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Terrorists Stopped at Border, Border Patrol Press Release Vanishes

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 7, 2021 1:00 pm

Terrorists Stopped at Border, Border Patrol Press Release Vanishes

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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Secular church like a blind administration cover-up because tears were stop at the border patrol press release from its own website and talk about that more today secular Washington DC line. You want no two people on that and CBP and DHS can speak more to the timeline in this course and in these particular cases and encounters encounters of known and suspected terrorists are very common ones are open for your questions right now.

Call 1-800-684-3110 2000 by the subject to public release. This is what happened when you overwhelm the US border patrol when you don't support the men and women of all secular stories coming from the border. One actually balls the border wall first got the now director of Public security Bay orchestra to Americus is a discussion with his staff about building and finishing the quote gaps in the border wall that was being constructed by Donald Trump, a much-maligned border wall by Democrats including Joe Biden who said this replay review said this during his campaign in August, so less of a year ago, had this to say about the border wall. There will not be another foot of wall constructed on my administration about expert a contract for construction but to be tough to fill gaps where you have 20 foot tall in the walls with ability at least a foot or more of new construction of the boardwalk.

They're going to try to have it both ways. But then there's a second story where much like the bided the Obama administration, a news report about to you baby mid couple months apart be apprehended there both on the no-fly list both on the terror watch list of the FBI and there was a a press release put up about this by customs and border patrol that's on the DHS website. Two days ago was put up, and last night the press release is no more so unless you go to the Internet archive. You can find this DHS website. It just says access denied what what it was a full account and included photos yet.

We did this morning. We have amended a FOIA demand that were sending out make sacrifices going to the US Homeland security as well as nonstate customs and border protection, and in that letter, we are demanding access to all records. Any and all records relating to a press release from the customs and border patrol being removed about the rest of two illegal aliens on the FBI's terrorism watch list and no-fly list. So that is good cannot bear to fight us really aggressively on the soap be prepared for that. There's going to be a fight here that's just the nature of what happens with these but just to let you know that the American Center for Law and Justice already this morning. This afternoon depending when you're listening has already taken action. I will weep the letter they will respond to it. They will deny access. Initially that's what always happens in these and then off to court. We go we just bought another one against the FBI. This one is the newest one.

Folks, this is what were going to be doing your support of the ACLJ allows us to do this and not to people get into the country on the terrorism watch list. Interestingly, when Kentucky says how rare this is. Let me tell you what cheap patrol agent Greg Rubino said today like every other day. Our agent stated that this was a quote part of the border patrol is missing. He said states.

We will protect the country from terrorist today like every other day, our agents did that these apprehensions are border illustrate the importance of our mission and how we can never stop being diligent, vigilant in our everyday mission to protect this great country and now the DHS scrubs. Their website yes it is simple similar to give the Iranian video where they scrubbed the press conference back of the Obama years with kids sake did to get away with this. Now that tech will be live and we all saw it, the Internet still captured it into the details of it you call us 100-684-3110 to finish the wall, one 800 684 31 to love your thoughts. The American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those for their faith. Uncovering corruption in Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life saving commerce ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes 20 $50 gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ the work we simply would not occur without your generous tape or matching challenge make protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you. You forgive today online okay only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice.

Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn mission will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists ramifications.

40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the history and what Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right question mission life today online/leader Kevin McCarthy reported here.

There's a thousand people get through every day that just get right through.

They don't they. They speak through their not apprehended.

We have no record of them so you these two committees. They were captured together what was captured January 29 at 1:10 AM and another was captured just this past March March 30 at 11:30 PM. So if you these are both very late at night or early hours of the next day there. Try to sneak it and try to get it now thousand people a day are getting in like them or eat out civilly situation where they don't want to be ticketed by the US and their enemies because they will be in trouble. So those that want you to watch out for the most who is going around the process completely.

And while we see the images of the five-year-old who who get left behind by these coyotes were thankfully taken in by our customs and border patrol fed). Fear is going on. The real threat to the country is one of the massive influx of people, but to his account of the bad guys yet. Well, bad guys can kill a lot of Americans will chapel the former acting Sec. of DHS that take a listen. These are just two individuals that have been apprehended in the last 60 days. Again, we have probably over about a thousand got away so you don't know at the end of the day.

How many more are out there. How many more have crossed the border because we don't have the number of border patrol agents on the line on the border doing their job.

Smith, Senior analyst for the ACLJ in military matters is done some investigation on what was looking like and in previous years, and you got some reports yeah yeah there are actually 1.2 million people on the terror watch list worldwide, but at the latest report I can find this morning from the Department of Homeland Security said that in the year 2019 that fiscal year they apprehended 3700 suspect are actually known people in the terror watch list at the border then began 3700 in the year 2019. Two years ago and that that is an average of about 10 a day and when Jim, the socket says that while this is an uncommon thing to catch shares of the border J it was uncommon for 19 hijackers to fly planes into again. Right now it is nothing that happens all the time.

It is extremely dangerous and is we've been saying here's yeah this is not only a humanitarian crisis. This is a national security here at the same time, date not now this Jordan mentioned. Now they're talking about building gaps in the wall with this is after the President said I will never under his watch, up 1 inch of 1 foot of wall built under his watch what I think the Biden ministration has been forced with met reality.

In other words, when there are gaps within the wall. This leads to both a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis and it is clear beyond question that the Biden administration and its people want to ignore the US border unless they are forced to do something about it. It's also important to remember that in 2015, touchscreen my leak from Saudi Arabia married an American. Why did she come to the United States. She came to the United States. Specifically, with the intent to commit a terror attack and she and her husband succeeded in killing 14 Americans in Orange County, California. In 2015.

During the last year or two of the Biden Biden administration.

So when we apprehend two illegals from Yemen when we apprehend them at the border. They are the tip of the iceberg with respect to potential terror attacks on American citizens. Let's play Nancy Pelosi's bite about no water portable wall between countries, immorality. Now this is between a country overawed by drug cartels United States America country that can't govern itself is Mexico to keep its leaders safe that they had killed all the time judges but they just Judge the judge.

Next would be like a police officer or any kind of politician and got massive new cartels that are coming for hardly any reporting on the United States at the PP. They are so scary, so dangerous and what they're involved in.

This is not necessarily what you think of as a drug cartel to be the avocado trade to be the QB.

I think that are fairly legitimate looking that that's all about money to them so you can make more money with vegetables that show empathy.

Still, the blood sugars is while they get that a central America. It gets worse. And then of course South America where you've got a major Iranian presence in places like Venezuela and these people are happy to use these mass influx of people to try to take advantage of the situation so that they could build their terror cells up in the United States have more active cells. And that's exactly what they're doing and fan so Nancy Pelosi says you know it's immoral to build a wall.

They are now the acting D8 the DHS directors talking about building a wall filling in the gaps building wall space so duplicity of this is is incredible, especially in light of what's actually going on on that border at that border right now it's pretty unbelievable that there's still a divided response on this. In Washington DC J but there really is a mean look at plainly evident that bear while border barriers work now course, you gotta combine them with a technology and enforcement, and I'm not sure those last two pieces are part of the plan for the Biden administration below. Just look at the numbers that Wes just gave it is a plain fact now terrorist are coming over that border. They were being apprehended in last administration.

BJ of course you only catch the ones coming over the border. If you're actually trying to I look at this evidence of disappearing press releases inside the Biden administration as evidenced day that one of the what are they trying to do their trying not to catch them when they come over because they don't want to report it. That's pretty frightening while you know we haven't given it enough to attention. Actually, the fact that they have done this with which state they did when it was the Obama administration they would edit things that were play publicly then they set ups. That's bad because that shows problems.

So now what working to do is to re-edit the video we went to court to get the answer to that course the answer was I got an order to know it wasn't some little video guys and I think I'm gonna you know a guy down the in the in the bottom of the editorial pool was in order fix this now this one. What is the explanation going to be as to why a press release was put about the apprehension of two Yemeni individuals on the terror watch list and on the no-fly list was put up on a press release as a positive. We caught these guys, and now Jordan it's not yet exactly what it what is the deal why they always want to hide the ball. It's not anything again that we haven't been reported before they conferred it through pro-government press release and get it doesn't fit a narrative they like on the border so it's just like say what will filling gaps. But what I could build the wall but that's building a wall. Oh don't worry about the tears coming through. Even though we had a press release up on the the customs and border patrol what so we took that down is not to be the other week we put the photographs out there for everyone to see that they capture these two committees, both on the no-fly list, and the FBI terror watch list.

They constantly this is the same under the Obama administration. The same people as the Biden ministration. They don't mind if they're outright caught doing it so long as they can mislead enough Americans with about the truth of what's happening so they think they can control the aspects of truth including deleting information that they themselves put out there delete information that they put out, and that is you know the clock to really bad guys coming through the border. They did that they may delete that because that's not a narrative of these are people just thinking humanitarian, but at the same time. Let's not forget this. Now they're talking about what filling in the gaps.

Some replay this court again steam to see The Question to Appear.

It Is Rather to an Sake.

For Horribly Looking to Finish Some How Does That Fit with My Stay One More Stop for a Long While Wall Construction Remains Passed to the Extent Permitted by Law Says Son Has Artie Been Fined through Congressional Authorization and Funding Allocation As Agencies Develop These Possible Agencies Are Developing Developing a Plan for the President and the Management of the Federal Funds That Will Tend to Think She's Try to Make It up As She Goes along. This Is Coming from This Present United States. Now, Who Said in August. These Words on What You Listen to These Words Lobby Another Foot of Wall Constructed in My Administration or Pinocchio's Good by the Way, I Hope I Hope This Is True, but It Sounds like It's True in Areas Because More Public Policy Perspective. Guess What, the Wall Was a Deterrent, Absolutely. So Joe Biden Has Always Been Confused about a Plethora of Matters. And Now He's Confused about What He Should Do about the Humanitarian and National Security Crisis on Our Border. So Here We Have Two Individuals from Yemen Who Were on the No-Fly List, They Can't. Why Did the United States but Joe Biden Has Created a Policy That Provides an Open and Obvious Invitation to Do What to Simply Walk across the Border.

This Is Lunacy. The Other Thing but This Comeback Is so Much Pain for These Guys to Get Here.

Remember That Folks Someone Is Paying for These Bad Actors to Get to the United States and to Pick up on Her Weakness Gets Right to Me There's There's Terror Groups behind This Multinational Probably Work behind This. So I Go Back to Escuela That Government Which Is Been Known to Work with Iran so You Look at Weak Governments Ever Consider Needing Everything Will Look the Other Way As a Visual Pass-Through. Let's All of Where We Border and Fortunately Especially Central America and South America. They Might Be Knowingly Assisting These Countries Placing These Agents Here Only When a Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable.

Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life. We Created a Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn, Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activists Ramifications. 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the Obama Care Means Many Ways. Your Membership Is Powering the Right Question for Mission Life Today Online/the American Center for Law and Justice Were Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad.

Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom.

Protecting Those Faith Covering Corruption in Washington Fighting to Protect Life Reports and in Congress.

ACLJ Would Not Be Able to Do Any of This without Your Support for That. We Are Grateful. Now There's an Opportunity for You to Help Me Way for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ's Matching Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate $10 Gift Becomes 20 $50 Gift Becomes 100. This Is a Critical Time for the ACLJ. The Work We Simply Would Not Occur without Your Generous Take Our Matching Challenge.

Make Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms Most Important to You Today Online Okay. You Can Also Call It Capital Wall Doorway. What Is Being Utilized by These Bad Actors. These Traffickers of People Traffickers of Drugs Terrorist Now and That These Dual Stories and I Think You We Will Ask This Question, You Want the Biden Ministration to Finish the Wall Put Politics Aside, Put All Their Comments How Your Race Is Calling It Useless How You Get It Again and Unnecessary.

It Is Moral and Immoral, by Nancy Pelosi Not You It's It's Not the Aerosols Worship with Anything That's Immoral or Wrong, but It's It's against Building a Wall between a Failed State and a One of the Superpowers in the World and That Multiple Failed States Actually Keep Going on and Now They Moved to Another Acknowledging That They Got a Problem. Now They Say They're Going to Build the Wall so the Question I Have for You Gives a Call.

164 3110. You Want the Biden Ministration to Finish the Wall They Are Going.

They Are Going to Have To Again Eat A Lot Of Really I You Have Elizabeth Ward Call It Racist Gbytes and Not a Single Foot and It Did Sake Could Even Get to the Answer. She Was Lasting All around. We Know What They Can Say These Were Pre-Existing Gaps or Something like That. But This Is What the Present. Trump Was Putting the First Phase of the Wall Building That We Were in Finely Finally Got Funded Was the Gaps Because It Wasn't but Because There Is Walls out We Have We Have Fencing, so These Were the Gaps and Guess What They're Finding out Now. Now That They're Running the Government Breaking News Alert There's a Problem on the Border and Your Answers on Fixing It, and Now We've Got, You Know, Now You're Hiding the Ball Because You Got to Know Terrorist Bomb and the Others Are Coming. Who Knows. And You Put It You Advertise It. We Got Them Which Is Good, and Then You Remove It When You Find out Why You Removed What Was the Rate Ordered the Removal of That Press Release but There's Something Else Going on There's Talks Going on with Iran Right Now, and in West Smith Has Got a Really Good Analysis on the Proxy Factor of Iran in Yemen. Not Only Is the Biden Restriction Very, Very Weak on Southern Border Security.

They Are Actively Engaged. This Week Indiana through Second Part As You Can for Four Different Parties to Try and Talk with Iran about Reentering the Iran Nuclear Deal. Iran, of Course, Is an Enemy at a Self-Declared Enemy of the United States and When You Think about Two People Coming in and We Know These Are Only Two of Lord Knows How Many People on the Terror Watch Is Trying to Enter the United States but Two People from Yemen. What Is What Is Unique about Yemen. Yemen Is Where Iran Is Supporting the Rebels. It Is a Proxy Terror State for a Ran Yemen Is and yet We Have Two People from That Country on the Terror Watch List Trying to Come into America You Know You Don't Want to over Alarm the American People about National Security but It Is Irresponsible J to Minimize the Threat on Our Southern Border As It Goes to National Security, Find out Why They Remove It. I Really Want to Find out Why the Press Release That Is Something We Are Teams on It Working to Get an Answer Probably Think Is Going to Court. That's Fine Were to Do That We Have To Stand out. You Got Congress and They Been down of the Borderless Republicans Have the Democrats Seem to Be Ignoring the Problem. What Is the Latest on That Front. And What about the Talk. What's the Reaction to the Stock on Gap While Building. Well, I Mean I Think the First Reaction, At Least from Those Who Want to Enforce the Border J Is What You Just Said a Minute Ago. Remember Back When There Was a National Emergency Declaration of the Trumpet Ministration and There Were Dollars Put Forward to Address It. There Were Tears Put Forward J and and How the Various Gaps, so to Speak in the Wall Would Be Would Be Plugged in the First Place That the Trumpet Ministration Was to Start Work in Those Gaps Were Prior the Places in the Wall They Had Deteriorated Because J the Wall Existing Places or At Least It Previously Did Were the Most Crossing the Cursor. Of Course You Plug Those First and Then You Moved to Areas of New Wall and at the Time Democrats Were Saying Well You Know When I Can Allow Any of That Invite and Joe Biden Said If I'm Elected President.

I Will Build a Single Foot. Now of Course They're Trying to Say That Plugging Those Gaps Does Not Count J, I Will Say This When It Comes to the Foyer That Were Asking about You Said You Want to Know Why Those Press Releases Disappeared. I Got up Pretty Good Guess Why They Did but That's One of the Two Questions Were Asking Were Asking Why Here's the Other Big One J Who Who Pulled That down and Maybe the Bigger Question Who Authorized That Information Being Blocked from the American People.

We Want to Know the Answers to Both Those Questions. Well We Got Yeah I Mean It. It's Actually Holding in My Hand.

For Those That Are Low Watching TV or Social Media Platforms Mold in My Hand. The Lengthy Letter Demand Letter Going to a DHS Customs and Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Immigration and Citizenship Services and We Asked Two Things We Want Records about Any Warnings by Customs and Border Patrol or DHS Staff That Overly Rapid Repeal of Trumpet of the Trumpet Ministration Policy Could Lead to a Surge in Unaccompanied Minors. There's That Whole Aspect of That As Well. Jordan and Then the Second One Is Records about CBD Removing Press Releases about the Rest of Two Illegal Aliens on the FBI's Terrorism Watch List a No-Fly List Both from Yemen Yes Have Artie Got That in Their Entity. This Again so the Timing Was Excellent from Our Team on the Foil Work to Be Able to Because This Is Something Again like the Iran Video Which We Still Have a Judge Looking at the Unredacted Info That They Want to Provide Tech to Assist the American People. The Judge Should Wait, Wait, Wait, I Need to Look at This about What They Were Doing the Iran Deal Back in 2015 Were Still Doing That Here We Have an Entire News Release Put up about to You.

Many Terrorist Apprehended Two Different Times What It and March Wanted Early in the Year in January, One with It, It Would Suffice to Say How They Had Your Sim Cards in Their Shoes. They Are Ready to Go and That They Were Both Going across at like 1130 at Night. What Was 1:30 AM the Next Day They Were Coming Together Is to Separate Its Couple Months Apart Had All This Information about the Included Photos and yet They Then Scrub It Scrub It from the Website When There's More Attention on the Border yet Again. Because the Story Came out That the Sec. of Homeland Security, the Biden Appointed Sec. of Homeland Security Dominates a Secretary Is Considering Building More While Keeping Your Head. Let Us Be Honest, Listen, Let Them Get Away Safe Building Gaps Building More Wall to Write People Out Of America. That's What Joe Biden Is to Be Doing yet Is a Door Is a Gap Is Adores Will Set or Pathway so They Can Keep More People out Good for Them. But Let's Use Their Own Rhetoric against Them As the Race Is Now. I Guess There's an Anti-Moral That People Probably Should Be a Target. Special Counsel and Maybe Meet You Maybe Impeach to Sell the Sums and Hyperbole.

So Here Is That Here's What I Hear It from a Cut from Eight from a Policy Perspective, the Policy Seems to Be Head in the Sand, Ignore It and Then When It When It Breaches a Little White People See It, Remove It for People Actually Connect on Absolutely. So One of the Things to Keep in Mind, Here Is the Terrorist Human Traffickers, Drug Cartels Have Been Pushing against an Open Door. Secondly, the Refusal by the Biden Administration to Finish the Wall and Enforce Border Security Loss Constitutes an Open and Obvious Invitation to Bad Actors Coming Absolutely.

Bad Actors Realize with the Biden Ministration Fails to Recognize and That Is Bad Policy Generates Consequences, and so Here You Have the Biden Administration Which Has Reversed Their Policies That Actually Work and Now the Biden Ministration Wishes to Hide Its Failures Because Evidence That Terrorists Are Potentially Crossing Our Border Simply Walking across the Border Threatens the Security of Virtually Every Single American Biden Administration Now Recognizes That. So Let's Engage in an Obama Era Cover-Up All Right. Let Me Tell You What We've Done You're Hearing about It on This Broadcast Because Your Support We Get This Broadcast out Holding My Hand the First Legal Action Were Taking on This Day.

As Soon As It Came out Support the Work of the ACLJ Matching Challenge Campaign ACLJ.or Lookout in Your Email One More on the American Center for on Critical Issues at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Matching Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate Will Be $10 Gift Becomes $20, $50 Gift Becomes 100 You Can Make a Difference in Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms Most Important to You and Your Family.

Give a Gift Today Online ACLJ Live from Washington DC and Secure. We Are to Your Phone Calls 164, 31 Kids Who Got on the One Hand, the Biden Ministration. The Sec. of Homeland Security Americas. He Is Thinking about Re-Re-Re-Starting the Construction of the Truck Border Wall Wall That Joe Biden Said That a Footboard Be Built the Wall That Elizabeth Were Called Racist That Nancy Pelosi with All the Moral Moral by Nancy Pelosi, Abby. The List Goes on and on but I Think the Joe by Saying That One More Foot with Very Play That Free Couple Ties with the Fact That He Said Not One More Foot and Now Thinking about Difficult Filling the Gaps on the Call but It Is Building Trumps Wall Restarting the Building Trumps While They Pause.

That's the Truth.

He Had to Got Started. They Are Dealing with Their Bad Consequences of Stopping the Construction and Now within Months They Were Put Them All Back up.

They What They Don't Tear down Their Thoughts about Taking It down the No Discussion about That Anymore. On the Other Hand They Announced the Release to Terrace Two Days Ago on the CBP Website Customs and Border Patrol Said That Story Is Now Totally Scratch so If You Go to the Same Link Sent Photos Information about These Two Apprehension. These Two Committees.

It's Just Access Denied. So to Go to Your Phone Calls 164 3110 300-6843 11002 I Would Let You Know What That You Sits on the Really Important That People Even Understand Their Instead of Being Pleased That They Apprehended These Individuals. They and They Did Announce It That They Got These Two Yemeni Individuals, Men That Were on the Terror Watch List in the No-Fly List.

So These Are Bad Guys and We Caught Them Customs and Border Patrol Did a Good Job They Send out a Release They Remove the Release. Why Is That Because It Cuts against Her Entire Narrative. They Don't Need a Wall Because Is Not Really Bad People Coming over Now.

They Need A Lot Of Filling the Gap Because the Gaps Is Will Set As a Doorway That's What's Really Going on Here. Glad You Got the Phones I Want Hundred 64 3110. Do You Want to See the Biden Administration Finish the Construction of Trumps Border Wall to Eat Her Lunch over This Really Eat Their Words at the List That I Haven't Keep Their People Quit Their Ministration Yes If They If They Actually Go through with This, but I Think They Need to Give Us a Call One 800 684 31 Two That's 100 6843110J Is Coming from Florida Online. What He J1 of the Ship. Thank You for All Our Panel.

I Really like Football Yes I Do Want to Hold Them Accountable for Exactly What You're Writing Today! Like the Action regarding Holding the Biden Restoration Accountable Ministration and Hold Them Accountable Legally and and Damning Him Constantly, Every Single Day of His Administration for His Supposed Words, Creating a False Narrative and Pursuing Him Legally for Calling out His Language Anything against the Biden Ministration and Joe Felt with the First Find out What Exactly Happened so Justice Is a Good Way. Special Counsel Is Appointed I Want to Know Why the Goodies Be Special Counsel on This.

I Want to Find out Why Think This Would Be ACLJ Can Do Here. Find out Why They Put It up There That They Got These Two Guys. And Then They Pulled You Guys Are in Custody, but They Pulled Because It Cuts against What They Want Their Territory to Be.

They Don't Want You to Think That There Are Terrace Come across the Border Is That Makes Border Walls Not Immoral, but Necessary, and That It's Not Just Kids, Little Kids Which Pose a Heartstrings Also Harden Terrace at the FBI Has on Watchlist Edit That We Got a No-Fly List of the FAA Abby, This Is Serious.

And Now That Serious Enough to Consider Refinishing Donald Trumps Portable Build That Wall Yes Executive Slogan of the Next Five Reelection You Want to Run for Reelection Cabal Here Is That She's the Borders Are so Used To Be Her Responsibility Right Everybody Construct the Ball Shall Be Billed to That Wall.

Thank You for That Will Be Right Back on Secular Liver Footwork ACLJ Matching Challenge of April March April Very CuteUK Donate Online W ACLJ the American Center for Law and Justice Were Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad. Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom. Protecting Those Who Face Covering Corruption in the Washington Bureaucracy Fighting to Protect Life in the Courts and in Congress ACLJ Would Not Be Able to Do Any of This without Your Support for That. We Are Grateful. Now There's an Opportunity for You to Help Me Way for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Matching Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate $10 Gift Comes 20 $50 Gift Becomes 100.

This Is a Critical Time for the ACLJ the Work We Simply Would Not Occur without Your Generous Heart Wrenching Challenge Make a Difference in Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms Most Important to You Today Online Okay Only When a Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice.

Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive.

And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Is Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activist Ramifications 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the Street and What Obama Care Means to Discover the Many Ways Your Membership Is Empowering the Right Question for Mission Life Today Online/Your Phone Calls at One 800 684 31 Two That's What Hundred 684-3110, but We Do Want to Explain Cancer What Are We Doing Here with This for You.

So We Got a FOIA on It Was Ready to Go. We Actually about the Filing on Friday.

Of Course, That Was Good. Fridays Could Be Found in the Federal Government, and This Is to US Customs Were Patrolled. Homeland Security Ice and Other Citizenship and Immigration Services. It Was to Get down to the Bottom of All the Different by A Lot Of This Focused in on the Fact That Biden Ministration Stopped the Catch and Retained and Then Send Home Policy of the Trumpet of Fish to Go Back to Catch a Release so the to Get to That Idea of the Numbers. What Were Taught about How Many People Will Be Releasing into the United States. Then, of Course, This Matter Came up about the Deletion of the Two Terrorist Apprehended at the Border from the Website so We We Submitted Our FOIA before You Even Had to File It Right Week. This Is Additional and It's Very Similar to the Iran Line That Was Being Uncovered in 2015, Which Was That the by Obama Biden Administration Was Working with the Aqua Digerati Radical, Awkward, It Is Our Government in Iran. First on the Nuclear Deal Then Start a Conversation. They Did Not Wait until There Were Elections in Iran in a More Moderate President Was Elected. That Wasn't One of the People Who Hostage Takers Right in the 1979 Hostage Crisis Involving Americans at the Iranian Embassy Which Awkward It Is. Had Was That Would Be a Good That Good Look so Deleted That Video Limited Sake Right Now.

Jim Saki's Gonna Have To Explain Likely Today Why They Deleted from the CBP Website That the Arrested Detention of to You. Many Terrorist Who Are Trying to Get across Our Southern Border. So Here's What Happens.

A Freedom of Information Act Request Is What the Federal Law Allows Groups like the American Center for Law and Justice to Do the Government Second Police Itself. Here so We Gotta Find out Why Is This Happening Is Authorizing This so What Happens Is We Produce.

First, This One Is a Long One. This Is a 14 Page Singlespaced Legal Letter That Goes to These Various Agencies Including Ice Homeland Security to Find out on a Variety of Topics. What Was Ordered, by Whom, Now, As We Said Were Focusing in on Policies Involving What's Going on at the Border, Including Unaccompanied Minors, but When This Story Developed Today Last Night and Today We Immediately before Us, We Involve Us When yet We Amended We Redrafted Our Letter and This Is What We've Asked for.

We Said Records We Want Records about Any Warning That Custom and Border Patrol or Department Homeland Security Staff Battled Overly That an Overly Rapid Repeal of the Trumpet Ministration Policy Could Lead to a Surgeon Unaccompanied Minors.

Others Who Was Discussing This Because We Don't Was Discussed and Then We Also Want Records about the Customer and Border Patrol Removing a Press Release about the Arrest of Two Illegal Aliens, Both of Which Were on the Terror Watch List and on the No-Fly List Both from Yemen and It Was Put up and Then Now You Get Access Denied.

So When We File This Freedom of Information Act Request. The Government Department.

Justice Has To Respond. These Agencies Have To Respond What They'll Do Here Is Try to Hide the Ball Again, but We Got a Team of Lawyers at the ACLJ That This Is What They Do and Will Find out and We Will Get. We Got to the Bottom of It up in Iran We Will Get to the Bottom of the Oven Here, but Let Me Underscore Something Here That I Think Very Important for You to Understand What They're Doing by Removing These Press Releases by Not Sharing Information Now Saying That a Buildable Tells You What the Politics Are We Gotta Get to the Legal Answer Because We Got Serious National Security Issues Hereabouts That Could Input That Will Impact the Entire Country As Bad As the Humanitarian Crisis Is on the Southern Border and It Is Horrible and It Becomes a Moral Crisis Because Humanitarian Crisis Is so so Stark, the National Security Threat. It Is Even More Serious Because It's about Protecting America and Americans. You Would Think J That If Anything Would Unite Both Political Parties. If Anything, Would Bring Americans Together, It Would Be Simply Having Southern Border Security in a Wall with Orderly Points of Entry with Real Immigration Reform, Something That They Keep Batting around for over a Decade.

This Should Be the Thing That Unites Us That That Does Not Divide Us. But the Biden Administration Is Using This with with Labels like Immoral and Racist in All of This, They're Using This to Further Divide the American People. This Is Such a Simple Common Sense Thing You Would Think This Would Be the Thing That Would Unite American People When It Comes down to National Security. From a Policy Standpoint I'm Trying to Figure out What Is the Policy That Are Looking at the Wall They Call It a Gap Life Insurance by Calling a Wall Rebuild What Is the Policy Here besides Hide the Ball Well. I Think Their Policy Bluntly Said Sad Is Grounded in Falsification and Duplicity. So the Biden Administration, like the Obama Administration before It Is Committed to Covering up Information That Is Due To the American People Their Competitor Duplicity Multiplication. As I Suggested before and at the Same Time Rather Than Securing the Border, Guess What They Want to Engage in New Negotiations with One of the Most Duplicitous Regimes on the Face of the Earth, the Iranian Regime Usually Entities As a Proxy Absolutely and so It It Doesn't Make Any Real Science. If You're Going to Provide Leadership to the American People. With Respect to National Security but Biden Administration Folks. They Are Not Committed to Protecting the United States. They Are Not Protected Committed to Protecting the United States As a Constitutional Republic. They Are Globalists and They Believe Ideologically in What Open Borders and Guess What, It Will Indeed Backfire on Them. What I Would Ask This Question in Washington DC Where the AOC Is the World Why They Don't Care about the Kids in the Cages Anymore but Are They Good Are They Going to Respond to the Going to React to the Fact That Now the Biden Ministration Might Start Rebuilding the Wall or This Could Be Classic Washington like You Know It's No Big Deal. No Problem.

It's Nothing to See Here so They Can Elect to Be Away with It Because I Think That's What A Lot Of People Would Be Frustrated. That Is Not the They Would Do the Right Thing. Ultimately, They Will Have To They Won't Have To Eat Their Own Words, You Might Hear That Outcry Initially Jordan. Here's What I'm Worried about on This and I Think This Is What You're Probably Alluding to This Might Just Be Windowdressing. So If AOC Goes to the Biden Ministration and They Say Yeah Were Gonna Plug the Gaps in the Wall Because That That Relook Really Bad If They're Not There.

But Don't Worry Were Not Going to Actually Enforce Which I Would Tell You Jordan. That's What This Looks like to Me and We Talked about That the Terror at Present Is Our Know Where All of the Other Apprehensions at Any Border Are, If Those Aren't Happening Jordan. It Tells You They Might Be Plugging the Gaps in the Wall, but They're Not Actually Enforcing the Border If AOC and the Others like Her Jordan. If They Get That Answer from the Biden Administration. I Suspect That Will along with It Because It's Windowdressing without Enforcement One Other Quick Thing I Tell You Here Jordan, I Mean This This Disappearing Act of Press Conferences and Press Releases. This Is Become Standard Operating Procedure and I Would Tell You. We Just Need to Call It What It Is. It Is a Is a Scheme to Hide the Truth from the American People. You Need Enforcement You Need Transparency with the American People and You're Not Getting Either. We Really Need to Get I like to Hear. First of All I like to Hear Than Some Washington DC Senators Congressman besides Going to the Border. Actually Proposing What Can Be Done Here Towards What Can I We Know We Can with the ACLJ Were Doing It Because of the Support of Our Donors Were Not Able to Just Bring This Broadcast. Talk about Were Able to Do Something about It. But You Gotta Ask Yourself What Is Congress Doing Here. This Is a Serious Problem.

What I Would Tell You a Couple of Things That We Got a Couple of Ways Going on Right Now Read Information Back That Is Redacted That Information. Congress Is Entitled to Soar Working with Them on Other Ways to Request the Unredacted Versions. The Other Thing That You've Asked a Couple Times during the Course of This Broadcast Where's the Bipartisan Legislation Aunt on the Trafficking Issue Will Sen. Blackburn Put out a Bill That Says If You Come across the Border with the Minor You Have To Get DNA Tested at the Border in Order to Maintain Possession of That Minor Get Jake There Is Not a Single Democrat Chick That Is Cosponsored That Piece of Legislation Right Now. That's Where Traffic with the Parents Are Not) Release Relative so We Are Back Restricting Border Photos 164 3110 Will Delay First and Michael to Hold on the Eye Guys 1-800-684-3110 to Talk to Us on the II Think That the Biggest Issue Here Is Holding Them to the Fire on This so Monitor It Carefully As Americus Make a Move to Start Building the Wall.

I Think Make Them Live It Make the Audit Print out Giving out T-Shirts. Biden Built the Wall. Biden Finished the Wall Just As a Reminder to off. It's Not Really Hispanic Voters Related Work Procedures Are Provided with the Leftist Who Call It Racist Too Close to Call. Immoral.

So I Guess We Can Now Say That Americus and the Biden Administration and There There Is Are on the Border Are Thinking At Least about Immoral Acts Thinking about Being Racist Is Pretty Bad for Thinking about Taking Racist Action.

So Maybe It Wasn't Racist after All. Yeah, Exactly. It Was National Security.

Maybe It Was to Protect the United States from People That Are Evildoers, Evildoers, Traffickers, and to Stop These Crises That Are Going on in the Town's in the Pit to Protect the American People We Come Back Okay to Take Your Phone Calls at One 800 684 31 Two Sport Work ACLJ W. Patrick Donation Matching Challenge Month of April, so March April Very Important for Us Financially. Donate Today Only One.

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Anyway, Welcome to Secular on the Michael Work Is Able to When I Heard This Morning. Two Terrorists Were Caught and Released Order or the Collegian Scrubbed It Just Makes Me Wonder How Many Other Times This Is Happened like the Other Gentleman Was Saying We Need to Find out Where People Want to Know I Want to Know This Is Completely Shocking to Me That They Just Let This Go. Just Wiped It off the Internet Know That You Folks Had to Put It out There on the My Heart Been Pumping All Tournaments at Your Own White Documents Are. It Is, I Can Understand It at All and I Don't Care If You're a Democrat or Republican. I Don't Care What You Are Cured. American Should Not Be Happening and Then Ending to Say All the Work and Throw up Some Some Panels Here and Close the Door so the People Can't Come in.

I Think They're Full of Crap. I Think That This Is Been Going on and There like Celebrities and in Trying to Pretend That Nothing Is Happening and Where Everything's Fine, but Let's Put up the Curtain so That People Can't See What's Going on Drive Actually Terrorist Attacks and Already Someone in Its Colorado That We Had Again in the Driving to the Capital to Islamic Terror Attacks. They Get off the News Immediately Immediately. Barely MacCallum Islamic Right It with a Set Another Website. Both Say That They Get Snow Attention Present a White Guy Who Fits the Narrative of the Shooter.

That's a Really Good for Gun Control, Divorce Hold Back on the Story Because It Doesn't Fit the Narrative.

This Also Doesn't Fit the Narrative Islamic Terrorist Utilizing Our Southern Border That Such Is like about You Kids Try to Get to a Better Life, or Even Drug Traffickers. That's a Different Level.

So Yeah, I Mean the Guy Has a Press Release and Is a Very Good Point in the Press Release Was. It Says That One of Them Was Apprehend with a Sim Card in the Sole of His Shoe. Why Would You Have a Sim Card and the Sole of Your Shoe. If You're Coming into American You're Not. You're Not Doing Anything Nefarious Is the Sim Card Versus Information Is Loaded Your Phone Which Gives You Your Contact People inside the United States Exact in the Biden Ministration Scrubs. This from the Website Afterwards Put up There Folks Realize What's Happening Be Doing Maybe Be Doing Less Scrubbing and More Wall Building and Will Be in a Better Place. You Also to Put the Border Patrol a Horrible Position Because It Set up for That Instead of Putting It out There That We Know What You're Doing. We Know What You Look like Right so We Could Tell This Review Committees Terrorist and so Who's Come from Central or or Latin America Somewhere Even Though They Can Kinda Blend It with. There's A Lot Of People You Actually Isolate Them. They Were Very Different. Right. So Here's What They Look like. Here's What We Found on Them. Here's What to Do, Say Look in Their Shoes. Yeah, Look at Their Shoes Look for the Sim Card. From There You Find out the Entire Terror Cell.

That All Goes against the about, Abide Narrative Terror Cells in the US That Were Not to Have the Seven Countries That Could Not Verify That the Citizens Were Not Engage in Terrorism, All Executive Order Working Remove That Because That Was Anti-Anti-Islamic Know You Know What the Truth Is This Is Show You How to Kill Us the Politics. That's What's Disgusting Here.

Is There Putting Politics First to the Harm of the American People Frankly to the Harm of the People Trying to Get Here.

Even If You Try to Get Here Legally. The Kids That Are in the Sky, Think about This. These People Being Snuck in and Look Where There around the Crew There around 1 O'clock in the Morning, but This Tells You What's Going on in the ACLJ Unpromising You Will Get to the Bottom Again Given Was One of Those Countries Has Been Sufficient State Right Now to Have a Civil War so They Can Verify That It's an Iranian Proxy Especially Well That the Hutu Rebels Are the These Are People Come from a Country That Is Being Supported Ran Uses the Enmities to Export Terror into Saudi Arabia into throughout That Region. These People Are Not Our Friends the Threat, the National Security Threat Is Very, Very Real Threat from from Yemen from a Ram from Other Places and the Biden Ministration Is at This Point Acting like That Threat Is Not Real or They Think It's Real, You're Still Trying to Hide It from the American People Go Back to the Phones and Go to a Michael Texas Ali Three Hey Michael, I Am down Here in Del Rio Texas Actually One of the Spots Where Biden Basically Told Everybody to Stop and There Was Material Left in Unbuilt Wall Left Reason That They Want to Plug Holes or Do Whatever It Because You Can Walk down There with Two Guys and Pushed the Right Now It's Not It's Not Impact.

It's Just Good up There to Look Good, Because They Had Taken It down. Where Having Things in Our Town That We Had Never Seen Apprehension in My Factor the Del Rio Sector up One Time the Previous Amount That They Had Ever Been before. So When I Wear a Town of 35,000 and Expect Projected over the Last 30 Days to Have Had One Keep down within Apprehension or People Come through Our Border Sector We Are Seeing That We Have Never Seen Gentler like I Took You out on Friday We Came out to Hearing Police Siren down the Middle of Our Road. There's a Guy from Austin with a Car Full of Illegals Driving on a on a Top Tire with You Know Wrecked into the Middle of an Intersection.

This Is the Problem of the Policy Is That Doesn't Exist, Terry. It's a Policy That There Is No Policy.

This Is Government by the Moment, Absolutely. I Don't Think Anyone Any Rational Person Can Understand the Idiotic Biden Border Policy.

I Think Even Biden and Press Secretary's Sake. They Are Confused by the Border Policy They Want to Have Ideological Purity with Respect to Open Borders but Then They Recognize Open Borders Because Humanitarian Problems They Cause National Security Problems. I Think Essentially a 12-year-old Kid Could Tell Them That These Policies Were Indeed Foreseeable and That These Policy Reversals Reversing the Trump Era Policies Cause Consequences, but Nonetheless They Process and Then What Do They Want to Do. They Want a High There Problems with Respect to the American People.

So Here You Have Two Individuals Who Are from Yemen Crossing the Border. Oh Let's Scrub the Customs and Border Security Website.

We Don't Let the American People to Know, but I Think at the End of the Day.

This Policy Is Unsustainable and It Will Indeed Backfire on the Biden Administration and the Biden Administration Will Have To Extricate Biden Support from His Own Mouth.

This Is This a Situation It Still Developing. I Think That Should Sake Should Be Asked about the Deletion from the Website Because She Acknowledged It in the Press Have Just Say That It Was Fact That It Happened That This Was True, but That for Some Reason She Pulled the Should Sake Classic. I Guess Picked up the Phone and Said, Take That down Too Much Information There. Not Enough Time for Us to Come up with Our Narrative so I Think That This Is an Issue We Need to Check If They Build a Single Foot of Wall That Joe Biden in Their Own Words Is a Racist and Xenophobic and Immoral and so Was so Is Harris.

She Resign. If He Does That.

How Many People Resign.

If They Build the Foot of Wall. Think about That Folks. Or They Go or the Becoming Realist, It Will Have To Do Some Horrible Underground from Sport to Work ACLJ.

W. Patrick through the April we will talk tomorrow. The American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate, it will be $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. Give a gift today online ACLJ

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