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February 18, 2020 10:00 am

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February 18, 2020 10:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Did Muhammad ever say specifically that he was a prophet---2- How do I deal with the Muslim argument that the New Testament is corrupt---3- Do you believe creation was in 6 literal 24-hour days or do they symbolize millions of years---4- If you deny sacred tradition, then how do you know that the Bible teaches anything unified---5- Who are the black Hebrew Israelites- What do they believe---6- Can you explain why you believe in Calvinism- It doesn't seem fair.--7- Were all animals vegetarians until after the flood---8- A caller commented on the previous Roman Catholic caller.--9- What is the definition of heretic and is it sinful to call someone one---10- When we pray, does that alter God's plan or does he already know what we will pray for-

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Matt Slick
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Wrestling why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was written found alive at the heart the more you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max Y rises call to respond to your questions at 877 Matt slick welcome, but were 13 for the podcast 2020 and if you want give me a call and we could talk. 772072276 and go to for open lines of unit 772072276 will be heard from you write something with a little problem with some of the tech stuff are doing here and on the radio but something also started up again.

Hey you know what to jump on the line. Let's get to John from New Jersey. John welcome your near real quick about Islam. I basically was was a couple real I mean never said the exact word that I you know that I could check I think you did in the hadith and or executive in the hadith and he cleared himself for you to believe in Mohammed and a lot so he cleared himself with God. Basically, so yeah okay so eat anything that word that I am a prophet.

No I don't. I think did I know it's good question and it's not what he says and that was called the hadith so if you hadith of the, the deeds of the sayings of Mohammed so I can do is take a look in the hadith find it anyway. Why which which a question about the big question someone said that about us only on the blackboard that worked out a lot will save Michael show me in the Koran were comments that he backwards that I am and he says that it says in various places in the Koran that allow exalted Mohammed. The holy Prophet Mohammed's was called a prophet. There right right but that that that's not what I'm saying it's not hollow backward thinking that God wildly coming out I come back when I heard the argument was where did Mohammed were I am a firm has knowledge and I can look into it set, but he did not say it in the Quran does not say I am a prophet in the Koran looking at that right now doesn't say that there aren't now. As far as I do so � I know just a matter a matter of simply searching through it and then the thing is that we have different hadith's difference different translations of the hadith, so you might have a statement of 100 others as I'm prophet so that becomes a little bit of an issue.

Just as there are different translations of the Koran in English, but at least it's I a prophet and nothing comes up in the hadith says those words. I'm a prophet course the one I'm searching on me not be able to search in that the phrase, but doubtless seek existing work that way anyway so that the media and all of the research that will but I can give you yeah I was trying to turn the argument around and and and put it on them like you yeah when they say there's no place in the in the Bible where it says Jesus as I am God with the Nazca doesn't say you believe he's a prophet. Yes, there's no place in the Bible where Jesus says I am a prophet. Either we get you believe is a call out so if that's the case then do you why do you require a certain a certain sentence. Why is that certain sentence. The thing that has to be the case because he certainly calls himself God when he says before brim was, I am that is a divine name.

Is it your eye to the muzzle to your problem is you demand something outside of the culture, according to what you say it needs to be and then you judge the Bible in Christ based on what you say it has to be but nothing requires what you say has to be the.

The methodology and what I'll do is I'll call John 1032, 34 Jesus is our new father won the pick up stones again to throw at him and he said many good works.

The father actually for which of these are used only thing they said for good work we do not stone you, but you being a man blasphemed by saying that you are God and finished it so you see I'm setting them up. They don't know what I say you see the Pharisees even understood that he was God and if they stop there then that's fine because were Jesus was claiming but if they say no is most of them do this you know Matt, you're getting your theology from the Pharisees because the Pharisees were thinking that your same thing the same thing of it as a Pharisees and now I got up and say when the Pharisees believed that he was God's will know when you agree with the Pharisees, don't you, that he's not God you're like the pharisaical Jews. You deny that Jesus is God you agree with the Jews while they do not like that right what what what the New Testament had been corrupted so they won't even accept rent yet they say that that's the problem with that is that there is no evidence that the New Testament is been corrupted. They just say it's cryptic because they need to say that is corrupted.

They just say things like this and I tried asking I often show me and showing works corrupted.

Show me this corrupt but they can't and they might some of his contradictions.

Well, if this is a condition that's a problem for them because I got convicted of the Quran very clearly labeled pulsation a contradiction with the law often do we just go to website usually done by atheists, lovely atheists, and the Lucite things from usually from atheistic sextet ledge contradictions in the Bible. And when you read the context of the 20s things you find out that is not a contradiction and so you go to server 33 in the Quran says it is he who was said on the book the Quran to you Mohammed the check with the truth confirming came before it. That's the Torah and the NGO or the gospel so Quran confirms that the law the Old Testament and the gospel is what sets Alaska wise it confirming it and insert 1094 if you Mohammed are in doubt concerning that which we have revealed to you and that is written in the Torah and the NGO then ask those who are reading the book and the, the Torah and the angel that it means law the gospel before you ask him the question is why do certain 94 say to them. Muslim took to Mohammed. If you're in doubt about what the Quran is saying the words from a law and why does Olusegun. Lastly, a the Jews and Christians if it's if not if it's Bible been corrupted. Why is Allah telling Mohammed to go and ask the other Jews and Christians what it says in the Bible's 634 says none can alter the words of the law are Jesus words from a law yes can anyone alter them. The cross is not so the very least, you disable all the words of Jesus are true Arctic PC that's really good and I sizing ways to counter this. Okay, there are other ways to counteract good argument, another real quick over the radio that what what pedophile well depends how you define pedophile peace address women's clothing and humored a nine-year-old girl benign relations with never get my patients aren't Aisha for a couple three years like to get humored a nine-year-old so that he taught some weird things in the Quran, but did he actually can't run anything consummated the America was that I consummation means to form the go to what the marriage bed, but he was nine years old correct turnover yes but it wasn't consummated out right away so you should go out the character your cause probably the kind of violence � noise not a good way to start a conversation with no because what it does is it immediately puts them on the defensive, and there's no need to do that is known right right and started consulting with whom they consider to be sacred is like it would be online now right.

How is it soul if it if it is it that actual fact it's like saying to them it's to 7%. The, the emotional affect is like a Muslim or somebody can officer Jesus was a and said something really bad about any date will immediately the doors closed immediately to want to talk to the and so that's all I thought I I will allow Kenny back that up word or proof word. Where's the proof that what you're saying. I shut down automatically.

Okay I got you. I just tell you you don't want to start with that kind of approach with the Muslim's don't do that. It's not a good thing to do is it's a bad approach. Area I live what I wanted. I went out was I was Truro and ethics are going on about Jesus that you was that way and and a gate rate and I get really raises Solomon thank and they steamrolling like they won't even let you get a word in Nashua yet muscles are very often like that's on their very demanding much like the Roman Catholics of dealing with lately.

There are ways to witness to them and the idea is to hopefully be respectful and to communicate with them. You don't want to start off swinging and insulting their profit. Okay later down the road when it comes up. I have no problem doing that. I have no problem tackling them when it comes to the issue of what the Quran says with the hadith, says Mohammed said, and gradually work into that issue could very be tentative and be sensitive about everything as we need to do. We sensitive okay thanks I appreciate you and your life in the military. By the way, thank you we needed and appreciated are not succulent, all right that was gelling from New Jersey we have four open lines folks are going to give Nicole all you do is dial 877-207-2276 this get to Jeffrey from Raleigh, North Carolina Jeff you're on the how are you mad I'm okay I'm hanging in there meant when he got I got a caution for you about chapter 1 in regards to the day of the creation way you believe that the day of the creation really are.

Thanks, little 24 hour day. Do you believe the days that we can pray our symbolic does million got a break, let me address after the break.

Okay, a folksy African lines 877207276 max Y call 772-0776. Here is Matt's leg writable Qu�bec to show everyone.

We have three open line call 877-207-2276 was good to Jeffrey Morley, North Carolina.

Okay, now you doing all right so you're asking if I hold to literal service 24 days or not. I'm both.

I lean towards 24 are having a problem with that. I don't have a problem with it being longer. The reason I say that is because the seventh day does not have a an and and so it seems to be alone. I have no problem whatsoever with God creating anything and seven seconds, seven minutes, hours, days, years does make a difference in the Bible. Risk represents it and appears to be 724-ish hour periods.

I've no problem with that. So I lean towards that lots I think is possible that because of subissues of relativity and some other issues of heard about write about. It could be longer. When you perspective, but they get some complicated things. Okay okay brother thanks all right about last okay. All right. We have proven lines 877207276 Canadian Catholic welcome you here at night you nice to be on the field. So what I want, you can probably tell another can tell Emily Yeah I'm a Roman Catholic Christian. So the question that I wanted to ask you is a reformed Christian yourself skewed is not her congregant but swung up, put it out there. How do you know that the Bible teaches anything right so that is my question to meet the Bible is a collection of books.

So, we Catholics assume that God inspired history that we call tradition and brought together, these books have a single message.

If you deny sacred tradition. How do you know that the Bible teaches anything unified.

Your questions a good question for reason I don't think you are aware of it deals with epistemological and ontological issues. Epistemology is the issue in the study of knowledge and now we know things in the justification of that ontological ontology deals with the nature of things, the nature and essence. So, the nature of the essence of the inspired word of God is that it is without error. It comes from God's the new stuff such that God breathed, so that's when we would say I by its nature, but how do we know that this epistemological issue I would know that it's inspired well for one thing it says it is well we could say well this fallacy of circular reasoning is says is true. Therefore, it's true, it doesn't make something true is logically valid.

Not really my question is what how do you know that he even hesitated inspired because you would have to assume that the books were meant to be to get it right and I would ask you historical inspiration of history, not would not see the death-defying turn when you get into discussions like this.

Definitions become very necessary when you say histories inspired what you mean by that. This God only inspire certain aspects of history dealing with the Canon. Does he inspire infallibly certain things because in in Ephesians 111 God works all things after the counsel of his will so we could say that every event in history is now inspired by God in the sense if we mean that it's from God in us by his will will then everything's inspired but if everything's inspired the nothing is inspired. Nothing rises above anything else as being valid. It's the written word that is different when Jesus came to the earth, and he spoke because he's the creator of the universe.

Colossians 115 through 17 and and John 1123 when he speaks because of the nature of him being God.

We know that whatever he speaks will be authoritative and true, and we would naturally say that that speech is above the the generic will of God.

Throughout history, when you know little boy skin Disney we say that his skinning of his knee is within the sovereign will of God which we could loosely say is inspired but doesn't care re-inspiration the way Scripture does, which is prescriptive. So inspiration is we could say prescriptive as well as descriptive is. He said it is not an easy things will try to get into the issue was ontology versus epistemology, and you have to learn how to relate these two indicated that the issue of what God decrees its it's good question, but is not easily answer just to clarify something I have not ate the point of view of how can you prove that the Bible was the point of view I was trying to use the point of you I you the contrasting hour I made our standings because Catholic and require the kind of close. But there are differences.

So one thing is for example what we believe that the Bible it felt like it's a part of the book we call Catholic faith. So this is why. Naturally, we presuppose that the Bible have to be interpreted in a certain way, as it was a cook in the state. But my question was if you do not presuppose this. Why do you presuppose that the Bible is a single book and is to be interpreted with a single message rather than the clothing. There are many books with different many books with different messages as well as one getting it's what we call the one in the many there's a concept dealing in in theological, philosophical thought, the one and the many and it's only in the introduction in the Trinitarian communion can the one in the many justified so the one that would be something like darkness.

The concept and quality of darkness. But you see four ducks in a pond.

There's instances many of the instance of the one darkness, save one, and many relationship you have the issue in the Scriptures of the one flow of God's inspiration through the many separate books. So what we would see say is that the Bible ultimately is about Jesus because Jesus says it was John 539 and to claim that the Roman Catholic Church is the proper authority of interpretation. How would you know that because there's a problem if you say what the Catholic Church says so doesn't make it so if you go to the Scripture to see what the Bible says it has the authority, then you're putting the Bible over the church and your interpretation of the Bible over your church because you're the one with it would then be saying the Bible says so that means you're interpreting it and then you're the one giving authority for Roman Catholic Church is all kind of problems in your document, wouldn't you agree that ultimately when I talk about what matters is the correct teaching. I have an area on the fishing maybe what I think you would agree. As a Christian yourself that ultimately what matters is that correct teaching give a quick example. I friends on the Internet that study the Bible day and night and they told me very straightforward that they study as a good mythical like an database that he does mythology and stop and on the other hand, what really have the Bible, they have the same Bible as you have and they studied in Greek everything and they studied it interesting story pages.

On the other hand, could have no access to the Bible but had correct doctrine drawn from the Bible and that person would have more chances of being picked up what stops you from calling this correct doctrine drawn from the Bible, Catholic doctrine and distinguishing get on the non-correct one. You night on the say this. The Roman Catholic Church is false and it does not interpret the Bible properly. In the essentials. We got a hold of this in second folks please take two more to this issue of the colors likely get you to think mats like why call 770-7276 is Matt/Rebecca sure everybody recreating catheters over list do this quickly becoming a bridge waiting okay like what we can talk later. I'm grateful for the responses you already gave me so I will feed my kind to others that got what you end up will appreciate it. Thanks for thanks all right, let's get the phones with this waiting is Charles Millie North Carolina Charles welcoming on the year that do right hand and intermittently got what we got with Ray and why would Ray I heard that after being yelled and had thing I look back, a group of men dressed like Israelite men. They were directed various degrees of them had full uniform partial at T-shirt. I could tell they were cut out hierarchy and turned out they were the black Israelite went there. Dr. D you are a racist organization that says that the Blacks by the nature of being black are the true Israelite people, and most of the BHI Black Hebrew Israelites PHI to the white people are of the devil. They deny the doctrine of the Trinity and the ad works of salvation, and so you have to keep the law to be saved and they say there is no generally speaking, there is no literal hell. Okay, so I've been called a white devil body BHI conversations with them online distancing me asking my why don't yes you are somewhat double and you want to hear people say that so that's what they teach okay and their variations, but the Bible make their own yeah I like the like thereabouts across the grain morning then Catholic cost me a lot of things they use the Bible and what you need to listen to when, according versus is listen closely for the ripping sound like versus being ripped out of their context, so they're not very good exegesis. They're very good. I said Jesus don't read the text for what it actually says he read the text with him wanted to say and so it's it's it's cultic to break the bad group and I get that very word that I you that very word because of the way they were. Everyone was like saluting the leader that guards around here, almost like got it blocked. It's it's weird some of them are militant summer, not some of our aggressive sum or not.

There's quite a few variations in the and there, but that's the basic of the BHI movement.

Okay, I laughed quite let you go. You are going to witness one of them.

If you were to get one vibe and felt away from the group. What would you state that that that help them either through law depends at the first analyze which division they are in an with the particularly believe, but since they hold to the idea that salvation is to keep in the law that's wrong with the hammer monitor Deuteronomy 27, 26 go to the New Testament versus an talk about these things so Galatians 310 James 210 rooms for five and I'll go through this issue very carefully and patiently show them that keeping the law is not good health. Okay medical imaging and lab. What I II black/white why he is talking about the day that right.

Do you believe, like many cult groups to that you have to believe in the true name of God the and that that's where salvation can be found as political group called the sacred name of occult sacred name movement, and you have to pronounce the name of God properly in order to be saved and things like I just feel they don't have all the positive litter box.

Okay so I state lightly. Thank you very much. Thank you very much welcome but God bless all right listen. The phone was John from Georgia Johnson Georgia.

Welcome you are on the air and doing all right when he got what you thought of you out in the video loud that one quick question, let me explain that everybody after Adam. That one one inability.with the inability to come to God of their own correct because the Bible says their slaves of sin. Romans 614 to 20 haters of God, who do no good and can do no good. Romans 310, 11, 12, they cannot receive spiritual think things prescriptions 214 three dead in their sins. Ephesians 21 by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23 and their heart is desperately wicked deceitful cannot be trusted.

Roger my �79 so you think that a lot of people want that hello you allow yelling flowers yeah and him and I know where his weaknesses are and the I know what you and I know you called people play play. Somebody can't believe in God, don't they have no one out.

Jesus wasn't one at a really fast Jesus in John 655, you cannot come to him unless been granted to you from the father. John 612.

Five. Let me let Matt that bump said what grant we allow SMEs to grant to give to allow it.

So it's not making you come allowing you well how that's done, is the issue and the word there is, ditto me it means to give, and what we would say is because of the condition.

This is biblical theology because of the condition of man that he is a slave of sin, a hater of God can do no good cannot receive spiritual things is dead. The sentence etc. that is necessary. If that's the case, that would mean that he's incapacitated in his own free will. He still has free will. But it's a free will that sinful is therefore incapacitated to freely come to Christ because he cannot receive the things of God. For statistic 40.

He is a slave of sin from 642 20, etc. if that's true then we would have to find verses that says things like God grants that we have faith slippage 129 he grants repentance second Timothy 225 as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed.

Acts 1348 we been chosen for salvation. Second Thessalonians 213 we been predestined for the foundation of the world. Ephesians 164 and five were born again, not of our own will.

John 113 were costly born-again first Peter 132 these things are consistent with each other what God does is he he changes us. He regenerates us and because of it.

We freely are enabled to believe in him that's how that works. What about you give a quick malady� In the healthcare felt in years. Now then, mildly give you the if they go tonight: they disability or site. Make that allowed them not to be able take a walk now and not but they get, what would you think they'll pop out said to them without credo say that that if you don't want your photo number they came on and is not I'm not on the things I can answer that does not connect to it some and I don't mean to be disrespectful at all, but it demonstrates a lack of understanding of some difficult theology and I don't mean that it to be negative torture because really_exit that need to be in place so we were created in God's image. Genesis 126 to 28 and we fell in Adam, this is a first print is 1522 in Adam all die, so in Adam is a term of the skull federal headship federal headship is the teaching of male representation. So in Adam we all died. Even though he was in the world with Adam in the garden of Eden she send first, but sin entered the world through Adam. Romans 512, not through her because he was the male. He was a representative so we fell in him and we inherited a sinful nature of the issue is we are represented by Adam were also represented by the last Adam, the first, it is 1545. The last Adam. Jesus Christ represents us. If people deny that the first Adam represented us. They must be consistent deny that the last Adam represented us on the cross, that of Isaiah 55 34 through six and every problematic so when we say this issue of what you're born this way is not your fault. Well, that's correct.

In one sentence not your fault that we have a sin nature and we freely choose the Senate were separated from God.

Isaiah 59 to in acts 1730 God says he commands everyone everywhere to repent, but he grants repentance 2nd to 25. Why would he grant command what people can't do and after the breakout. Explain why okay this good theology already voted right back after these messages, please state to mats like why call 770-7276 pairs. Matt's leg show. Jonathan Jordan is still there right now and and to continue annex 1730 God says he says he commands everyone everywhere to repent. But not everybody can repent. Why would God command what they can't do.

He says in first Peter 116. He says be holy, for I am holy going on but we can't be holy wisely commanding that because we have to stop thinking in humanistic terms with the start thinking in the terms from God's perspective because that's when it matters God is not lower his moral purity standard for us it's met completely perfectly in himself and the incarnation in Jesus. Holiness is a product of the above quality of God's nature in his essence. Therefore, that's the standard of righteousness is right that holiness be the standard it is right that everyone turn from their sin. It is correct and proper because God is the standard therefore God says be holy from holy first Peter 116 and he commands everyone ever to repent. Acts 1730.

Even though we can't be holy. We can repent people so that's not fair for him to require what we cannot do will that's that's who said it's not fair who said it is arisen because of having a human standard and they say well I don't like that so they say it's unfair, but they have to be able to produce a standard by which they can judge God, the revelation of Scripture is the standard and that is what is revealed standard and when you accept it, you realize that God is the one we have to answer to. So he grants us holiness and repentance in and through Christ. He requires of us what we can do but in Christ gives it to us because only he can do it. And since were in Christ. That's first constricting 22 in Romans 518 because were in Christ we died with him on when he was crucified. Romans 661666. We died with him crucified with him on the success crew I died with him on the 16th so we we we did this because of his representation of us is called federal headship.

He's the last Adam represented us so that's why it's like that he requires of what we cannot do okay okay it makes.

Thank you Nick, you keep having good question John. You think you did give Greg let you get that certain he's called several times and usually his questions are good questions and I really appreciate all right. The skin on the phone with Scott from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Scott, thanks for waiting so long as your leader met and I have goaded a couple of warmth.

Okay that I and I will order it can take a leap of faith that calculated using evergreen error and very very late cookbook able dedicated again.

Every great for me.

The craving thing of your question is about Eric spoke to you about animal eating plan that I went to know I had the art is here I will not hear anything sure okay and there's a series that all animals were vegetarian until the fall, and I really heard that some were vegetarian, it's up to know it's time so people so that doesn't make sense because lions for example have incisors that are meant for ripping and tearing of meat or flash. Well, not necessarily because there was reading an article there's a lien the train to he's pure vegetarian and so they can eat vegetarian and and survives was an omnivore.

Let's one thing is mean all lighter like that but we talk about logical necessity.

One of things we could say is that and when I say this is the case at all animals are vegetarians but working from the perspective. Is it possible will yes it is. If we were to consider that God gave all the genetic information in the all the species.

Incidentally, 90% of all species have ever lived are now extinct 90% but anyway he gave the genetic information sufficient for adaptation on the I'm not an evolutionist okay company but evolution.

I believe in adaptation that God had the genetic information God had placed within species so that some could be stronger something to be weaker so could be faster so can be slow for varying reasons that would enable them to survive as the earth changed. Well, it could be that it would genetic information for those animals that if, if, hypothetically, they were herbivores turned carnivores because of environmental pressures where the plants were out they had eat animals.

Who knows. And so then those with longer incisors could survive better and you have that adaptation occur so that the answer is I'm to say that there's theories about this and I read these before, which was true.

I don't know but we also have the issue if there is no death mentioned until the fall. While defense naming death. If we mean death. The cessation of life for what happened when and when he would reach out to a tree and grab a fruit and would he. It will the cells in the fruit are alive and then they be consumed within the cells would die. That's technically a death, but the Bible talks about definitely a different form with Nefesh with the spirit refers to death, usually of things like that, not necessarily plants but of animals and gets into we can always kind of topics and stuff that that usually creationists get into.

We should have a creationist on here sometime he could he could fill been a lot of things that they talk about the various was a lot of adjusting stuff when I click what I was really thousand years old and also God created the rainbow and a life you can donate your water without a prism separate prism there. I had them they will break my apartment spread out bargaining) Hallett in the rain but it didn't happen to less water like drinking. I well know necessarily there's a theory called the canopy theory.

We have no record of rain in Genesis until those flood time. So one of the series is that the atmosphere was extremely thick and full of water and because of that direct Sunray could not come through, and then have a prism effect for the rainbow. Now that's one theory and pterodactyls seem to support that because my bread cannot fly in our present atmosphere. It's too thin for them.I know it's accurate and I've read this before in some journals and things like that.

This one, 300 theory you know the other possible answer is that just because Arima wasn't mentioned doesn't mean it doesn't occur.

It is has Arima was for that purpose, that it was stated he would do it again but it kind of hints at the idea that that's when it first began. So if the, the, because it says the floodwaters of the heavens and the deep opened up will then it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.

And the earth was covered and that would mean that something happened in the atmosphere and that the waters were let loose and then we have a rainbow as the rays of the sun come through so that would make sense okay okay kickoff class.

It will save it all right the phone with the Eddie from Houston thanks away, to half-hour Eddie you're on the air. Hermano Matt and the instant.

The little comment about that Catholic probably had earlier one day start talking about the issue. The first thing I had a you show me where your church has dogmatically defined the tradition class court. They never dinner at Toronto. I have hello how is it K people to know what to believe by faith because it captures television unity debit on zoom).

What is not putting what tradition I have is listening way tradition unharmed about this. How do they know what is tradition how does it work, it's there's a lot of questions they not interest them. So when you I have my question is can you give me a definition of an is needed to call someone Eric know it's not if they're not a heretic. It would be a mistake. It would be an error if they are heretics and yeah so heretic is for the Greeks corrected costs and occurs in Titus 310 I looked this up during the break.

Okay, so the only real think I had all this memorized. Was able to do that because of notes with her so is from Titus 310 in the Greek is hooray to costs, but it only occurs once an entire Bible and because it only occurs once the fancy phrase for that is a complexly domino use that word phrase is would only occurs right there in the context says you avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and strife in disputes about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless reject a factious man and asked what her at the costs. One who causes division for this initial division for the truth because what we're division must exist or feel the truth of things for this.

1129 I think it's worth, Missy, thickset, and up north when I was told I think someone in the stream merely put the verse informing so 1119 weaker memorizes versus you know yeah that's it to the first 2011 19 and must be factions among the and that's a racist.

And we get there. So he racist and he read to costs are similar solely to a heretical teaching or heretical thing. We derive these words means that something that is deviated from the truth. You have damnable harassing of nondelegable heresy or non-indelible things of divisions and and errors, and none so if someone were to to teach that the heresy the false teaching that we stop existing after death is a man not Christian, but if they were to say Jesus is not God and that heresy is a doubtful one because it's a warning in the Scriptures. Buck and John, a 24 okay okay I love the Scriptures appreciated what I meant. God bless 20. Matt told me that you will. I noticed that you have been coughing a lot though your programs you are you are I meet are you figure some health issues okay you missing doctors after the three week general and then home. Is this letter things going on to 63. Okay's work through okay. I'll be praying for you okay will thank you for sharing. All right, let's see if we got really fast to my from Raleigh.

We got like one minute or less with somebody okay new listener. I got a question for you when we pray, does our prayer change God's plan or does God know we will pray already and that are a part of plan he's ordained that we would pray to alter his plan that he is already set up in advance rain that we will pray you to him to do what is already ordained liquor right, quickly setting up a call back tomorrow? I like you I like sorry love the from Ohio.

Sorry about that.

Didn't get to your May the Lord bless you all and buys grace for back on there tomorrow

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