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March 8, 2023 12:27 am

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March 8, 2023 12:27 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include- ---1. Predestination and damnation- -2. Cremation and the Rapture, who is taken first-3. Hypostatic Union- -4. Joyce Meyer's book -Battlefield of the Mind-, Female Pastors


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. It's Matt Slick live. Matt is the founder and president of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry found online at When you have questions about Bible doctrines, turn to Matt Slick live.

For answers, taking your calls and responding to your questions at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. That's Tuesday, February 28th. If you're listening live, Matt Slick is obviously still in the Holy Land on his trip there with some other Christians. He will be back after this week, Lord willing. That's the plan.

And if the airlines don't get a cramp in their system, so we will look forward to Matt coming back in just about a week. On our show, the Matt Slick Live, this is a show where you can call in and ask questions about the Bible, about theology, apologetics, religions in general, atheism, or even questions from the point of a skeptic in regard to the Christian faith. You're welcome to call in. We have a toll-free number for you. It's 877-207-2276.

That's toll-free 877-207-2276. On this show, the callers drive the topic. So you call in with the topic and we'll do our best to field it from a biblical point of view. If we can do that to your satisfaction, then we've done our job here today.

And of course, all the more, we hope to glorify the Lord in exploring the topic you might have. So let me go ahead and get right to the call that's here waiting for us. Let me get the button, and we have Luke, Luke from Maryland. Hi Luke, are you there?

Yes, yes. How are you, Charlie? I'm doing well, thank you. So, thank you for taking my call. Last time I cannot understand my accent, but I'm trying.

I'm at the gym right now. My question is, act after 1348, when the Gentile churches... That's Acts 13? No, no, I'm comparing with the two verses, 1348 and 1535. Let's go with the first one.

Let's go with the first one. If appointed people in Antioch, people believe, then why fall short of the word of God again? Paul is saying that people are already appointed and believed, and then he's going to Antioch, and then he's preaching and teaching many others the word of God. It's already people who believe, and then why are they going to act short again and preaching and teaching the word 1535?

That's a good question. The view here is that the writer of Acts, which was Dr. Luke, he understood that the appointment to eternal life took place prior to us ever being born on this earth. It's an eternal appointment that's called predestination. He predestined those who were going to believe in him, and he also gives the order to us as members of the body of Christ to preach his word, because his word is the means by which these people will respond, and he will open their hearts and minds to his gospel. Now, it's not really explained as far as the technical aspects of how God produces this end through these means, but since he tells us to preach the word, and it's by the gospel and the hearing of the gospel that people's hearts are opened, then that's what we are to be obedient and do. We deliver the message, and God does the work upon the hearts and minds of men. So, this is something that he's predetermined, it's called predestination and election.

We've been elected before the foundations of the world. Okay, that's clearly taught in scripture, and then I responded when someone shared the gospel with me. It wasn't a surprise to God that that happened to me. He had set in motion, by virtue of ordaining the circumstances ahead of time, that would bring me to him in the fashion that I had. And that was most uplifting to him, and most pertinent, and actually just overwhelmingly important to me at that moment. So, those two work together. God predestines and appoints us before the foundation of the world, and we preach the gospel because you and I don't know who it was that the Lord appointed or predestined to salvation.

I can't tell you who it is and who is not ready for that. So, in order to cover all the bases, we'll be obedient to God and preach it to everyone. Okay, and whether he calls them or doesn't call them is up to him and according to his will, that's the will he works, but we deliver the message nevertheless to everybody. Does that make sense?

Yes. The thing is, the question is, in Antioch, he finished his work, he preached and taught, and now he's again saying that he's preaching and teaching. The people already believed and appointed people believed, and then in 1535, he's again preaching and teaching many others also. Okay, 1535. Let me make sure I got it right here. Acts 15, 35. I have a sneaking suspicion. Okay, 1535.

Sorry, that takes me a while. Paul and Barnabas stayed at Antioch teaching and preaching with many others also, the word of the Lord. Well, this is it. They're carrying out the great commission to go and preach to all the world, to every creature, and they're doing exactly what I was explaining. They're sharing the gospel with people, and they didn't know either who was predestined or appointed. So they're preaching it to everyone, even those who object to it and are opposed to the gospel. There may be a point later that the Lord will bring them to him, having had a seed of faith planted within them by the preaching of Paul and Barnabas. And also, the preaching is a means by which we can grow in the faith by listening to the words of the apostles and their preaching, and it's a continuation of our walk with God and our getting to know him better and better by the preaching of the word. So it has a dual purpose, in that they're carrying out the great commission, and the word of God is going forth and doing its work.

Okay? So if God predestines people to divination and people to salvation, then God is responsible for people who are going to help people who are against God. Like Hitler killed a lot of people. If God knows before the foundation of the world, is he going to kill him?

Is he going to kill a lot of people? Or if somebody is going to rape a child, God knows that. Well, he does indeed know the ones who will not respond to him, and he talks about that as he's described as the great potter. And he has the right to form vessels for the purpose of destruction, to bring about the ends that he's intending. He has every right to do that because we have no claim on salvation outside of our faith in him. So he's responsible for creating people the way they are. I like to think of myself as the pot on his spinning wheel as he's squeezing me into the clay form he wants me to be. I don't like it when he puts a squeeze on me sometimes, but I'm going to end up being a vessel that's going to be praising and glorifying him, but he also says he makes vessels of wrath, and those are known to him as well. Like I say, we don't know what kind of vessel a person is, so we preach to all these human vessels walking around, because they're all a reflection of God and his image, and we're to do what we can to help them along by preaching the word that's the Great Commission.

Thanks Luke, I appreciate that question, it's important, and I'm glad you asked it. One more thing, so how come God can get those people? If God has already sent some people to damnation, then he cannot blame that person, because he's already going to hell, and God has already predestined some people to go to hell, and then how come he can get those people?

How can he do what to those people? He predestined people to hell, and predestined people to heaven, and then he cannot blame, he cannot judge the people who are going to hell, because he's already planned. He's got every right to do so, do you remember the story of the great flood of Noah's time? He had every right to judge those people, wickedness was on their minds and on their behavior at all times and in every way, except for the righteous Noah and his family. God has the right to judge evil and even destroy mankind, with the exception of Noah and his family. He has that prerogative, and we're not to judge him on his actions, he judges us, and when we flirt with trying to say, well God might not be doing this justly, or it might be an arbitrary and capricious decision on his hand, then we're involved in great mischief. He has the right to do with the creation as he will, and in the end it will be to our benefit as believers and to his glory in the end. So that's how it works, and I don't like it any more than you do, I hate the feeling that people are going to end up in eternal punishment, and so I'm doing my best to sway them away from that as we all should do. Thank you so much Luke.

Okay, that was a good question, and it's a mechanism by which God doesn't give us full insight to, but he does describe the fact that he is the just judge, and in the end he, of all persons we can trust, will do what is right. And we're going to soon come on a break, I'm glad that question was. We've got another question coming up, and so stay tuned, and we'll be right back with your questions on Matt Slick Live. It's Matt Slick Live! Taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick.

Hi, this is Charlie Spine, sitting in for Matt Slick on Matt Slick Live. I'm glad to have you with us, we have a toll-free number to call in with your questions, and that number is 877-207-2276. And we do have some calls, let me get right back to them, and we'll call here from, here's a call from Timothy. Hi Timothy.

Hi, how's it going? Hi Timothy, you with us? Oh good, yes, thank you, I got you. Okay, you can hear me? Yes I can.

Yes I can. My question is, you know when Jesus says that the dead and Christ will rise first, does that mean people that's been cremated too, or is it just those that are in the coffin, or is it those that are cremated too that will rise? Oh, that's a wonderful question. Yes, believers who have gone on and died in the faith, okay, they will be raised first, and then we will join them in the air, yes. Now, here's the thing, people that have lived a life of faith and trust in Jesus, if they get cremated, they go to dust in a crematorium in a few hours, and that's all that's left of them in the physical sense. People who decide to be buried in a coffin, well, they're going to go to dust too. From dust we came, and to dust we'll return. It may take them years and years to return to the form of dust, but they too will end up in a form of dust. So, the cremation and the burial, as far as those who are in the faith when they pass over to heaven, the dust is of no consequence to God. He'll put them back together in a form and a shape that will be pleasing to him, and if it's pleasing to him, it'll be pleasing to them, and it should be pleasing to us. Now, if we are here at the time this takes place, it says that then we too will be given a glorified body, pleasing to God, and it'll be in that immortal condition that those who have gone on before us get. It's an event that most theologians say is almost synchronized, in that what they're speaking of takes place in just a very brief moment of time, and we probably won't know that they preceded us in getting their body by any time sequence, but that we'll be joined with them and then forever be with the Lord.

So, cremation, that's up to a Christian, it's not forbidden in Scripture, it's not advised in Scripture one way or the other, but at the rapture we certainly won't be concerned with it anymore if we've been cremated or buried in a coffin in the regular sense of the way we think of burial. Does that help? Yes, thank you. Okay, well thank you so much for that question, that's a great question, and I'm glad you asked it, so, excellent, excellent. So, we do have someone else on the line, you can get on too, we have open lines at 877-207-2276, this is Charlie Spine sitting in for Matt Slick.

Matt Slick will be back with us, Lord willing, next week, after he finishes up his trip to the Holy Land, and we look forward to that, and we look forward to his reports when he comes back. But now we do have another caller on the line, and it's Diana, and Diana, I think you have a question about the Trinity and the Hypostatic Union, that's always a good topic. Always a good topic. Hello Diana!

Oh, Diana, I hit the button to put you on the air. Perhaps Diana has stepped away from her phone, let me put her on hold, and we'll come back to Diana, but the Hypostatic Union is a wonderful topic, it's something, it's a jawbreaker of a term for some people, but don't let it scare you, this is just one of those theological terms that I often tell people, is a shortcut into a topic that has to do with Christ's incarnation. When he came to Earth, he was fully God, and fully man, not half and half, or part and part, fully God and fully man, we learn that sometimes from Philippians chapter 2, where it says, he emptied himself and was found in the form of a man, and even went to death on a cross, like the man, he emptied himself and took upon, here's the thing, he didn't give up any part of his being deity, in fact the verse says, while never ceasing to exist as God, he lay aside his prerogatives as God and became man for us. So, he never ceased to be deity, but he took upon an additional nature, and became the only one that can fit the title of Theanthropos, the God-man.

We've heard of anthropology, the study of man, and theology, the study of God, the Theanthropos is the God-man, and there's only one of them, it's Jesus Christ. Now, the hypostatic union meant that, as Philippians says, he humbled himself for a time, and was obedient to the Father in all things as a man, but he still had prerogatives he could exercise, such as curing the lame, giving sight to the blind, giving hearing to the deaf, raising the dead, because he was who he was, fully God and fully man, we shouldn't be surprised and expect anything less from him when he wanted to do so. The hypostatic union is an insight into the Trinity, in that, as a man, he was dependent on his Father in Heaven, and said that he only did those things what the Father showed him, and he always did the will of the Father. This is the kind of obedience that you and I can't muster up a perfect performance and a perfect score and say that we've always done the will of God in Heaven.

We do our best sometimes, but we fall short. But he, in the hypostatic union, did not fall short. He performed the act that no man could perform, in that he sacrificed himself as a man and as God on that cross for us.

Interestingly enough, he still exists as a man. He came back, rose from the dead, and he showed his disciples his wounds. He invited Thomas to put your finger in my hand, put your hand in my side, and see that it is I, myself. And Thomas, with his famous confession of faith, said, my Lord and my God. He recognized, this doubting Thomas, recognized finally, fully who Jesus was. He was his Lord and his God, the man Christ Jesus.

And it's a wonderful confession of faith that is for us there. Now we're coming up to a break, and so come back when we're done. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Okay. Hi. We're back from the break.

This is Charlie Spine again, sitting in for Matt Slick on Matt Slick Live. And we talked a little bit about the hypostatic union and how it applies to Christ and his two natures on earth, both God and man. And I mentioned a section of scripture where Thomas, the apostle Thomas, who is famously known as Doubting Thomas, the skeptic of his group, the others had reported to him the risen Christ, and that was his rebuttal to them.

Well, I'm not going to believe it until I can put my finger in the wounds of his hands and my hand in the wound in his side. And of course, Jesus produced himself with those wounds for Thomas to look at, and Thomas confessed, my Lord and my God. Our Jehovah's Witness friends will take that verse, and sometimes when you show it to them and say, look, this proves the deity of Christ, and his humanity at the same time, and they say, no, Thomas was just exclaiming, like with an exclamation point at the end, oh my Lord, oh my God. And of course, that would be taking the Lord's name in vain. And Jesus, as an Orthodox rabbi, would have had to chastise Thomas for such an exclamation.

You can't just do that in an excited sense and frivolously, even if you are surprised. The comment Thomas made for people who have really taken a deep dive into it in the Greek says, A lot of you know kyrios is a word for God, and theos is a word for God or deity. And when Thomas exclaimed, the Lord of me, the God of me, the Lord of me and the God of me, it was a confession that Jesus blessed him for. He didn't chastise him for making a frivolous exclamation or taking the Lord's name in vain.

He would have had to. But no, he said, blessed are you, Thomas, for you've seen. More blessed are guys like Charlie Spine, who don't have to be here and see this and still believe. I inserted, of course, my name into there, and you can insert your name into there, too, if you're a follower of Christ and walking in faith with him. You didn't have to be there for you to know from the evidences that have been produced that there's every good reason to go along with Thomas and look at Christ and confess, my Lord and my God. And that's just part of the hypostatic union that we enjoy as we understand Jesus, and of course those same Jehovah's Witnesses who come to your door. Of course, they deny his deity.

I've found it helpful. I have a copy of their New World translation, which is a corrupt version. They've paraphrased, really, in the spots which they want to make it look as though it agrees with their theology.

They've inserted words and deleted words and stuff like that, unfortunately. But I've got a translation of that that I keep close, and I've asked them at my door, Well, could you give the same honor to Jehovah? They think of Jehovah as the Father. Could you give them the same worship and honor that you would give Jesus, the Son, who they believe is a lesser God, in the sense that he was the first and greatest creation of God the Father, which is the old Arian heresy?

Well, they'll say, Well, not really. I'll have the New World translation right there and open it to them to John 5.23, talking about God has given all judgment to the Son, and verse 23 says, So that all will honor the Son, even as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son, does not honor the Father who sent him. They forgot to mistranslate that particular verse in their corrupt translation. It's there, and it's locked in, and it's a very powerful verse to show them. It is dynamite, really, and you have to be careful in how you approach them.

You don't want to crush them with this kind of a thing, or make fun of them, or say, See, what's the matter with you? Why don't you follow this like me? No, you want to be sensitive and see what that word of God that they haven't changed will do. It's going to be doing a work, whether you can see it visibly or not, it's going to pierce their soul in one way or another, and perhaps they'll end up rejecting it, or perhaps they'll see the folly of rejecting such a straightforward verse, even in their corrupt translation, which they respect, and they know you haven't made this sort of thing up. So that's part of the Hypostatic Union, Jesus' two natures.

Not only can he act as God and as the perfect man, he can also receive the same honor that the Father deserves, and if you don't give it to him, you're not honoring the Father who sent him. So don't ever try to get in that position. You're going to be uncomfortable. So thank you for that question about the Hypostatic Union, and we have another question on the line. Let me get to there. It's from Chuck in North Carolina. Hi Chuck, are you with us?

Yes sir, Charlie. I am. Oh good.

I got a question, and I think it's a hard one, kind of, you know. Okay. In that, in 1 Peter 2.24 and 3.18, I guess it's 2.24, it says that Christ paid for Athens in his own body on the tree. You know that verse I mean. Right.

Okay. Now, is that his humanity? I guess that, I mean it's really hard because the Hypostatic Union, I can't figure it out, you know. What I mean is, I believe Jesus is God and man, and I believe that as man who could not have sinned, you know, I think that's a heresy for people, and I know a big Christian organization that believes that he could have sinned and graced the evangelical society. You know, because I wrote to the president. Well that's unfortunate, yeah.

Yeah, I wrote to the president two letters about it, and I asked another guy who's the next in line, and he just kind of, he was very kind, but he just kind of brushed it aside and said, oh well, you know, because I said if he'd just quit, then wouldn't he have sinned? You know, it's just impossible. That's why the Hypostatic Union is really hard.

I think it's going to have to be a mercy force, isn't that true? Yeah, it's unfortunate that he would blow you off when you approach him with that, because that's certainly a cavalier attitude that I wouldn't suggest anyone take. It's something that we can only appreciate in the fact that Jesus was fully God and fully man in his incarnation. Yeah, okay, I'm going to explain it a little better now. Okay, so when he died on the cross, but you know, the earth was dark for three hours, right? Well, the sky was darkened, according to the report of the witnesses, yes. Yes, yes, yes, and I believe that, of course. I believe all the Bible, even though I'm not Reformed, even the hard verses like Philippians 1.29 and Acts 13 and 48, you know, I don't understand it completely, you know, but you know, with God working, I guess we're not always going to understand it completely. But I trust it. I believe it.

I do too, yep. That's just the hard one, too, when he died in his own body. That was not his beady. God wasn't punishing his beady.

He couldn't punish his beady, because the son's always hurt. Oh, I don't know. Well, when it says he became sin for us, it is more properly rendered a sin sacrifice. Now, if I were to die on the cross for crimes you committed, that would be a one-to-one exchange, okay? That's as far as I could go, and even that wouldn't do any good for you in the final outcome. But if Jesus is God in the flesh, his sacrifice, by virtue of his life, can extend to all mankind who are called and elected according to his will and the will of the Father.

The fact that his life is bigger than just mine can cover sin for all of us. Now, look, we're coming up to a break, so if you want to hang on... It's Matt Slick Live! Taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. Hi, this is Charlie Spice, sitting in for Matt Slick on Matt Slick Live, and we had an interesting and a very fruitful question from Chuck, and I'll put Chuck back on. Well, I hope that helps you a little bit, Chuck.

I would suggest a couple of... Yeah, yeah. I guess it wouldn't be fair to say, Charlie, that we can only say that what happened on the cross, God hasn't fully revealed to us, but he's revealed it completely as buying to our sins. I don't mean that.

But I feel the question that I asked you is probably on other people's minds, too, maybe. Yeah, the depth and the richness of what he did for us is something that we could probably not fully appreciate on this side of heaven. That act of love was like no other that we can imagine, and that's one of the things when we're together with him that we can glorify and honor him and thank him for that. Yes, indeed. Well, thank you, Chuck. I hope you call back soon.

Bye-bye. Ah, wonderful. That's a topic that, as a Christian, you should never tire of when you dwell on what Christ has done for us and is doing for us right now. I often pray, thank you, Lord, for the things you've given me insight to, where I can see your hand at, and thank you in advance for all those things you're doing that I'm not aware of at this moment.

That's a fairly regular prayer for me, because I always know he's got something in store for me that's better than what I could plan for and better than I could have expected. So, we're going to go to another question, and this question comes in from Kathy. Kathy, you're on Matt Slick Live with Charlie Spine. Can I help you? Yeah.

Okay, so I didn't know that it was not Matt, but you probably can answer this question. I joined the Bible study that is studying one of Joyce Meyer's books, which I read years ago before I was very more biblically knowledgeable. And I didn't see the falseness of some of her things that she said. So, now that I'm aware of it... Yes, I hope you've run, not walked, away from some of her stuff, indeed. Oh, absolutely.

I have. But now I'm going to study other people that are good friends. They're really good friends, and they're very good believers.

You know, Christian women who are very sound believers. But they're studying this book, and now it's my responsibility to say something. I'm not the leader, but it's my responsibility to be able to directly state one of the problems.

And I'm not going to cover the whole thing, because I think if I start with one thing, that would be important. And it's that Satan controls your mind. I read that in that particular book. She said Satan controls her mind.

I want to know on Matt Slick's website, the CARM, where those scriptures are listed that contradict that statement. Well, he's got a whole section on questions about demons. You'll find it in the left navigation panel on the CARM homepage under questions. Let me see if I can bring it up and easily access it so that... Whoops. My mouse is acting up.

I have a naughty mouse here. Okay, questions. Yes, questions, and demons is in there. And there's a list of answers to questions about demons and fallen angels, Satan, and other related topics. Now, Satan can certainly, what can I say, tempt you and try to steer your mind in one direction or another.

He's famous for that. But as for a Christian who has the Holy Spirit living in them, he cannot from within control your mind. Some of the people that have good intentions, they get into what they call deliverance ministries, where they say, even if you're a Christian with the Holy Spirit dwelling in you, that you can be affected by demonic possession or something like that.

That's completely untrue. You can be oppressed. They can put things in your way, demons can, to make things hard for you. And in those articles about answers to questions about demons, you'll see what could open you up to demonic oppression. If you toy with a Ouija board, if you toy with any of the tools of the occult, that could open you up to them oppressing you. And if you suspect oppression, there's even an article on what can I do if I suspect demonic oppression. So some of these articles that Matt has put together are right to the point of things you're asking about now. But if you're a Christian, and if they're trying to say that Satan can somehow enter into you and control your mind, they've gone too far.

That's over the line, sorry to say. Absolutely. And that's in that book, The Battlefield of Mind.

Pardon me? Yes, Battlefield of the Mind. Well, it's a battlefield. They might be confusing a battlefield of the mind with the battlefield that's going on in heavenly places, where we're told to put on the full armor of God in Ephesians. There is a spiritual battle going on. There is a warfare that is in the heavenlies, and that is mostly, almost always hidden from our eyes in this dimension.

Some people have been opened up to see and appreciate that kind of battle that's going on, very few people. But there is a battle going on, and if they want to call it the battle of the mind, and they're referring to the battle that is currently going on in the heavenlies, then that might be a synonym in their point of view for what's going on that way. But the battlefield of the mind, anything that would hint or suggest that Satan could be in a Christian at the controls, one way or the other, is just a little bit too far. Absolutely.

I totally agree. And this is delicate, because, like I said, these are friends, and I have to approach it with kindness and love and gentleness, and not come on like, you guys are wrong and I'm right, or the Bible is right and you guys are wrong. So I have to come up with actual scriptures, and I remember seeing that Matt had listed specific scriptures that addressed that very thing. And that's what I'm looking for, the scriptures that addressed that.

Yep, I'm looking at the whole variety of articles in front of me, forward slash questions forward slash about hyphen demons. And there it is, that's the website, or the address to it, and you'll see plenty of scripture that will keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to sharing good reasons for people to beware of toying with demons, of giving them too much respect, and assigning them too much power over you. You can avoid that, but you certainly want to take seriously the fact that these are powerful beings, and they're very well known for putting things in our path that would divert us from our focus on Christ and on his word.

He's very tricky that way, and we've got to be wary of his wiles. But yeah, they may have just gone a little bit overboard with all the best motives, but maybe a little too far in their conclusions. So yeah, be sensitive, have those articles.

You may find one that is a rifle shot right at what you're talking about one of them with. You might see the door open to share an article, and the scriptures that are in the article. Yeah, because there are some new believers in this group too, so that's really important. If there's some new believers in this group, so it's important to believe. It's important that they sink their new believers' roots into some healthy ground. It sounds like you need to fertilize that a little bit more with the word of God, and make sure that they get a good grasp of the ins and outs and yeses and nos to these kind of topics from scripture. You're doing a good job, and it is delicate because sometimes when you accost someone's favorite belief or understanding, it takes some finesse to get through that. It's like walking a tightrope to tell you the truth, and the more you look to the Holy Spirit to give you the balance to get to the other side, the more effective you'll be, but I'm sure he's going to be behind you and supporting you and balancing you through that tightrope walk, okay?

Yeah, and I have some friends, other groups, praying for me that this will happen, this will come to glorify God. So I appreciate your help. Thank you so much for answering. Oh, you're so very welcome, and thank you for your call.

Call back. Bye-bye. Well, that's important, my friends. There are people that have good intentions, but have only a skin-deep, at best, workable knowledge of the scriptures, which sometimes can be harmful if they come up to a skillful false teacher who seems to give them a little bit of good information, but they mix in this idea that, oh, you've got to be careful if you're a Christian. You could be possessed and whatnot. No, my friends, don't fall into that trap. If you belong to the Lord, you've been bought with a price, you're no longer your own, and you're His property, and you're not open, and there's no vacancy for the devil in your heart and soul.

But nevertheless, he may give you a struggle, and the Lord with you will prevail over his wiles. We're coming up to nearing the end of the show. I don't have time for another call, really.

It wouldn't be fair. Actually, there's nobody hanging on the line right now, so that's good. I hope you've enjoyed today. I hope you know that you can support CARM in this important work we do. On the CARM home page, there's a place to click to support CARM, and Matt likes to say if we had a thousand people giving $5 a month, that would be wonderful to keep the ministry afloat and help us meet our responsibilities with the people that help us and the people we can help. It's always wonderful to have the support of God's people. So until next time, this is Charlie Spline sitting in for Matt Slick. Come back and visit us again. Thank you so much. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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