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August 30, 2022 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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August 30, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- If the church of Galatia believed a false gospel, does that mean they lost their salvation---2- How do you deal with the Islamic claim that Psalm 91 is Messianic and since it says -no harm will come to you- Jesus didn't go to the cross---3- Matt further discusses the Quran.--4- Do you think we're approaching the end times---5- Matt dialogues with an agnostic regarding causation.--6- Matt discusses how emotionalism and indoctrination has taken the place of logic.

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Just take the freeway to exit 666 and take the short Broad Street bike to our front door see their disclaimer. We are not responsible for disciplinary action from God. Mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics and research what is found alive as far as I more five open lines wide open 877-207-2276. So as you can tell we applicable for little openings they redone and I get on earth some more. Do some more so I produce work of those and send them on in and out if you like it let me know you. Don't be like those intros and things like that because of the funk soul and hurting in the callings are great or know, those not whatever people in the chat room seem to like them. So we have a whole bunch. What are the radio here in Boise Idaho with the show is called faith and reason. Back then we found out after years of the radio that was another radio show that in the country called faith and reason in the emirate very politely since you know. Could you maybe change your name at the United Terrace is sure, no problem. So weak with them at slick live which I thought was narcissistic, but the good news perfect name actually for radio so there we go at slick live as we had now and so reasonably that it was because with the other intros. We had the came up with little faith in reason and was part of the intro. We had some stuff so we'll see. We can uncover some things and get things modified in the and some other stuff.

I got schizo what I need voice actors for one that will have to do in two parts, because it's like three minutes long and it's fun for any rate there you go.

Hey I want to hear from you.

Give me call for open lines 877-207-2276 I know I just pop in my mind but it just yet. It just popped in my mind the food prices are going up.

Okay and I've heard that a lot of the food processing plants are burning burning down and took her to stuff in over the weekend I will talk to somebody said that a food processing plant here in our state mysteriously burned down. Also in the pop in my head that I just did. Maybe because he's no prepping which I believe the Bible says is true, and I believe that it tells us to prepare and to get ready for things that are coming. That's what it says I can talk about that more, but that's what we should do and you should have it you know some storage of food stuff.

Anyway, water stuff, don't panic. So I just popped in my mind and nowhere for something that does not see about them. Slick food. What was that hundred of them. I don't get a bill you talk to me anymore since the sentences are so we went anyway. I talked to people who are in the chat room so if you are interested in volunteer not altering the course of checking it out all you do is go to on on the radio. I think three things once Facebook due to Facebook and YouTube search for Carmen org CRM orgy when you can check it out. There join in with a check.

All right, all right, a right to be a focal lines 877-207-2276.

Is it Elijah from Pennsylvania. Welcome buddy draw near doing okay okay just to deal with news some disturbing news I got today.

You know handling stuff moving forward.

So what's up man what he got.

You all remember what one of the larger on Billy and the talk about how going to church there like it hot right with the Galatian show how search the churches in the region of Galatia. They will all awful apostolic character who, in the parking in the old and that you know you want you cannot dictate how you know all the letters all our childlike reading.

Then thinking of greeting that are collecting and quite now uniting out the circuit-crime or whatever, but only got the book of Galatians. All all the right. Note that the church of Galatia and if I remember correctly I think. I think anybody that you know I want to pot my question would be good turkey thing Galatian. I think and started leaving a false gospel may not seem like they walk there. Covington, when you can't lose your salvation.

My position on what Anthony I know Anthony and I don't know what he would say, but I believe it's in the same campus.

I am here.

We can't lose it and you talk to the Galatian church, a generic letter to them. You guys are now moving this way and this apostasy is false. Can't do that does mean that there were individuals and they were moving that way, who were actually regenerate okay so this is a deeper issue. So what's going on will what's going on is if I was preaching to a thousand people and I wanted to admonish people. I would give a generic thing you can't be doing this kind of thing like I did this once, when I preached at church where I noticed I was just preaching there for a few months and I noticed that some of the congregants members were using Lord's name in vain. So It became more prevalent in out in our normal conversation so I decide to preach a sermon on that very topic. And so I said some of you here are in and explain what was going on and I didn't name the names of you and I know the individuals just talk generically need to repent you to stop doing this and etc. so the same kind of thing can be done to the Thessalonians and the Galatian church to the Thessalonians blue. It also and so the Galatian church was definitely going bad going the sense of a document. Thanks.

Does me a loser salvation to all the follow-up question is so it if they can't love their ugly I get with going there like warning them from your pocket Bible are back riding only way that because we don't have all the answers to everything we are and how God works in all things, and truth is necessary and we are obligated to speak the truth to teach the truth because God uses the means of the truth to connect to people to bring them in the faith and there is a relationship between the more we preach, the more people are saved, said the more people are saved and yet at the same time. Once you're in, you can lose your salvation so there's a relationship that we would have all of the answers worked out perfectly but that is assisted greatly for those of us who hold to the security that we have in Christ does not mean it's okay to send doesn't mean it's okay to ignore God. It doesn't mean it's not okay or dismiss a kid forgets about the preaching teaching these all are real and they have interactive relationship with God and the affect other situations of this gets to be a difficult topic because it want at this point we have to talk about logic, causation of priorities logical priorities temporal priorities and gets into some pretty heavy stuff and we can meet some of us talk about that in a private so we are not set free from our responsibilities because they can't lose your salvation.

Okay, I did not okay but will God bless Matt okay you two are so have the five open lines 877-207-2276 and the so the producer Keith just texted me online here incident was down for three or four seconds so okay that's we need to know about so hopefully you will be fine. Just so you guys know either what I'm doing is getting some work on the Internet here and read it was over the Internet.

I literally have two modems to different companies on my desk and I got an letter guy coming out Friday to install a second line should have dedicated just to my computer and the Internet for here is my computer limiting Olson and the facility here will be on the other line and I'm working on the idea of the using hotspot because my phone is pretty close to a tower or I'm pretty close with her and we can guess the greatly fast speeds equivalent to two fiber-optic and so I have a device I got that converts the phone hotspot into a land in a minute be working with that here soon and contacted my phone company saying he can use this to I'm working at. So you have some people are noticing that it's a little glitchy aware where the technical problem it's on our end. I think in my opinion is that because the Boise Idaho area where I live. Everybody is moving there. I mean the Martians. The new shins you've experienced everybody's moving to Boise.

And so I think the Internet is being stretched way sin, and so that I think of the date the tech guy who did come out a few days ago told me that were maxing out on our bandwidth, which doesn't make sense so. But that's what he says you check the records so something's going on working on it. Maybe if it would produce more tech stuff but a good thing as a tech guy for a few years and can look into this kind of stuff okay when weight is rambling if you give me call.

All you do is dial 877-207-2276 now so that I was talking the previous caller about Galatians, the Galatian church and again they would did go moving towards apostasy and that they are sick to be justified by the works. They were falling away, but also second Thessalonians 2 talks about the G Paul says that the only way to Seaview. The arrival of Christ will not come until the apostasy comes first man of lawlessness is revealed, who opposes and exalts himself etc. do you not remember that while it was still with you of telling you these things so this is an apostolic church as well and they were getting things wrong with the apostles right there. The Galatian church was getting things wrong in the apostles were there they were apostolic and so the question then becomes, if the Thessalonians in the Galatian churches were getting wrong. Moving into apostasy. While the apostles were there they were apostolic churches. What makes you think that the Roman Catholic/Eastern Orthodox claim that they are the succession of the apostolic churches mission think they've got it right that the question is only one anchor of truth is God's word not tradition pay for the lines 877-207-2276 will be right back. Mass Y. Call 77077 back if you want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to see Joseph and Jerome welcome you on the air. A man are you doing all right and hang in there. What he got. But yeah, I heard an interesting claim from Mohammed. Are you familiar with the Islamic apologists no okay something about 91 and the first person I've heard it, but currently found 91.

Messianic and because that it messianic. They claim that says that you no harm will come to you. The angel will guard your knowledge. The from their point of view there thing that that mean that it was messianic in that means that correct and go to the cross. I don't believe that, obviously, but I'm wondering how you would approach that to answer 427 about that is with a deny what the problem is there with them, but he will give his angels charge concerning of you to guard you in all your ways they will bear you up your hands do not strike your foot against a stone. You will tread upon the lion and cobra young and blindness are people you will trample down check that out and and think about never heard that put together that way before. So that's really good that's really interesting. I can see why a Muslim would do that is a Muslim looks at ways to damn themselves when they do this to Derek later the claimant that it ends with the Hebrew word for Yeshua and also when they try to tempt you that the site found 91 and then Jesus said yes and also there claiming that he's agreeing that it is about him and him agreeing that it's about him means that is agreeing that no harm could come says if you see your son got the self down is written will command his angels concerning you and Donna Hansen and Jesus said on the other hand's rendition test so okay so okay so the Muslim is saying then that this means that Jesus cannot be crucified because it apply) okay right and then how is it that Jesus could have been struck because he was struck at his trial, they would have to say that he was not struck. They had also said he was, not went in server four 157 it says that Jesus stuck crucified but was made to appear that he was. So if you have toughs here was to some commentaries be interesting to see at what point is someone was made to look like it and because depending on their answer. Then, when did this person take Jesus place because if it's after beat you two things struck then that would know that would probably up at the time.

One thing atop my head or give his angels charge concerning you to guarding in all your ways so that would have to be that as well, which means sought to guard in all your ways than they could've lied about him or hurt him or done anything but they did so. This is not messianic in the set is this is messianic is not in the sense that nothing can be done and in the sign was extracted and it was misuse of the hands of their UFC not strike your foot against a stone cast yourself down. I guess you been to Jerusalem been to that wall and's and I can see the very corner where Satan took Jesus just to throw down for yourself down.

I remember that.

And so it's 150 foot drop or something like that it will kill you. So he's using that out of the Old Testament so Satan is the one using that I think about this seems when using it to try and get Jesus to tempt God in the body of Jesus is don't know. So Satan wants that to happen tempt God, he will strike your foot against a stone.

So the way it's used under think about thinking of is the context is regarding being killed by falling intercourse is not a stock to happen, but he was killed otherwise.

Think about that. I'll work on that and I'll think through it okay okay so they can be others there's there's there's so there's ways out of it is a logical issue with her the application what it says literalness because they would get to the issue of thought guard you in all your ways.

I'd ask does it.

He will not be struck while he was struck so than what you think it means you want brought this up to please help me out here you know any debts that will be an issue that have to be examined and find any other places where Jesus was struck by believe you.

He was struck is also whipped. Was he not with it to get through and on and find out when and I give the reason why he wasn't. But here's the thing that I bring up with the server four 137, when it says it was made to appear to them.

I asked him about that surround the city, so who made it appear that the Jesus was crucified when he really was not. And they say well this is all I've said so all the deceived people to buy his direct hand. So all by his own hand made someone look like Jesus was not Jesus to be crucified was not crucified and saw the resurrected later because that's what they, the eyewitnesses said he rose so you know how they handle that.

But right so it would be facets of muscle to 60 why would you trust your God, who willingly deceives the brands Christianity into existence by the crucifixion of Christ when it really didn't happen and then condemns him for what something that all I did what you know so writers things you look at that I stuff I think about our reveille goblins are right the meat. You know I do this all locks on the Bible we go to Cicero for the Quran 57 is what it says. The Quran they that they said in post, we killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the apostle of Allah.

But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no certain knowledge but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not all right, so that's four 157 the Quran and it says there that they did not crucify him. And like I said that the toss fear are the commentaries for Muslim experts who ask him whose one who made someone look like Jesus in this it was Allah did all willingly purposely by his own hand deceived. People didn't know they don't like. Since I'm looking at the chronograph we to break another little bit of color coming and give a call for open lines 877-2072 276-3480 2X right to show you how to prove all of Islam false that there is no joke initially had to prove all of Islam. False.

So the doing link back to the break.

I'll show you how to do it and therefore the cross is right back folks have these messages open lines 877207276 max Y770776. That's what you tell you how to prove all of Islam false and I'm not joking.

And this is because with the Quran's because Islam is based on the supposed recitation that Mohammed received a from Cabrillo Gabriel Realty's in the darkness of the cave.

This is what this Carranza Cicero 482. Do they not consider the Quran. Had it been from other than Allah. They would surely have found there and much discrepancy notice would assess consider the Quran if it had not been for Marla. It was from someplace else there be problems and it okay.

Had it been from other than Allah. They would surely have found therein much discrepancy, so it's not for Moloch to be problems in the Quran. Guess what this problems in the Quran. Okay, so now what I'm to do is go to Sir 86 527 read it to you now. Let man but think from what he is created is created for me. Drop that word drop is important folks, okay he is created from a drop emitted proceeding from between the backbone and the rips suffered an article on this okay it's on car so what the Quran teaches that a man seed comes from his chest. Now, let man but think from what he's created is greater from a drop emitted proceeding from between the backbone of the ribs. I said the word drop is important because of what it necessitates in the stuff I can't talk about Henry so this is what's going on and on. That drop emitted proceeding comes from the chest. The Quran says the cross is in force, or 42 that if there's any discrepancies in the carotid stuff Marla there's one there's others. There's one proven that there's a discrepancy in the Quran by the Carranza own words. Therefore, the crown is not from Allah. Therefore, all of Islam. False sequence: quick and slick for the lines 877-207-2276 is good to Jones from Austin Texas a welcoming on-air high calendula okay to not only good I like it.

Matt with what we have going on in the world at I think it's very likely that work drawing closer and closer toward like you know that the current document they all have to and I was reading about Daniel and me about that in Revelation pretty. You know you I think I find her there.

Yes they are and others are to so give a question though that I wanted to wanted to get the light on the you agree with me and all that. Hopefully I going to well not sure you will be coming on except that things are getting worse is that the Bible says and that the gospel is going to go forth even more and the Christians will be oppressed, so this is so do you. Do you believe in God.

Yes, I do sometimes you know he can be difficult like hypostatic union and a mystery to meet you at Trinity mystery okay so Antonia thought you told the producer that you didn't believe in God is writing me notes so when is like not well deny their faith more than so you're functionally an atheist and you don't affirm God's existence. Do you like the correct answer would be. I don't know outside of the earth, what are right so correctly by you and right now you know where you're coming from, how sincere you are you questioning a lot but everything that occurs all events all actualities potentialities are interrelated tooth that which precedes them.

You support your understanding of sin you like it predestined know all events are that occur are caused to occur by something else, but precedes them events like like the following know like a rock rolling down the hill hits another Rockets of the rockets in the rock, and multiple things are now occurring because of one initial cause okay.

The one initial causes God.

Now it has to be God tutored the case that God is the initial cause of all the events that occur in which we exist.

Or it's not the case that God is initial because this is called a true dichotomy, we say it's either the case a or it's not the case. A no third option to the case that one plus one equals two works not the case at one plus one equals two. It's open, you have the thing and the negation of the thing that the true dichotomy so into the case that, for example, the Christian Trinitarian God is the source of the initial source of all events or it's not the case that the Christian Trinitarian God is the source of initiation of all that's okay with me.

You now if you only have two options and one is removed. The other one is verified by the impossibility. The contrary. So I have a cat it's ease of the case of the cat built my house works not the case that the cat built my house right so I can looking say that the cat build my house is not true so that cannot be true.

So the other case is true, that is not the case of the My house you can't say both are not true because either the case that the cat did it or it's not the case of the cat did it right to the one of the other.

The case so this is called a disjunctive syllogism that when you have a true dichotomy and you have in this situation where only two possibilities exist to account for something and one is negated than the other is verified in this case. Okay you so to the case of the universe was caused to come into existence by personal or an impersonal force personal or impersonal. The problem with an impersonal cause is would have to be able to have everything necessary to build a do it but if it's impersonal, if necessary. Whatever's in it to do it.

This can happen automatically because it does make a decision. It just is. But that would mean universe is simply old universe is not in fully old therefore cannot be the case that an impersonal cause of the universe exists as a personal cause.

Therefore, God exists.

Okay this is simple as logic. I highly doubt that I get all the school build a house. You Know anything outside of all affectionate will the illustration here is that something that exists has to have the skull, the necessary and sufficient conditions to a cat does not have the necessary and sufficient editions to operate tools to perform mathematical calculations in order to know angles, etc., is not capable doesn't have the necessary and sufficient conditions to cause a certain this big event. The construction of the house so what so the truth statement is it is not the case that the help that the cat built a house that's true. We know that that is the correct answer notice under which talk about what did build a house but just try to teach basic logic we are putting number. People just aren't getting okay now breathing so the universe came into existence. It was either caused by something personal or not personal lives, not personal, then it touted how can it bring something into existence. How can it bring into existence, universals, universal truths like the universal laws of logic and the universality the laws of mathematics which are abstract things which occur in mines is trying to show you when you start thinking the impersonal option as the initial and ultimate cause of all things actual potential cannot be there for the personal cause and from there I can move forward to watch Trinitarian you see this is what you stand. Okay good at Trinity about a country that nobody quite like every know is not true.

You can't say took a century out to eat no going on right hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on a lot Joseph Jones: you said something was responding to and you can you can just keep going there members on what you said. If it is a break for lunch. Will you be calling 772072276 I don't notice.

I did this on purpose so you here can hear this but also notice how the unbelieving mind cannot receive God for the forces of the Bible says version is 214-577-0776 charismatic slave back to the show for equivalent.

What you may call 87720 is gone. He made a statement one word can be very very important. So he said it took three centuries for the people to invent the doctrine of the Trinity and that no one knew about it beforehand. Those are two statements that cannot be verified to be true.

For one, they didn't invent the doctrine of the Trinity. They developed it and discovered it by looking at Scripture with her's were saying is that they understood what it was. By looking at God's word is inventive because the connotation of invent means.

It wasn't there. It's not really that is made up, and that's the thing that began to carefully use words like that and the other thing is that no one understood the Trinity was beforehand will that Jesus was God issue here.

You see, because of course Jesus is God a cartoon of the Trinity and the Trinity is biblical and taught on a lot the havoc to defendant's thumb in such a list so these are just basic things are inherently is interesting. I've been going into his chat systems.

So I go into discord and generally speaking, the people and discord to chat system are a little more educated and grounded than the people in a place I go to called clubhouse.

They are generally more grounded, logical, those I filed in the skull, pal talk.

They are generally more grounded than the place to go to and the meta-verse.

I got a big screen and I talked to the meta-verse with the oculus 3D stuff and I going to chat rooms have discussions to some teach and one of the things I've noticed in my forays into discussing things with people is the profound lack of ability of critical thought that I'm not saying I got it all down in my signal making mistakes and critical thinking, but I'm talking about the very basics of things and it is just amazing. I was in a discussion with some people who were discussing some some sophisticated issues of quantum mechanics and as a relates to free will and I brought up this issue. I said well then if you be discussion free will then argue property duelists or are you substance duelists and they did know what it meant, so I'd explain it to all terms substance duelists would say that the mind is a set of the separate substance in the physical brain so the physical brain ceases to exist, or dies, the mind and continue on property dualism will say that the mind is a property of the physical brain so that when the physical brain ceases to function than the mind ceases to exist, so this would mean that the minds of property. The physical room and the probable property dualism is that it means that you can't know one thing is true because the minds of property. The chemical reactions of the brain chemical reactions are just chemical reactions are necessary things doesn't produce proper logical inference just produces logical. I was truly proper since right way. It just produces necessary chemical reactions.

How do you know the devil necessary chemical reactions are producing proper logical inference. This is the question issue. Maybe some of your following meaning some of you are not so in the background as I minute conversation with people who who can understand these concepts and I said look, it's either the case that the mind is a product of the physical brain or it's not the case that the mind is a part of the physical brain that's a true dichotomy because the true dichotomy you have the thing and the negation of the thing. So I said that's what is this, it is a false dichotomy. I said will know it's not. This is true dichotomy, we have the thing in the negation of the thing. Here we have the case, it is either the property dualism is true, it's not the case of property dualism is true of the idea that the mind is a product of the physical brain and they said was a false dichotomy. I said okay.

It was 1/3 option and they couldn't give me one and it was was interesting at this point what I said will you know if you can give me 1/3 option you haven't demonstrated that my statements not true and I set up.

I'm surprised you guys don't understand the basics here of what we true dichotomy is and they got offended and I and they said no you can't judge a resident unlike what is going on that we can't even have a basic conversation on logic go over some of the basic stuff and people just can't say what you're correct. That's right.

That is a true dichotomy. I have had a few people say guys that's what it is right.

If that is enough. If this is actually in an atheist room discussing similar issues and the true dichotomy issue came up and I was addressing it to and as is often the case with some atheists. They were saying is that a true dichotomy as it was the third thing in annuitant attacking me and to my surprise and atheist got up and said that what I was saying was true and it seems he said these guys you guys don't know the logic he's correctly. And he said I don't agree with Matt's conclusions about everything in God. Everything we said please correct that with a true dichotomy is that's what it is and that they were shut down because an atheist. I corrected them.

They wouldn't let let me correct them in this issue of the lysing of the great teacher of the universe and of the sink.

You know if this is the basics of logic and I'm finding that this is more and more prevalent problem.

Here's a question if the issue of logic and critical thinking is not on the forefront of a lot of people's minds. A lot of people's thinking then what takes its place and my theory of what takes its place is indoctrination and emotionalism indoctrination they get from TV, radio, music there indoctrinated into certain thinking patterns and so they submit truth values logic values to their indoctrination because they elevate their indoctrination above logic.

This is right. My my theories what I've observed. I've seen this the case. Many times so I talked to atheists who are indoctrinated insider atheist worldviews in their the people that they know who had him on the back about atheism when I go in and listen to them talk and listen to them. This just happened. If you establish the Roman Catholics and with Eastern Orthodox listen to them build a case on a premise that is not necessarily true in one night demonstrate or try to demonstrate that the premise that there holding is not necessarily true, then they get offended and when I say I'm not trying to offend them try to do with initials logic.

The most common problem I've heard is the issue. A true dichotomy to the case that a horse not the case today. The third option and another issue is dealing with causation. This is just basic stuff and then you don't hear this kind of thing from many Christian apologists but an event that comes into existence is caused to a come into existence. Something had to precede it for to come into existence. So if I take a ball and it's on my coffee table. I take my finger in coke the ball rolls off the edge and falls on the carpet. The events of the rolling of that ball was preceded by my poking it was interesting is that the contact of poking and the initial movement or pretty much simultaneous than the regular logical priority will so my my poking the ball caused the ball to move and eventually fall down, etc. so the movement of the ball was preceded by something else. This is basic physics, basic logic, basic stuff that in the event that comes into being is caused to come into being. So all the events that came into being. Must have a cause basic stuff.

This is not hard. This is not rocket science, and yet my heart is going to be distorted in connection still spotty were still here. Okay, tomorrow do insist so when I talk to people about these kinds of things I discover. To my surprise that a lot of them cannot understand the issue of causation and they have told me many of them have said that events can just bring themselves into existence.

That's how the universe came into existence and iced I try and show them Isaac, would you see the illogic of that because in order for something to perform an action it has to exist to perform an action if it doesn't exist. There's no action. I could be performed. The understand this and they say we don't care what you say.

We know that the universe but is I've had people tell me this. I just wanted to put a lot of people and I believe it's because of the indoctrination they cannot accept the idea of God causing something the universe to come into existence and because of that they cannot think critically and they cannot think logically see this is something I'm finding is becoming more prevalent in in America and across the world. The good people of the world, but I'm discovering this is a problem when I try and work with them and teach them the basics of logic. I find it really profound resistance to it.

I do know in Christianity.

However, in Christianity, we can make sense of everything by presupposing by assuming the truth of the word of God is a Trinitarian revelation of God's essence and when we understand that the Trinitarian God is the initial cause of all things actual as well as potential all things that actually do come into existence and all things that might help, but don't exist. God is the one who initiates all actualities by the exertion of his will, bringing into existence the universe and all events that occur in the universe are the direct relationship in the causal chain of what God initiated there you go. So remember, the universe came into existence of people same amount on God coming into existence. He didn't the Christian God did not come into existence.

He always was Psalm 90 verse two.

Normal start time hear someone skip that part.

But when we look at the issue of causation and the causes have has to be either personal or impersonal to the case that it's personal.

It's not the case is personal and if it's not personal, then it has to be personal. That means God created the universe, how you demonstrate that the impersonal cause does not work. And as we get into the issues of necessary and sufficient conditions that something that would bring an event into being has to have the necessary and sufficient conditions to cause the event to occur. So whatever it was had to have quality in itself naturally and that we give these discussion so anyway this is just some of the stuff I do and talk with outside of the radio. I talk with people about these kind of things in different venues about my home Bible study sometimes online discussions would try and educate get people to see true.

There God for all.

Anyway, there you go. Hey, that was entertaining. The Lord bless you and by his grace back on the air tomorrow is every other program powered by the Truth Network

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