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November 4, 2023 7:00 pm

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November 4, 2023 7:00 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE---Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST. --Topics Include---03- Sex before marriage, Adultery.-38- Assurance of salvation, discipline, daring before divorce, Adultery, heavy conviction.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. It's Matt Slick live. Matt is the founder and president of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, found online at When you have questions about Bible doctrines, turn to Matt Slick live.

Francis, taking your calls and responding to your questions at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Everybody, welcome to the show.

It's me, Matt Slick, and you're listening to Matt Slick live. If you want to give me a call, I've got a frog in my throat all of a sudden. Hold on.

There we go. If you want to give me a call, all you've got to do is dial 877-207-2276. And if you want to email me, just email me at info at And just put in there, you know, let's see, a radio question or radio comment, and get to it. And today is Friday, and I often do hate mail and or whacko mail on Fridays. But for now, let's get to Alex from Orlando.

Alex, welcome back, buddy. Why am I calling into this show? Because you're highly intelligent and need good answers. Well, maybe you're not that highly intelligent and you need good answers. I don't know.

I'm not sure which one it would be. There you go. There you go.

Hey, really quick before my question. So, you know how you're always talking about contacting your senator and the government about things? Yeah, I wish we could, yeah. Okay, so I contacted my senator regarding some issue. They're basically, there's a bipartisan bill.

They're trying to take credit card points away in rewards. Okay. And so I contacted them.

He sent me a generic email back not even answering my question. Yeah, they can't, they probably can't answer all the questions, you know. I mean, I get it, but yeah. Yeah, so I mean, like, I'll try to follow up again, but man, this is the government we have right now. Yeah, well, it's corrupt. It's not following the Constitution. It's opened the borders up. It's oppressing its people. It's trying to strip our rights away, get rid of our guns. It's giving rewards to those who come in illegally.

It's doing a lot of stuff like that. Yeah, we just keep praying for it, but I just thought I'd share that with you because I just got the email today, so. Well, there you go.

Okay, yeah. So my question, so Luke 22, when Jesus is praying to the Father, so I told you before I've been sharing the Gospel with this Jehovah's Witness. We met this week, just kind of some closure. We hadn't seen each other for months. I finally told him he was deceived. He won't talk to me again, but I just wanted to lay it out there. It was a good talk, but he again brought up Luke 22. And I know there's different ways to go that, you know, go with proving the Trinity. But how would you have handled it if he brings it up saying, well, how does the Trinity exist if Jesus is praying to himself? Because the Trinity doesn't teach that he's praying to himself. They just, the Trinity is three persons, not three people, not three gods, not three entities, but three persons as they consist and exist in the one being who is God beyond their comprehension. And the person of the Father and the person of the Son, you know, Jesus prayed to the Father. He's not praying to himself. He's not the Father.

Do you just tell him the truth? Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

I mean, there are a couple. I mean, I know you could kind of talk about the hypostatic union or you could talk about the will. Is it wrong to say the divine nature is praying to the or the human nature is praying to the divine nature? Would that be wrong to say? Yeah, that's what the oneness Pentecostal cult teaches. Okay, okay. Okay. And then so so if you're handling a question, do you go to the hypostatic union or would you go to the will of the Father and the different natures of the Father and Son?

Like like if someone, you know, you're on the street. You said the different natures of the Father and the Son. What does it mean?

No, no, sorry. The different nature, the different natures, the different persons of God, you know, the different roles that the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit have. Yeah, the economic trinity.

Yeah, what you always want to do is define what these things are. When people snot on the Trinity, they don't understand what it is. In fact, I was in Walmart today doing some shopping and I saw two women walk by and they're dressed in the style that is Mennonite-ish. And I just said, hey, what church you go to? And it wasn't Mennonite, but it was something else. And I said, oh, well, you guys, I said, I'm a researcher. I do all this religious stuff.

I second my, you know, just asking. And they were nice. I said, did you group from the Trinity? She said, no. And I said, oh, one God in three persons, three distinct simultaneous persons. And she said, well, Paul didn't teach that. I said, yeah, he did. But, you know, I just changed the topic. You know, is Jesus a man right now?

And then she said, it's not a woman's job to know that Bible theology like that. Oh, wow. So that's right. Yeah, I get it. I said, yes, it is. You're supposed to know that stuff.

So anyway, we had a friendly conversation. But, you know, you always have to define your terms. Just define your terms with people. They deny the Trinity. Well, what do they think the Trinity is? It's like Muslims think we're teaching three gods. You know, we don't teach that. Jehovah's Witnesses, you know, the organization misrepresented the Trinity God, three gods. We don't teach that, you know.

Unitarians do the same thing because that's not what our position is. So always define the terms, okay? Okay, yeah. And like, yeah, I made a mistake when I said nature before. I meant their one essence.

Yeah, I understand that. But so when someone brings you that question, I mean, do you talk about what's your first you go to? Do you go to the hypostatic union or do you go to the roles of each person? Which would you go to first?

Depends on the topic. Well, if that Luke 22 got brought up. Luke 22, 42, not my will, but your will be done. I'd say when people do that with me, I go, that's a good Trinitarian verse. We love that verse as Trinitarians. And it confuses them.

Okay. Because they think we're thinking two different gods, you know. No, it's not our position. And I'll say, do you know what we teach? Do you know what the Trinity teaches?

And a lot of times they say, well, yeah, it's three gods. That's not what it is. Oh, yes, it is. I said, no, it's not.

You know, it's not. And so try and teach them the truth. That's all. That's what you got to do. You always define your terms and ask questions to see what they think about a certain doctrine and then teach them the truth about that doctrine.

If they're wrong, that's the basics. Okay. Yeah.

The basics first. Yeah. Yeah. Pray for it. If anyone, if everyone listening could pray for him, his name is Kayden. I'm pretty sure the communication has been cut off at this point. After the last talk we had, we we've been talking for a while. I finally just had to say he was deceived. I said, we believe in two different gods and, and that, you know, that pretty much probably upset him and stuff. So, but just pray for him.

I, I shared a lot with him and I hope one day that God opens his heart and he can, you know, leave that wicked cult-like organization or cult organization, you know? Yeah. And what's the name of it?

What's the group is it? It's the witnesses. He's a part of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Oh, okay. I missed that. Yeah. Yeah. His name is, his name is Kayden. He's yeah. Yeah. So I know things, I know ways to stump the Jehovah's Witnesses using the Bible and you know, I've written a lot of articles on them, but if the guy's willing to talk to me, I'd be willing to talk to him, but he's brainwashed.

What you could do is if you end up talking to him again and say, hey, can I go to your church? I don't want to argue. I don't want to debate.

I just want to go check it out and see what he says. And then you go. Oh no, we already, I already went there twice, Matt. Okay, good. Good. Yeah, he thought it was a big deal because I went to the Easter service and then we talked about it. I said that was very interesting. Yeah. So yeah, so I, I went there.

This is, this is, this has been a long, I know you got a lot of stuff going on, but this is just like kind of a last dinner with him and you know, I just, he asked me that right before I left and I just kind of wanted to get your take on. How you handle it when you get asked that question. So, well, yeah, what I will do sometimes with the J-dubs is I will say, look, your Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has misrepresented what the Trinity is and it's done it many times. And the Bible says don't bear a false witness and it's done that many times. And so you go study what the Trinity is, whether you agree with it or disagree with it isn't the issue, but if a group is going to destroy it, mock it, condemn it, they shouldn't, they know what it is.

Of course. So I'm just telling you that they've misrepresented it a great deal. And sometimes you've actually gotten it right.

A couple of things I've read, but you can go to, I think it is, and you can do research. You can do searches for phrases and stuff like that. And it gets pretty involved, but I'll tell you, you can find so much stuff. Oh yeah. Yeah.

I'll tell you this for you and your listeners. They revamped their whole site. So they updated a lot of stuff and they have a new, I believe they have a new version of their, you know, new, what is it, new world translation? Yeah. Yeah. They have a new version now. He's telling me about the website and they're trying to really, they're trying to go hard right now on unsuspecting people. Yeah.

Yeah, they are. In fact, I'm looking at their site right now at the new world translation. I'm gonna go to Romans 5, 18 and see what they do with it. As the one trespassed, the result, the result to all, all men. So then as through one trespass, the result to men of all sorts was condemnation. Likewise, also through lack of justification, the result to men of all sorts is a declaring of them righteous for life. What a lousy translation.

That sounds like it came out of the Book of Mormon to be honest. Yeah. Yeah. It's just, it's convoluted. Yeah.

They're whacked. Let me go to another verse here. Um, okay. Second Corinthians five, eight, no, not five, eight. I'm going to go to, oh, I'm tired. Um, first Corinthians 15, 22 second Corinthians. No, it's just five, eight, man.

I hate it when I, I've quoted these verses a thousand times. Um, oh man, I'm just tired. Sorry. But yeah, that's okay. No worries. No worries. Well, let's hear some, I'll, I'll get off.

I want to hear some hate now. So, okay. All right. We'll talk to you later. All right. See you brother. Okay. We'll talk to you later. All right. Let's get to Buskman from Ohio.

Buskman. Welcome here on the air. Hey Matt, once again, thanks for taking my call brother. Uh, and the guys and the ladies in your chat is just, they're so cool. Um, question, uh, uh, here in Ohio, Matt, we have a huge, huge, uh, election topic on Tuesday's ballot, which is, uh, the, uh, parents rights and, uh, abortion, uh, amendment that will make it into our constitution.

Matt, so I'm discussing this matter with, hold on, hold on. Go ahead. Make it, you mentioned two things and then you said it, which is singular. And then you said in constitution. So I don't know.

I'm not understanding. So which, uh, which thing is going to make it in your constitution potentially? Both. We have an amendment here in Ohio. Yeah. We have an amendment here in Ohio and the way that it's written.

It will allow for parental rights to be taken, uh, and also abortion to be legal. Okay. That we're going to be voting on that on Tuesday at Ohio. Okay.

It's called issue one. And I'm all the fellow Buckeyes here in Ohio. That's listening to max flip live right now. Please vote now. Here's my question here, Matt.

So I'm discussing this matter with a fellow Christian. Hold on. There's a break. So yeah, we'll take a break. We'll get right back to you after the break. Okay. Yeah.

I know high ones. They need to pray and they need to vote to get rid of this evil that is trying to be codified as official. Hey folks, we'll be right back after these messages, please stay tuned. It's Matt slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt slick. Welcome back to the show. As soon as the producer activates bus men again, we'll get him back on. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Busman you're on the air. Well, you got me there, Matt. I got you. You're on.

Awesome. So my question is brother. So I'm, I'm discussing this matter, uh, with a fellow Ohioan and I said, hey, uh, can you tell everybody at your church, uh, to vote no on issue one come Tuesday? And his response was, we don't talk politics in our church, sir.

Yeah. Um, and Jesus has kept the season, which belongs to Caesar. He is in rebellion against the word of God. We're to submit Romans 13. We're to submit to governing authorities over us. That's a command to be involved in the politics of the, you know, what you're supposed to be submitting to. And furthermore, Jesus has given the Caesar that which belongs to Caesar. So this guy is in rebellion against the word of God.

And if he wants to have unbelievers in their ungodliness rule over them, then that's what he's asking to happen by his willful ignorance and his willful rebellion against the word of God. Quick and slick. That's right. Here's, here's what happens. This is what I get a lot, Matt. And I'm like, okay, do they know that they're even allowed to talk?

The issues like this from their pulpits. Nope. I can talk politics.

I'm a five Oh one C three. Okay. And I wish I wasn't, but that's another story from decades ago. I can say things like you should not vote for Democrats because they're the democratic party is full of evil history. The bigoted pro slavery, pro Jim Crow, socialism.

You should, and Christians shouldn't do it. I can say that I can say Biden's, you know, I call them the Biden crime family. I can say what I want about politics. And if they want to take away my five Oh one C three, I don't give a flying rip.

I don't care. Do you do what you got to do? I'm going to do what I got to do. But, but pastors are obligated to speak the truth from the pulpit and they're supposed to talk about these things.

And it's just, it's simply the con game from the world. Don't speak about politics from your pulpit. We can do it. We are allowed to do it and it shouldn't be that we're allowed to do it. We do not submit to the state when it contradicts the word of God and we should be telling people and the pastors and the elders should be telling their people in the congregations, here's what's going on at the polls. They're trying to pass a law to make it permanent that you can kill the unborn. You Christians better get off your lazy chairs and get out there and vote against such horrific Holocaust crap. And you should, and if you sit and do nothing because you just don't feel that chemistry out of it, then you don't complain when they come knocking at your door lockstep with the brown shirts and haul you away because that's what you're asking for when you don't fight against evil by issuing your vote for that, which is good. Okay.

Thanks, Matt. And I, I just keep thinking of Proverbs chapter 30 and I can't remember which verse, but it said, speak up for the voiceless and I consider that human being inside that mother's womb voiceless and we, as the, the Bible believing Christians should speak their voice for them and say, we've got to stop this. Um, I just, I couldn't understand their reasoning.

So I thought, I'm going to research this. So I went to a legal site and sure enough, Matt, the only thing that a church cannot do is as the entity itself, endorse a candidate. So if I was church ABC, church, ABC cannot endorse Senator Smith candidate. Okay. Nor can church ABC take money from my tithe dollars and give it to Senator Smith candidate. That's it. We're allowed to do anything else but that and not lose your 501 C status.

And who cares about it? If I was here and I, yeah. Amen to that brother. I mean, I agree with that teaching too.

I agree with that viewpoint. I really do, Matt, but Hey, that's all I got for you. My friend, uh, I just want to do, uh, bring that to your attention that, and thank you, thank you, Matt, for saying what you just said, brother.

I really thank you for that. Um, we really need to stop this and, um, our, our dear brothers and sisters are dealing with it in Michigan and it, and as I posted in your rumble chat, Michigan pastors, Matt are writing letters to Ohio pastors, mourning us. Hey, stop this. Tell your people to go out and vote. No, you have no idea what's going to happen to your state.

Like it's happening to us. So I just wanted to say, thanks. Thanks for standing up for what's righteous and true and biblical, Matt. And I'll get off the air. Thank you brother. As much as I can until I get arrested for it, for freedom of thought.

I can until I get arrested for it, for freedom of speech and expression of religious rights. Yeah. Well, I'll share some of my commissary with you.

I'll share some of my commissary with you, brother. Okay. Sounds good. All right.

Well, thank you. Awesome. Now. Okay. Bye. Bye. Bye.

All right. Let's get to Beth from Charlotte, North Carolina. Beth.

Welcome. You're on the air. Hi, Matt. Hi. Can you hear me?

Yes, I can. So where do you go? Oh, good. Well, Wednesday you were in the middle of a story while I was stuck in traffic and it was about November 1st in California and you got to the point right before a break where you said you were standing on one side of the car. The guy was standing on the other side of the car. Your friend was standing with somebody else behind him and you went to break and I was already late for prayer meeting and had to go.

So I didn't get to hear the end of the story. Can you share that please? Sure. Sure.

Yeah. At that point, I remember it well, whenever I review it, I could see exactly where I was standing and the whole bit in the parking lot and and this bad guy was out after me saying he's going to kill me, you know, threatened and and so I bolted because he moved around a car trying to get me. So I had to go a different direction and he, you know, he's pretty fast. And so I put some distance between us when he was doing that and I saw a door open on this building that was really close by and a lot of cars there, like 715 in the morning. And so I, I just bolted into that door.

Hope because there's cars right there. I figured people are in there and they could help me. And I just, I still remember seeing that door and having like 50 years ago and I just bolted right into that door. It turned out to have been a bar, alcohol drink bar open at 750 in the morning and I just ran down the end of it and there was no exit.

And so I hit the wall and next was cigarette machine. I remember that and this the bad guy, he, he appeared in the doorframe. I could see the light behind him in the silhouette, the dark silhouette and he saw me and he started walking towards me and I forget exact chronology, but I said that this one guy's one large guy sitting there drinking and I said, please help me. This guy's trying to kill me.

I didn't do anything. He's trying to kill me. And, and right when the guy, the bad guy gets to me, this big man stood up and got right, right in his face and said, it'd be no, none of that here, get out.

And, and this guy, you know, he was a, the big guy was a full head bigger than this, this guy. Right. And he saw that the bad guy looked at me and he said, I'm gonna, I'm gonna get you, you know, you wait and we'll get another break. So now I get back up to tell you what happened after that. Okay. All right. Hey folks, be right back after these messages.

It's just rekindling something that happened on November 1st, about 50 years ago until it was a traumatic event. And we just got killed. Hey, be right back after these messages. Please stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right, everybody. Welcome back to the show at the bottom of the hour. And let's get back on the air here with Beth. Beth, are you still there? Yeah, I am. Thank you.

Okay. And so there I am in this bar and 17 years old and terrified and no one in the bar said anything. No one did anything.

No one did anything at all. I just sat there for 20 minutes recovering, getting my courage up to go outside. And my friend who had escaped had called the police and so the police were there and they couldn't find me. So they figured the guy who was gone had kidnapped me.

So they thought that they put a bulletin out and the whole bit and they never checked that open door to see, you know, because it's the area. And I come walking out after 20 minutes and my friend Dave goes, there he is, there he is. And then, you know, the police are all over me. And are you okay? And, you know, and that was basically the end of that.

Wow. Something happened after that two weeks later. And so what happened was I was coming back from a doctor's appointment and I got home and Dave called me and he said that we caught him, we got the guy because he and I were in high school at the time and this guy, the blue van and the blonde hair guy was driving and threatening to kill us, was driving up and down. And Dave figured he was looking for us. And so he called the cops.

Yeah, he called the cops and the cops got him. And so they'd had him at the station and then that got ahold of me and they said come on down and I did. And he said he's one of the guys who goes to your school and he's a senior, I think he was a senior or junior, I can't remember now. And I said, really?

I can't believe that, really. And he said, so here's your annual, you know, he's in here. So I looked through it and all the guys that matched his description and I said, I don't see him.

And they said, look, you've got to try one more time. And if you can't identify him, we've got to let him go, our case is blown. I said, okay. I looked very, very carefully. I still remember doing it and I examined everybody who matched his description. And I just said to the guy, the detective, I said, he's not here.

And they were really upset about that. And I, and because my friend ID'd him, but, and I said, well, who is it? And he pointed to this one guy and he was a friend of mine in one of the classes. And I said, no, it's not him. I said, I know this guy.

I help him with homework. It was a math class, you know, I'm a brainiac, you know? And so I said, look, it's just, it's not him. And he said, you're trying to protect him. I said, nope. I said, if it was him, I'd tell you, but it wasn't.

I don't want you to get the wrong guy. I could see why, you know, they look similar, but I know him personally and it was not him. Okay. And so they let him go and that was the end of the story. Wow. Yeah, well, I appreciate you going over it one more time for all those other people who heard the end already.

Thanks. Well, maybe sometime you guys call me up. Yeah. Well, I got another story that's just as gripping and, um, about a car accident.

I was in, in a canyon and crawling my way out for real. So that's another story. Okay. I got stories. Okay. I love it.

At the time, there was a time I said something mean to my wife and, and the glare. Oh man, it was terrifying. So yeah. Do you remember the date of that one?

Like you do now? Right. Yeah.

The, the, the date of, of, of the, of this one and that number first, the other one was June 19th, 1976. The car accident one. Oh, oh, okay. I was, no, I was asking about the glare.

The glare. Oh, it happens all the time. It's just a, it's like, you know, constant, you know, I always go, I'll say something, you know, lame and I get this weird look, she shakes her head, rubs her forehead a lot and I hear her mumbling things as she walks away. I don't know what her problem is, but, uh, you know, and I just, you know, I go up behind her and was it something I said, you know, she's so lucky to have me because I said to her, am I boring after all these years? She goes, no, you're not boring. And I tell her, I said, see, you could never marry anybody else. It's not possible because if you were ever dating another guy, he'd be boring compared to me. He wouldn't be as humble as me.

He wouldn't be as fun as me. I'm just bragging and all this stuff. And she just, there she goes, rubbing her forehead again. So I don't, you know, so. Yeah.

That's what it is. Well, thanks. I hope I'm stuck in traffic and not late for something the next time you share the accident story.

Yeah, that was a, it's a profound story. Maybe I'll do it today. Maybe I won't. I don't know.

It just depends on how things go. Okay. Maybe it will. I don't know.

We'll see. Okay. All right. All right. I love your show, Matt. Thanks.

At least that's one person. That's good. All right. Okay. All right. All right.

Hey, you know, I just had an idea. We've got a break coming up in about three or four minutes. If you guys want me to tell the car accident story from June 19th, 1976 and yet to call me and say yes, or in the chapter, you got to say yes.

So you know, tell the story, something like that. And if not, I can just do some hate mail because we got hate mail and we got nobody waiting on Friday. So I could do hate mail. So let's see.

Hate mail, hate mail. Let's see. Let's see, are your reviews of other faiths written by a 10 year old mentally retarded person? So this is, yes, this is all right. Okay. I like this kind of stuff. Good insult.

Okay. And you know, 10 year old mentally retarded person. Now that's not nice for him to say, but that's what he's saying. Is this seriously the way you try to convince people of Christianity? No wonder people leave Christianity in masses. There are no contradictions in the Bible. Lying is a sin. Jesus will start to cry. Oh man. There are a lot of contradictions depending on which gospel you read when exactly did Jesus die.

Depends on which gospel you read. Pathetic. And so that's not a very good hate mail because you know, it's weak. It's weak because it doesn't really say anything specific. It's just a generic kind of an insult. Look, if you want to insult somebody, get a little specific. It helps, you know? Uh, you know, just your IQ is, is, you know, equivalent to, um, uh, you know, a wet sponge. You know, you, you can think as what the agility of a glacier, you know, I like those.

Those are good. Okay. But if you're going to say, I do something wrong on my articles day, which one, which article is it?

But I get this a lot or people just, they just, uh, insult and they don't give me specifics. Shame, shame, shame. All right, let's see.

Why don't you call me? Oh yeah, this is what this person said. Um, are you sure that you're biblically literate? I asked this question after reading your article on baptism. You don't rightly divide the word of truth. You can't be serious about your statements. You need someone to guide you along instead of your hodgepodge of misrepresented scriptures and you using them out of context. Satan has got a real winner in you.

You can't be serious. And lots of explanation points right there. And, uh, that's a guy named Charles wrote me that one and I would call him back and go, Hey, what's up, Chuck? You know, and stuff like that. But, um, so, you know, I like when people, you know, they want to discuss things with, uh, with me on, um, on baptism. I know the scriptures, I've debated it countless times. And then when I, when I do is I show them the context of the things that they quote and they don't like that because a lot of times people don't like that.

A lot of times people are just convinced that whatever their church tells them, whatever the church says, that, uh, that's what you got to go with. That's what you got to go with. So there you go. All right. So let's see, let's get to another one.

Let's get to another one. How about, uh, you are sorry that I beseech you to be obedient to God's word. It's a question mark after a long thing like that.

Um, kind of a statement with a question mark. You are sorry. So you're not, are you, you are sorry that I beseech you to be obedient to God's word.

You got to do the up thing at the end because it's a question question mark on there. Don't be sorry. Just read God's word and abandoned manmade traditions. Okay. Like what? List it out.

You got a manmade tradition that I'm doing, please list it out. That's all you got to do. It's not that hard. All right.

It's not that hard. Let's get to Marsha from Winston Salem, North Carolina. Marsha welcome.

You're on the air. Hello, Matt. So Matt, I just wanted to get your, I don't know, input as to what I can do. I've lost an extremely good friend, um, due to the fact that she's a Mormon and she has been all of her life. Her parents are Mormon. So occasionally I would just mention little things.

I would start off by saying, well, why don't you invite me to church or, or then I would just interject things about, you know, Joseph Smith. And so the last time I said something, I went into a little more detail, um, about the cult and I went to various things. And so she won't have anything to do with me anymore. Yup.

So I guess it's just, I mean, I don't know where to, where to go, you know, I don't know what to say. I don't, should I just let it go? Well, you know, yeah, let it go at this point when you pray for her, but Jesus says that he came to set a father.

That's exactly what I've been doing every day. That's right. So he came to set a man against a father, daughter against a mother, daughter-in-law against mother-in-law because they'll divide over who he is.

That's Matthew 10, 34 through 36. Hey, we'll be right back after these messages. Hold on.

Okay. Be right back folks. It's Matt Slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick.

Everybody. Welcome back to the show. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Marcia, you still there? Yes.

All right. So, uh, Jesus says, don't think that it came to bring peace on the earth did not come to bring peace, but a sword for I came to set a man against his father and a daughter against her mother and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law and a man's enemies will be the members of his household. So that's Matthew 10, 34 through 36. And the reason he said that is because people are going to be divided over who he is. And as Mormonism teaches that God came from another planet as exalted man, as a goddess wife, they have relation to produce offspring and that Jesus is the brother of the devil and all of us in the preexistence that obviously is a false God and, uh, but they believe it's true and they worship a false God.

And so, uh, this is the, uh, the result to be division. And she's just completely brainwashed. I mean, there's nothing that I say that she claims, you know, that she's a Christian, you know, and I think the last thing I said that probably really got to her the most was I said, you want to go to heaven, don't you?

Because there's been anything else getting through. Well, then that's the straw that gambles back. So I just, you know, I thought about sending her an email, you know? Well, just give us some time and pray. You just never know.

You could have planted a seed that's going to just, it'll germinate later. You just don't know. Okay. I appreciate your time and I really enjoy your show. You've taught me a lot.

Okay. How are you feeling about this? Is it hurt? Um, yeah, very hurt.

But I guess I just can't expect anything else or someone that, you know, from birth that she's 67, you know, she hasn't been taught anything any differently. So, and has never been challenged. Yeah. Well, when people come out of cults, the two basic ways are really simple is slow or fast.

Slow often takes about two years. As they, wait a minute, what about that? That's right. What about this? What about that? And gradually they, they kind of put it together over about two year period.

That's just what I've heard. And the other one really fast, something traumatizing happens. Where the church turns on them for questioning something, asking the wrong question. You know, they go, wait, wait, wait, I'm just asking a question. And all of a sudden it gets bad because that's what Mormonism does. It's destroyed many families, it has destroyed families.

And I got a story from a guy and I tell it every now and then that he told me to my face. He was a Mormon and what the Mormon church did to him. It was horrible because he just questioned a couple of things.

That's all. So, uh, you know, you're right, it's a cult and it's a brainwashing cult and they think that they believe the truth and they go with their feelings and a testimony of Joseph Smith who lied. I mean, he said he saw God, the father, but he didn't because the Bible says no one could see God, the father clearly says that. And you know, I, I know all the verses and stuff and I can talk to him and debate him and I've offered challenges to Mormons to debate him.

But they don't take me up on it. Okay. And see, last year she ran into some financial difficulties, so she wasn't able to, I don't know if they call it tithe, I can't remember. Um, so the, um, leader of that particular location, he, he shunned her. He would speak to her. He wouldn't have anything to do with her. And she was going to go to the temple with like they do however often.

And he said, no, you can't get it because you're not tithing. Right. And I knew something was bothering her for weeks. And so I finally asked and she told me, and I just, that's when I lost it. That's when I thought, okay, it's time for me to start talking to her.

And that's when the whole, you know, thing started. That's not up to a human being to make that decision. You know, it's up to God.

I would just say, just give it a couple of months. She'll contact you. I wouldn't be surprised, you know, and just pray for her and pray for your own humility before God and that you'd intervene in her life.

And maybe she'll call you and talk to you. Who knows? Okay. Okay. Okay. Thank you so much.

Yeah. Sorry going through this, but you're welcome. Thanks. All right. Take care. Bye bye. Okay.

Oh, I hate to see that. Chris from North Carolina. Chris, welcome. You're on the air. Yes, sir. Oh, Matt, what's your name? I'm Chris. I'm on the air. Yes, sir.

Matt, what's shaking, baby? How you doing? Doing all right. Hanging in there.

Look, I'm going to get quick to the question. My wife and I are attending a church, currently it's non-nominational. She's attended it since she was a teenager. And we are considering changing churches. We went to a church and it's come to find out it's a Pentecostal Holiness Church. And I was just wondering what your thoughts are on, because the pastor preached strong on Jesus Christ and Christ alone.

And I'm just wondering what your thoughts are, sir. Yeah, depending on it, when it's Pentecostal Holiness, they generally teach that you can reach a present state of sinlessness. A lot of them hold to that, and that's a problem. And those who don't hold to that in the Pentecostal Holiness often, very often teach you can lose your salvation and you keep it by your goodness.

And it becomes a legalism either way. So what you can do is go to the website that they have. They should have a website and see what they teach. If you were to give me, what's the name of the church in the city? What's the name of the church?

I'll look it up right now. South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church. South Henderson. Or Southern Henderson Pentecostal Church. Henderson, North Carolina. Pentecostal Holiness.

Oh, man. Okay, South Henderson Pentecostal Holiness Church. Here we go. And what I'm going to do, the first thing I always do is, Pentecostal Holiness, who we are.

Let's see. I want to look at their statement of faith. Now, and their staff. I'm looking about, here we go, about what we believe. Pastors and staff.

Let's see. So, Pastor Rhonda. Okay, bad church.

Okay. Got a woman pastor. So, need to stay away from the church. Well, the pastor that we've heard is Pastor Mark. I'm not sure of his last name. Yeah, Richardson. So, Pastor Mark Richardson doesn't know the scriptures well enough to be qualified to teach because he's permitting a woman pastor.

So he's disqualified. So is Pastor Jesse Matthews and Pastor Tony Broom? Okay. And I would gladly, gladly fly out to their church and debate them publicly on it. Absolutely. On women pastors and elders.

It'll never happen. Well, now, Pastor Rhonda is actually the music pastor. Okay.

He's like the music. Yeah. Um.

Okay. Yeah, it's basically cultic. It says it's the manifestation of speaking in tongues. And do they use, do they say the phrase, Holy Ghost, like that? Or they don't say Holy Spirit, they say, Baptized and the Holy Ghost, like that.

That's what they kind of do. So, yeah, I'm looking for baptism. Baptism of the. So they often, sometimes they require baptism as necessary for salvation.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost was speaking with tongues. Yeah. And, yeah, looking at it. Now baptism is simply a public expression of your faith, correct? It's not just that.

It's not just that. But it is that, but it's a covenant sign. Okay. It's a covenant aspect and a declaration of identity.

Okay. Baptism. I have an unusual view of baptism where I believe that baptism more often than not is by the application of water to the individual, not being immersed.

And I'm not going to die on that hill, but that's why I'm growing more and more into that. And, you know, in scripture. Oh, the sprinkling.

Yeah. Yeah, because I believe Jesus was sprinkled according to the law, the Old Testament law. And I can give you the verses for that, you know.

And I know that a lot of people take it away. I know it says, that the Spirit landed on him like a dove. Right. And this is fulfilling the requirements of entering into the priesthood after the Order of the Hasidic, according to Numbers chapter 4 and Leviticus chapter 8 and Exodus 29. That he had to be 30 years of age. Jesus was 30. That's why he got baptized, to fulfill all righteousness, that's what chapter 3, 15 says. Yeah.

Yeah. So, they had verbal blessing given. Had to be 30 years of age, and anointed with oil, that's the representative of the Holy Spirit, and sprinkled with water.

They had to be sprinkled with water. That was the requirement for entering into the priesthood. So, if that's the case, then I'm forced to lean that way. And that's what I do. So, you know, it's whatever. But, so, I'm looking for baptism here, water baptism, and I don't really say anything about it. Yeah.

So, I would stay away from that church. Okay. Okay. All right. Well, I appreciate it, Matt. Thank you, sir. You're welcome. All right. Well, God bless. All right. Okay.

Bye. Carl from South Carolina. Carl, welcome. You're on the air.

Carl. Hello, Matt. Hey, how you doing? Chris, can you hear me? Yes, I can. A little background noise, but I can hear you if you speak up. Go ahead.

Great. Hey, I got a question on when God created angels in relation to the angels, a third of them being cast down. I'm on an impression that at a point that Satan was able to come back up to heaven and back down to earth, but in relation to the creation of the earth and then creating man, how was it in relation with the devil, you know, deceiving man and being, you know, created in that timeline? I'm not sure what you're asking, though.

What are you asking? Well, in the creation of the world, I think it was the seventh day, where he created man. You want to know when he created angels? Right, right. Okay.

I don't know. And there's different theories about it. My belief is that he created them before the creation of the earth. So I can't prove that, but I just hold that he created them and they were involved in the worship and adoration. Now, there are some theologians who don't agree with that, and that's okay. The Bible doesn't really tell us when, specifically, so it's not something we can answer definitively. But at least from what I've researched and what I've seen, maybe someone has a better answer.

They know some scriptures that talk about it. But it seemed as though from the beginning that Satan ended up falling and then God created the heavens and the earth and then, I won't get into the gap theory, which is part of the issue, and some say he created the angels on the first day, some say right before the first day, some say the second or third. So, you know, I just don't know.

I wish I did. Okay, great, great. I just listened to John MacArthur and he brought it up like the angels were created, as most people agreed before, but it was just kind of a timeline of being cast down when that period happened and Satan deceiving man. So it's... So it had to be before then, that's right.

But we don't know exactly when or which day because man was created in the sixth day, so it went before then. But hey, there's the music. We're out of time, Carl. Okay, buddy. God bless, man. Hey, everybody. I hope you have a great weekend and by His grace, we're back on here on Monday and we'll talk to you then.
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