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May 11, 2022 5:25 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 11, 2022 5:25 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What is permissible in marital sexuality---2- Matt discusses an argument he recently had with an atheist on classical theism.--3- How do I deal with the argument that John 14-12 means that Word of Faith is true- --4- How do I have good Christian relationships when I have autism---5- What is your opinion of Eastern Orthodoxy- What about the argument that Peter was illiterate so everything had to be done orally-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics and research what is found online at time you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and okay have a good nice deep breath before that one. How real do you have a great weekend. Risking all. Right now, if you are interested in. Give me a call. All you was dialing 772072276 and we can talk if you knew the show with this is is a Christian apologetics show do questions and answers on biblical topics, typical theology, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity behind Islam flows the Colts logically little philosophy and stuff like that Dr. Jason: all you do is dial 877-207-2276 African lines right now alright and also to let you know that's the current website is doing quite well and thank you for checking it out. For those of you who haven't yet, please go to check it out and/donate their will help us to because we do still nearby your support.

We do need it. So just asking that you would consider that we don't need much just a little bit. I know that things get tough out there in the world, as they are, but if you could spare five dollars a month for the furthering of the kingdom, and that would be awesome. That would be great to go there/donate carbidopa/donate and we have three schools. If you won't want, you can support is that we, too, you can go to the schools we have some schools there. One apologetics one theology theologies.

When I asked that you will check out if you're interested and I went to go through and modify because I've learned a great deal since 15, 20 years ago and I learned an awful lot. And so even more is still good but I learning a lot more meticulous details so a lot more to get to it, but nevertheless you go and also teaching a Bible study and Thursday nights on advanced Trinitarian theology so you want to check it out. You go to go to low carbon/donate CAR M.RG forge/calendar and it'll give you the Bible study links you can think. I think that's it for quick and slick as you like that all right when we just jump on the phones and African lines 877-207-2276 is good to Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome buddy run here. Okay, not quick about marriage being being on the file, not about thinking they know that not allow but think one thing not to about well, sure to answer that like to practice Al Qaeda for the kissable. My wife is all good is and you say that there are other let's say subcategories that could involve that and eventually written about them on on Carn and there's a there's a section on on sexuality under the questions I go through all kinds of variations of that topic as well and so is there young son was really was sent with what what will the questions section.

Look under the heading of sexuality and I go through those kinds of very generically talking. That's good stuff. Questions and I go to the Scriptures and support the answers.

There's a lot of freedom that we have in the marriage bed, but we are not to practice certain things and that is in I've listed the thing that as well. According Scriptures to check that stuff out to be very generic on purpose because of the nature of the topic and because sometimes people drive home with the kids in the car and things like that. We don't want to broach the topic to condition is that, stuff like that so all right.

Thank you. You're welcome you and God bless.

All right here we have five open lines. Why don't you give me a call 877-207-2276. All right now so I'm I'm still working on the new apostolic Reformation and just literally 40 minutes ago. I did my first video which is already failed my first video series of things and I'll be doing really working videos. The current intergalactic headquarters and for some reason the sound. It didn't come out right. I did everything right in the sound and come out right. I did have time to go through and check it again to reshoot everything and hopefully I will get it to work out better but I'm going to be doing that. Maybe later tonight to try and get some video going so many to so much to do and also released an article really interesting topic came up and so I was discussing widths with some people. Last night who are arguing against the God of Christianity and deposited something I asked for clarification and couldn't quite get it, but an atheist, presented me with the argument and I will and our response to it on so to be going through it just went to the half hour ago and updated. Even again, and I'll go through it again later tonight or tomorrow to update it because I want to get up early because as an atheist who wanted information and its relevant site.

I put up quicker than I normally would, but I did tell my cynical be updating and modifying some interested and so it's dealing with the classical theism got a classical theism and was called a Cartesian scenarios and because of that wrote this response. I'm going to plan anyway to write a larger response to the Cartesian scenario. What is that while they try and argue that God can't exist because omniscience is impossible and how do you know it's impossible because it's possible that God could be self deceived or deceived by a super intelligent other force out there and so they just argue that this AC synthesis but logically possible.

Therefore, the it cannot be the case that God is a mission. One of the things you been doing lately.

When I talk to people's I asked them to supply the conditions in which there scenario can obtain validity. I ask for the conditions by which they say something can be so the words I was little bit heady but check this out is a kind of circles. I have some time to get into the issue was called moral anti-realism doctrine atheist.

On Saturday who's a moral anti-realist pedigree conversation think it was Saturday inmate so well. I had it with what that means is, there are no objective moral absolutes anywhere. Objective moral absolute would have to rest of the mind of God subjective.

It's is not based on us and so I was eight I said to him, I would agree with you that if there is no particular Trinitarian God, then your your moral anti-realism is true.

I said something to work with you here and asked the question what must be true in order for your moral anti-realism to be true is a good question and so he hadn't thought of that before another stump question, but in thought.

But as we start working to get from your perspective. I came up with some stuff from his perspective. And here's the thing. If the conditions by which a proposition are offered cannot be demonstrated to be the case, but her only thought of it possibly being demonstrated but cannot be demonstrated, then why should we argue or accept the possibility of when it can be demonstrated to be in actuality these of the some of the questions I was asking and getting into me. I enjoy the kind of stuff and watching the football game for me to tears, but this stuff oh yeah and yes you shake your head as it was on the rolled up boy if open lines of you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Rick from Salt Lake City hey Rick, welcome here. How are you all right hanging in there when you got relatives that I think borderline rapid and they keep throwing the first 1412 on things greater than I know you said it is the liar actually mean greater thing, assuming they mean miracle that I got greater than him and that appointment for today.

Well, now you're asking the right questions seriously. Most people don't ask questions. Good for you please is truly city you he believes in me, the works that I do he will do also and greater works than these will do as I go to the father right now. So the name and claimant Glavine Gravatt says greater works means means this it means that we can proclaim our own reality and I can confess that I need a new Lexus car and I will get it while what's a greater work in the miracles of Christ in us were talking about her right is getting a car for example greater than walking on water raising the dead's yourself and with their doing often is there using this verse to justify selfishness I can proclaim my healing. I can proclaim my wealth. Usually it's narcissism in the use Christ to justify the narcissism greater works than these so I can proclaim it. I can name it I can blab it, I can grab it so I ask him what's greater works than what Jesus has done what did he do the cross for our sense you greater working would bring it, getting a carving healthy miracle of of cancer being cured instantaneously that a greater working that court to ask questions they don't ask those kinds of questions.

Generally speaking, I would say this a greater work, much greater than Jesus walking on water raising from some of the dead would be leading the lost Christ leading them to salvation.

That's a greater work. You better have that have the ability going to hospitals and whoever you just physically touch is instantly healed or would you rather have the ability to preach the gospel site we can see it.

I know what you greater work would be would be healing people in the hospital method that wouldn't be a great work, but the greater is eternal, not temporal, sleazy, not thinking through these things. They think they can miracle. Well, let's go to the other side allocate yes I know that there could be miracle today that anything you say degree is what happened. A member I agree with you on, you want to hold something else about the breaker quickly because we get to go to God blessed safe 024 lines given calling 770-7227 60 right back. I call 77077. What about everyone we have policy through open lines of you want to give me a call 772-072-2762 Lauren Selleck city welcoming on here hello yes I can little bit hard but is okay. I I that's true. I do not like I like how you been very 35 years and we did not know my wife and did not know I had at Solano 1015 years ago I forgot but once was diagnosed it made a lot of sense for my past thing just inconsistencies oddities and behavior which I didn't know her oddities but gradually discovered work you don't like. I went to church yesterday I literally sat there with my fingers in my ears because I couldn't stand the sound was too loud and was told I couldn't handle and it is embarrassing but that what else can I do an overloaded and this part of the autistic thing and if there's lights in the wrong place. I don't function well either. So what I do in situations like that is trying to make anybody else uncomfortable because it's it's an issue I could deal with and so I will usually change situations so that it because it doesn't become an issue or wear earplugs and I did wear earplugs yesterday and had to plug my ears as social. There's a sort of thing to do is learn how to handle the situation and then there's the issue of his Asperger's mean social cues. You don't get just as unusual for females that Vespers but nevertheless I compensate very clearly very well with body language.

I study body language read someone very naturally very easily very quickly and so that I throw feelers out to see if I'm in the right track by offering seven humorous or make a statement. See how the person's body language reacts. This is how I guy I do people not doing this. What I do. What is that noise behind her. That's you, and it was very Commit for me was very difficult. This is a good example of something worse is noise overload and so I care what a relief. Most people, they can they can fight through that those of us with that kind of condition don't do well with the proverbial project. So anyway right so I would do this for long long time. I've coached people about it and I've coached one particular gentleman whose son was autistic and I said no don't do that with what you do to correct with no no no no don't do that. For example, that his son would do the same thing over and over and over with some blocks is a young child and do the same thing build something knock down, build it, knock it down, build it knock down and he said I didn't concern us will how long to do this. It was eight days in a row.

It's a problem.

He said little for five minutes nobody something else.

I said oh that's easy. This is what you do you get down the floor with them because you can understand what he's doing what he is doing is make sure the world works the same way because the sensory input is different for him.

For others, and is probably more analytical. Even at that age he can do this. A slightly poignant test and tested and he comes back to it because he wants regularity. Join him in the regular get down there with them and knock over the blocks with them if you that's what he wants work with them for 1015 minutes and I said you watch Hill change after a while when he sees that dad participates in the regularity and the guy told me a year later he goes it worked because you are right I said there you go is is a processing problem. If we can learn a few things for the processing we could do much better. And another thing I do is I have friends and they know III have these issues so we drive the car can have a radio on with them because I can't process a conversation with them and radio sound the same time think they know that is generated and not offended, I just say hey thanks guys and we don't care about you.

We just have to love you so will turn it off so they insult me in the fun of it all and that's how we can we just… It is okay. That's how I get a lot of information about how now here personally.

How do you relate how do you real that I don't care maybe introverted or part or like a Christian and biblically the print out laid out in the Bible.

I percolates like I have a hard time creating meaningful relationship in a way that people want without hold. I'm 29 so you're not married right you are okay and so then you work with your husband, who I assume does not have asked burgers and you ask him to give you advice about certain things to do and not do as I did this with my wife for years would be in a situation and people would talk to me in a certain way. I couldn't understand. I couldn't comprehend what they were saying. I turned to her and assumedly sank and she break it down. The simple term when they say that because our brains work a little bit differently and so I would rely on her and I still do in certain situations. I get my Mama 65 never wanted this for so much so long pretty good at it but this with you to do all the time and husband you ask him to say hey how you no clue and real subtle something my wife would be the congregation lobby preaching.

I did blood guest preaching and one of the things we had a code she would scratch her nose slightly, which meant I was talking too quickly and I just want to give me feedback and you know it's okay. It's all right. No one is perfect but there's an advantage that I have over a lot of people. Because of this I'm very analytical can remember all kinds of stuff have a quick mind and can River patterns and so because of it. I can arrange biblical theology very detailed and explain to people they tell me in a way they can understand and hear them on radio doing this kind of thing so we have strengths and weaknesses within each of our strengths and their weaknesses are weak this could become a strength or strength to become a weakness and vice versa. You need to find the strength reline your husband to develop little body like which code you wish in his head.

It always is either bugged out to that what you hold on a regular okay little okay they filter through the lines of doing give me a call 8772075770777 still there all right knowingly a lot of stuff there.

Is that helping you clarify little bit after very speaker friendly church. A lot of the quality that looked our leadership are like will Celtic people, which I don't have time to find my and add one of the people who lead not having wondering how do you like you anyway. Have you involved in your life and share and friendship like that and what is that look like for you, you have different expectation on your stock are that can affect the visuals need social interaction as much is just to be fine without it for weeks at a time. This bottom have better things I do I coteach you interact a great deal on the on the Internet, but it doesn't mean we don't need it don't want to register just just at different levels and so if you're in a church situation and you want to be used and fit and the church situation properly then I wouldn't want to think I would make sure I do in the right context. Let them know that you have asked because people are very kind and very very giving and you could even say ladies are just wonderful church ministry with women. You could for example be together tonight asked burgers and sometimes mess up on this, that if he won't await my theory and all that kind of stuff you know and so it's okay that you will have the skill set and you need to utilize that skill set is not very common for females is said to have asked burgers. It was a male problem and one of the reasons is because our corpus callosum between the blank brain hemispheres is notice as soon advanced as large as a connective with limitless twice. Women have twice is that bad twice as good twice as much connective tissue in the in the brain hemispheres, so we tend to focus better, but you can multitask better so you should be able to still perform great things you just gotta learn your limitations.

One of things I would consider doing is an outline of information about yourself. Ask your husband to verify that you pray through things and new experiments in finding where you fit in, and that's okay.

You'll find stuff that you know without people you I don't know. I guess I like the gray area biblically but you what you think like that.

But think about that.

I don't know.

I got a question a lot of people I appreciate interactive people and I also fairly effective ministry. That's that's the case, is that sometimes it is necessary to be more interactive in order to perform better in ministry.

That's just the necessity of if you don't need that interaction is much as others then you what you do is you realize you don't need as much as others but it doesn't mean they don't need it. So what you can do is give that to the Lord and say Lord even though I don't need as much. I know others do. Please use me to help them.

That's how you deal with. There's nothing in the Bible, a subjective 2.8 hours of fellowship with unbelievers and believers each day. Nothing like that is just different for different people, different situations, so it's okay. I would just not worry about it.

I would pray about your husband to help and then reach out to the church context of the people and seek to be used and expect failure when I say that I never mean all you just can a failure so miserable. I mean, expect, like anybody you messed up. That's okay. I love hearing people's failures is a means or triangle means are doing in their learning. And that's okay.

No big deal. You just move forward and you will be used by God, you will be used in ways that are unique to you. I really hate you go in there okay. I and what learn body language is extent reasonably valuable to give a quick something okay so you're talking to somebody, male or female is slightly different interactions. Let's just say that the person or talk to talking to looks at you for a bit and water talking looks past you and blinks slowly. What is that mean it might mean that the person has a new syncretic problem but it could also mean the board will convene tired just very tired and so they're tired you want to watch for other signs was physically tired. And the reason eyebrows up and down from the stay awake and you realize: are you okay sorry I'm so tired your in your item mark or just looking and you realize you were talking about knitting for the past 28 minutes in there, get ready to go into a coma and you say, so it helps and you can do that, and something like 80% of our information is his sensitive body just don't know. I know so yeah okay so there's all kinds of stuff like that.

All right. Okay right, blessed Lord I spent little time on it because it's an issue close to home with me is the real struggle and we tell you. For those of you who have issues like whether to that one or slightly different ones.

Let me tell you when you give yourself to God in your broken you're not a great vessel to be used. It's not the instrument.

It's the hand that wields the instrument might have one of my daughters is a genius. Withdrawing us is not dad saying it is incredible.

She could do people just blown away by her ability to draw okay. I can take the exact same pencil and I I could barely draw a stick man I could take a broken pencil I can't do anything with it. She could take a broken pencil neck masterpiece. It's not the instrument. It's the hand that wields the instrument at hand is God yield yourself to his molding and shaping and you can accomplish great things by his grace as he moves through you. So he's allowed you to be what you are now yield that to him and say all right, but I got over board with the change when we have to do to be used in that niche of existence that you've assigned for and you go forward not always easy. It's good to never from Idaho, a maverick welcome here thinking that I really really enjoyed actually think a lot what you had to state that you really want to. My question will click here. I've been with a gentleman who he used to go to a church that was fairly crowded chapel at any camera for. And then he jumped over to Eastern Orthodox the and it really really destroyed him and his family, his wife, the Reformed Church in the timing gone fullbore and the orthodoxy, but I've been having quite a few debates with him and I wanted to add you, they brought up but he brought up that all of the early church sermon sermon ceremonies were all in traditional liturgy.

Any reference that he fed Peter was illiterate and couldn't read all had to be oral… I think it then asked for somewhere in there where Paul and John are said to be even though opinion about that and opened it on orthodoxy in general is not Christian clown. Now you're in Idaho or near where I live but I be willing if your buddies is local will to come on over and meet me did have a nice discussion on search. Let's do that you can. We can arrange this font that is working his work, but when they go to church fathers with her doing is listening to the voice of another Shepherd, arms, and that's a fair bit of research in the Frederick father did not always agree and whether or not they were oral or not doesn't mean it's true or not.

It's a right way to do something or not. The final authority in Scripture, not the church fathers and not the Eastern Orthodox church so you know there's so much.I do for you regularly speak with ego people so I'm very familiar with the talk button energies in CO sis and in various things and always tell you is not Christian breaks hold on right after his estate matters.

Like why call 77077 I so go ahead part of that they were asserting that Peter could not read and going off of that section and act where Peter and I believe it John are in front of the thin heater and kept going by G that and then he said that they perceive that these men are uneducated and I believe the Greek word there can be translated to be illiterate, but I wanted to hear your opinion about it and what you think. Okay so let's see on learned look at the word on learn on learned things and ask for workers to the First uneducated.

Let's try that. So you can be different levels of 054 13 uneducated and that's the Greek word, a gramophones, and it occurs there. See letter learning unlearned illiterate okay so… And that is the case is a citizen, I'd say yes so now what what's it was issue. Peter couldn't listen secretly is proven when they try to prove that there has to be oral tradition that would try to get to that thing yet added that Peter illiterate couldn't read and all of the people in early church could read though the gospel than the writing it with all liturgy wants what was liturgy based nicely, yes. So, somewhat. It's also the case that they walked in sandals. Should you be wearing sandals. They often walked around and should you be wearing robes. They would do liturgy because people didn't have literacy.

Does that mean were supposed to have the church illiterate and a lot of times and they would have limited in one side and then another. Should we do that I don't forget. Don't cut your hair and you have a hat on how far they want to go right is only looking for those things that support Eastern Orthodox you Dragon occult here something that I will do else. Okay so you're you're assuming then that that to the tradition and that the liturgy and all this was there because it's a traditional kind of a thing that's going to be sent and I do happen to know that they hold to the idea of sacred tradition and that their church I hate that their church is the true church, lovable, and if you want to get right with God.

You just as their church you nurture or place of Jesus was compelled to select. I would recommend second this loan is to read this with over 40 Paul says no we reap. We request your brethren with regard to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our government to together to him. This is the return of Christ that you not be quickly shaken by her composure or disturb the distributor by spirit or a message or letter is a for most of the fact that the day of the Lord is come let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called object of worship, etc. do you not remember why I was still with you is telling you these things that suffered second. This loan is 25. Wait a minute. If oral tradition was so good, why is the Thessalonians were getting it wrong when when Paul the apostle himself and told and were getting it wrong it'll write it down to fix it so I asked them if the Thessalonians were getting it wrong from the oral tradition, the tradition of normal action that Paul the apostle directly gave them and they're still getting it wrong.

What makes you think that you're going to get it right 2000 years later that's really good yeah that's very good right we talked at one point about Galatian chapter 1, I think it is where Paul addresses that you know they've they've been deceived to believe the gospel.

That's not really a gospel and and I kind of talk them a little bit about a similar point because they really rely heavily on an assertion of authority in the direct line going back to the apostles and affect on confession and thought that well how do you actually find that the one thing very ambiguous and as well aren't these people think that letters and then there arty abandoning the gospel you you can do silly things are nonserious of you and I've met some familiar figure. You're the you're in this area for Syria Melbourne or something like that right yeah I'll I live uploading better and we never met in person I'm I'm from Oregon originally… Can you show you. Welcome to my muscles and Thursday nights.

If you want to do this only if we can give the address of sweet talk I will be well.

If your buddies local comedian to put any rate or and have a discussion with people and get together and help them out. All right, so try this with him. I've done this before with Catholics and with Eastern Orthodox I'm showing my hand here, typically four aces Alaska also case you the truth right yes okay Knute you want to preach the gospel site right yes okay good. What is the gospel is asking what isn't, what they're going to tell you is a series of things associated with the membership and adherence to their church and or church principles is looking to do an essay. Jesus died for our sins. Maybe, and that the sacraments of our church etc. etc. the joining of the church with baptism, etc. so they can do that okay you ask. Okay, so there's like 4560 different different elements of the gospel. Yes okay you sure that's what it is. Yes, you would first is 15 one through four and he says better to make known to the gospel and he goes on, he says that Christ died for our sins according the Scriptures and was buried was raised in the circuit. According to Scripture. The safest that's what's the gospel according to Scriptures, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus that was defined as the gospel, the good news. The atoning sacrifice to say what is the gospel as they always talk about additions of works and things like that. Then I take him to second Corinthians 4 verses three and four and even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, in whose case the god of this world is blinded the minds of the unbelieving, something not to the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.

Such one thing you can do maneuvers with lots right thank you very much either actually back in Oregon. Both our conversation on Facebook and things like that. You guys chime in and I will say they they are very condescending to anybody who didn't agree that that tell them discussion with live discussion about the multiple Joomla! but I know how to ask questions that are difficult for them to answer because you all always have to get to what their ultimate authority is to them. It's always the future and their interpretation of what they believe the church tells them to interpret the Scriptures as theirs is the thing to them. The church has the authority to interpret Scripture heart yes, but how do you know that's true because they're the ones who are interpreting Scripture to save Eastern Orthodox is true church leader submitting these Orthodox Church of them through private interpretation of Scripture, the women can't do that at first Fuller stuck up there to some of the quick and slick things. There's there's things okay everybody losing him or not.

Okay, so if you want to contact me at info would come better in God's let's get to next long swivel was a longtime Carolina African what he wanted. Let's assume less when Mitchell lost Mitchell, Israel, and something about Christ. Okay so if you want give me a call we have for about four minutes. 20 to call. We can talk 877-207-2276 Eastern Orthodox eaglets, just go over that little bit and will do is read to you some quotes that I developed outside of Eastern Orthodox proponents who have told me they know what Eastern Orthodox you teach and I've asked him what must you do to be saved… Difficult because they don't have any exact book that tells you all the stuff. It's a conglomeration of principles and ideas and it's difficult to nail them down. So I spent time talking to many Eastern Orthodox people you have developed what they have told me into paragraphs are three of them and I'll read them back to these guys and they will say yes that's correct or that Woodward it exactly that way. But yes, that's correct that this would happen.

So here we go. Salvation and Eastern Orthodox Adam lost a proper relationship with God through his sin, Jesus restored the ruptured relationship through his resurrection. Therefore, by participating in the energies of God. That's Grace's lead to good works by participating in the energies of these gracefully to good works. You slowly become given iced means being made more like Jesus in his nature, and in this process you become justified soap to them.

Salvation is a process of working with the energies of God become more given iced internally we are changed by nature to become more like Christ, so that you become justified so that you can end up becoming saved about the second one we will participate in the energies of God that will deify us. It means becoming like God not saying that you become God or a god but like him and that's a blurred line of talk to but nevertheless we will participate in the energies of God that will deify us. It means becoming like God identical to what God is, except in his essence the identical things are things like immortality, glorify state which is energized by what God is in his operations. He sustains us in our glorified condition. When Jesus became flesh he deified his human flesh, the uncreated energy of light enters the third one. God is working in and through you to do good works, which are perfecting your faith in God, the same works purify your faith in the purified faith then brings Seo service and Christ likeness by which righteousness is obtained is the grace and true faith of orthodoxy that retrieves stenosis. It's just it's just ridiculous. And what I'll do is I'll call go to them asking very specific questions and go right to Scripture what is his name was just me. It is very difficult to work with in Scripture because they do not want to admit what Scripture actually says that know which person to go to but they don't want to do that because they don't want to be trapped by God's word on the subject outwards to the church their church has the authority their churches the means of salvation or churches to become more like Christ, by which they then observe or become given iced to become saved the church. The church is the right there is the music for the Lord bless you Simon from Norway call back tomorrow. Simon and folks by God's grace back in there tomorrow and will talk to you all right another program powered by the Truth Network

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