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Taming the Tongue

Power Point / Jack Graham
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February 10, 2022 7:00 am

Taming the Tongue

Power Point / Jack Graham

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February 10, 2022 7:00 am

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Welcome to this edition of PowerPoint with Jack Graham a little later in the program will tell you how you can get a copy of Dr. Graham's brand-new book reignite first hears his message taming the tongue that God's word and turned in James chapter 3 the third chapter of the book of James. We love to talk going talk talk talk is political talk of sports talk is news talk is family talk is a lot of talk in our generation. Not only are we talking of what we say what we send online social media.

A lot of words being spent.

In fact, 1/5 of your life on earth is spent talking. It is difficult to learn how to control our words to control our time and some never do. James is talking about the tongue.

Your goal is spiritual maturity. That's what the book of James is about growing in your faith in becoming more mature in Christ or go in a true mark of Christian maturity life maturity is how you use your mouth. How you manage your mouth how you use your tongue. So let's begin reading a chapter 3 verse one, not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judge with greater strictness always gives me pause and I read that because I know I'm highly accountable to God for what I say and what I did.

Verse two says for we all stumble in many ways and if anyone does not stumble in what he says he's a perfect man, meaning a mature man also able to bridle his whole body. If we put bits into the mouths of horses so that they obey us, we guide their whole bodies as well.

Look at the ships also, though they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are guided by a very small rudder wherever the will of the pilot direct, so also is the tongue.

A small member, yet most of Great Lakes how great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire in the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set among our members, staining the whole body, setting on fire the entire watch these words course of life.

Wheel of existence literally and set on fire by hell for every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and seeing creature can be tamed and has been tamed by mankind, but no human being containing the tongue is a restless evil, full of deadly poison with it we bless our Lord and father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God from the same now, blessing and cursing. My brothers these things ought not to be so does a spring pour forth from the same opening both fresh and saltwater can a fig tree, my brothers, bear olives, or grapevine produced big. Neither can a salt pond you fresh water. James is a master illustrator and in this passage of the tongue, he gives us some metaphors regarding our mouse at there are six of them.

He talks about the bit in the mouth of the horse.

He talks about the rudder on the ship. He talks about a fire spark that can set ablaze.

He talks about the bees that the tongue is like a bistro like a monster in the mouth is like poison he can produce poison. He said, is like a fountain and is like a fig tree, and with all of these illustrative comments.

Very practical. James ever practical tells us about the tone and what it can do and how it sets the course and even the character and the destiny of our lives. Couple things.

One, our words give us direction. That's the first thing our words what we say.

Give us direction in life. That's why uses the illustration about the horse and the bridle is amazing. You could take a 1200 pound animal and put a 90 pound child on it but with rains in a bit. A small child can control that great horse same is true of the rudder ownership about how big the ship is it is moved by the pilot at the direction of the rudder so he saying here that are tongue controls the direction of our lives change the way you speak.

Change what you say and how you talk and you can change the direction of your life strip.

Proverbs tells us in Proverbs 821 that life and death are in the power of the tongue, a very powerful thing is the tongue and if you speak negatively if you're constantly reflecting negativity in what you say then ultimately you will live a negative life is a simple principle really how you talk to God how you talk to yourself how you talk to others dramatically influences the course of your life and if you are filled with with words that are worthless or careless or empty or even profane, then ultimately that's the way your life turned to me this sheer couple of ideas of me.

For example, words are powerful they can change your life.

You go to an altar and you say I do that I promise you that changes your life.

If someone stands before a judge and says the judge says you're not guilty that changes everything. If you're before a doctor and you hear your doctor say your cancer free is words are like change if I if you say no to the temptation when when you're just under attack and and and and you you just can feel the breath of Satan on your neck. You say no and the power of God spirit, the temptation that can change the course of the direction of your life right words are powerful if you speak words of faith, then your life is filled with faith. If you speak God's word. God's promises God's will upon your life changes everything for the good and the reverse is true. Training your time and tempering your tongue is difficult.

In fact, James tells us here. No one can control it. There's a piece is a beast in your mouth is another illustration. He says you can't contain control this big summit tribe, even by taking vows of silence now is impossible to control our times apart from the work of God spirit in our lives and yet is important. This is not a small deal. The big deal Colossians 3 verse 17 is a Scripture, you should note says for what ever you do in word and deed, do it, do everything, everything in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ with gratitude in your hearts, giving thanks to God the father through him we put Christ first in our lives we putting first in the what we do and what the say we are able. According to this, we should the speak or say anything or write anything or post anything or send anything which we could not sign the name of the Lord Jesus. If you cannot glorify God and magnify God with your words then don't say that don't you need to ask in every situation.

If you if you posted if you if you send it if you say it. Social media is a whole new world of being able to express ourselves, but as Christians and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ should always ask myself. Does this represent Jesus Christ and reflect his love growing Christians learn how to control under the guidance of the Holy Spirit because it sets of our lives here listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham in today's message taming the tongue bring fresh passion and joy to your faith with Dr. Graham's newest book, reignite an intimate account of how God led Dr. Graham to one of the darkest seasons of his life. Whether you're facing disappointment, doubt, depression, or heartache. Reignite offers insights to encourage you in your pain and help fan the flames of faith in your life and it's our way to thank you for your gift to PowerPoint so called today to get your copy of reignite as thanks for your support, when 800-7954 six 276-1800 795627.

You can also text the word PowerPoint to 313131.

And don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop a store, give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.Margie. Now let's get back today's message taming the time. Secondly, our words can bring not only they bring direction, but I words can bring destruction. So James illustrates with a spark in a fire. James says the tongue. I noted in stage when I read it sets on fire the course of nature, the very wheel of existence.

In other words, all of life is affected by our words and all the people in our lives.

James tells us in evil tongue defiles and destroys the entire body tongue set on fire of hell. In the time to start a hellfire that can never be put out of the person's life. We think about the words we use on the negative side, let's start there. Here are the kinds of words that can start a fire, that you can't control the start with careless works meaningless words they word you know some people they don't use vile words and issues they words and Jesus said will give an account at the judgment seat of Christ for everything idle word that we speak scary careless words can destroy lives in a matter of minutes. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Not true. Words can hurt and they can they can hurt a lot. I wonder how many careless, thoughtless words have ruined relationships and fractured families and torn churches apart that destroyed reputation careless words words without thinking we should always ask the Holy Spirit to help us think before we speak, that we would think before we send then there contemptuous words, angry, hostile words, someone said make your words sweet because someday you may have to eat them. Wonder how many wives have been beaten down by the words. The verbal abuse of an angry husband.

How many children have been wounded for life by the hostile words the angry words of parents who don't pay attention like weapons that can break down spirits criticism and destructive language words that wound you have to live with the consequences of what you say and often people around you live the consequences of what we say, contemptuous words, hateful, angry sensors. That's the next kind of war sensors words negative, critical, caustic, slanderous, backstabbing, backbiting, James who is our brother here says brothers and sisters. This should not be true about us. If we open our mouths and say in the great physician looks down. What does he see and was coming out of our hearts. Well, I don't gossip but no people just help me stuff. No let somebody use your ears for garbage cans don't participate in gossip or slander is sensors words and then carnal works nicely words, filthy words, profane words he speaks about blessing and cursing. In this past blaspheming God and blaspheming others filthy words potty mouth porno works tomorrow.

Words that come out the heart. Did you know that all of the 10 Commandments can be broken by our words not yesterday. That's why we can. We pretty much know that we broken all the commandments, at least by our words, if not our deeds. We can dishonor God by our words we can exhibit false worship and idol worship with our words.

We can offer murderous accusations and assassinations with our words. We can tell lies and bear false witness with our words.

We can covet with our words. We can express vile and lustful thoughts adulterous laws with our words. We can feel a person's reputation with our work. Words matter so is Truman James says this can set off a course of advance a fire in your life that can destroy everything. Talk then about this monster or beast said, we contain the animals just so James takes us on a trip to the zoo that you can tame animals but this beast uncontrolled in your mouth.

This monster in your mouth is is restless and is powerful and is poisonous in a few drops can kill but that brings me to the final word here which says our words then display our character. That's what he is talking about when he says one side of our mouth comes blessing on the other side of our mouth comes blasting or cursing someone said that the profanity of the church is greater than the profanity of the streets and what that means is you know, we come to church with you hey brother how you doing must praise God together and then in the parking lots and got cut you off you jerk what's wrong with you or we go home and before we even get home were in on a rancorous argument was someone in the family how it happens all the time because I are tons causes a great deal of trouble. One minute were praising God, the next minute were profaning people that God may is what he saying great people in the Bible had trouble with her tongue Joe who overcame such disaster in his life said I I am vile, I lay my hand over my mouth like that Isaiah that the great prophet when he saw the Lord, high and lifted up. He said I am a man of unclean lips amidst the generation of people of unclean lips as descriptive of our generation just so much filth in the air. Both men and women are spewing out this filth words sending out poisonous words. Moses was angry. One day, any it really and he ended up out of the promised land because of it and it says in Psalm 106 verse 33. The because he was angry. He said I spoke irrationally with my lip. How many times it was spoken rashly. We wish we could get it back. But of course it's like slitting open a feather pillow and the wind blowing the feathers everywhere. You can never get some of that stuff back in the pillow. Peter sinned against Christ and denying Christ and with the same mouth. He confessed him is that I will never deny you, and yet when he was warming his hands by the fires of the Romans. He ended up running away denying Christ disturbing is that when I look at my own life and I see in my words both blessing and cursing. Is is disturbing. James uses these illustrations of a fountain whether his sweet water and salt water over there is something tree.

This these illustrations of nature by saying what is at the root will bear the same fruit so problem is with the heart. The person with a harsh tongue has an angry heart person with a negative tongue has an anxious heart.

The person with an overactive tongue has an unsettled heart. The person with a filthy tongue as it impure heart.

A person with a critical sensor is tongue has a bitter heart and soul. Let's put that on the other side. A person with compassionate words has a loving heart. A person with an encouraging tone has a happy heart. A person with a truthful tongue has an honest heart words come from our hearts and the only way to tame the tongue is first of all to get a new heart. The Bible talks about getting a brand-new heart because the old heart is deceitful and desperately wicked and the only way to transform our times is not Reformation or even education.

You can improve your vocabulary with education you can improve. Maybe your attitude with Reformation, but you can only change your tong in your actions and your words and your deeds, with transformation we need a new life and this is how Jesus Christ changes our hearts and changes our lives.

I can tell you I've seen it over the years many many times how marijuana news tong was off the charts within transform by the power of Jesus Christ then asked the Holy Spirit to control your tongue. Give God control of your time. James says we can do this on our own. We need the supernatural power of God.

The psalmist said it this way in Psalm 141 verse three set a guard over my mouth. Oh Lord, keep a watch over the doors of my lip set a guard over my mouth more watch my mouth.

God watches our words and looks into our heart and then use your tongue to the glory of God. Use your tongue for God's glory. The best way I know how to transform the time by the power.

Christ is the use my tongue and my words to magnify Christ in praise and in worship. The psalmist said by lovingkindness is better than life, my lips will praise you oh, magnify the Lord with me. I will bless the Lord at all time is praise will continually be in my mouth. The Scripture says that we are to bring to God. The sacrifice of pet praise, the fruit of thy lip.

I don't know why we seem to be so reluctant to use our words to worship what we say or what we see. Praise God with your words with your worship to him. Remember, worship flows out of the heart and is possible is possible that you don't worship with your lips because you don't have it in your heart. Nice thing to pick up but if it spills over shout to the Lord. Praise God from whom all blessings flow over 4000 tongues to sing my great Redeemer's praise. I wish God would give me a thousand tons in a thousand lifetime to speak of the wonders of his love and the power of his grace in our lives. That's how were to use our tongues our words is our witness. Our tongue is a testimony.

How you do as the testimony of your words. The testimony of your worship has your life going. Is it negative and downhill going in the wrong direction in your words are just destructive, self-destructive, or are your words powerful and persuasive. Joshua 18 says that we are to keep God's word in our mouths at all times speak the word of God over your life speak God's promises over your situation, express God's praise, no matter what and your words, your time will be transformed to the glory here listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham in today's message taming the tongue, chances are you faced your share of crisis maybe you even in the fight of your life right now. Or maybe you're simply feeling exhausted by the busyness of life and sent to spiritual strength. Whatever your facing.

We want to help fan the flame of faith in your life by sending you Dr. Graham's newest book reignite this personal account of how God led Dr. Graham to his own crisis will help me focus on God during difficult season. See you can experience fresh passion and joy in Jesus and will send you a copy as thanks for your gift today. Call now to request your copy of reignite: 800-795-4627 that's 1-800-795-4627.

You can also text the word PowerPoint to 313131. And don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop how E store. Give the gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.Margie Castro what is your PowerPoint for today. Your words are words the way we speak reflect what's in our heart. The person with a filthy tongue a dirty mouth has an impure heart but the opposite is also true. A person who uses compassionate encouraging uplifting words has a loving heart. The Bible talks about getting a brand-new heart because the old heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. That's where Jesus comes into our lives when Christ enters our lives.

He changes our hearts. He doesn't just patch up the old one. He gives us a bran new heart. Sometimes we try to tame our tongues through education or Reformation that might improve your vocabulary.

It might even approve your ability to get along with people but the words that come out of your mouth will always reflect your heart so you can't tame the tongue without having your heart changed transformed by Jesus is impossible to control our tongues apart from the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. But when Jesus does come into your life. When the Holy Spirit begins to transform your tongue then you will use your words is a testimony of the gospel of Christ. Let me just ask you today, are you using your words testify of the grace of God, the goodness of God. The good news of Jesus in your life you need to ask in every situation, whether you posted or texted or tweeted or just say it is what I say is what I write what I post what I text does it represent Jesus and reflect his love in my life and that is today's PowerPoint. Remember when you give a gift to PowerPoint today will send you Dr. Graham's brand-new book reignite is our thanks. Call one 800-7954 627-1800 795-4627 can also text the word PowerPoint 313131 PowerPoint 3131. Join us again next time. Dr. Graham brings a message to how to embrace the full life God wants for you. That's next time on PowerPoint with Jack Graham PowerPoint with Jack Graham is sponsored by PowerPoint ministries

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