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July 5, 2022 8:06 pm

Matt Slick Live

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July 5, 2022 8:06 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Who are the two witnesses in Revelation---2- Matt discusses Matthew 28-18-20.--3- What do you think of psychiatric medications---4- Do you think there's been a spiritual change in our society since COVID---5- Is their prophecy today---6- Do you know anything about Peter Wagner's ministry---7- How can I talk to a JW about holidays-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and exploit libel and euros match what are we to five open lines of you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276, and though we have the wood with you right now. Hope you had a good time at church and hope you good good day and all of you know, because Mr. don't get to go that often because my wife's health, but important missing readability go fellowship with other believers and I do a lot of wine that's good. Which reminds me, I plan on tonight to be online and teach on the dock of the Trinity on clubhouse because clubhouse clubhouse is so is a chat system where you're able to get in and well just talk about all kind of stuff is a lot of unbelievers there. So you know I like to get in and teach on things of the people can understand what the truth is, so there you go help with the calendar information for that later teach on the dock. The Trinity can/calendar for that information on what all do and how will do the looking stuff later.

Not a big deal. Alright alright alright Trinity incidentally is true doctrine. I know a lot of people don't understand it when people don't believe in it. You should because of the Bible teaches. I want people to believe in the truth and the truth of who God is and what is revealed in Scripture. Alright see you zip easy. Alright, alright. When we just jump on the phone number elegantly quickly 877-207-2276. Let's get to little from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph, welcome here. If there will to wait and reveille.

Some people think it's Moses and Elijah, and some think it's a Enoch and Elijah. I don't know who it is but two witnesses are there something in my view you neck Elijah because both were caught up and didn't die so they think that they might be the one to come back and and I but that may or may not be the case then there's the issue of the law and the prophets representations of Moses and Elijah. Kind of a thing, because that's what some people think but I can't tell you for sure who it is because the Bible doesn't tell us, okay though. Mom that hook up yet no pre-pre-. God unknown is it that that not to thing.

My thought is right, but if things get when they filled with the what's happening in mapping that you complete your output you that doctrine though my and you we need Christian step of the new thing when they get to the point where I don't have to do anything because legal weakness adding in there with the real thing and all that know I think that with tapping on right thing and that when they thought that this story get let you know we gave think well you know they're not good Christians who affirm the doctrine of preacher mission rapture. They love the Lord and I hope that the rights I don't think they are. Maybe someone could call up and say here's the verses for pretrip and we can look at them in context did it see if the work you do will do that be done individually but yeah I think there's an escapist mentality and I don't like that mentality and Christianity are likely the warrior and tell the pick up your cross daily fight for Christ mentality when you go out into the world and make disciples of all nations and you support missionaries with her on the internets or out there in the real world. Support people send amounts are that things like that. That's what I think the Christian church should be doing more and more and more so after now think well right now being persecuted you all day long and do not rent it out though what that American don't have to go to anything.

Yeah, that's correct.

So that's mentality that the escapist mentality and on.

I think it's faulty and I think we should be very busy.

In politics, we should be in film should be in the news media. I believe that Christian churches should put the money together.

If they cannot okay with it cannot support missionaries even send someone to seminary is one of the things we're doing right now is a matter fact and karma is so were supporting a guy in Turkey who is going to seminary and he's still not producing anything for us. That's okay. We're supporting him as a missionary and he speaks Russian and Turkish and English and if he works with karma is what we hope you will do afterwards than praise God. I recently told him I said look, God calls into at some other location outside a car that's okay to be upset about that. We are here to further the kingdom of God and we have this opportunity to build support him and so we are and I think that you just an example of something that we need to do is Christian support seminary student support missionaries support Internet mission. He's like myself and others, to do those things that a lot of people just can't do that we should be doing. Thank you for going back after more right. Sounds good, but I am blessed. Thank you, but by what you know we have five open lines nobody's waiting right now if you want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276.

I.e. I like the idea of supporting varying missionaries doing what we can for the kingdom of God, because Jesus did say something very important. Any Centerton the ending of Matthew goes a little bit just gonna read it but if you will give a call, please do 877-207-2276 effect when put a couple things together something from Scripture says in Matthew 2818 1920s was the last three verses in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus says all authority has been given to me and have a number that's an interesting statement.

All authority given to him in heaven and on earth, so that means she has all authority in heaven and earth to do to bind Toulouse to forgive, to send that's what he's saying, look at is given to me and he says no.

Therefore, notice what he says. Therefore, based on what he just said all authority given to him in heaven and earth therefore says go make disciples of all nations now notice what Jesus says as a foundation for why we should be making disciples because all authority given to him. So that's an interesting statement offered to give him in heaven and earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father the son and Holy Spirit. We know about that.

We know that the baptism formula is in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit and he says make disciples of all the nations, and the word there is ethnic we get up from the Greek that's not us ethnic a people group of belonging together. It could be a race of mankind. It meets certain nations is a great a great word so make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you, so the call to us as Christians is to teach people make disciples of them to teach them everything that Jesus commanded and he says not hear something really interesting and low I am with you always, even to the end of the age now in the middle of verse 19, baptizing them in the big disciples. Baptizing the functional whisper before he says all authorities be given to him in heaven and earth and after 30 says I'm with you always, even to the end of the age. Both of those are claims of the supreme position supreme authority and the latter is a designation of his deity.

The first all authorities be given to me in heaven and earth.

I would have if he is God wanting you to have that authority given him because he was made under the law, and he was in submission to the father and it was a designation. Approval of who he is and he says I'll be with you always, even to the end of the age, so he was saying this, I'll be with you with you always, when he was saying that I want you to understand is that you there's plural in the Greek I'm with all of you always, even to the end of the age. So says literally itself processed costs him Eros, which literally means all of the days, all the days of the date so it's it's a let's take a look at something as thoroughly and so he saying I am with you always work to all the days as an expression to have even to the end of the age.

How could he be with us always.

If is not deity. This is important because Lottie will deny that Jesus Christ is God in flesh and also with and how can you be with us always. How could he live in us, which is what he says in John 1423 and here Matthew 2020.

I'm with you always, even the end of the eight so anyway this thing is he has authority and he will be with us always. Even within the age. And this is why says go do this all authority given him in heaven and earth therefore go make disciples. Now, having said that, I want to go over to Matthew 1618 and I've explained this a little bit of the colors but he says I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overpower the dog to get to the second part of the verse before I do that will explain the first part I say also to you that you are Peter. That's the Greek word Petross OS ending, and upon this rock Petross is in a ending, so you are Peter, but upon this rock or your Peter, and upon this rock I build my church that Peter is the masculine singular and rock is the feminine singular so you are Peter, and upon this rock. If he was talking about Peter, he would've called him by the feminine. Instead, word Petross is a reference to Christ because if you go to first Corinthians 10 one through four. It's it talks about the people of Moses when they go to the Red Sea and the Rock that followed them was Christ and that word rock is Petra.

Here again, so I say to you that your Peter Petross, and upon the strong Petra was rock Petross I will build my church, so anyway long time people think is Peter that the church is built upon. That's not it, and what this would you decide is what I want to point out and the gates of Hades will not overpower gates don't do anything if were going to make disciples of all nations. The gates of Hades successfully resisting that's what's going on already guaranteed ultimate victory for Christ forgiving golf lines 87720776577077 show get on the line with David from North Carolina, David, welcome your nearby area today all by God's grace to locate their torture about you. Now medication or different animal drug old struggle with what what is your viewpoint that it's fun doing the problem is doing a great doctor supervision.

They have wondrous drugs that are out there woman used to work with associates since passed on with the Lord, choose a clinical psych nurse and we talked about this in more than one occasion retired cyclical site and she said that there are drugs is that does do wonders for people. If you have a headache you take an aspirin right like I have type II diabetes right so which is really low, but I take a little something once a day. Okay, what if you're born with a different defect in the brain. What if you have a brain injury and you need something to help you with various things in the brain ticket. So what do right now. Dr. I called to make a broader base your opinion on that in my viewpoint ever go with and of the beginning of 2020. I think from for me. I think I a spiritual or social change throughout our whole and virtually there's a lot of things leading up to that, but I do think that I can. I can really fill in the note different. Coded in 20 2200 and and art dieting and I don't know how to get political film market and are you I would agree with you. I actually would agree with you. I see I see the movements of control and socialism right.

They want control and power and I was thinking this weekend about stuff from skeptic attention of what you said I would not be surprised at all if the if there's some sort of a national problem national emergency or some real big event that drive that occurs pretty soon before the November elections when it looks like the Dems are to lose power all the place.

That's what seems reviewed reports would be surprised if the all of a sudden they there's a big problem and you don't let things can happen. The Constitution needs to be suspended or we have to pass these quick laws eat whatever I just wouldn't put it past right that I don't trust the left. So is this kind of a thing realistic but yet is and so I think that the coded thing in my opinion these are the kind of things get kicked off of the respective YouTube sites. When I mentioned right permission coded seriously. I met you got allowed to mention it and say probably all you and and I get band to create a new account goal when because this is the issue of control when they don't want you to speak something because they call it miss information then is there. The once governing what you say and they're using the the lie of the safety of everybody else which is white. You can't.

You can object you can't raise opinions that eat that you don't believe that I don't believe in the efficacy of the coded vaccine as much as it's been taught and I do believe it saves lives I did a lot of research on it a lot.

I think it's a flyer and I think it it helps Peter but I also believe that is been misused greatly and I think there's some serious problems there got a lot of Michigan research on Sola as it has been used to control us absolutely where the facemask social distancing, or telling you when and how they were telling you what to wear and where to stand in relationship to other people know that is control is absolute control don't stand 6 feet away or send 60 to what it is useless where the coke unmasking of the cloth mask which is not at best 2% effective to for: seriously those plat was amessage doctors where there on average 50% effective to stopping the virus. If you touch it with your hands. It's contaminated, you're quite useful to get rid of and 95's are pretty effective they are. But as soon as you go to adjust them. You've touched the outside with all your fingers with your hands and any latent virus that's on your hands is transferred to that and then you breathe out that what you're spreading. I did all kinds of research on this. Am I allowed to say this kind of stuff like no set and the agreement I both agree on it but I mean it in the hand like you like all the layabout on the devil like you know. I mean, I don't know where all the edit. We also were. The word worked out for like 20 want you to daub in their pretty wrath. She wondered if mom. Yeah you wanted to know if you convinced that it will will. That's a say that's my awareness of things is a little bit different than most.

I think my gifting. One of the rent is to see where things lead. I understand what Mormonism does Jehovah's Witnesses Islam understand Christian theology. I understand homosexuality as example, when it will lead to further stock with that for suck. What will it lead to let's say the homosexual community is given free reign when it will lead to his oppression and the reason it will is because spiritually it's an affront to God and they cannot produce in the homosexuality, they cannot produce offspring so they have to convert others to justify their own existence and the continuation of their philosophy would, by which they justify drunk feelings in in opposition to its natural so therefore they will seek to gain power and influence not only over the adults and teach them what they should be saying it in in the Corporation. Children corporations that you have to go through sensitivity training to accept it. They also are now getting into.

Control the children and they want control and so what happens with this kind of stuff is sexual perversions grow out of it and it does a little frog in my throat and so this is just how it's going and when that happens they're going to attack the Christian because will stand in opposition.

Therefore the Christians will be persecuted directly or indirectly, can have an older we get a break of day folks right back after these messages, please state the mass Y call 770727 show the bottom of the hour.

If you want to give me a call 877202276 is connected. Dave is still there but it's it's a fact. You got me thinking and on in cults there control markers. So for example a Mormonism. Generally speaking, you have to wear certain kind of clothing certain kind of attire when you go to church with Jehovah's Witnesses, but it's a similar kind of attire. I was actually involved with them so much I could actually distinguish between them. By the way they dressed for a while soon as that may sound weird but that in a behavior and you're not allowed to do things outside of the scope of the religion and the rules of that religion. And you have to have what I call control markers so for the Jehovah's Witnesses generally have Beardsley's is how it used to be. I haven't looked well and so get a beer that met your new or you want really following the true organization and you were supposed to go out and go door-to-door. You're supposed to do various things and so there control markers. The cove it stuff the masks I started considering them control markers. About halfway through to aconite. First, no one knew anything we do know how that was authorized to that's fine. But after a while, so I'm going wait a minute. The statistics are coming and I went to the CDC website and vers looked up where is that it's vers and I looked it up. I looked up her stuff is arguing research away a minute something's not right here for hearing other stuff that was coming out and then I realized women asserted research on the masks and realizing the cloth masks are basically useless. Seriously, you might as well not wear one right and so having been forced to wear things that aren't effective and they know not affect Venice are going okay now it's something soffits to control Parker right hand book yet you background the coded field here and it really is but now all the other two years later different administration numbers coming around here in North Carolina numbers are somewhat by you.

I think the deal comparable numbers.

It may be down a little bit compared when it first started, but you don't hear it like wealth, now they try to think of it is not a door not not, but it not played like it was when a different administration within all I did find that very body very very strange and I just I just think our society as a whole has changed not only because the cove it is just the spiritual change and and just the way I don't know the way everything operate the way people think and so general that it is just the that is my opinion on the growth they like how it can be.

People need to be looked up.

That's right is the way the ball could be conditioning that to accept so more social control people get used to accepting and being controlled.

They're more accustomed to doing with the government tells them to do and this is more in rhyme of movement towards communism so and a heavy social Mart that would literally if you couldn't get anybody can there and then I went up. Rarely do not briefly go ample better stopping. I forget which group body. This president literally. There is no way that literally has control and he doesn't. I mean it though. It felt everything out the top 44 everything up like this in my life there's somebody behind the curtain running the real and I'll just get out there that Matt appreciation with figures show that God listened to you too buddy really appreciate you calling out (well, it was Dave North Carolina. Let's get to José from Texas, a José will compete on here.

I know hanging thing and we generally have a grading rate but they in their lab in a yard apart quickly. Yes.

You don't and ostracization a cessation of us will say prophecy and speaking in tongues and all of that stuff is gone.

I don't know. Cessation is on the continuation of the first 2014. One. Pursue love, yet earnestly desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy so this is written to the Corinthian church, which is to everyone everywhere to universal statement in first Corinthians 1. Seven it says that that you're not to lack any charisma, charismatic white waiting for the return of Christ. So I have no problem at all with people prophesying now are they prophets that's different quick growing magnet.

It is a debate going on in our church going on which you know my dad, like the past. By the way, and you can kill people make money that cannot go that idea that there is talk and being competing to the church of the elders are coming splendidly, I'm back a little bit and get them right your list about a way help a lot. I recommend in your with a weight like you want to talk to me go to the Scriptures about it. Done a lot of study on it and the charismatic gifts are still for the day that my position I know people disagree and okay but if these are are done, then large portions of the New Testament are invalid this thing here is that prophecy can occur. We have to be careful say there's a person with the gift of prophecy.

It doesn't seem to be the case in Scripture, it's that God moves prophetically through people for the edification of the body of Christ. But in the NAR there's principles the apostles and prophets for today who have the office of apostles and prophets, and I don't see that in Scripture. So it's always an issue of what is it say just because someone prophesies doesn't make him a prophet anymore then what was the man Gamaliel.

I think it was who was a Jew, the Jewish high priest. He prophesied it doesn't mean he's a product that so his seat so that's what it would be careful right at the one that gets the argument that the member may not looked on earth that a generic pocket at the growth of the work pocket laying out the pocket that the argument that the direct bill they made me think that I think the one of the apostle Philip the one of the daughters were taken to look thinking that ever profit will says it has 21 nine. This may have for virgin daughters were prophetesses rhyme saying the prophetess name, a man named Oedipus came down from Judea and stuff yell so visiting the three guards.

That's one of the verses. I'll be examining in context to see answers as they were staying there for some days. A prophet named Agnes came down from Judea.

Here's the question we gotta ask because this is part of the discussion when we talk about apostolic gifts. We know that the apostles themselves had certain abilities that were because they were apostles. The 12 apostles.

In particular, there are seven kinds of apostles in the New Testament and some did miracles. Some road Scripture. Some did not. This false prophets and false apostles in Jesus even called an apostle.

So one of the questions, it just has to be raised at this point was agate bus and what they were doing inside the realm of the prophetic range of what the apostles themselves were doing in the sense that was agate bus in that genre with the asked. I don't believe so.

But if you look at it and sit and see. And so when they came to Paul and they took it as is and they bound him, then okay, so this prophecy that we could say that these women were prophetesses in the sense that they were being used by God to prophesy and that's that's I don't have a problem with that doesn't mean it's for today.

I think that could be used for that but I think we need to examine other things and make sure that they are elevating themselves on the local waiting for examination. We have regular hold on what to write back. After these messages, please give me a call that will write back that I call 77077 charismatic back to the show last segment, José back on your body member that there there in love with it a regular and politely profit off birthday would not allow it and no radiating again with more information about how you think and that you have made in Italy late late well their problems and that's see Peter Wegner II have rents a lot of the stuff. In fact, when if I have some of my quotes have not released on Carmen yet just occurred to me saving find some I can find some stuff that he said it took a break from doing the NAR and see quotes new apostolic Hammon apostolic physics of heaven – a point that is heresy book. Let's see this thing up and see if I got it sitting here I Wegner. Maybe I haven't yes right. There are 12 ministries that we can all expect of apostles and he goes on any list them. He says receive revelation cast vision births in part, build, govern, teach sand finish war aligned generations and equip so he says that and that's it for the next one. In addition to apostles, do their 12 characteristics are displayed by many seeing Jesus personally think that I can read a lot of other stuff from him but to see what else is he got to find some good stuff here to see apostles have authority yeah I got a lot of it as you have released home and so I think I have gone through so there is a there are a lot of problems in the NAR.

In effect, get this, he says if the church has Jesus without apostles and prophets. It has no foundation from which to initiate solid building events of false teaching without apostles and prophets, you have the what you need. You do get the Scriptures slid into stuff like this that it sounds good but you start examining your wait a minute. He says some recognition of the offices of apostles and prophets become official January 2004. He says New Testament activity of apostles and prophets so this is something saying that now we are living in the midst of her the most ethical changes in the structure of the church that is ever been recorded recorded what was what. It's a super radical change in the church has ever been recorded. That's not a good sign because it's it's you know it's it's okay the way it is we have to do. The Bible says that he says I now believe that it is possible to live without sin. One data time really without sin. He said there's over 400 apostles present today and he says since an individual is filled with the Holy Spirit. All the gifts the Holy Spirit must be must be resident at sea heresy burst of memory that will do it for now jive slides. I read a lot of his material and got it.

I think that released I do quotes and topics from new apostolic information sources so there's that. But you know that obviously his problems are greater but study they want right you never because in theaters yet the right thing that Lynn that America is a lot of therapy going on and the world will have you been to Windemere peak picnic this mapping minister viewing on legitimacy scrutinized not know that it's it's our Spanish version of Carmen and their guys about Kia Columbia. Am I a PIC okay… Write me happy you peak and we have Carlos Terry does a lot of translating. He speaks really good English and he's a great guy and so we do have a lot of stuff and I'm not sure if we have the translations of the NAR stuff. Yet there but he's a good resource and I do know it's really bad in Latin America and my Spanish is about half fluent. I would be willing if they said he looked merely want you to go do a tour of South America and do some teaching all the stuff I would just buckle down and two months and become fluent, fluent, and learn how to speak it but I do know it's hugely problematic. There the positive confession women pastors NAR sensationalism bad news is about but anyway talk to you is that you and I do the one thing is that the best thing about electors not know that may not Miller or anybody got our problem right now anything out that you stated regarding the Carter classes. I met goblins. Alrighty, folks. We got there to open me not to the waiting is when before I get to them as would tell you we still nearby your support. Please would you consider they don't need very much just enough and if you consider going to five dollars a month and that's you know couple cups of coffee five dollars a month and if you could spare some like that. It really helps us because the more we get the more were able to make budgets and support missionaries and things like that. Like like Carlos and Frankie and so actually trying to get our guy from Nigeria to call in China range that and he can tell everybody in Nigeria what's going on and on people being killed around the Christians what's happening. In fact, I can work on that and I'll be telling you what they will come on we can arrange it but I'll tell you, you hear the stories what he's talking about PCs on the ground there and he's Nigerian and all my goodness, oh my goodness, so all they try to get him onto let's get to see. Let's get to Shirley: I only lost.

Now let's get to Amber from San Antonio Amber welcome you on here fell my mind interacting with think that when I like Van Pelt held Raymond a little bit better, but regarding like birthday holiday how they they don't like their delegate lot right like every paint on my calendar right microphone calendar and my a devoted, not Saturday will be like, you know, devoted, battered, so went out like divorce yourself by their 30 day because they are linked with pain, but being are weekday in our calendar day you observe although they make writing like how do you divorce yourself from the whole of paganism, but don't be.

I think I know that believer based on numeric Port there one day there will not that the Lord God which are which I question then out like that every day you like to know the word Saturday comes from said Saturn, the planet Saturn and Saturnalia. It's a pagan festival taking time and so their signal through in and look at other issues like that, but I'm trying to remember something trying to find something there are trying to find me if you have it. Something I don't have it on Carmen.

There are pictures inside of the watchtower and awake magazine that are cultic and I mean weird stuff woven encoded into their pictures inside the watchtower magazine's and you know sometime if you give more time I can do a in an exposé on that, but you can look it up and you can show what you find when the weather out there as I try to find it now but couldn't. Once you see it on my goodness it's like are you for real and these things are individuals with this literature and you could show that person of these pictures and maybe Charlie will find it before before I do with this interest of Jerry Dobbs pictures there's some stuff out there like that anyway. There are pictures. I find it I'm really trying to find my can't. I've seen them and I got a book someplace that has them. I just need to verify various things and take some work to find them as other people done the work if I could find them on the watchtower Bible and tract Society and or document it.

Somehow I can produce something. It's a go here and you can see the pagan stuff like in the palm of one of the figures is a and I things like this, you know, and in the folds of the clothing are certain symbols that are R's are symbolized in a mean occult things in her and they appear in multiple dip closing things through different pictures there. People who know the stuff and they stay for started. It's there to find that it'll really shake that person up big time and stored.

Looking you I totally with you because you anything to say they take Saturday and Sunday off on the holidays because Saturnalia right what are they celebrating that the if Christmas comes around they take any time off from work they celebrating the Christmas vacation like this are hypocrites. Just ask the basic questions are you doing this is bad news for Joe's witnesses is non-Christian called brainwashing called and I just talked literally went to the store yesterday and said I clocked out because they are you a guy on YouTube so we got talking and he said that he was next Jehovah's Witness and he lost his family because of it. And while his wife lost her family just gone they would have nothing to do with them anymore because a left Jehovah's Witness last you probably know, may the Lord bless you. There's music perfect timing. All right they folks there you go with the Lord bless you by his grace back on their tomorrow you have a great accomplishment. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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