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OB Year 1 Retrospective

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May 9, 2021 7:11 am

OB Year 1 Retrospective

Outer Brightness /

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May 9, 2021 7:11 am

In this bonus episode, the scions of light announce the addition of Bri the Christ-Warrior Princess to the Outer Brightness. They also look back on Year 1 of the podcast and share some of their favorite moments that made it into episodes, as well as some that didn't. Finally, they share some exciting news about current developments related to distribution.

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Your right and him and fireflies come into direct with this video. Do a quick auto brightness, retrospective and share with you what's coming next.

Coming up on the one year anniversary about brightness being a publication before jumping any further I'd like to welcome Breanna Flournoy to outer brightness shall be joining us going forward is a regular contributor. Listeners already hurt her on a couple of episodes let's see, you are on our episode titled new life and you are also on our side episode titled advice for the post-Mormon new Christian, so listeners are probably heard your voice there. In addition, in addition to hearing her on those episodes. Listeners have also heard her music from the very beginning. Breanna has provided our theme music. And recently she contributed an original song in your eyes, which will be our theme music going forward.

And yes, that is her beautiful voice singing in that song so Breanna welcome were excited to add your female perspective to our discussions. As a result. From now on will no longer be known as the Sons of light rather as drumroll the sirens of light in a Psion is a young shooter or twig of a plant, especially one cut for grafting were rooting that fits well with Jesus is teaching about the vine and the branches in John chapter 15 and Michael I want you to note that the definition of Psion is a young shooter or twig.

So no more ages and from you. I got a call I'll watch that from now on. Since we launched on April 5, 2020 published 60 episodes, which is been downloaded more than 10,000 times. That's an average of 166 downloads per episode. We reach listeners in every state across the nation except for Arkansas, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Apparently they don't listen to podcasts of the states or there's been some kind of natural disasters of your friends in the states. Please check on them.

Make sure they're okay. We will also have listeners connect with the eye with us and more than 23 countries around the world including Canada K Italy, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Norway, sleeting El Salvador, Mexico, New Zealand, Denmark, the Netherlands, Chile, Argentina, Austria, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, India, Nigeria, Romania and other regions on now, in addition to the audio podcast we began recording video and launched our YouTube channel is exciting news to share with you about what's next.

But first let's look back a little more so when we started this journey.

Our goal was to do a series of episodes on the articles of faith and then sprinkle in some interviews and other topical episodes is one long when you finish recording tonight will have reached the end of article face series and in the past year we have interviewed podcast or radio free Mormon young woman scholar Jackson Washburn who is headed to Harvard University podcast during missionary Jordan Whitmire from the perspective underground podcast Christian apologist vocab alone, aster and podcast are Jeremy Howard from Orchard Hills Bible Church in Payson Utah and from the do theology podcast Dove award-winning pianist and composer Paul Cardell pastors Darren Caldwell and by been hiding from company Grace Church in Syracuse, Utah. So let's each talk a little about our favorite moments from this past year. So Ben and Michael eject the first so my favorite moments were unfortunately edited out by Paul Nürnberg during the editing of it. But one thing that stands out in particular is that as talking about God's omnipresence and Matthew got a little excited and stopped what he was saying and said that God is present and watches us while we shower, and realistically meted and enjoyed enjoyed talking with some latter-day Saints on the podcast as well. One being my brother and 1B Jackson really good conversation with him went really deep a lot deeper than we usually get in these conversations between humans articles latter-day Saints and also enjoyed responding to the becoming perfect video from come follow me, especially because it is kind of funny because it was supposed be a video that these two men put out together and I don't think they collaborated in all because it was more like a debate between them from the get-go when they were just talking about completely different things. So my favorite moments were lending Breanna working on right my equal. In July will speak fully experiencing my favorite being able to write lately about you. Paul once. Yeah Michael so my thunder. A lot of those. I definitely enjoyed my brother on the podcast. We don't live in the same state. We do talk on the phone quite a bit and visit back and forth quite a bit but hearing them kind of walk through his whole story. I heard some things that I hadn't heard him tell me before that was kind of fun to hear more of his story and his transition from from Mormon to Jesus.

So another one of my favorites was Jordan Whitmire.

I really enjoyed what he had to say. I think his perspective on how to do evangelism to Latter Day Saints and in the heart of Utah with his coffee ministry and his ministry of providing housing at the those things that he's doing is a missionary that are really important and I enjoyed hearing what he's involved in what he's doing and I really appreciated his heart for latter-day St. people. The episode with with the radio free Mormon was an interesting one. He kinda kept control of that episode since we were kinda going on his show but it was that she was interesting to have a conversation with someone who is who has been an apologist for the LDS church kind of amateur level and it also had some things published in some apologetic publications and candid get his perspective now is someone who is is a nonbeliever in the LDS church and perhaps a nonbeliever in God as well. So, interesting conversation. Marian and the Jackson conversation. Of course, was was really good.

Like Michael, subject to prevent them. We normally do in somebody's evangelical Christian and Ann Borman conversation so that comes really good. What are you happy with what's memorable to you from last year have a lot of great memories.

I really enjoyed our conversations on the sacraments on baptism and the Lord's supper because we just went so in depth. Another thing we did three or four episodes for each topic that we also did come in over a broad overview of each of the sacraments in general, the really diving deep in those passages and approaching them and kind of trying to approach them from how we would understand it versus how we understood is LDS that I enjoyed that I try to put my shoes back into when I was latter-day St. to see how I would approach them when I was writing a lot of those questions but I agree with both of you with all of you with that in terms of the interviews we've had. We just had some great guests on our show so hopefully will keep that going and have lots of people who have different backgrounds, different interests that that we would like to come on to interview them. I really enjoyed having pastors Darren and Ben from coming Grace Church. I've been trying to push the reformed theology income intelligence to fun you guys but I can't imagine how much I enjoy it was kinda cool to share that with them and ensure that with you as well to share why was so interested in it. I think it was really enriching in the really edifying up so that we had and what probably the 1 to 6 on my mind most I think about quite often is the think she gets her name think she just left it is anonymous but is one listener who who said that she felt like she she feels like she's a firefly and she listens to us regularly to really connect still to what were saying and that's kind of you know that really meant a lot to me because that's kind of bed. Those are the people we want to reach with the program and sought to have summary reach out and say that it means a lot to her and she feels like she identifies with what were talking about. Despite the fact that she feels like she's kind of unable to do so openly. But the fact she reached out to us really meant a lot to me.

So those are some of my favorite moments. So our goal from the beginning for our outer brightness has been to reach Latter Day Saints and former Latter Day Saints were considering our already have stepped away from that religion but who want to explore what it would look like for them to maintain belief in Jesus Christ as Savior.

What new beliefs would come out with a transition. What challenges what joys a subsidiary goal is to help equip Christians to have better conversations with questioning Mormons or former Mormons were sticking yeah so maybe you mentioned our listeners some of my favorite moments of wealth as well. Over the past year have been when listeners have reached out and there been a number of them.

Some have been able to keep up an ongoing dialogue with others listening dated that appreciated ongoing conversations with and and like you said those those listeners who reach out are our unit it helps us know that that what were doing is meaningful to people and helps give us encouragement, so I want to do now is sure some the things the listeners had to say about outer brightness listener named at MK PRR posted a review on pod been Michael he was commenting on the episode we did on your article 3 LDS conversions. A primer for the befuddled, and he wrote great podcast. I was a doctrinal Mormon and honestly worried I would offend God if I left the church until I was certain that it wasn't his for me the way Joseph Smith approach women for polygamy and treated. Emma was a huge doctrinal problem for more than a social and more than a social one because it was so manipulative and looks like the fruit of the false prophet instead of the fruit of the spirit is laid out in the book of Mormon. The New Testament other issues became apparent. Once I saw that from what it was. So Michael began her Matthew you have any thoughts on on this listener review. Yeah, maybe I see how that would you it is the same thing sort of happened to me too, is about in my story episode that led him out of the policy and the church saying that children of gay parents can be baptized on my glasses. This is the policy that's just a social problem only claiming that it was a revelation from God.

Being a doctrinal problem in being a doctor. Latter-day St. really became an issue for me was at that point so I greet with him. You do not, the fruit of the prophet people into.

So he's right on that and I actually feel what he's talking about to order I want to leave the church here even after I left for a couple of weeks like what if I don I'm going to go to outer darkness. There is no excuse brightness that that fear holds on for a long time but you know, as the Scripture say God is not given us the spirit doesn't come from God and it that is what is keeping you in the church, then you really need this to take a step back and think is necessary to construct the appointment. Foster article Estancia was what was really until all the strings have been cut my mind between Latter Day Saints church and the Bible that I finally was willing to do the same because I had the fear of God in me to thinking I was going to outer darkness, if I made the wrong choice.

So yeah it was. It wasn't until God just help me understand and reveal to me through his word that the doctrines of justification by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone and just who God is, that that there's only one God and all eternity that he's eternally been God there is no other God greater than him before or after him.

As these doctrines over pizza and of breaking the shackles off from having that fear, wanting to leave the church, yet the three of us were on a call the other night.

I can talk about my story and I talked about how my initial faith crisis was around 2001 and I got to a point where I didn't think I believed in God anymore at all confess that to Angela my my wife and tears in our kitchen and it took me a good decade after that to do is you were talking about the to kinda snip all those ties between LDS church doctrine and and what the Bible teaches to the point where I was ready to say okay I can go now and not not be afraid anymore. So for all of our listeners who are in that transition. We feel you and we hope that that our show is a resource for you. Another listener named Paul also wrote like this, quite a lot. He said it would be good for you guys to have another person there in your group to be called the nuclear Arminian like Matthew is called the nuclear Calvinist.

I believe that would make for a balanced discussion on several topics, especially dealing with eternal security. Since all of you believe in unconditional security like the perseverance of the Saints were once saved always saved. I just believe that Arminian or at least a non-Calvinist who believes in conditional security can balance it out.

So I love comments like this because it demonstrates that in our discussions with each other were hitting on the theological topics that tend to be a bit challenging for Mormons and former Mormons to grapple with, and for this listener. You know I was supposed to be that Arminian foil to Matthew I attended in Arminian seminary, but as I've studied more and more the reformed position has seems to be to me the more biblical and the stronger position and so might my journey continues and I think that's okay. One of the first things I said one of her first episodes is that it's okay not to not have everything filled filled in on your doctrinal questionnaire quite yet. There's going to be some transition. This can be some need to dig into the Scripture and see what the Bible says see what God's word says so Michael or Breanna as the other not yet reformed sounds of light.

Do either of you have anything to say about this comment from Paul yet. One of the things it just sounds a little bit funny that we would have to leave. It's called the nuclear Arminian and that's going to like the good with the nuclear Calvinist is I just sounds like a fight giant fight every single episode is really important that we don't all agree on everything is really important to you to show that we don't agree on everything that we all respect each other because the people are trying to reach Latter Day Saints. Do you believe it. Protestants are completely fractured and that it is a fight to the death any time to Protestants come across each other.

That is simply not true. Fledgling thought out their first then the other thing is that you I don't fall under the reformed camp but kind of like Paul and others have a lot of respect for and there are times where it is very compelling and I don't know where I'm going to land, but I beat good for us to make sure we are maybe pointing out the Arminian position more often and giving it a fair shake for our listeners and not just sleeping it under the rug so we are not but do you agree with a lot of my fellow bowline. I that you know when that our foundation conditional being that we can our organ works that were dynamic by you and being. I feel like our foundation is more secure because meeting for eight for Paul the listener, like I do try to bring the Arminian perspective I I read quite often from my theology professor Dr. Jack Cottrell's book is definitely classically Arminian and I still appreciate the clarity with which she explicates doctrinal positions and and and biblical data. So I do read from from him quite often during our episodes.

I haven't done so I don't think in an episode related to specifically election or the security of the believer, but I can continue to bring that perspective from my from my studies. So, yeah, thanks Paul for the comment and and out and also we all just say this.

Matthew and I have a podcast discussion thread Facebook message or threat them, but we discussed the various five points of Calvinism and Arminian positions back and forth quite vigorously over the past year and 1/2. That would been engaged in producing this podcast and I appreciate those conversations very much and their respectful and so to Michael's point, you know, having a nuclear Arminian that does make a sound a little bit like cold war US versus Russia and the that's certainly not over going for here, but glad that we can have these these respectful conversations among friends and brothers and sisters in Christ self. Another Apple podcast listener named IM for Ireland wrote a review and stated scholarly yet loving and sensitive presentation by former Mormons thoughtfully addressing the Mormon beliefs juxtaposed with evangelical Christian beliefs very helpful to Christians who are seeking to understand the Mormon doctrines, as well as to former Mormons seeking a deeper truth.

Do either of you have thoughts on this review much about the scholarly part that sounds like you Paul. Do you want to bring the scholarly part to it. Yeah, yeah. Appreciate the comment had.

That's, with the goal of over Trinity or try to be loving and sensitive, not trying to just make another human just like a program where he does bash LDS church are in. I'll just make an outlet for our frustrations. He wanted to be something where we can actually connect with Latter Day Saints. The people and also with the doctrines and kind of make a bridge between Protestant Christianity and LDS beliefs think the comment another Apple podcast listener named DRAM DI W I am wrote as a former Mormon I want to say that this podcast is much needed. Any who leave the church end up abandoning faith altogether. Thanks for putting in the time and work on this and I will watch this podcast closely. Thank you for listening to him and I hope that's not correctly and thank you for the encouragement and thank you to all of our fireflies for sticking with us. Providing feedback subscribing, and for giving us the motivation for doing what we do. We hope to continue to bring you really helpful content continuing being loving some exciting things coming out on our content is not important project standing working on graciously gave us permission to Michelle schedule course outline where Michael is also a member of the Christian called the transition he will be on to share his story and how it helps me Christian pastor reached, which seemed Christian part which has organized your company really Christian church which will be joining Christian is coming up to meeting Michael younger, I will schedule fireflies that brings us to the exciting announcement beginning on Resurrection Day April 4, 2021 outer brightness will be broadcast in 25 minutes segments on the radio in Utah will be on the truth Utah in Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden. Please tell your Utah friends and family to tune into KU TR AMA 20 on Sundays at 2 PM mountain time with thankful to God for this opportunity to reach a broader audience of Mormons in Utah and this chance was brought to us and made possible through a gracious launch grant from Utah partnerships for Christ.

So we want to acknowledge our appreciation to them. Thank you very much. Additionally, over the next month. Outer brightness will be transitioning to the Truth Network of podcasts. Don't worry, you'll still be able to find us on all of your favorite podcast apps and we will hopefully reach many more people with helpful content, making the jump to radio means that there will be ongoing costs for radio airtime and over the next several weeks will be rolling out opportunities for US fireflies to come alongside us and help support our efforts and our ministry to reach Mormons in Utah with the gospel. So look forward to those opportunities and pretty close this out with a big thank you to our listeners.

You've made all this possible. We appreciate you with thankful for you would pray for you and we wish you well in Christ, thank you for this is the outer brightness.

Please visit the outer brightness Facebook. Feel free to send us a message that send a message appreciate it. We also have an outer brightness and other also send this to hear from you soon, subscribe to the outer brightness podcast on Cass's box cast cast the modified stitcher.

Also you can check on if you like it shortly surveyed also connect with Michael just one lungs and sometimes Poland as well. Music for the outer brightness podcast is graciously provided by the talented Breanna Flournoy and by Adams Road.

Learn more about Adams Road. By visiting their ministry page at Adams Road. state right fireflies to show a man in the P and a and

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