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August 16, 2022 9:15 am

Matt Slick Live

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August 16, 2022 9:15 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt talks about his recent gospel conversations online on various platforms.--2- How do we know which view of the rapture is right---3- Have you heard of the idea-concept of the courtroom of heaven and Satan's influence on that---4- Have you heard of the Passion translation---5- What do you think of pre-tribulation teachers---6- What do you say to those who believe in a flat earth---7- A caller tried to defend flat earth myth.--8- Does Revelation 22-14 prove you can lose your salvation-

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Francis, taking your calls and responding to your questions at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right, everyone. Welcome to the show.

How are you doing? Hope you enjoyed that intro. We were goofing around, playing, having some fun. Got a couple other ones we got and need to make some more. But hey, if you like it, let me know if it's kind of different. And yeah, that was me doing the intro.

And anyway, we're having fun. All right, five open lines. If you want to give me a call, all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276. Read the text. Okay, let me try to get 208.

No, wait, wait, wait. Let me try this one more time. 877-207-2276. I cannot read the text in the chat while I'm giving out numbers.

It just messes me up, as you can tell. All right, five open lines. Give me a call and let me know what you think of the intro, if you like that kind of stuff.

It's a lot of fun. All right, all right, all right. Now, on, I think it was Friday night, I had an impromptu, not impromptu, it was set up, scheduled discussion, debate, became something like that with a guy. And at one point, for those of you who heard that, at one point I almost left. I almost said, I'm done. Because he was so interruptive. And he'd ask questions, I'd start to answer, just jump right in, ask another question. And I don't do that. I don't like that. I want to, you know, let's talk back and forth. I told him, I said, I'm done.

You know, look, you've got to stop that. And so he finally complied. And then we had a more polite conversation. And we went through the issue of total depravity. And let's just say that I think that someone in the discussion was not exegeting scripture very well, was eisegeting instead. But it was a good discussion. And at one point, at one point, let's just say, well, more than one point, let's just say a little stumpage was going on.

Someone was stumped on how to respond to certain scriptures. You know. So maybe you could call in if you heard all of that. Give me some comments if you want. If not, no big deal. We have all kinds of topics we can talk about. You name it, and we can get to it.

8772072276. All right. So also I'm on the metaverse and there's a thing called big screen. And I go into big screen every now and then. And, you know, you had to put the goggles things on and you have hand controllers and you're in there and you can walk around. You can move. You can talk to people. If they're to your right, you hear them from your right. And you can see distance. It's 3D. It's really cool.

And so I go in to places like that and I do some teaching and answering questions. And I'll tell you, man, there's a lot of people there who, well, let's just say they can't think very clearly. And I'm not just being mean. It really is something I've noticed, particularly with the young crowd. Not all of them, but man, I've really noticed the past 10 years a real degradation in the ability of people to think critically. Now, I don't know if that's just me, but I think that's the case.

That's my opinion. And I'll talk to people. I can tell, you know, we can tell what they're young and and they will assert certain truths that have no basis in reality.

When you point out a logical problem, very simply, they can't see it, won't see it and become accusatory. And what scares me is they're going to end up voting and driving. And that bothers me.

I'm like, oh, my goodness. That happens a lot. And I've noticed it's on the increase. So I'm suspecting that long ago the schools stopped teaching critical thinking, stopped teaching logic of mathematics and various things. And now they're teaching social agenda and transgenderism. And this is that's bad.

You can't have a country that people who just can't think, they just react and just go whatever Big Brother says to go through. So that's really a concern. And I've been seeing that.

So anyway, that was part of the conversation I had yesterday and the day before. I get on YouTube, not on YouTube, on Oculus, Oculus Quest 2, and I go in there and metaverse. I also go into into, let's see, Clubhouse or Club Deck. Clubhouse is the phone version.

Club Deck is the computer version of the same thing. And I also go into Discord and also go into Second Life. So I'm always looking for opportunities to be able to share the faith. And here we are on the radio.

So praise God for technology able to do that. So there you go. All right. Having said all of that, now we have two open lines. If you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Matt from Raleigh, North Carolina. Matt, welcome.

You're on the air. Hey, Matt. How are you doing? I'm doing all right, man.

Good. I like that intro you did. That was pretty funny. My question is, as far as the rapture of the church, pre-trib or post-trib, my question is, as far as the church I was raised in, I was just taught that you were going to be here during the tribulation. I never even knew the church would even, you know, you're going to be raptured or taken out of the way. I guess where my confusion is coming in is we can read the same verse of scripture. And the ones that believe the post-rapture or pre-tribulation rapture, they get that out of what they're reading. And the ones that believe you're going to be here to go through it read the same scripture. And they get, no, we got to go through it. Right.

That does happen a lot. Well, I know in Revelation it is referred to as Jacob's trouble. And Jacob being Israel, that would be, that's my take on when it says a time of Jacob's trouble.

So I don't know where I land on it. I just know that where the church I grew up in, you were going to have to go through it. Yeah. That's unusual because most churches teach that we're going to be raptured out and that everybody's going to be hunky-dory and we don't have to go through persecution. So, yeah, that's what most of the churches I've ever come across teach.

Yep. Yeah, that's right. Well, I guess my confusion there is if we're truly born again filled with the Holy Spirit, then you got the Holy Spirit, I got the Holy Spirit. We're reading the same scripture and you get one thing out of it and I get one thing out of it as far as it being. And I hear a lot of people say, well, I mean, that's not a hill I'm willing to die on. And that's right.

Well, I've heard some preachers say, well, if you believe you got to go through it, then you'll be one that has to go through it. Yeah, that's just irrational. That's not logical. If you believe that it makes it so, that's new agey.

Right. Yeah, so sometimes people, you know, it's like, oh, come on, think better. But here's an example of a verse that you're talking about where one person will get one thing, one person will get another. For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. That's 1 Thessalonians 5, 9. So they'll say, see, we're not going through tribulation because he's not destined us for wrath. And it's a common verse that people use for that.

And I say, well, they need to read the whole thing. For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation. So there's a contrast. Not wrath, but salvation. They're opposites, right? Yes. Right. Okay, so I'll ask them, what's the opposite of salvation? The damnation. Right.

That's what's going on. He hasn't destined us for wrath, for his damning wrath, but for salvation. It has nothing to do with the rapture. And so this is an example of stuff where people read into the text what isn't there. But, yeah, it happens a lot.

I can give you other ones. You know, as far as the confusion, I just want to be right with what the Word says. You know, if the Word of God says you've got to be here to go through it, you know, I pray for the strength to make it through it, you know. Right. Yeah, and I agree.

You know, you don't want to die on any particular hill. I hope that the preacher people are right, but I think we're going to go through it. And, you know, just do what we can, the best we can in Scripture, and be tolerant and loving and patient. Well, you know, I do appreciate what you do and, you know, just keep up the good work and just, God bless you. You too, brother. God bless, man. Thanks a lot. Thanks, brother.

All right. Okay, so if you want to give me a call, we have three open lines. 8772072276. Melissa from North Carolina, welcome. You're on the air. Hi, thank you for taking my call. Can you hear me okay?

Yes, I can. Okay, so my question is, I've been serving the Lord since 1985, and I love His word. I have been hearing a lot about courtroom of heaven. What is your opinion on the whole process of that, and it's really based on Job and how, you know, there's a Scripture in Job that says, you know, how Satan approaches God's throne and, you know, he speaks and all of that, and this whole thing is based on Satan still goes to God's throne and he holds court, and we, you know, they have a verdict against us, and I don't know if you know much about it, but what is your opinion on that? Yeah, that's heresy. Yeah, it's false teaching. Yeah, our salvation is by justification in Christ, and it's not by anything in heaven of courts and things like that.

They're going to be weighed. Anybody would teach that's a false teacher, flat out false teacher. We're justified by faith, Romans 3.28, Romans 5.1, Romans 4.5, Galatians 2.16. Justification is a legal declaration of righteousness.

This is by faith alone in Christ alone, period. Now, you've got some noise going on in the background there, so I don't know what's going on. I do. I'm so sorry. I just pulled into my driveway from work. I'm sorry. Can you hold on? Because we've got a break.

Absolutely. Hey, folks, we'll be right back after these messages. Three open lines are going to give me a call. 772-0722. 76, we'll be right back.

Welcome back to the show. Two open lines are going to give me a call. 877-20722.

76. Melissa, are you still there? Yes, sir, I am. All right, so, courtroom of heaven. Okay, if in any way what they're saying, because the term can be used different ways, if they're saying that it's a process of salvation, a judgment of salvation, then it's a damnable heresy. We are judged in Christ and we're justified by faith alone. Some people, from what I understand, are teaching that you can bring your prayers and plead your case before God in the courts of heaven, et cetera, and there's problems with that as well. So, you know.

Yeah, there's some of the things that, you know, there's, what is it, like generational curses and addiction and all this stuff. And we all know the blood of Jesus is final, you know, and it was done on the cross and completed. But I just wanted to see what your opinion was, because a lot of it is, you know, they use the right words and, you know, the scripture and they actually, you know, show certain things in Job and I think some other places.

But, yeah, but I definitely wanted to get your opinion on it. Yeah, people do that, they'll take verses and then they will put another verse together and then they say something that just isn't there. It's just not biblical.

And, you know, too many people are into sensationalistic ideology. The courts of heaven, I found a new thing in the Bible, but now I'm going to write on the courts of heaven how you can approach the courts of heaven. Get my book on the courts of heaven and it's like, aye, aye, aye. Yeah. And it just gets tiring, people making merchandise off the word of God. Yeah, yeah, just stand in the finished work of Christ is what we have to do.

Yeah. Well, thank you for that. I appreciate you and your ministry and I really enjoyed the intro with the little thing you did that was great.

It's called 6661313, that's right, for your free copy for 29.95. That's right, a lot of fun. We've got a couple of the ones that are there, so I need to do a lot more.

But they take a lot of work and effort and stuff like that. I agree. Well, it was very good and thank you again for your time and we appreciate you. All right, well, thank you. God bless. Thank you. God bless.

All right. Let's get to, let's see, that'd be Jeremy from Ohio, Jeremy whom we lost. And now we have four open lines. You're going to give me a call, 8772072276. I want to hear from you. Give me a call. Let's get to, let's see, Betty from, or Betty Lou from Raleigh. Hey, Betty. Welcome.

You're on the air. I have a question about the Passion Bible or the Passion translation and what you think of it. Okay. It's in the New Apostolic Reformation and I did a review on that and I'm waiting for the article to come up. And in many places it does a good job of translating original text, but in many other places it inserts words and reinterprets the original so that the English reflects NAR theology, New Apostolic Reformation theology. And so I have on my site examining the Passion translation Bible and the graphic I did, the Passion translation, I made the graphic so it was faulty and wiggly and it was to represent its bad stuff that it goes. So in the NASB, for example, Proverbs 16, 4, it says this, The Lord has made everything for its own purpose, even the wicked for the day of evil. But the Passion says, even the wicked are included in his plans. And that's a mistranslation.

It's a falsification of what's going on. Or how about Matthew 7, 23, and then Jesus says, And then I will declare to them, I never knew you. Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.

And so what does the Passion translation say? But I will have to say to them, go away from me, you lawless rebels. I've never been joined to you. What?

Joined to you. That's not what's going on. Or Mark 1, 15, which says, get this, Mark 1, 15, and saying that time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe the gospel.

That's the NASB. Here's the Passion translation. His message was this, at last the fulfillment of the age has come. It is time for the realm of God's kingdom to be experienced in its fullness.

Turn your lives back to God and put your trust in hope-filled gospel. Wow. Yeah, wow. That doesn't make any sense even. Now here's another one.

You're right, it doesn't. Here's another one. Now this is in Mark 4, 10 through 12. This is where Jesus, they ask Jesus, Why do you speak in parables?

And he gives a really profound answer. He says in verse 12, he says, So that while seeing they may see and not perceive, and while hearing they may hear and not understand. Otherwise they might return and be forgiven. But what they do is say the privilege is giving it to you, but not to others where everything is revealed in parables. What they did was they actually changed the words of Christ to make it fit their theology. And how about, For nothing will be impossible for God, with God.

Nothing will be impossible with God, Luke 1 37. And in their version, Not one promise from God is empty of power, for nothing is impossible with God. In other words, they added not one promise from God is empty of power. They added all those words into the text.

Yeah, which are not necessary to do that. And they have apostles and prophets, they switched the Greek order. Because in the Greek, it's in Luke 11 49, for this reason also, the wisdom of God said, I will send to them prophets and apostles. Okay, and some of them they will kill. And then in their version, that accounts for the wisdom of God saying, I will send them apostles and prophets, though some they will murder and others they will succeed. Whoa! But you see, that's significant, because prophets and apostles deals Old Testament, New Testament, but apostles and prophets, or prophets and apostles is Old Testament, New Testament, but apostles and prophets is a switch, hinting towards the new apostolic deformation of present-day apostles and prophets.

Because the apostles, apostles are above prophets in the NAR. And that's so subtle, isn't it? It's subtle.

Subtle deception. It's exactly right. For people who are just reading, yes, sorry. Not for you, but for the average person reading like me.

Thank you. You know what, I bought a harmony of the four Gospels that's in the Passion. And I was taking notes on things that didn't sound right to me, and then looking them up, so.

Yeah. Anyway, I took the view. Yeah, I recommend that you have the Passion translation. I would put it on the same shelf I would have the Queen James Bible. The Queen James Bible is where it's for real. It's called the Queen James, where the homosexual community altered certain texts to make it fit their theology.

The same thing with the Passion translation. Wow. Okay. Well, thank you so much. Yeah. Thank you.

I'm going to look up your site and read more about it online, too, but thank you for that great explanation. All right. Well, God bless.

Yeah, thanks. God bless you, too. Amen. Okay. Bye. Okay. Bye. Well, that was Betty Lou.

Hey, there's a few more of these. Romans 9, 13 in the NASB and the ESV both say, Just as it is written, Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated. The Passion translation says, Jacob I have chosen, but Esau I rejected. See, they've just changed the Word of God. But when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away.

When love's perfection arrives, don't trust the Passion translation. Folks, we have four open lines. If you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick.

All right. Welcome back to the show. Hope you're enjoying the show so far. If you want to give me a call, all you've got to do is dial 877-207-2276. We want to hear from you.

Four open lines. Give me a call. Let's get to, let's see, I believe that is Paul from Richmond, Virginia.

Paul, welcome. You're on the air. Hello there. Hello.

It's been a while since I've called in. Okay. But I listen, my question is regarding the, I guess what could be summed up as end time questions.

Yes. And I had wondered if you had ever listened to Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries or Dr. Brown, Ph.D., both of them have their own programs on this same station. And Jan Markell definitely seems to be pre-Trib rapture. And Dr. Brown does not believe that. And I know you do not believe that.

And so I was wondering what your thoughts are on Jan Markell and Olive Tree Ministries. Well, I haven't heard him, so I don't know. I just can't comment.

I mean, if he holds a pre-Trib, I hope he's right. I don't think so. Jan is a female. What?

She's a female? Jan is a place to get. Oh, okay. Oh, Jan.

Okay. I don't know. You know, I hope she's right.

I don't believe so. I don't see pre-Trib rapture in the scriptures. I think it has to be read into and inferred. And I think, they're going to love this. This is going to make some people mad a little bit. Not intentionally. I'm not trying to. But I think that pre-Tribers don't take the Bible as literally as they need to. That's my view.

I try to take it as literally as possible when we can. But, you know, I don't know. And Dr. Brown, I've talked to him before. He's a good guy. And if he's post-Trib, okay, great. I agree with him.

I hope he's wrong about that. I don't want to go through it. So, you know, I don't know the pre-Trib arguments that she might give. But I will say that each argument I've come across when I look at the context, I don't find it supporting their view. So that's just me. That's just my opinion.

Maybe they'll say that, you know, I'm not trying to disrespect them, but that's just me. Yes. Well, one final question is, what would you say to a person who is, who does not believe in pre-Trib but is also a flat-earther?

Aye, aye, aye. Okay, so post-Trib, we're talking a post-Trib flat-earther? Is that what you're talking about? Yes.

Yes. Wow, a post-Trib flat-earther. I swear, I'm not making this up. Yeah, I would ask them, how can you be that smart and that dumb at the same time? Because, you know, I mean that, you know, in a joking kind of a way because of the contrast. But flat-earthed stuff, oh my goodness, it just, it's just dumb. I'm sorry, but it is. Oh, man.

I'm sorry. Would you be interested if I were to get the exact scriptures that she refers to and call sometime and give them to you around flat-earthers? She does? She teaches flat-earthers?

Yes, she has exact scriptures that she has, she told me she studied scripture extensively and that she has specific scripture that supports flat-earth. But I don't know what they are. I don't know what they are. Well, there's a circle of the earth, they often go through that. And when they go through the circle of the earth, then I'll quote them about the four corners.

You know, but the four corners, if it's flat and it's a circle, then it has four corners, it's got to be a rectangle or a square. So there you go. Yeah.

You know, why would they pick one over the other? Yeah. Flat earth. You know, I'd love to ask them questions. I've done this with flat-earthers. Flat-earth post trip. Yeah, flat-earth post trip. Yeah, I've asked them questions. Hey, well, what's an earthquake?

Is that when the turtles move? And so, I mean, because, come on. Okay. All right, Matt.

I've written on the flat earth. I've debated it with people before. I'm familiar with their arguments. But there's one argument.

I wish sometimes that all of you would get together on the same stage and debate each other. I've done this. I've talked to flat-earthers.

I've been in rooms with them. And look, here's what I say to them. Here's something I say. Look, imagine a table, a circle, a circular table, three feet in diameter, okay? Okay, put a dome over it, all right? Okay, now, the dome is maybe two feet high or three feet high.

It doesn't matter. Okay. So in the middle of the dome, there's two main views. One is that the sun and the moon, because they're both equal size in their view, are embedded in the dome. And the other view is that they are suspended underneath the dome. Okay?

All right? So those are the two views. And that the dome, if it's embedded in the dome, the reason the sun and moon move is because the dome is moving.

And then some say that they're outside. There's variations. But I'll say, okay, so this is the dome over the earth, right? Yes, that's right. Okay, they all teach that.

Okay. So then why is it you can only see the sun during a day and not the night, but you see the moon during a day and a night? Since if you have the dome and both lights are up at the top, then from any place on that table, you have straight vision to it.

Why can't you see it? You see the sun at night. Simple.

Real simple. And you know what they say? What I've heard is, well, the sun is like a flashlight. It only points at a certain direction. And, well, you know, what do you do with stuff like that?

You just, I've talked to people just like, okay, do I want to continue talking about this? So it's a flashlight. It's like a flashlight? Yeah, that's right, like a flashlight. That's why it only shines in one area and you can't see it. So there's something around the sun that stops the light from going in all angles, just goes down in a major area. Is that what it is? Or are you saying that only half of the sun works? Because if it's round, because you're saying it's round, is it a sphere or is it a disk? Either way, you have to have something on the side of it to stop the light going down.

You have to. So what is it? Is it a gigantic wall around the sun that points down?

What is it? And these are the kinds of questions I ask them. And I'm telling you, it's like a flashlight. Or, well, we don't know yet, but it's still true.

And then, and then, and then. So if the, for the ones who say that the earth and the moon, excuse me, the sun and the moon are equal sizes, they're equal size, they say, and they're suspended in the air above the, you know, above the earth, below the dome, are they hanging from anything? No, they're just there. How come they don't fall? How come they don't draw to each other? Because they're circling each other.

But if that's the case, you wouldn't see the moon going into the sun. You know, and it's just, it's just. So I get a little short with, with flat earthers after five minutes. I say, I am done talking to you. And then I do ask them some more questions. I say, look, do you drive a car?

They say, yeah. What state do you live in? You know, I live in Florida. Okay, good. Good.

I'm in Idaho. I just want to make sure I'm not driving on the same road with you. Because I can't trust you.

If you think that your answers are competent and this is good thinking, I don't know. Because if you might see a red light and go, hey, you know what? That's a light suspended by the ethereal essence of the mass and stuff like that. And so I can go green because it's really a flat earth, you know. So it's just like, oh, yeah. All right.

Okay, Matt, thank you. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, man, flat earth. Okay. Sorry. Thanks. Oh, God bless. Hey, folks, we have five open lines if you want to give me a call.

Wide open, 877-207-2276. Maybe you're a flat earther and you want to call. And you want to, you know, say, why is it then that we can only see the, you know, at night we can only see the moon and not the sun. If the dome is true and they're above us, then every single place on the earth would have the same angle.

Well, you know, potentially. I mean, you'd all be able to see the light above. Just like if you were in a big auditorium and it was a dome and there was lights up there, no matter where you are in the auditorium, you can see those lights up at the top. Listen, it's blocking it, right? But do they have anything blocking the light of the sun? No. Why do they waste our time?

Because they cannot think their way out of a wet paper bag. Yeah. And then there's the problem of gravity. And I've actually heard some say that the sun and the moon dip down behind the disk of the earth and come up on the other side.

There's gravitational problems related to that. It just gets, okay. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right, everyone. Welcome back to the show.

Let's get to Matt with Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome. You're on the air, buddy. Hey, hello. Hello. Hello.

So what do you got? Okay. So with the flat earth, I'm not really, I don't know. I was just seeing some things and some stuff doesn't make sense.

Some stuff does as far as like the earth spinning at a thousand miles an hour and we're able to maintain a still shot from space. A what? Like how does that happen? A what? A photograph.

I don't understand the question. The earth is spinning at the surface, at the equator roughly at a thousand miles an hour. And why can't, how can we take a picture?

Are you there? It's spinning at a thousand miles. Is the satellite moving at a thousand miles an hour with the earth?

No, it's moving faster. Okay, the further out you are, the greater the distance, the radius, and the greater the speed has to be to orbit it if it's in geosynchronous orbit. Okay, but depending on the altitude, then the speed decreases basically. Another thing would be shooting a rocket in the space. If the earth is moving at a thousand miles an hour, a rocket going into space. Yeah, a rocket going into space, yes.

How what? How it's going into space and not catch the wind. And not catch the... Is space moving at a thousand miles an hour?

Wait, catch the wind? Well, I'm stating it's moving at a thousand miles an hour. Will wind be involved?

The wind is moving with the earth. So everything's relative. So that will be at a thousand miles an hour. See, a thousand miles an hour is relative to a different point. So if you and I are sitting in a car traveling at 60 miles an hour on the freeway, and we're sitting next to each other, then relative to each other, we don't have any movement next to each other. We have movement referencing something external to us. So the earth with the wind in it is like being in that car moving.

It's all the same relative to that environment. Okay? Now, if the car stops or if the car comes in an accident, that's halting the movement at that point in time, right?

If it gets in an accident, then the momentum of our bodies will crash into something. Okay? So as I'm stating, dealing with momentum, if a rocket is sent into space going through the atmosphere and such, the atmosphere is moving at a thousand miles an hour, but it's moving straight up. It's not moving at a thousand miles an hour relative to the surface of the earth.

Okay? Motion is relative. Motion is relative. If you woke up and someone drugged you and put you in a plane on a jet, you're doing 500 miles an hour, but you don't know you're in the air. You're just in an enclosed environment, and you're just traveling 500 miles an hour.

Do you know you're traveling? You don't know because motion is relative. So this is basic physics, and these kinds of arguments don't hold any water whatsoever because they're not based in physics.

They're based in a misunderstanding of how things work. Well, wouldn't you say that was physics if you took a globe and you sent it around and you say you had a toy rocket on the globe and you engaged a rocket? That the rocket would go out. It wouldn't spin with the globe. It depends on what angle the force is applied at.

If it's parallel to the surface, then it'll stay with the surface. If you do it perpendicular, it'll go up. But if it goes straight up as the earth moves, say, from right to left on the surface, then what we would see is the rocket going straight up and the earth moving to the left. So from the perspective of the earth, you'd see the rocket move to the upper right as it curves. It's just perspective.

It's an issue of motion perspective. And a lot of the flat earthers don't understand this. It's basic physics, and they don't get it. They need to study physics just a little bit.

This is basic stuff. I don't know because I have to differ because when you're dealing with gravity and the force and everything is pulling to the center of the earth, if it's the globe, then there will be a bottom and a top. Not if it's a globe. No, angle or up or down is relative to something else. If you're in a space station in a sphere, which way is up? If you're in the middle of space out there between the sun and the moon, what is up and down? It's irrelevant.

What will become relevant to that is the up or down aspect. I understand what you're saying. It's a sphere. But then you take a piece of, you slab a piece of slime on one end and a piece of slime on the other end.

You get what I'm saying? If gravity is pulling in, then that means that it's pulling from two different directions. Gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and all objects in the universe exhibit gravitational force on all others.

But the distance negates their effectiveness. So the closer the object and the larger the mass, the greater the gravitational force is. You're always going to have gravitational force.

My physical body is literally exerting a physical gravitational force upon yours no matter where you are. It's so minimal, though, that it's undetectable, but mathematically it can be measured. All you need is mass and distance. It's inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

You can get this. I'm not good at this kind of math, but there are people who can do that, and they give you a value of how many energy units or whatever it is that they use to demonstrate the exerting force. That's all that's going on. So this is basic physics.

I would suggest that you take physics classes if you want to do this. Let me ask you a question. If the Earth is a dome, there's a dome where the stars are. Do you believe that? Do you believe that? Do you believe that the stars are people? The stars and the sun and the moon? Do you believe that that's the case?

Yes. When we see photos of the moon, you never see stars. It's because the light of the moon is so bright that it washes out the light of the stars. It's simple photography.

If you just take a photograph and put it out there in space, you can get pictures of stars. So the sun and the moon are above in the dome, right? Correct? Is that your view? I would guess. From the dome perspective, yes.

I'm not too keen on the dome perspective. I'm keen on Job 3814, but I guess that would be a better discussion. Job 3814. So Job 3814 has changed and they stand forth. The Earth takes like clay under its feet.

Yes. Do you realize that this is poetry? Do you understand this poetry? Have you ever in your life commanded the morning and caused the dawn to know its place? That it may take hold of the ends of the earth and the wicked be shaken out of it.

It is changed like clay under the seal and they stand forth like a garment. Are you taking this literally? Does the dawn have knowledge and know its place? This is poetry. All right. It's poetry.

So I would suggest that you study this, the flat Earth theory has no basis in reality. Okay? None. All right? Okay, Matt, we're going to just move along.

All right. So Gary from Utah. Gary, welcome. You're on the air, buddy. Hey, how's it going, Matt?

Oh, it's going. It's a rather flat conversation we just had. We're kind of circling around at the same point.

I got some questions for you. I feel like I'm echoing. Can you hear me all right? Yeah, you're echoing, but okay. Okay, I'll come in the kitchen here. I got something here that I'm going to get your guidance on because I run into, I'll try to get right to the point, I run into these guys that are on like a lot of these Gospel videos.

You find them in the comments and it never fails, Matt. I'm sure you know this too. You run into people who always, I mean always misunderstand scripture. I'm not going to claim to be an expert.

No way. But I do understand something. What am I talking about? Well, he, this guy is talking about, I think he's misunderstanding about when it says, if you love me, you'll keep my commandments. I'm still running into people that think they can keep God's commandments. And I said, no, as much as I know, Jesus died on the cross for that. It's through faith alone, through grace alone, through Christ alone. You've even said it yourself. Every time we fall, we continue to get back up and trust him and then he gives me some verses.

I want to get your input on this cause you have some good knowledge. He, I think he's taken a lot of context, but he says, uh, read Revelation 22, 14, talking about the faith he can think, keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. And then he puts down, read Revelation 14, 12.

Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. Okay. I gotcha. I gotcha. I know what they do. I'm familiar with it. So just ask them this.

No, that's okay. Just ask them, where's it say you do this in order to keep your salvation? Yeah. Right.

Just ask them. Does it say we're justified by the keeping the commandments? Is that what you're saying? So you're asking, where's it say that? That's, that's what, that's what I do. Show me where it says that. If you love me, you'll keep my commandments. That's John 14, 15.

All right. And I say, Hey, you know what? I believe that if you love Jesus, you're going to do what he says. Is doing what he says. Is that what gets you saved? Is that keeping the commandments? Is that what gets you saved?

If they say, well, yes. Okay. Let's list out some of those commandments you've got to do to keep yourself right with God. And then I just list them out. Okay.

So how's that working for you? All right. James 2, 10, Galatians 3, 10. You know, if you stumble in one point, you're guilty of all and inner curse and all this stuff. So, and I say, look, you're trying to, you're trying to keep yourself right with the earthly holy God by your efforts. Wow.

And I'd say, I say that's arrogance and you're not keeping the commandments. Now are you? Oops. Yeah. Right. Yeah. I was going to say when you get in your debate, maybe I don't know when you'll do another one, but you probably ran into this before because you're on top of this right now.

You nailed it. He also put another one in that. Ezekiel 44, 9, where it says about the people must be circumcised in the heart, in the flesh. Yeah, but that's... Told you, give them any context. Yeah. What I often do with them, I'll say, hey, did you hear that? And they say, hear what? I say, you know that. Like a verse being ripped out of context. You didn't hear that, huh?

I did. And I say, listen to the context and I give them the broader context. These are, these are people who don't know how to exegete.

They don't know how to, they don't understand biblical theology. They don't understand what's going on and they're dangerous. Yeah. They need to be rebuked.

Oh, yeah. And they need to be rebuked soundly. So have them call in.

So you can find them. Have them call me up and we can, we can talk. It would be fun. Okay. Yeah.

I think I will refer you onto that because you do have a lot of knowledge on that. And, um, I would love to hear a debate with that. That would be so cool because I think you would, whoever that is, I think you would eat them for lunch because obviously these people are not born again. It's obvious. Yeah. Yeah. It would seem that they're not born again. That would be the case. That would certainly appear to be so in that they're seeking to be justified by, before God, by the efforts of their own hands and their own intentions. And that is blasphemy.

And so there's a lot of deception going on. But yeah. Yeah. That sounds good. I'll have to make sure and let them know on that because I know you've dealt with that before and I guess we have some people call in. We're out of time, buddy. But yeah. Call back tomorrow and talk some more about it. Okay.

Cause it's good stuff. Thank you brother. I do. Thank you. All right.

Hey, sorry Dave from North Carolina. Call back. I know you waited a long time. I appreciate that. But let's talk about what good thing you got to do and have in your eternal life.

I'd have met you since 1960. We'll talk about that tomorrow. God bless everybody. Have a good day. Thank you.
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