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April 23, 2022 4:00 am

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April 23, 2022 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What happened to the Israelites who didn't enter the promised land after they died---2- When we die where do we go- Was that different before Christ was crucified---3- Can you explain 1 Corinthians 7, dealing with marriage and sexuality---4- Matt further discusses marriage and fornication.--5- Matt discusses Catholicism.--6- Is it okay to watch horror movies---7- Why is there no discussion of reincarnation---9- Does God recognize and differentiate between men the women---10- Does John 5-13-15 just apply to Christ-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is thought a lot more questions about Bible doctrine is a max what why Grimes is called responding to your questions works out where you go from there to pay for learning the wrong as a kid, or he looked so thrilled or what to say thanks to the people who supported I asked last night. I guessed it from people would never go should work. So I asked if he would support us in the radial because we do that support, looking through once when it's a thank you only get some first names I don't like people's names out over the year. First go first and last but first things okay that we don't know who they are. Recognize my do that.

So there you go for that. So this was a thanks we do need to stay on here I'm going to do that is by your support. So if you like the idea of having a so still be on their heavy delete answer questions the way I do, then all you do is go to to help us out. You can also go to support them.

If you would hate to see from Netflix show or whatever it is but a bit better. You know if it works, become, through us, so that way we can keep track of everything all right now with your questions here on all kinds of topics. Secular and sacred and working on the NAR new apostolic Reformation working on a lot and basically can I finish them tender to release it though. I finished an article today and I analyzed you like eggs do this kind of thing that I analyzed hundred and 44 different occurrences of a single Greek word in the Bible the word profit and the prophetic prophetess and things like that. I hundred and 44 occurrences and with each verse and then looked at what we see with how the word profit is used in selecting him for example this took place to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet, that's an Old Testament prophet so well that we singular prophets. So then what I did was so I categorized him and put them in outline form in the article so you can see what I've seen Lindo so is the analysis of the word release that tonight or tomorrow and I can teach Bible study tonight to so let you guys know… If you're interested go check that out and things about it.

Put on the calendar carbon/calendar is up with all the information up there singular quick links is black. Okay he looks really logical to give me a call 877-207-2276 give a call let's get on the phone with Kevin from Kentucky. Kevin welcome your near hello you can hear you like what didn't make it like that happen or not I would see most of them are a lot of them did. They broke the covenant disability. Once saved, so they were justified by the faith and the level of the faith they had at the time and with the work they grumbled. Even Moses made a mistake and God judged him for it doesn't mean he wasn't saved so I don't I can tell you did all of them make it's not I couldn't say that, but I could tell you that it's a lot of them did so to say that I very Something about three talk about their unbelief. What I mean by that, then you that they were not able unbelief, yet they didn't enter the promised land because of their unbelief through doubting God automatically does not mean this meter once saved because people can have different levels of belief and disbelief even believing in God. You know what I believe, help my unbelief, verse, it is better stuff like that in the Scriptures so basically I would say a lot of the mentors.

A lot of them didn't enter into heaven. It all depends on what they were doing in their hearts before God as a trusted in God.

You could like you said you can have people who are believers in the true living God. And then just blow it you can they do so that's what happened to goblets what all right African lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Jamaal from North Carolina.

Jamaal welcome on the air.

Goals are doing the right thing in her wheel, but a good deal.

Good order. The care so when we go because I wonder about being in a resurrected body would go with a group to go to their new reform but before the crucifixion of Christ. They were separate the body and were alive and conscious and desiccant is five second Corinthians 12 two through four also go to flick Luke 1619 to 31. The story of the rich man and Lazarus. And so before the crucifixion of Christ.

It looks like the believers went to a holding place called Abraham's bosom work for is paradise. The bad people went to Hades is a bad place.

Now, this will all ultimately the bad placement of the ultimately cast out into hell in the outer darkness. So, after Christ's resurrection. It looks like since the atoning work, and of been accomplished. It looks like we have direct access to heaven. And so when we dies Christian to go be with the Lord in heaven were not in a resurrected, glorified bodies are you you would look well you okay to that is Open, Hungry, and Got Working People. Of Course You Can Two People Who Work in Other Faiths He Can, but Roman Catholicism Is Not Christian Flat-Out Taken and so You Know I Saw That Movie Thoughts Might Go See the Movie Guy like Mark Wahlberg Is a Good Actor, Bob, but You Don't. It's This Might Be Going on. Michael Just for Research Purposes. I've Actually Got Movies Just for That Reason Speak on the People Going to Call the Casino so That You Don't Look to the Best Movie Ever.

So I Say That's the Best Movie Ever Is the Second Movie the Series Alien Aliens Was Sigourney Weaver, the Best One That's Right One of My Civic All That's Good to See You Are a Smart Man. You Are Obviously Well Invested. Obviously, That Is Right. I've Even Written a Sci-Fi Novel. I Love Sci-Fi Always Have so Well, but He Writes I Guess I'll Probably Go to the Movie Just for Research Purposes to Second Don't Know It's Going on with Her Tots Was Taught Based on a True Story, but No Catholicism Is Not Christian Teaches a False Gospel That That's What It Is I Say That People Get Upset, but It Is That a Defendant so I Have Picked out or Your Printer Is Correct. Check It out. Yeah Yeah I Will Record Will Will Get out Now Look like You.

Read a Beautiful Disclosure of the Bible but Okay If I Got a Really Good by Now Look Different with That Hopefully Will You Will Take a Long Time Read the Bible, but to Get Boarding Will Have Something Entertaining to Read Novels Time Trip Is about a Young Creature That Relates to Time Different Than the People Do That It Encounters Space and Things Go Wrong. Things Go Bad Because of It. Our Amazon and Amazon-Matt Slick and You'll See All Kind of Books Are Written Written Notes on the Novella Called Atheistic and Is about an Island That Forms a Superrich Guy Was an Atheist Advisor 10 Converted to a Utopia for Atheists and Things Don't Go Well and Then There's Another Novel I've Written Called the Influence Nets between Demonic Forces, Angelic Forces Wrestling, so to Speak over an Unbeliever May Mark and What Happens to Things like That and so Yeah I Think That Did Very Very Well Need to Finish the Series Go through Two More to Write in It, but It's so Much to Do, so I Was over on the Submittal Reader Will Read That One Page Chapter from the Second Book Everybody Loves It Because They Love It so That the I like Writing Is Not a Fun Letter like Fiction but Can We Go Ahead When You're Going to Be the Tribe. I've Only Been up out There. Once like 15 Years Ago. I've Not Been Invited out There and It Was Just a Visitor Friend for Something Else Doing Something Seen Conference in the Right so If They You Know This Offer Would Want Me to Come out and Teach Them to Do a Debate or Just to Have a Session for Night or Two or Three Fire Questions or Teach Bible Studies and Put Things Together and to Do That Most Contact Me but That's It.

But Hey, Want to Have a Guy Name Slick Come out in the Church, Let Him Loose That without a Good Was That a Government Yeah but You Know What I like to Teach out There.

In Particular, His Leisurely Pastors Is That Is a It's Bad and I Would Love to Just Do a Series from Church to Church and Why Women Pastors Are Not Biblical and Why It's Bad for the Christian Church and Society and I Can Connect the Dots with All of It. I Can Be Debating It Teaching and for Long Time and Says I Always Do I Say Here We Go Folks with 117 Years. Once Again I'm an Offer of Anybody Want a Formal Debate with Me on Does the Bible Permit Women Pastors and Elders Then Yells. Let's Set up a Formal Debate and Let's Set It up Here and in 17 Years and Not Had One Taker.

Why Is Wonder Why They're Surprised Lola Level Longer for Your Commentary.

But the Always Grab Your Wife Better RMS I Already Got Blood Okay Hey Folks, We Have Lined up in Lines 5 Lines You May Call 772-072-2760 Right Back Matt Slick. Why Call 770777 Kenny from North Carolina Kenny Welcome. We Got Corinthians 9 about Their Children. What Listening so As to Be Generic about What We Do.

Besides, I'm Not Sure Your Question Is the Idea of Marriage Is to Control Those Kinds of Passions and to Have an Outlet for Them so That People Don't Fall into Sin. I've Written a Section on Carmen Dealing with Sexuality. There's A Lot Of Questions and I Deal with That Topic, and Other Topics. I'd Recommend You Go There and Check It out Because I Don't like to Just Give One Answer for Every Situation There Different Situations Different Things and Right so I Go through Some Stuff. It's Interesting That A Lot Of People Comment on Them Is in Very Interesting Articles and Stuff Okay so and Also It Says in Verse Seven Is Top of the Present Condition. The Situation There and Heavy Persecution, and so It Is Better for Couple of the Man to Be Married into Burning Lust and to Be Entertaining Think He Should Be Entertaining. Just Leave It in the Generic Sense, and Speak.

This Is Important to Speak to the People Who Are Listening Because A Lot Of So-Called Christians Were Living in Sin Living with Each Other, Male and Female and Also Can We Love Each Other. No It's Not Okay If You Love Each Other You Want Sin against God, and Participate in Sin and Harm the Other Person Spiritually before God Love Each Other. Love Is Not Excuse to Disobey God, You Get Married or You Don't Live Together. That's How It Is.

People Need to Hear That and I Need to Tell Them That They Need to Obey God and Not Man Order Fleshly Desires, Especially Men Use Women to Satisfy Themselves and Often the Women Are the Ones Who Had to Pay the Price by Getting Pregnant and Other Things and Mentor.

A Lot Of Largely Responsible and and A Lot Of These Contexts, so Let Mark Not Very Good Guys.

But the Way It Is Just a Generic Whatever Okay Okay Thank You God Bless and We Have Full of Five Lines Actually Wide Open. If You Want to Give Me a Call 87720722760 This Issue Here Is Your Important Issue Teach on and I to Be Very Careful When I Teach.

I Don't Want to Publicly Unless I'm in a Controlled Environment in the Control Room Where I Can Say the Warning Is a Topic to Be Getting into and Talk about Human Sexuality Limits When I Do Marriage Counseling Premarital Counseling before Perform a Wedding. I Require the Couple to Submit to My Counseling and I Said You Don't Do That Is Only One Been One Time When I Didn't Do That Was That's a Special Circumstance.

There Were Unbelievers and We Just Want to Get Married and Do It. That's Okay for Unbelievers, but Normally What I'll Do with Anybody's Christian They Have To Go to the Counseling to Work through Various Issues.

I Serve the Dock of the Trinity. One of Things We Get to Eventually As the Human Sexuality We Talk about All Kinds of Stuff. What Is Permissible Is Not Permissible and Biblically and so Is a Delicate Topic, but I've Encountered so Many People so Many Christians Who Think That Fornication Is Okay.

God Understands Long As You Love Each Other and You're Not Going on and You're Not Mary's Okay It's Not. It's a Great Sin and Reason I'm Bringing This up Is Because If There's Anybody out There Right Now and You're Driving Your Listing Podcast Listening at Home. Whatever You're in That Situation You Claim to Be a Christian Claim Say Walk with the Lord, and You Are Living with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend and Sleeping Together and All That Kind of Stuff, Then You Are in Great Sin and Great Rebellion against God and the Things I Ask the Couples That I Go over This a Little Bit Here. Women Have To Understand about Men and Vice Versa. So Is One Couple Month. I Did Is More Than Once Premarital Counseling All Asked the Question Have You Been Flowing around and Elkanah Squirm in Their Seats and Want to Say Have Been the Same. Yeah, It Was Last Time and They Give Me an Answer so Do You Think Well You Know We Shouldn't Do This and Why Is I Want to See with the and Is It I Want to Get to the Place of the Blood of Christ As Bodice and Cleanse Us from Sin and the Right to Abide Wanted Them to Get to That Place, Depending on How Many Questions the Answer How Deep the Answer Will Then Guide Them to That Place of the Cross. I Would Talk to Them about the Severity of Sin That Jesus Redeemed Us from in or Not to Participate in Those Things You Claim to Be a Christian in Your Fornicating the Nucleus of Christian Wisdom Commercial Something Else with You to Follow Christ to Be Used To Pick up the Cross Daily and Go after Him Doesn't Mean That You Satisfy Your Flesh so That You Feel Good and Then You Claim to Be Christian, Your Hypocrisy Is a Very Serious Offense to God. I Warned the Couples I Teach Is Your Luck and God Hasn't Killed You Showman Scripture or Man for 25 This Man Was Having Relations with His Father's Wife Also Deliver Them over to Satan for the Destruction of His Flesh Shall Be Saved in the Judgment Seriously Want Them on What You Want Them to Understand the Severity of Then I Turn to to the Man Say Switch Your Goal and I Wanted Them to Get to the Place of Marriage Is to Glorify God and Other Things We Need Companionship We Need Love for Procreation. Force Gratification Is All Legitimate Things That Ultimately Is to Glorify God. Is It for His Glory for Your Own Status Fact This Mood to Talk about Because People Need to Mature in Those Things Which the Reason Then What I'll Do Is Address the Woman I Say so. Even for around and I Want Message You Do This Anymore. We Pushed America Back Six Months. We Go to Counseling. I'm Serious You Think Drunken Joke Is Anymore. It's Acute You Know That We Separated Everything There Shocked I Tell Him That's Not What You Want and You Will Find Somebody Else to Tell You What You Want to Hear, but I'm Telling You the Truth, and so That Your Little Money so You Trust This Guy Course.

Really You Trust Is a Good Spiritual Leader Yeah so He's Led You into Fornication Isn't Guarded You As a Protected You from These Taken from You What Belongs in Marriage Is Offended God and Sin against Him and You You Trust Him This Many Wonder If Afraid of What Else I You Call 877207225 Lines. Why Don't You Call the Right Back after His Message That Why Call 77077 Right Now and When That Happens I Get the Number out This Are Teaching on a Topic so Troy Can You Call 877-207-2276 so the Roman Catholic Church and I Mentioned It Earlier and It Stuck with Me.

I Want People to Understand Roman Catholic Church Is Not Christian. When I Say That People Are Offended People Are Surprised and Understand That I to Tell the Truth. You See, the Roman Catholic Church Is Not Preaching the Truth of the Gospel Is Not Preaching That Which Is Based on the Scriptures. It Is Basic Stuff on Its Own Its Own Tradition and There Is a Point of the Major Because What They Do Is They Submit the Word of God to the Tradition to the Church Authority When That Happens, Your Base Basically Guaranteed to Going to Error. If the Bible Is Not the Final Authority That You Judge All Truth by but There's an Equal Judge of Truth, Namely Their Tradition, Their Church Councils Their Church Authority Then Automatically Will Happen Is That They Are Either on Equal Level with Scripture or Functionally Superior to It Because They Have the Authority to Tell You What It Really Means When They Have the Authority to Tell You What It Means.

It Means It Is under Their Authority Is for the Christian, the Catholic Church at This Point Becomes De Facto Interpreter of What the Word of God Says and You to Follow Whatever It Says That the Question Then Is How Do You Know the Macau Church Is Interpreting Scripture Properly and This Is Something Is Really a Problem for Logic Catholics by Asking Questions and I Quote Scripture to What Happens Is They Will Automatically Insert into Verses All the Catholic Theological Perspective. Even with the Verse Does Not Support It Read in Contradiction. This Is a Generic Approach Is Something That I Would Tell You You Need to Have the Word of God As Your Your Standard, Your Ultimate Standard of Truth There's Nothing beyond Doubt God Himself. Of Course, but We've Had Access to God Himself on His Throne the Phone Calling, Texting, Because They Would like This. We Have the Scriptures. It Is the Final Authority Everything and Addresses of Its Determinists, Determinists Means Is Nothing beyond. No Church Authority. Nothing so People Might Then Symbol. How Do You Know Matt That Your Interpretation of Scripture Is Correct. We Just Go to the Scriptures and Read What It Says When I Go to John 1135 Mrs. Jesus Wept. I Don't Need Authority from a Church or Some Apostolic Succession Tradition Connecting the Dots to History to Say No.

I Have the Authority to Do What It Means. This Is Ridiculous.

You Can Read What It Says Another. Sometimes Her Difficulties and and Brightest People That I Teach Them How to Study so You Can Do It for Yourself to Put Your Faith and Trust in It Church Organization That Are Your Salvation Lies Is Catholic Church That Is No Salvation outside the Catholic Church Transcend so They're the Ones I've Taken the Place of Christ and Exalting Themselves Those Very Generic and Owners like Catholics out There Just Don't Believe I'm Telling You Well, Okay, I Would Just Say Politely Call Me All This Talk about Gibson Scripture List Talk If You Think You Can Defend Your Position from Scripture Because That's All It Takes. If I Was Ever to Debate, Catholics Can Be Does the Bible Teach Whatever It Is, the Topic, Church Fathers, the Councils I Don't Care about Them. I Really Don't. I Want to Know the Word of God Says with God's Word Says Not Man's History Man's a Capitation of History.

I Want God's You Should Too. All Right, Let's Get to Randall from West Virginia Randall Welcome You Are on the Air a Little Later Where You Are. You Are so We Got Quite West Virginia Screen for Sauce Free Will All Right When It Come to Gary Horror Movie Watch As Their Bailout Girl There While We Walked Out Of All My Long Walk or Maybe like the Killer Tomatoes Movie Is a Horror Movie the Yellowjacket the Killer Tomatoes. Well, You Know Them, You Know, but It's a so How Far Do We Go Watching Horror Movies. That's a Good Question. You See the Thing Is, Different People Are Different Levels of Sanctification Than They Can Deal with Different Things Is Only Sidestepping and Illustrate Something Sort of Things I Do for a Living Is Read Atheist Material Mormon Material Will Read Islamic Material Will This Is All Bad Stuff Should I Be Participating in What They're Doing. Should I Be Spending Money to Get Their Books to Study Them so They Spend Money on a Horror Movie.

Well You See Is Not Black and White. I Believe in Freedom. I Believe in the Grace of God and I Leave It Also Should Not Misuse That Grace. Different People Have Different Levels of What They Can Enjoy and Tolerate, Just As It Says of Prescriptions 10 That We Can Eat Meat Sacrificed to Idols. It Doesn't Mean That We Are to Enjoy Paganism, but That Were Not Affected by It Because It's Just Meat Sacrificed to Idols. The Principle Is That It Was Bad in Its Origin. We Can and We Can Still Participate Now I'll Be Careful Here Because I Don't Want to Say Gellis Watch All the World Is Where and I Want to Say Certain Things. There Are Certain Ideas That Happen in Varying Movies, All Kinds of Movies That Are Very Ungodly. Here's a Question We'd We Talked about This in Seminary What You Do If Your Christian Whose Impact Are in Hollywood and Ask You Play a Part. Let's Save a Murderer. Can You Play the Part of a Murder. Generally, the Conclusion Was Yes You Can. If in the. The Script of the Murderer Gets What's Coming to Properly but You Should Not Play a Murderer. For Example, If He Gets Away with Everything.

And That's Just It, Then It's Being at the Glorification of It without the Consequence of Judgment so Forgot That Principle Because I Thought It Was Wise, All Right Solicited Horror Movies Sci-Fi Movies like I Will. I Love Aliens You Know I Love You Competitor Movies.

I Just Stuff Just Agree I've Seen Aliens 70×70. I Keep Track of Quit Whenever I Wanted to Write and so Now It Has Screaming and Running and Aliens Coming out and It's Still Pretty Scary.

I Love Aliens Movies in My Affected by Was at Was That I Haven't Read That Lot Line There You Go, That She Is a Good Thing to Do It Now Look Back to See That There's Only Level Business Levels.

It's It's a Hard Thing to Say Is Listen to Say It Is a Defendant Individual and How Far You Can You Can Go He Don't Want to Participate on Screen in Abject Sin. That Is Not Punished Okay the Kind of Thing Now Earn Them All Start Date of Payment.

That's Right, You Department Farm Equipment Room Where Gone beyond the Werewolves and Vampires Want about Demonic Movie Walk. I Don't See Why Not. If There Based on True Stories and Christianity Wins out. I Don't See a Problem. I Read a Novel Called the Influence and It's It's There's a Guiding Leech in There Who's Possessed and I Describe from His Perspective and Their Demonic Forces Are Trying to Kill Mark and His Wife Kathy and There's an Angel Called so Tear Is Short from Secure Rheology Salvation so Tears His Name and He Reveals Himself to Mark and Interest Questions and the Others There's All Kinds of so Sure Why Not. I Would Even Be Able to Write a Novel Deal with Werewolves and Vampires.

If It Was for the Purpose of of Some How Can the Gospel Message and Are Glorifying God through It so You Know I Ran and Allowed and so out I Was Not Wrong with That Part Needed. Really, What Did You like the Descriptions of the Demonic Forces and Some People Commenting on the Right and Are Scared and Ran like Frank Ready Yeah I Talked to You Talk to Frank on the Radio Interview.

Once We Are Talking Where We Hit It off Pretty Well Yeah It Was like That She Had. They Had Weapons I Had Done and Stuff.

So Anyway You Are and Thank You Very Much All Right Will God Bless What All Right, Let's Get on the Air with John from Raleigh, North Carolina John, Welcome You Were on the Air Open and There's a Break There's a Timing Case Are John Hold on, but Sorry Right Back after These Messages for the Lodge 877-207-2276 Mass Y Call 770776 Here's Matt's Leg Back to the Show Back on John a John about That.

We Got What I Wear Your Dirt. No, We Become Reincarnations Not True Is Refuted by Hebrews 9 2700 and Been a Die Once and for This Is Judgment That Was Seven so Reincarnations Is Not a Biblical or True Doctrine and There's Lots of Things about Listen to Universals and Doesn't Teach about Quantum Physics or the Size of the Universe or Orbital Patterns Neglect That You and We Got the Old Testament Doesn't Mean Clinicians Not Talk. Bible Actually Thought There Read the Bible, the Reincarnation.

Reincarnation Is Not Truth against Scripture to Plaintiff on the Minute Die Once, Then Judgment That Refutes Reincarnation.

Therefore It's Not Going to Be Taught in the Old Testament Plus References the Old Testament about the Beginning of the Soul of Adam. He Became a Life-Giving Spirit. When He, the Breath of Life Came into Adam in the Garden Was No Preexistence of a Reincarnation Okay Will You and There Not All All You Work Can Be Here All Family Work Will Also Vary Gluttony.


Normally It Is Considered Food, but We Can Stretch a Little Bit.

Gluttony Is Us. You Know, a Perverse Self-Satisfaction of Food We Could Have Perverse Self-Satisfaction to Mother Thing As Well and Said He Couldn't Feed Yourself Too Much of an Episode, a Loose Sense.

You Could Have Applied Thereto Right Okay What All Right Last All Right, Let's Get on the Air with the Fred Different Was Gone.

Fred Welcome You on the Air Right.

We Got One in All 100.God Really the Man or Woman Is Not an Either or You Recognize People As Male and Female, Because He Created Them Male and Female. This Is the Genesis 126 to 28 This Is the Created Order of God. Adam Was a Male.

He Was a Female. I Will Mail My Wife's a Female That's the Created Order When He Sees Us in Christ."

Galatians 328 Is Either Male nor Female Role in Christ – Talking about Salvation. He Doesn't Look at Her Gender in Determining Salvation, but Does Recognize Males and Females Were Different Women Came up to Christ.

Different Men Can Object to Christ. So Men and Women Are Clearly Taught Differentiated in the New Testament, so There Is No Confusion List of Stuff except for the Condemnation of Wearing Women's Clothes and the Perversion of That Kind of Thing and Sexual Morality.

Those Things Include Homosexuality and Pedophilia.

Transgender Is Him and Other Things about It Will Become a Preacher without Long Waitressing, God Called a Woman to Be a Pastor in Violation of His Own Word for Woman and Will Told, by Whom No Fool Deceived Me Deceived Here.

Hard to Understand Is Not a Very Good Connection. Feeling Deceived. Now I Can Understand You.

I Can't Understand You. I Can Understand You If These Different Word LOL Pulled into That Okay Why Would Know What Pulled into It.

I'm Not Sure What That Means. We Pulled into It All. I Don't Would Be by Drawn to Do It. She Did No More Specifics We Have Generalities like This Are Nonspecific When He Pulled into People Are Telling Her She Needs It Needs That She's Feeling like She's Feeling like It Isn't It What Is It Mean There Not to Be with the Internet for Pastors and Elders Seriousness of the Bible Teaches.

What Wrong Right by God and Women Say They Have the Same Thing. I Know in My Question Is, so That You're Judging Truth by Your Experience. The Bible Says He Does Know Paul Does Not Allow Woman to Take Rex Has Authority but Remained Silent for Adam Was First Greeted. The Elders Are to Be Husbands of One Wife for Pastors and Elder so Women Can't Meet That Are Not to Be Pastors, Not to Be Elders.

That's What the Scriptures Teach and so Would Women and People Is What Gets Me Is the Will Say Well I Feel Led Oh so That Would Scripture As a Matter What You Feel Is What the Final Authority Is Not God's Word and Then We Will Get to the Policy Will God Called Me God for You. How Do You Know Because I Know inside Also to Your Experience Was What God Say the Least Submitted Scripture to God. And When Men Do That.

I Can Hear You. I Can't Hear You.

I Cannot Hear You All.

I Can't Hear You Guy Deleted Their Connections like No It's Not with Them, Not with Them, It Isn't. It's Their Feelings. It's Her Sensibilities Is to Experience This Is Why They Are in Error and This Is Why the Church Usually the Church Is That Women Pastor Usually Go into More Heresy to Say That If Men Are Pattern They Won't Men Do It Too, but It Always Occurs When People Don't Take the Word of God Seriously and When They Don't Use It As a Final Authority They Take It Very Seriously. When Women Say That There Called by God to Be Pastors of Sick Show That Scripture Bible Teaches.

Contrary to What and They Speak in Contradiction of the Scriptures.

I Can Trust Him and We Should Not Trust Them, Tell It Say to People Again.

If You Attend a Woman Pastor Church You Need to Leave You Should Leave Call Her on the Carpet to Repentance and You Get the Men on the Internet to Do Their Job to Do Their Job and Be Spiritual Leaders, Not Spiritual Followers Sure I Bible Good. You Know That Come from No, People Will Again.

People Will Say God Told Them God Talk to Them.

God Told Me in My Heart and It's Always the Case. Scripture Takes a Backseat to Their Experience Always. That's the Problem. That's Why I Have for 17 Years Been Offering to Have a Debate of Formal Public Debate Recorded Does the Bible Support the Idea of Women Pastors and Elders and That's the Topic I've Not Have Us Not Had a Single Person Take Me up on It with a Male or Female Because They Know They Know to Go Straight to Scripture. I'm in Occult the Word of God and Very to Be on the Defensive, Constantly Because That's How It Would Be.

They Know They Don't Want to Get in the Ring Was with That Someone like Ms. Goodby Paint Peeling the Word of God like That and I Know There That's Right so It's a Serious Problem That Is Not Just Because I Don't like Women. That's Not It.

I Love Women. Women Are Underappreciated in the Church I'm Dissing Them Politically. They're Not Supposed Be in the Position and There Are Ramifications to It When Women Are Pastors and Elders. Men Just Get Quieted and Don't Be the Leaders in the Country and in This Church of the Need to Be a Move Towards Orthodoxy and Strength in the Word of God.

God Called 12 Male Disciples. He Didn't Call 12 Female Disciples. There's a Reason for It. People May Not like It. God Did It. So We Need to Look at What God's Doing and Why He Did It and What He Says Their Reasons for What God's, and 80% of All the Churches and Denominations That Adult Women Pastors within Two Generations Adopt a Pro-Pro-Homosexual Beliefs. 80% of My Research. So Right Now You 80% Happens When You Arrive at a God Bless. Let's Go to a Less Collared Lexi Jenny from Utah-Welcome Here.

You Might like That and Thank Karzai Fires. I Can Make and I Get My Life to Make It Out Of Scripture Reference a Little Hard to Understand. Yes a Little Bit, but You Want to Know What's Is John 515 13.

Jesus Is Talking and They Are Better.

This Verse Is What My Question Is Why We Could Not Reach Her? What with over the First Question I Didn't Quite Get It and Got Scripture Buying Life Really. Yes to Everybody Because the Greek Word That One Is Stored Record to Us and It Became It's Not the Word on the Bossman or Gooding Woman but the It's Actually Test Someone a Certain One. Anyone Can Lay down His Life and Because of the Mask.

It Just yet.

We Have the Ability to Do That Everybody Does.

As Christians It's a Graceless Act of Love Grows at a Time Absolutely, and We Could Do It Once and Die or Constantly through Life Time Call Back Tomorrow Will Continue with the Topic Welcome to Go Back on the Air by God's Grace Tomorrow and Talk to Them. Have a Good Evening.

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