate that could change very soon. I think what were the relaunches of new initiatives next month brand-new to the ACLJ they're going to be able to engage you at even a different level so it not just the legal work, not just the policy and government affairs work done but next level work into the political realm. So watch out for that announcement from us at the ACLJ because we know there's a lot of people like you. Kathy said I want to do more.

I want to get more engaged. I want to get more in contact and I we are to be again. I can get all that now that radio announcer. Yep, I think really ready to announce a very soon and and a lot of you out there say I will. How can I do more.

We provide tools so you can do so again that's it's a great way to be involved. I would agree Wes Smith to West Africa to take her phone calls 164, 31 to because West we are seeing a very interesting moment in the Iran negotiations Russia being the lead go-between between the US and Iran. The rod not budging on taking vengeance for the killing of Sue Abadie, the former head of the Iranian Revolutionary guard yeah even though apparently the Biden administration is secretly offered to lift some sanctions in exchange for taking that that vendetta off. Whether or not that's true, it's hard to say. But Iran says is true, and they are refusing to budge on him taking revenge of Sue monies that truth is stranger than fiction.

Jordan sometimes is more frightening. There are several facts concerning Aranda just simply cannot be denied and the danger cannot be overstated.

For example, Aranda was cheating on the JCP away the Iran nuclear deal, even when it was in full force. When the United States withdrew.

They went mocked three on cheating on it. For example, they are now almost at weapons grade enrichment of uranium, the original JCP away which technically they're still bound under limited their enrichment of uranium to 3.67%.

They are at 60% now by their own declaration. 90% is weapon scraped. They have ballistic missiles with which to launch weapons, they are certainly doing more research and development in that area, even though that violates United Nations restrictions, residual nuclear material was found during the JCP Eric JCP away at an undisclosed site in a ran the Mossad, Israel's intelligence service in 2018 discovered that a ran had a robust nuclear weapons program for years, even while they were denying that they would ever do such a thing, and under the JCP away which were trying to reenter with them. There is still a prohibition so that under it. We cannot inspect any Iranian military site. None can go to military site, which of course be the probable place where they would hide the research and development Russia.

As you mentioned, is the main arbitrator. The go-between joined us in a ran on this deal. The world's leading state sponsor of terror is working with a country that is inflicting terror on Ukraine and killing tens of thousands of civilians, that's who were working with this. This sounds crazy and the reason it sounds crazy is because it is I think what Iran is doing in Vienna because the stall the talks keep stalling is that they are trying to buy time. They know that they are close to having a nuclear weapon they they believe that the by demonstration at some point is going to list some of the sanctions if not all of them and they are buying time and the threat of a nuclear armed Iran is not something that just the United States and Israel worries about all of her Arab Gulf allies of their goal states those nations also worry about a nuclear armed Iran because Aranda is their declared enemy as well. You know I want to go out to Baxa phone calls 164 3110 only to build Wyoming next online for a belt play I got. I'll let you know I make money.

The other day about what you're doing. My first comment is affected. Loyalist don't like them to agree with you what they're saying in the fact that I think regardless what they're saying in the administration, there being deliberate and at times of vice President's speech itself more like she was just pulling off the streets today based up to these guys make him happy or something like that and just a token talk that was it. Military West and Lottie's events with top US officials to get the partisan site is politics. It's what's on the Teleprompter. Yes, the fact that that's what's on her Teleprompter. If that even her staff thinks we had make the sentence. Is this simple because either she's not spending time on reviewing it should not spending time reviewing the speech practicing speech. So if she can be seen this like the first time they better be simple sentences. Is this is this is pretty unusual year in Ardmore.

The hearing that that she can't make the correction. The staff keeps leaving the kick at the correction to get a good sentence together on the Teleprompter.

When I listen to her. Make make the speech in real time. I noticed almost immediately there were two Teleprompter streams there and I thought oh my goodness, I thought she was speaking off the cuff, yet she was actually reading a speech and I said to her friend, the man they need to fire the speechwriter.

This is horrible but the other thing Jordan and you've alluded to this.

Those young people behind her were some of the smartest people in the United States military in her tone in her content when it was absolutely condescending and an insult to these men and women are breaking at the border focus is just breaking from Fox news reporter Bill Ballou had he just said multiple multiple sources tell me this is breaking on Fox suspect your firm. Tell me, a Texas National Guard soldier has just drowned in the Rio Grande here in Eagle Pass while trying to save migrants in the water. Texas DPS confirms and tells me Abadie has been recovered. The statement is coming out from DPS in Texas. Soon, there it is an example of someone who is just lost their life in service to the state trying to help those folks who robs the also may be in their life in jeopardy to cross the border and and once I think it just it puts on this.

They put it right into focus the problem when you when you have no policy is not only do migrants get killed in America is ultimately getting killed to the drugs and the criminals. So do our law enforcement officials tried to help these folks who are crossing illegally because were giving them incentive to do so now. The thing that impresses me as we watch the chaos on the border is the professionalism and and actually the compassion of her border patrol and the Texas National Guard you are down there. God bless the soldier and his family.

This is taking an emotional toll on the people of Texas, but especially on the people who are along the border that are trying to protect us and also help these illegal immigrants.

It's a shame that it is happening this way, it should not be happening.

Simple. Simple acts can go in and correct the border chaos takes some stands and re-reinstitute some of the foreign policies and a lot of this would not be happening. It appears as we mentioned earlier this week and and I hope that I'm wrong but it appears like this administration simply does not care about what's going on in the board to take my will or more, shall, at a California online to River Sec. Pompeo joyous next able to broadcast himself welcome to secular on the tail that when the border now firefight that I do human trafficking and all that night hoping it can affect the quality of life. Every American, because there is not enough. John is not enough housing and stored heart everything that were not part, last night, an idiot, I think, like sisters like that myself. I see vice President United States if she did make it that position is staff is not making her look good and so it's either she's not doing the work she's to do the prep herself because she's getting a lot of speeches.

She got the work in to be able to read the Teleprompter clearly and if the best they can get on the Teleprompter like what we God why you keep having these incidents is probably is.

It's a staff problem on top of him of the elected official problem is and I put the work in so think you cannot really good strong sentences effectively with documented to a politician level of vice President, United States is pretty absurd. We have joined by Sec. Pompeo.

We come back support the work of ACLJ only one. A society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, freeing powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed cases/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering correction in Washington fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ support for that opportunity for you to help in any way. 2001 hundred constitutional and secular joint secondary row Byars senior counsel for global affairs of forcing estate my Pompeo's got a brand-new piece of Such right of the homepage right now the by the administration's Iran negotiations imperil American security and secondary Pompeo you write in your new piece that despite promises during their confirmation hearings by Sec. Janet Yellin and Anthony blinking in their confirmations that they would remove any terror related sanctions on Iran that there are State Department whistleblowers us say that sanctions on the Iranian central bank are first on the chopping block to get back to the JCP away those sections. While people might say. First, we will are those terror related or not this is how they move money around. So with that alone break the promise that they made to the American people coordinate it most certainly would we all know it's just a matter, then, that if you provide resources and can think 40 think $80 billion in resources to the Ayatollah to the IRG to be there terror operation that they will use that money mostly prepare even Sec. Carrie had to admit one for sure. Some of this money to go towards care. We know that to be the case. I dated the confirmations they wrecked very clearly tell me what you think about the deal that the cooking to come back with it yielded it stronger and longer and better in this deal is to be shorter and weaker and worse. This poses so many threats to our friend and ally Israel creates an enormous threat of instability in the greater Middle East as well. Think about other countries and their desire to get a nuclear weapon that they can have one to be raised in a nuclear weapon and that the United States of America swallow.

It will present rest are soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines all around the world and to American security. Even more broadly, the network to see consensus politics dictate Pompeo, you bet you big Congress to Fort Secretary of State and South. I yes really close the midterm and those Democrats are retiring are still getting pretty worried, but we are starting to see more and more bipartisan condemnation of even the negotiations with Iran. So we just 18 Democrat members of Congress signed a letter recently previously that the left is been pretty much in lockstep with the binder ministration people are starting to peel off on a number of issues.

Yes there's there's politics at play, but hopefully it's also because they they do care about our our national security average you think you think it's more hopefully more than just politics for many of them. It is more than all that Sen. Menendez garden of all been pretty clear. Even back in the in the day in 2015 and 2016. Around the JCP away that they knew and said they didn't think it was a good idea.

They were willing to break them or weld about against then President Obama or even today against Pres. Biden on sanctions and thinkers related issues, but they were very clear that these are pro-Israel patriots when it comes to American security issues in the Middle East and they could see that this is a bad deal interested in is crazy to think you can give the ring money at the very same moment that the rains and the Russians are cozying up to each other. Money will flow toward you go from the irradiance to weapon systems in Russia that a kill Ukrainian data and system panicky on so many fronts. It is incomprehensible to me to think the frustrations going to rejoin it, and I pray that think that they will they will return to what we know. I will deter a rod that is a strong growth, sanctions, hard-line effort to prevent Iran from getting the money needs to inflict air around the world simply that way to Sec..

Explaining its bite opens up for Iran flowing into Russia and that again to kill you you innocent Ukrainians. The idea that the American people have been so outraged by this. They want to support Ukraine if they can, and if you ministration doing other backdoor that you moves if they could they would. That would again continue to encourage these countries of that while it continues to fund their war machine and that is I get I think the white people gotta think about a three dimensional he not just did not just Iran US not just Russia US not just China US. But how all that works together and we want you to images of Valero delegates a little bit more because you talk that to in your in your piece. It's open the. The proxies of Iran stepping up and starting to really cause more issues for the friends of the Gulf states who were who with move forward with those Abraham records even without the by the administrations full on support and are trying to still implement those work with Israel on implementing those dimension to that I if Iran gets that weapon. A lot of those friends are to say hey we need one to to protect ourselves during the rain report writing. So many countries in the region. Think about Hamas threatening Israel from the Gaza Strip. Think about that a lot dominating Lebanon.

Think about the human firing missiles Iranian missiles into Saudi Arabia now into United Arab Emirates Internation could have all been working towards building out a more stable, prosperous some of them signed courts to commit to that when they see America cozying up to the rain coating up to the Ayatollah, permitting the irradiance to have a clear pathway to a nuclear weapon you have left less confidence in American leadership in our willingness to help them defend themselves and they get a feel like they need to go farm themselves in a way they can actually push back against the nuclear powered or are a nuclear capable Iran is really escalatory. It is really dangerous and it risks unwinding the central understandings that we were successful quitting place over our four years which made the region more stable and you know the most important thing about that is to make the economy more stable here at home, but mostly keeps our kids are military acute B, a potentially put in really, really dangerous place to go fight wars.

There I we want to get out of that. We desperately wanted to stop what that word we were already in.

We made real progress on a truck.

This will set us back scatter for an answer to prayer is very personal for you that Iran has continued to rent reject multiple offers from the United States of so the divided had trouble getting back into the JCP out POA of sanctions, relief because they got to the United States wants them to abandon their revenge. Talk on the US for taking out Sue Montague got ripped Iranian military officials go to save the never going to say yes to that. Doesn't matter what the sanctions, relief and would just that kind of information coming out of Iran should be just clear enough to the two are US officials now. We don't want these folks dealing with nuclear weapons that they won't they won't even have a conversation about revenge killings and in and sanctions relief but yet they still want the world to fall to their every whim and desire to go personal dog bite, but more broadly it is absolutely the case that berating them for a long time I tried to contact Erica.

All around the world including blowing up try to block the restaurant right in Washington DC we can trust the patient have resources and money secretary Pompeii. Let me take you to join us today and let me encourage folks to check out your piece of ACLJ that is brand-new.

This is Pompeo the binder ministration's Iran negotiations imperil American security to have you both yesterday and today on the broadcast secretary Pompeii. Let me encourage you folks. This finally the broadcast.

Today we are able to bring this team together for you at the ACLJ all the work that we do the cases that we do that we talked about here. So the cases that we do that, but we don't have time to get to on the broadcast because of the news you want to cover in information what gets you with the expert team that we've got to analyze again is because your support for ACLJ but we have secretary Pompeii on RT was horrific. Build our teams by the broadcast team behind the broadcast levy of the attorneys that we do the government Thursday five sets of new additions were about to launch next month and more engaged process if you all ask how can I do more review way to do more and we are able to do that is your financial support of ACLJ the matching challenge donate If you're able to building today. We would really appreciate it. Fortunately, the American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge constitutional and religious freedom is most important to you and your family. You forgive today online

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