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July 13, 2022 5:00 am

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July 13, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt released an article detailing the history of the democratic party in America.--2- What do you think of the show Under Banner of Heaven, is it accurate---3- Matt talks about the Mormon temple ceremonies.--4- How do you witness to a Mormon---5- What are good resources for learning about textual variants---6- Matt talks about the differences between variants in the book of Mormon verses the Bible---7- I was divorced before I was a Christian. Can I remarry---8- Matt talks about the teachings of Brigham Young.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is a lot you mix would live today is June 20, 2022 call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and I will hear from you for open lines we study on the heirs. No by your support.

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Hey guess what today I worked on an article and really stood of people asking about it. It's the history of the Democratic Party in America and I know a lot of people to roll your eyes at this, but I didn't have been researching it for a while and I put out a timeline and at the bottom of the article I click to 10 different sources of information that I got bolted to do it really simple and so putting some other quotes inside of the boy. Usually, who is thought of the timeline as well. So if you're checking it out. You can see how well you if you think the parties any good. I'm not a Republican or Democrat, but I'm just telling you the Democratic Party is the party of racism, abortion, Jim Crow laws, the KKK it's in their history and documented in some stuff like that you check that out to Douglas and five stars.

If you if you want is a rating system at the bottom of the article and that's I get to come kick out because of that I don't go when they select an article this full of documentation and facts of those good low score that happens you can counter that by going to going there to give a good score if you want it went very all right for open lines 877072276 just jump on the line to Jonathan Raleigh, North Carolina John Locke Sgt. just wanted to thank you for everyone for the prayers I got in from India. I was quote from leaving to Houston 31 hours and everything went well and got game from those little seats that they upgraded me to the preferred, so that I have a little bit more room and the soul.

Thanks a bunch.

You made it okay with you any questions while you're here and I can ask but just enough to say thanks to all the people were praying for you Celeste. That's good and kind of her much formulating something for the future.

The thanks for everything you do in one of the Christian soldiers bless you and your wife, and everybody's online think you are right. We welcome God bless our Jonathan Raleigh North Carolina accident from India.

He called from India a few days ago. Just as for super filling. Well, the time and remember that so hey, look at you and you may call all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276. All right will be waiting so little bit of trivia on rewriting the book the influence when I get that read that rewriting Don that when I plan to do is finish on my second novel in the series working on T-shirts and get a guy who's been redoing T-shirts for us and we have some slogans or some T-shirt ideas so we were doing that will put me putting some of those on the line as well which the teacher stuff, some of what let's see how you have listed 73 ideas for two shirts might not do all of McCourt but some liniment is I quick harm. Once I became a heretic.

I like that one.

I see heretics in a I like that roses are red violets are blue heretics everywhere. The client is true, got doctrine and go to combat work.

My karma, ran over your dogma and come armed and dangerous duties of the wonder people like we stayed on after the show.

Afterwards we went through them apologetic, but not sorry at sea. So much airspace a little time card network fights truth decay.

I like this when a lot of smile at this ideal kind of reformed women make better sandwiches and I like that out and I need to read an article to fulfill this this will learn the necessary preconditions for intelligibility at our better argument read article on anyway a lot of fun. If you have ideas for shirts. Let me know. Reformation sandwiches have no baloney. It is a fun stuff.

Have you taken the karma critic oath to do know karma is harm. So you just clever stubborn will come up with. So there you go there you go. Talk will be put out of the wealth. Let's get to Mitchell from Charlotte Mitchell welcome you on the air all right hanging in there. We got buddy so I got a question on Mormonism very called under the banner out having all about one another, but I watched that mind blowing out of the same it or not. I just finished watching. It's just a few days ago. That's who. Is that accurate. Yes, as far as like that. If you are a self-proclaimed prophet mind at the school of profit on now is that it's that that's for league fabric groups and that were that were in their but Mormonism does teach they did even get intuitively teach. I could tell you with really teach one they teach that there are many, many gods but you only serve and worship. One of the many millions of gods out there when Mormons look up in the night sky to the stars there taught that planets around them.

Have God's.

And so there's gods everywhere and God our God here according to Mormons used to be a man on the first planet world.

Your star called: and so he became a God by following the laws and ordinances of that God on that and it and he exalted were called forth one of his wives and she's not a goddess. And so God the father is his name is Elohim, Jesus in the preexistence is Jehovah. And so Jesus is the flip considered the debate about it Mormonism, but he's mostly the firstborn between God and his goddess wife and that they had doubted relations because he is a body of flesh and bones and she has a body of flesh and bone can produce offspring that then come down and habit human bodies at birth. After you become a good Mormon. Yet the potential becoming a God is either teaching the prophet Joseph Smith think this report five and following.

When I said God still resides near star called coal that's a pretty great price. If there Scriptures pages 3435 so there was a a lot of spirits in the preexistence that need bodies to inhabit here on earth so left my Mormons have large family because they want to get those spirits down from out of the preexistent heaven to come down here now Brigham Young the second so-called prophet of the Mormon church a talk with Joseph Smith a little bit what he did. He made many statements and I think I can do this can do this. Take some time going through it. Mormonism teaches this. Why not growth so that all you there's so much people have no idea you'd want to. Mormons don't know what I regret not but actually a lady I work with, so they Mormon manner.

We never talk about when you haven't got a chance, I have along with the explanation of Mormonism. The water is something I get that I could bring up that I speak will take with me finish what they teach will talk about. I witnessed okay because it is a lot there slick utility said so there was accident with direction to go in the preexistence their spirits and Brigham Young taught that there were valid people are more valiant in the preexistence and decided to go with the true plan of God's salvation on earth when they're born the boarding in human bodies are born white skinned bodies and there without the third at that were born Wednesday but in 1/3 of the spirit supreme pre-bought begotten of these pre-con spirits begun to relations between God and his wife. The other third, another third that is rebelled and they could never be born in human bodies, so their demonic forces and the third I did go either way were cursed to be born in black skin is the prophet of Mormonism early taught and by the way. Brigham Young said all this stuff and he said in the Journal of discourses 113, page 95. Quote I know just as well what to teach this people and just what to say to them, and what to do in order to bring them into the celestial kingdom. I've never yet preached a sermon and send it out to the children of men that they may not call Scripture let me have the privilege of correcting a sermon and it is as good Scripture as they deserve. The people have the oracles of God continue. Brigham Young said that is what he was teaching the stuff right now. When the you become a good Mormon. You're supposed to pay a 10% tithe of your income to the church and when you do that you been there for at least a year, you get what's called a temple recommend. The interview the bishop get a temple recommend major able to go to their temples and nothing kinky or weird happened to the temples wealth was a kinky, but we're just in the sense that they do so. This is not biblical but you have to have they learn for handshakes and for hogs and had to shake hands with someone and actor inside the temple, who standing in the place of God, and they shake hands with this person in the secret combo I used to know. I don't normally work and this is so that when a person dies, he can go to the celestial kingdom and be able to shake hands with God and be approved become a God potential ideology required sure what you meant by fellow Gillette just getting selling is just in Mormonism. There's three levels in the afterlife. The lowest level is the terrestrial. The middle is total is to be the lowest one is celestial. The middle is terrestrial and the highest is celestial and in celestial heaven.

There are three levels in the highest of that is called the church of the firstborn, and so Mormons what they want to do is, hopefully, exalt the exalted godhood, but they have to keep celestial law but no more than keep celestial so their idea and their hope is become a God of their own world back in the temple ceremony they actually going to the temple are given a green fig leaf apron and a container of a plastic bag and they go through and they watch film and a different plate action different things at preexistence different stuff in history as a go for different groups tell you what happens at the after the break because this is super significant and all that I'm saying is well documented left Mormonism and said hair film stuck in Cameron philosophy with the paper is why so important right back after mass, like why call 77077 charismatic back show going to be calling you to do is dial 877207227624 lines product just just getting hit the button to get back on the wrong what I hung up on him so anybody call back all right my bed, manic about once every two months wasn't with them.

Make a mistake on on that and just happened to explain about the Mormon temple ceremony little bits to understand something here. So when Adam and Eve send. It says on Genesis 3, seven, in the eyes of both of them were opened new that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves glowing coverings, so this is what they did. Adam and Eve sewed fig leaves together and made themselves glowing coverings now in the Mormon goes in the Mormon to the temple. They obtain a fig leaf apron that they're going to put on it was over there lowing. On a certain place and time. This is what happens then they heard the sound of the Lord God walk in the garden who said you were there and then what happened is God, he took away their fig leaf. Apron fig leaves covering and in verse 21. The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and Eve and clothe them not here selling very very important to understand Adam and Eve sinned, and in their sin. They covered themselves with fig leaves, fig leaf coverings for their loans. That means in the genitalia area.

God rejected that and and he covered them by his work with the skins of animals location.

There is the shedding of blood.

Okay I Mitchell. Sorry about that but your back on your hold on and so this is important now in the temple in the temple when Adam and Eve means giving women in the tabernacle in the wilderness in the temple. Later, when it was built there were two rooms, the holy place in the holy of an the high priest was able to go to the holy of holies only once a year on Yom Kippur and he had to ceremonially clean your to walk around the veil that separated the holy place in the holy polis and so when Jesus was crucified. It says in Matthew 2751 and behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom and the earth shook, and the rocks were split.

So the top to the bottom.

It was torn into this is God's work. So God destroyed the veil because there's no because the blood of Christ has been shut down when Mormons go the temple. They have the veil put back in.

Why would they put the temple veil back in if God destroyed it out this I'll tell you why. It's because they don't have the true God, the true Christ of the true gospel to have an imitation.

It sounds like it's good but it's not. It's like fake syrup. It's sweet but it's not real syrup target tell the difference, but it fake.

You can tell a difference when you know the truth, so when the Mormons enter the temple they have to go to the temple ceremony. This is critical. You got understand went on to tell you, folks, this is for real.

I've been told this by several Mormons over the years who work temple workers who became Christians into this with the and the cassette is been recorded. Did you go on YouTube and you can find Mormon temples. All right now they're given this fig leaf apron. They go in to a room there hearing a watching a film and is an actor playing the devil and actor playing Adam actor playing a preacher like this is going on these different things and at one point correctly, the Dell Adam asks the devil, what's that apron you have on and the devil has a fig leaf apron on.

He's wearing it, but it's not green. I think it's black or super dark blue. I forgot which, but dark and he says Satan answers and says it's a symbol of my priesthood and power. The film stops and the Mormons are told to put on their aprons fig leaf to get this understand this, that the Adam asks the devil what extent fig leaf apron you have on he said as a symbol of his priesthood and powers prison authority and the film stops and the Mormons are told to take their fig leaf apron to put them on. Now this is incredibly obvious to those of us were born again that this is a demonic thing, particularly since in the temple there are more and more temples because God had it destroyed in 78 and he destroyed the temple veil in Matthew 2751.

Therefore, why would they put it in.

I asked him if this why you put back with God destroyed the temple and they don't have an answer. And so anyway Mitchell that's basically it. Mormons teach the use of very distinct quotes as well, but the language Brigham Young said what Joseph Smith said with the bug. Any comments yet. There Mitchell. The right button on the contrary that I okay now here you go ahead find my bad my back. I yeah check it out a lot I can copy a back arrow on your site so why how you go about what you think your mom and I like talking about it. What is different things. One of things left to do with Mormons. Is this depends.

There are ways to destroy their testimony very quickly but is not exactly good national Bible disorder testimony could you understand. Mormons believe the testimony edge testimony. Their testimony at all, is about the feeling they say comes from God's sycophant got a feeling. But here's the problem in the ill Delco James 15 if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, but is talking those are already believers about wisdom from God, not about the truth of the book. The book of Mormon which the aggregate, which just the second issue the church going for page 461 of the book of Mormon was most correct of any book on earth and Mecca get closer. Results of the following is invite any other book, policing is better than the Bible, and yet Mormon is the book of Mormon doesn't contain many the essential doctrines of Mormonism celestial marriage exaltation plurality of God throughout marriage doesn't have the sex temple ceremony doesn't have this and so there's very great inconsistencies or so when you want to talk to Mormons are different ways to do it when I was in Southern California I used to drive had a job that I would over Southern California. I would be Mormon missionaries all the time.

So much so they had meetings are told not to talk to me because the missionaries are leaving their missions and going home because of show them something this and you can do the same thing out of different different different ways.

What is in the Mormons. This is a more direct means that they can help destroyed her testimony by using facts and I have others music and I is okay you several ways to witness to them, okay, but they folks, there is a there's the break bully Rebecca Evans messages you McCauley 772072277 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show till there alright so one of the things I've done over the years particular when I was driving around running errands and stuff for different businesses is their California stop missionaries periodically and I had in my trunk to books that devastated devastated one was the Nestlé island Greek New Testament.

You can get these online good Amazon. You can go. It's called the Nestlé -like Nestlé crunch bar skull Nestlé Alan AL a and D and you want to get it with the is called the critical apparatus.

I should probably write an article about this put links is called the critical apparatus with this is, is the New Testament in Greek but you don't have to read Greek and so what I do is I should I show it shows in the New Testament which is 2000 years old.

What this book does any classist when looking at is 80 bucks you okay with witnessing tool that some they're cheaper to find one potential apparatus is cheaper, but nevertheless so I would over the New Testament and I would show them the Greek and I think it will be a regal but agreed to seek to hear what it sounds like I would do that is at the bottom of each page. This was critical.

The bottom of each page is what's called a textual apparatus that would explain this. This means that if all the manuscripts that have been recovered throughout the 2000 years since the New Testament was written, then we can see every page and every location where any variation of the text occurs in all the documents so you there.

John 316. For example, you could read you see the numbers are just normal English numbers 1617 1819 and you can look at the bottom and you can see all I never 16 and it might be a textual variance on a certain manuscript might have a very small letter really small. Look at what it does is it just documents you don't have to know Greek but the bottom of the page is what's valuable because you can open up to any page in the New Testament and count how many variance are there and soak not done this many many times what I do is I get the book of more Mormon and you can get this book for $16 at Utah light help ministry by Gerald and Sandra Tanner and there nears up the foot of the baseball stadium there in Salt Lake City and I know Sandra she's awesome and there's this book called the 3913 changes in the book of Mormon 3913 3913 go to Utah lighthouse ministry UT you can order this book and I have a couple copies of it and what I have done is have the New Testament in the book of Mormon and say to the Mormons look at this is a textual variance in the New Testament shown that will see the Bible's got problems really listen to the book of Mormon is what this is is Santa come in with what she did. She and her husband Gerald has passed away. They got an original book of Mormon original first edition and I think they had an eight 1960 something version of it which version was and they read through it.

That is 64 compared 9054 edition of the journal would read the original book of Mormon, and she would follow through 1964 and it would market differences and that's what this is the 3913 changes the book of Mormon. She said there's more lot more that is put every single little grammatical different.

So having said all of this will do is show them the Greek New Testament show the bottom of the page. You can count how many verses have a variance you open up the New Testament, it might have two fans that are placed might have for Santa that are placed might have three fans of the place you might have for fans of the replacement have not found another place on both pages.

Okay might have two go to the book of Mormon and you fan and you will see 89 1011 per page over and over and over and over again from page to page to page. I asked him great article says the Bible is correct is a farce is quickly translated, which means to them interpreted is not trustworthy if the Bible the New Testament is not trustworthy court you and is 2000 years old. Look at the book of Mormon. How much is been altered.

Why should we trust the book of Mormon for 200 years old is been altered a lot more Mormons have been destroyed by this because her testimony to the truth of the book of Mormon, but now they can see before their eyes get the book of Mormon has been severely altered by the Mormon church. Some people say will now know now it's just a bunch of little mistakes in grammar and things like that. Well, sometimes that's the case, but a lot of time this not because a lot of places actual doctrines and positions and facts are altered now which critical is Joseph Smith said he translated the book of Mormon by the power of God, and he had a seer stone is closely one of the German souls of the urban, because a guard to be he said was in Missouri so he had access. Yes he did and he had access to one of the stones that he put it into a hat you covered his face in the hat and one letter at a time would appear by the power of God, and he would translate would give the word of the letter to Oliver Calgary who is sitting behind of veil or a sheet between them and this in the cabin with her doing this, and this is how the book of Mormon was translated but the book of Abraham was quickly translated exactly the same way and it turns out the book of Abraham which is a later translation at Joseph Smith said that I get know that you ever break or something to but translated by the exact same methodology for the same power of God. The book of Abraham. They have would have to get back up mental sense of this. He found some ancient pottery from a traveling museum guy was going around with Egyptian stuff making a living by discharging people little bit to to to view various think of Egypt and there were legitimate objects and Joseph Smith saw one of these Tyree documents as it is the book of Abraham, and he bought it for like $2200 or something like this that he translated by the power of God as is the book of Abraham, will the book of Abe, the pirate was lost until the 1960s it was discovery discovered either the Mormon church admits it's the very same one. It has just dismissed handwriting in the back the hiring it's it is, then they were able to translated from Egyptian hieroglyphics into English and had absolutely nothing to do with what justness it was absolutely nothing for the Mormon church was a discovery form hieroglyphics. Its actual hieroglyphics is a form hieroglyphics. I didn't work the critics is jumped all over that and they said well it's not really a direct translation. It was just used. To give him inspiration to translate and is just ridiculous of the facts are just so when you look at the facts of Mormonism just is destroyed. So that's one of the ways you can get a book in the car and looked up the information.

The book of Abraham, the pirate and you can just look it up and look at the documentation I went through and condensed an entire book or someone else to do research. I condensed it give the book title and everything will find that book. Ms. proves that happily proved Mormons was false. Now that's one way the right to entice more, but that there's nothing complicated yet I write all of Mormonism depends on the first vision. Joseph Smith said he claimed that God appeared to him got the father and the son of the sun appeared to him and said all churches were false and enjoy none of them etc. call the first vision.

There are several versions of it.

But when you go to first Timothy 616, read the context of the problem because Joseph Smith said he actually saw God the father. This is essential if this can be destroyed. Mormonism is false. Okay now this is effectively 613 I charge in the presence of God gives life to all things, and of Christ Jesus. Verse 14 that you keep the commandments. Verse 50 which he will bring about a proper time. He was the blessed and the only sovereign King of kings and the Lord of lords, who alone possesses immortality and dwells in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see you speaking of the father.

There, and Paul tells us that no man has seen or can see God the father writes about her therapy.

First Timothy 616.

The manager responded saying all they can with the help of the Holy Spirit, but the sum of the text says they change the word of God to make it fit and excuse it Mormons with Bill do what I show this to them. They altered the word of God or they deny. I've had people actually say I prefer to believe Joseph Smith over the Scripture condemnation is upon them that the blue the life right back folks after these this message of this break. Okay you little mats like why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show's over. I got to go on 100 right no problem no problem yeah so there's as I've done a great deal of research on Mormonism written well over hundred articles on it. Talk to literally hundreds and hundreds of missionaries. In fact, it was a quote from Joseph Smith where he boasted he did more than Jesus Scripture together.

That got me started studying apologetics. I could go on about this and what is that I can read you codes as of the will see what happens.

Let's get to Andrea from High Point.

Welcome your new year. Sure, we can't hide the problem at currently getting remarried. From what I read I went there the case of it. Don't trace reconciling now remarried. That's not an option. I'm thinking I will be committing adultery and became a no, I did that I remain valid that I there are different views on getting my view, those who would say that you can't divorce for any reason at all and that if you were to remarry under any condition, then you committing adultery and I certainly do not affirm that position. Jesus said in Matthew 532 I say to you everyone who divorces his wife except for the reason of unchastity or fornication makes her commit adultery so there's that.

That's the condition also. Matthew 19. Nine.

There's also the condition of abandonment when the unbeliever leaves let him go to first Corinthians 7 talks about this where I believe this risk is seven while, and so the idea here is that those who have abandoned the marriage covenant not to commit adultery just left. Then the Bible says let go. You're such a believer is not under obligation in here that's for 2007.

15 yet if the unbelieving one leaves let them leave the brother of the sister is not under bondage in such cases with cases. But God has called us to peace. So I believe the two conditions are laid out in Scripture that's that free you are.

If your spouse commits adultery or your spouse abandons you in both of those case a covenant is broken and you're free to remarry now there's another issue here of BC before Christ. I'm ever talking about this in seminary and some of the professors and we had some discussions about it and it's it's important, and the consensus that we all kinda came up with was that those who were not Christians and got divorced, for whatever reason ungodly reasons. Then when they became Christian all of its wiped away all the sins are done away with.

And so that's my position.

So my position because you did what you did before you knew Christ. Now you come under the blood of Christ. All these things are washed away. There's no possibility of reconciliation because of this thousand marriage another you cannot go back that's forbidden in Scripture. So you can't go back. You can't make that right.

So what happens. Well you've laid it all before the cross of Christ is forgiven and you can move forward and should Lord provide you with a good man.

Then Mary that's just my position and its ability to be found agree with that but is what I believe in my life very client that you and you soon and I didn't limitation recommendation for you so you meet a guy and you want test about the CVs with good godly or not right, but not perfect. Okay not perfect but so I'd recommend you try this to say you cannot meet. You want to see if he guards you if he guards you what I mean by that is, is he watching out for your reputation or does he say this could to get over your place or my place alone will discover Sorrento. That's a warning flag and get it united I get it. Sometimes going to drive together to a go go someplace, do something. I get that it's the idea of repeatedly let's get along together. That's a problem.

It's an issue.

What I would recommend that women do is take the Bible with them on a date and handed ticket headed to the guy and say, would you please ask Mrs. up in the cars I awkward would you please just teach me something out of God's work and care what it is just turn of the work teach me that what if he says something like, I will do that for get out of the car you're done okay nice talking to you and I like to do to go away right what he do if he then goes well, that's different but okay. And he finds something in Scripture, and he tries to go through and teach Leslie doesn't do the best job, but he's trying he's going through it right okay that's good right you have me to do that is okay, but was forced first will start with the present indicative would go to this part.

Forget it did mistake the average Joe okay is good. Give it a shot. You might know some stuff by not trying is not afraid of the word is an embarrassing look at and you can still go out and you better open the door for better guards. You take care if he doesn't do this is not of semi-proficient in the word or he's not willing to be the spiritual leader and have nothing to do with okay I bring a Bible you catch them offguard. You know you and you happy hearts at the Hawks and come on out you know anything he wants you to come out. He honks you cannot get the car notes detailing there's a tornado outside his Hawks unit that's not a good sign. And then you got your Bible with you and you and I goes, what's that for okay to have the car you know your Bible yeah I got a question for youas you could you just open it teach me something or you could even have a couple verses you put up as a we think this means I'm just curious, you could say I've been reading through your advice and if he if you can just tell it's really subjective, but you can tell, you know you can tell when someone is not afraid of the word and wants that word versus one who doesn't.

And that's a dividing line okay and and a good target site support.

Let's see what their first date you want to smooch around get away from the guy that you'll get physical for a long time with you after I okay and you should always consider anybody that you would date as a possible marriage partner possible. That is going to be otherwise. You don't want dates you do that because this is a serious thing you don't want to miss out there is a got great absent is really handsome and dries up in a Porsche and the and stuff… You know whatever the Bible goes out or whatever and care discount. The car you been better off with a guy comes up with an old beautiful rambler who goes to the word and you get stuck there for an hour going to the word together before you clean your date of good for you. Thank you if you will double all right what answer is different advises that folks but you know what I am serious. I feel very serious about it and I believe that so that people should women be particular should guard themselves and make sure that the men that they can go out with our own godly perfect but got right is no guarantee of anything but these are some of the things I can help weed out some of the wackos. Did you know the bigamist. Brigham Young said that you must confess Joseph Smith is a prophet of God in order to be saved and did you know that he is never getting Given counsel.

That's wrong. This would become young sent and that your damned if you deny polygamy. Brigham Young said that if any of you will deny the plurality of lives continue to do so. I promise that you'll be damned journal discourses, volume 3, page 266 so journal discourses were people don't know or the written record of the writings of sermons and collections and some deeds of fatherly profits of the Mormon church. So-called prophets. Brigham Young said you can't get to the highest heaven without Joseph Smith's consent. Brigham Young said God is progressing in knowledge. Brigham Young said that were obligated to keep all the laws and ordinances of God. Brigham Young said that Jesus birth was as natural as ours.

But what he meant was that it was the pregnancy was a result of natural action and he said God the father and marry did it when the time came for his firstborn, the Savior should come into the world of the tabernacle, the father came himself and favored that spirit with the tabernacles of letting any other man do it. Just as with milk, so journal discourses 54, page 218 the birth of the Savior was as natural as are the birth of our children. It was a result of natural action. He partook of flesh and blood was begotten of his father. As we were of our father's journal discourses, volume 8, page 150 Brigham Young said that Jesus was not begotten by the Holy Spirit. It also taught that Adam was God really worried as he cut this stuff now assess some of the stuff from the second prophet, Joseph Smith did you know that Joseph Smith boasted that he did more than Jesus to keep the church together. He did his through the church life since before we 49 he made many false prophecies and some of them are documented.

The website Joseph Smith said mothers have babies in eternity and some are on thrones. Joseph Smith said that God was not always God he says is many gods just dismiss to the Trinity is three gods. He said that God was once a man." God himself was once as we are now and is an exalted man and sits enthroned in yonder heavens. I say if you were to see him today you would see him like a man inform like yourselves and all the person image in the very form is a man as is necessary greatest responsibilities to seek for our dead in his journal, discourses, life six, page 7. The greatest responsibility in this world that God has laid upon us is to seek after our dead.

The greatest responsible is at know it should be biblically the glory of God, the person of Christ.

Joseph Smith said this quote since he was to long time. He said that there were men living on the moon who dressed like Quakers and live to be nearly a thousand years old. 27.

That's the young woman's journal, volume 3 older so much so much more. This is who founded Mormon baby. The Lord bless you by his grace under Marley talk you then and I have a great program powered by the Truth Network

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