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July 19, 2022 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 19, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- How do you deal with the statements that -God is inside all of us.- or -God is love.---2- How long was Christ on the earth after he was resurrected---3- How can I refute soul sleep as JWS' believe---4- Do you think Ezekiel 38-39 is related to the shortages we are having---5- Are there ever grounds for divorce---6- Can you explain Isaiah 66-24---7- How do I deal with the claim that there must be a mother goddess---8- How can I talk with my atheist father---9- Is self-gratification a sin-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is is why you look slick live. Okay, now what you call Rio for lunch. All you do is dial 877072276 as usual golf for prelaunch order for alright now to give you heads up. That's there's going to be releasing a party this week or next week. A trip to Japan. Turns out I'll be going to Japan were going to be a 10 day tour for anybody want to sign up and join us. And just like going to Israel trip to Japan. Why Japan wealth. One thing to speak and reports to Israel in February of next year. Turns up as a lot of Christian history there in some churches and supposedly just talk that's fine and what you do is turn it into a tour as well attend a tour of the released information on that I was put in the to get ready for the website page to be released all the documentation in a few more things man is really pretty over there. There's a lot of stuff to see so that sounds interesting.

Keep that in mind. Bullet knew more about that later.

I called the company and that's good and I do something else and I can't member what it is. Yes I do. So I'm developing in PowerPoint a little thing on Catholicism. I think I would try something here and work on doing a video using PowerPoint sharing it's doing stuff right to present information and then put release with videos on to be attacking the things on Catholicism limits. So working on that right about that. If you want else that was something else.

But you know what I can remember. That's okay let's just jump on the lines us go to Simon from Norway hey Simon, welcome you are on the same that they have a question on unbeliever that they that God is love and guided by everyone about I come across these people. Every now and then and get them frustrated with circularity of the reasoning and I just try to get them to the arbitrariness of their claim content that if you like it.and like nothing and then oftentimes online then you switch let's the exact issue so the response is much well you and I like what little of the thing I'm I'm witnessing a knife. They will need to repent for your spin and leave right here the Lord is the beginning of knowledge down on the word of God and and then they display well. Being so your condemning but then you know they don't they don't see that in their claim that everybody right then and now that God is love and you will you know shouldn't spare him.

Men need inside every one of us like so and then I don't get information from you that if you tell me, oh God, let us all he would never send Allison was getting this from what you have a telephone line or text message from God, who tells you this exact stuff I give a sourcebook profits prophecies you have miracles backing things up you have anything or suggest what you think you feel because of what you think you are entitled to that but it has no bearing on what is true or not so much.

I just you and I could pick an example to back one person backing up backing up her claim. By the thing will what I'm I'm I mean what I think, constantly going back to one's own opinion, and I'm not being able to count corporate at all like to think stuck in that another person is doing what what you're saying.

If I have to wear where you get everything while I get it from the person that got the revelation that God show them all in fun.

So I'm like well are you sure that the God that showed him that that would give the back teeth that he ate the other day are there, exactly as you say and you just question question what is the basis for validation for the position and that's all you gotta do is go back and asked the question over and over again in different forms of sale. They are, they don't have anything am hoping that other people that they attention kind of get into what's going on and that they can be at every table.

The delicious reasoning of the other person. Hopefully it will. It felt to write this so just tell him sorry but I tell people know since you know your time is your opinion but your opinions have no bearing on the subject falls so I say I would prefer to go with historical eyewitness accounts of the resurrection and the resurrection of Jesus. I put my faith and trust in the miraculous.

There if you want to put in your feelings that that's okay but I wanted to listen to more solid and someone's personal feelings. There alright well you know you done that I write it yeah the great talk, Ulysses got you the one on the patriarch's use and comment it a couple times yet yeah I was a that kind of goes say I haven't looked in the past couple of days in respect to the link you sent me didn't work and I would something else okay yeah I get to bed early.

Yeah yeah I know that if they that if the background of the video. There are really good.

Go there and sign up for your video there in their short and there are good and that anything but were talking about now is that on that you cannot know that you had that you can develop that for look at him with precept that is not apologetic that the great I do need to do that or more of the funds on it to have the article working on just a few days ago on very toxic the new Gnosticism. Yes, smelling working grid okay you are right Laxman thanks that you called with its awesome yet already tomorrow. I got lost my life okay alright Mr. Tallulah from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph, welcome here.

There are quickly how long you quite remain at 40 days. Okay where that would see him eliciting to find its 40 C yesterday was asked 132.

These he also presented himself alive after suffering by many convincing proofs, appearing to them over a period of 40 days speaking the things concerning the God of heaven for decorative found it quick and slick) from three you know you are awesome I can find some so fast. I love to fish there. When you you laughing now you do.

But what you would live to now I lifestream to to twitter, Facebook and YouTube and also Odyssey someone for different things.

Right now I'm going through the system called stream your we have people in the stream yard feed right now, Lauren, Charlie and I can see on my screen all the comments that come in for those things are fed back into this and I can I can readable on the screen above that I have the contracts and the my bottom left screen. I have my Bible program and what upper left screen therefore monitors tracking Excel on the topics and the timestamps of the different days with URLs to the feeds so do I'm always busy. Oh is even on the busy day looking at you do and everything on the old in the work we on for car and stuff but you will you was that everything was old you mean on caramel car videos for what he didn't think anything you can okay yeah no USO to feeds all the time to that slick live, you two things that we have a pretty think of for video stuff on car videos for a while. We will okay I will call them right now but thank you thank you and God let you welcome God bless alright to open lines of 20 McCauley 772072276 Mark from Florida.

Welcome parking on their paper. Take my call before as I questioned if I could just give it will quick background on you understand where I'm I'm going with this.

I recently had my grandmother passed away and I was consoling her daughter, my two aunt and we were talking and then maybe they both commented well one of them commented that she with the Lord now in heaven. The other one said she's resting. And this particular Anna might have said that more than one and I took her aside and asked her privately resting explained that and make a long story short I discovered she was Jehovah's Witness and she doesn't live in this country is in Australia but I told him to go ahead and some face time with her or something a video call some sorts that will deny where the talking and she wanted to talk to me more, but I never really I tried to go in and I tackled a lot of different angles of their theology before, but that one. I've never really dug in. You have tips on how to deal with their there is view of somebody going in the yes button ultimately is going to refute that which Scripture yes. So if you were to go to Carmen and look up Joe's with the section you probably see articles on some sleep if you also go to the annihilation of some sections of the current/annihilation is to be taken. Trust action written over hundred 80 articles related to that topic is quite an endeavor under a great deal out of it and are some issues that are related to social and there are logical problems with soul sleep okay with her saying is that the slowly here and generally speaking, when talking to Jehovah's Witness you not get much logic you get brainwash so you speak slowly and see it through. Even getting the points of logic and truth. They just can't think critically because they have been the brain's frontal lobes and atrophied by the mother wash organization so soul sleep, but sourcing our letter asking already breaks a hold on how to deal with the folks to whom I call 077 sexually write back please state the mass Y call 770776 pairs nicely to the show. Mark some basics vessels correct right talk to people who believe in it so so there there asleep… Okay so yes, this is her unconscious said well is it not true that sleep is a biological function do angels sleep interest will not angels. I got that. Do angels sleep no as God sleep no and so we as spirits now suddenly sleep in the afterlife. I was at work and just a question didn't have an answer and have an answer. So okay so then ask other questions I see are they expending any energy for what if there asleep.

The Missouri live right the meter expending energy right was that do not exist right okay if expending energy will haughtily doing on Google so you don't know what sleep is house related to a nonbiological something you don't know if expending any energy or doing anything dreaming or not or what this is your position while I don't even know what it means Mielke Banfield on now and you can go to the second cream I didn't even think of it like that. Thank you. You can go to second Corinthians 12 start reading second Corinthians 12 close as I know a man with her in the body or out of the body do not know, but such memos, the third heaven, and he saw a special thanks residential so he was out of the body can be there for the body, but he was alive could explain how that works socially and Harold they'll say that in their there New World translation like that I could check back a good question.

Go check see you on coming up sometime to ride checking out here. Let's see let's see library online Bible and going and displayed in English. Oh yeah, let's look at the new translation that horrible transmission. So let's see first Corinthians 3 go directly to significant disbursements suck Ricoh 1122 hit enter all this way. Sorry about that is alive and I messed up around one second Corinthians 3 go 12 and what it says in their translation. Translation says I know a man in union with Christ who 14 years ago with her in the body or out of the body do not know, God knows, was caught out way into the third heaven. Yes I know such a man within the body or part of the body do not know God knows is caught up way to paradise and herds spoken, etc. so you like to go. I can go ahead and let them explain to me and then say okay that's interesting. I have a few questions about that. The logic of it before you actually go to the birthing structure 12 and then from there sanction and have just ask him questions to ask them questions were signified so sleepily soul sleep means a continuation of the person, but in unconsciousness but unconsciousness is a biological issue and now they're imposing a biological issue on a nonbiological thing I have some work I have noticed I have noticed with them. I have to be very humble and had a question with everything and my just to let you know that this is not can it be the focal point argument slowly lead into the gospel message which I know there are a workspace with them and also lead into who the real Jesus. They believe the Archangel Michael. But I need a starting point to thigh with the point of our conversation with with words started well good or fresh. You stated now in their my I'm not trying to change them but I'm trying to go ahead and basically break up ruffle their feathers over there in Australia and hopefully you know light shine through because they might answer in this way for 16 years old and she's on yeah but thankfully I love going there father's worksite.

I've had them come to my door and a woman bragged 30 years. She was in it and I gave her a few scriptures and thinking you answer this matin the came about a week or two later the door with her friends and I had asked with a question and I came again and thanked me for showing them the truth like you fighting show you that not now, I showed him some more stuff and witnesses they did. Ashley yeah and I didn't do a thing but from the Scriptures so now God did everything after that good, and there's lots of ways to witness to them and live in my head about them in this issue of souls in different directions you can go with it with the cults of the Jehovah's Witnesses is additionally different approach than the Christians would say with it. There's many similarities, but there's a few things and one has with continuity issue continuation hypostatic union and other things you so okay all before I forget. I forget that I go the thief that was hanging to the side of Christ start with something to introduce to what that yes kayaking and to be furnished with inducing wealth to him different ways to him when he dies, will not forget that with no sales saying to you this today that you will be with me in paradise. Sometime tell you today right now and tell you this. Okay the play on words. Okay this value, they don't go there because it either.

Aren't you being a wrinkly bus and is not necessary, but there are other things I would recommend you go to someone. 16 for and cross reference it with prescriptions want to go to Carmen and look up the article dealing with call upon the name of the Lord at a first contents is a very good argument against jewels with this position. Very good argument. Okay perfect.

Thank you so much thinking that is older out of a thank you also to be sold to Jesus Christ actually sit on a shelf doing nothing right. Yet it it really it really irritates me that New World translation and I don't know and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't know if I'm wrong in feeling this way but I actually enjoy engaging with them and not try to prove them wrong but but try to help them that want to help them. Is that wrong of me that notice.

I think I would enjoy wanting to do this, I invite them in my home.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Don't enjoy getting yeah that's given you time to join out of the area but thank you well when you figure how not to be arrogant.

Call me up and tell me how like to know that I got black folks to open lines, there's the break. Call 877-207-2277 mass Y call 77077 back to the show at the bottom of the hour call to open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get on the line with Paul from Virginia Paul welcoming on here about 39 by Paul with Amy about Paula that we're going to be possible diesel and/or shortage you offer there to be a fuel shortage. I've also been keeping up on the food processing plants that are are burning down across America. Not a lot of time to cover, but that so you think it credible that we know the fairly credible already occurred. Mainstream elite reporting on it but do you think other reports so credible I don't know that a lot of false information that goes on out there, but as Jesus says to discern the signs of the time. So because of what the left is doing because of the woke idiocy. Because of this idiocy, stupidity with this trans sexuality LGBT Q plus everything off of that stuff going on with the mother sake how everything is going. There's so much stuff that I can't see where I would not be surprised if there's a major problem that developed out of the fact that you know but New York just released a young public statements public with his announcement on what to do. Pictures of nuclear attack. New York City did this just recently past few days while they do that well apparently it's because are some small nukes have gone missing. So New York would be one of the place of the beat attacked so they know how ministers could happen, but they did. They can check it. They named a release to what to do so on the do so is it if the orchids hit then it'll be a major effect, but our economies can survive it, unless the left decides to take power and suspend the Constitution issue. Martial law was a kind of things and worried about trust left and what I could throw the Pentagon so I don't know but I do see people prep up you don't discuss with food and water ready and you know that your gas can gasoline with preservative adventuring safe. This can be preprinted. The Bible talks about it to be prepped and so just be biblical increasing from okay the part regarding 3830 that time which I know you think it was written long, long ago. What the prophets out there that sometime for all about your well I would say far off. It deals with Magog coming into can spoil out of trying to get Israel and so some of the five heard that I just heard this.

I'm not verified it, but apparently there's a dam on the Euphrates River that they flip the rights which it can drive to River and send off a different direction and there's a prophecy. The Bible forgot where 200 million man army marched from the ticket spoil out of Israel and so something Magog and Mott and Magog Moscow. They say it is a derivation of it out of you and I do not the question is what is the spoil out of Israel and I've known this for a while that the amount of minerals in the Dead Sea are in the trillions of dollars and if they get the technology to extract it the right way they can be incredibly rich and so who knows his China get in March and take a train ticket spoil, but according prophecy wrap up one interpretation is Russia comes up in the north China comes out from the east moves into Israel and Armageddon panders a big battle and Israel wins now you know that's where the theories of hurt. Okay okay will take sure it's all true, but that's also delivered conveying the info or anybody.

I think you are right you numbered an article about the preparedness harm and so I'm just saying you know, folks, you should have a little extra water some extra food, medical supplies, and not sing panic to sink.

It is wise to do that you know of in Texas.

There were a lost power for couple weeks ago to do if it happened in your area, so we had a power outage here last week and so have a battery pack that is for backup used for couple things was no big deal, but is too smart to not depend on things around just because of always work that way doesn't minerals and continue to, and so there's a solar flare erecting getting stronger and they can disrupt communication processes, embrace things in power because power outages. So just on the trip. Panic anybody just it's wise to be prepared, as the Bible says all right let's come here with Zach from Arkansas Zach welcome here in Germany we got, or Bible, you parameters are why God allow wishing that it and my question concerning a couple that I know divorce from God is one for a project can, but there situation and what use for alcohol, sometimes very frequently. Sometimes it would be two years before you begin and talking to this man about the divorce type work from Longmont are now P expressed L was I born bad in a biblical bent and I was very interested.

I don't know that I agree with just for this reason, you everything you said so let's try to say what what you question okay so all right. My question is it something that someone was using drugs in marriage and their partner, and supported by what that the went back in the ground work in the hands of God. The authority depends see I can say oh yes or no I can't say yes or no because different situations have to be looked at soliciting a person's abusing alcohol which is a type of drug that sees an alcoholic or she's an alcoholic work for divorce. Maybe depends on what's occurring inside of it and with it, so if it's causing conduct continual strife and there's a physical abuse then it's moving down that line of the others grounds because of the abandonment of the covenant relationship and so make noise but in so everything has to be looked at. Inside of the context of the circumstances and the elders of the church involved as well. So this is not an easy yes or no to that. All right I saw that I driving around right now I find it on your job back but thank you very much for your time you go out very okay. Our goblins to the Bible basically says there's two reasons for divorce, adultery, and abandonment. And when one of the spouses commits adultery it's grounds for divorce, but not required that you divorce and it was abandonment and if the unbeliever goes spouse goes and abandons you, like I was going go talk to Prof. suppressor consistent enforcement in cell 715 but abandonment so abandonment is the idea of just leaving not been committed marriage anymore of breaking that vow of of fidelity there and so how does that relate to drug abuse and other things in that area and that's why it's a difficult thing. Discuss quickly detailed faith. Different lines give me a call eight 772-072-2760 right back mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave back to the show this good to José from Texas José Rainier yes I can swear you a quick question though I was reading I heard 24 you made the night I let my brother all but like the and work on over me that that I get. We will unbeliever is one of the little head and will you will be at the people and tell you that Isaiah chapter verse 24 and the force and look on the corpses of men who have transgressed against the corpses around the earth, and their decay is not the corpses are not down in hell because corpses and it's dead and and how they would be alive, so doesn't work okay so that an advertisement that the product on the market. Abu Ghraib Bible with you than with the letter R to do with people being an unbeliever.

That's not about seeing people in hell and things like that. I that I get what I get that whenever written*I get a catalytic endeavor that sovereign on that article Ron that it's an eschatological pronouncement got judgment on the wicked and your son is a figurative use of the worm will not die and the fire will not be quenched, and just talk about the wickedness of people die. If you notice from the previous verse initially from new moon to new moon from Sabbath, the Sabbath, and to just talk about things on the earth and the problems there, okay. Okay good I like abnormal question archer cyclically knitted all going on. And what impact will this to handle without him another one, and anything is good. I think I'm going off like a well anything that the Holy Spirit is the email and I anyway though I'm sure will world mission society Church of God… A needle that the redeemed jerking that you are. That idea that a lot that Bentley will but anyway so he's a gifted debate and anything that will be on the Holy Spirit came in the form of though no that that you does not not come as tough. It was the bird he came down as a dove.stat that lighted towns can move down. That's all. But Enrico had the right to rebuttal that are to 3 feet idea I we can't.

I got it and sent an item of a male) and in the nature of people that even from that. Then there is a guide dog dander will some groups together the can think very critically so it wasn't that the sky, the fathers gone the mother and yet they go and will know that's not the case because got the fathers a term used in the culture which was written to show preeminence in relationship is not talking about a male and female in heaven. – Mormonism teaches friction but to its it's just I just get exasperated by hearing this kind of stuff because it's just so dumb if people believe this is really can't think of another signing biological function to a being. This was to be everywhere that you can't do that just work in all and so they just don't think a lot of people in the cold suspend logic, suspend facts, suspend recent go with feelings and that's why they're so deceived of the Bible says will serve the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and business.

I just wish with his feelings want you with your commitment in your heart but also future mind if they don't match. You got a problem, and so when cults impart feeling what they believe in the mind with true don't match so they do was elevate their feelings internal stuff over the mind of the facts, not that that the mind has to be superior over it. But the Bible says be transformed by the nevermind it is not a CB transfer, marveling at how you feel so good with saying it wants is for people to believe in feelings of trust feelings in the truth of God's word to think through these things.

So with occultists is difficult and I have an encounter with the member of occultist occult group will mission society, Church of God, and on Saturday I presented something to him that absolutely refute his position without a doubt just could not handle it and he just continued to repeat the same old thing and then offered an explanation that made no sense at all because they don't have the answers and is pretty typical. I would like better looking and I went on the okay are all right. Let's get to Gary from Ohio and Gary will compete on here I met a quick click click if you could help me out with my father. My father got a hard-boiled 80th and so I had II sure to verse with them about the we we spoke you you help me out with the female pastoring and you know his responses that he is here that that's one that's one version and I said well I tell I tell my father even with its new King James which he doesn't know anything about. I was in 80th now I'm just wondering how strata counter, and I'm obviously darted out the star okay okay okay you needed any existence of God.

Yeah okay. Ask him how he makes sense of anything that would do if you had to make sense of anything. What is this the best source. What's the ultimate source of the foundation of your belief system because everything that exists exist for a reason and is part of the causal chain of actuality of a reality. So what is the initiation of the causal chain were to come from, how do you explain arm existence.

How do you explain anything about moral absolutes truth.

How do you know anything because without a foundation everything you believe is arbitrary without understanding or having justification for it is an arbitrary belief is all you have. What's the source of your belief. Why do you deny God, what is it asking these questions, you can do that now try that event and everything going on with you with your father.

You it you cannot use it little you can understand that your credit thought try… You know I did many times a minute. Ask about the hate now to get a lot a things that caught you know what I watch them a you you do that I can see you get a really big kick out of the hate mail I do is well shy guy get you get a lot of you know because I don't keep track of the housing we have the staff for doing that socket bites.

I think see the update. I can go through and look we don't get as much he knows I let her we still get as much and it also gave the think they're deleting them. Now we know. I don't know but we see them the time and ACS used to comment on the radio all the time and the baby, but the house anymore. Very rarely present because the don't have a leg to stand yet they just don't want to write and I don't want to call with you and you want to face flushes all, the current animal hear what they're saying and I will respond with her saying you don't like there's a chat room or persuade the chat room I was in yesterday and how they were offering a challenge God exist because they want Chris to justify God's existence of the negative attack. How you know that how you know that how you know that someone in the room so I can answer I can complete the sentence.

Okay, go ahead you looking for connected attack if I said God exists because it's his nature to exist. That was it. They had nothing to say to point and you know if this newsletter simple stuff you say to atheists but they don't have a leg to stand on the can justify logic can't justify your existence and can justify morality, they can't unify facts, actuality phenomena to an ultimate have any basis for which they can judge what the ultimate is slick and then in the demonstrate justified initiation of of any consuls set of events that bring us to know they have nothing so there's lots of things to appreciate, yet document on credit appreciate that our goblins okay.

All right. Mary from North Carolina to the topic. You can talk about so their children listening so you to be very careful how you talk about okay okay my day there's there's children okay so what was self gratification and I will yeah okay he can't physically while being very careful with this because I want you what you get out because I know that there people who listen to this. On the way home from work. Didn't think the kids and things like that, some brief cautious about it. Let's just say that if you were to go to Carmen and you to read up on the questions the sexuality of written a lot on it and this topic and also generically I'm gonna say that we are to keep our minds pure before God, and that in that kind of a scenario situation, the mind must be remain pure and so if it isn't, it's definitely a sin. And so when we take this principle we work with it and then we apply to situations, then we get into some other issues and I was it too much over over the year, but let's just say that for the most part it's it's not godly not good. Okay I might thank you Neville going alright sounds good okay all right hey folks that's it's difficult topic to get through quickly and easily use a lot of variables involved was it will not all black and white.

Is it and so nothing at his residence right or wrong thing.

You be careful there is a lot written about it on the website and different things and situations and issues since a failure that heart is always black-and-white as you think most part already folks there you go in the Lord bless you and by his grace, and in two hours teaching on clubhouse on basic Christian another program powered by the Truth Network

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