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May 15, 2020 1:47 pm

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May 15, 2020 1:47 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. After some technical difficulties at the front end of the show, questions then include---1- In Leviticus 15-19-32, why is a woman unclean during her period---2- Matt discusses socialism and its problems--3- What is your take on Beth Moore---4- How do you respond to Roman Catholic arguments from Matthew 16-18---5- Is a Oneness pentecostal saved as long as they believe in salvation by grace alone through faith alone---6- Do I need the covering of the church to preach and heal people or can I continue to preach while in between churches-

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A previously recorded net selection of wrestling. Why is the resident apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine and my computer just froze just now getting on the year's limited SUIT during a break Ola I'll reboot the system but wanted to swig out that happens I really push my computers anyway. Hey folks are going to call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 and if you're newly not through the shows about the Christian apologist to defend the Christian faith. Answer questions talk about the stuff. In fact, you will talk about socialism a little bit about it is put out a newsletter article and comment commentary about it. I'll tell you what are some people who do not like what I say about socialism. I say today I did some biblical and these people that are there other Christians so you can't be saved if you say stuff like talking about is really kind of sad to see such profound ignorance on the various views and one guy just said I'm not supposed to mix up politics with Christianity at all, and the signal is not correct. I am supposed to be able to and my computer is freezing up so just talk a little bit while and reboot the system again because so that's what that is you it's it's frozen okay so you just hear me. Maybe Charlie if you can just text me in the phone so you can hear you hold it my computers pretty fast. Will be back on her little bit but in the meantime, if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 and can get line we had for open lines will see how it is to get back on their and also dislike you know we have three online schools. We have a school of theology school of apologetics, which is a defense of the faith, and a school on critical thinking. So if you want to learn how to defend your faith. The first thing to do is learn what the faith is not always recommending this to Christians. I always tell him you need to know what it is you believe with the basics is basics are I should say of the faith, in order to know what defend and I always do that. And so is my perfect nights I'll be doing some marriage counseling on video performing a marriage left in the month and on will be doing with marriage counseling as I go over the basics of Christian theology and I lay down with this. I called the theology of marriage is what I call it, so hopefully everything will work out fine and to build to do this when I got I really love theology. I love theology, so I think the loss is great all right him back in there and see it's the calm Rex issue. What is going on. I cannot get on to the calm Rex to Charlie, can you hear me and I don't even want here, let's try this.

So check ashore money and all the sudden the system is just wigging out it's locking up and down so I know I'm on the air, keep talk a little bit soon and hopefully will get things finished so well while okay I tell you what tech people on your end on the radio show.

If you can hear me of putting something on duty to do to fix my end on stuff okay okay right in faith will restore the one who was sick so you know he does say save in the Greek from so to say which is to save, but words have different meanings in different contexts. As of the context here is about sending someone from his sickness to save and it seasonal use a loose term of this context is a story him raise him up his committed sins be forgiven him in the general ideas here with this verse as some commentators have speculated that the person who is sin is getting sick may be sick because of certain sins committed and so he calls for the elders and then going to and is healed and restored in time.

That's the general idea that we don't know exactly what road really is okay okay will thank you very much Matt sure you know the profit on the welcome goblins.

All right, it was all over from Maine. Let's get on the phones with George from Richmond, Virginia.

George you're on here that I don't like all right hanging in there. Join today we got what all you need need your know the court the job and when children die, granddaughter asked me when she goes to Abbott Moshi Bay baby always you have is virtually adult body. Sorry about that function in this little tech problems and it does happen to my computer. Good things of this computer and will skip back on the air here over from Maine are you there Oliver takes the test. For some, but hey, that's like the following are my question is not the law for one meter automatically gone the whole menstrual cycle. How unclean thing going that because of the of the, the, the issue of blood, which is the simplest and so okay and correctly. It's been a while since looked at that section, Scripture.

But if a man were to talk something that she'd sat on her gotten onto. Then he was unclean, had to wash closer to some various things like that assist with cleanliness laws. Plus you can understand that culture. Things are different. You know, we have not. We have medicines and we have washing machines and we can take care of stuff very easily and very quickly and so not so that back then, people often didn't they do for quite a while and they didn't wash close for quite a while and so this was so what we would see is to say, adjournment, of a written area. A lot of times, and so if something was was any blood beyond something discharges the various kinds, then it could decay because it would get washed like we would just if something happened like that. We just on the wash machine and were done in an hour and back to normal. Not so Bakhtin so that was a pretty strict requirement for the issue of cleanliness and that was one of the reasons that got, of course, knew that that's what he set things up like that. Okay I hope that kinda made sense yet to go to one of kind of thinking that goes along with the last River leave due to clearly in figure 31 people give you separate from neurocognitive left big guy in there and going by defiling my tabernacle is inanimate maybe it had to do a significant yell at him is also the ceremonial issue.

A lot of times he thought things don't make sense until what you do is put Christ in them in a what would the female menstruation with Jesus. Well, nothing right when I don't necessarily thought of Christ.

Ultimately, a shed in the issue cleanliness that is to be had by various various issues in various degrees that required with in Judaism was topologically representative of the blood of Christ that cleanses us and so blood is a very serious thing and I drink etc. Leviticus 1714, which is really interesting because it deals with the Roman Catholic is your drinking blood in their transmitter definition.

So we understand how serious it was for the issue. Cleanliness in the some symbolism at the very least of the claims of this cleanliness mapped the next week. All I can see why guy was like that, more so in a situation I think you know what you're welcome To go for the doing stuff already.

All right hey folks, let's real tech problems and the good thing is a computer tech for five years and and and pretty slick about things. So you had to reboot get reconnected and there you go, have five open lines. If you want to give McCall all you do is dial 877-207-2276, and also to let you know that before the callers come in and give me a call okay that we have.

I covered a novel and a science fiction novel and check it out. It's on the karma homepage on the right-hand side look for the black square rectangle call time trap, reasonably enough, is because if you want to support this ministry you can do that by getting that book I get to support the ministry itself. Get support 20% goes to the ministry.

So this is just a good way of thought and breadwinning and hopefully will enjoy an historian working on the sequel to the influence which people are liable – nuclear sale right at second what might a sequence immunity sequel which I 584 chapters into now and the Reebok 20 to 30 chapters depending on how it goes but it's good you major novel is just excellent time to get that done sub working on that people well aware that again difficult folks 877-207-2276. Do not make me come out there and talk to you right want to hear from you and so some of the things of been talking about sent ugly unpatriotic some other things various issues as I was saying there are some people who do not like what I say by socialism and this is really disturbing socialism is really bad and few people think it's great. They call it democratic socialism. They have different ideas different views of what what they think it is and I am so disturbed by the lack of biblical education. It's only quite a Christians have and they think that socialism is the idea of just helping people out is what socialism is, and it's not socialism has folks and so I thought it might discuss. We got a call is waiting right now. I thought I might do is just just a little bit of time that much defining what these things are so people can understand some of the issues that are related to it. So I would do to do here with quickly is justifying what socialism is and it is a political and social system in which private property and the distribution of income are subject to social and centralized governmental control and a in fact a socialist economy social system discourages the ownership of private property. I think about if you can on private you have private property, a socialist system that's to be disregarded. The government comes in and takes more more control and confiscates the means of production and the controls. It this is just what socialism and so because of that, what happens a lot of times people don't understand is that your rights are confiscated along with those things and it causes all kinds of problems people don't want to work in illustration of what socialism is to say that there's a classroom with 30 students, 10 of the students work very hard and they get A's tend the students to minimal work and they just barely get by with these and maybe some of get F's disability without skipping the tenant don't do anything get out and it is of the other 10. What they do is they just kind of whatever and they get see what's gonna happen over all grade level value. Please take back as is why call 7077\back in the show. It is good to go.

Brief illustration of socialism's problems. One of them is you have a class of 30 students and 30 of the students work very hard to get A's third of 830 10 of the students work very hard to get A's, 10 of the students don't work at all the get F's and 10 the students is to average work differently that motivated to get sees the socialist teacher decides to distribute equally the goods produced in the society of the classroom the goods being the grades so he distributes them evenly among everybody so that everybody is blessed everybody's benefiting except no, what happens is the a students who work hard, get sees the C students realize they are the really do that much because I get the benefit of the a student said the F students don't really care so they get the benefit of the sea and the a students.

So what happens is the a students don't want to produce as much anymore.

The C students are motivated to not do much in F students, they were rewarded for doing nothing in the overall quality of the goods is reduced. That's a very simplistic illustration, but that socialism is the equal distribution determined by an overseer of governmental group which decides how the goods are to be distributed for the benefit of everybody else is that of letting the market take care of it and those who work hard are rewarded for what they do.

They are punished for what they do and those who don't produce are rewarded for their lack of serious production. This is an illustration of that. Let's get on the phones to with Dave and Candace David from cancer you welcome your on your yeah right now that teachers remember animal tube league on what exactly an electric illustration of socialism yesterday morning really interested here that I go to church with one thing women are not to be pastors and teachers, elders and things like that the church is not be that. And so she's violated scriptural if she's in the position of spiritual authority were men in the church context.

I would say to her face course I'd never get that close to her because she would want me to talk to her about what she when the main things is that the problem is she considers Catholicism to be part of the Christian community in Catholicism is not this very very dangerous because the Roman Catholic Church teaches a false gospel and if she's gonna say that the Catholic Church is part of the truth.

While then, she does not understand the theology and she does not understand what the Catholic Church teaches about salvation and how it curses justification by faith.

It does, it curses it. It actually pronounces a curse that humans would hold upon that that counsel Trent did the and so she fails in that area. She also promotes was called contemplative prayer is a dangerous spiritual kind of practice that has been creeping into the church via Roman Catholicism, and I am reminded of the statement of Christ in the latter days, people can fall away the sin of the upcoming apostasy and this is the kind of stuff that is is is part and parcel of that apostasy.

She also gets. Apparently revelation knowledge from God. So here's a quote from her and I got on the video link to my website but to what God began to say to me about five years ago, and I'm telling you it is in me on such a trick with him that my head is still whirling over it. He began to say to me. I'm gonna say something right now, bath and boy you write this one down and you say this office I give you utterance to say that my bride is paralyzed by unbelief. My life paralyzed lightly and he said, starting with you.

Amen. Because she does not limit God is communicating her telling her to write down what he says really. And why is this considered Scripture if it's inspired from God.

This is an issue and she sit there and it is the things its emotional spiritual manipulation to stand up in front of a group of people. What a bunch of people going and who don't know what the truth really is in a lot of areas in Christianity because are not being taught and not studying, and they flock in like lemmings going to a church have someone who has the ability to speak might sound good. Has all the bells and whistles and says things like this, and the sheep were sitting there with the sake by the hotlist sound so good because that person is in tune with God. That's when it persons up here and they don't understand that they're supposedly checking things with Scripture.

Acts 1711 Nichols beacon examining everything the word of God.

If she's good beginning revelation knowledge from God. This is a serious issue and for her to stand up and in a group of people say this is what's happening I'm getting revelation knowledge from God really tell you what God is saying. Now she's setting yourself up as a mini Pope getting the direct word from God saying what is and is not to be true and the people were sitting there gonna listen and believe more and more and just don't delete this drink the Kool-Aid later on. This is the kind of problem we got here a serious issue, yet becoming a very human and endorsed by a lot of higher-ups in the convention and that just shows you that the higher ups in the room and the Baptist Church probably could not argue their way out of elective or heresy sheet. This is the thing that is scary and I lay the the blame at the feet of the men because when Adam and Eve were in the garden and they send the pre-incarnate Christ came and said to the man where are you he didn't say Adam and Eve, what have you done he didn't say to the woman, what did you lead him into view sheep, the pre-incarnate Christ went to the man where are you the man has the responsibility and these elders and these teachers were supposed to be godly men should know the word of God sufficiently to be able to stand up in a godly way and correct the error and if they can't do with not qualified to be the position that they are in and the fact that they exist.

These positions and don't say what needs to be said shows at the rear. Cowards do not understand the word of God, and it disqualified from being the position and yes you can play this to them and I will fly out there anytime and stand there and have a nice polite discussion with them over the word of God and see they really believe that the word of God says we need to have strong teaching in the church we have people looking to stand up on the word of God and not licked her finger and see which way the cultural doctrinal winds blowing that day and then head down that path is not well I think thing I said anything about the shack and I said the same thing about real stereo and a big collimator will hate you know anything that is not sinful. God hates some 55 Psalm 11 five with this idea of other critters and we are full of hate.

You saying hating is hitting us in, why does God hate artwork when getting this out of the leftist manual. You know what you lockstep with the leftist and say you can't hate what you talking about apparently are hating what I'm saying the hypocrisy and the lack of critical thinking that's existing in the church is in incredibly profound. It's a profound and I just pray that they are all susceptible to it more and more people are susceptible and is a single reason one reason or not studying God's word did not studying it for themselves they're just walking with their mouths open eyelids at half-mast into places where people will mislead them and guide them down a road that has 90% truth and 10% error in your gradually misdirected as the path ventures further on in their lives. They don't realize the path you take a lot of revival you get the cities waiting alignment like that after this message is that I call 7707 is all right back to the shallowness get back on with Dave from Kansas okay Dave were I read the Bible in 40 different English versions of the cover different English and reading I do that it handle I'm not a great Greek or Hebrew scholar that leaked out. Will I let her not want want want to be a discerning spirit in my discerning and and Mitch is not welcome in the church and not very much effect on this case okay to say this right way.

I've been it many many Bible studies were people this will sound arrogant don't know who I am and not okay whatever I'm going to studies and on the sit there and listen and produce much in the past few years, but there's a great deal of ignorance not not knocking people the privilege of studying like I do you know and it's different, but I have noticed it's very consistent.

People don't know the basics and this is really a concern. They don't know the basics of the faith, and when I preach and I teach what I do is I almost always inject into the sermon a little bit of doctrine, hypostatic union committee got you into Martin ontological Trinity justification imputation appreciation whatever is relevant to the eldest of one little thing, it takes like a minute and I'll say this is why this is important here and I was surprised when I started doing that people think. We love that we don't hear that and I think churches become far too much.

The babysitting thing and I don't believe in babysitting in order to grow up and leave the elementary pretzels behind and move on to maturity and be equipped for the purpose of going out into the world. That's what were supposed to do as Christians. And when I leave people to the Lord. I try to talk them out of it. I say first law good which are guilty of second is gospel. You know what you getting into it up is a gospel that saves you and the cost. Are you willing to pay the price of what it means to be a Christian and a lot of time people I've never heard this before. I know Jesus as you better count the cost of what it is you're doing before you do it so we need the strength of God's word and the strength of the commitment to Christ in order to preach and teach and have people go out and messed up. People are so afraid to messed up when they got witness and evangelize. And I love to hear people stories of how they failed not because I get the mockup and point fingers because that's what happens when you are out there taking risks. Things don't always go perfectly.

I would love to hear your story to be up but I put my foot in it this time and I'm smiling because you get that 20 minutes. I'll give you all keep his stories to about the same thing but seek it's okay, I will encourage people to be grounded in the faith and move forward in the faith and take risks in the faith and praise Jesus in the faith because of time to get a unit we gotta move the Jehovah's Witness came to my house and they had that ablative vacant click on the answers and so they go out and they will have stuff I could do the same thing I could write up a document that I think I got one I'm developing for different things and I can write up a document that's all you having word in the left-hand side, it has all the links and you click on it and give you answers now this is you know it's a great tool but I use it on the air actually develop outline since my secret weapons.

But the thing is if I give them out to people then are they going to be doing their own studying. Well get out the can study like I do you know I can do this full-time delay needs helps. That's okay with you even need to check what I say get Scripture. Of course they that's why give scriptures so people can check with a guy on the radio and inflicted site. Trust me.

So that kinda stuff. Anyway, it's a it's a big deal and thinking all that God bless. All right outlay from Kansas City. Let's get to Edwin from Houston. Edwin, you on the air you I'm okay I will question by Matthew 801 unit quite a theft that will not off the belt at the Roman Catholic ballot you like like to think about another pet emphatically and that they had they could carry. Can they they call this very thing that this comment that's not stale and an ally with product and common fate that got lost last, and that that AI with formations needed to ask to happen cover the gospel of Christ, that in Matthew think in 18 that the that the kit that they drink while the church.

What is the church there's at least five different definitions for the word church as are used in Scripture small assembly people a large assembly of people Christian body that redeemed it can just be an assembly. It is secular, even in that's word in Greek, a classy and so when they say church.

They presuppose with the meaning is, is that their ecclesiastical structure with their eldership. They think that that is the true church and they say see when Jesus said the church will the gates of hell will not prevail against the church where that church. So therefore the gated off and preserve the gifts, but they haven't justified that they are the true church, they just say they are so you understand something. If the and I respond to them with this and also look if you're the true church and why do you teach again Scripture and they say we don't teach conscription nicely. Of course you I can start quoting things to paragraph 2036 2080 2068, paragraph 460 and 972 out. These are in the Catholic catechism will quote these to them and also why innovative if you're so correct. And next thing you know they're defending their faith and they can't because I know how to use the Scriptures against with a teach because it's got Bob doesn't teach what they say and so there's this is that that's at the end. And so they're just assuming that they are the true church.

But the true church is comprised of the elect of those who redeemed it's not just an ecclesiastical structure that they make the mistake of thinking that that's with the church, the true churches okay Matthew, think, and not you would like documented in Olympia. While it is Peter and the rock but this is my church and the gates of hell will not overpower it and you know II could just as easily say you write the gates of hell will not overpower, which is why we have the Protestant Reformation because of the pot Reformation about the gospel lot no.

There were plenty of people throughout history who believe in the true gospel and I'm not a historian but I do know about. Remember, a little Lutheran college and my professors, Dr. Rod, Rosenblatt talked about some issue that Luther himself had going to Africa. Guys name his priest and they turns out it looks like that priest was actually a born-again Christian. Because of the things that he said to Luther and he believed in the illicitly the true gospel and he saw the problems of the Catholic Church. Seek God doesn't need a church in order to save people. He appears in visions and dreams as is prophesied in Joel two Joel two and fulfilled in the last days which are now an expert fulfilled in the last days of action two versus 1718 19 people have dreams and visions of Christ and the I know this is happening all over the world people are having visions and dreams of Jesus and becoming saved. We don't restrict salvation to a formal preaching from the pulpit with somebody who has authority handed down by the laying on of hands, and that's where the true gospel is no the true gospel is a death burial and resurrection of Christ, and we need to preach and teach it for the power of God to salvation. Romans 116 but the issue here is that God has is with communicating to people who are not inside any formal church. There are accounts of Muslims all over the Mediterranean area, particularly in the Muslim countries are having visions and dreams of Jesus and are coming to faith in Christ and hardly know much. They just want Jesus and they they realize instantly that that Islam is false, and are praying to Christ and trusting in him is is happening so the gates of hell prevail against God's work and his redemptive work of his people, but the Roman Catholic Church has worked hard in their ignorance to put roadblocks stumbling blocks between people and the true gospel and I tell people this I tell Roman Catholics this, I say politely. I tell it repeatedly and I quote the Scriptures. I quote there catechism paragraphs reference them.

I show them. I say this evenly. You fight against the Catholic Church. You can convert one day it'll never happen because I'm born-again is indwelt by God because I believe this word I don't believe in some magisterium across the other side of the planet who then tells me that I have to believe I go to the word of God as we all need to as the Bible says Romans 14 five Lenny Smedley fully convinced of his own mind.

Look at the word of God, you have the right to understand and to study it, the more you do okay brother, think about it right. Haven't got bless you from Houston like that folks after mass Y call 77077 or you I'm sorry Rick, I'm having trouble understanding you. We've talked before and stuff is it about oneness people. One, this issue is the notes only to explain why oneness is bad like it might go on and ate a 1.8 and they bite great no that you they went on my trainer stage. Are you saying our oneness people saved Christians gave me a phosphate will. This is a difficult question asked answer because people have different levels of understanding of faith and belief in different ways a person give to people in the oneness church and I believe one could be saved in one could not be saved, even though the believing similar things.

I believe people can be saved and levels of ignorance. Oneness denies the Trinity.

You might get some mentor who denies the Trinity, but they don't know why they're denying it. They just go along with the flow and it is safe bad and they could be regenerate and maybe something in her heart sank. Now, now I just do some doesn't sound right and in the manifestation of God's truth in them is working and this would be a sign of regeneration. You could have a better person is present right next to that person saying the Trinity is false. They know what it is and have no conviction at all well they could be lost because of denying the truth. Both of them could believe in salvation by grace except that one is the cause of the teach that oneness Pentecostal does not teach salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

It does not teach data denies that it adds the work of baptism to said you had to be baptized by immersion in the formula of in Jesus name, not in the formula of father son and Holy Spirit. So they add a false formula as a requirement in addition to the requirement of water baptism by immersion in their church in order to be saved. It's a cult. Okay that's not to say there can be people who are actually saved in groups like that, but they would be saved. In spite of that church and eventually will leave the church.

They will figure things out, because that's what gender people do okay about that one day one with me.

I believe I got that right yes they do.

They believe that Jesus is God with a belief in they deny the Trinity.

They further deny the true God and in the problem of saying that Jesus is one person, or God is one first in three forms is that it without realizing it. They are denying the sufficiency of the atoning work.

That's not to say that individuals are denying it. They don't realize that the logic of their position leads to a denial of the sufficiency of the atonement activated this with with oneness many times before and is a weakness of the health so officially it is not a Christian organization is not a Christian church is occult but there can be people saved inside of it in spite of it. Just as there can be people saved inside of Catholicism and spite of Catholicism. That's why save anybody believes official Roman Catholic theology regarding salvation can't be true Christian anybody believes official oneness Pentecostal theology regarding God and salvation. The Christian Ryman of you welcome so much God bless. All right, let's get started on that picture. Let's get to Dave from Durham, North Carolina Dave welcome to show your on the air, not waste your time, but I didn't love the way you are my regular. I never thought of it… But you're my regular hourly point to get your show really enjoy it, the thank you for the great job of teaching how to think I was just reading today is copy of that was show your show is very often far over my head I hear all the theological questions that are way beyond it, but you know I know I I'm just considering other media stuff like that a lot.

They have heavy backfired. No bad example low values and stuff like that and they're going to continually but but your your program Thursday.

I'd love to hear all the teaching and always helping people to think that we can utilize thing and absolutely inverted state in our lives in our culture.

We need this sort of preparation and of course our church to we've got to take the art.

Now I'm a Catholic. I mean forgetting I was raised Catholic, I actually don't Start but but I love listening to your insights and I gradually understanding your position towards some of these conflicts with the Catholic Church and I think they're wonderful. I think it absolutely great and I there are certainly many many problems. There and I but I love the way you handle, I think, and show the issue of love the way you allow that there are a lot of people who do not actually follow the doctrine actually members of the church.

I felt because that's very easy to do the doctor's office.

Dr.… Just want to thank you thank you love it I love that you show love your teaching joy. You enjoy you so very much and I helping people to develop their minds and that you know their capacity to approach and analyze thing just to get the depreciation call. Well I should record this makes my wife… So it's not okay great night thanks a lot. Thank you. By well will praise God do not want to make people think that's one of the things I get a comment about a lot is I don't say I don't really like what you see when you make me think or I never thought that way, but you make me think I get that statement a lot maybe think that's what I like thing good, let's get to Rob from Florida Rob welcome around here and check I'm good good good good to get that please God and call you anyway. My question is about your brain and arguments on both side and my question is in July and preaching at home with ministry ministries and I was rebuked by the church because I was doing it without the covering of the church and asked me to leave the church and so I didn't know it was a good cook and I was doing healing and I had done deliverance ministry as well.

Your take on need to do that okay of them between yes and no to.

In some situations you want to have the elders over you in some situations, you can't.

And with your between churches preach and teach, go do it you're going to do as long as you're being faithful to Scripture.

I remember once that the older the church is attending so that I need to put the car in ministry. Under the leadership of the elders of the church I said and I said okay.

Do they even know what needs to be taught that even know the issues and you know I just ask no because they have to have a great deal of knowledge in order to do that so Internet since my current work circular situations. The general ideas you want to be under the headship of the pastor who has maturity who understand what you're doing. If I were your pastor and you came up to me and said look I went to prison ministry on the homeless ministry dude, let's go get some coffee and talk to make sure you're okay within orthodoxy and some wacko loser dude and if you pass the test that they had with me that to tell if you know you wash my car a few times to get the basics of what I just make sure I be like the Fort and I say let me know where you weekly call and tell me how it's going and successes and failures and how can I pray for you and that's that's a spiritual covering but I don't believe in looking at this is how you will to do this, let me come in and watch you and I'll teach you how to do everything perfectly. That's not helpful to be you don't go watch what I said okay and his recommendations but You Can Be Used Way, God wants to use you. My job would be to facilitate what God is doing in you that's with the passionate doing so if you get a fire church find a church in healing and deliverance that I go to help me through all of them and I would find out all about it on me a lot of time and funding appealing to deliverance that something like: I the Lord healing up and down and of course then I amazing value, though it would mean I would and unbelievable but anyway I did run into words of knowledge that where Do not know a lot of people I weirded out by it that I run into it all the time and don't go out and out any unclean spirit until the under covering it up at the very, very dangerous of the chemical doing that and I occasionally do that and I don't plan on I'll run into somebody and thank them all the thousand or the knowledge of them they down the street like oh my goodness I didn't know I don't try and I don't blot looking for it and I'm going to happen and I didn't know about that. I will talk about, but I wanted with the next leg of them between the mind and there are being terrorized by nightmare. Is it okay for me to believe nightmare. And if anyone ever received in the name of Jesus's pleurisy.

I was told that they know they're not going to ask the people to show you where that is in Scripture. Now I believe in all the subcategories of knowledge, prophecy, seek them. These are things that God does at his discretion, and that my spiritual gift and honestly is being annoying and I'm very good at that. My wife set so you know my wife is easy for him a lot around and that's about the bleary thing is that you have to. This is why what you're doing you need to make sure that you're grounded in the faith, doctrinally and in insisting so you know the Bible says, for example, in Matthew 1222 third extroverts verse 43 roughly talks about casting out demons and if you cast them out and come back in the house is empty. Then the time is worse. So when you cast demons which we have authority to do then you have to make sure first that person is willing to receive Christ of houses occupied just stuff like that you thought that some Academy that I do a follow-up call. Make sure that there were no and and leaving better.

I would almost interrupt you.

I want you to email me okay and we just need to keep a lid on it so that if you need little spiritual assistance or a prayer like that you let me know. I'll check you eventually okay okay you I would love to Rob from Florida.

They met from Pennsylvania.

Sorry about that. Get the Nelson California. More about that question also get a great time listening to show me the Lord bless you there tomorrow

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