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Sean Pronger: That Day I Was Gretzky’s Hungover Linemate

Our American Stories / Lee Habeeb
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October 6, 2022 3:01 am

Sean Pronger: That Day I Was Gretzky’s Hungover Linemate

Our American Stories / Lee Habeeb

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October 6, 2022 3:01 am

On this episode of Our American Stories, Sean Pronger always dreamed of being and playing with Wayne Gretzky. Find out what happens when his dream... meets his hangover.

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Let's play the game. Wireless and artisanal truck using one or Sanchez mobilizing the piece, I got a feeling somewhere in Lionel Richie you're beautiful, not just one client, Lionel Richie hello Adele mother's and similar-ish credit language was first Pat Benatar first word hit close. So, really serious, this episode brought to you by the first ever fully electric Monday ionic five by You can make a moment next time you order your morning coffee. Treat someone else to tell them you grateful for them back or simply to say thanks for the moment, Starbucks, this is our American stories we tell all kinds of stories you're the show this next story is the story of Sean Frommer and he was journeymen NHL player got his start, hockey be very young age. Home near Sean with his story to talk about the Gretzky chapter graphical back to where it all began, Dryden, Ontario, Canada.

I grew up Dryden great town love living there but if you don't like hockey you don't like ice fishing. Probably I can enjoy your check and tried as it is remote. Four hours from the nearest city far from Winnipeg for Thunder Bay and it's winter there for about 8 to 9 months and were talking real winter when it's 30 to 40 below is a norm and so is not a lot to do. If you don't enjoy those two activities, and fortunately for me my brother love client and all everybody's love plan so we would play on her driveway play on the street in front of her house in the outdoor rink block away and so we played hockey nonstop link the real games were down in our basement at 161 St. Charles Street, like every town in Canada. Every city pocketing Canada was a big deal, and I really kinda stopped all plans were made before or after hiking can on Saturday nights and our house.

The prior house is no different. We would come down there. My brother and I would settle in and watch the game and every intermission or commercial break was time to play one on one rate for my parents were floor hockey sticks and I was always a forward. Chris is always defenseman and I look back town just laughed because my my purchase washbasin, the two sons.

Just be each other well. My divers can sit back and relax and enjoy the entertainment and so we would like thousands forward so that I would dump it into the fake into the living room corner and you go back to get it and I would ram his head into the drywall and then read drawl and that you will just repeat that over and over for eight or nine years and so every game, every-I can do that and I was always Gretzky. He was always boss you know Bossi wasn't defenseman Chris for repair of my possible often in mind was Wayne Gretzky and with Dryden being where it is. We were four hours Winnipeg a couple times a year prior family would load up the family structure and head up to Winnipeg to watch the Jets play the Oilers in the real girls like division.

The Odyssey love watching 99 play and how he could see everything and see the game was just a real thrill but one time we went up there and we, the hotel service got lucky, but the hotel that he booked us in the same motel is and I'll never forget were in the lobby and were what this could hang out down there look up and there's Kevin Lowe and Wayne Gretzky and my brother just like their old buddies is walking past is a cake have Kevin Lowe for that.

Hilarious. Now that the Kevin will then why do sign my mother to a massive contract and that he would asked to be traded. Their history start early and soar in the hotel and your kindness I can figure out a way to go see more players in Quincy Gretzky there in the dining room of the restaurant and America appear on the corner like Chuck about using some breakfast. We consider Thomas and thinking what I want to bother him when he's eating I just seems weird about that time a guy came up behind me and had a jersey. He said he can't you go get this autograph for my son was weird, but on top like say no to adults. So I walk over interrupt his breakfast and said Mr. Gretzky, would you mind signing this I could tell he was reluctant just because he's in a restaurant and years later I figure out why he didn't want everybody else to think you need to come in autograph but anyway he signed it. He was a gentleman whose great I gave to the guy and Donna me years later that guy probably wasn't going sign for his son is probably talking at a memorabilia shop. The lesson learned. So anyway I'm I will passion for oiler hockey in my affected wing. This is my idol started at a very young age and then if you fast-forward years later. I'm now in my own career in the NHL. I show you where you started.

I was playing for the Penguins and 1,000,000,000,098/70 great physician and I'm ducks of Mighty Ducks.pre-shot and finish the season with the pepper Penguins rather unceremoniously and then before a game against the Washington Capitals. Kevin Constantine calls me in and so I got very like Sean will train you to New York and for some reason I thought of the Islanders as I am I okay I guess you nor the Rangers. Unlike the Rangers you ever look at me like why you look so happy and I just I like the Rangers. This is like Gretzky's on this team, Adam Graves, Kevin Stevens, Brian Leach, John McLean, Mike Richter, Jeff, who kaboom all Samuelson all these guys I grew up watching right on the Odyssey. My idol Lily. Other guys I grew up watching him like this is going to be awesome. This is a rebirth for me so I get trading on the trade was a blinds. I see a blockbuster trade. It was Aleksei Kovalev, Harry York and $15 million. So the way I kinda matched up. Trade was Alexi Coble.

After Peter Nedved, Harry York for Chris tamer and 15 million for Sean Kronner is just the way I kind of broke trade down internally and so it was I was a big trade so meet the team in Buffalo and was expecting, but I get to the rank without his assistant coach and using hand prongs welcome to New York not playing tonight, no Mike here we go again.

So anyway scratch my first game for the Rangers, which was a sign of things to come, but was real. I was thrilled to go to New York. My childhood ass friend from Dryden Ontario Chris Hancock living there for a few years and so it was like, all right, you keep make sure you two small-town boys from Canada in the big city. Things you get a handsome man draw some boundaries and make sure you got a job yet occurring at a worry about. I got a credit remoteness you make sure you pick a spot so we tried to keep our distance and I wasn't playing so I maybe get a lineup for no couple shifts here and there to be a healthy scratch for three games get back in for couple shifts up to scratch with names and so I talked to the strength and conditioning coach. I said I want you to drop programs can keep me ready for play. As soon as I get my opportunity and I wanted Ray to go on the taking and then never came. And so it was just getting to the point where something's gotta give is just kinda getting so frustrated I think was a game in Washington actually where I finally think I got my opportunity to to do something. It was the second. I'm in the lineup which is great and were killing a five on three and he let in Mockler who the coach left me out there and I'm like okay this is my chance and I don't know why I thought that was my chance to show them what you offensively is were killing a penalty 513. I don't know what I thought. But whatever I was to make my mark and anyways I got the clock and I'm ready as they don't expand on the popular gave to me. I'm kinda going at full speed, and there's two guys that compete in the right places.

Dumping and then no change in her job, but I think you know what I can be I can so I might do is explicity going to score and then you know right off in the sunset nutcase so I don't miss with the D check. I keep going. They pass up dinging being three or 4:02 onto the back of our net I'm on the bench never came off the bench's and I'm sitting out a must for probably the next three or four or five games then when we come back more with this journeyman hockey players story on our American story, this is Tori Johnny with the 90210 MG podcast we have such a special episode brought to you by near attack ODT we recorded at iHeartRadio type event windows hang down. Did you know that near attack ODT were not to pant 75 mg can help migraine sufferers still set an exciting event. Windows hang out. I had one night I took minor attack ODT and I was present and had an amazing time.

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As I Wanted like a coach is really no love love your love play for the Rangers. I want to play more.

What do I need to do to stay in the lineup again live in Stateline and he goes off on a rant for about 15 minutes about how good the whalers were in the 80s playing a given go game and how players today. Mid to late 90s could not play that game is very frustrating. So we went off about 15 minutes on that and were walking out a Nike was walking by is like honestly I have no idea what but he's a big family you guys played in the 80s so I got to my locker oversight by some to give so I called my body early Hancock and so all right what were going out and read to slowly go to whatever local pub is what you seven on every block as one go there and have a great time. Have a great time different spots and hit Larimer walking into a bar was 130 is very concerned when when the after-hours bars were what time they open or what time was that the writer: night 130, which is possible close so I thought and walked over the bartender excusing them what times the after-hours bars open around here is your see me after we close at 430 like no no soap courses 04 30 shut up or down. Luckily he was only about 20 walked back to my place and then there like five and seven to drive to practice and which is not a big deal because that particular the day before I was.

After practicing as the eighth defenseman so wasn't too worried about how I felt the practice often get up to see not feeling the best. But my guys deal with it.

So practice your grandma usual breakfast of champions coffee with a double chocolate chip muffin and sit there with chocolate smeared all over my face just taking it all in the locker room and unlike look around, the loss can like in your wife, girlfriend, mother would rearrange the furniture and I'm looking around player was going on here and so just the color schemes out of whack and saw him looking like on opening part and tags.

I look over my stall which is normally the yellow jersey cousin is on the fifth line money for side effects and it was a red red jersey is Gretzky's Lancers so I got a jersey I go to Mike: who's the guy I focus on closures and throw the jersey. I don't is in he grabs it, he throws about he was anointed. I like what you did on yellow. We all know that I think all the fans over and as I got out today, but Kevin Stevens has the flu so you're practicing with Grady and Betsy and I just like parties kidding me laugh and I glazed over look in my eyes. So now my heart is in my throat and I'm like, this is not like I got idolizing Wayne Gretzky and I got to practice and I'm currently more hung over. Now think of what I done like this is like a career defining moment right right when you're about to break through.

Maybe do some stupid building trunk of your body and now you're playing by some of the greatest block with the greatest pilots ever played. So this is all going through my head of her figure out how to manage this whole situation. As far as I can get you to get ahead wrapped around this is your body ready for this one practice by going to shower, cranking on pleasing calls for 10 minutes and girl like I told over. First of all this you know who I am psyched about what telling them over and split off like okay I'm just so I always end up being a lot.

He's a dude, you understand men up, with one walk over like a way, approximately days ago I saw no buddy in town, things we have gone on a little later than I would like to slightly hung over so if you don't mind could you just keep the puck away from you and maybe sort of regret is not a scumbag and rebounds and do all the grunt work in you will all survive is practice and hopefully not cut his electron story about a been there myself like yes he knows my name. All right greatest playing games on board and all of a sudden things started to lighten up. Felt like okay you through the scratches on board, get out there, he's just not the puck out of the bag a couple rebounds. Maybe good taste. The coaches mouth to look pretty good today so not thinking this is my chance.

So practice and I'm I'm skipping around warm-up like I may 15 year all-star just like arrogance that I had as 1/5 line are approximate guess he was not just embarrassing, but I'm just going with it and some is enjoying every moment and just thinking what if, what if it is such a small chance you want to read an article Gretzky once said that you put you put a bunch of hockey players on upon their vaccine to find out the players they pair up with naturally just the way they see the way they passed with a CD to this blaze and notice find your recruiter back. I kept thinking with that article and I was like what I little 1% chance that what with roadwork is the range of the time were kind of struggling and so it will be a like completely plausible that if there is a chemistry.

They might give us at least again. What what if Gretzky I had a natural, undeniable, and we get to play the next game and some good. So this is all warm up practice so I will and so first finding multiples were slightly warm up three on twos like straight down to. I kept forgetting like the first line cyber writing. Also like this is all expecting Gretzky had to deal back Candace saucer Passover gravy. The shooter should it probably is hundred 10 and so I'm not really looking anyway I dislike fluttering confined over to me already, and it was a wounded duck hits the bottom plate on my off wings and shopping right right side was off my back and little bit over the glass and the whistle goes here I go again do it again is the same thing. I don't think this one did not go over autoplay, but whatever.

I fumbled around anyway.was just the sign of things to come in every single pass. Gretzky made me everyone and I barely survived. I practice steel room after unlike rats I'm so sorry I didn't yet is a promise. Don't worry about it. Been there myself and he gave me a wink and unlike he was claiming the whole time and I think that was actually better than if he wasn't his main feeling as part of team acute like I was close enough in the group like that or is think this is it anyway but it was that's the Gretzky story and still think you how to submit chemistry.

But the world will never know and some great storytelling by Sean Bronner and thanks as always to Greg Engler for getting us this great story, and sometimes big stories in life will purchase brushes with greatness and how greatness handles things I'm a bit Gretzky handled primer. This way please do him rent one of the guys that happens, let's get through this great storytelling. Sean Bronner stories chronicled in his memoir, journeyman, many triumphs, and even more numerous defeats of a guy who's seen just about everything in the game of hockey the way primer now lives with his wife and two children orange county California. By the way, send your stories and like this. We've all some time or another. Maybe came up or brushed up against the people like this in our lives and very counterintuitive.

Dear*treat someone who comes in drunk practice like this in a gentle way and a fun way to send your stories is always our American John primer story. I was Gretzky's hung over alignment dear on our American storks Bobby bones with a great time accordance episode for you guys before heading to our iHeartRadio music Festival in Las Vegas next Sunday for making this possible. Here's a little taste.

Let's play the game. I listen artisanal talk using one or Sanchez cowboys and guppies. I got a file somewhere in Lionel Richie you're beautiful, not just one client, Lionel Richie hello Adele mother's and similar but language was first Pat Benatar first word. It will close okay here's this episode brought to you by the first ever fully electric Monday ionic five Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on insurance.

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