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July 5, 2022 7:40 pm

Matt Slick Live

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July 5, 2022 7:40 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses a conversation he had with an atheist regarding evil.--2- Why did God have to send Jesus to die for our sins- Why was that specific thing necessary---3- How do I deal with my LDS relative who says that he knows it is true because of feelings and dreams.--4- Are there different levels of faith---5- Matt reads hate-mail.

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Why is a lot more of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions 207227601 or from your boil tell you I was up till 4 o'clock in the morning last night medical stuff with the family member stuff into boy been busy, been busy, but you know what, here we are the 12 hours later, long year for me.

For me, though, Julie McCall. We can talk and talk about God to stop Mormonism jewels with a subscription site unity behind Islam.

Whatever it might be now. This morning, afternoon, I had a conversation with somebody and I was got up and I just took some time because I need to relax and for me, relaxing is kind of odd. I like to listen to theological discussions like to get in that house in discussions of some talk about topics and going through stuff and I had this really interesting conversation with a guy and went over little bit and talk about the issue of marriage a little because her some of that finish yesterday so hopefully that'll be something you will want to participate in and stuff like that. Now, as I was saying we have 3 o'clock or 455 open lines wide open 877-207-2276 and last four digits spell see ARM on your phone so if you want to give me a call.

You can often on so stubborn.

Time to get this good slope which migrates Friday and Friday I like to do hate mail I been talking feel but hate mail and most people really like it's on the go ahead and do some hate mail get into some of the stuff there.

We can talk about something, but before you do that get into this conversation just briefly that I had with somebody was very interesting and I did something I so very rarely do and that was reference Proverbs 26, four and five in those verses are so do not answer a fool according to his folly or you will also be like him answer a fool as his folly deserves that he will not be wise in his own eyes.

I actually reference that this guy is an atheist end of the conversation that we had was an interesting conversation because he wanted to notice what I've noticed with atheist lately what they want to do.

The only thing wanted to is only critique Christianity.

They don't want their own.

You critiqued and set a new tactic that you're using so they say we only do an internal critique, which means it will examine Christianity from inside a Christianity and then they don't represent Christianity accurately knew Stroman. I called him on this and that he didn't like the course and so we had this discussion was really as it was so it was, it was bizarre, so they asked a question about evil eye civil if you want guys want to say is a problem of evil and Christianity define what evil is and he said look I don't want to have you. I just said you need to tell us what you… I didn't raise the issue you did. You said that Christianity has a problem with people okay define what evil is. So we know what you think the problem is they couldn't find is what you define what you brought it up. You define so this is a game to play is not a very good one. So I said after a while when he admitted what I got. I said look, you have to admit you don't have a universally true definition of what evil is and then you since you don't. How can you know what it is inside of Scripture, so you don't have a definition you don't even have the right to ask a question based on your perspective whatsoever you go inside a Christianity.

And if you want to find evil from there I can so I was leaving down this road and I said evil is what is contradictory to God's holiness, but is not in contradiction to him allowing I defined it that way and that is what they didn't like because what they want to do this is so much the case want to find a definition that suits them so that they can use it against God's ago doesn't exist.

They work hard through damnation.

So I was listening I said no evil is that which is contradictory to God's holiness, but it's not in contradiction to what he allows that right there was an interesting definition and peaceable. Some people have different definitions so that you argue with him about that definition. You asked me to talk to me is what is, and so you want to know God had a purpose for evil eye civil you know why we allow to exist. I said God does not tell us exactly why he allows it to live up to exist, but I can show you verses that talk about the relation of its existence with him and he ignored that and will only wanted to jump on the idea of God allowing it and how it contradicts is a contradiction because it is against his neck. He allows it, so therefore he's evil it to. It was it was the home.

It really was done so get this I said you want to go the verses are not and I said okay and without Proverbs 16 for God is made all things for his own purpose. Even the wicked.

The people I said see there you go right there. God has a purpose is and tells what the purposes but is a purpose.

This is the first thing and he said why we know that's not talking about cotton candy actually said how do we know that versus not talk about cotton candy like dumbfounded, not because it was a brilliant comeback, but because it was so calm.

I said what you mean cotton candy what you think. This verse means the Lord is made everything for its own purpose.

Even the wicked for the day of evil so it could be about cotton candy. What is just what you are your interpretation how do you know met your interpretation of the verse is what God your God intended, what what is really what it says I said is it a problem to read it and go through and he did not want to go through and read. I said so you bring up the idea of cotton candy interesting and we went to be said interpretation is a problem is how you would interpretation is the right interpretation which is read it and see if he can interpret a didn't want to do that took him to get this.

I took him to a John 1135 where it says Jesus wept. I give the context Lazarus had died and Jesus was with Martha I found out went there to the gravesite process. Jesus wept. I said I'm in interpret I think means is that he went crying what you think they said, you know, doesn't mean he was laughing and this is supposed to be an intelligent atheist.

I've been told is it supposed to be smart where you argue like this any sooner you insult you to consult me. I said you're just presenting stupid arguments.

This is ridiculous so he wanted to say that you can't do anything for sure. I said well then okay I start interpreting his his words in whatever way I wanted. Because if you take his principles and you reply to have his own arguments, then nothing makes sense so I asked where the principles of interpretation. He said background knowledge and consistency of speech was the two. We got to civil background knowledge.

I'll give the background here is hurt and hurt his how do you know that's consistent with God's intention of heart and you ask an impossible question you'll see, you can't know said inspiration means that God works through the people at the culture. The third and the time it that there and in the words I understand to communicate what God wants communicated there's no problem here, and he refused to accept so literally kind of interesting. And then he said that will your other people might interpret something differently will then you can talk to them about that said, I can give you lessons on how to interpret Scripture. And that's what I and he kept going about this and I should go back to the verses about evil, you'd want to do it anymore. I said okay, now I'm gonna do this to you but I said on the force of Proverbs 20 6425 do not answer a fool according to his folly or you will be like verse five answer a fool according to his folly that he be not wise in his own eyes. That's interesting couple verses don't answer the corners folly. Don't be foolish, like a fool but answer a fool the way he deserves.

You'll show. I was foolish… And that's what I was doing with this guy. So you're just being foolish is being foolish so he said to the cotton candy was one when Jesus laughing you and I thought his reasoning was absolutely ludicrous. Get this after I said I said I don't believe your you're capable of truly intelligent, competent conversation at this point, I think a big foolish ice is okay were done talking, and he said you can answer all my Dick Deville question so you got in his in his room and he had control.

He moved me wish I could speak.

I could listen and then the atheists gathered like flies buzzing around this guy talking about how great it was really interesting because they're so blind and he wants so much to hate God and to deny him in their own foolishness. So I left and went to another room. People had been in that room and listened and these are the skies were insanely bad and we go on a big deal. But here's the thing that people really do work hard at denying God the atheists work very hard at denying I've talked to so many hundreds and hundreds. They say they want to be neutral or not they say if God really want to follow him, but they really don't they say they want proof and evidence of God and at present they rejected their hypocrites. Now here's a question it's easy for us as Christians to look at them and nod in agreement. That's right, Mattie and Ricardo being self deceived will. Here's a question. Are we deceiving ourselves inside the Christian camp about things not on the just saying that it's up to think about how much of what I believe is really true. I look to Scripture. I desire to to find what the word of God says and go with what the word of God. Success and we have been carefully we might want to look down our noses, so to speak at those who don't have the wisdom we have the revelation of God's word. And yet, we gotta be careful. There were not blinded by our own hypocrisy in some areas this is a general thing and be careful.

Make sure that were humble before God.

That's what transpired today. No big all right. I thought it was open without submittal to some hate mail later in the show and want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Nick from Arizona hey Nick, welcome you here is no lament, but somebody yeah I have a question regarding guy, Dan Meyer, or more productive or death. The wild out following year after year. I have requested you… You called me. We got a break. There's the music so I want to hear this because they fought for further lines.

If you want to give me a call 87720776577077 back Nick from Arizona Nick welcome fiscal their data more than torn between like why God gave God what white cheesy, the one who is offended is the one who forgives, would you agree God gives the law and the laws have punishments right we break the law. We've offended God who sinned against God, so God wants to forgive us, but he can't ignore his own law if he ignores his own law is not righteous so people need to be punished. Now this is what's weird because if he doesn't punish people that he approves of righteousness of the skimming of sin. At this because in Islam. For example, just forgives ignore so long for you with the laws ignored. That's unrighteous but in Christianity God's one offended in God's the one who law we break and so he becomes one of us under that law and what he does is he's the offended one. Because the Trinity, not three gods with with one God in three persons. He then takes her place because the breaking of the law is a legal problem breaking the laws legal speed limit is a legal problem. Legal debt in the Bible. Legal debts can be transferred our legal debt or sin that was transferred to Jesus so that the one who is offended is the one who forgives in the requirement of the forgiveness is the fulfillment of the law of the lies God is unrighteous. Since we can't fulfill the law. He has to step in. He fulfills the law by becoming one of us. And since he's defended one. He then becomes one forgives and that forgiveness is achieved to the fulfillment of the law which requires a punishment and he took it upon himself.

So the one who is offended is the one forgives that he did that on the cross. Great daughter Laura will just what happens if you go to Carmel have this all written. Why did Jesus have to sentence and notice just how it affects and think you got like 19 points is with you slowly see and then go out on older nobody would he leave the phone number to get your phone: 877-207-2276 if anybody wants to join me.

Please give a call okay go ahead and let my dad and I like to go to church locally. All you and I look back I agree with a lot like that on your website called the audit but not my dad resident eat. He said that he had all the very old dream and that the claimant that is true based on. Drink that they share that with everyone and lead your thoughts on like that. It's called subjectivism. Truth is based upon a feeling or an experience, but my feeling in my experience, convict your feeling in your experience, we know it's true. If they say, what would I know it's true because my experience, I know what you believe is false because of my experience I've had Mormons give me their testimony. They know for a fact it is waitlisted moms. I bear my testimony to you that Joseph Smith, a true prophet look among the truth. Don't just listen patiently sick ivory my testimony used as a yeah I bear you my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, second person of the Trinity, God, and fluttered on the cross rose from the dead, that salvation forgiveness of sin is by faith alone and him alone.

He got asked him, and furthermore he has revealed in his word that nobody could see the father, Joseph Smith said he did therefore chose this doctrine, bear my testimony to you with the truth of who God is, that your God is false. I think I bear this by the power the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus is in Mormonism is not an issue of facts or evidence its initial feeling because in Mormonism you pray about the book of Mormon. Did you get a feeling that's what I feel it I feel I feel like testimony. I feel it. This is foolishness. Truth is not determined by what you feel. People say will I know it's from God. I do not from God have a way of getting through that your testimony comes from the Holy Spirit.

Did you know that Jesus said that he sends the Holy Spirit and that the father has all the spiritual 1426 John 1526 right so if you want the Holy Spirit, either the father and/or the son have to send the Holy Spirit to bear witness of truth right yes okay. Did you know that Jesus is no one comes to the father but by me and that he says no one knows the father except the son and to whom the son will to reveal him.

Math 1127 and 22 S. Jesus is the one who reveals the father.

Then the question then becomes, you have the right Jesus because is not true if the wrong Jesus and be all ultimately false one stuck to reveal the truth is, when the true Holy Spirit would have been what is the truth. What you comes down to who Jesus is that quote descriptors again that are not used to this thinking go through it slowly, slowly you have to have the right Jesus to get the error on my dad denied everything except you, but you now optical everything out but try this try this, just ask him just ask are your sins forgiven. Right now all false religions can never know if your sins are all forgiven. Right now because their works are combined with the blood of Christ to be forgiven so they can never know they are probably right that right.try and so ask him to be done enough this morning at 10 to 32. If you deny yourself of all ungodliness, then, is God's grace sufficient for you, and you should also note doctrine and covenants to get to it.

Doctrine and covenants. I think it's 82 seven. I think it is and we read this to you because you can show this to him and the this is what's important.

You can go to three versus right second Nephi 25, 23 are saved by grace through faith. After all you can do, ask what you can do to get back on associate with their 37 they vote, please state to be Rebecca. After these messages that I call 77077 back to the show Nick are still there actually, or modify this a little bit agitated. Here's three things reverses out of Mormonism that you can use them.if you know them all through 1137 on the same basis of man cannot be saved in their sins. Okay Mona 1032 it says this is a gay coming to Christ and be perfected in him and deny yourselves of all ungodliness and if you shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness and love God with all your might, mind and strength.

Then is his grace sufficient for you, so wait a minute. Mormonism is teaching that you have to deny yourself of all ungodliness.

In addition, love God with all your might, mind and strength. He asked him is he doing that is simply no way they will then eat disabled in the corduroy 1032 God's grace is not sufficient for you, and Deuteronomy of the karmic D&C 82 seven and now verily I say unto you, I the Lord will not late.

Any sin to your charge, go your ways, and sin no more, but on tote unto the soul that sin is, shall the former sins return, saith the Lord God while let's get this straight. So on 1137 says you cannot be saved in your sins.

The standard here for God's grace is you have to deny yourself of all ungodliness and love God with all your heart, strength of mind and all that. And if you sin again. Then this former sins. All him come back upon you, so this task has been out for you sent well and yet present the gospel real cost.I know I'm way late. With all like you got bad it out to me and not become a likable year pretty much in my family after we found the true gospel but yeah yeah I got to be patient than I do a lot of praying for, but don't think that helping the company that's just something using his script with so-called scriptures in his so-called scriptures latest lead to damnation and make it impossible is no hope for them until you have no hope none. We want the true hope, the true salvation come to me tell you what Jesus actually said that era horribly. God bless.

All right, hey, let's get to John from Ohio. He, younger man oh man, thank you. Pray to God and thank him for teachers like you, I sure enjoy your explanation of the family at with the 80th.

I have those myself and very interesting.

I think they call you because your kind.

I think that's why the guy call you guys is for God. All I know, I know they bear California they try to be tough to put their to be there looking for God, I always given that passage from Genesis Chuck Mr. thought that if you're familiar with him. I guess you are will you go to his actual classes to sit and watch into mom's going to wander. What a wonderful man like you got gave him a gift to me that they pull fulfilling. You do wonderful service roof appreciated. I called you about faith and how our faith gets we question ourselves were humans were weak ice to fake nuclear submarine within I was ill and I know my faith heal me. God healed me because of my faith am old now but the it was wonderful but anyway it another subject that Hailey what I love the passage of the general. When he asked the Roman general and yet Christ to come to his home and are to heal his servant. And then Jesus is, I believe he said they going to proceed to go there and then Centurion has no, I'm not worthy to have you in my home. I know that you say that Hailey mama general. If I tell my soldiers to go. They will go and do what I tell. And I know that that that and then Jesus was made appointed a look at this that they cut their faith that this man had you not even one of us yell. I love that Patsy and I was wondering if you could talk about that when I see I think about my faith, being weak, I have some of these youth will even say to me will.

It's kind of funny is in it. If you have to ask God to give you faith, pray to God to give you a stronger faith that I tell my when I was in the Navy. When I watch a Marine Corps guys grilling down there.

The poor boats and they were renovating compact and then it was hot and that it was in San Diego and it was hot. We get him across the river. There then they drill Sgt. MAD given it to him you know and then one falters and he falls back anyone to give up ended the eye goes back and need really yelling at them. I get to put on a show for the rest of the platoon they keep on going doubletime. They slow down a little bit by his command, and then he actually helps the guy that the eye helps him to get up to get him going because he wants in the completed fee other than wanting to fail so that for example that I use. I don't know if it works or not, but in this I was hoping that you could say some words about that will pretty close to you, you maybe think of the verse and Luke 17. Five.

The apostle said to the Lord, increase our faith and you know it's not, it's the case that we struggle in Mark 924 immediately the boy's father cried out and said I do believe, help my unbelief. He struggling. We have different ways and the levels of belief and trust in God and sometimes we have the confidence to know that he saves us, but not the confidence of those can help us be able to provide for family or help us through said yes yes that's a good one when you when you think about God want a woman. The man comes to faith often times because of his wife. They their faithful lay they believe they'll they'll put up with so much and then bomb the man will will look at the wife and neglected their child may be ill or something in the life Pravin demanded to know what to do.

But he believes through the wife that there's something here and then all of a sudden Banff you know they pick a company guided it shows me. I don't know if it it sounds trite or silly to someone else but it shows to me that God works in all ways he keeps trying to get you to come to him and believe in him and and have that faith.

So saying I read and that still night, a good answer yet. What when I tell my atheist friend and want to meet a big actor like me feel even say things like LPs and FA all you guys just need the Bible for a pacifier because you're afraid to die.

And that type of thing just say head safety so good when you printed on it. Don't tell me you're not don't tell me that I that you don't tell me you it's fine slightly admitted what will you hide behind it is good like I don't know about the message from the old to make what is it that Jody talk about. I should from the generations from Adam through Noah and generations, the firstborn at first the name of each. There was a message there. They each named their firstborn. I could look it up man with me.

I should be Jewish language is so beautiful words that meaning and they have numbers to add a means man.

I said that start the method man appointed mortal sorrow, but the living God shall come down teaching's death shall bring comfort and joy in Macomb Villa within that group, their lives, 900 some years. My guys will cohesive so yeah I said so you're telling me you tell me that Adam made up a story like that right from the beginning because he knew that we would be concerned about dying.

So it's all a convict conspiracy. I couldn't see how much God loves you. I think you gave you a message from ancient times to let you know that he's there for you and this dog is really loving.

That's all you is just loving.

He doesn't want any wages or anything. God is poor. He didn't want to be grateful and analog MFL and delete this on and and to get the cross daily and follow after him you tell your tough Marine buddy.

Whoever it is you say dude the Marines is easy compared to being a Christian and a real Christian. It is because I read you got a guy yelling at you get out pick up the move. Go go go. You know, hurry up and wait, that Christianity I was doing today guy we all felt that we were going or a Navy company is ADL, but I was a recruit Chief Petty Officer would just come off the mic but we relearn you know I was running the boat we were learning that we get we were relaxing and we were enjoying life and those poor Marines over there. Felt sorry for tough and it may I recommend okay got by things like good work.

Thank you folks for the line you can call 87776577077 back to the show is going to be reminded that we stay on nearby your support. Would you please consider just going to carve out awards.RG/donate and make five dollars a month would be something great.

We can help establish a budget and stay on the air are quick and slick. Let's get to write from you totally we lost Ryan okay well I tell you what. It's a Friday and have anyone waiting right now so I thought what I might do doing this is to jump over into the hate mail is nice way to end the week out, Marty :-) I'm already smiling because I love hate mail ads for those of you who don't know if you're listening to what the heck is this guy talking about.

Well I'm in a large Internet-based website and we talk a little kind of things we get thousands of emails and so beloved pavement would permit folder to good.

Let's say be among the year. As I joined to limit just check this analysis for your criteria for finding a church are very rigid, judgmental, and no informed by historical theology out and know what form so I guess that only you and your small coterie of people are the only ones in earth who were saved. This is a PhD guy and that Randall so interesting that he doesn't refute anything would have noticed about a lot of hate mail your your stupid and then they said that I like is that of the hate males because a quick and slick in his conduct on a move on you know that most of these guys. You could tell a man a monkey swinging for the wrong tree. But hey, I enjoyed a lot of fun so there's that one that was okay blasé licit about this one. Sometimes I just tell you going to sleep. Sometimes I hate mail sometimes hate mail is a threat see with this because it can remind me that might be death shall come to you.

You let your you coffer and when the angel death comes to you with no peace or respect. You shall see the truth and take your soul out. May Allah curse you, you son of coffee or angles on this is to the gut who said bad things about her beloved Prophet Mohammed or your beloved prophet. He saw Jesus, Mohammed was a false prophet, he was used to people killed me to people's lives by having arrangements made about her husband Alyssa say that the Mohammed was is no comparison with Jesus and stuff like that mom is a false prophet people to damnation. Here's the thing about Islam. You know you're not allowed to criticize Mohammed, but nothing the Koran says you can do that with the car they decided, and will kill you will kill you for what what freedom is that with freedom what what would Satan want any criticism against his God is as idea got publicly for that. That's from Satan. Yet Islam is false are listed another one asleep. Oh okay here we go. This is regarding someone Marine said and she's Catholic and says this folks, take note, this is well written.

It is succinct it is to the point.

It is simple quote. I think your organization is full of baloney." Others good lesson. See if you can write something that's insulting there there you go. Just I think your organizations will baloney okay thank you that better than the ham.

No crime rather than what you just I think your organization is full of prime rib that he could get stuff it will say let's say you have a guess what, I challenge you to a telephone recorded debate. When is a things written out a long time ago. Okay I challenge you to a telephone recorded debate, you blind heretic, but a lot of the stuff visit is a Catholic website visit model bubble bath.

This will be good for you, our readers, the debate will concern the identity of the one and only true religion and also the un-biblical nature of justification through faith alone, and the absurdity of Protestantism.

All I, blind heretic, blind heretic. I read this limit does make any sense.

You're a blind heretic and what are you emailing me for what you read it when you blind this telephone recorded telephone class addressing this telephone recorded debate will run on a free-form and then a cross-examination format, ensuring fairness and equal time to each side. This presents you prevents you from cutting me off your radio while you're getting desk's I love that stuff decimated. That's a good word you don't hear that very often. So Roberto love the Europe blow blind heretic I would get decimated as it goes, but all mica got is what he says folks's this is not my words just reading if you don't run away like a woman with full involvement of the left and I can do it I got this read a little bit because don't run away like the woman and coward you are so going was a debate be connected be yeah but well into a debate about what you will get into heretic hero like coward Wortman coward with deposit heresy. All we have not debate words every fair what so you call me names and then say this is how it's good to be this recorded debate will run a free-form and then this will happen because you decimated a little when I read these like this I breeze. I love these kind of than they read the bill, cited with sincerely just how old is crackup. You know the love you by psych. Sincerely, Denzel good okay he said to you.

Read so many Protestant community mythologies, but well wow okay do I do that means that 1/4 Protestant community mythologies.

What would that be given.

Think of one of the top of my head, a Protestant community, mythology, would it be like a minute on this last you know that the Protestants were transported by God from Europe to the colonies and then it was a UFO kind of a round piece of land like 10 miles across and across the Atlantic that will be a Protestant community. Mythology wouldn't know I'm tied directly to tell Otis I be in a debate like hey what's up Protestant community mythology. Could you could tell he let her know it sounds interesting when it anyway because I you can reach me through this private email of mine or any give me a phone number. Oh man. Yes, I am tempted of the phone number out at what he called all debate suit and see what happens. You like the two goals of our debate about trash cans. You know because you you are a blind heretic against her address gets right to see that ha okay you see that I have too much fun stuff like this. I didn't know his pendulum doesn't swing very far at another problem. This guy's got mad is dimmer switches stuck on low skill I want to get Teresa mortgage with someone ago. Greg, I just would hate to continue reading to do. Says it makes no difference whether it's on your radio show or not.

Wait a minute, he said, and one on the radio show good.

It will become a dumb accent, so long as a debate conditions and format are stated at the beginning it will be good for you to study up. I know of your radio show that allegedly attempted to refute justification through faith and works, it was authentic. See how the Protestant heretic gets demolished in this debate against refuting or for befitting so the file familiarize yourself with the Benedictine tactics that will throw the Protestant heresy out the window that I love that stuff, she gets a good one. That to me is enjoyable marital of the kind of stuff I actually know who these guys are and know I think about it and they couldn't argue their way out of the wet paper bag. If the bag was greased and is a chain pull them out.

It was still the what what do I get that she has enough with the same guy I have to inform you and charity that Protestantism is a false religion of man that leads to condemnation.

It would seem that as a result of cognitive dissonance you temporarily downplay the obvious inherent inconsistencies of your man-made religion. One of the pillars of your false religion is that the Holy Spirit will guide the individual believer while reading the Bible, but obviously the 50,000+ daily growing Protestant denomination stand is a constant irrefutable proof that the doctors of Protestantism are out notice for the truth is, the minutes and honest person. I literally say that you and if you're honest, you know, so I just I don't agree with you, not honest as I worked an honest person would realize that, since the original founders of Protestantism disagree with which with each other on crucial points of doctrine.

Martin Luther condemned the doctrines of Holdridge, Zwingli, and John Calvin to other leading present figure on what we disagree on essentials or nonessentials. Even in the so-called Catholic religion. There's like 22 rights different divisions and things like that and always grew the debtor to Skype slicks. You will put your hand for your face.

You know that his case bubble is considered all right. Let's see then goes on. Then Protestantism is felt as if you must visit and then he gives us website again for the most important information you can ever see in your life. While that website is the most important information you can ever see in your life, not the Bible that the revelation of God in Scripture needed no no no wrong. It is instead that website for the most important information you can ever see in your life. There's absolutely no salvation outside the Catholic Church. See the website again for medicine. Protestantism is man-made religion. All Protestants are on the path to condemnation all man that I would like to dialectic stuff I have.

You know I debated Catholics and when they can ask to have a conversation we can.

If you talk about stuff. I enjoy and sometimes are so obstreperous that they know their continent their quantum tunneling isn't whether paint isn't drawing very fast. No, so not my favorite. What is his monkeys and slinging the right tree that when I like I like that one.

That's good.

And a lot of those I love those and what if anybody knows what's the word for those things you know is flattest meant platypus dust will produce any eggs, okay it was oil isn't viscous, that frog Dunn croaked what's his name. For those things only aphorisms what what it is not effort what is it there's a word for those of you know what that is yet let me know you email me at because I want know when those things are called enjoy a refreshing summer breeze take by God's grace the back on the air on Monday.

I hope y'all have a great day and a great weekend, and by his grace got better but the powered by the Truth Network

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