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February 21, 2023 3:54 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 21, 2023 3:54 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Satan bound and the demonic forces- -2- Praying in Jesus' name 20--3- Facebook 22--4- Visions and dreams for today, 36--5- Asbury Revival

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. It's Matt Slick live. Matt is the founder and president of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, found online at When you have questions about Bible doctrines, turn to Matt Slick live. Francis taking your calls and responding to your questions at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right.

Welcome to the show. I'll wait till the music's done. I'll have to wait till it's over.

They could turn it off quicker. That'd be good. Hey, I hope you all had a great weekend because I did. And I was involved in a discussion here and there. One of the things that I've learned and I try and help people understand is that we have conversation with people.

You know, I'm doing apologetics and I'm digging and finding out. I got a plot in my head where I want to go. And so I was in this room and these Christian guys kept jumping in to help me. And I'm like, please, please, I don't need your help.

You just let me do this. And so that happened for a while and I ended up leaving. I said, I'm done, you know, because they don't know what I'm doing. I remember the first time this happened. My wife and I, before we got married, was at a mall in Southern California. And we went to the Christian bookstore, ended up talking to some guy. And we were having a great conversation. And then people, you know, went outside in the mall because it was inside the Christian bookstore. And, you know, he was asking questions and people starting to gather around listening. So we went outside because the staff said, hey, you know, I could take it out there.

Okay, fine, no problem. And we did. And a crowd gathered. And here I am talking to this guy and I, you know, I know how to do stuff. And then these Christians, you know, God bless them.

They come up and they go, man, you need to talk about you. And I go, my wife, she'd go over and say, just don't interrupt. He knows what he's doing. Okay.

He's just going to gather this information. And then someone else would go, she'd go over there. Don't interrupt. And anyway, it was, I remember that. I remember that.

She always had my back and that kind of stuff. So, whoa, boy, there you go. Hey, if you want to give me a call, all you have to do is dial 877-207-2277. And, whoa, what a day it has been. I have had so many days. Friday, we had a three-hour meeting and teaching here and there.

And then Saturday, doing all kinds of stuff. Went to a different church yesterday, checking out new churches. Went and checked that out. Let's just say it was interesting. And the pastor, somebody introduced me to the pastor and he goes, hey, I love your website. So I was, oh, praise God. So he really liked the website. He's been using it for years and years.

So that's good. That's what it's there for. And if you don't know about the website, you're a heretic. In fact, look at my shirt that I'm wearing, everybody. Look what my shirt says.

See, so much heresy, so little time. I'm wearing it for the video. And if you want to watch the video and you want to watch me do this show, it's not a big deal. You can just go to the website, C-A-R-M dot O-R-G on the right-hand side to see a picture of me. Sorry the ugly filter wasn't working that day. And click on it.

It'll take you to a link. I think Laura's already put the information up, right? You already put the stuff up, Laura? I'm asking. She's babysitting. Now, what do you do?

You pay attention to me on the radio or a cute little baby. Now, to me, that's pretty even, okay? That's pretty even. But I don't think Laura's going to agree with me. I think it's pretty even. She's not, oh, she's smiling and definitely shaking her head.

I don't know. What do you think, Charlie? Pretty even or not? He thinks he's got my back.

He thinks it's pretty even, too. All right. That's what we need. If you are interested in emailing me, if you want to talk or you want to ask me a question via email, just info at, info at C-A-R-M dot O-R-G, the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry.

In fact, let me see. Every now and then I take a look and see how many page views we've had and stuff. There's lots of websites that have more, but I'll tell you, for a website that just does apologetics, which is not a huge Christian niche, we've had 153.4 million visitors to the site and 229 million page views.

How about that? Returning visitors, how many people have come back to the site and hung out and stayed there? Almost 81 million people. The site has a lot of influence. I like that. Praise God for it.

I'm just glad that people use it. Okay. Hey, why don't we just jump on the air or on the lines here. Let's get to, let's see, Riff from North Carolina. Riff, welcome. Is your last name Raff? I'm just asking. Rudolph.

Riff Raff. I don't know. I had to ask.

Okay. What do you got, buddy? Rudolph. Rudolph. Hey Rudolph, how you doing, man? Well, it says Riff up there, so I thought it was, you know, Riff.

I was going to ask you if your last name was Riff. So, what's up, man? Okay.

Yes. During the revelation when Satan is bound, where will the falling of the beast? Now, that's a good question because the Bible doesn't tell us. It doesn't say they are bound, but Satan is bound. So, that's really a good question because if you think about it, well, what does it mean? Some people think if he's bound, it means he can't do anything.

Not necessarily. Bound to do what? In Matthew 12, 22 to 32, Jesus is casting out demons and the Jew says, hey, you're doing it by the power of the evil one. And so he said, look, blasting against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. And he goes on and he says that in order to cast out demons, the strong man must first be bound.

That's what he said. So if he's casting out demons and in order to do that, the strong man has to be bound, that's the devil he talks about later, Satan, well then that would just simply mean that Satan was bound back then. I know a lot of people are really surprised by that because that's not what's taught from most pulpits, but that's what the text says. So if he's bound, well then why were things so bad for so long?

Well, let's go. And let's do this, I'm going to go to Revelation 20, I'm going to read about this very thing. And then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who was the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years and threw him into the abyss and shut it and sealed it over him so that he would not deceive the nations any longer. That's what the binding is. Now what's a bit of a problem here, from my perspective, is if Jesus says that he bound the strong man, the devil, back then, in order to cast out demons, then it would seem that in addition to that, Satan could not then deceive the nations any longer. That's what it would seem to be if it were consistent, because that's what it says. It says shut it up and sealed it over him so that he would not deceive the nations any longer. That's what it is.

Now, I'm going to back up and explain a little bit something more here. I saw an angel, now that's literal, coming down from heaven, I don't have a problem with that being literal, holding the key of the abyss, that's a figurative key. It's not a literal key like we would have in our key chain. Key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand. Now, I'm sure he had a vision and he really saw this angel with a chain in its hand, but obviously the chain represents something, because the angel is literal and then the chain is something that represents something. He laid hold of the dragon, that's figurative, the serpent of old, that's literal, who's the devil and Satan, literal and bound him for a thousand years. People automatically want to say that a thousand means literal. It may or may not, because the Bible says God owns the cattle in a thousand hills and a day is but a thousand years, a thousand years is but a day.

The word thousand seems to be, when it's by itself, seems to be used in a figurative context. That means then we could say there's some figurative usage there and he threw him into the abyss, something literal, an abyss that's got something there, and sealed it up over him so that he wouldn't deceive the nations any longer. It doesn't say that he doesn't have some influence, it doesn't say that he's incapacitated. It seems to say that the restriction is about deceiving the nations, so that's what it seems to be. It would look like this is what happened at a time of Christ when he's casting out demons.

He took control and it looks like, now I'm just going to throw this out as just something to think about. If that position is true, all millennialism is what that position would be, that the thousand is a figurative usage of time, like a kabillion. Then if he's deceiving the nations now, it would mean that he'd been let loose. World War I, World War II, the nations are at each other's throats, I wonder if he's been released, and then the time of the Gentiles will end soon because the Jews are to be converted, and I'm just throwing a lot of stuff out here together. I know a Jewish friend who's a hardcore Christian, he works with a Christian ministry, and he's telling me there are more Jews converting now all over the world than ever before. He says he doesn't understand what it is, but they're converting by the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, they're converting to Christianity. So maybe that's going to happen, the time of the Gentiles is going to end and Jesus comes back.

I don't know, I'm just throwing a bunch of stuff out, so there you go. Okay, so you think the evil of fallen angels might be out where he's bound up? I suspect he's been let loose, because if my position is correct, which it may not be, if the figurative usage of time in a thousand is the case, and Satan apparently was bound when Jesus was on the earth, which is what he says, Matthew 12, 22, 32, that seems to be pretty clear, then it would seem to me that the thousand there necessitates a figurative period of time, and that towards it he's been let loose. Because it says he's been bound for a thousand years, and here's the thing, a lot of people think that after exactly one thousand years that everything's going to change, but not necessarily because he's bound for a thousand years so he won't deceive the nations. Some people will say that's the pre-millennial view, he's bound during that time, but that can't work because Jesus said he was already bound. I don't know how to be gracious in that to say, well maybe, maybe not, it's what he says, and that's Matthew 12, 22, 32, I tell people just read it, it's what it says.

So that one I have to stand on that hill and say that's what it says. So if that's the case, then the angelic forces are still available, Satan was bound in the sense he cannot deceive the nations, there's a restriction to his ability and his work until that time is done and it looks like he's let loose in order to deceive the nations that we've seen in the past hundred years, we've seen that a great deal, with millions upon millions and millions and millions and millions of people dying. In fact, in the 1900s alone, over at least 100 million people were killed in wars and works of Communist Russia and China upon their own people, starving to death, getting them into submission.

So that's the low estimate of 100 million, some say it's as high as 250 million in just the 1900s. So you know, I don't have any exact answers, I can just throw a bunch of information out and have people make their own mind up about it. Okay well thank you very much and you take care. You too man, God bless buddy, thanks.

This is Rudolph, not Riff, as in Riff Raff. So let's see, I was going to say something, what was it, I can't remember, no big deal, let's get to Jamal from North Carolina, Jamal welcome, you're on the air. Hey Mr. Maslik, how are you doing today sir? Doing alright, hanging in there man, what do you got buddy?

Let's see, I wanted to ask about Christians in politics. Can you hold on? Because we've got a break, I'm sorry but there's some time in there, I've got to wait for me. So the break's happening and we'll be right back okay, so hold on man, we'll get back here for the break.

Alright. Hey folks, we have two open lines, you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276, we'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276, here's Matt Slick.

Hey everybody, welcome to the show, welcome back, excuse me there and if you want to give me a call, two open lines, 877-207-2276, Jamal, alright buddy, we're back, so what do you got? Alright, I guess I have to give a little bit of background to the question, I recently shared a post on Facebook about the new Jesus Revolution movie, have you ever heard about that? No I haven't. Oh okay, well someone told me to ask you about it, yeah it's talking about the Jesus Revolution, I think it was back in the 70's, Greg Laurie's involved, they talk about his past with Chuck Smith, but it's not just about Greg Laurie, it's about the whole movement, so I thought it was pretty good, you know, it looked good and all that, so I shared it with, I'll just go ahead and put it out there, I shared it with some conservative people online and some conservative pages, got no blow back, no backlash from that, so I said, okay, let me venture out a little bit and share it on a Democratic page, that's where the problem came in.

I wonder why? I know, that is so unfortunate, now aside from the page, some people talked to me, probably they said, I like what you're doing, I see that you're all about Christ, but you probably should not put that on that page, and I said, well why not, we still have freedom of speech, right, freedom of religion, so why should my Jesus be put aside, so I said, you know what, let me ask somebody outside of myself about this whole issue, should Christians put their, I kind of know the answer but I still want to get your take on it, should Christians put their Jesus aside at work, in school, in politics, online, in any kind of union, just to appease somebody else? Never. Now here's the thing, when I say never, you never set Jesus aside, you may not always have to speak about him, but in a meeting, for example, I remember I had a job once and I was working late with the boss, and he said, look, if so and so calls, tell him I'm not here, I couldn't, I told him, I said, my boss said, I can't do that, because that's a lie, and he said, no, that's what I want you to tell him, I said, I'm sorry I won't do it, and he got upset, and I said, what I will say is, you're not available, and he goes, okay, alright, and I wouldn't lie, if he says, no, you do that or you're fired, I go, okay, then you've got to fire me, because I'm not going to lie, and that's it, so you can't, oh, in that situation, it's okay to lie, no, it's not, so I would just say, find a compromise, you just say, you're not available, that's fine, you're just not available, I don't need to explain any reasons why you are or aren't, okay, so we never want to set aside our faith, and I've got other stories like that, but, okay? Okay, alright, do you have a scripture, I can also add some ice on the top when I'm forming a response to that?

Well the one that comes to mind is, he who denies me, let's see, denies me, I'll deny him, yeah, and that's Luke 12, 9, but I'm not denying him, that's Luke 12, 9, but here's one, let's see, do everything, okay, and for the glory of God, where is that verse, maybe someone in the chat can help me, let's see, do everything, let's see, I'll find it, let's see, Bible, do everything as unto the Lord, there we go, that is, it looks like it's Colossians 3, 23, you'd think I'd know that one, but hey, yeah, I can't, I don't memorize everything, you know, and when my wife asked me a question, I said, I don't know about the Bible, I don't know, she goes, what, and then she mocks me, why could you not know it, you're supposed to be, I just sit there, so whatever you do, do work hardly as for the Lord rather than for men, and that's Colossians 3, 23, knowing that in the Lord you'll receive the reward of inheritance, so whatever you do, do your work hardly, ask for the Lord, so if you're doing it for the Lord, you can't leave your ethics behind, you don't have to volunteer them all the time, okay, so if I'm in a meeting and they say something that's not very ethical they want you to do, that you may or may not be able to do on your own, I'll just, of course I'm not going to do it, and in fact this reminds me, here's something, I literally at the same job that I mentioned earlier, and my last name is Slick, and the boss promoted me to a salesman, and I said, are you kidding, my last name is Slick, no one's going to listen to me, and he said, he laughed, he goes, no, he said, they will, and I went into this one place, I remember this, and I handed out my business card, it was a cold call, and this guy goes, are you kidding, I said, no, that's my real name, and he says, give me some more cards, and then he started handing them out to his friends, and next thing you know I get an impromptu interview with somebody, and I'm in this guy's office, because he was interested, and he said, do you know about such and such, what I could have said at this point was a snow job of some sort, and I just looked at him and said, I don't know, I said, I'm not going to lie to you, if I don't know it, I don't know, I will tell you the truth, I can find out, and I remember him staring at me for like ten seconds, because he wasn't used to that strict, direct honesty, and he looked at me and he said, do you want to know about it, and I said yes, and he goes, let me teach you, and he took me out into the factory, and showed me what it was, and all this stuff, and then while I was walking with him, I still remember, he goes, see that room over there, those are sorters, right, I said yes, can you do that, and he said yes, and he said to me, it's a $600,000 job, it's yours, just like that, 7% commission, okay, so that's a whole other story, what happened, everything fell through when I decided not to go into ministry, because of all this, but that's a better story, I'm just saying, be honest, be honest, and that's it, and don't compromise, don't have to wear your bible on your sleeve all the time, but you know, alright, sounds good to me, two more points real quick, is your Facebook chat, is that exclusive or can anybody join in, anybody can join in, we don't care, we have lots of Facebook pages, I got over 20, I have to provide a list on my site, but the one we're on now, which I don't even know which one we're on now, we're broadcast to, is, it's Facebook, that's the one, or facebook,, I think if you go, let's see if I'll do it right now, let's try this, facebook, try this, forward slash, and let's see, am I on there, I'm looking, I don't know, it's loading up, there I am, oh no, that's an old one, hey, how come it's got an old shirt on me, oh no, there I am down there, why is the other one above it, I don't know, I don't know what I'm doing, yeah, I'm live, I'm waving, and I'll see how long it takes to come through, and you can join in, and also we have it on YouTube and you can join in with text and chat and you can join us there on the YouTube one, okay, and that's, which one is YouTube, that one is, you can get that on the homepage I believe, just go to the carm homepage, that's the right, but that's the, come on, it's YouTube, Matt Slick hyphen live, okay, so, there you go, okay, you can join us, and chat on this, and that Slick one real quick, I know I sent you that email, we talked a little bit about that again, hold on, we've got a break, we've got a break Jamal, hold on, okay, we'll get back to the break, sorry about that, hey folks, two open lines, 877-207-2276, be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276, here's Matt Slick. Hey everybody, welcome back to the show, Jamal, boy, hey Jamal, it's a right button, how you doing?

Okay, thanks. I'm doing fine, thanks, real quick, I know you've got callers waiting, that email, go ahead and tell you, since I got you online, or got you on the phone, it was about kind of like getting stuff on merchandise, like mugs and t-shirts and stuff like that, like what was one of the phrases that you said, so much heresy, so much, oh, sorry, so much heresy, so much time, yeah, so much heresy, so much time, now, I got this shirt on, now Charlie is the one that is running that t-shirt thing, and we're gonna have to get him a link or something, and he'll put it in the chat, chat text, because he's got a page, he's got some stuff, he's gonna work on it, we just haven't gotten to the point of that, but we have to, as a 501c3, we have to be able to have a contract with people legally, and so we're gonna do that, so they can just advertise it on the site, which is no big deal, and we're just gonna do that, we haven't gotten it, so, but yeah, it's, and since you asked, do you want that shirt, I got other shirts, there's so much heresy, so little time, karmageddon, isn't that one of them, another one, karmageddon, and I forgot, I got like 50 things, you know, karm and get it, you know, whatever you do, don't go to, they have all kinds of stuff, yeah, what was that site again, karmchristianwhat? karmchristianwitness, he put, he used the word karm in there, and, but it was already done, and like, okay, whatever, so it makes it sound like it's an actual karm affiliate name, but it's not, so, but he's a good guy, he's a good, I've done it for a long time, good guy. Gotcha, gotcha, one last thing, here's one more little catchphrase for the shirt, don't ask me, call Matt Slick. I wonder, I wonder how many people would actually wear something like that, don't call me, ask Matt Slick, ask Mr. Slick, then, that would be, don't ask me, ask Mr. Slick,, people go, what the, what does that mean, that might be good, what do you guys think of that in the chat room, I can see what they say, and they might, they make thumbs up, Charlie likes it, don't ask me, that's what I should get for my wife, get one of those shirts, oh yeah, because she needs to listen to me, because I'm so smart, humble and wise, that's what I, that's how it works, we'll convince her, alright, we gotta move along, I'm sorry, I lost you, what was that, would you repeat that, I said good luck with her when you get off the show today, well hopefully she didn't hear the show today, so we'll find out, alright man, okay thanks a lot buddy, okay bye, woo, hey, we have three open lines, if you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276, we've got two, Katie from Mississippi, Katie welcome, you're on the air, hello, hi, hello, hi, actually it's Missouri, Missouri, okay what is the, what's the Mississippi one then, what's the, I don't know, the two letters for the states, I thought it was MS, but it's Missouri, MO for Missouri, MS is Mississippi, okay good, I gotta figure that stuff out, no big deal, so what do you got, what's up, so thank you so much for being able to talk to you and just being open to speaking with your audience, I read a lot on that question, I have for years followed your, the, and I'm just thankful for that, I go through CARM quite a bit for when I have questions on everything, apologetics, and I really enjoy studying and just really looking up stuff, so one of my questions is, me and my husband have been going, so we got saved in 2005 at a church, and then when we moved like an hour away, we switched churches and we got really involved in the church with just backstage doing production and stuff like that, but over about nine, ten years, we just felt like it was more topical and it was just repetitive each year, you know, just the same, they just continued to say the same sermon over and over, but it would be just a different name title, and over time we just kind of felt like we were maybe, you know, we were hungry so much for the word that we just not felt like we weren't being fed, so we actually ended up going back to that other church where we got saved, and so we've been there for about two years now, and over time, so I will say, we both believe in the pre-tribulation rapture, which that's not what I'm going into, but I do notice they speak a lot, they do speak a lot of views on pre-millennials, they'll say we're pre-millennialists, but a lot of their stuff seems to come off that I'm like, I don't know, first of all, I kind of did study on your website that there's historic, and then I forget the other one, but then they started talking more about my sickle, and they started having him come to the church, and they had this guy Chris Creed one day, and one day when they, so my question is, they had a guy that was up there that was on stage, and he was talking about how God speaks to him, I guess, and with visions and dreams, and he kind of would stand out on the thing, on the pulpit, and ask, he'd say, so you know, I just heard a word, Greenberry, and we'd be like, what?

And then he's like, anybody, does Greenberry mean anything to anybody in the crowd? And then someone would stand up and raise their hand and say, that's my street, and he'd be like, come over here, are you dealing with sickness, you know? And so we both were so like, what is this? And then he said, if you guys want the gifts of tongues, come forward, and we'll lay hands on you for you to receive it. So then we were like, let's find a different church. So we just thought that was really weird.

I don't know what's the truth with that. So we just started a church two weeks ago, and it's only because our son goes to a private Christian school, and one of the basketball leaders there is a pastor. So now we started there, and they're doing the same thing at this church.

So the question was, so there was a two and a half hour church yesterday when we went, and it was because they had so many people standing up with visions and coming forward and telling their vision. And we're just sitting there like, is this something for today? Or are we just, are we wrong for questioning that?

You're not wrong for questioning it. So here's the thing. Yeah. So now we get into this issue called cessationism or continuationism, and it deals with the charismatic gifts. Now, what it says here in Acts 2 17, let's see, and it shall be in the last days, God says, that I will pour forth my spirit on all mankind, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. So this is one of the things that's talked about in the last days. The last days has been on for 2,000 years. Now, I'm of the opinion that all the charismatic gifts are still for today, but not normative. Okay. So the apostles had certain gifts that were just for them.

I believe that speaking in tongues can occur and people can have a word of knowledge and word of wisdom. I don't have any problem with that. And it does not threaten the Canon and the closing of the Canon. People who say it does, I'll debate you on it.

It doesn't. But what we have to be careful of is the wackos. There are so many wackos out there. And if I was in a church and they said, this bickle guy, that's a major warning flag.

Okay. That's bad. The previous church should not have that. That's a sign of their apostasy. If a bunch of people are having visions in the church, I'm not saying it can't happen, but they need to be weighed by the elders and things need to be done in order. In 1st Corinthians 14, it talks about speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues and three or four at most are to speak and that remains silent because there's an order that's to be had. And so we want to make sure that we present ourselves before God and before Christians and before unbelievers with common sense.

We don't want to turn them off and turn them away. So not knowing what the situation was, if a bunch of people are saying, I got a vision, I got a vision, I got a vision. If I was a pastor there and something like that happened, I'd say, okay, we're only going to do three. If you want to come up after the sermon and we talk, I want to hear what you have to say.

If anybody wants to join us, that's how I would have handled it because I believe these things can happen because the Bible says so right there. And it says we're not to lack any charismatic gift while we're waiting for the return of Christ. So that's what I would say.

And if a bunch of people are doing this, it just sounds a little shady, you know, it does. Yeah. And I 100% agree that I believe too, that the gifts, you know, are still for today.

I guess my fear is to just be deceived by, you know, people saying that they have that gift and maybe it's not true, you know, and that's just a fear. It's like, are we at the right church? Well, we got a break. So hold on. Let's talk about this after the break a little bit more. Okay.

Cause it's important. All right. Hey folks, we have three open lines. If you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276. Be right back. Please stay tuned. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. Everybody. Welcome back to the show. All right. Let's get back on the air with Katie.

All right, Katie, how are you doing? I'm good. All right. So I'm with you.

I believe the gifts are there and can still happen, but get very uncomfortable when it seems to be out of control. Yeah. Yeah.

Especially when me and my husband, we're looking at each other and going, well, why aren't we having that? You know? And then you're like, I don't know. It's just kind of, I guess it's kind of odd, you know, you go to church and it's two and a half hours of people getting up in the pulpit and just the microphone's free reign. Yeah.

It's free reign. And anybody he's, the pastor's on stage and he's like, who else is having a vision? Anybody? And then someone will stand up and then they walk up and, and then they would tell their vision or their, what they had a dream the night before. And I'm like, okay. And I've been praying for days. Like, God, please give us wisdom on this.

I know he gives us wisdom generously without reproach. And I was like, okay, God. And I just so happened to click on Facebook and I seen that you were alive and I was like, thank you, Lord. You know, I would be tempted to get up and say, I can, I had a vision that all of your visions you've been having are wrong.

And then sit down and see what happens. One girl got up and she said that she could see God staring down at us on his throne, pouring oil on all of us and anointing all of us. And I was like, what? Yeah. That kind of stuff. He does it under the approach of a light who no man has seen or can't see.

First Timothy 6 16. Generally, I'm going to just say this, this is the generic kind of a thing. I, you know, I've been in a lot of situations and seen things and in real life and churches and heard stuff and watch videos, blah, blah, blah.

Okay. When that kind of an environment is possible, not the kind I'm talking about where if it's open to possibility, but it needs to be under control and in order, et cetera. And, and you'd be very careful. But when that those, those guards are off and you have anybody getting up in the pulpit and saying something to the church, give me a break. That's just out of control. And that's not the place for the pulp for the tap in the pulpit.

Generally speaking in that kind of a context to people who do that are over emotional. They, whatever they think they, Hey, that's from God. It's a vision.

I'll just say it because I'll be accepted as saying it to see how spiritual I am and this kind of stuff. And one of the things I would be interested in to know is, uh, if, if you're telling me the website, go look at the website, look at the statement of faith and see that they have women pastors and elders for one thing. And maybe, you know, if they do or don't, do you know? I did get on there saying, um, their website. I didn't see that they have women pastors, which I agree with you with that.

I don't believe in women pastors. Okay. So ask about that. And you look, look at, look in their library and see what books they promote. See if there's anything by Kent Hagan, Copeland, uh, bill Johnson from the NAR, new episodic information. And if so, then this is all bad, bad stuff.

There's lots of stuff. Our last search is all about the NAR and that's why we switched to this church. And now we're like, what church are we going to find? Is this what church is happening nowadays or something? Yeah.

NAR stands for new apostasy revival for as I'm concerned. So, um, yeah, exactly. Yeah.

It's bad news. So, you know, it's hard to say, uh, because can God do this stuff? Can, can people, uh, have visions? Of course. You know, I've prophesied over a girl once and it came to pass.

I'm not claiming anything. Does it get happened once? I had a word of knowledge over someone else and I don't have any problem with that. And I've, I've had two instances in my life where I heard the voice of God, not in an audible sense, but in that way that, you know, no, it's him in your heart. You know, it's him and you right now.

I've had that twice and only twice. And I remember them both very well. And so, uh, I believe it can happen. Not because it was experienced, it's based on scripture. I'm an exegete here and I can defend my position from scripture.

So, you know, um, I would just say is exactly how I felt. I've actually been feeling guilty for even questioning. I'm like, I'm so sorry, God, I know you can do this question. You're supposed to question. Look, Paul, the apostle, he was teaching and the Bereans checked him, what he said out against the word of God.

He goes, way to go. That's what he said at 11, 17, examine all things. Doesn't that what the Bible says? Examine everything, right?

Submitted to the word of God. Look, if I was a pastor and you were my congregation, you came up to me and said, pastor, Matt, you know, you said something and I don't know if I agree with it. I'd be like, Ooh, good. Let's see what she's got to say.

Not because I'm, Ooh, I got a challenge and a beater. No, he'd be like, Hey, she's listening. And she's thinking, I'm going to see what God, it's kind of speak to her or not to me about something totally open.

And so we need to be open. Go ahead. Can I ask you one last thing? So one of the, I've noticed yesterday as we were in service, they used the act four where Peter was, was it act four 21 Martin?

That's my husband. It was where Peter and John did a miracle, I guess. I'm trying to remember. And so the guy at the gate, yes. And he got up and walked. And right after they talked about that, he said the Sanhedrin and were the ones that were the religious people questioning that.

Right. And so and then he started kind of talking about how basically you're going to hear people say, you can't have dreams and you can't have vision. The religious people. And I started feeling like, Oh, am I being religious? That what he just did there, what he did there, it was really bad. That that's bad. It's called poisoning the well.

And so it's an, it's an error. And I would call them on it because we are obligated to check all things by scripture. Even the people in the congregation check everything just because they're having all this stuff happening. If anyone doubts you, it's because they don't have the spirit.

You see how bad everyone is. That's a spirit of religion. That's a load of crap. Okay. And so you just got to understand it. Don't let anybody speak to you like that. You have the right and the obligation to check what, what people say, like, especially me, I'm on the radio.

My last name's slick. You better be checking when I say against scripture, that's what you're supposed to do. And if you call me up and you don't agree, I'm going to listen to you. But I'm not going to say, everybody listened to me. It's the people with a spirit of religion who don't agree with what's happening, what I'm saying. Give me a break.

What arrogance is that? Okay. Right.

That's exactly. I kind of thought that I was like, wait a minute. Yeah. Good for you. Good for you. Good for you. No, I'm serious. Good for you.

You need to check. And there's nothing wrong with that. And having visions and dreams, it can happen today. God, God's not, his hands aren't tied, but if something happens, we need to examine it with scripture.

That's all you make sure. And the elders better be on board. I'd go to this church you're going to now for two weeks. I'd go talk to the pastor and say, what do you think of Kenneth Copeland? We're thinking of Bill Johnson from Reading. You know, what do you think of the New Apostolic Reformation?

Find out, find out what they teach, go to their library, look what kind of books they got. But yeah, cause I know that's fair warning right there. Those captures stay away from.

Yes. And then what you can do is back out of the church. You back out of the church, take your shoes off, back out and dust your shoes off. If you're watching now, there's going backwards.

That's a good visual. All right. There you go. Okay.

Katie. Okay. Well, thank you so much. I really am so thankful.

Hey, well, thanks for calling God. Good for you. Okay. God bless.

All right. Let's go over to Tracy. If she's still on after a long wait, Tracy from Virginia, are you there? Let's see. She might have fallen asleep. Hopefully she didn't get raptured because that would be bad for me. Cause I supposed to see Tracy.

Are you there? Oh, I don't know. I don't know. But all that waiting she's put on there and now maybe she's going, wait, I can't get it to work.

Who knows? But I did hit the right button. So let's just try this. Let's get to Alberto.

Alberto. Hey, welcome buddy. You're on the air. Yes.

Good evening, Matt Slick. My question is in James 4, 8, right? It says, draw near to God and he'll draw near to you.

But the New Testament teaches that once you, once you set price, that trinity and draw the believers. So, so, so, so how close do I have to get to God if God brings us inside of me? And so how close do I have to get to me? Because God brings us inside of me. I can't, I can't understand you. I don't understand your words.

I'm sorry. My question is, James 4, 8 says draw near to God and he'll draw near to you. So in the New Testament, once a person sets price, that trinity comes in for the believers.

So what more closer can you get to God and more closer can God get to you if your trinity wouldn't draw inside of you already? No, you've got to read the context. Just read the context of things. Okay? Because in James, he's saying, look, you've got quarrels and conflicts.

And he says, you adulteresses don't you? You don't have to deal with the world. Look, draw near to God. That's what he's saying there. And what he's giving is a generic kind of a thing.

Then you go to someplace else and say, well, the trinity, you can get when you're in dwell, how can you get closer and draw closer? You're not understanding the context of both of those. That's why when you mix them together, you're having a problem. So look at the context of each and then make sure that this, the question you have doesn't conflict with the information given in its context. Okay. That's all. All right. All right. Okay. Thank you. You're welcome.

Alberto. I love your zeal too. I do have good questions. All right. Better.

Besides you later. All right. Let's see if we get back on with Tracy. If she's maybe, maybe back on Tracy or user Trey.

She Tracy, she's from Virginia. I don't know. I'm going to just keep her on and I'll just talk to the end of the show. We've got about two minutes.

All right. Hey, I just want to let you know that we stay on air by your support. If you are interested in supporting us, if you like this ministry and like what I have to say, even if you don't, you might want to consider it.

I don't know. I'm smiling while I'm saying that last part. All I have to do is go to, C A R M dot O R G and forward slash donate and everything you need is right there. I got so much to do and revamp that page to the donate page, make things easier and a couple other issues related to it.

But man, um, you know, just busy. So, Hey, we do need your support, but you know what you can do. You can please pray for us.

We certainly do need that prayer. All right. Now I'm going to tell you this, that in a month from now, I'll be in Israel and I'll be there for about two weeks.

It looks like we'd have Charlie fill in for me for a couple of weeks. Now, what I want everybody to do is think of the most difficult, obnoxious questions. He's laughing. I'm looking at him.

Uh, you can, uh, that you can think of. No, he's a good guy and I'll be introducing him later or something like that. Maybe have him call up the day before I leave or the, you know, whatever it is. And, uh, Charlie and I did ministry back in the 80s together and he's, uh, retired and he helps out here on the, uh, on the website, you know, the car and board of directors and, uh, what else? Uh, he, he puts links in, he knows a lot of stuff.

He does. He's got a lot of good stuff to say. So we're going to give it a try for him because, uh, um, Luke, he's the different position. Now he had to go to another ministry because he had an expanding family beyond our ability to support him. And so he had to move on and that's okay. So maybe he'll be filling in sometime too. Cause, uh, the other ministry said, Hey, yeah, you know, if you want to fill in, we'll do whatever you can.

So when he gets settled, we'll figure it all out and, uh, swap and do stuff like that. Just giving you a heads up for that. So that's a warning, uh, to you.

And there was a rant, a rambling rant. Uh, someone did that. I don't see who it is.

Cigar head gave, uh, a cigar head. Thanks man. Appreciate it.

Cause he did it again. All right. Hey, like that. All right. There we go. Let the Lord bless you. And by his grace back on the air tomorrow. Hey, we'll talk to you then have a great evening. God bless. Bye. Another program powered by the truth network.
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