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3 Dimensions of Faith-Based Investing

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April 19, 2021 8:03 am

3 Dimensions of Faith-Based Investing

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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April 19, 2021 8:03 am

We all like to see our portfolios grow. But we need to understand how our investments are working and that we don’t unknowingly own stock in companies that are involved in ungodly business practices. On the next MoneyWise Live, host Rob West welcomes Jason Myhre of Eventide to talk about the importance of aligning our portfolios with our faith. Then Rob will take your calls and questions on the financial matters you’d like to discuss. That’s MoneyWise Live—where biblical wisdom meets today’s financial decisions, weekdays at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.

Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore

You like to see our portfolios grow. You know how your investments make money, not just the rise of stock prices, but how the actual companies to stock you own business Rob West. The fact is many company involved in ungodly practices, from pornography to fetal tissue research today. Jason Meyer explains three ways to approach this problem that it's all your calls and questions 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live for God's will.

Well, Eventide is an investment company that's all about faith-based investing in a financial underwriter of this program are guest in my friend Jason Meyer spends his time teaching folks the importance of faith and values when we invest. Yes, those two things can intersect and intersect very well. You know it's an idea that's becoming a movement in the investment world and Jason delighted to have you back to the program to explain all this really great Jason faith-based investing may be a new idea to some of our listeners. Despite the fact that it's growing so why don't we start off with this question and that is what does faith have to do with investing yeah really great question. I really like the quote from a person named Philip Yancey (you may know him that the Bible and read main question about money. Number one. How did you get it right carefully, abjectly or inexplicably number two. What are you doing with our you indulging in luxuries or do you have a mind to help the needy, and number three. What is it doing to you. So how is money backing up shaping our heart and many of Jesus and most transient parable and things go straight to the quote heart of the matter of money.

So once again you get it. What you doing with that and what it doing to you, and I think all three of these questions are relevant for a Christian as we think about inducting the first question right so how are we getting our money and investing how we earn it worth the money coming from one of the companies we own here. One of the product and the third of the activities that are generating the returns that are funding our future and how well why all of that or not align with our faith beliefs, values and ethical commitment for life.

Well that's powerful questions and I suspect many of us would have a hard time answering them to me. They really cut to the core of the purpose of money and this third question that often we perhaps might stop short of and that is what is it doing to us. Unpack this a bit more because is a really poignant. Yeah, I think about our documents. Most reporting on it really lack this level of knowledge about our documents and where the prophets are coming from.

I think a lot of people feel pretty disconnected from their investment accounting and we get our money into mutual fund or exchange traded fund IRA or 401(k) were thinking about retirement were thinking about the future goals were not really thinking about what companies we own and what things were profiting from their day Catholic professor at Depaul University to describe what it's like to be about 35 retirement account can go into mutual funds, where at the doctor. Not only do I not had any idea how to companies that I have stock in them being operated vanilla companies. I have stock in and so that's part of the problem is just the lack of knowledge about where money is going over supporting what were profiting from and then on top of that, many of the investment managers that run these investments have a single mandate and that is to simply find profitable companies without much consideration about how profits are earned. So if you can put this together.

We don't really know we own the about the managers. The people we hire to manage our documents are really looking for profitable companies and so kind in the classic set up for having our investment life out of sync with those things that we hold most dear, that's exactly right. And we want to tackle that you know believers, I'm convinced want to make sure that their money decisions, including their investments.

Align appropriately with their values and priorities and the good news you can do that, perhaps in a way that wasn't available even just a few years ago.

So we come back we'll talk about faith-based investing and how it allows us to align our portfolios. Those investments those companies we own with our values. This is moneywise live Jason Meyer are guest your calls after that 800-525-7000 seven letter back to moneywise live on Rob West Jason Meyer from Eventide are guest today were talking about faith-based investing what it is you can align your portfolio with your values. Jason let's pick up right there, is that look like, how can we align our portfolios with our faith is really a new innovation within the events in industry and we were talking before about some of the problems of traditional documents where the priority is only on finding profitable companies. So what faith-based investing apart if it had that mandate the dual mandate not just the find profitable companies actually examine the force of the best profit and make sure that those sources are well align with our Christian convictions and so this is a way for Christian investors to experience the pride in knowing that their money is not with a couple companies company whose return flow from activity that we believe harmonize well with faith values and commitment. Let's get a bit more specific even than that and talk about the distinctives of faith-based investing Jason. What sets faith-based investing. Apart from let's say traditional investments there are. We believe really three dimensions you can think about with faith-based investing. So the first dimension is what it called avoid. We were talking before the break. There are a whole host of problem areas that we can come into as investors and so these are things like profit from tobacco or gambling profits from abortion or tomography.

There's a whole host of problems. My company, Eventide, for example reduction identified around 267 of the problem areas. Now, many of them for different facets of larger issues, but still, the problem can be quite expensive and for the first avoid dimension about helping Christian investors to not profit from forces like those that I mentioned, that's really important. It's fascinating that you actually identified these problem areas, which means you can get very tactical about how you screen them out, which he knows big part of what you do but think this investing doesn't stop at the avoiding problem areas.

It moves beyond that explained that yeah so this spring into our second dimension you know Christian faith isn't just about avoiding it should be something positive for a Christianity present a positive way for us to live in this in any way physically exciting by faith-based investing, faith-based inducting can be a way for us to positively express our desire to love our neighbors and to honor God in the way that we use our money so that second dimension is called embrace so happy you avoided me that want to seek out and positively embrace companies products and activities we believe are well aligned with God's heart and his desires for work business and investing in the world today and we have to remember that the thing about they are not just the sight of problems, but they can be something truly positive where capital of actually seeking to advance really 4K of God's kingdom in our present world, but I know your team. Eventide absolutely loves this aspect of investing as you embrace companies that are making an impact in the world and I'd love for you to share as we've done before. Perhaps another example of what this embrace dimension can look like yeah yeah love you I love sharing your story so back a few years ago we invested in a small specialty pharmaceutical company that we believe really have the potential to and the opioid epidemic so as military. I'm sure are aware opioid are very powerful pain medicine that given the people who are experiencing excruciating pain.

So if you have some gruesome injury and you are in excruciating pain. You're given opioid to deal with that pain and opioid work very quickly and you experience the rapid on-ramp of relief, and that the medicine he meant is ramping up in the body is often accompanied by the feeling of feeling good and experiencing high people get hooked on that and find ways to continue to take this opioid long after the pain subsides and filled the pill you can crush it into a fine powder. People often snorted they will take that powder no object that they'll put the powder into a beer and a chug at all to manipulate and to experience that same initial high have to continue to find ways to manipulate it a lot of devastation in communities across the country and insert touch the lives of many of those that are listening to the company.

We inducted and found a way to develop a new technology that encapsulate that fine powder in the microscopic fears of wax and so what happens if you take this coded version of the opioid and the body break down that that lipid layer that fat layer in the stomach and you experience a nice gradual on-ramp of pain relief. But you can't abuse it. If you try to crush it. It turned in a waxy smear and it would be like trying to snort a candle or trying to inject candle wax or you put that waxy smear into a beer and and chug it but you might go about from the beer but you're not going to be able to get about a high from the opioid itself.

And so this is an example. I think a company that's bringing innovation to a big problem that exists in our world and has the potential to block the lives of many. As they employed the trap of falling into an addiction like that well well is you will like to say that is truly investing that makes the world rejoice Jason just a couple of minutes left. There's one more dimension that we haven't covered what is yeah happy you've avoided and break their still the opportunity to engage with the companies that you do finally end up owning and to engage them for even higher level of value creation in the world and engage dimension of something that many faith-based managers have the upper opportunity to deal on behalf of their investors. This is something we do in my company, and that means that your working copy with the company. If you see opportunity to help them improve. You take that and you you try to improve the company some way give you a very brief example on that we invested in a large retailer and the part of our fundamental research we were examining their customer finance arm so large retailer that you may know will often offer a branded credit card which will enable customers to make purchases and earn discounts and rewards problem was that they were looking at the interest rate on the credit card is very high so high. In fact, we began to do some soul-searching and asking questions around one of the fair and ethical interest rate to charge customers and we ultimately decided that this was too high and that it did it with something like a pet that customers can fall into that would be very difficult to climb out. Up until we engage the company we approach them with the posture of partnership and through a series of conversations we ended up initially persuading the company of our view and ended up terminating the relationship with the third party credit card vendor in opening a new relationship with the new vendor's interest rates were well within the bounds of the fair and ethical and so I think you think to be a way to affect the world in positive ways as well. Well, we have clearly heard how you can align your see your values with your investments as you avoid you embrace and you engage and allow your values to be known to make a positive impact on the company as an owner because that's what you are when you're an investor Jason so grateful for your partnership. Eventide and want to say thanks for being alone with us today. My pleasure out of date that was Jason Meyer with Eventide you can learn more about Eventide and faith-based investing. It invest straightahead your calls on any financial topic, here's the number 800-525-7000.

That's 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live where God's word intersects with your financial life. Stay with ledger along with this. This is moneywise live on euros from last were unpacking your financial questions today, flying Scripture to them in helping you move confidence and joy as you live with contentment and that's we do each day here of the program.

We have some lines open. Looking forward to hearing from you. 800-525-7000.

The number again 800-525-7000 little later in the broadcast will hear from Bob Dall Goodfriend industry veteran frequent contributor on CNBC and FOXBusiness also a passionate follower of Christ Bible check in with our market commentary today and give you a snapshot of where the market and the economy is this week so you can understand in the bigger picture of what God is doing in your life how your investments fit into that in where all of this is headed. Will reported that a little later had just around the corner as well.

Judy's calling asking about some extra money she's come into what to do with it and how you invest in a way that honors the Lord.

The first Sarah you're wanting to ask about how to honor the Lord in marriage your next of moneywise live go ahead and call I really care how can the law on a guide with their financing and it is patently caring everything is dark tonight. Yeah well it's a great question Sarah and is, I really believe so. On the heart of God. You know when we'd take us go back and look at the themes throughout Scripture clearly we see that money our finances are important to the Lord and I believe that's because, at least in my purview. You know your financial jury is one of the key ways.

God shapes your spiritual journey. I think that's why talks about money so much more the 2300 verses in the Bible, dealing with money and possessions in the things that money can buy, and in others. This competition between our hearts in the world's things and the things that that we use money to fund and that's why believe we have to get it right.

We have to put money in the proper context. Understanding that God owns it all and that were steward and money is a tool to accomplish God's purposes. Now when we put that in the midst of a marriage relationship.

We also have to recognize that what's on the heart of God is his design for marriage to become 11 flash and that includes every facet of our financial lives including yes our finances and so I believe we can honor the Lord in this area of a married couple by a putting everything under the Lordship of Christ but also recognizing that this is an area where we have to join forces and recognize the two become one flesh in this area. Also, what is that look like on a daily basis will I think it starts before we get married and just really beginning to dialogue about our views on money. How was money I handled when we were younger, how has that shaped how we handle it today and then develop a vision together based on your values your convictions where you think God is taking you as a couple. Recognizing that money then becomes a tool to accomplish all of that in your marriage, and ultimately, if the Lord blesses us in your family and I think keeping those separate Sarah makes it really challenging because it becomes mine and yours and it has a tendency to create some division or drive some wedges in the marriage relationship as opposed to saying whatever we bring to the marriage. Whatever debt we bring to the marriage.

Whatever assets, whatever. Past history we have with money and or money personalities and how God has wired us were to put all that at the foot of the cross were to say Lord we want to move forward together with this we want to make joint decisions even though we may have one bookkeeper and we want to allow your resources to be handled in our marriage in a way that's going to take us together as a couple toward what you have for us and I just think the very best way to do that is through combined accounts open and honest dialogue and communication. You might want to consider a weekly money date where you make course corrections and have some of these conversations, but again there's probably one bookkeeper. Whoever is more aligned with the details. God's word you to be more administrative, whether that's the husband or the wife but all of the decisions made together jointly. Tell me your thoughts. So does that make sense. You know I want to dedicate grand honoring Lori a thought of maintaining respect for me and that is very helpful for me, but I think one of the keys here. Sarah and I appreciate you so you want to honor your husband and and obviously we each have roles in the marriage relationship and he's to love you as Christ loved the church and laid himself down for the for the church.

So we have our roles but when it comes to this area of money. I think that that the spending plan is really critical. And here's why it becomes the instrument of peace in the marriage, not division because it recognizes that we have shared goals based on where God is taking us as a couple or as a family.

The money then supports that were were allocating our resources in a way that drives us toward God's vision and heart for us but it still allows us to have our own identity in our own hobbies and desires right so we can build right into the spending plan something for you to do what you most enjoy doing something for him to do what he most enjoys doing and so there's freedom and flexibility to be who God's created each of you to be individually within that spending plan, but it's all in the context of open communication and dialogue and I think that's get a crate for the most healthy environment and really set you all up for success. As you move forward had like to send you a gift.

It's a book called money and marriage God's way. It's by our good friend Howard Dayton and a seraph. You hold the wind will get your information will get right out to you and I love the cello Junior husband to take some time to perhaps read through it passage actually two copies and a few all agreed to maybe sit down together once a week just to talk about it. I think it'll get a lot of these issues on the table allow you to really process them and perhaps get started in a way that's can honor the Lord allow this to be a really delightful area of your marriage as opposed to an area of conflict which unfortunately is the case for all too many. We appreciate your call today pay so much more coming up on moneywise live hope you'll stay with us so we are looking forward to unpacking your questions today to those as well is open 805 five moneywise live on Rob last can connect with a financial professional offering financial advice for life values your priorities as a Christian, just look for a certified kingdom advisory area when you visit live.RG were taking your calls today 800-525-7000, and just around the corner working here from Kim. Kim wants to know how much money you need to have before you start investing 10 psi is asking about whether or not the current offer. He has to refinance his mortgage is a good one, and Randall is wondering about real estate investment, but first let's go to Kansas Judy what's on your mind is money way. My mom died later that night, make eye never and large amounts of money and my car paid off the credit card debt over $200,000 and I don't want to get account allow in town never been in much money and I let for the right kind yes well Judy. I so appreciate your call today for small and very sorry to hear about your husband's passing. I'm happy to hear though that he's providing for you, not only in his life.

But after his passing. After the Lord is taking him home and your wanting to be a faithful steward of what the Lord has entrusted to you. Despite the fact that you didn't even know you have these resources and they clearly what you've done is the right move in the sense that you want to make sure those bills are paid.

If you need help, setting up that spending plan and tracking everything we have some coaches that would love to walk alongside you Judy.

They do this very often or folks where a spouse passes away, and perhaps the spouse was the one that handled the finances of something as simple as just developing that spending plan and making sure that there's a system to pay the bills on time, that can seem overwhelming. If you've not done that for ever. Or a long period of time and it's our coaches would love to walk alongside you. That's of interest. I can tell you how to do that. Beyond that, I think the next key is to let a season of time go by before you make any significant changes just allow the Lord to help you with the vision for you know this next season and chapter of your life financially speaking. I think help managing these resources well is key so that it's there for you if you need it. Down the road. Let me just ask. The first is your income covered. Apart from this roughly 200,000 you have in investable assets around this meant it is that generally cover it or are you finding that you have more expenses than you have resources available on a monthly basis. All and now have no $300 a month over what the news is that it sounds like the bulk of your bills recover unit with $200,000.

We would typically think in terms of that being invested in such a way we would have a focus on preserving the capital to protect what you have but have a small portion of it allocated to stocks, so there could be a growth component to it that if the market was down. You wouldn't touch but in the case where the market is up, which in more years than not it is, it would provide a little extra growth over and above the income type investment you have in there. Whether that CDs which are paying a whole lot right now, or bonds, corporate or government bonds things like that and the total of the portfolio with that smaller amount toward stocks in the larger amount toward what are called fixed income type investments should be able to throw off annualized enough for you to pull three or 4% a year out of that account and never see the principal decline so that would give you a roughly $600 a month or a little bit more than that, you know, for you to supplement your income.

If you didn't need all of that and you just you know you can only take what you need, but it sounds like that should more than cover it.

I would encourage you Judy to connect with a certified kingdom advisor in the investment area.

This is good to be a godly man or woman who has real experience in not helping folks professionally with their financial affairs somebody who's met significant training and experience requirements character requirements but also is been trained to bring a biblical worldview of financial decision-making to their advice and counsel so I go to our website. If you have access to a computer and you're comfortable surfing the web go to moneywise click find ACK which stands for certified kingdom advisor and I'd interviewed two or three perhaps of there's a trusted family member or friend that helps you navigate these things. Maybe you take that person along and find someone who you have. Find a real good match with who can deploy an investment strategy like I described with your goals and objectives in mind, not trying to sell you something, but really helping you just steward these resources well because I believe that in order for you to have a lot of peace of mind here and a lot of confidence bringing somebody who's a specially trained but also knows God's heart as it relates to money to help you make these decisions and in the case of this 200,000 even manage it for you. I think will make a world of difference if you're not trying to educate yourself and make all these decisions on your own dissent make sense though what you do that, so let me do this. I'm going, and I put you on hold my producers to get your information and will reach back out to you want, you get to a place where you can talk and write a little easier. I don't want to do that while you drive and see you stay on the line and I were so thankful for your call today will get your information will get right back in touch with you. May the Lord bless you. We appreciate let's quickly go to citrus Hills Florida WK S Randall you're on moneywise live.

How can we help user very well and I returned 59 move down to Florida know that once been 17 years and it tripled in value and what I wanted 17 years ago.

They refinancing a lodging at things like that so bottom line was left with a lot of cash. I did purchase a new home three weeks left. My mom three weeks later she saw me die wonderful life but I traveled 30 minutes to teach "i" around getting 20 pounds knew God had other stuff me to do so and unbelievable public school 40 miles away near a and I don't want to stop I'm turning 61 in May.

I really want to exceed so this year I've been leasing the room with the department week when a brand-new house a mile from the Monday night to Thursday night situation by people okay what you thought was right there and I will pick up that condo right after this break, and then I'll do my thoughts on where we go from here. This is moneywise. I more to come back to moneywise lie. We began today talking about faith-based investing. This is growing and exciting area of investments continuing to flourish as you can align your values with your investments.

If you'd like to learn more about faith-based investing through our website we just posted an article from our friends at Eventide called investing courageously. We love for you to check it out. They also want to let you know moneywise's and moneywise media is listener supported.

We can only do what we do through your generous support. If you consider partnering with us in prayer in your financial assistance we be grateful whether that's one time or monthly. You can do that moneywise just click the donate button and we would appreciate it.

Let's go back to her phone just before the break, Randall was sharing with us he's got about $60,000 from the sale of the home. He's teaching his debt has been retired completely in his retirement he believes is funded. Randall, you mentioned you were thinking about a condo now with this be for you to live in or with this before an investment square feet, 12 miles. Teachers will need a place one of the other teachers is getting married so I may just I'm usually at school 12 to 15 hours a day, so this just popped out the value and about 10% maybe 12% under the Mozilla value which is conservative garage one back about 7 ft.² so citrus will. But I have to wonder what it's worth, have the only expenses are that house payment, insurance, taxes which are about 480 amount and I bring home 1300 retirement and then I've got right now I'm bringing home teaching to go straight to automatically so I just am not on putting the safety great okay so I just don't want to be a landlord and have to want it with the management company that was just four years ago. So you would use this obviously is to have a place to land a little closer to school and it would be. I see something temporary in the sense that once you fully retired, you'd probably sell it and then move back into your home with hopefully at that point it would be paid off or close to it right near Crystal River, so Very Sure What I Think the Key Is Yeah If You Feel like You're Getting a Good Price for Your Retirement Is on Track. You've Got Your Debt Completely Retired. That's Great As Long As You'd Still Be Left with 3 to 6 Months in Reserves.

Randall, Then I Don't See a Reason Not to Proceed. That's Obviously a Long Way Away like to Have a Place in Your Own You're Doing A Lot Of Working There the School and Obsess like the Lord's Really Using You and I Suspect This Is Something That Five Years down the Road You Could Sell for At Least What You Put into It. If Not, Make a Little Money on It so I'm on Board with Everything I'm Hearing My Friend and We Appreciate Your Call Today, Very, Very Much. May the Lord Bless You before We Take Our Next Call. In Fact Will Be Talking to a 10 Psi in Just a Moment about Refinancing, I Will Brand-New Segment Here on Moneywise Live on Mondays and Opportunity to Hear What's Happening in the Markets and the Economy Taking the Pulse of What's Going on around Us with Her Good Friend Bob Dall.

He's an Industry Veteran, a Mutual Fund Manager Managing Literally Billions of Dollars. Frequent Contributor on CNBC and He Stopped by Every Monday with Our Moneywise Market Commentary and Here's This Week's Installment Drop. Glad to Be Here Higher Last Week with the S&P 500 up 1.4%, Completing Its First Four-Week Winning Streak since Last August Focus over the Next Few Weeks Is Likely to Be First-Quarter Earnings.

Wall Street Is Now Looking for Earnings Growth of 25% and That Was Only up 16% of Recently Started 1/4 on April 1.

We Believe Improving Prospects for a Period of Sustained Strong and More Synchronized Global Growth Spoke Well for Equity Markets. The Risk of a Short-Term Correction in Equities Due To Overstretched Technical Conditions, and Already Elevated Earnings Expectations Has Eased Somewhat Because the Uptrend in Treasury Yield Has Caused so Far.

Stockton Shrugged off the Threat of Higher US Corporate and Individual Taxes. Although It Is Unclear Whether That Reflects Expectations That the Hike Won't Pass Congress or the Bait Didn't Profit Enough in a Solid Economic Growth Pattern While the Economy Will Lead the Pack. The Relative Beneficiary Should Be Those Equity Market Currencies That Offer Greater Exposures to Strengthening Global Trade Links Moneywise Live Market Commentary Is Checking in and That Really Gives Us a What's Happening around Us in the Markets and the Economy 25% Growth in Gross Domestic Product of Folks We Still Have a Very Very Strong Economy Going on All around Us As We Reopen and Emerge from This Pandemic.

And As We Continue to See Strong Corporate Earnings. The Jury Is out. Obviously Longer-Term, but the Good News Is, As Long As Were Investing Based on Biblical Principles with a Long View Properly Diversified.

We Should Always Just Stay the Course and Stick to Our Plan.

Let's Go Back to the Phones 10 Psi in Minnesota.

How Can We Help You Today for Taking My Call. I Got 15 Years Takes a 2.875 and the Remaining Balance on It Is Obvious Now. I Got to Truly Increasing My Payment by $50 Deductible Wanted to What He Finds Yes It's inside Your You Looking at Taking What Is Essentially the Remaining 12 Year Mortgage Because You've Been Paying on the 15 Year Mortgage Three Years Reducing It to a 10 Year Mortgage. Raising Your Payment Slightly but but Only Saving about Why Less Than 1%. Is That Right and What of the Costs Involved in This Is about 4800.

When They Are Going to Know It Increase My Monthly Payment by 50 Dots Yeah Yeah Yeah You Know I'm I Don't Think This Is Assuming It's Right on the Edge. So If You Wanted to Do the Math and You Could Get Them to Run You an Amortization Schedule so You Can See Exactly What You Will Pay in Interest over the Life of This New 10 Year Loan. Compare That to the Interest It's Remaining on the Existing Loan and You Could Do That through the Amortization Schedule and Then You Have To Add to the Savings the Cost Because You're Increasing the Mortgage by about $5000 to Cover the Cost. I Think It's Gonna Be a Wash in the Sense That It Probably Doesn't Make Sense for You to Go through the Hassle of Doing This Instead What I Would Do Is Just Stick with What Is Already a Great Mortgage at Less Than 3% Only 12 Years Remaining. And If You Just Focus on Your Paying As Much As You Can toward Principle While Still Honoring Your Other Goals. Your Giving Goals and Your Saving Goals for the Future. I Think You Probably Come out, If Not Better, At Least about the Same but If If You Really Want to Understand Whether It Makes Sense on Paper You I Would Just Compare Those Two Amortization Schedules Factoring in the Additional Cost of the Refi and Just See Which One Comes out, but I'm in a Guess.

It's Probably Not Worth It. Does That Make Sense Yeah but My Point Is That If Any. I'm Trying to Bring down to 10 Year Seems to Be around. I Got Involved Five Years from Yes Sometimes so I Don't Know. From That Perspective I Don't My 50s That Was to Well Here's the Thing, You Can Turn Your Existing 12 Year Mortgage into a 10 Year Payback by Just Paying Extra. So What I Would Do Is I Would Call Your Existing Mortgage Company and Just Asked Them What You Would Need to Send Them Every Month in Order to Take That 12 Year Mortgage and Paid off in 10 Years or If You Wanted to Match It to Your Retirement Date. See What It Would Take to Pay It off in Five. You Could Also Do That Online with Any Number of the Financial Calculators That Are out There Just Search for a Mortgage Payoff Calculator and You'll Find Many, Many of Them at Your Disposal. We Appreciate Your Call Today, but Next to Nashville, Tennessee Michael, How Can We Help You, My Calling Joe to Show Income the Company to Look for the 401(k) Plan That Pays That They Offer at Three and Half Percent You Entered to the 6% but I Put in, As Well As a Portable Pension That the Gifts Interest Quarterly with Compensation Credits at the End of the Fiscal Year. We Are Currently Moving the Portable Pension to Any New Hires All over to 401(k) Can Offer That to Any New Hires and but the What They Will Be Offering Them Is 8% to 6% That the Put in. They Are Going to Offer That to Us but We Don't Have To Do It We Can Stay with the Portable Pension We Just Don't Get the 8%. I'm Trying to Decide Which Would Be Best to Go Ahead and Stop It and Get the 8% or Continue with the Portable Pension Yeah so the Only Benefit to the Portable Pension Is You Be Able to Roll It out after As Opposed to the Current New Hires Would Just Get a Monthly Check. Is That Right Well Known Are Not Even Offering Portable Pension to the New Hires Writer That the Only Good the Only Retirement They're Offering Them As a 401(k) with an 8% Match to Their 6%. What's a 401(k) I See I See You and You're Putting in 3 1/2 in Getting Six Correct on Putting in Getting 3 1/2 Opening and 63 and Have Got It. You Know There's More Details Here Than I Were to Be Able to Unpack in the Next 30 Seconds Do This. Down the Line and Let's Do the Math Together and Then Will Let Our Listeners Know How We Came out Tomorrow. You Hold on the Line. Michael Thinks Are Stopping by Today.

We Had so Much Fun Talking for Your Questions and Comments on the Same I Think You My Team. Dan Dan Jim and Erin Will Be Back Tomorrow with Much More. Another Edition of Moneywise Line to Join Us.

May the Lord Bless You Will See That

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